Best Bicycle Locks Heavy Duty Anti Theft 5 Star Rated Long Cable

Theft 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Master Lock 8170D Fusion U Lock

Master Lock 8170D Fusion U Lock

All kinds of bicycles are compatible with this bicycle computer. Some electric-assist bicycles may not be compatible with this bicycle computer. The computer display, sensor, and magnet should be compatible with the device. If you are unsure, please contact them. The bike U-lock is best used as a bicycle lock. The bike lock has a carrier for easy transportation. The bike lock has a hardened steel body and double locking shackle. The bike lock body is large. It was 16 cm wide. The length of the shackle is 20 cm. The width is 10 cm and the length is 1/2 in. The diameter is 13mm. There is a bike lock and two keys. U-Lock Protection is affordable. Additional anti-pick protection can be obtained with a disc key.

Brand: Master Lock

👤The lock does not have a disc cylinder. I called Master Lock and they told me that they had changed the cylinder for all U-locks. They did not change anything on their website.

👤There is a piece of junk. The lock wouldn't open for a week after I purchased it, so I was initially satisfied with this product. The key was a little difficult to turn and a little wiggle would do the trick. It was so hard to fall into place that the key would almost break if I tried to shake it. This happened when I unlocked my bike. I thought I was going to have to call someone with bolt cutter because I couldn't get it to open. I was so angry after 20 minutes that I didn't even want to look at it anymore. The POS was returned the next day. You should shell out the extra bucks for a quality product. The company needs to look into this problem, as many customers have experienced it, and they're suggestion to "jiggle" the lock is USELESS and even if it does eventually work, nobody wants to spend a lot of time trying to get their bike unlocked.

👤Master locks are still top notch, even though they are cheap. My kid uses this for his electric scooter and the key won't come out if it's open, it's all solid metal. This lock will make your average opportunist thief look for an easier target because it has cheap plastic housing.

👤I have had this lock for a few months and it has served me well so far, will it be broken by a bike thief? For the price to performance ratio, it's very good, but it's not a premium lock. If you want an affordable lock that works well, I would recommend this. There is a The picture on Amazon is different from the one I received. The Amazon image seems to be cased in a solid plastic around the heat sealed rubber film that I received. It comes with 2 keys and a brackets to attach to the bike frame.

👤It's probably typical of U-locks. Very safe. Very heavy. It's not possible to get extra keys, but it is possible to get 2. The mount is a joke. We don't fit any of our mountain bikes and need a large diamond shape frame. It would probably block the water bottle cage on my old road bike. I prefer combo cable locks, but they are less secure.

👤I bought this to deter the theft of my tire. I already have a lock for the rear tire and frame, so I wanted to make it easier for the thieves. This lock is easy to cut if you want to secure the whole bike. Don't do it! There is a The lock is not exposed to the elements and is stored inside.

👤Keys work well, have been rained on many times, drain and add wd40 There is a The frame mount is attached while riding. Has not fallen into the spokes. The U bar is straight down on both sides, which bugged me as they looked like a lock. If you're used to a curved bar that holds one end while you're locking up with one hand, you have to hold the lock bar to the U to lock it with both hands. I still miss that curve despite being used to it. It was simpler to lock the bike.

2. Titanker 6 5FT Security Coated Flexible

Titanker 6 5FT Security Coated Flexible

Steel strong steel cable with braided steel construction is a strong security for your bikes. It is durable and protects your cable against scratching and rusting. It is the perfect choice to secure your bicycles, sports equipment, gates and fences, grills and lawnmowers, skateboards, tools, ladders, mechanism, truck bed and mor. Convenient: Sturdy double end-looped to adjust pad-locks, U-locks, disc-locks and more. The sizes are: 4-FT x 12mm, 7-FT x 12mm, 15-FT x 12mm, and 30-FT x 12mm.

Brand: Titanker

👤There is a steel cable here. There is a It should be called "8mm Steel Cable". This isn't the cable you're looking for. This is the perfect cable for you if you want an 8mm steel cable.

👤I bought my son an ebike for his birthday, and he uses it to go to school. Someone cut the padlock to the bike parking area and tried to steal his bike, out of the 150 bikes, within the first week. The thief tried to cut the cable, but was unsuccessful. He spent several minutes trying to cut through the 14mm cable, but was only able to get about 1mm or two in. The delay helped get school security to the area. I bought the 7ft cable just in case. If the thief was able to cut a padlock to a fenced in bike area but was unable to cut through the cable of the lock, then I'll keep buying this lock system.

👤The cable assembly was not constructed properly and failed catastrophically. It was used in an assembly. When put under a light load, it broke apart and hit my son. He has whip marks across his back. The cable should not be crimped down with the plastic in place because it was not inserted all the way. I'm sending them back. My son will not need to go to the dentist.

👤I have had to return three items from Amazon in the last 3 weeks. No one is involved in quality control and they don't know what it is. The plastic covering on the Bike Street Cable has a wire through it. You want me to wrap that around my bike tires? I don't think so. Didn't anyone notice this thing? Garbage!

👤The cable is very strong. It arrived without any problems. > The cable was too heavy for my purposes. With the plastic coating, the cable is 1/2 in diameter, so consider a combo master lock with lots of space. I'm returning the cable, but the fault is mine, so I'm giving 5 stars.

👤Beware! Not made from steel cable. Rather from small steel wires. Can cut through the whole thing with wire cutter.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the cable. The length was enough to get two bikes to the vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a longer cable to secure items.

👤The cable that was attached to the frame of the bike and looped through a jacket sleeve and full face helmet will not allow anyone to just walk off with the gear left on the seat while in restaurants or out on the trails. You would need a pair of bolt cutter to get through the cable. It's what I need for the trip to Ak. in 6 weeks.

👤Good quality and worth the money.

3. Bicycle U Lock Shackle Mounting Bracket

Bicycle U Lock Shackle Mounting Bracket

The bicycle lock is made of 12mm (0.48 inch) alloy steel, which is resistant to water, dust and dirt, and it has a 0.1inch Silicone cover. The bike U-lock comes with a 4ft/6ft double looped cable and is easy to lock. The bike lock's portable size is 6.1 inches. You can carry it with you when you ride. The lock cylinder of the bike lock is made of C grade pure copper blade, which has a precise structure to prevent technical opening. 2 keys for convenience! The mount is easy to install and will allow you to quickly store your bike lock. The mount is easy to install and will allow you to quickly store your bike lock.

Brand: Frezora

👤I have never used a bike u-lock combination like this before. I bought a 4 ft cable and may buy a 6 ft one later.

👤The key lock is very strong and easy to use, it can be used as a U shape and with cable if the support pillar is far away. There is a cycle holder with it. I trust this to save my bicycle.

4. Kryptonite 001706 Keeper Integrated Chain

Kryptonite 001706 Keeper Integrated Chain

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. Keeper 712 Integrated Chain Lock has 7mm four-sided chain links. Patent-Pending End Link Design secures chain to a hardened deadbolt and provides extra holding power. The high security disc-style cylinder is resistant to pick and drill. The nylon sleeve protects the chain against the elements. The Kryptonite Keeper 712 is easy to use and flexible. The Kryptonite Keeper 712 is easy to use and flexible.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤When I thought about a four foot chain, I held my arms apart and thought, "oh yeah, plenty long." You can make a two foot chain by folding a bike in half. If you want to easily wrap front tire, frame, and rear tire, you should get a six footer. I'm doing it. I wish I'd bought a longer one. When I read the reviews on the locks, I didn't find anything interesting. You need to understand that someone has a battery. They can cut through the hardest steel in a matter of minutes. It's like sharp scissors. They will find a way if someone wants something bad.

👤They took the lock from my scooter after it was stolen. There is that.

👤This bicycle lock is well-built and tough for my not-intensely-urban world. The chain is heavy, not cuttable by standard tools, and is both flexible and long enough to lock both wheels together or lock the rear wheel and frame to a thick pole. If you register with them, you will get two more keys. Lock works well. The bicycle is protected by a chain covered in cloth. It is easy to use. I wondered if this lock was enough for my setting. I leave the bike in the woods or beach when I go swimming or shop. The professional bicycle thief would be the only one who could cut the lock and grab the bike. My favorite lock picking lawyer wondered about the 7mm chain. The overall deterrent of the Kryptonite Keeper 47” lock is not something I am concerned about. Very happy. It is a large lock.

👤I realize that my headline is a logical fallacy, but this is a very sturdy lock that gives me confidence when securing my bike outside of stores. The Lock Picking Lawyer on the internet knows that wafer style locks require special tools and skills to pick open, which is the security feature number one, and that's because your average thief is not likely to possess these. The stout chain on the 712 model can't be easily cut without using large, visible tools which will draw unwanted attention to anyone attempting to steal your vehicle. I wouldn't want to use it for overnight storage in shady parts of town, but for use outside of a busy store during a 30-minute shopping run, it does the job nicely. The mechanism on my lock is easy to operate, but I'm careful not to force it, and a drop or two of oil every few months keeps everything in good working order. I use a cable looped through the lock chain to secure the front wheel because the chain is long enough to go through the back wheel and frame.

👤I should have read more reviews. I have to wiggle the keys to open or close the lock after a few months. The opening is always facing down, keeping it off the ground. It's been under a cover for a long time and still looks like it's been outside. Will not buy it again.

5. Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Bicycle 33 5 Inch

Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Bicycle 33 5 Inch

There are 3 new colors: grey, red and purple. 3T MANGANESE STEEL made the links. END LINK DESIGN secures chain to a hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability. Extra holding power is provided by Hardened DEADBOLT DEDSIGN. The high security disc-style CYLINDER is resistant to pick and drill. There are 2 new Energizer "I" keys included. The nylon sleeve is durable.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤My bicycle was stolen with this lock. The lock was broken with a screwdriver. If you're looking to buy a chain-style lock, look into a U-bolt style lock for more security. If the locks on the bicycle are defeated, I will be able to return the bicycle's price. When I hear back from them, I will update this review.

👤The city of Long Beach has a lot of bikes that have been stolen. I've seen people steal bikes from the front porch if they have a low quality chain. I was hesitant when I saw this product because everyone says chains are unbreakable. This company is true to the word. I left my scooter outside. wrong I woke up the next day to find my chain had been tampered with, but my moped was still there. I've had this chain for 3 years and no one has been able to stop it. If you have something that is valuable, you should buy a Krytonite chain. #No MoreStolen bikes.

👤"If someone really wants to steal something, there is no stopping a determined thief". The 785 model of the Keeper is a moderate deterrent. If you do short bike stops at grocery stores, shopping malls, gas station restrooms, etc., it is a good locking system. This is what I use the most. The Keeper 785 has been in my possession for 4 years and I have not had a problem with the locking mechanism sticking or becoming stiff. I lubricate the lock to keep it working. Some people are saying that they have problems with the lock becoming stiff or frozen. They leave the lock in wet weather and don't clean, maintain or oil it. There is a The Keeper 785 is a compromise size. It is 13 ounces and weighs 2 pounds. It is light compared to other locking systems. The keeper is comfortable while I ride and I carry it around my hips. A modified aluminum carabiner and split rings are used to attach the chain end and lock shackle. A good lock/chain that is lighter in weight than other lock systems, and has the appearance of 'quality' to deter the 'casual' bike thief, is again.

👤Over two years is the length of ownership. I used to ride my bike to the TX Med Center in Houston every day and then lock it outside of a busy public hospital. Sometimes I left my bike in areas with little security and other times I left it in the middle of the night. I am happy to report that my bike was never taken or tampered with. There is a I'm pretty sure this is a theft-deterrent in itself. I like the heavy-duty chain enclosed by the thick black sleeve. The heavy-duty locking mechanism is designed to make sure that there is no doubt whether it is locked or unlocked. I registered my extra key so that I can order more if I lose it. I have used this lock many times and have exposed it to extreme heat and humidity. It still works as well as it did when it was brand new. I researched before buying a bike lock and I am happy with my decision. I recommend using a chain and a solid bar for maximum security. A bike thief will need to use two different tools to get to your bike. Most of the time, I had no worries about securing my bike with this chain.

6. BV Security Steel U Lock Padlock

BV Security Steel U Lock Padlock

The spare key is needed. You can keep one of the keys at home if you need it, and the bicycle lock has two keys, one for you to carry and one for you to keep. No need to worry about your key being lost. Flex cable length is 30 feet and it has a thickness of 3/8-inch. All kinds of padlocks, disc locks, and U-locks are compatible with double looped cable. It's ideal for locking bikes, cars, and motorcycles. The reinforced cuff over the cylinder and bar is for added security. The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating.

Brand: Bv

👤Be careful. Someone cut through the lock on the heavy duty cart that was locked up outside and was used to carry stuff back and forth from our house to the beach. Cut through the cable. It isn't as strong as advertised. We are out about 100 bucks between the cart and cable.

👤I have farm and yard equipment that requires 2 cables to lock up. Someone tried to steal my tractor and almost pulled the cable. There is a The other MasterLock cable and lock was not held firm. It looks completely untouched. There is a The thief would have pulled the cable apart with his truck if I hadn't interrupted him. You can see how the sheath ripped and the cable ended up in a ditch. It's not crimped or welded tight enough. One more tug would have snapped it. I'm ordering a new cable. This one is thrown in the garbage.

👤I loop my Chop Saw, Table saw, compressor and stands in 30ft. The coating makes it very stout. It isn't beating up my stuff pulling the cable through. Is it possible that someone could cut it? Yes, with a grinder and bolt cutter. If they were large enough. They will cut the lock off if they go to that extent. I ran into a house I was working on and the tools and batteries were left in the open. It is perfect with a bigger master lock. If you need something bigger, this is a good choice. It is much nicer than what you will find in a local store. It's perfect for picnic tables. It would be better if there wasn't so many lazy thieves in the world that are out to steal anything that isn't bolted down for another hit and another day of scamming the system.

👤I bought this cable because I have seen hard-to-cut cable and I was hoping it would be a little harder to cut than it is. There is a Someone cut through it with bolt cutter and walked off with what I thought was secured by the cable. Don't buy.

👤I was looking for a cable that was resistant to weather elements and could be used to secure a boat trailer in a storage yard. Needed a length that would go through 4 wheels and tires, through the trailer and with loops to install a padlock. The 30ft plastic coated cable did the trick for a reasonable price. The cable was long enough for a 35ft boat trailer. It is under a tarped trailer which gives it a degree of protection from the weather elements. The product was delivered on time. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I really like this cable. It's very well priced for such a long cable. It is weather resistant and very well put together. It's useful for anything you want to protect. I used this in conjunction with a hose wheel cart that I secured in the front yard with nothing to keep it from being taken away by unscrupulous people. I used a lock to secure the other end of the cable around the pole on the side of my house. I have peace of mind because it's not going anywhere now. I really like the quality of this cable. "You ain't taking this anywhere" is what it says.

7. UShake Bicycles Scooter Motorcycles Combination

UShake Bicycles Scooter Motorcycles Combination

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. The bike combination U lock is keys-free. There is no more worry for forgetting keys with bike locks. There is a mixture. A strong combination with easy setup to your own 4 numbers combo. You have confidence in the quality of the dial turning. The 10mm hardened zinc alloy shackle is strong and resistant to both cutter and leverage attacks. The lock has a 4mm coating. Good gate locks. Heavy duty cylinder and U-lock combination for top security of your belongings are available. If there is any issues with the USHAKE bike combination U Lock product, please let them know at any time. If there is any issues with the USHAKE bike combination U Lock product, please let them know at any time.

Brand: Ushake

👤The picture speaks for itself. I will never buy from this seller again. There is a The lock was easy to use, but it failed to keep the bike secure. Don't buy.

👤This lock is great quality and does a good job. The reset switch cover can be easily removed with a small screw driver. This would allow anyone to steal from you. I would recommend getting a different U lock or covering the panel with something.

👤My bike was stolen on the first day of using this lock, so I'm sad to write this review. I have been parking my bike at the same place for a year. I gave 2 star instead of 1 because I didn't find any broken or violence in the lock, which makes me think that the thief could open it with a trick rather than violence. My bike was stolen, but there are other bikes at the same places, all of which are safe, but they are all more expensive than mine.

👤I have to agree with the other reviewer. I didn't read the review about the fatal flaw in the reset button. The U-lock is useless in terms of security since you can just take a screwdriver, remove the reset cover, and flip the switch in 30 seconds. If you haven't purchased it yet, move on. Try to return it if you did. If you can't return it because you used it, stop using it immediately and get another lock. This is a $20 lesson for me. Don't pay too much for bike security.

👤The lock seemed to be of good quality. Before you start riding, the locking part of the device with the number wheel needs to be changed to another number. The U bar was hanging with nothing at the end of the night ride. The locking part fell off at some point, which is on me. It seems like a silly design that the locking part can fall off if you don't remember to change the dial. It was good, but I need to find more proof.

👤Take what you want. I took the lock on the college campus to the university downtown area just across the street because it was a popular area. I locked the bike up on its own and this is all that remains. The person who stole my bike had no problem taking it. Do not recommend.

👤We have a lock for the gate. It was fine for a few months. The snow covered this thing and it refused to open. I was locked out of my house because the thing wouldn't budge. After the weather warmed, we had to get a locksmith. I bought another one since we had used it for months without any problems. The same thing happened after we got another snowstorm. It doesn't want to be unlocked. We're not going to purchase this lock. The thing was sturdy and required a locksmith to get off. I think it will be fine for indoor usage.

8. Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Instructions for details can be found on the store combination securely online. The bicycle locking cable is an effective deterrent for theft. Thanks to its thick material and design, it will take a lot of strength and specialized tools to break. Flexible steel braided into a thick lock cable. That is what you are getting with their bike lock cord. All padlocks are compatible with its sealed looped ends. You don't have to worry about the bike cable lock damaging your bike frame. It is made stronger by being coated in vinyl, which makes it resistant to rust and scratches. Bikes aren't the only thing their bicycle cable can secure. It can be used with grills, mowers, ladders, toolboxes, and other lawn or patio equipment at home. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right.

Brand: Vascer

👤I was looking for a way to deter people from using my kayak trailer. The cable is long enough to do the job. I like the coating because it won't mar the surface or cause it to fall apart.

👤Very happy with its function and fit.

👤Excellent product for my bike.

👤The plastic coating on the cable keeps it from getting damaged.

👤It's worth the price because it's thick and hard to cut.

👤It worked to keep people from stealing my garbage cans. Very strong.

9. NDakter Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

NDakter Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

It's ideal for bicycles, skateboards, sports equipment, fences, tools, tool boxes. A smart 5-digit resettable combination chain lock is much safer than other 4 digit locks. It's easy to set your own number combination. The steel and the plastic are banded. The braided steel wire used in the bike cable is strong enough to handle both 2.4KN tension and 7KN shear force. The protective vinyl coating helps prevent scratching. The lock can be easily added to other objects and the cable is long enough for different users. The combination locking mechanism makes it easy to set your own password. You don't have to worry about forgetting to carry the key with a convenience lock. Code design makes it easier to carry keys. The code is resettable, which means there are only a limited number of combinations you can set. The code is 0000. There is a multi-PURPOSE. The cable is 4 feet long and can be used to lock a bike to a tree, fence, railing, or thick pole. The lock can be used for many things.

Brand: Ndakter

👤After 5 weeks of security, the lock will never open again. Everything was going well. It did it. It was supposed to lock my bike. Make sure the thieves in downtown don't make morally questionable decisions. Two days ago, I thought things were going as well as they could, but this lock has treated me. So well, decides that's over. I would have accepted this sudden break if it hadn't been for the fact that I had to lock my bike up. I had to leave because there was no one nearby with a wire cutter. The lock decided to keep my bike secure, or the dwellers decided to make better choices about stealing. My bike is locked, but still here. Maybe you forgot your combination? I put my birthday as the combo with my birth date, and although I have no recollection of the actual day, I am used to it. I thought that this lock would remember it. The lock doesn't open when I put in my combination. After a few tries, I wonder if this is the combo. The last 5 weeks of riding with this lock have become a blur, as my friends question my memory. So many attempts go by, and the jiggle and the pull get tiring, and I wonder if this is my fault. Did I ruin the relationship by messing with a code? When I log onto to review a lock, I see similar reviews of other people's locks stop working, and I discover I have validation I didn't know I had. The fault of the lock is not my fault. The fault of the manufacturer. The fault of Mr. Bezos. I want my $12 back. Extra therapy money for the healing of this secures a relationship with this product.

👤My bike was stolen less than a week after I bought this lock. The metal wire is very thin. The cable cutter is going through this thing. Even if you want something cheaper, you can find something more sturdy than this.

👤So far, so good. I lost the keys to my bike lock. There is a The system works well. There is a It would be easy if someone really wanted to cut the cable. Not for urban areas.

👤I bought the bike lock cable for my son who wants to ride a bicycle to work this year as a means of exercise. He needed a strong lock to protect his bike. This is a very strong steel cord that is very difficult to break and has a 4 number combination lock which makes it impossible to guess the combination. A high quality lock.

👤I bought two of these locks. They were delivered on time. I haven't had time to use them yet, but they appear to be well-made. We reset the combinations to our own numbers and found the instructions to be clear and accurate. It's nice to be able to match the bikes with bike locks. I can revise this if there is any trouble with these over the summer. The locks look better than I expected. Everyone knows that a determined thief will not be deterred. The locks are a good value. I'm happy with my choice.

10. Disecu Combination Shackle Outdoor Waterproof

Disecu Combination Shackle Outdoor Waterproof

It's easy. To install the lock brackets, you need to place the gasket pad where the lock brackets will be installed, install the brackets on the seat tube, and tighten the screws. Turn the lock towards the snap opening to fix the position after adjusting the brackets for easy installation. Solid metal and plated steel. A heavy duty 4 digit long shackle combination padlock with a 6-ft heavy duty security steel cable is included in the Value Pack & 2 PackOne packaging. High security. The braided steel cable has strong cut resistance. Steel cable is protected against rust and scratching. A 4 digit combination lock is 10 times safer than a 3 digit combination lock. Excellent design and durable material. The combination lock is made with a cast metal body for strength and weather ability. The bottom window has a convenient design that makes it easy to set your own combination lock. The security steel cable has a 10mm diameter and 7 braided steel cables, it has strong cut-resistance, double-looped ends and is suitable for use with padlock. Security steel cable diameter of 10mm and length of 1800mm are widely used. A combination padlock with security steel cable is a good partner, it can be used for more choices, ideal for most tasks such as bike, chest, school, employee, gym & sports locker, case, fence, coolers, gate, hasp cabinet & storage and other large items. Life Time Warranty. The value of the lock is what makes you happy. If you are unhappy with the purchase of this long shackle combination padlock and steel cable, please contact them at any time, they can give you a free replacement or a full refund. Life Time Warranty. The value of the lock is what makes you happy. If you are unhappy with the purchase of this long shackle combination padlock and steel cable, please contact them at any time, they can give you a free replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Disecu

👤I put these on my propane tanks. I drilled a hole in the lock down handle after looping the cable through the tanks. The handle and both end loops of the cable were penetrated by the long shackle.

👤After several months of use, my paddleboard shows no signs of rust or decay. I don't want it to get saltwater in it as locks don't handle salt well.

👤It has been used for six months to lock a fence. So far, so good. No sign of rust is visible when you heat up to 100 and cold. The dial is small and can be slippery when wet. Even with a flashlight, it can be hard to see at night. Overall doing a good job.

👤I'm going to get the longer ones so that I can secure the tires and also use locks on my RV trailer.

👤The lock cable was cut.

👤There was nothing bad to report. Nice locks. When locking andunlocking, it's good to have a mechanical click. They don't think they're going to fall apart on me soon. I have one under cover for my bike and one outside on a gate, so I will report back on how I'm doing in a few months.

👤The combination didn't work the first time, but it worked the second time.

👤Good quality at a good price. It was the right solution for the problem of illegal dumping.

11. DocksLocks 10ft Coiled Combination Cable

DocksLocks 10ft Coiled Combination Cable

It is versatile in terms of security. Steel cable is used to protect against thieves. Gate, bikes, kayaks, surfboard, paddle boards and more are items that should be secured. The design is unique. The male end of the cable is the same diameter as the cable itself, which allows it to pass through narrow spaces. The materials are weatherproof. The item is made of marine grade steel and vinyl coated to provide protection against the elements. The locking mechanism is weather resistant and can be washed with fresh water. It's easy to use. You can choose your own 4-digit code with the re-settable combination lock. The coiled cable makes it easy to store and prevents excess cable from dragging. The width is 10mm and the length is 5ft.

Brand: Dockslocks

👤This may or may not be able to stop a theft. I won't go there, but it looks like I could open it with a hammer. The biggest issue is that it is coiled too tight. It takes way too much effort to string it through my kayak and paddle board. Would have preferred to have bought a straight cable and combination lock combo.

👤Most bike cables are too short, so I got this for my kayak. It works perfectly. There is plenty of length to go through the holes and around the tree. I keep my kayak locked when I'm camping. I can't lose a key because of the combo lock. It's good for storage, but it's a little stiff uncoiling it enough to use. It's necessary to lock a bike to a larger object, like a column or tree. I think it is a great product and would buy it again.

👤I bought this to keep my chair locked. I use my chair to travel from the third floor of my apartment building to the bus area out front. I lock my powerchair up under the bus shelter when I can't take it with me, and then use a regular wheelchair to get to the car. It is easy and heavy for me. It is reliable and hardy. The chair I had was over $4,000.00 and I feel secure with the lock set up. Good price and product!

👤We have a Honda Ridgeline. We got the 10 foot cable but couldn't order it. We climb into the truck bed to lock it. The lock ring the Deltas have is nice. It is difficult to pull through the metal rings due to the curl in the cord. We can get into our truck bed again. Not sure if it will be easy with a car. They are locked up for long trips.

👤It is doing its job so far. I like that it is long. It works around a lot of poles and both tires of my bike.

👤I bought this to string the rifles in my gun rack with. It was like using a car suspension coil. It is very difficult to string through holes. Maybe this has an application. I can't think of one that was built like that. I can't see it being used for bike security. It's hard to work with. I returned it.

👤I got this a week ago. It works well. Some reviewers thought it was too big to fit through the kayak holes. That wasn't my experience at all. I have two kayaks on top of each other and tied to a fence. There is a It was very easy to program the lock. It feels strong. No one has taken it or broken it. I think there is always something stronger to cut a chain. I feel strong with this strength.

👤I struggle reaching down to thread this through the dock and back up to grab it. There is a There is a huge fear of falling into the lake at the dock: electric shock, no way to get up, stuck between already tied down boats with no extra room for arm movement, and no one around, etc. If lucky, fall in and find Lake Lanier a week later.


What is the best product for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft 5 star rated long cable?

Bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft 5 star rated long cable products from Master Lock. In this article about bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft 5 star rated long cable you can see why people choose the product. Titanker and Frezora are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft 5 star rated long cable.

What are the best brands for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft 5 star rated long cable?

Master Lock, Titanker and Frezora are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle locks heavy duty anti theft 5 star rated long cable. Find the detail in this article. Kryptonite, Bv and Ushake are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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