Best Bicycle Locks Heavy Duty Anti Theft with Alarm

Theft 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. HONGYEA Silicone Mounting Combination Accessories

HONGYEA Silicone Mounting Combination Accessories

The package includes a bicycle chain lock with 4 keys. The heavy duty bike lock is made of 0.55 inch carbon structural steel with high temperature vacuum heat treatment for cut resistance. The d lock is resistant to dust and dirt and can be used with a bike lock combination. The heavy duty bicycle U lock ensures anti-theft and durable performance. The anti theft lock has a zinc alloy lock cylinder and a complex keyway with a precise structure, which can effectively prevent thieves from opening it. There is a dust cover on the outside of the bike locks, so you don't have to worry about being blocked when opening the bike lock. The mount included in the package can be used to fix the bike lock with key and can be taken away for easy carrying and storage. There is no need to worry about parking without a bike lock. The bike U-lock has 2 keys. One of them can be used in your daily life and the other can be left at home to avoid losing it and not opening the d lock. It is used for mountain bikes, road bikes and folding bikes. If you have any questions about their electric scooter locks anti theft, please contact me in time, I will solve your problems in time and provide you with the best quality service. If you have any questions about their electric scooter locks anti theft, please contact me in time, I will solve your problems in time and provide you with the best quality service.

Brand: Hongyea

👤You don't want this. Get a superhero!

👤Nice lock. Will have to cut the pole down to get the bike.

2. Motorcycle Lock Theft Motorcycles Anti

Motorcycle Lock Theft Motorcycles Anti

A high-quality protective sleeve is used to make the lock more durable. It will not scratch the body of your bicycle. The Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Grip Lock will prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, unlike their competitors' light weight and cheap lock. It's a great idea for winter storage units. The heavy duty locking device is made of light-weight aluminum. They don't go riding without theirs because it has been tested. College students don't want to have their Scooter or Moped stolen from campus or their apartment. Their customer is absolutely enamored with this universal yet genius product. You can secure your motorcycle from being stolen by simply locking the front brake or clutch lever on your motorcycle with grips up to 1.5 inches in diameter. It is a much safer and smarter alternative to a wheel lock. The device works with storage covers. If you have a moped, scooter or small dirtbike, they have a storage cover. They work well together! People who actually ride! Why should you trust us? They are a small company that focuses on quality products. Their owners have been racing and riding motorcycles for 20 years so they know how to make awesome products. They are here to help if you have any questions. People who actually ride! Why should you trust us? They are a small company that focuses on quality products. Their owners have been racing and riding motorcycles for 20 years so they know how to make awesome products. They are here to help if you have any questions.

Brand: Toolwrx Motorcycle Anti Theft Handlebar Lock

👤I have bulky heated grips so it is what it is, but it is well designed, fits my handlegrip a little more snug than I'd like. It feels rock solid when it's on, and actsuate the brake hard enough that the bike will not go anywhere so it does it's intended job.

👤The lock looks nice and the quality is good, but I can only give it 3 stars because of the following reasons. 1. It's hard to use. I expected it to take two hands to get it on and off. It requires a little bit of dexterity to squeeze the cable as you put it on, while trying to keep the rubber pads from falling out or shifting. 2. It comes with two sets of rubber pads and a piece of shrink tubing. The pads are not secure when put in place. 3. The lock's aluminum body caused some scratches on my brake lever and leather wraps around my grips, since the pads don't cover all the areas of contact. It might not be a problem if I only had rubber grips. I didn't expect to scratch on the leather. 4. The rubber pads that came with it were almost useless, so I decided to cut pieces of the rubber shrink tubing and secure them in the areas of contact. I didn't want to glue them in, so I cut some strips of athletic tape and put one of the rubber pads in place. It makes the lock look different. I was able to reduce the scratching by putting pieces in the metal body of the lock. I don't think I should have taken so long to figure it out. There is a Why didn't I return it? I like the idea of a lock that works and think it can be used to deter theft. With more attention to detail, rubber pads that will snap in securely and cover all the problem areas, this could be a solid 4 or 5 star product. I hope that the product is improved by ToolWRX.

👤The front brake is made impossible to roll by this thing. The build quality is solid. The lock barrel feels cheap and probably won't hold up to a string pry attack. It's not the worst out there. There is a Someone tried to steal my ride and was caught. It held up well, and the damage was only cosmetic. This thing did its job and paid for itself. This is a great addition to anyone's bike security routine.

👤This is a cheap, convenient and light security solution to protect your motorcycles. By using this lock grip, you will be able to prevent someone from jacking your bike. It's harder to roll the bike away if you apply it to your brake levers. See my photos for how it looks on a bike. This design seems to be the best value handlebar lock on Amazon at the moment. The finish is nice and matches my red Yamaha FZ07. It is easy to setup and use. The cutouts in the lock fit over the lever and handlebars. You can lock it with one hand with some practice. If you're other hand is holding your gear, that can be useful. There is a The included lever sleeve, rubber adapter pieces, and extra key make this lock different from other locks. There is a Unless you want your levers scratched, the sleeve is a must have. The lock's design doesn't require the rubber adapter pieces. If the parts were installed by default, I would have preferred that. The most important thing is to make sure the lock isn't easy to break. For sure, it achieved this. This is still a lightweight solution, which is great, because it isn't bulky or annoying to carry around. I had a lock in my jacket pocket and I was able to return home without a problem. There is a This product is a must have for bike security. I think it would be more useful if it were locked. I hope this helps.

3. Universal Anti Theft Vibration Motorcycle Waterproof

Universal Anti Theft Vibration Motorcycle Waterproof

Quality 3M610. The bike alarm lock is loud enough to deter thieves. It's suitable for bikes, motorcycles, vehicle, doors, windows, gate, or anything you want to protect. The alarm cable lock is made of braided steel. The cable length is 31.49 inches. It is nearly impossible to crack a lock with a 4-digit combination lock. If you input a wrong password, it will alarm. The alarm lock has a range of up to 66 feet. Don't worry about the alarm on rainy days, the lock is waterproof.

Brand: Wsdcam

👤If you hold it with the buzzer in the palm of your hand, it will make the noise worse. It's easy to set it off. If someone bumps your bike parking next to you in a bike rack, it might go off. It is a good form of security in low to moderate risk areas. A pair of bolt cutters can cut cable. If given time, an experienced thief can defeat all but the most expensive locks and chains. If you can stay close enough to hear the lock being set off, you will be fine.

👤The sensor was too sensitive after receipt. I'm not going to leave my bicycle if someone accidentally bumps into it from the loud alarm. I tried to lower the vibration sensitivity by pressing 4 for a long time, but it only made it sound like it had not changed. I returned it. The replacement unit was received one day after I returned the faulty unit. The replacement is working. The settings are described in the instructions. Although I like the idea of using a bike lock in low-risk public spaces, I suggest that you do some testing in your home to make sure you know what to expect. I learned a few things. The alarm is very sensitive. I set it off by walking next to the bike on a wooden floor, which is a better location for it to be parked outdoors. The very loud alarm stops after a few seconds if the vibration has stopped. It's still frightening for an innocent person. 2. The alarm can be unlocked using a 4-digit password. If your password is correct, it sets off the alarm for a short time. Just enter the rest of the password quickly and press the button in the middle. 3. The alarm can be turned off. Do that in areas with high traffic. 4. The alarm is great for installation in low-risk public spaces. Buy a stronger lock for higher risk situations. I think that a well equipped and determined thief who is not deterred by public shaming could make short work of this lock.

👤This is loud. The cable is long. It doesn't need to be cabled to anything because it's so loud. The motion sensor is not enough. The remote is much easier to use than the cable itself. The alarm goes off if you punch it in the wrong way. It was very bad. If you have to give someone the code, that's good. I'm glad I have this for my electric scooter because it's easy to use and secure. There is an update. This stopped working. There isn't a manual online. The lock won't open even after I've removed the batteries, replaced them, and turned on the unit. It was a good lock, but now it doesn't work.

👤The alarm lock is great, but the lock is not waterproof, and I live in Seattle. I was locked out of my house after the first good rain. Fresh batteries wouldn't unlocked had to break the chain.

4. Fosmon Resettable Combination Flexible Security

Fosmon Resettable Combination Flexible Security

Also included: A cable lock with two keys. If you want to keep your bike safe when it's out of sight, you need to use a bike lock. Every time you go out to the bike, you will have your lock with you. Strong and hardy. The bike lock is made of braided steel cable that is coated in a soft material to prevent it from corroding. The lock core and shackle are built to resist punishment from the elements. The 5 digit cable lock is nearly impossible to break into with 100,000 possible combinations. The lock has more combinations than a typical 4 combination lock. Lock anything, anywhere. The bike lock and its coil design give you the flexibility to lock not just your bike, but your yard equipment, exercise equipment and many other things. Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA based customer service. Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA based customer service.

Brand: Fosmon

👤Excellent transaction. The item is described.

👤I lost the cable lock I bought to replace it. I chose this unit because I wanted the heaviest duty cable 12-mm, instead of the thinner 10-mm or less commonly available. The fact that it has five different combinations was not important. I attached a convenient mounting to my seat post to make it less likely that I will lose it. The way to setup/ change the combination is very convenient for me. I forgot how to set my cable lock after 13 years. Every time I open the lock, the setting fixture is in front of me. I can't forget that.

👤I've had similar locks before and they worked well. Poor design or lack of quality control are the reasons for the failure of this one. The tongue can't be put in the cylinder after the reset dial is turned. There is no way to recover from this. I was able to get it to work. The combination number closest to opening had been reset. After setting that to the new number and the rest to 0, the reset knob turned farther than it did before. Have set combo.

👤The bike lock was lost before it was ever used. The lock carrier clip that screws to the bike seat failed on a ride, and the bike lock was lost before ever being used. There is a Maybe it was my fault. I didn't clip it in well enough, or maybe it was the Bike Mount holder's fault. I shouldn't have been able to lose the lock.

👤I like the lock, it's easy to use, and it's an excellent deterrent. The disappointment is that the description states 6ft. It is not as described and it is shorter than stated. Will need to buy another lock to do the job that was purchased for.

👤The FOSMON, 6ft 12mm, 5 Digital Dial Combination Lock with PVC Weatherproof Sheathing and Bike Mount arrived on time and is in good condition. Thank you Australia Post for a fast delivery and Amazon for an expedited dispatch. The cable lock was in excellent condition when I opened it. The strands of wire seem to be undamaged. The lock is strong enough to hold the cable. The sheath is intact. There were no scratches on the lock or sheath. I put a little lock lubricant in the lock cylinder opening and then used the tumbler dial to change the lock's settings. This will make it easier to use. This process should be repeated periodically. It is easy to set a new combination for security reasons. There are no instructions on how to install the bike mount. It is easy to install the bike mount. The collar should be placed over the desired location. The loosened section of the bike mount should be placed over the collar. Attach the retained 2 nuts and bolts to their former positions. This should take a few minutes. Depressing the red button will allow you to install and remove the cable lock. The cable lock has worked well so far. The lock falls apart when the dial is turned to match my combination. My set combination has not changed. I have been able to prevent abrasions on my bike and locking structures with the help of the PVC sheath. I wanted to lock the frame and both wheels to a secure structure so I chose a 6ft cable lock. I have had wheels taken before. A trend in my area is to provide an U tube with which to secure your bike. I would be able to wrap the cable around the U tube with an extra 1ft of length. I would have liked an option for a longer cable. The purchase of a bike lock is a purchase of time. The longer it takes a thief to steal your bike, the greater the chance that they will be caught. This lock is buying a moderate amount of time. Enough to make the thief think twice.

5. Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Up to $4,000 Reimbursement for 1 Year is included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer. Their bike chain lock is made of heavy-duty steel and has 6mm thick security chain links. The lock's service time can be shortened by regular lubrication of the lock hole and keyhole. The chain of the bike lock is enclosed in a protective cloth sleeve that protects it from being rusted and scratched. The dust cover protects your keyhole from rain and dust. It's easy to snap it together to lock it. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. The bike chain locks come with 2 keys. If you misplace one of the keys, you can take one for daily use and leave the other at home. Two keys convenience. The chain lock is about 3 feet long. The links are long and thick. The lock weight is 1.4 pounds. It's ideal for bicycles, ladders, lawnmowers, stroller, scooter, fences, tool boxes, sport equipment and etc.

Brand: Titanker

👤This is a compulsory review. Thought it was nothing special. Two bikes were cut off with a bolt cutter and stolen from our house. Our bike was not moved. They ripped the fabric but couldn't get the chain from the lock. Good job Titanker!

👤I gave it 5 stars because someone tried to steal my scooter and was unable to. Light and durable. The person thought it was easy to break. They couldn't break it easy. It's easy to lock.

👤I have been through a few locks in my life and this is the kind of thing I have always wanted. It is light weight, snug on my bike frame, and easy to lock and unlock. I like that the key stays in when it isn't locked, so you don't have to worry about it falling out. It doesn't take a lot of time to lock and open it. It is very easy to use.

👤It wouldn't be a good idea to have a bike stolen.

👤Better than expected! I found what I needed immediately from Titanker in a good price and size. The lock works smoothly, and like having 2 keys, the thick coating over the chain protects and prevents scratches. Customer support is included on the card.

👤I don't have to worry about someone cutting the bike lock because it's a cable lock. The key glides in and out. It is easy to store my bike on my bike. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Fast delivery and a great product. Couldn't believe I left my bicycle outside.

👤This is a very nice chain lock.

👤My bike was stolen after this lock was cut through. I would not recommend it.

👤It's perfect for keeping my bike at home or at work.

6. SIGTUNA Bike Lock 1800mm Steel

SIGTUNA Bike Lock 1800mm Steel

The U lock for US, CA, UK, EU Cyclists, 90-day money back policy, and online customer service are included in the concierge service. If you don't like it, you will get a full refund. Rest assured. For all of your security needs. The Heavy Duty 16mm U-lock is easy to use, and the 1800mm cable gives you solid security at every location. Enjoy your bike rides. Adhere to security rules against attacks. The bike U lock is made of 16 MM Hardened Steel and has an extra 1800mm Flex Cable. Thieves will think twice about using this lock if they know you are secure. The U-lock is easy to use and durable, and it has a smooth cover and a cable that can be used with the Velcro strap. You will enjoy easy-locking season after season with this lock. Customer service is provided. If you don't like the U-lock, just return it and get a 100% refund. No questions were asked. They stand behind their products. They know their customers will love that. Get it tomorrow. If this lock is what you need, click "add to cart" to get it tomorrow. You can contact their customer service any time when you order and enjoy the bike security you get with this U-lock.

Brand: Sigtuna

👤I use it for my motorcycle. I wish it was bigger. It's still worth buying for serious bike security. It is definitely worth buying. The price is less than other brands.

👤When I ordered the lock, I had never heard of this brand. I noticed that it is heavy and has two small "mini"locks. The "U" is a weird shape and size, and it can't fit in the rear-rack gap or other places you might put one, so it's not something you'd put on a bike. The lock's girth looks more thick than a typical lock, this makes it a deterrent to thieves with a grinder. The "U" is larger than a mini lock, making it difficult to find an object within reach of which you could lock your bike, and impossible to ever lock two bikes to an object with it. There is a The locking mechanism works well. When the "U" is removed, the key stays in the lock until both ends of the lock are reinserted, at which point the key automatically moves to the "locked" position. The lock lets you know if you're fastening it properly. It's possible to disengage the key without the lock being fastened and there's usually a bunch of fiddling with the key, neither of which were issues with the Sigtuna. If you have to leave your bike locked up in a high-theft area or if you don't have to carry it around, I would recommend this lock. I would consider something lighter if you have to commute daily. If you have a lot of trouble with mini locks being too short, or you have to lock up two bikes, I would consider something longer. The lock is built well and the mechanism feels more solid than OnGuard.

👤Like my title, it's solid and sturdy. I'm not sure how it will stand up against thieves with machine tools, but where you park your bike is part of your responsibility, right? Don't park them in a shady location. I hope it won't get tampered with, but if it does, it's hard to get around the smaller diameter lock. The cable is soft enough to form a circle, but strong enough to hold up. The big key has a weird pattern in it. I hope I don't lose it because I don't think Home Depot carries it. You don't need to hold the U-ring and the lock together in order to lock it, just snap the rod into the lock holes. There is a The lock and cable were a bit heavy. The cable has a strip on it.

👤This lock works. I came back on the lightrail and found the cable cut through, but not the lock, so my bike was still there. Maybe they thought I was foolish to use the cable as the primary method of keeping my bike secure, or maybe they didn't succeed in their main goal. There is a The lock is heavier and stronger than my old U-Lock, so it feels more secure. If I had to guess, it would be easier to cut through the lock on the bike. Very happy! It's time to find out if it's worth replacing the cable.

7. RUBY Q Anti Theft Waterproof Reminder Motorcycles

RUBY Q Anti Theft Waterproof Reminder Motorcycles

Longeity is powered by threeAAA No.7 batteries, 8 months of standby time and a low power indication function. 100% brand new. Within 30 days of purchase, you can get a free repair. The package includes. The alarm disc lock set includes 2 pack disc brake lock, 1pcs alarm disc lock, 1pcs Allen wrench, 2pcs security keys, 1pcs reminder cable, 1pcs storage bag, 6pcs internal batteries, and 6PCS back up for longer use. The alarm disc lock is an anti-theft lock that can be used to protect your motorcycle or bicycle. When the alarm disc is located, it will automatically sound an alarm up to 120db. Quality and waterproof. The alarm disc lock has a heavy-duty steel body which makes it more durable. The lock pin is strong and practical. The forged steel is waterproof, rust-proof and weather-resistant so that it can work in the rain. One-press operation. You only need to press the button with a "beep" sound to enter the alarm state. The disc brake helps to stop the vehicle from moving and keep your belongings safe. This is a security anti-theft disc brake lock, which is suitable for various vehicles with disc brakes up to 6mm. This is a security anti-theft disc brake lock, which is suitable for various vehicles with disc brakes up to 6mm.

Brand: Ruby-q

👤Even if you don't use the disc brake of the bike, it's still a good investment for the money and extra security because you can put it on the spokes of a regular bike to make sure it doesn't move without an alarm going off. There are a lot of different uses.

👤I decided to add sum security to my scooter and motorcycle because I have seen a lot of theft in my area, these locks are easy to use and the alarm is loud, I would buy again fast.

👤It was simple to use and gave us peace of mind. No issues.

8. Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Instructions for details can be found on the store combination securely online. The bicycle locking cable is an effective deterrent for theft. Thanks to its thick material and design, it will take a lot of strength and specialized tools to break. Flexible steel braided into a thick lock cable. That is what you are getting with their bike lock cord. All padlocks are compatible with its sealed looped ends. You don't have to worry about the bike cable lock damaging your bike frame. It is made stronger by being coated in vinyl, which makes it resistant to rust and scratches. Bikes aren't the only thing their bicycle cable can secure. It can be used with grills, mowers, ladders, toolboxes, and other lawn or patio equipment at home. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right.

Brand: Vascer

👤I was looking for a way to deter people from using my kayak trailer. The cable is long enough to do the job. I like the coating because it won't mar the surface or cause it to fall apart.

👤Very happy with its function and fit.

👤Excellent product for my bike.

👤The plastic coating on the cable keeps it from getting damaged.

👤It's worth the price because it's thick and hard to cut.

👤It worked to keep people from stealing my garbage cans. Very strong.

9. Bike Lock Cable Mounting Mountain

Bike Lock Cable Mounting Mountain

The bike vibration alarm can be installed with a double-sided sticker and strap. No wires or screws are required. The design is easy to hide and install. Durability all-weather protection. The U-lock on the Via bike is made of hexagonal PVC to resist the effects of water, dust and dirt. Peace of mind and better security are benefits of all-weather performance. The bike lock with thickness of 14mm,9.84 in (250mm) x 5.51 in (140mm) is very strong and easy to lock. Their quick, no-hassle locking system allows you to lock your bike and wheels with 10mm x 180 cm cable. Great tool for bike safety. Two keys for convenience! The bike U-lock has 2 keys. One of them can be used in daily life and the other can be left at home in case of trouble when you misplace one. Their mount is suitable for bike tube:20-42mm and is convenient for installing on your bike. Refer to their picture to get the value for your money. 3-year warranty applies to U lock for US, CA, UK, EU Cyclists, 90-day money back policy, and online customer service. If you don't like it, you will get a full refund. Rest assured.

Brand: Via Velo

👤My bike was taken. The lock was held tight. The person who stole my bike broke the bike rack. I was very lucky that the guy who stole my bike was caught by the police. The lock held tight and the guy damaged it, but the police were able to break it after some time. There is a The police were flagged down by the lock on the bike. The lock took a lot of pictures. I will buy a tougher lock, but I am very pleased with it because without it, I wouldn't have my bike.

👤The Bike U Lock with Cable is amazing. It is very strong and reliable. Via Velo said that they didn't need to, especially for the price, because of the bonus feature that comes with 3 keys. A thief broke into my parking garage and stole my bike, which was locked up with one of the BULwCs. This BULwC was not having it. The thief decided he would leave the parking garage in a fit of rage with HDBC strapped to his Jansport. It was seen on camera at 4am that the thief had returned. But this time with a big gun. He walked up to my bike and hit the lock with a quick 1-2 with the HDDPG and saws right into the BULwC. He realized the bike wasn't coming off. It will not budge. He has to make a second cut into the BULwC. Incredible. The BULwC fell off and he was able to get the reward of his hard work. He hides the HDDPG in his Jansport and rides into the night. There is a This item is amazing. You can buy 13 of these BULwCs for the price you would pay elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and buy this, and let your bike know that it is safe if you decide to ghost it. I would recommend this product to my family and friends.

👤I was at work when the crackhead tried to steal my bike. Attempting to cut through the cable failed. They went after the U-Lock part and left a small mark. They stole the cheap bike seat because they couldn't get a single part of my bike. I hope they thought it was worth it. I believe this lock is. There is a I prefer to put the little mount in my backpack.

👤Someone tried to steal my bike. They tried to cut the lock. They damaged my bike by trying to remove it. The cable and Ulock worked. It is hard to pull off the lock now that I am buying another set. I will continue to support this company because of this lock set.

👤Via Velo had a 15mm version of their lock, which was very good, so I bought a 14mm version. I wanted something lighter for my bike. This fits the bill. It's not as long as their heavier-duty one. This is a good thing, since most U-locks are defeated by cutting. The less you play in the lock the better. It's best to get your bike as close to the permanent fixture as possible. There is a My only issue with the 15mm version appears to have been fixed on this one. The accessory cable is too short. The cable is 2 feet longer on this lock, which really helps. A suggestion to the manufacturer is not really a complaint. Provide a way to differentiate keys. If you only purchase one lock, it's not an issue. For those of us with a few keys, it can be difficult to mix them up. There is a This comes with 3 keys. My rating criteria is build quality, Efficacy, and 800-273-3217

10. MASOANT Compact Lightweight Security Mounting

MASOANT Compact Lightweight Security Mounting

No other bike lock can match the advanced features and hassle-free use of Lobster Lock. The first ever bike-mounted folding lock has an attached folding design that promotes proper locking. The lock can't be locked or opened. The bottom of the lock does not have a key in it. 2. The lock can be pressed and locked. Press the key to the lock and it will move. You can pull out the orange lock piece from the rolled up lock. 5 million hardened steel links and security. Injection molded in one body, 5mm hardened steel chain with ABS cover resists the effects of water, dust and dirt to prolong the life of your lock, Each lock has 3 keys, and the key number is unique, so that you can rest assured to use in the railway station, grocery It takes only a few minutes to complete the installation. After testing, it can lock three bicycle tires together, or lock the bicycle to a telephone pole. The bike lock is lightweight, compact, and flexible and is easy to carry. Don't worry about leaving home without a bike lock. The Special Keyhole Design, not easy to be smashed, is what protects your bike. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know at any time. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know at any time.

Brand: Masoant

👤The keys that come with the lock won't open even if I do something, and there's no instructions.

👤I was so excited for this lock and lock combo that I was confident my new bike would be protected. "German Technology" is not possible. You should be ashamed. Unless you used a less desirable Chinese Lock. If the lock is German, you should have learned to speak or read it. There is a I would not give this unit a point or a star. I believe in this style of lock. It would solve the cable or chain lock. I will be returning it.

👤It is easy to carry and attach to a bike. I would recommend it to other bikers who are looking for a safe locker.

👤The lock works well and is compact. It seems to be a definite deterrent to steal my bike. The only downfall would be the weight, but compared to bigger Ulocks and such the weight is comparable and I can live with that. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤It folds to the size of a fist and is extremely hard to cut through, making it easy to store on my bike. I love this lock!

👤The lock is sturdy and well-made. I use this lock on my bike. It is easy to apply to my bike. I feel safe with this one.

👤Doesn't work. The keys and button won't open. I had high hopes that this would be a great lock to carry with me, but I was let down by shoddy quality control processes.

11. Titanker Combination Shackle Secure Bracket

Titanker Combination Shackle Secure Bracket

The user manual for technical specifications can be found on this page. The U lock is heavy duty and has a steel cable. Lock length is 8.6 inches and width is 5.7 inches. The Titanker U lock is made of zinc alloy and covered with a 3.85mm coating. This 16mm bike Lock with a 4-foot flex cable and mounting brackets provides you with bike security in all areas to save money. The bike U lock combination is resistant and secure. The combination is covered by a dust cover. Quality PC material protects the lock from scratching and makes it look good. The bicycle lock is a U-lock and is a securer model. With a keyless design, you don't have to worry about the key being lost. Thieves can use a universal key to get into your lock if you have a 4-digit combination. Solid zinc alloy is used to make the 16mm heavy duty shackle and cylinder. It can resist cutting and leverage attacks. No bike lock is the most secure. Don't leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas.

Brand: Titanker

👤Don't buy this. My bike was gone when I found it smashed on the ground. It looks like someone smashed it with a rock in the middle of the day. It probably didn't take long. Attached is a picture. There is a The lock has an awkward design where once you set the combination you have to press a button on the inside of the lock which is not always accessible. It didn't last that long. It was a pity.

👤I think this lock is sleek. The dial is covered so it doesn't look like a lock. I like that you can open the dial with a click. The lock can be slid off the stem with a click. It was very fast and convenient. I had a key lock that was acting up with time. I bought this lock because it was cheap and came with a cord to secure the wheel. There is a I saw a review where a thief cracked the lock to get the bike. So. That is a major downside. If you have a bike with a jazzy design, use a chain lock. Don't leave your bike in a busy spot for hours. A thief is looking for nice bikes to sell. There is a My bike is not a pearl, so this lock is perfect for me. I'm pretty happy. To people trying to unlocks, you have to line up your numbers perfect. The alignment is sensitive. I would cover the a/b button with black tape if you set your code.

👤Woke up to a broken lock on the bike that was parked in front of the dorms. I thought this was one of the reliable locks, but not hard for thieves to break. Do not recommend.

👤I would give this a 0 star review. It seemed like it worked out well. I used this to keep my bike locked up. It was stolen when I got back. The lock can be broken. The pole was used to break the lock. $600 bike and at least $100 in accessories have been taken or broken.

👤I guess it works because my bike hasn't been stolen yet. I still have my bike because it's well made and I think the thieves do too. I would buy again.

👤The lock is small and light. The settable combo and the dust cover are my favorites. It seems like good quality. This is small, that's one caution. I don't know how to get it around a tire, frame, and a bike rack. I lock the frame to the rack in my bike cage at work and don't worry about the tires. I do not have quick release hubs, but I will do the same on the street. I use the cable with it for places where a thief would have some privacy. It is difficult to get around both tires and the U lock on my large men's frame, but it can be done. I put the cable through one tire and then through the other. The free loop has to go through the other tire and back to the U lock. There is a The bike frame attachment was easy to use.


What is the best product for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft with alarm?

Bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft with alarm products from Hongyea. In this article about bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft with alarm you can see why people choose the product. Toolwrx Motorcycle Anti Theft Handlebar Lock and Wsdcam are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft with alarm.

What are the best brands for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft with alarm?

Hongyea, Toolwrx Motorcycle Anti Theft Handlebar Lock and Wsdcam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft with alarm. Find the detail in this article. Fosmon, Titanker and Sigtuna are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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