Best Bicycle Locks with Combination 4 Feet

Combination 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Coiling Resettable Combination Complimentary Mounting

Coiling Resettable Combination Complimentary Mounting

The Titanker combination bike lock cable is easy to set and carry. It is easy to set your own personalized number combination with a smart 4-digit resettable coiling cable lock. The cable can be used to lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, railing, or any other object. It's ideal for skateboards, gates, grills, lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes and ladders. Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance help prevent scratching and keep more durable. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure.

Brand: Titanker

👤A bike lock that makes a thief laugh is fantastic. It's a nice way to start your weekend. You won't be biking to work as your bike has been stolen, and this POS lock did nothing to stop the thief.

👤The bike lock is not very good. After I received the product, I locked it to a bike rack and rode away. The code didn't work when I came back out. I tested the new code before using it and followed the directions to set the code. A maintenance guy drove by. I asked him if he could cut it off with a hack saw, and he did it in seconds. The tubing gives the illusion of being larger than it is, but the actual metal is only about a quarter of the diameter. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.

👤Excellent length and a great bracket. There is a I want a lock that is big enough to do the job but small enough to not get in the way. I want a lock that is easy to attach and detach, and that is held tightly and securely. There is a Many bike locks are too long. Being too long is annoying because the lock will be heavy and bulky and it will be hard to put it back on. His length is the right length for securing the bike to a pole or rack. There is a The brackets are sturdy and well made. The button on the brackets works well. The lock that is attached to the brackets is a good size and sturdy. There is a The combination rotates nicely and has no play in it that would allow a thief to try different numbers to determine the combination. After owning a lock for 18 months, I'm going to buy two more for myself and my wife's bike, and leave this review. Highly recommended.

👤The cable-lock seems to be ok but the carrier brackets are poorly designed. The plastic is weak as soon as I tightened the screws, the corner of the brackets snapped off. There is a The company's customer service sent me a third photo of the redesign. Since I made my own, I have not used the one sent to me, but it appears to be a stronger design than the one that broke. I think their customer service is great. I have bumped my review from 3 stars to 5 stars because of their great service.

👤Although it could have been cut, I was okay with it because I ordered it from UShake. It was difficult to bend when it was cold. I clicked the plastic piece back into place after the side of the lock that was not covered came apart. There is a I was going to unlock it yesterday, but it broke in half. I was surprised. I can't recommend this product or any like it because of my issues.

👤These are better than most I've seen, but no cable lock is high security. The action is smooth and reliable, and the numbers on the dial are high visibility, which is a huge bonus. My family uses them interchangeably to lock their bikes up to a single mountpoint in the garage, because I bought six of these things and set them all to the same combo. It works well. The six foot version has enough reach to lock two bikes at once through their forks and around a shackle, rack, or pole. There is a The lock mount is useless when riding the bike. Only on a full sized adult bike can it fit, and only if you don't have tail lights, or a shock absorber in the seatpipe. That knocks it out for the bikes in my family. If you want to ride with this lock instead of leaving it at home, you'll need to toss it in a saddlebag or backpack, or just lock it looped around your fork. It is easy to bag-pack, even in a small saddlebag, because it is coiling up into a tight loop.

2. DadyMart Security Mounting Bracket Diameter

DadyMart Security Mounting Bracket Diameter

The sizes are: 4-FT x 12mm, 7-FT x 12mm, 15-FT x 12mm, and 30-FT x 12mm. This is a simple locking mechanism. It is designed to be locked with a bolt. The lock cylinder is made of high quality material, which is durable and wear resistant. The lock cylinder structure makes it hard for thieves to open it with master keys. There is a tangle of steel wires inside the lock, and it is covered with a green coating on the surface. The lock is safe, wear-resistant and anti-rust. The size is 1/2 and 4 Feet. The lock cylinder has a dust-proof cover that can prevent sand, rain, and other things. The lock core can be damaged by entering it. The spare key is needed. You can keep one of the keys at home if you need it, and the bicycle lock has two keys, one for you to carry and one for you to keep. No need to worry about your key being lost. The spare key is needed. You can keep one of the keys at home if you need it, and the bicycle lock has two keys, one for you to carry and one for you to keep. No need to worry about your key being lost.

Brand: Dadymart

👤False advertisement! The metal is very thin. I'm guessing 5/16. Not 1/3. They are trying to count the rubber as 1/2. I wanted a heavy duty bike lock. There is a Resist Reality is an acronym for Resist Reality.

👤A lock with a clever design. The lock is solid and long. Not long or short. There are two keys.

👤The bike was stolen on the first day of use.

👤I like the fact that my bicycle is protected. The material is strong. It was good.

👤This product works well for money. The one I received is not 4 feet long as advertised, it is 43 inches long. I only give it three stars because of that.

👤I've always had to take off my bike to lock it up because the bicycle lock got in my way. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying when I have to uncoil the chain. The design is very clever. The bike chain can be attached completely out of the way with the help of a clamps. If you push a button, the bike will be locked. When it's done, it snaps back into the clamp. Couldn't be any harder. I have enjoyed not having to think about this issue.

👤The lock works well. I bought a 4 foot lock and some places I need to lock up my bike do not have a bike rack. There have been times when I needed to lock my bike up to a pole or a table, and 4 feet has just been short. If you spend a bit more you can get the 6 foot lock.

👤The little lock is great. It is portable and fits on a bike. Looks good. If you want a good theft deterrent, I would leave my bike at the train station and lock it up for the day.

3. Kryptonite 001706 Keeper Integrated Chain

Kryptonite 001706 Keeper Integrated Chain

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. Keeper 712 Integrated Chain Lock has 7mm four-sided chain links. Patent-Pending End Link Design secures chain to a hardened deadbolt and provides extra holding power. The high security disc-style cylinder is resistant to pick and drill. The nylon sleeve protects the chain against the elements. The Kryptonite Keeper 712 is easy to use and flexible. The Kryptonite Keeper 712 is easy to use and flexible.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤When I thought about a four foot chain, I held my arms apart and thought, "oh yeah, plenty long." You can make a two foot chain by folding a bike in half. If you want to easily wrap front tire, frame, and rear tire, you should get a six footer. I'm doing it. I wish I'd bought a longer one. When I read the reviews on the locks, I didn't find anything interesting. You need to understand that someone has a battery. They can cut through the hardest steel in a matter of minutes. It's like sharp scissors. They will find a way if someone wants something bad.

👤They took the lock from my scooter after it was stolen. There is that.

👤This bicycle lock is well-built and tough for my not-intensely-urban world. The chain is heavy, not cuttable by standard tools, and is both flexible and long enough to lock both wheels together or lock the rear wheel and frame to a thick pole. If you register with them, you will get two more keys. Lock works well. The bicycle is protected by a chain covered in cloth. It is easy to use. I wondered if this lock was enough for my setting. I leave the bike in the woods or beach when I go swimming or shop. The professional bicycle thief would be the only one who could cut the lock and grab the bike. My favorite lock picking lawyer wondered about the 7mm chain. The overall deterrent of the Kryptonite Keeper 47” lock is not something I am concerned about. Very happy. It is a large lock.

👤I realize that my headline is a logical fallacy, but this is a very sturdy lock that gives me confidence when securing my bike outside of stores. The Lock Picking Lawyer on the internet knows that wafer style locks require special tools and skills to pick open, which is the security feature number one, and that's because your average thief is not likely to possess these. The stout chain on the 712 model can't be easily cut without using large, visible tools which will draw unwanted attention to anyone attempting to steal your vehicle. I wouldn't want to use it for overnight storage in shady parts of town, but for use outside of a busy store during a 30-minute shopping run, it does the job nicely. The mechanism on my lock is easy to operate, but I'm careful not to force it, and a drop or two of oil every few months keeps everything in good working order. I use a cable looped through the lock chain to secure the front wheel because the chain is long enough to go through the back wheel and frame.

👤I should have read more reviews. I have to wiggle the keys to open or close the lock after a few months. The opening is always facing down, keeping it off the ground. It's been under a cover for a long time and still looks like it's been outside. Will not buy it again.

4. Schwinn Cable Bike Combination 4 Feet

Schwinn Cable Bike Combination 4 Feet

There is a comparable size with wide application. It's ideal to protect your bikes, electric scooters and motorbikes, but also ladders, lawn mowers, gates, fences, and even sports equipment from being stolen. If the lock can't be opened by the default combination of 0000, please use the dials to rotate back and forth for a few times. You don't need keys to store your bike securely. The braided steel self-coiling cable has convenience and strength. The vinyl cover has weather resistance. Choose a combo that is meaningful or easy to remember. It includes a mount for easy storage.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I bought a lock for my stroller two weeks ago. We were out when it wouldn't open. I was across the street from the fire department. skip the lock. I think that's correct.

👤The combination cannot be changed. It goes back to the default setting after following the 2 insructions.

👤The lock works. The only problem is how to change the combo. It wasn't clear, but it's fine.

👤I ordered two. Returned both. It is difficult to lock. After setting up a personal lock code, it was not possible to lock it. The second one was unlocked but could not be unlocked again. I had to cut the lock on my son's bike.

👤It's hard to turn the numbers with a lock. You have to squeeze the two sides to get it unlocked. Maybe I just got a lemon. It is not great.

👤I have to put pressure on and turn to combination to solve my unlocking issues. It's horrible. I have a master lock that works great.

👤We ordered two of them. Both have a hard time setting the lock and locking it out. It was disappointing that these were not inexpensive. We like the flexibility to set our own combination, but this was a waste of money and materials.

👤The internal mechanisms seize up, making the lock basically unusable, and in one case, the barrel slipped and changed the combination, because the lock was impossible to close when the weather got cold. I fear I'll be unable to get the thing off, so I'm tossing them out.

👤I use this to lock up my girlfriends cheap beach cruiser for a few days, or my expensive mountain bike for a few minutes. I wouldn't trust a nice bike with this overnight or for a weekend, but for a cheap bike or a kids bike, this is great!

👤I don't have to worry about theft of opportunity since I'm only locking up a pretty old bike. I'm not sure if I would use this lock if my bike was worth anything. It's easy to adjust the combo and there's a good heft for it's size.

👤A great bike lock. The numbers are not perfect but they are satisfied with the price point and quality. Make sure you get the right product from Amazon, they sent me a level 1 8mm instead of the level 3 12mm.

👤I bought this at the beginning of October. The product seemed to work well at first, but I could easily change it. The lock stopped working after only 2 weeks. I can't lock it anymore because the metal pin seems to be malfunctioning. I tried changing it but it seems like it is stuck. I didn't think of returning it because I was so angry. It's too late. I don't usually write reviews. I was disappointed with the product and thought some people might experience the same problem. I'm pretty sure I got unlucky because the product has a lot of good reviews.

👤The cable is very thick. You can feel the quality when you hold the lock. The dial is large enough for my fat fingers. It's a good idea to recommend it.

5. Schwinn Theft Security Level Combination

Schwinn Theft Security Level Combination

The width is 10mm and the length is 5ft. You can use combination lock to store your bike. 6 feet x 12mm braided steel cable has convenience and strength. The vinyl cover is tough and protects it from the elements. Choose a combo that is meaningful or easy to remember. The carrying bracket is for easy storage.

Brand: Schwinn

👤It fits perfectly under the seat. It seems very sturdy. It is easy to set and reset the combination. You will see how to set a new one once you open it. There is a As you can see from my second photo, someone tried to get my bike. I left it out of sight for 30 minutes when I first used it. If someone wants to steal your bike, they will probably get it. The cable did its job. They cut through the part of the metal cable that was rubbery. There is black scarring on the cutting tool they used. The cable did its job, but they are not sure if they gave up or ran out of time.

👤I liked the way this lock was wrapped, but with 2 months of using my bike, it was stolen 15 times, and I didn't like the way it was wrapped. The lock was taken so either it was unlocked or cut and dismantled. If you spend more money on a lock that protects your bike, then you should buy a great bike, and if you spend less money on a lock, then you should buy a safe lock.

👤The lock for our child's bike was heavier than we were expecting. The lock wouldn't fit into the receiver after a week of use. Schwinn told me that my purchase was beyond the 30 day limit, and that the warranty was 30 days. I would highly recommend purchasing a more durable lock for your children, even though they indicated they would send a replacement.

👤This product does not do what it's supposed to, so don't be fooled by its high ratings. It doesn't stop the theft of your bike. Look at the picture and see yourself. I can't recommend this product to anyone. One star for functional code lock is enough.

👤The description is a fabrication. The cable is 12mm wide, but the metal cable is only 7mm. Anything can be cut, and increased thickness only makes thieves less determined. The rubber quickly and easily wedges into the jaws of the bolt cutter, making this cable easy to use. The lock is easy to set. I don't like false advertising.

👤The lock has larger numbers that I can see and change easily.

👤This lock is very strong and can be used to secure your bike.

👤The bicycle lock with the braided steel self coiling cable and tough protective vinyl covering is very durable. It comes with a quick-release mounting bracket that allows you to take the lock with you.

👤If you hit a bump, you need to make sure the lock cable doesn't bounce off the holder and get lost. I heard it when I fell off, so I went back to get it. I secured it to my carrier with a bungee cord. Will have to come up with a better way to get it.

👤The producto es bueno, pero la delincuencia is an.

👤El cilindro del candado es un malo. No pasa de los pedales. No esculpa del producto. Sirve una perfecto.

6. Kryptonite New U Fahgettaboudit Heavy Bicycle

Kryptonite New U Fahgettaboudit Heavy Bicycle

The technology is compact and versatile. The 18mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools. The dimensions are 25" x 6". If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Reimbursement for 1 year is included in the anti-theft protection offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Someone tried to steal my bike, so I beat them with my lock. It is durable.

👤If you didn't register your New York Fahgettaboudit lock within 15 days of purchase, you should start saving for a replacement bike. There is a A friend came back to find it gone after he met it in Chinatown. The policy of Kryptonite is tough. I understand legalities, but it's different when you can't stand by your product because it's 3 days beyond warranty registration deadlines which aren't even clear or broadcasted. There is a If you want a lock that does the job, I would suggest you look at the delivery guys in NYC. 100lb chains and quick reflexes.

👤After my lock broke down, the warranty department didn't respond to my emails for a couple of months, maybe they will see the negative review and finally respond.

👤The design of the keyhole cover is terrible. It's so flimsy that it arrived broken out of the box. There is no excuse for the design on this. The cover should be riveted to the metal and then sealed with a yellow covering. There is a They cheaped out so badly that two screws on the outside went through the yellow covering. They drilled two additional holes that expose the internal mechanism to water instead of just the keyhole. The problem is worse. The screws do not screw into the metal of the cylinder, but into a cheap piece of plastic. There is a This lock is more expensive than a child's toy, and they rig the plastic around the keyhole worse than a toy. This will let water in and cause the mechanism to rust. obsolescence is planned

👤I'm away from them and need to secure high dollar bicycle investments. I use different lock/chain/u-locks in order to maximize deterrence and slow down thieves the most. I realized that a determined thief will eventually defeat any security measure if given enough time. The Mini is in conjunction with a New York Disc Bike Lock. I use American Lock A700 and Master Lock 931 padlocks to secure my other bikes. The 25 year old bent-end Kryptonite long-shackle U-locks in my collection have been used to secure my extension ladders and utility boxes. The toughest U-lock in the world will be on my list of locks to acquire by the end of 2019. The Abus Granit Extreme is 59. Replacing the bikes will be worth it, even though it is pricey. A small investment may prevent a big expenditure in the future. Bike thieves, thanks for reading and for sharing your stories.

👤I've had a bike lock for a long time. I have never had my bike stolen while I ride around Brooklyn or Manhattan. A few years ago, I found the lock and steel completely unaffected, even though the rubber casing had been cut open. The thief was stopped. Thought it was expensive. It costs me about $8 each year for it, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

7. Master Lock Cable Combination 8122D

Master Lock Cable Combination 8122D

Hanging lights can be secured with security cable, even if they are mounted with a different type of clamp. There is a lock application. For indoor and outdoor use, cable lock is the best choice. EASE OF USE: Set and reset your combination for convenience, allowing thousands of personalized combination code options; self-coiling for easy storage. The cable is made from braided steel for strength and flexibility. 6 ft. cable length; 1/2 in. Outside diameter. 6 ft. cable length; 1/2 in. Outside diameter.

Brand: Master Lock

👤I couldn't open it because it wasn't set to "0000", so I didn't know what to do. I thought I would have to return it. I randomly tried 0009 and it opened. Setting the numbers was very easy, it was much easier than my older lock where you have to remove the parts to reset the numbers. Feels good. My son is 12. He is finding it hard to find a place to mount his bike. Even if there was enough space, he has a water bottle cage in the way of the seat tube. Seat post facing back wheel is another option. Even though his seat is high, it seems like it will rub on the tire. He might face forward over the top tube. He might need a backpack when he wants to use his lock. If you're buying a tween, you might want the smaller version. I was a little disappointed that the instructions on how to use the cable adapter were not found on the internet. It slides apart so you can access the screws and then screw them together.

👤The Master Lock brand cable lock has a combination that you can reset. I took it out of the package, read the instructions, turned the dial, and the lock fell apart. The little plastic numbers fell all over the floor after a spring popped inside. I asked for a replacement instead of a refund because I was sick of shopping for a new brand of cable lock. I was able to reset the combination without the lock self-destructing, but it kept sticking shut. I couldn't get it open until I had turned the correct combination several times and given it a few good yanks, because it stuck shut at the parking lot outside the store. It looked like I was trying to steal the bike. I tried to open it with Lock Ease, but it would catch when you tried, so I tried to squirt it full of Lock Ease. It feels like the lock doesn't need oil, but like the tumblers wouldn't line up correctly inside the lock. I can't risk getting locked out of my bike if I use it again.

👤My son couldn't get the numbers to turn on the second day he rode his bike to school. The last digit is stuck and cannot be unlocked. I followed him to school to make sure he got his bike secured, otherwise it would have been locked up all day. He was upset.

👤The lock is terrible. It changes the combination on you. I had to cut the cable to get the lock off my bike at my work because it did it at my place of employment. I found out that a 7 that I had set became a 6 in the combination lock. There is a The cable is almost impossible to stretch out, so if that isn't enough to stop you from buying this lock, consider that. It is not easy to use the listed 6' of length because it keeps wanting to coil up. When you try to put it together, the combination lock plastic parts are bent in a way that puts strain on the lock. A poor design all around. I would look for a lock with a different design.

8. Bicycle Combination Security Mounting Motorcycle

Bicycle Combination Security Mounting Motorcycle

The bike U lock is made of high quality alloy steel and Silicone cover, which are both eco-friendly. It will make your bike safer. The cover of your lock is made of silicone to resist dust and dirt. The bicycle lock will protect your bike from scratching. The bike U-lock with 4ft steel loop cable can give you greater locking flexibility and better protection. Steel cable has greater locking flexibility. You can secure your bike, motocycle, and other items. The mountain bike locks have a zinc alloy lock core and a complex key slot which are designed to prevent technical opening. The bike lock has 2 pure copper keys, which will be more safe and you will never have to worry about losing one. The U-lock is light enough to carry around and heavy enough to keep your bike safe. It's 7.6in wide and 5.1in deep. The mount is suitable for all circular tripods in diameter 30mm. You can put it in your backpack or mount it on the frame of your bike with the portable size and mounting brackets. Installation and convenience are what you get with their high-quality mounting brackets. You can take and store your bike lock quickly with this easy installation. Installation and convenience are what you get with their high-quality mounting brackets. You can take and store your bike lock quickly with this easy installation.

Brand: Kastewill

👤I ordered both locks to check out because this lock looks similar to another lock that sells here for $10 more. The lock has plastic inside and failed when I tried to mimic a bike theft method. I heard the sound of plastic cracking and then the side of the lock that was held by the lock was no longer being held by the lock. This is the reason it's cheaper than the other one. If you want to avoid this model, you should buy a lock from the Blackburn U range, they are well built and inexpensive. If you want a lock that's really secure, but less expensive than the fancy ones from New York, you can get a OnGuard brand 8112 Mini U-lock. The lock mechanism is rugged and secure and it's very well made. Good luck.

👤The product works well given the cost. If you're looking for the absolute best product that works the best for the given application, you don't need to look at this bike lock. You are most likely looking for a U-Lock and were attracted by the price. If you can live with the negatives, it is a candidate for purchase. If you ride with the most pristine form of the lock, you could potentially catch your skin on the lock if you are more person or if you don't ride with the most pristine form. The bar is more sturdy than a chain lock, but if someone is determined to take your bike, it's still doable through the lock. The fitting of the attachment to mount the lock on the bike is plastic and can work with a small range of diameters, so check your bike for applicable locations before purchase. The lock is held on with screws and nuts and elastic around the shaft and rubber piece to add grip, since it will be easy to get a tighter connection. This is held together by the two screws and nuts and I see it as a critical point of failure given the wear and tear on it. The inner diameter of the U part of the lock is small so it won't fit around a lot of poles, which is noteworthy in purchase consideration. The product is satisfactory and meets the basic needs of a U-lock.

👤This lock is heavy duty. It can also be used to secure other things. The lock is sturdy and well constructed. It is coated with a glossy cover which makes it resistant to scratches. There is a The cable is made of steel and strong. There is a They give you 2 keys, which is great since I misplace my keys all the time. There is a The lock/key set seems like a normal set and mechanism. There is a It is a good investment to have the peace of mind that the bike won't be stolen when you return.

👤This lock is very good. I thought it was small, but it fits in my bike pouch. The cable allows you to secure your bike to trees and poles. I can go with confidence that my bike is safe and secure because it easily locks my quick release front tire to the rear. When you get this lock, you will not be sorry.

9. Master Lock 8143D Combination Black

Master Lock 8143D Combination Black

The loud horn can be used to remind others of your arrival and to keep a safe distance from you. The sound of the horn makes you feel good. The outdoor bike cable lock is best used as a bicycle lock. The cable bike lock has a four-digit combination lock that is best used as a theft deterrent. The bike lock is made with braided steel and has a protective vinyl coating. The bike lock cable is 4 feet. The length is 1.2 m and 5/16 in. It is in the diameter. One bike lock cable is included. One bike lock cable is included.

Brand: Master Lock

👤The first day I used this lock, my bike was stolen. It was easy for them.

👤The lock was always stuck and jammed. You don't want to be in a situation where you have to get your bike unlocked in the middle of a cold night. I wondered if it was me, or if I accidentally set it but it wouldn't open until the last minute. After a short time. The time is between 10 and 15 minutes. After two people tried, I had to cut the cable clean off with my Dremel, a plastic cutting disc and metal cutting disc, which I was just lucky enough to have nearby. It was always a bad time for this to happen. I have to wrestle with the cable which is too strong and it always stressed me out. There is a The Dremel has a 5 star review.

👤Someone cut the lock on my bike lock and stole my husband's brand new bike, just 10 minutes after I used this to secure my bike on my front porch. I am not happy. I don't recommend this. I live in a neighborhood that is generally safe and yet a thief cut through it like a child playing. It looked like they cut it with a knife, which was rare, according to the police officer that came. The cable lock is cheap.

👤This is an economical solution for a situation where you want to lock your bike up. The section of the cable is not thick enough to deter someone from buying your bike. I wouldn't let my bike with this lock overnight in critical areas, but it's great when you stop for a coffee or lunch downtown. It comes with a fix combination, which makes it more memorable for you. Make sure you mark the four digits down. You don't look like an idiot trying to steal your bike!

👤My bike was stolen a week before this lock expired. The lock was broken at the "key" insert. The material used was very brittle. Save your time and bike. Get a big lock. I took a chance on my bike, but now I feel like a fool.

👤Most people assume that all combo locks have a code. Not true. MasterLock offers an online service to store the combination in a "vault" in case you forget it. There is a This is a lock that is lightweight and can be used as a theft deterrent. Don't set your expectations too high. There is a Lock sticks a bit when it's inserted into a female portion. Jigging helps. There is a You get what you pay for.

👤I thought it would be a solid build. I didn't expect it to be cheap. It all works, but it's not very sturdy. My kid dropped one of the locks on his bike. The number wheels fell off. When it was locked, I didn't try to pull it apart but I was less confident that it would hold up. You should spend a few extra dollars for something that is stronger. -- Product works exactly as advertised, is a good value at the price point purchased, and I would buy it again or recommend it to a friend. Product works exactly as advertised, fit/finish are what you'd expect, but the product may leave more to be desired. Product generally works, but it may not be a good value at the price point or need some improvement. I wouldn't buy it again. Product barely works but can be useful if you try. I wouldn't recommend it for purchase. Product does not perform as intended and is probably a waste of money. There is a My review scale is that. If I receive a product that I would give three stars or less, I usually contact the vendor and let them know the problem. Most of the time, they are willing to replace or refund my purchase. This is the reason you will see very few reviews from me. I hope that helps everyone. There is a I would love for you to reply "Was this review helpful to you?" Thank you so much!

10. IDEALUX Bicycle 5 Digit Combination Lightweight

IDEALUX Bicycle 5 Digit Combination Lightweight

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. SECURE & RESETTABLE - Smart 5 digit resettable combination chain lock offers 100000 combinations for added security compared to 4-digit combination lock The chance to crack the combination is very low. The combination will take more than 80 hours to crack. You can learn to set your combination in no time, they have a manual and a video on it. The green bike lock will make your bike shine. It will make your bike stand out. More attention from people leads to less interest from thieves. The cover is scratch proof. No scratch will come to your properties when you use their bike locks. 4 Feet 1/2 inch cable is long enough for many occasions. When not in use, the lock should not take up much space. The bicycle lock can be stored in a way that is convenient and efficient. The sun, the rain, and the snow can damage bike locks, but not ours. The lock cover on their bicycle locks is made from Silicone to ensure that it will last in high and low temperatures. The cover is UV proof, doesn't fade, and is easy to deformed, which makes it a long time use. Buy with confidence. They are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction and they are committed to providing their customers with high quality products. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Idealux

👤I use easy to cut locks to deter bike theft. The colors are cheerful and this one feels solid. It was so fragile that it broke to pieces on the first ride. It hit the spokes. It's fit for purpose and doesn't need a tool to break it.

👤I can't tell you how many times my dad had to cut off my bike's chain to get it out of school because I can't remember the amount of keys I lost. You can do it at a young age if you set your own code. I showed my 7-year-old how to do it in one try, it's so easy. She was good. I would say 14 and below and even a teenager for Christ's sakes, but these are great, great, great bike lock for any child.

👤The description said "yellow" bike lock, so I clicked on it. The picture is yellow. It is actually orange. Like orange. I want to send it back but she thinks it's yellow. She's okay with the color. Kids have a hard time with the combination according to other reviews. My did as well. I made her practice and she's done it. The numbers are hard to turn. It will strengthen fingers. If you want one that turns quickly, then you should keep looking.

👤I bought a bike lock. It has bright colors. I have a problem with the holder that goes on my bike, it doesn't stay in one spot. The lock touches my tire when it moves while riding. I recommend this lock.

👤We bought a blue one and it is very nice. The numbers can be turned easily. The piece that is supposed to clip the lock onto the bike was missing. The lock on the bike has to be tied around it when not in use. It was very disappointing.

👤It's easy to operate. It's easy to see the bright colors. It is durable. It's great for all ages. It is easy to roll numbers. It's easy to read. It's nice to have a holder and coil under the bike seat. It's easy to install.

👤These were bought for the kids to lock up their bikes. Changing the combination was challenging, but they love them. It's easy to use and you don't need keys.

👤I used this lock and my bicycle was stolen. They snapped out the locking mechanism and it looked like it was not strong.

👤The item takes a lot of time to deliver. It was worth the wait. It matches my kids bike and has five numbers on it. It's easy to set. Instructions are included. Comes with a bubble wrap. Strong and good condition. It looks amazing. My kid loves it too.

👤Looks great! It's easy to change the combination and my son loves it. It is too cold to ride by the time we received it.

👤The bikes I bought for my girls are adorable. The bright colors, easy to turn for, and decent quality locks make them a good choice.

11. Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Instructions for details can be found on the store combination securely online. The bicycle locking cable is an effective deterrent for theft. Thanks to its thick material and design, it will take a lot of strength and specialized tools to break. Flexible steel braided into a thick lock cable. That is what you are getting with their bike lock cord. All padlocks are compatible with its sealed looped ends. You don't have to worry about the bike cable lock damaging your bike frame. It is made stronger by being coated in vinyl, which makes it resistant to rust and scratches. Bikes aren't the only thing their bicycle cable can secure. It can be used with grills, mowers, ladders, toolboxes, and other lawn or patio equipment at home. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right.

Brand: Vascer

👤I was looking for a way to deter people from using my kayak trailer. The cable is long enough to do the job. I like the coating because it won't mar the surface or cause it to fall apart.

👤Very happy with its function and fit.

👤Excellent product for my bike.

👤The plastic coating on the cable keeps it from getting damaged.

👤It's worth the price because it's thick and hard to cut.

👤It worked to keep people from stealing my garbage cans. Very strong.


What is the best product for bicycle locks with combination 4 feet?

Bicycle locks with combination 4 feet products from Titanker. In this article about bicycle locks with combination 4 feet you can see why people choose the product. Dadymart and Kryptonite are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle locks with combination 4 feet.

What are the best brands for bicycle locks with combination 4 feet?

Titanker, Dadymart and Kryptonite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle locks with combination 4 feet. Find the detail in this article. Schwinn, Master Lock and Kastewill are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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