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1. Mirrycle MTB Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Mirrycle MTB Mountain Bicycle Mirror

It is possible to achieve dependability. You can put items in the basket and take the basket to the beach, the pool as an item placement. Three-inch round mirror for bicycles. The mirror pivots to any angle of view. Mounts on the handle bar. It fits inside handlebars with 13 to 22.5 inside diameter.

Brand: Mirrycle

👤This is a good mirror. You can set it up in a lot of different positions and get a lot of different angles. I like to lean on the handlebars, so I set mine up to go below them. I don't want it in the way. I can't think of a con that is more ugly. I did not buy a mirror and helmet to be fashionable. I would expect a mirror of this size to reflect what I see. Things look clear but far away. I left the pivot points loose so I can change my riding position when I change. If my review was helpful, please hit that button.

👤The bike mirror is deserving of high praise and ratings. I ordered the Hafny Bar End Bike mirror and the Venzo Handlebar mirror. The rearward view was not as good as the other two because they were smaller in mirror image surface. They were not shabby but their product engineering was not as good as the Mirrycle. The Mirrycle is made with male bolts that screw into micro-tapered female brass pieces that become tighter and tighter as you tighten the bolts. It is difficult to put the bolt in place with the key, but you get a mirror on your handlebars that does not jiggle, even though it is a bit difficult to put the bolt in place with the key. It bounces as the handlebars bounce, but all the jiggle in the mirror is eliminated. You can adjust the rearward view with your hand with the larger mirror surface. Excellent product and great value. I would have liked to have gotten this sooner.

👤We had to make two returns because the original purchase and replacement were not good. Both pieces were affected by the same defect, which was caused by the improper cutting of threads in the tubular parts that made it impossible for the bolts to be screwed into the proper depth to create the lock. We tried to use our own high- Torque wrench. It is clear that the manufacturer's lousy quality control was present in the issue. We are moving onto something more reliable because we are disappointed in this product. Amazon's service in return and replacement has been flawless and the service has been kept to a minimum. It's good to praise Amazon.

👤This is the best rear view mirror I have ever seen. Even though it is ugly and sticks out, it works well and I can still see what is happening back there. It will swing in when necessary, but does not flop around with every bump, though how it is set up when put together is really important. The parts are readily available for the mirror, and I have broken the glass and bought that part for less than $5 shipped. I feel that broken glass is not a bad thing since any mirror that is good will use glass. I don't know if that's typical of mirrors, but the glass doesn't seem to be safety glass. I measured the diameter of the two handlebar tube inserts, which were included with the mirror. No tools are needed to install the mirror. When I haul my dog trailer, I supplement the mirror with a seat post mounted mobius action cam that is connected to my phone using an otg cable and the Mobius app forANDROID. I use an app to lock the screen. I mount my phone to my handlebars so that it displays my rear view camera, which I use to keep an eye on my dog. The field of view on the phone is better than the mirror, so it's easier to see directly behind it. The Mirrycle mirror is always on and ready to ride, unlike my phone/camera set up.

2. Third Eye Bar Bicycle Mirror

Third Eye Bar Bicycle Mirror

The product has a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you solve the problem. The handlebar is mirror style.

Brand: Third Eye

👤This is my third mirror. I have two bikes with one on them and they have been good products. I ordered a new one after breaking one in a crash. I started a ride without checking it. I thought I was having eye issues when I first looked at it. I couldn't see anything behind me, a very narrow field of view, double images, and everything out of focus. I swapped the mirror on my other bike for the one I used after my ride. I received a new mirror and it appears to have the wrong glass. It is not as flat as it should be. The mirror is useless. I don't know if this is a new design or a quality control issue, but be careful if you order.

👤Over the past several years, I have had six or more of these, and they have been great. The best mirror I've found. A large size, small shape, and glass mirror give a bike mirror a clean image with no distortion. The mirror is completely different for my most recent purchase. It's either flat or slightly curved. It is not usable as a bike mirror. This will give you a very narrow field of view and it will amplify the mirror's sound as you ride. This most recent version was very disappointing. They must have made a poor design change or this is a counterfeit version.

👤I love this robe. I bought a second one for my road bike after I put one on my Trek hybrid. Being a truck driver, I place a lot of importance on mirrors. There is a The quality of the glass is very important to me. There is a This mirror is better than any other I've tried. On the straight handbars, it is located very well, and sits out from the end of the bar grip, so my hands don't interfere. I didn't think I'd like it on the road bike because the mirror would end up there. There is a I bought a road bike with a small streamlined mirror, but I didn't like how small it was. It was difficult to see what was behind you, how close it was, and how fast it was coming. There is a I bought a bigger mirror and set it out to the side of the bar, but it got in the way of my hands as I was descending the bar. There is a I took the mirror off my hybrid out of desperation because I needed something for a ride that day. There is a If I'm keeping my elbow in a tight place, my forearm won't block the mirror. It's nice to have a good size to see what's coming and how far behind me it is. For a good view, stable. It is easy to mount and comes with two sizes of rubber inserts. You choose which size best fits the inside of your bar end, tighten it up a little, then push it all the way in, so that it slides in fully, but with a little resistance. There is a You need to make sure you tighten it completely or it will shake when you are on bumpy roads. I noticed that some reviews mentioned falling out. It needs to be tightened completely.

3. CYCEARTH Adjustable Handlebar Mountain Motorcycle

CYCEARTH Adjustable Handlebar Mountain Motorcycle

If you have a question or concern about the bicycle rear view mirror, please contact them, they will provide you with the best solution. The bike mirrors are made of premium aluminum pole +ABS shell, lightweight, but sturdy, and the Acrylic Convex mirror shows a clear and wide rear view. The stem is long and flexible, so it can be adjusted to get the perfect viewing angle. Even in rough roads, stay in place with double screws. It is easy to install a bike mirror, it comes with 2 non-slip gasket to fit almost any bike. The bike handlebar is 15mm-32mm. You can adjust the tilt of the mirror at any time, add security for your bike travels, and it's safe to say that bike rear view mirrors are a safer way to travel. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Cycearth

👤I looked for mirrors that were not wide-angle, but they did not state that they were. They are. I tried them. I couldn't see anything behind me unless it had a light on. Even if they were wide-angled, I wouldn't have been able to distinguish anything because of the bad vibrations. I threw the box away because I couldn't return it. The mirrors were thrown in the trash.

👤If you're not going to move the bike, these mirrors are sufficient. I need a more stable system. They will be wiggled free by any vibration. The brackets are made of plastic. Can't see how they are marketed as off-road trail mirrors when they flopping. I will be investing in more secure bolt-ons.

👤I was worried that they were straight until I tried bending them, and I knew they were perfect. I bought a brand that claimed to be a universal mount that would fit into the ends of the handlebars. Those just spun and fell out. The mirror popped out of one of them, but they are very sturdy. It snapped into place when I put it back in. There are a couple of points off. It's great to mount them. It was easy. Is it possible that I would buy them again? Yes.

👤I wouldn't recommend it. They are cheap.

4. Coitak Adjustable Handlebar Mirrors Universal

Coitak Adjustable Handlebar Mirrors Universal

The silver and blue lens have anti-glare coefficients of 50% and 75%, respectively. The bike mirrors are made of premium aluminum pole +ABS shell, lightweight, but sturdy, and the Acrylic Convex mirror shows a clear and wide rear view. The stem is long and flexible, so it can be adjusted to get the perfect viewing angle. Even in rough roads, stay in place with double screws. It is easy to install a bike mirror, it comes with 2 non-slip gasket to fit almost any bike. The bike handlebar is 15mm-32mm. You can adjust the tilt of the mirror at any time, add security for your bike travels, and it's safe to say that bike rear view mirrors are a safer way to travel. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Coitak

👤The rubber covering on my mirror cracked when I tried to return it. The screw cover cracked when I tried to get them to stay on the handlebars. Very disappointed.

👤The product was being used. The mirror isn't strong enough to keep it from shaking. It doesn't give you a full view of objects behind you. Installation was easy, but I had to add a mirror to the handle bar. They are not sure if they will stay attached. There is a After about 15 miles of regular road terrain, they are still tight.

👤The mirrors are strong. They are easy to adjust to. The arm bends in all directions. The mirror moves up and down, and left to right. When I put my bike on the car bike rack, I can bend the mirror down so the wind won't catch it.

👤It is easy to evade obstacles. The amount of convex affects the judgement of approaching cars. Riders do a test and look at the distance before turning. Before you trust the car is back, get used to it.

👤I was afraid the mirror would move. They are stable, only one trip. The mirror is not showing the exact distance but at least you can see something coming. It's important to have mirrors on a bike. I like having one on each side. I had to be in the mood to mount them correctly. They come with rubber strips of two different sizes. It makes me feel more secure on the road when there is no other way to get there.

👤I bought one for myself and the wife. We rode in the street to see what was behind us. It is easy to install a field of vision. If you want a mirror with a mirror, try this one.

👤I have 4 bikes that don't fit the handlebars on any of them and they won't fit the range of diameters listed. Neither the smallest nor the largest. Would be curious to know what bike handlebars they would fit.

👤I had to order another one for my son's bike because I was so happy with this item, but it really did the trick. It is tall enough for wide shouldered men or women.

5. West Biking Handlebar Adjustable Rotatable

West Biking Handlebar Adjustable Rotatable

Customer can return after sale and get a refund. You have no risk in trying to purchase. Tools-free installation. It's suitable for 22mm-32mm bicycle handlebars. The lens can be attached to any fitted handlebars firmly and easily, thanks to the 2 anti-slip rubber gasket, which can hold the lens to the mirror holder for it to stay in place. There is a multi-angle adjustment. The bike handlebar mirror is an important investment for any cyclist who wants to avoid neck strain because of the flexible pole, it is easy to get the perfect viewing angle no matter your preference. SAFER CYCLING: With a clear view mirror, you can see what's behind you or coming up fast. As cyclists they need to watch out for distracted drivers and not paying attention. The glass is made from a combination of a range of densities. At any time, the lens can be adjusted to see what is coming from different directions. The mirror is fixed with double screws and two additional gasket can be placed to keep it tighter. Even though it's just 115g, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how sturdy this mirror is. The cycling mirror is made of strong materials and features a lot of weight. Even though it's just 115g, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how sturdy this mirror is. The cycling mirror is made of strong materials and features a lot of weight.

Brand: West Biking

👤I installed our bikes. They are exactly what I was looking for and work as described. Flexible arms are the longest I could find so they can extend far enough. The local bike shop was expensive and didn't have what we wanted. The thicker rubber spacer piece was used due to the handle bar size. They have a lot of adjustment options. They work well. I didn't want the hand grip type mirror in case the bike falls over, these really do work great, installed dual mirrors on both our bikes. Don't bang the plastic components around on the bike, but adjust them once on the bike. The thumb screw doesn't break or strip, so you can tighten it all the way. If you don't remove the plastic covering the mirror, you will think it's cheap. My wife and I are very happy that we can ride our bikes around the neighborhood and back and forth to the beach to know what's happening behind us. I recommend this product. I'm leaving this review. I'm in a good mood because I finally got something on Amazon that works as expected and we're on vacation at our second home in FL. We bike to the beach every day. I know it's only a mirror, and trivial to leave a review, but it made the wife happy because I didn't spend a lot to get what she wanted so she could feel safe riding around the neighbor and the beach. Buy and enjoy.

👤The mirror is terrible. Let me reiterate that. If you want to see objects that are right up on you, the mirror is a good size and clear view, but only if you want to see them. I have a helmet mirror that works well, but I thought I'd try a bike mirror since it's larger and more effective. Not at all. I could see vehicles in my helmet mirror before they were behind me. The bike mirror makes them appear non existent until they are close to you. If the purpose of the mirror is to protect you from a car that is headed for you, that's not going to do a lot. I was shocked at the ineffectiveness of this mirror when I switched between the two mirrors. Talk about objects appearing far away than they really are. I would rather have objects appear closer to me than they actually are, so I can get out of the way if necessary.

👤I didn't have to strain my neck looking back when I wanted to make a turn because this mirror gives a good rear view. I try to keep an eye on the sound of approaching cars, but this mirror will give me more assurance. It was easy to install, but I didn't know what to do at the time of installation, so I only watched the video. It looks good on my bike.

👤The ad says it is glass, then it says it is plastic. It is a plastic container. There is a On the first day, the mirror popped out from the sun hitting the assembly while it sat on my patio. I put it back in. There is a The mirror is CONVEX and everything expects objects very close to my bike to be too small to see. It's fine for reduced speed zones in the daytime or night. It is not safe on the wide open highway because it is too fast. It is too close to make safe lane changes or turns at night when I can see the vehicle approaching from the rear. I only need a mirror on the open highway. The rider behind me is in a drafting position and appears to be 25 to 30 yards behind me. My... The supplied inserts will not allow it to be mounted to a 25.4 handlebar. It doesn't go that small. I'm sure larger handlebar diameters would be well served. There is a It vibrates too much on less than perfect roads. It would be nearly impossible to stop. The mirror is very ineffective and overly convex because of the vibration. There is a Don't buy this one. The mirror is useless.

6. PACEARTH Blast Resistant Aluminum 360˚Rotatable Rearview

PACEARTH Blast Resistant Aluminum 360%CB%9ARotatable Rearview

If you have a problem with the product, they will do their best to offer you a solution. The bicycle mirror is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum with good performance that won't get rusty or be corroded. The bicycle bar end mirror has a blast-resistant and shockproof 3.07'' design, which makes it a more stable mirror than flat ones. It's easy to install. The bike end mirror is inside the handlebars. Measure that before you buy. Installation of the rear view mirror can be done in minutes with two Allen wrench sizes. The bike bar end mirror is universal and safe for both left and right side bike handlebars. They offer a detailed installation video on the listing. If you need assistance, please contact them. They are here for you.

Brand: Pacearth

👤I was very impressed with the quality. All metal construction frame. The mirror is a little over 3 inches in diameter. I put a drill through a vent hole in the end of my bike's rubber grips to make it larger so the mount could be inserted. It is easy to install. I expected the price to be closer to $25 for the quality compared to other cheap plastic ones.

👤I wiped my left side in my cycle. The mirror had a few scratches but no real damage. The mirrors work well on 2 other cycles. There is a The mirrors are made of aluminum and STAINLESS and have good quality and no plastic. I measured the inside diameter of the handlebars before I ordered them. The inside of the bar was measured using a Mitutoyo inside a caliper. I thought I was good. I had to use a dead blow mallet to get the outer sleeve into the handlebar, it was a tight fit, and that's 3 human hairs, but that's a lot in the machinery world. This is where you need to pay attention. The mirror sleeve has a cone nut on it. If the little cone nut is facing the wrong way, it will be hard to get this mirror tight. The black arrow points at the correct cone nut orientation in my photo. There is a I needed a mini-impact driver to tighten the screw on my setup because the included wrench wouldn't work on my setup. There is a I'm really handy, have a ton of tools and have been pulling wrenches on bicycles, motorcycles and cars for 45+ years, and this was a simple project, but if you don't pay attention to the details, it could be a pain.

👤I will describe how they seem to me if I return them. There is a The first impression is that the main parts are made of aluminum. The jam-mechanism for the handlebars is made of aluminum, two shells that are not straight and a 5mm steel bolt. There is a The mirror is large. I was not satisfied with what I was able to do after having a bit of difficulty with the installation. The threaded parts are of mediocre quality and do not turn freely. The 4mm wrench was jammed in one of the bolts when I applied moderately heavy force. The amount of force required to get things to seat or lock up was excessive when I changed my wrench. It should not have been the case if the parts had been better. There is a To successfully tighten the bar-end anchor mechanism, it was necessary to generously lubricate the central bolt, expanding shells, and the inside of the handlebar. I couldn't establish a securely locked attachment. The anchor does not stay fully seated even after applying as much force as I could. There is a The mirror position is stable because of the two 4mm bolts that secure the part. The amount of force required to achieve and almost-but-not-quite stable state was all I could manage with standard hex wrenches, and seemed excessive in terms of being close to the force required to strip the threads in the aluminum parts. I am not a beginner with a bicycle. The package of two mirrors required an hour to be installed, which was further disappointment. It also included cutting a metal shim to help with stabilization. There are two mirror anchors. This should have taken 10 minutes. The mirror that I received today had a better quality design and manufacture than the one I received a few days ago, and it had less than 10 minutes to install. I'm not sure if I'll return them or accept them as-is. Prospective buyers might want to keep these observations in mind.

7. 1PZ Adjustable Universal Motorcycle Dirt Bike

1PZ Adjustable Universal Motorcycle Dirt Bike

It is suitable for most brands of motorbike, Street Bike, ATV, Dirt Bike, BMX Bicycle and Scooter, such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Victory, Cruiser Chopper, etc. Before you place the order, make sure the size is correct. All Chinese Scooters have a 22mm or 7/8" handle bar. It fits a lot of applications. They fit on the mirror thread. There is a package with left and right mirror. The mirror has a metal arm with screws that help you lock it up. Money back guarantee, free return and three months warranty. Money back guarantee, free return and three months warranty.

Brand: 1pz

👤It's a Yamaha vino classic. My bike has a standard thread sockets for both the left and right mirror. I can't use the right hand mirror because it won't fit into the sockets. The Japanese scooter may have different directions for the mirror. They fit the standard size sockets and come with an accessory that makes it easy to use with larger sizes as well. I didn't know my Vino had a reverse thread for the mirror. I think these are good. Scooters have standard thread sockets on both sides. The objects in the mirror are closer to you than they appear. Good price can't complain. If the threads don't fit your bike, they come with mounting brackets. Awesome.

👤You get what you pay for. They look great on my antique honda scooter, but they don't give me the rear-view I want because the angle is wrong. I need them to be pushed down a bit. There is a The left one went on without a hitch. The right one was! It took me more than 10 minutes before it sat. I was stuck at the top of the thread and it was hard to break it loose. The way the mirror is sitting doesn't seem secure. I don't know. There is a I'm not sure if I will use them again. There is a I hope this review helps you. If my opinion changes, I'll update this as soon as possible. There is an update. The left mirror began to fall as I was riding. These are starting to make me angry.

👤They were added to my Honda Metropolitan. Didn't need any of the above. The angle is perfect and the fit is perfect. It was perfect.

👤The quality and look of the mirrors seemed good at first. The parts were in the box. I stripped the threads after installing the correct threading for the mirror. It is completely useless now. If you need to use the adaptive threaded bolt, it's not a good idea.

👤The mirrors are better than they were 40 years ago. All mopeds that need a clip on mirror will have these mirrors on them.

👤It was used on my clone. It works perfect. They fit perfectly in my switch control.

👤The mirrors helped me finish my scooter. The 8MM bolted itself in. It was cheaper than Honda wanted.

👤Garbage. Cheaply constructed, does not fit Harley Sportster, optional handlebar brackets are too small to fit around a standard 1" bar. There is a lot of rubbish.

👤These fit perfectly on my scooter.

👤The mirror will not be thread into the adjuster. I can't find a way to say something to the seller. I would return it but feel it is not worth the effort. I would be happy to revise my review if the seller responds.

👤I would recommend this item to anyone.

8. DRCK HROS Adjustable Shockproof Motorcycle

DRCK HROS Adjustable Shockproof Motorcycle

This bicycle phone holder is compatible with all sizes of phones. The mirror is made of black plastic and can be adjusted. They can use it for most Mountain bike Handlebar. The install tool follows. The package is called the mirror package. There is a suitable handlebar diameter from 0.87-1.26 inch. They suggest 0.87-1.05inch, which will be better. The mirror support tube is plastic with aluminum and can be bent for what you want. Customer can return after sale and get a refund. You have no risk in trying to purchase.

Brand: Drckhros

👤The mounting system is very easy to use. There are two different sets of bolts for different size bicycle bars and a small Allen key wrench included. Bolts seem to be of good quality and will not rust quickly or ever. I put this on my Profile Design Aero Bar. I used a strip of old inner tube wrapped around the bar to fit on the mirror clamp to'shim' under the mounting clamp as this gives a better fit for holding in place without over tightening. The mirror is acceptable. If someone can't see a car approaching behind them, they have vision issues, not mirror issues. The design of the mirror is attractive, but the size of the mirror is about the size of a hardball baseball, which is a pity. The metal covered flexible shaft is good for bending to adjust and hold in place. Some reviews said that the image in the mirror was vibrating. It is not a problem. The mirror was detached from the frame when it arrived. The mirror is held into the frame by flexing it to be more spherical and then attaching the edges to the frame with little peg protrusions. When one releases the plastic, the mirror stays attached to the 3 frame pegs. This doesn't work. I put a drop of "Original Super Glue" on top of the little peg protrusions and glue the mirror into the frame. I did this in a way that didn't damage the mirror's look and didn't detract from it. The plastic materials on a child's bike would break very quickly, and it was a little fragile. I don't think the fragileness of the plastic is a problem for an adult. The problem is that one tends to adjust the mirror by twisting or bending the flexible extension between the mirror and the handlebars. I think this would break the mirror plastic off the flexible shaft or the handlebar mount, which is cheap and brittle. When adjusting the mirror by twisting or bending the shaft, the solution is to always remember to hold the flexible shaft. This works well. I bought another one for my bike. I only used this mirror for a week, so if it explodes or something, I will change this review.

👤I bought this for my wife. Works well. Even though we have flat type handlebars, I can see past my arm because it reaches far. People complain about how hard it is to install. My first attempt didn't go well, but I remembered the old trick my dad taught me. Put a wade of paper in the nut holes on the bottom brackets to hold them in place. Assembly went pretty easy after that, because that did it for me. It's good for the size of the mirror.

👤It fit perfectly. It was what I wanted.

👤Sturdy construction is the good. It's easy to mount. There is a The bad. The mirror is too small. I couldn't make out my wife riding the bike behind me. There is a Cars and trucks are too small. You might not take the danger seriously. Would not buy again. It was too much of a hassle to come back.

9. Bell 7015978 SMARTVIEW Mirror Black

Bell 7015978 SMARTVIEW Mirror Black

Light. They are shatterproof under 30 grams. China is the country of origin. Product has high Durability. Made of high quality materials.

Brand: Bell

👤They're so simple that they're almost impossible to detect. I am writing this to approve of this mirror and to draw attention to the 1 star reviews that are unmerited. Don't blame the broken mirror if you drop your bike. My goodness. There is a The mirror is large enough to fit drop bars, and it is easy to adjust on the fly, just leave the closing slightly loose. I've tried a lot of mirrors, but this one is my favorite. Lasts for a long time. I have experience. Uh. The man came back to take off the star. This is the first one I've purchased that has some distortion. If you purchase it, you can make sure you get a mirror with a uniformly sharp field of view. I don't know if the quality has dropped or if this is a rare one. You should look at the mirror hands to be sure you have a good one.

👤My review video can be watched. I was very excited to have this accessory. But then it came... It's easy to install. The mirror is like a wacky mirror from a fun house and it's cheap. It's not safe to stay on for your safety. It was made in communist china. If you only have 8 bucks to spend, this is for you. A quality item should be spent a couple more bucks. I'm all about saving money. This is dangerous to use. I'm going to return the mirror that I'm dissatisfied with.

👤There is no space to attach a mirror to my left e-bike handle bar grip. I didn't want to cut a hole in the grip. I only had one option left. The mirror is attached to the end of the grip. There is a The end is held onto the grip by the velcro. The mirror can be adjusted easily. There is a It is not a perfect mirror. The mirror's position can still move even after the ring is tightened. It's easy to make a change with mirrors that stick out straight. If this mount-type is your only option, it is the best and it allows you to see behind you. I recommend this to people that have the same situation.

👤These seem to be strong. I ride a mountain bike on some rocky trails. I have a mirror because I ride with my dog. There are spills because of where and how I ride. I usually land on the mirror. There has been no damage. It gets knocked out of alignment. I lost my last Bell mirror when I left it on the bumper. I have a new one for $9. I give it 4 stars because it isn't a super clear mirror and it's coated metal. It's good to keep track of my dog. When I crash, it doesn't break.

👤This is my second one. The first one was bought a long time ago. It is easy to install. Wrap the strap on the handlebars and you're done. There are some differences from my last one. The adjustment is very easy. That should be a good thing. I was used to my last mirror being stiff to adjust. I'm worried that it will get loose. Not an issue today. The bigger issue is that the mirror doesn't seem to be a very clear reflection. It was off enough to be noticed.

10. Adjustable Rotatable Rearview Shockproof Mountain

Adjustable Rotatable Rearview Shockproof Mountain

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They want you to like their products. They offer a 6 month guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. If their bike rear view mirror doesn't help you, please contact them. They will give back your money. You don't have any risk in this way. There are 2 pieces bike mirrors with a black fabric cloth sack in the package, they can provide a wide field of view when you are riding, bringing more convenience to you in daily life. The bike mirror is made of quality material which is waterproof and dustproof, and it can improve stability when driving on bumpy roads. The bicycle rear view mirror can be adjusted to any direction you need, so you can watch every direction of your back while biking, and the mirror can be adjusted in 180 degree to get a better traffic view. The mountain bike mirrors are easy to mount, and you don't need any tools to do it. The rear view mirror is suitable for most bicycles, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, MTB, ordinary bikes, electric scooter, E-bike and other types of bicycles.

Brand: Boao

👤You get what you pay for. This is not a high quality, highly reflective mirror and the mounting system is pretty much okay. It depends on what you want. I wanted something cheap that would allow me to see cars behind me. I wouldn't rely on them alone since the image is blurry and the range isn't great.

👤I bought these for my scooter. I was able to attach them to the handlebars. They are great, I just took a cruise with them. Being able to see what was behind me made me feel safer. The amount of mirrors the scooter company wanted was 3X. I like a bargain.

👤The system is flexible. I found a mount point where my view was not obscured, after mounting in a few different places. The best place to hang the mirrors is near the end of my handlebars. The wide view allows me to see both cars and pedestrians at a distance.

👤The bike mirrors are undamaged, which is a good sign. It's easy to install, but looks cheap. You have to place them at the end of the handle because they don't find them very useful. Not impressed.

👤After trying a different model that was too big for a regular bicycle and broke while trying to install, I bought these. There is a The mirrors are secured with rubber straps. There is a The surface has a greater visibility. There is a We'll see how they hold up, but so far so good!

👤I'd never used a mirror before, was bewildered by all the choices, and finally chose this one, it works, it's an appropriate size to see if there's something behind me, and I'm content to use it. I'm content with the price and simplicity.

👤These were decent. I can see someone coming up the side, but my bike style makes it hard to see. Oh well, they work.

👤I bought a bike to put in front of my child's front seat carrier. It works perfect for that. I bought him a ride and can see him enjoying it.

👤The only down side is that it is not intended for use in the butterfly bars or mirror. If a vehicle has lights on and you take a long concentrated look in the mirror, you can see them in the distance if they don't have any lights on.

👤These are small mirrors with lots of adjustment. Very clear. I couldn't get them to be secure enough to stop sliding on the handlebars, so I dropped a star. Fixing is not very hard. It's not a great problem.

👤The image is small and takes a bit of getting used to.

👤The rubber straps need to be improved as they have vibrated off several times and are now fixed with extra rubber bands. Around handle bars.

👤Parfait sur trottinette, not le guidon est de diametre 3,1 cm. Se fixe solidement et sans problme par la sorte de lanire elastique. The retro vers l'extérieur et donc de bien are in the train. Le forme bombée du miroir. Vous attendre mieux, de qualité médiocre, quasi tous.

11. BOBILIFE Bike Handlebar Rearview Mirrors

BOBILIFE Bike Handlebar Rearview Mirrors

The top quality design and manufacturing. It was manufactured in South Korea. The plastic body, glass mirror, and steel mounting bolt are made from durable plastic. The bike mirror can be adjusted to any angle, which is convenient for you to watch every direction you want, and ensure your safety. Installation of the bicycle mirror is easy. It's suitable for tube diameter less than 0.875 inch. The bike mirror is used for mountain bike, electric bike, folding bicycle, etc. The plastic holder of the bike mirror handlebar mount is made of new ABS material, which is the durable riding equipment, and suitable for long-term riding. The reflective strip at the back of the bike mirror handlebar mount will make it safer to ride at night. The bicycle mirror has 2 units packed. They can put them at the left and right to make you more safe. The bicycle mirror has 2 units packed. They can put them at the left and right to make you more safe.

Brand: Bobilife

👤The metal rod that the mirror is on is too short and you can't see around your body. The rod needs to be at least 2” longer to not be a problem.

👤The cheap bike mirrors are easy to install. They don't have any of the types of mirrors that are used in convex mirrors. I have a Schwinn bike mirror that has a mirror that has a reflected view, which is better than the mirrors that only show the front of the bike. Is this an advertising error or a production problem?

👤These are better for a child's bike. The mirrors won't be able to see around me. I have to look through my gap to see traffic.

👤I bought a mobility scooter. I sent them back because they didn't fit. They would work well on a bike.

👤These were easy to install on my bike. They made me feel safer in riding. I enjoy riding for exercise.

👤These were on tonight. It is fairly easy to install. I loosened up one mirror. I figured out how to tighten it. It took some adjusting to get the right angle. I think they will do the job. I need them because I have to keep the bike balanced and I can't look behind me.

👤These bike mirrors look cheap, but have a decent field of view and can be adjusted.

👤Mirrors are good, but mounts are wiggly. Behind you can see.


What is the best product for bicycle mirror vintage?

Bicycle mirror vintage products from Mirrycle. In this article about bicycle mirror vintage you can see why people choose the product. Third Eye and Cycearth are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle mirror vintage.

What are the best brands for bicycle mirror vintage?

Mirrycle, Third Eye and Cycearth are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle mirror vintage. Find the detail in this article. Coitak, West Biking and Pacearth are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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