Best Bicycle Locks Heavy Duty Anti Theft Cable

Theft 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. SMARTIST Bicycle Mounting Bicycles Motorcycles

SMARTIST Bicycle Mounting Bicycles Motorcycles

If you are not happy with their bicycle lock, they will give you your money back. Don't leave your bike outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. No bike lock is secure. The lock cylinder for the bike lock is made of solid zinc alloy, which gives it extra resistance to cutting and sawing. 4 feet of extra bike security is provided by the woven steel double loop cable. Bike Lock U Lock Weatherproofing protects the keyway from dirt and water, protects the bike from scratching, and protects the lock from water. The U lock bike has a dual locking mechanism that keeps both sides of the shackle secure. The locking mechanism is able to resist picking, bumping and leverage attacks. It is easy and strong to lock your bike with a heavy duty anti theft lock and a 4ft steel cable, it is also possible to use them alone or in combination to secure wheels and other accessories. The bicycle lock set includes bike bock, 2 keys, cable and mounting brackets. If you have a complaint about the bicycle locks, please contact them, they offer 24 hour online customer service. The bicycle lock set includes bike bock, 2 keys, cable and mounting brackets. If you have a complaint about the bicycle locks, please contact them, they offer 24 hour online customer service.

Brand: Smartist

👤I only own the lock for a short time. It is very strong. I was looking for a lock with the thickest U-bar. A lot of people claim that they are larger than they are. Others claim the steel is of a particular thickness, but with further investigation, it actually included the plastic coating as well. I bought a second lock after I was so impressed with this one.

👤I had tried lock and key three times before my first outing, but when I took my bike out for the first time, it wouldn't open with a key. It took about 30 tries before it opened. I returned the lock.

👤I used it to protect my bike. It is easy to install. I can finally not worry about my bike being stolen because it looks very secure with my expensive bike outside. Very happy with the purchase.

2. Wordlock Combination Bike Cable Lock

Wordlock Combination Bike Cable Lock

5 feet by 1/2 inch cable is long enough for many users. You can lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, thick pole, and others. The lock can be used for many things. You can set and reset the WordLock Cable Lock. Words like well, shed, and more are used to keep your bike secure. You can make abbreviations and mix up letters. Strong and flexible. You get a full 5 feet of flexible cable, so you can loop it, twist it, and lock it. It is weather proof and won't scratch your bike. WordLock uses your memory's natural preference for words and letters to remember numbers. It is easy to change your combination from thousands of possible combinations. Wordlock standards require keys or confusing sequence of numbers. Thanks to WordLock's advances in lock technology, those days are over. WordLock brings together security, creativity and usability. SPECIFICATIONS: Wordlock Bike Combination Cable Lock - 4 Dial, 5 Feet, Black is included. Up to 10,000 possible letter combinations can be reset. The all-weather vinyl coating reduces scratches. There is a bike mount.

Brand: Wordlock

👤The lock has a heavy duty locking mechanism and cable. You can find the slim 1/3 inch versions in some bike shops for about the same price. There is a A bicycle lock that uses a key will be harder to break. This lock will serve as a good deterrent for the casual opportunist thief, as it offers the convenience of no key. There is a I was able to remove the bicycle lock from my bike in 10 seconds with a Dremel tool, because I forgot the pass code, and I had a cheaper version of it. I think it would take another 10 seconds or so to remove this lock and most locks with braided cable, and those with thick hardened steel should take a few minutes with a portable Dremel tool to remove. The bicycle locks can be overcome. If you want to get a bike lock that uses a key not a combination, or even better yet for more expensive bikes and maximal protection, you should get one of those bulky horseshoe shaped hardened steel locks with thick steel. This lock is a good compromise for security, convenience, and cost.

👤I bought this lock so I could keep an eye on my bike when I stopped for a cup of coffee. Bike thefts are common in San Diego, so bike locks are necessary. This isn't a lock that you can put on a bike and leave unattended. It works for my needs. I gave it 4 stars because it is heavy duty and I would have preferred a more flexible cable. I like the word combination, so I don't have to remember another number combination.

👤The lock is not broken. The price is ok if it lasts 1-2 years. Customer service is not available. The manufacturer's web page is provided by the instructions. Clicking on the wordlock link will take you back to the beginning page. Nothing else. Their server refuses to accept any email after a 1-2 day wait, but there is a support email. Light-Up letters are not mentioned in the instructions and trying to use them is nearly impossible without instructions. Too bad. If they would give any support at all.

👤It's a bit Meh. It is ok. The product seems to be old stock. The batteries were dead and the combination lock had a button on it. I can only assume that this has been sitting for a long time. There is a My boy took the combination to school with his bike. Came home upset because the lock was broken. I was able to snap the cover back in place because it was just a cheap plastic cover that had come away. It's still not a great start.

👤This was purchased to replace the one I picked up at Walmart. Walmart's cable was half the thickness. I felt that the Walmart's lock would have pulled the cable if it had a good tug. I would like to keep my e-bike, I really like it. This lock system gives me a sense of security.

3. Bicycle Security Mountain Electric Folding

Bicycle Security Mountain Electric Folding

The scope of use includes bicycles, motorcycles, battery cars, etc. The disc brake disc with the disc brake hole less than 19mm from the edge can be used. The product size is 60mm, width 25mm, height 53mm and top length 35mm. It can be used with a reminder rope of 1.3M. STURDY: The bike U lock is made of 12mm carbon structural steel. The cover of the bike lock can resist the effects of dust and dirt. Security: The lock cylinder of U Lock is made from pure copper. To prevent technical opening. It's Keyless for convenience. The bicycle locks have a 4-digit combination. You can use it in your daily life if you lose the key accidentally. The Bike Lock comes with a security cable that is.38 inch in diameter and a 5.9 feet Renforcement cable. The cable lock will give your bike greater locking flexibility and better protection. The size is convenient. The Bike U Lock is 3.6 inches in diameter. The diameter of the steel cable is 0.38 inch. Bike lock and security cable is a good partner, can be used for more choices. If you are not happy with their bicycle lock, they will give you your money back. Don't leave your bike outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. No bike lock is secure. If you are not happy with their bicycle lock, they will give you your money back. Don't leave your bike outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. No bike lock is secure.

Brand: Wanlian

👤It is decent quality for the price. It is not going to stop a thief like a New York lock would, but it should deter casual theft. The large ends of the cable make it possible to lasso one end through the other.

👤Not bad. The price is worth it.

4. RYANGO Resettable Combination Mountain Motorcycle

RYANGO Resettable Combination Mountain Motorcycle

The larger than EverE scooter lock is a high security bike lock that allows you to secure it to any part of the bike. The e lock scooter is larger. It's easy to lock and open. You get a lifetime warranty and superior customer support from the company. If you have a problem with the scooter lock with key, please contact them. Anti-theft bike cable lock has 100,000 combination password. The initial password is 00000. It isdurable: The bicycle cable lock is hard to cut. Bike lock cable is covered with anti-freeze and more durable. It's accessible. A small cable lock is easy to carry. The cable lock length is only 44 cm. It can't lock longer distance. The cable lock length is only 44 cm. It can't lock longer distance.

Brand: Ryango

5. UM Cable Heavy Anti Theft Bicycle

UM Cable Heavy Anti Theft Bicycle

The candado para bicicleta has a frame strap and is free to replace. Customer satisfaction is 100%. If there is a missing part, contact them and they will replace it for free. The bicycle lock has a braided steel cable that can pass through the wheels and bike frame. Lock your bike or motorcycle to a rack, trailer, or other bike. The braided steel cable on this Cable Lock is 25mm thick and cut resistant. The bicycle cable lock has a total weight of 2.2 pounds. Their bike locks are made of braided self-coiling steel cable to provide strong cut resistance. The bike lock cable is wrapped in a tough vinyl cover to protect it from the elements. There are multiple keys. The cable lock has two keys. If one of the keys is lost, keep the other safe at home. You don't have to use a key to lock up your bike, you can snap it together. This bike lock can be used for bikes, or motorbikes, but it can also be used for ladders, gates, fences, tools boxes, sports equipment, and anything else you want to keep secure. This bike lock can be used for bikes, or motorbikes, but it can also be used for ladders, gates, fences, tools boxes, sports equipment, and anything else you want to keep secure.

Brand: Um

👤The cable is thin inside the tubing. When you pull it out of the package, it will look thick, but you're not looking at it. It's a little disappointing with a closer look. It's good for the price. I bought it as a secondary lock, and it will serve that purpose. Pair it with a high quality lock. The thickness will probably deter new thieves.

👤This looks very large. It seems more difficult to lock a cable than it is to fight a determined thief. It isn't super flexible because of its width, and it isn't very long.

👤It is easy to lock and heavy duty. The frame and tire can be secured to the bike rack.

👤The lock and chain is so heavy that cycling with it is difficult.

👤Two were fine. One fell apart and was useless.

👤Very heavy duty and well made product.

👤It's a standard cable with thick plastic. The plastic case makes it 1/2.

6. Titanker Shackle Bicycle Mounting Mountain

Titanker Shackle Bicycle Mounting Mountain

Product dimensions are 3/16” (5mm) cable diameter and 4' (120 cm) cable length. The product weight is 0.25 lbs. 0.11 lbs. Heavy duty bike locks are made of 13mm hardened steel and solid zinc alloy and 1.7mm PVC coating. It can resist the cutting and leverage attacks of the hand tool. The whole lock is covered with a quality material coating to keep it from scratching and looking dull. You can get a free mounting brackets for easy transportation. Please measure the diameter of your bike circular tube before placing an order for their brackets. Refer to their instructions to install the brackets. No worry about forgetting your password with keys design. You can get the security bike U lock, which comes with a steel cable and mounting brackets. You can get the security bike U lock, which comes with a steel cable and mounting brackets.

Brand: Titanker

👤The lock on the bike is garbage. I locked the bike up outside of Target and left for 5 minutes, but it was gone when I came back.

👤The reviews of the highest priced U locks have photos of them cut or broken, so no lock will save your bike from a dedicated thief. This one is easy to lock andunlock for me, and it feels very sturdy. I park at the beach. The little piece you can slide over is a great way to protect the keyhole. It would be awkward to stand and see through the U lock if I put the cable through both wheels and the U lock. I think most thieves would pick an easier target. I consider my Schwinn to be irreplaceable so fingers crossed this does the trick.

👤The lock mount works well. I secured it in a vertical position. It is very sturdy and not heavy. I own an ebike. I use a cable lock and a U lock. You deserve it if you can figure out how to steal my bike. The titanker's mount has been criticized. I think it's brilliant. The mount allows me to mount it where I don't have to worry about the clearance of the bike. Ingenious design. For 6 months, use it every day. There is no problem with lock or mount. If you have any problems with lock keys or mounts, I recommend using Dollar Tree lubricant every so often.

👤The mounting system is awful and the lock itself works fine. I bought this about five or six months ago and was immediately skeptical because it felt like I was about to break the mounting mechanism every time I removed the lock. The lock won't release properly if you don't press the red release lever all the way in, because it's tiny and tricky to do. It takes a fair amount of force to remove the lock. The mount doesn't stay in place on the bike even if you tighten the mounting bolts significantly. The mounting mechanism broke as I tried to remove the lock. The entire mechanism sheared in half after I tried to jimmy the lock free. I have a decent lock with the broken remains of a crappy bike mount stuck to it, but I have to figure out a way to break it off. The mount is terrible, and the lock is fine, but I wouldn't recommend this purchase. I changed it to: After I posted my review, Titanker contacted me and said they were looking into improving the design and would give me a partial refund. One star was added for good customer service.

👤It's just as good as a similar lock and more than half the price, and comes with a thick plastic coated cable so you can protect your seat and front wheel from being stolen at the same time. I've been cycling for exercise and transportation for 25 years and have learned from experience that if your bike is not locked or removed, it will get stolen at any time. I like the fact that this lock does not have a bend while locking on the other side, it slides straight in and out, making it so much easier to fit different bike rack styles in town. The key mechanism is very smooth, only takes a half turn, and has a slide over cover for the lock cylinder to avoid dirt and grit. I would buy again if I could, I can't go wrong with this price. There is an update. I had to mount the lock on the seat post to not hit my legs because the mounting hardware sticks out too far from the bike.

7. MARQUE Bike Security Steel Cable

MARQUE Bike Security Steel Cable

It's perfect for helmets when used with another lock. Strong cut resistance is offered by the 7 braided high quality steel construction. Use different styles of locks. Steel cable can be used with U-locks, disc locks, and padlocks. It's a great choice to secure your bikes, motorcycles, sports equipment, gates, fences, ladders, luggage and large equipment. Vinyl covering protects steel cable from rust and scratching. There are different lengths of braided steel for different needs. There are different lengths of braided steel for different needs.

Brand: Marque

👤The cable lock on my bike did not reach the front and rear wheels. There is a The cable fits perfectly and allows me to lock the front wheel along with the rear wheel and frame without buying a new lock. Works well!

👤The trunk lid of my car needed to be secured because it failed. The steel cable was the best solution. It was a relief to have protection for my items. The strength and physical properties of cable were the main factors in my purchase. Thank you Joseph.

👤I have bought two of these cables and will probably buy another one. They are very strong and flexible outdoors. They are used to secure my tools in the back of my truck. They are easy to use and have a lock that is waterproof.

👤It's not certain if this will prevent your bike from being stolen. In a college town where people steal everything, I have been able to keep my bike for almost a year. Who knows what's going to happen next.

👤Strong, flexible and long. One end of the e-bike can fit through the eye of the other. When our bikes are in the garage, we do this. If we are not looking and the garage door is open, no one can jump on one and take off. It's a good thing.

👤I needed something to slip over the Seatylock chain. It wasn't easy to fit over the small end. The cable is strong. There's not much to give to the loop ends. There is a It didn't fit my needs and I didn't want to buy this cable.

👤So far, so good. The length is perfect for covering my bikes. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤The cable is thick with plastic to prevent damage to the item.

8. Motorcycle Lock Theft Motorcycles Anti

Motorcycle Lock Theft Motorcycles Anti

A high-quality protective sleeve is used to make the lock more durable. It will not scratch the body of your bicycle. The Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Grip Lock will prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, unlike their competitors' light weight and cheap lock. It's a great idea for winter storage units. The heavy duty locking device is made of light-weight aluminum. They don't go riding without theirs because it has been tested. College students don't want to have their Scooter or Moped stolen from campus or their apartment. Their customer is absolutely enamored with this universal yet genius product. You can secure your motorcycle from being stolen by simply locking the front brake or clutch lever on your motorcycle with grips up to 1.5 inches in diameter. It is a much safer and smarter alternative to a wheel lock. The device works with storage covers. If you have a moped, scooter or small dirtbike, they have a storage cover. They work well together! People who actually ride! Why should you trust us? They are a small company that focuses on quality products. Their owners have been racing and riding motorcycles for 20 years so they know how to make awesome products. They are here to help if you have any questions. People who actually ride! Why should you trust us? They are a small company that focuses on quality products. Their owners have been racing and riding motorcycles for 20 years so they know how to make awesome products. They are here to help if you have any questions.

Brand: Toolwrx Motorcycle Anti Theft Handlebar Lock

👤I have bulky heated grips so it is what it is, but it is well designed, fits my handlegrip a little more snug than I'd like. It feels rock solid when it's on, and actsuate the brake hard enough that the bike will not go anywhere so it does it's intended job.

👤The lock looks nice and the quality is good, but I can only give it 3 stars because of the following reasons. 1. It's hard to use. I expected it to take two hands to get it on and off. It requires a little bit of dexterity to squeeze the cable as you put it on, while trying to keep the rubber pads from falling out or shifting. 2. It comes with two sets of rubber pads and a piece of shrink tubing. The pads are not secure when put in place. 3. The lock's aluminum body caused some scratches on my brake lever and leather wraps around my grips, since the pads don't cover all the areas of contact. It might not be a problem if I only had rubber grips. I didn't expect to scratch on the leather. 4. The rubber pads that came with it were almost useless, so I decided to cut pieces of the rubber shrink tubing and secure them in the areas of contact. I didn't want to glue them in, so I cut some strips of athletic tape and put one of the rubber pads in place. It makes the lock look different. I was able to reduce the scratching by putting pieces in the metal body of the lock. I don't think I should have taken so long to figure it out. There is a Why didn't I return it? I like the idea of a lock that works and think it can be used to deter theft. With more attention to detail, rubber pads that will snap in securely and cover all the problem areas, this could be a solid 4 or 5 star product. I hope that the product is improved by ToolWRX.

👤The front brake is made impossible to roll by this thing. The build quality is solid. The lock barrel feels cheap and probably won't hold up to a string pry attack. It's not the worst out there. There is a Someone tried to steal my ride and was caught. It held up well, and the damage was only cosmetic. This thing did its job and paid for itself. This is a great addition to anyone's bike security routine.

👤This is a cheap, convenient and light security solution to protect your motorcycles. By using this lock grip, you will be able to prevent someone from jacking your bike. It's harder to roll the bike away if you apply it to your brake levers. See my photos for how it looks on a bike. This design seems to be the best value handlebar lock on Amazon at the moment. The finish is nice and matches my red Yamaha FZ07. It is easy to setup and use. The cutouts in the lock fit over the lever and handlebars. You can lock it with one hand with some practice. If you're other hand is holding your gear, that can be useful. There is a The included lever sleeve, rubber adapter pieces, and extra key make this lock different from other locks. There is a Unless you want your levers scratched, the sleeve is a must have. The lock's design doesn't require the rubber adapter pieces. If the parts were installed by default, I would have preferred that. The most important thing is to make sure the lock isn't easy to break. For sure, it achieved this. This is still a lightweight solution, which is great, because it isn't bulky or annoying to carry around. I had a lock in my jacket pocket and I was able to return home without a problem. There is a This product is a must have for bike security. I think it would be more useful if it were locked. I hope this helps.

9. Kryptonite New U KryptoLok Standard Bicycle

Kryptonite New U KryptoLok Standard Bicycle

The bike cable lock is portable and secure. The anti-rust and zinc alloy key core is activated when you insert the locking bolt. The bike lock is best used for basic security. Don't leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. 10mm steel loop cable is for additional security. The cable length is 4" If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $1,750 Reimbursement for Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Don't watch out. If you buy this lock on AMAZON, you can't register it for the anti-theft service through the website. The key on this lock is a "P", which means it's not a series 2, even though it's listed as one. Since the lock doesn't match the key type on your itemized receipt, you can't register it with the same name on the website. It was important to register the lock for the anti-theft program because many people have had their locks broken for security reasons. The lock and key don't match up easily. I had the lock for less than a week because it takes about 15-20 seconds for the key to get into the hole. Four years ago, one of my family members bought a lock that had issues. I thought the experience was normal and that if the lock was a flaw, it would be fixed for the newer models. I was wrong. There is a I don't recommend buying a lock from Kryptonite.

👤I registered the keys at the website after receiving the product. The key number has a letter in it. The website asked me to pick the key prefix, but I didn't choose it. I thought it was not a Series 2. The key prefix choice was changed to letter P once I chose the product name "KryptoLok". I'm sure that this lock will work for some time, but I have to give a 1 star because it's false on Amazon.

👤I don't think you understand what a lock is, a lock is just to deter the thief, you can break any lock, so stop giving it a 1 star when your bike gets stolen.

👤9x4 inch locks are a great choice for locking up one bike. I tried a mini lock on my bike, but it didn't work because the lock didn't go through the frame and wheel. There are at least two pictures on the site that show a mini lock around only the frame and a rack, which is not good if you only ever need to lock your bike securely to a particular rack. Hmm. I have always been able to lock my bike up at my destination with this lock. The bigger locks are better for one bike. The idea of having to make two cuts through the lock to cut it off is appealing to me. The review said that is true. There is a Things. I don't like it. The keyway was in the middle of the bar and it was easy to get to. The new position is harder to access when the lock is hanging on my bike's rack because it is less visible. I've never used a frame. There is a The key can be difficult to turn. The red tag says "don't force the key", which seems to be a realization of this. Sometimes it's so difficult that I just want to leave my bike unlocked and go somewhere else. That's how bike locks have always been for me. This is my fourth. Maybe I need to work on my technique. There is a Things. I wonder if there are any studies that show that the extra fraction of a millimeter reduces theft. I'm tempted to say nothing would make a difference, but I think double deadbolt would be the difference. I have reduced my rating from four starts to two because it is difficult to turn the key. I've had other people try the key and they all agree it's an epic struggle. It turns out to be the most secure lock I've ever owned because I've been leaving my bike safely at home and walking the half mile to the grocery store rather than having another epic struggle with the key. Sometimes it fools me by turning smoothly, then the next time it won't. If I use this lock, I won't be able to open it with the key again.

10. Coiling Resettable Combination Complimentary Mounting

Coiling Resettable Combination Complimentary Mounting

The Titanker combination bike lock cable is easy to set and carry. It is easy to set your own personalized number combination with a smart 4-digit resettable coiling cable lock. The cable can be used to lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, railing, or any other object. It's ideal for skateboards, gates, grills, lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes and ladders. Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance help prevent scratching and keep more durable. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure.

Brand: Titanker

👤A bike lock that makes a thief laugh is fantastic. It's a nice way to start your weekend. You won't be biking to work as your bike has been stolen, and this POS lock did nothing to stop the thief.

👤The bike lock is not very good. After I received the product, I locked it to a bike rack and rode away. The code didn't work when I came back out. I tested the new code before using it and followed the directions to set the code. A maintenance guy drove by. I asked him if he could cut it off with a hack saw, and he did it in seconds. The tubing gives the illusion of being larger than it is, but the actual metal is only about a quarter of the diameter. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.

👤Excellent length and a great bracket. There is a I want a lock that is big enough to do the job but small enough to not get in the way. I want a lock that is easy to attach and detach, and that is held tightly and securely. There is a Many bike locks are too long. Being too long is annoying because the lock will be heavy and bulky and it will be hard to put it back on. His length is the right length for securing the bike to a pole or rack. There is a The brackets are sturdy and well made. The button on the brackets works well. The lock that is attached to the brackets is a good size and sturdy. There is a The combination rotates nicely and has no play in it that would allow a thief to try different numbers to determine the combination. After owning a lock for 18 months, I'm going to buy two more for myself and my wife's bike, and leave this review. Highly recommended.

👤The cable-lock seems to be ok but the carrier brackets are poorly designed. The plastic is weak as soon as I tightened the screws, the corner of the brackets snapped off. There is a The company's customer service sent me a third photo of the redesign. Since I made my own, I have not used the one sent to me, but it appears to be a stronger design than the one that broke. I think their customer service is great. I have bumped my review from 3 stars to 5 stars because of their great service.

👤Although it could have been cut, I was okay with it because I ordered it from UShake. It was difficult to bend when it was cold. I clicked the plastic piece back into place after the side of the lock that was not covered came apart. There is a I was going to unlock it yesterday, but it broke in half. I was surprised. I can't recommend this product or any like it because of my issues.

👤These are better than most I've seen, but no cable lock is high security. The action is smooth and reliable, and the numbers on the dial are high visibility, which is a huge bonus. My family uses them interchangeably to lock their bikes up to a single mountpoint in the garage, because I bought six of these things and set them all to the same combo. It works well. The six foot version has enough reach to lock two bikes at once through their forks and around a shackle, rack, or pole. There is a The lock mount is useless when riding the bike. Only on a full sized adult bike can it fit, and only if you don't have tail lights, or a shock absorber in the seatpipe. That knocks it out for the bikes in my family. If you want to ride with this lock instead of leaving it at home, you'll need to toss it in a saddlebag or backpack, or just lock it looped around your fork. It is easy to bag-pack, even in a small saddlebag, because it is coiling up into a tight loop.

11. MASOANT Compact Lightweight Security Mounting

MASOANT Compact Lightweight Security Mounting

No other bike lock can match the advanced features and hassle-free use of Lobster Lock. The first ever bike-mounted folding lock has an attached folding design that promotes proper locking. The lock can't be locked or opened. The bottom of the lock does not have a key in it. 2. The lock can be pressed and locked. Press the key to the lock and it will move. You can pull out the orange lock piece from the rolled up lock. 5 million hardened steel links and security. Injection molded in one body, 5mm hardened steel chain with ABS cover resists the effects of water, dust and dirt to prolong the life of your lock, Each lock has 3 keys, and the key number is unique, so that you can rest assured to use in the railway station, grocery It takes only a few minutes to complete the installation. After testing, it can lock three bicycle tires together, or lock the bicycle to a telephone pole. The bike lock is lightweight, compact, and flexible and is easy to carry. Don't worry about leaving home without a bike lock. The Special Keyhole Design, not easy to be smashed, is what protects your bike. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know at any time. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know at any time.

Brand: Masoant

👤The keys that come with the lock won't open even if I do something, and there's no instructions.

👤I was so excited for this lock and lock combo that I was confident my new bike would be protected. "German Technology" is not possible. You should be ashamed. Unless you used a less desirable Chinese Lock. If the lock is German, you should have learned to speak or read it. There is a I would not give this unit a point or a star. I believe in this style of lock. It would solve the cable or chain lock. I will be returning it.

👤It is easy to carry and attach to a bike. I would recommend it to other bikers who are looking for a safe locker.

👤The lock works well and is compact. It seems to be a definite deterrent to steal my bike. The only downfall would be the weight, but compared to bigger Ulocks and such the weight is comparable and I can live with that. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤It folds to the size of a fist and is extremely hard to cut through, making it easy to store on my bike. I love this lock!

👤The lock is sturdy and well-made. I use this lock on my bike. It is easy to apply to my bike. I feel safe with this one.

👤Doesn't work. The keys and button won't open. I had high hopes that this would be a great lock to carry with me, but I was let down by shoddy quality control processes.


What is the best product for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft cable?

Bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft cable products from Smartist. In this article about bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft cable you can see why people choose the product. Wordlock and Wanlian are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft cable.

What are the best brands for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft cable?

Smartist, Wordlock and Wanlian are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft cable. Find the detail in this article. Ryango, Um and Titanker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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