Best Bicycle Locks Heavy Duty Anti Theft Folding

Theft 20 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Up to $4,000 Reimbursement for 1 Year is included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer. Their bike chain lock is made of heavy-duty steel and has 6mm thick security chain links. The lock's service time can be shortened by regular lubrication of the lock hole and keyhole. The chain of the bike lock is enclosed in a protective cloth sleeve that protects it from being rusted and scratched. The dust cover protects your keyhole from rain and dust. It's easy to snap it together to lock it. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. The bike chain locks come with 2 keys. If you misplace one of the keys, you can take one for daily use and leave the other at home. Two keys convenience. The chain lock is about 3 feet long. The links are long and thick. The lock weight is 1.4 pounds. It's ideal for bicycles, ladders, lawnmowers, stroller, scooter, fences, tool boxes, sport equipment and etc.

Brand: Titanker

👤This is a compulsory review. Thought it was nothing special. Two bikes were cut off with a bolt cutter and stolen from our house. Our bike was not moved. They ripped the fabric but couldn't get the chain from the lock. Good job Titanker!

👤I gave it 5 stars because someone tried to steal my scooter and was unable to. Light and durable. The person thought it was easy to break. They couldn't break it easy. It's easy to lock.

👤I have been through a few locks in my life and this is the kind of thing I have always wanted. It is light weight, snug on my bike frame, and easy to lock and unlock. I like that the key stays in when it isn't locked, so you don't have to worry about it falling out. It doesn't take a lot of time to lock and open it. It is very easy to use.

👤It wouldn't be a good idea to have a bike stolen.

👤Better than expected! I found what I needed immediately from Titanker in a good price and size. The lock works smoothly, and like having 2 keys, the thick coating over the chain protects and prevents scratches. Customer support is included on the card.

👤I don't have to worry about someone cutting the bike lock because it's a cable lock. The key glides in and out. It is easy to store my bike on my bike. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Fast delivery and a great product. Couldn't believe I left my bicycle outside.

👤This is a very nice chain lock.

👤My bike was stolen after this lock was cut through. I would not recommend it.

👤It's perfect for keeping my bike at home or at work.

2. Kryptonite 001706 Keeper Integrated Chain

Kryptonite 001706 Keeper Integrated Chain

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. Keeper 712 Integrated Chain Lock has 7mm four-sided chain links. Patent-Pending End Link Design secures chain to a hardened deadbolt and provides extra holding power. The high security disc-style cylinder is resistant to pick and drill. The nylon sleeve protects the chain against the elements. The Kryptonite Keeper 712 is easy to use and flexible. The Kryptonite Keeper 712 is easy to use and flexible.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤When I thought about a four foot chain, I held my arms apart and thought, "oh yeah, plenty long." You can make a two foot chain by folding a bike in half. If you want to easily wrap front tire, frame, and rear tire, you should get a six footer. I'm doing it. I wish I'd bought a longer one. When I read the reviews on the locks, I didn't find anything interesting. You need to understand that someone has a battery. They can cut through the hardest steel in a matter of minutes. It's like sharp scissors. They will find a way if someone wants something bad.

👤They took the lock from my scooter after it was stolen. There is that.

👤This bicycle lock is well-built and tough for my not-intensely-urban world. The chain is heavy, not cuttable by standard tools, and is both flexible and long enough to lock both wheels together or lock the rear wheel and frame to a thick pole. If you register with them, you will get two more keys. Lock works well. The bicycle is protected by a chain covered in cloth. It is easy to use. I wondered if this lock was enough for my setting. I leave the bike in the woods or beach when I go swimming or shop. The professional bicycle thief would be the only one who could cut the lock and grab the bike. My favorite lock picking lawyer wondered about the 7mm chain. The overall deterrent of the Kryptonite Keeper 47” lock is not something I am concerned about. Very happy. It is a large lock.

👤I realize that my headline is a logical fallacy, but this is a very sturdy lock that gives me confidence when securing my bike outside of stores. The Lock Picking Lawyer on the internet knows that wafer style locks require special tools and skills to pick open, which is the security feature number one, and that's because your average thief is not likely to possess these. The stout chain on the 712 model can't be easily cut without using large, visible tools which will draw unwanted attention to anyone attempting to steal your vehicle. I wouldn't want to use it for overnight storage in shady parts of town, but for use outside of a busy store during a 30-minute shopping run, it does the job nicely. The mechanism on my lock is easy to operate, but I'm careful not to force it, and a drop or two of oil every few months keeps everything in good working order. I use a cable looped through the lock chain to secure the front wheel because the chain is long enough to go through the back wheel and frame.

👤I should have read more reviews. I have to wiggle the keys to open or close the lock after a few months. The opening is always facing down, keeping it off the ground. It's been under a cover for a long time and still looks like it's been outside. Will not buy it again.

3. UShake Bicycles Scooter Motorcycles Combination

UShake Bicycles Scooter Motorcycles Combination

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. The bike combination U lock is keys-free. There is no more worry for forgetting keys with bike locks. There is a mixture. A strong combination with easy setup to your own 4 numbers combo. You have confidence in the quality of the dial turning. The 10mm hardened zinc alloy shackle is strong and resistant to both cutter and leverage attacks. The lock has a 4mm coating. Good gate locks. Heavy duty cylinder and U-lock combination for top security of your belongings are available. If there is any issues with the USHAKE bike combination U Lock product, please let them know at any time. If there is any issues with the USHAKE bike combination U Lock product, please let them know at any time.

Brand: Ushake

👤The picture speaks for itself. I will never buy from this seller again. There is a The lock was easy to use, but it failed to keep the bike secure. Don't buy.

👤This lock is great quality and does a good job. The reset switch cover can be easily removed with a small screw driver. This would allow anyone to steal from you. I would recommend getting a different U lock or covering the panel with something.

👤My bike was stolen on the first day of using this lock, so I'm sad to write this review. I have been parking my bike at the same place for a year. I gave 2 star instead of 1 because I didn't find any broken or violence in the lock, which makes me think that the thief could open it with a trick rather than violence. My bike was stolen, but there are other bikes at the same places, all of which are safe, but they are all more expensive than mine.

👤I have to agree with the other reviewer. I didn't read the review about the fatal flaw in the reset button. The U-lock is useless in terms of security since you can just take a screwdriver, remove the reset cover, and flip the switch in 30 seconds. If you haven't purchased it yet, move on. Try to return it if you did. If you can't return it because you used it, stop using it immediately and get another lock. This is a $20 lesson for me. Don't pay too much for bike security.

👤The lock seemed to be of good quality. Before you start riding, the locking part of the device with the number wheel needs to be changed to another number. The U bar was hanging with nothing at the end of the night ride. The locking part fell off at some point, which is on me. It seems like a silly design that the locking part can fall off if you don't remember to change the dial. It was good, but I need to find more proof.

👤Take what you want. I took the lock on the college campus to the university downtown area just across the street because it was a popular area. I locked the bike up on its own and this is all that remains. The person who stole my bike had no problem taking it. Do not recommend.

👤We have a lock for the gate. It was fine for a few months. The snow covered this thing and it refused to open. I was locked out of my house because the thing wouldn't budge. After the weather warmed, we had to get a locksmith. I bought another one since we had used it for months without any problems. The same thing happened after we got another snowstorm. It doesn't want to be unlocked. We're not going to purchase this lock. The thing was sturdy and required a locksmith to get off. I think it will be fine for indoor usage.

4. Kryptonite Kryptolok Combination Integrated Bicycle

Kryptonite Kryptolok Combination Integrated Bicycle

The country of origin is Taiwan and the province of China. End link lock point for holding power. 3t steel chain links. Over 100,000 codes are contained in 5 reconstituted ciphers.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I use a chain combination lock and a Brinks loop cable to lock my bikes to my van. We have a lot of bikes that travel on multiple vehicles and I own 3 of them. If I were a thief, I'd steal someone else's bike because it's the heavy-dutiest looking lock combo I've seen. The only thing a lock can do is divert a thief. This one looks like it will be able to move the thief. The chain has a lot of strengths. The lock mechanism is nice and smooth if you put some lube on it. The length is good for locking bikes together. I put some electrical tape on the ends of the protective sheath because they were slipping, but it didn't bother me. It's more flexible than a burly cable. There is a The one weakness. I got a free warranty replacement because of the small torx headed screw on the end cap that can come loose and break. The lock is heavy, and it's likely that you will drop the combo end, which will cause it to land on the little cap you pull to open it. The load goes to the torx screw that is mysteriously tapped, the aluminum cap, and the steel part that releases the lock pin. This is a recipe for failure. The screw should only be tapped into the steel. I have been keeping an eye on the cap since I own multiple of these locks and when one came loose I drilled out the aluminum and re-installed it. This requires either T8 or T9 to be security toxes. Great lock. Please fix the issue with a tiny screw. Customer service from Kryptonite was great.

👤The lock system is heavy duty. I ordered the longer one. I like the combo feature. I don't have to keep track of more than one key. If you scramble the code when you lock up, the 5 digits make for a secure lock. "Don't even try" is what this lock says. I will replace the bike with insurance money if someone is sophisticated enough to compromise it. It would require a determined opponent.

👤Horrified design. After only 2 months of normal use, the lock broke. You can see the pictures, there is a small metal pin holding a black metal end cap that connects the lock bolt to slide it out when you put in the combo. Because this pin is so small, you have a high chance of getting your bike stuck around a pole even if you know the code, because it breaks off very easily. The guy I hired to defeat the lock simply used a screwdriver and hammer, he didn't cut the chain links which are quite strong and won't get cut with huge bolt cutters. I should get my money back because this is the worst product I've ever bought on Amazon.

👤I have a really nice electric bike, but I wanted it to be super secure. I feel confident leaving my bike around the beach area while I go for a jog because of this. I don't have to carry around another key because I like the combination lock. I can fit two bikes because it is so long.

5. Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Bicycle 33 5 Inch

Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Bicycle 33 5 Inch

There are 3 new colors: grey, red and purple. 3T MANGANESE STEEL made the links. END LINK DESIGN secures chain to a hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability. Extra holding power is provided by Hardened DEADBOLT DEDSIGN. The high security disc-style CYLINDER is resistant to pick and drill. There are 2 new Energizer "I" keys included. The nylon sleeve is durable.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤My bicycle was stolen with this lock. The lock was broken with a screwdriver. If you're looking to buy a chain-style lock, look into a U-bolt style lock for more security. If the locks on the bicycle are defeated, I will be able to return the bicycle's price. When I hear back from them, I will update this review.

👤The city of Long Beach has a lot of bikes that have been stolen. I've seen people steal bikes from the front porch if they have a low quality chain. I was hesitant when I saw this product because everyone says chains are unbreakable. This company is true to the word. I left my scooter outside. wrong I woke up the next day to find my chain had been tampered with, but my moped was still there. I've had this chain for 3 years and no one has been able to stop it. If you have something that is valuable, you should buy a Krytonite chain. #No MoreStolen bikes.

👤"If someone really wants to steal something, there is no stopping a determined thief". The 785 model of the Keeper is a moderate deterrent. If you do short bike stops at grocery stores, shopping malls, gas station restrooms, etc., it is a good locking system. This is what I use the most. The Keeper 785 has been in my possession for 4 years and I have not had a problem with the locking mechanism sticking or becoming stiff. I lubricate the lock to keep it working. Some people are saying that they have problems with the lock becoming stiff or frozen. They leave the lock in wet weather and don't clean, maintain or oil it. There is a The Keeper 785 is a compromise size. It is 13 ounces and weighs 2 pounds. It is light compared to other locking systems. The keeper is comfortable while I ride and I carry it around my hips. A modified aluminum carabiner and split rings are used to attach the chain end and lock shackle. A good lock/chain that is lighter in weight than other lock systems, and has the appearance of 'quality' to deter the 'casual' bike thief, is again.

👤Over two years is the length of ownership. I used to ride my bike to the TX Med Center in Houston every day and then lock it outside of a busy public hospital. Sometimes I left my bike in areas with little security and other times I left it in the middle of the night. I am happy to report that my bike was never taken or tampered with. There is a I'm pretty sure this is a theft-deterrent in itself. I like the heavy-duty chain enclosed by the thick black sleeve. The heavy-duty locking mechanism is designed to make sure that there is no doubt whether it is locked or unlocked. I registered my extra key so that I can order more if I lose it. I have used this lock many times and have exposed it to extreme heat and humidity. It still works as well as it did when it was brand new. I researched before buying a bike lock and I am happy with my decision. I recommend using a chain and a solid bar for maximum security. A bike thief will need to use two different tools to get to your bike. Most of the time, I had no worries about securing my bike with this chain.

6. Keyless Anti Theft Combination Mountain Motorcycle

Keyless Anti Theft Combination Mountain Motorcycle

Perfect gifts. This is the perfect gift for friends. Get yours today. It is almost impossible to crack the digital code bicycle lock, which has 100,000 possible combinations, so it is a very safe and convenient lock. STURDY & DURABLE. The bike chain and the number switch are made of firm alloy steel, which is cut- resistant and keeps your possessions safe. The chain is wrapped in a high quality fabric that is scratch-proof. It is easy to set and reset your own personalized number combination with the convenience combination code. The password should be changed after you get the bike lock. The size is convenient. Without the key, you can extend the length of the chain to 37.5 inche, which is 1.5 lbs heavier than the key, and lock several bikes and easily wrap around the bike frame. Flexible chain makes it easy to carry and store. There is a wide application. The bike lock is ideal for locking bikes, electric vehicles, motorcycles, gates and fences,tool boxes, ladders, hand trucks, scaffolding and more. This is a great choice for festival gifts. Get yours today. There is a wide application. The bike lock is ideal for locking bikes, electric vehicles, motorcycles, gates and fences,tool boxes, ladders, hand trucks, scaffolding and more. This is a great choice for festival gifts. Get yours today.

Brand: Fridirou

👤It was easy to fit the combo on my bike. I hope it will deter a would-be bike thief. It will be difficult to cut this lock.

👤We had to cut it to get our bike after we couldn't open it. It's a waste of money.

👤It is a bit heavier than expected. Hope it protects my bike.

👤It is a lock and chain and has not had an issue other than the length. If you want to save money, buy it.

7. Fingerprint Smartphone Bluetooth Anti Theft Foldable

Fingerprint Smartphone Bluetooth Anti Theft Foldable

This bike lock can be used for bikes, or motorbikes, but it can also be used for ladders, gates, fences, tools boxes, sports equipment, and anything else you want to keep secure. There are three options to lock your keys. 20 fingerprints can be recorded with a high-res touch panel. The lock can be connected to the app and it can be used to share locking with families. The lock is out of power, so use the keys. Theft alert system has a motion sensor which can be used to judge the unauthorized movements of your bike. When someone is messing with your bike, the phone can receive an App notification. In an open area, the lock can be seen within 50 meters. The PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL is made of highly resistant alloy steel, anti-shear of 12-ton hydraulic cutter, and is waterproof and dustproof. It is made of heat-treated steel. The highest level of bike security is provided. It can lock more than 3 regular bikes or 2 fat-tire bikes at the same time. The lock can fit around trees and poles. The Compact folding is easy to carry and store. You can find your lock with the ZiiLock APP, it will mark your location each time you lock the bike. Embedded with an efficient battery and low-power consumption components, supporting long- lasting protection for over a month per full charging. You can find your lock with the ZiiLock APP, it will mark your location each time you lock the bike. Embedded with an efficient battery and low-power consumption components, supporting long- lasting protection for over a month per full charging.

Brand: Sdu

👤The buyer should beware. There is a major flaw in this lock. Should you need more keys, you can't get them. Two keys with the lock can't make you additional keys. The key is not available in the US. I wanted to give 2 more keys to my family in case the battery that powers the fingerprint reader goes dead. They responded quickly, but said they couldn't give additional keys. No locksmith can. You have to place a lot of trust in the electronic system.

👤After a few weeks of use, I am revising my previous rating down because it doesn't hold a charge more than a day or two. Afraid it will stop working because of the lack of charge. Sometimes I need to uninstall the app and change the lock to get it to work. Attempted to contact customer service. The location for customer service must be in another country because their email didn't address the issues. There was no response to subsequent emails. The pieces are in place for a great lock. Would not recommend it.

👤This lock is very strong. I don't have to keep a key with me. That is the best part. It can take a few times to get my fingerprints. I think my phone does the same thing as I have hard-to-read prints. The lock is long, which is good because I use it on big e- bikes that can't get close to most bike racks. I might buy a second one someday to replace an ABUS on my second bike. The ABUS feels clunky after using this.

👤I'm amazed how fast the fingerprint sensor is, it unlocks in no time. There is a The app is useless and frustrating, and the connection doesn't last long, even if I'm close to my bike. I would shake it to see if it would send an alert and if it would try to connect again. It's not a deal breaker to use a heavy duty lock, it gives me the confidence to leave my bike with no worries, and the key and fingerprints work great for me. I'll definitely recommend it.

👤I returned my bikes because I never locked them up. They are pretty nice. I liked the feature of the locks and bought them. My fingerprints were loaded with my wife's. When I tried to open the locks, I couldn't. Sometimes they wouldn't unlocks after 7 tries. I would use my phone. There is a They sent a text to my phone every time I moved the locks at home. They're supposed to warn you when someone moves your bike, but what about when you're just riding it? When I wasn't actually locking my bike up, I contacted customer support to see if there was a way to silence the lock. I was told to turn off the alarm. I still receive a text on my phone.

👤It's terrible that fingerprints are used for facial recognition. I only use the key because it is still a well built lock and alert. I have done a lot of research online and watched a lot of videos. It was thought to be the best at the time. I own an electric bike. I use the lock to deter potential thieves and a small bike alarm to hopefully stop them from trying to get the lock off.

8. Bicycle Security Mountain Electric Folding

Bicycle Security Mountain Electric Folding

The scope of use includes bicycles, motorcycles, battery cars, etc. The disc brake disc with the disc brake hole less than 19mm from the edge can be used. The product size is 60mm, width 25mm, height 53mm and top length 35mm. It can be used with a reminder rope of 1.3M. STURDY: The bike U lock is made of 12mm carbon structural steel. The cover of the bike lock can resist the effects of dust and dirt. Security: The lock cylinder of U Lock is made from pure copper. To prevent technical opening. It's Keyless for convenience. The bicycle locks have a 4-digit combination. You can use it in your daily life if you lose the key accidentally. The Bike Lock comes with a security cable that is.38 inch in diameter and a 5.9 feet Renforcement cable. The cable lock will give your bike greater locking flexibility and better protection. The size is convenient. The Bike U Lock is 3.6 inches in diameter. The diameter of the steel cable is 0.38 inch. Bike lock and security cable is a good partner, can be used for more choices. If you are not happy with their bicycle lock, they will give you your money back. Don't leave your bike outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. No bike lock is secure. If you are not happy with their bicycle lock, they will give you your money back. Don't leave your bike outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. No bike lock is secure.

Brand: Wanlian

👤It is decent quality for the price. It is not going to stop a thief like a New York lock would, but it should deter casual theft. The large ends of the cable make it possible to lasso one end through the other.

👤Not bad. The price is worth it.

9. DINOKA Bike Lock Security Mounting

DINOKA Bike Lock Security Mounting

Buy with confidence. They are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction and they are committed to providing their customers with high quality products. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. The thief needs to break the bike locks on both sides at the same time to open it, which is safer than a single- opening head lock. The lock cylinder of the bicycle is made of pure copper blades and has a precise structure to prevent various technologies from opening. The bike U lock has 2 rust-proof copper keys with a complex snake-shaped slot, which is safer to use. The bicycle lock is made of hardened high- performance alloy steel, which can resist cutting and lever attacks. The bike d lock will provide more security. The bike U-lock heavy-duty comes with 4 feet of steel cable which is coated with a protective material to provide a greater locking method to protect your bike, suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, electric bike, scooters. The same size of a 9.7in tablet as the U lock for bicycle is convenient to carry. Also, there is a mounting bracket that is suitable for all-round tripods with a diameter of . It is very easy to install, you will get a bike Ulock, flex cable,mounting brackets and 2 keys. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions. It is very easy to install, you will get a bike Ulock, flex cable,mounting brackets and 2 keys. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Dinoka

👤This is a large lock. It's big enough to lock a drug dealer up in your basement. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the first season of the show. It is large enough to lock your bike frame and wheel.

👤26.8 ounces, 2 lbs. Before turning, make sure to insert the key fully. If it is only partially inserted, it will bend/break easily. It's soft and good for resisting corrosion. I bought this lock because it is a good fit for my bike frame to a bike rack, without much extra space that would be needed to break it. It weighs less than my larger one. It took 90 minutes with a Dremel to get one off of the lock I had. They had survived a week at the notorious stolen bikes store. There are a few sellers who are selling the same lock under different listings, at least they look the same and the keys have the same logo. There is a Extra keys are not available, and they seem to be different from each other, at least for the 3 that we have received.

👤My bike was jacked. It was my favorite bike. That is the reason I bought this lock. It is for my new bike. I don't like it as much. I might flip if that one is taken from me. The lock is strong. Nobody has taken from me yet. I only leave my bike out for a short time because I am terrified. I miss my bike.

👤I bought three U-locks for my sons. They are happy with their locks. It is easy to use. The bike mounting brackets are an added bonus. My son is very happy that it has a cool feature. The lock has good safety features. This U-lock is recommended by us.

👤The lock has no noticeable flaws and comes with a pair of keys. This is not the lock for those looking for a secure bike lock. If you already have a good lock, this is a great choice for you to have another lock for things like your front wheel or less important items. It does the job for the price. Don't expect this to stop the angle grinder. It comes with a carrying handle and the lock is coated with a Silicone lining to prevent it from scratching your bikes paint. I am satisfied with my purchase. These are just the first impressions, I haven't taken it out to the field for testing yet.

👤Someone tried to steal the bike and the lock held up. If you don't want your bike taken, recommend it to someone else.

👤The lock is small and decent. You can't lock your bike in a stop sign. It took some maneuvering for me to lock it up near my apartment.

👤I said that did not bring instruction. It looked as if it had been used before.

10. Efoxcity Bicycle Mounting Mountain Electric

Efoxcity Bicycle Mounting Mountain Electric

Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA based customer service. The bicycle U lock is made of hardened steel and resists cutting and leverage attacks. The bike lock with 14mm U shack is strong and easy to use. Their quick, no-hassle locking system allows you to lock your bike and wheels with 10mm x 1200mm cable. The d-lock bike lock prevent is protected by a layer of gel. No extra packing is required with the waterproof bike lock. The bike U-lock comes with 3 keys, one of them you can take and use in daily life and the other one you can leave at home in case you lose one carelessly. The Hiking bear large-sized U-lock expands your locking options for you, bike racks, street signs, traffic lights, and railings. The Hiking bear large-sized U-lock expands your locking options for you, bike racks, street signs, traffic lights, and railings.

Brand: Efoxcity

👤There are a lot of homeless and crackhead on the main road where we live. We wanted to make sure my son's bike was protected. You can lock the bike and the wheels with this lock. It would take time and my dogs would start barking if we stole the bike with this lock system on it.

👤I just purchased a Sigtuna 16mm Bike Lock + Cable combo and I am very happy with it. It was easy to put on my frame. The Diamondback style tubing is the rest. I was a little worried about it at first. I found the mounting flexible enough to fit in a small section of my upright tubing and still fit my pedal crank. There is a It's easy to mount and remove with a push of a button. It feels very heavy and I have some peace of mind because of the cable. There is a The large locking dimensions make it easy to lock without the cable. I'm willing to sacrifice 3 lbs on my street bike for the security. Highly recommended.

👤The bike lock is heavy and solid. I had to replace my older one. The lock mechanism lasts a lot longer without having to replace it or oil it, because the key goes into the lock to prevent dust and debris. The design with the orange lock is nice. It comes with a cable to make it compatible with any bike. The cable is very strong. See my photo that was not in a box. Highly recommended.

👤They got my e scooter that was locked with a master padlock and a bolt on tire, so it's not pick proof.

👤This bike lock is very heavy. The U bolt lock, 3 keys, a U bolt shaped lock, and a very thick braided cable are included. I like New York City and this should keep the bike safe. I like it.

👤I loved it! The hose should be 2.5 feet long. I got a similar size at home depot and stretched it out with a pair of pliers. I didn't use it for heating because it was 100 degrees outside. The integrity of the area that holds the water has not been ruined by the bag ripping near the handle. If it had a longer hose and the nozzle shut off completely, I would recommend this.

👤My daughter has a folding bike. Quality is very sturdy. The price was fairly reasonable for the quality. Highly recommended!

👤The product was easy to put together and did work. It is heavy and holds a lot of water. I attached it to my roof rack. The product is built tough for many uses.

👤No se ve una excelente idea. Deseos, dure.

11. NDakter Folding Foldable Compact Motorcycle

NDakter Folding Foldable Compact Motorcycle

The design and service of cars. The bike lock has 3 keys. One key can be used daily and the rest can be used as backups. There is no worry about a lost key. Protect your bike. There is a 100% money back guarantee and a 12 months warranty. Call their customer support team. The folding bike lock is made of 0.8 CM thick hardened steel chain. It is rock solid and has 3 tons of tension. It was a good compromise between weight and safety. Heavy hitting, sawing, preventing cutting by bolt cutter. The security deterrent will destroy any illusions of the hackers. It is easy to install and dismount. 6 pieces of foldy bike lock chains have a perimeter of up to 100 CM chain links, which is 888-282-0465, and can be folded into 888-282-0465. The installation of the plastic brackets is stable and firm. There are two methods for fixing your bike. The bike chain folding lock can be twisted by 180 and has a chain circumference of up to 39in. The foldable bicycle lock is suitable for all bicycles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, E-bikes, electric scooters, even houses and door fences. A gift to those in need. The bike lock folding lock is covered with rubber paint and plastic for extra protection. A safety cover is on the keyhole. The service life can be prolonged by water, oxidation, and rust proof. The frame and paint of the bicycle can be damaged. The folding lock protects the key loss problem. Their caring service and the bicycle lock folding lock are what you can buy. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Ndakter

👤I returned it because it was hard to tie my bike with the small lock. There is a One of the cable locks that can be cut with a tool is not very secure. It's a little thicker but still not great, use it as a 2nd lock or for a beater bike you don't care about but would like to park it somewhere during the day. I'm not sure if kids will cut these locks for bikes, depending on neighborhood and all, but it does it for a kids bike.

👤I love this product. I use it to secure the front wheel to the bike and the back wheel to the street post. I bought the longest product and it can cover a large area for artistically securing my bike. A nice clean design and multiple keys make it quick and easy to use.

👤I was looking for a way to easily lock up my electric commuter scooter. I can use the ring instead of the long cable for quick in and outs at the store.

👤It is easy to use for added security.

👤As described. The length is easy to carry.

👤I can hook up two bikes. The key feature was something I liked.

👤I am very disappointed that a thief could cut the cable and steal my bike despite using the lock as instructed. The product's name is misleading because it says "anti-theft".


What is the best product for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft folding?

Bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft folding products from Titanker. In this article about bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft folding you can see why people choose the product. Kryptonite and Ushake are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft folding.

What are the best brands for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft folding?

Titanker, Kryptonite and Ushake are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft folding. Find the detail in this article. Fridirou, Sdu and Wanlian are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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