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1. Kryptonite KryptoLok Integrated Chain Bicycle

Kryptonite KryptoLok Integrated Chain Bicycle

Chain links made from 3T MANGANESE STEEL. END LINK DESIGN secures chain to a hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability. Hardened DeadBOTL design provides additional protection. The high security disc-style CYLINDER is resistant to pick and drill. A patent pending integrated lock head. There are 2 new ERGONIC "I" keys included. The nylon sleeve is durable.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Any company that wants to pay me if my moped is stolen must believe in their product. A thief can pick easier targets. This lock does not come with theft protection, but it does have it. Register it and pay for protection. If you use more than one lock, you can increase the chances that your bike, moped or whatever will still be there when you return. The thicker the metal, the more it will cost. They need to cut through the cover to get to the metal. The lock is easy to open. The length is perfect for getting through moped tires or bike stands. This is the shortest thing I would get. It's ideal that length is it. It's more difficult for theives to use tools if you have a tight fit. You can create difficulty that helps. Someone would invent a way to stop vandals. Stealing my stuff. Since Amazon delivery has become unreliable, buy this lock somewhere else.

👤The bike store recommended a lock for our bikes. You can see it's strong. I'm sure a criminal can eventually see through the links, but it may take 10 minutes with a diamond saw. I'm assuming that it's hard to pick the lock because it uses a weird key. The chain and locking mechanism are good. It's wrapped with a plastic sleeve so it won't scratch your bike. The chain is heavy. It feels like 20 pounds. We use it when the bikes are being stored, but I can't imagine lugging the chain around with me in a backpack for a ride to the supermarket. The key/locking mechanism is not easy to use. Not a dealbreaker.

👤I ride an ebike and it is heavy, but it looks and feels sturdy. I don't mind, but you will feel it in your backpack, hard to lock, as the weight and the key spinning to lock position makes it a pain, but for this price there is nothing like it here in Cape Cod.

👤We returned the lock because it was too heavy for me to ride a bike with. After we shipped it back, we were shocked to learn that we received a partial refund, minus the cost of shipping. If you order that you want to keep it, be very careful because you will get stuck with a big return shipping cost.

👤Trust the lock to keep my parents bike secure. We missed the registration because we bought it as a gift. Bummed about that. It seems sturdy and heavy. The combo was difficult in tight spaces, so I returned it.

👤The lock is heavy. It's strong appearance is a great deterrent.

👤It is a breeze after the first time.

👤They can have the bike if this thing doesn't stop thieves.

👤I don't know how good it is until we have an attempt at theft of the bicycle, but it appears to be well made. I can't see us carrying the chain while out cycling. It is used as a security measure when bikes are stored. I was disappointed that I had to use a set of needle files to clean up the keys on both this and the Kryptonite D-lock because the keys kept sticking in the locks and it was almost impossible to release them. They are fine now that the lock mechanisms are lubricated with Silicon/graphite lube. If this feedback helps others, it's been worth it. If the locks are in use outside during bad weather, regular lubrication is important to prevent rusting.

2. Kryptonite Evolution Bicycle Disc Yellow

Kryptonite Evolution Bicycle Disc Yellow

14mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle resists both cutters and leverage attacks. The double deadbolt locking mechanism has a lot of holding power. A disc-style cylinder with a reinforced anti-drill system. The dust cover protects the cylinder. Three keys, one lighted with a high intensity bulb and replaceable battery.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤This lock is very strong. My expensive bikes are safe. It would be difficult to get this much security without spending more. I was going to give it 4 stars because it isn't perfect. It is pickable by someone with the right knowledge and the right tool, and the plastic part that holds all the important parts. It would be better if it were zinc. For money, it deserves 5 stars. I have a New York lock that is the same size as this one. The New York version has a larger shackle. 14mm versus 15mm. The evolutiion is a better bargain. Save yourself some serious cash by getting the evolutiion. The lock body and internal parts were included to show that they are the same. The Evolution internals are the same as the New York lock pawls, but the locking pawls fell out so are not in the body.

👤I don't think anyone has tried to steal my trailer yet, so I can't speak to the theft-resistance, but the lock looks strong. It took some time to determine if this would work with the massive. There's room for a, along with the rim spoke. If anyone drives away with me in the night, I'll lower the rating because I think the lock that's targeted if someone is really taken by the trailer's charms will be the burliness. The internet shows that most hitch locks are defeatable with only a quick, quiet crowbar, except the $250 model that weighs as much as I.

👤I locked this up for a month on my motorcycle and it wouldn't open. There is a The keyway and tumblers tend to lock in the deepest part. I inspected the problem, got some WD40 and worked it inside the keyway, instead of being freaked out like many reviewers here. After about three or four minutes, I opened the door and worked the key back and forth. lubricating the lock mechanism will help save this thing from the grinder in the future.

👤This is a great lock for motorcycles. It's small enough to be carried around easily, but big enough to look solid when locked on the bike. I use it to attach my chain to my bike in bad parts of town, and I also use it by myself when I'm on the go and don't want to carry a chain. I like the yellow color because it makes my bike more difficult to steal and it's bright enough to act as a deterrent. It comes with three keys and all work well, plus it has a unique serial number so you can have new keys made in case they are lost. The lock mechanism is easy to use and it's been quiet and efficient, which is a plus if you've ever messed with disc locks before. The shackle is wide and thick, so it can fit around most discs on most bikes, but it can be difficult to add a chain if your disc has small holes. The rubber coating on the rear sprocket is nice and protects it from damage, so I can throw this around the rear sprocket. This has become something I use several times a day and love it so far, I will update this review if issues arise in the future.

3. Kryptonite KryptoLok Integrated Bicycle 5 Foot

Kryptonite KryptoLok Integrated Bicycle 5 Foot

Over 100,000 codes are contained in 5 reconstituted ciphers. Chain links made from 3T MANGANESE STEEL. END LINK DESIGN secures chain to a hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability. Hardened dead alabaster design provides additional protection. Pick and drill resistant is what the high SECUIRTY DISC-STYLE CYLINDER is for. A patent pending integrated lock head. There are 2 new Energizer "I" keys included. The nylon sleeve is durable.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤In through the back wheel, out and around the post, in through the frame, a twist to close, and those two things won't be going anywhere for a while. The post may be the weakest link. The chain is NINE MM. It's serious. I think it's too serious for most users and would recommend the 7mm version. I wear it around my waist because it's easiest. Surprisingly, even more surprising is how quickly you forget it. It's over 5 lbs, and be sure to keep the lock to the side, or it will be a surprise. I have a waist of 30/31" and I can grind a link off it. Don't grind it! You just have to twist the chain. The extra links help lock things up. There is a A good bag should be used if the waist isn't for you. 2 bikes were stolen, both cable lock and U-lock, and even if they get a handlebar or front wheel, there won't be a third.

👤After a month and a half, the lock started to jam. My son's moped is locked to a bike rack because the lock won't open. I was able to return it for a new one through Amazon, but I am not sure if it is a better product. We contacted the company and they said they would replace the lock, hopefully we will have better luck this time. They stood behind the product.

👤I got this for my bike. The reviews claimed it was heavy but it is not. I'm glad I didn't get the 10mm version. I wouldn't carry this lock on a real bike, it seems a bit heavy. I think it will keep my bike safe.

👤Good luck if you plan to travel with it on your person. It is very heavy. I returned it because I didn't want to carry this chain in my back pack. I don't have any storage elsewhere because I have an elliptigo. It is probably a great anti-theft chain.

👤I used it for the first time on a vacation. The look has worked well. I bought it because it is a heavy beast. There were no issues with locking or unlocked. The bike frames are protected nicely by the chain covering.

👤I love this lock. It is heavy duty. You will get a workout carrying this thing. I have a long chain that is enough to go around a tree and a bike.

👤About a month ago, I bought this chain. I use it on my bmx bike all the time. I almost turned away from it because of the complains I saw. I have not had a sign of a lock jam. If you don't insert the key fully and offset the cylinders, cylinder locks are a bit tricking. I wanted to make sure I could lock my front tire and rear frame to any post after I bought the five foot chain. It paid for itself on my new bike after only two weeks of use. The nylon on my chain had a slash, I was locked up next to some pretty beat up bikes, and I heard a guy say they stole his bike, but that was all. I am very pleased with this lock and would be happy to help anyone who is in need of a medium to a high security lock.

4. Kryptonite Keeper Standard Bicycle Bracket

Kryptonite Keeper Standard Bicycle Bracket

Moderate crime areas have an affordable U lock. The steel shackle is hardened. The foot design is high security. The model number is GK955. The shackle is hardened to resist hand tools. The collar is reinforced over the keyway. The cylinder is high security.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The lock is completely jammed after I purchased this product a month ago. It takes me at least 10 minutes to get it unlocked. The key does not move beyond 90 degrees even if I find a lot of tricks online. It's ridiculous that something as stupid as a bike lock is keeping me from being on time when I rely on my bike to get between classes and work. Don't buy this lock.

👤I don't like this lock. I didn't keep my packaging but I think it's malfunctioning. It takes up to 5 minutes to get it unlocked. I have to wiggle the key for a long time until it unlocks, I've tried many different wiggling-the-key techniques, and I don't know why it doesn't open easily. It takes a long time to get unlocked. The price and hype were expected to be better.

👤I have had the problem of the key not turning properly to lock/unclock it, and others have described it as jamming. If you hold the straight part of the lock vertically, it seems to unjam it, and the key will turn smoothly. It's annoying, but it works. I wouldn't use it with an expensive bike. I like that it's lighter. It's easier to carry. There is a I don't want to be a Debbie Downer. When you paid cash for the lock on Craig's List, you shouldn't expect to get the warranty from Kryptonite.

👤This is the second lock I have bought and the first Keeper. The lock works. I have never had a problem with the lock of the Kryptonite. The lock is not as heavy as other locks, but it is still sturdy. I leave my bike in the park-and-ride for the whole day. It's much easier to attach the brackets to the bike after they changed them, but it has the same problems that the other one had. It gets loose over time and makes it sound like all the screws in the bike are going to fall off. It's a matter of carrying the lock in your backpack or just tightening it. Not a dealbreaker. The lock is five stars and is on par with other brackets.

👤This product was amazing. ... After 7 months of owning it, I took it off my coffee table and started riding a bike to commute every day. If anyone does this in an environment where it never rains, they will have great results. I only commute every day since January of last year, but my lock seized so badly that I was lucky that the last time it worked was after I took the lock off at my home. The attached photo shows the twisted, mangled remains of the key after I tried to get it to turn so I could lock my bike. I had to use pliers to make it work, and it twisted the key before I gave up. It was seized by rust in 4 months. I live in Kentucky.

👤U-locks are rare in my city. Most people use cheap and flimsy cable locks to lock their bikes. In a big city, this basic U-lock is important. Although any lock can be cut through, I don't think you should buy a cheaper lock if you can. I commute 30 km everyday between school, work, supermarket, cinema, and so far my bike has survived. I lock it up around busy plazas and metro stations. The place to lock your bike is not the same as selecting the right place. I put the brackets on my frame. The lock is made of cobblestoned streets. It's annoying at first, but it's better than carrying a backpack. There is a After a few months, rust becomes a problem with this lock. I know locks are not made to be permanently immersed in water, but they are meant to be used outside. During the summer months of Mexico City, the lock can be stuck because of the rust that builds up after rain. A small amount of oil does the trick.

5. Kryptonite Transit Handlebar Bicycle Carrier

Kryptonite Transit Handlebar Bicycle Carrier

U-locks are handmade in New Jersey. Before ordering, please check the product specifications. It's a good fit for the majority of U-locks on the market. The handlebars are compatible with 22mm to 32mm. The patent pending 2-POINT LOCK HOLDER provides additional support for the lock. HOOK-N-LOOP STRAPS help to keep the lock in place. Product dimensions The shackles are 10-24mm and the crossbars are 20-50mm. The product weight is.25 lbs.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤After having two bikes stolen, I bought a heavy U-lock. I don't know how to transport the $100 lock with my bike since it doesn't have a mount. I had it hanging off the handlebars and then one day I went over abump and the lock flipped over and locked my steering. I was badly injured and it took three weeks to recover. Thanks. They started making this mount. I attached the lock to it. One of the straps broke on the very first ride, not even on bumpy terrain, just riding on the road. Hopeless.

👤I have installed the Kryptonite handlebar lock holder on the entire bicycle fleet. It was easy to fix, and only one that worked itself loose was left. The Transit H-Bar has the best part of it being the ready visibility and accessibility of your lock. You won't accidentally biking away without a lock. I have had to buy lock holders to replace the flimsy one that comes with the U-lock because the one I had was not strong enough. It doesn't make sense that you pay a premium for a U-lock that will fall into the street, at best delaying your trip and at worst being lost forever, and then you pay a separate premium for a holder that will keep it safe. The other members of the U-lock family come with better brackets so it's not as if they couldn't have designed one for the combo. I wouldn't let a star come my way as the instructions are a bit too complex. I noticed that the Chinese factory that makes these uses a very cheap, easily stripped nut and wrench. They put the nut in the wrong place. The bolt is supposed to slip into the recess, but five different times the package comes with that assembled backwards, leading to the possibility that that error will be perpetuated by the end user.

👤Trying to carry a big U-lock is a huge pain in your reproductive organs, and most of us just give up and throw the heavy mother in a backpack. It's a small hassle to install, due to the use of a small screw that holds the mount on to the handlebars, but once it's on, it seems to stay. I've had it for a month and it's not wobbling or coming loose, I've ridden it on city rides and mild trails. It looks stupid, but it's the best solution I've found so far. It doesn't take up a lot of space because it works with a light on either side.

👤Not too fond of the idea of attaching a lock to my handlebars, but the darn thing actually works. I coil up the cable, slip each end over the other side of U, and lock the bike. I slip the lock and cable into the carrier and secure it with the straps. It's easy. The carrier has rubber strips to compensate for different handlebar diameters. Can't find anything else to fit the Schwinn AXUM. So far, so good.

6. Kryptonite New U Fahgettaboudit Heavy Bicycle

Kryptonite New U Fahgettaboudit Heavy Bicycle

The technology is compact and versatile. The 18mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools. The dimensions are 25" x 6". If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Reimbursement for 1 year is included in the anti-theft protection offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Someone tried to steal my bike, so I beat them with my lock. It is durable.

👤If you didn't register your New York Fahgettaboudit lock within 15 days of purchase, you should start saving for a replacement bike. There is a A friend came back to find it gone after he met it in Chinatown. The policy of Kryptonite is tough. I understand legalities, but it's different when you can't stand by your product because it's 3 days beyond warranty registration deadlines which aren't even clear or broadcasted. There is a If you want a lock that does the job, I would suggest you look at the delivery guys in NYC. 100lb chains and quick reflexes.

👤After my lock broke down, the warranty department didn't respond to my emails for a couple of months, maybe they will see the negative review and finally respond.

👤The design of the keyhole cover is terrible. It's so flimsy that it arrived broken out of the box. There is no excuse for the design on this. The cover should be riveted to the metal and then sealed with a yellow covering. There is a They cheaped out so badly that two screws on the outside went through the yellow covering. They drilled two additional holes that expose the internal mechanism to water instead of just the keyhole. The problem is worse. The screws do not screw into the metal of the cylinder, but into a cheap piece of plastic. There is a This lock is more expensive than a child's toy, and they rig the plastic around the keyhole worse than a toy. This will let water in and cause the mechanism to rust. obsolescence is planned

👤I'm away from them and need to secure high dollar bicycle investments. I use different lock/chain/u-locks in order to maximize deterrence and slow down thieves the most. I realized that a determined thief will eventually defeat any security measure if given enough time. The Mini is in conjunction with a New York Disc Bike Lock. I use American Lock A700 and Master Lock 931 padlocks to secure my other bikes. The 25 year old bent-end Kryptonite long-shackle U-locks in my collection have been used to secure my extension ladders and utility boxes. The toughest U-lock in the world will be on my list of locks to acquire by the end of 2019. The Abus Granit Extreme is 59. Replacing the bikes will be worth it, even though it is pricey. A small investment may prevent a big expenditure in the future. Bike thieves, thanks for reading and for sharing your stories.

👤I've had a bike lock for a long time. I have never had my bike stolen while I ride around Brooklyn or Manhattan. A few years ago, I found the lock and steel completely unaffected, even though the rubber casing had been cut open. The thief was stopped. Thought it was expensive. It costs me about $8 each year for it, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

7. Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside. The cable length is 6' and the cable width is 12mm. Easy click locking, no need for keys, and bike mount for convenient transport. The 4-digit combination is reset to personalize your code. If you register your combo at kryptonitelock, they will be able to remind you of what it is.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The lock was just received. I bought it for the purpose of locking my bikes up. The length is perfect. It was very easy to setup. The description says it comes with a mount, but it doesn't. Not happy with the description. I have to find a mount that works with this lock. The cable length is 10', the cable width is 12mm, and the bike mount is for convenient transport.

👤I have used this lock at my home a couple of times. I used it to lock mountain bikes to my bike rack and then drove 75 miles along a dirt road. We attempted to open the bikes. Not happening. Went to a local bike shop and borrowed a bolt cutter. It only took a second to cut the cord and open the bikes. Bring a bolt cutter if you buy one of these and want to make sure your bikes are unlocked.

👤I have been using this as my lock for about 3 months, and when I return it doesn't open, I locked it up to go to the store for a quick purchase. I'm going to have to hitch a bus ride and come back with bolt cutters because my bike is stuck.

👤The fastest return of a product. The slide wouldn't slide. Quality Control would be better with these locks. Only 2 of 10 were rated for security. This device should have never been made.

👤The bike lock worked well for a while, but then it became difficult to lock it. It was impossible to get it unlocked once I did. I used the same combination for the entire time. The manufacturer was not helpful. I needed a special tool to cut the cable. I switched to a different brand of lock.

👤I bought our bikes a couple of weeks ago. They are used about 4 times a week. One is still working. The male connector on the other was no longer connected when it was inserted. I gave it another squirt of silicone and it connected, but now it won't connect. It's locked up. The bike wasn't locked when this happened. The 3 stars are what they are. There is a A follow up. Amazon had the same issue with the replacement. All will be returned and I will source a different product.

👤We had high hopes for this bike lock, but it failed to open on the first time we used it. We tried everything, but had to use bolt cutter to cut it off. It took a long time to cut through. I think there was a flaw in a recent batches of locks, which is not what the previous reviews had indicated.

👤I thought this combo lock would be a good one for my son who rides his bike to school. The lock wouldn't open after less than a week of use. I have to cut the lock to get his bike from the school bike rack. Absolutely disappointing experience. Will not buy another one.

8. Kryptonite 16mm Bicycle Stronghold Anchor

Kryptonite 16mm Bicycle Stronghold Anchor

Up to $1,750 Reimbursement for Anti-Theft Protection Offer. Permanent lock points can be used indoors or outdoors to keep vehicles and bicycles safe. Attach to concrete ground or wall. 16mm hardened carbon steel hackle. Cement anchor bolts are installed directly into the cement. There are 2 Mansony bits in the package. The initial pilot hole is a moly-bolt diameter. It is safe to walk or drive over when the steel shackle is not in use. It's recommended for both residential and commercial applications. Product dimensions are 7.5” (19 cm) anchor diameter and 1.65” (4 cm) anchor height.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The anchor screws have one star. The anchor screws provided by kryptonite suck. I was able to pull out the anchor with my bare hands after installing them. The anchor screws were broken. I used a needlenose plier and a pair of tweezers to catch them. I bought security screws and lag shields from my local hardware store. The little metal balls provided by kryptonite did not fit the new screws, so I used super glue to put the bbs into the screw heads. There is only one star for the "composite" cover. There should be a metal shield around the anchor shields to make it harder for a thief to get through. The cover is plastic. There is a This appears to be a strong ground anchor.

👤This thing is large. I couldn't remember ordering anything that big or heavy after I found a large package on the porch. I wondered, "What about 24 more cans of cat food?" The black part is light plastic and has two 4mm holes. I bought two more bits for my collection because my DeWalt 577 drill needs more than the two bits it comes with. The instructions for anchoring this to the floor are clear, correct, and will guide you through the work so you don't end up with holes all over the place. You drill a hole of 5/8", then a pilot hole of 5/16", and then a final hole of 5/8". I used a shop vac to get the concrete dust out of the holes. Two of the masonry anchors worked well, but the third came apart in the hole. I spent an hour trying to put them back together after I retrieved them. No chance. I slept on it. I reassembled the fastening the next morning and had it back in working order in 5 minutes. The hole was not deep enough and it must have had a burr on one side. I know this because of the second time the fastening came apart. I reassembled the fastening and fixed the hole. It looks good. When I leave the door open, I know that my bike will be there when I get back. How far do you have to go to stop a would-be thief? There is a To spread the spring, I used 2 rubber bands, a 7/16" rod, and some pliers. Just saying.

👤It's advertised on Amazon as being for concrete, truck beds, trailers, etc., but doesn't come with bolts for anything other than concrete. A special bolt with a steel ball and a deformed plate is used to hammer in. I called customer service and they told me to go to a hardware store. There is a picture of the anchor on the back of the box. Not helpful. They hung up on me after putting me on hold. I can use the same bolts, just remove the 4 outer shells that hold the bolt together. I used an ordinary lock nut, lock washer, and washer for the nut. I'm thinking of rounding off the nuts with a tool. There is a picture of the truck on the box and they should include the instructions in the installation manual.

9. Kryptonite Keeper 810 Foldable Bicycle Chain

Kryptonite Keeper 810 Foldable Bicycle Chain

Flexible steel with a link rotation. It is easy to transport a bike with a included carrier. A high quality cover protects the bike. 6mm hardened steel chain links. Two Walter style keys are included. Product dimensions are 7” x 3.25”

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The bike was stolen from the locked garage. There were no signs of metal on the ground that it was difficult to remove. Even though I registered and did everything correctly, they did not honor their 'warranty'. The bicycle was expensive and it was easy to cut the lock. An awful company. I will never do business with them again.

👤I like to buy products from Kryptonite locks. I use this lock for my bike. As I park in the city and see bike parts being stolen, I wanted a nice lock set. I got this lock because I want to secure my bike better. I wanted to store it on my bike while I commute. This is the best lock in the world. The cloth covering protects my bike from being scratched. It is heavy and bulky and it is difficult to get the lock back into the holder after folding it up.

👤It's a simple lock. It's good for the price. It's not as thick as you can find. It says on the label that it is not the safest. The key seems to be turning without a problem. I returned it because it was longer than I needed.

👤I recommend using this lock as an addition to another lock because it is a very strong lock. If a thief wants your bike, he will find a way to get it, but this lock will make the process much harder. I think that Kryptonite makes very good locks and at reasonable prices.

👤I had to send it back because it wasn't what I was looking for, but it was a great solution if you need a serious locking system.

👤Heavy and clumsy. My bike is safe with this chain lock. Half the protection comes from the way it looks.

👤The lock is good for the price. It has a metal rod that is a bit thicker than a chain. The lock system is nice. The length is sufficient for a normal lock up. I am happy with this unit at the moment.

👤I was worried about interference from riding because this lock was large and stuck out around the frame.

👤The lock is strong. The sheer weight of it at over 1 kilo makes a big difference on an 8 kilo bike, but that's to be expected with any decent lock, and I really wanted a Sold Secure Silver lock. It folds up nicely on my bike and I have never had any issues with it moving in the holder.

👤The lock is good. The key can be a little stiff and not always in place. Generally, it is pretty good. Trying to put the lock in its carry case is very difficult. I don't know who designed it, but if you are reading this, please try and use it. Maybe you should go back to school or change careers.

👤It's very handy as it fits on a bike.

👤The lock is sturdy and good. The bars and the skeet protect your bike from damage. The key hole cover is a nice touch, but I'm not sure why they had it slide both directions. One thing I don't like about the lock is the fact that you have to turn the key to get into it. The lock is heavy. You can feel it on the bike. There is a The carrying assembly is a problem. The thick grey strap is too small for the chains to fit easily. It takes around 5 minutes to put them in when they're not on the bike. You'll break the strap when it's on the bike. I've removed the strap by sliding it off the body of the carrier and will use the straps that hold the carrier to the bike's tube to hold the lock in the carrier. Comment or find the review helpful. I will post a video on how I removed the strap.

10. Kryptonite KryptoLok 13mm Bicycle Disc

Kryptonite KryptoLok 13mm Bicycle Disc

13mm hardened Performance steel. A disc-style cylinder has high security. A reinforced sleeve is over the cylinder. The design of the foot makes it easy to use. The cylinder is protected from dirt and grime by a rotating dustcover. The keys are made of "I" steel. Product dimensions are 42mm x 49mm. Product weight is 1.35 lbs. x 0.61 lbs.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I bought this to use as a wheel lock for my moped. It doesn't fit my disc brake, but it does fit the wheel spokes. The wheel is too small to stop it from turning. This is risky because sometimes there isn't a good fixed object to tie to. It's not the fault of the lock, that's my purchase. The lock is hard to close and my down rating is because of that. You have to pull the key out after closing it. I struggle with it almost every time because I have to bend over between the ground and a hard spot and hold the looped cable in place. The mechanism of the regular sized series 2 is better than the small one.

👤After a pair of thieves tried to steal my bike, this lock helped. It was hooked. The NYC chain is solid. They tried to drill out the hole. The lock works despite the failed attempt. Awesome.

👤Over the top in construction. It should be the first item purchased when secure.

👤Trying to get a replacement. It keeps crashing.

👤The god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of light, the god of Nothing more needs to be said.

👤Not tried or tested. They don't try to steal my bike. The movie was good.

👤It is one of the best locks out there, but it can be a bear to close it.

👤This little lock is no exception. It is small so make sure you check the dimensions before buying. It's easier to operate one-handed with the permanently hinged end of the shackle. Make sure you use this as part of a more comprehensive security system, as it is not enough alone to protect against moderate lock attacks.

👤Articolo arrivato. Ottimo oggetto, non credo serva dilungarsi oltre. Un giusto prezzo ad oltretutto. Assolutamente consigliato. Un unico avvertimento, se usato per chiudere una moto. Asole della corona di diverse moto. La lunghezza della "U" per contro. A tale da poter essere usato su qualsiasi misura e tipologia di disco anteriore.

👤Come bloccadisco per una moto senza. I dischi forati, perfetto, robusto, e interamente ricoperto da materiale plastico gommoso per evitare. Trovo ottimo il copriserratura, in pioggia o polvere. Robusto e piccolo lo user anche per legare.

👤A facile utilizzo is what the Bloccadisco solido is. I fatto ha una parte rimane sempre attaccata e quindi. Se avuto anche il cavetto per ricordarsi di toglierlo.

👤"U" lock tra. I pi scritto sul mercato. Non volevo un prodotto ingombrante e pesante. In pieno alle esigenze, questo piccolo risponde. The palmo was una mano. nel sottosella, non difficile lasciarlo. Aggancio tutte le mattine al cerchio del mio scooter. una garanzia, consigliato.

11. Kryptonite Keeper Folding Bicycle Lock

Kryptonite Keeper Folding Bicycle Lock

3mm hardened steel links are used for security lock ups. The easy to install transport backpack is included.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤If you still have a receipt for your bike, you may have a warranty. I bought my bike a long time ago. One of the reasons I bought this lock is because I can't get a warranty because I don't have a receipt. My son's bike was the one I got another one for. I was going to get a third lock for my wife, but now I know to look for other options. Contact details are what you need for a warranty. Lock information includes a copy of the itemized receipt of the purchase and the Key number of the lock. An itemized copy of the bill of sale. No warranty if you can't produce all of them.

👤I received a folding lock in May 2020 and it broke in June 2020. I put up with the lock even though the rubber clasp broke. I was unable to attach the lock holder to my bike for travel. The lock broke and fell out.

👤The bike lock is very compact and easy to pack into the carrier. The carrier is an ideal storage solution. The smaller size is large enough to hold the frame and wheel. I wouldn't trust a lock for overnight storage in an exposed area, but for use during the day while dining or shopping it should be adequate. There is a The keys are a bit tricky, the lock mechanism doesn't feel solid, and this lock only weighs about a pound and a half, the same as a 24 ounce water bottle. I am sure any bike thief can defeat this lock, but it is more secure than a steel cable, and easier to use than a U-lock, and it is easier to store a bike than any other design.

👤The lock has many strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to transport. Not heavy. Unusual shapes and sizes are encompassed. I don't think it would be easy to pick, but it wouldn't survive a brute force attack. Adding a folding lock on top of the U-lock will make it harder for a bicycle thief to get through two locks, and they generally won't take the risk. It's a good second lock. If you're only going to be away from your bike for a short time, it's a good lock.

👤I was surprised to find that the keys don't fit the lock. I got the 39" version and I was looking forward to mounting it on my bike since it included a nice mount.

👤The lock is light and convenient.

👤The lock is clever and works well. The larger size for e- bikes is in their design. If your bike lacks mounting holes in the frame bars, make sure you have panniers on it. The design of the Allegion brackets is not usable in real life. After a few bumps in the road, it slips down. I would be embarrassed to have designed it. The Foldylock product is worth looking at.

👤My electric scooter has a good lock. It is very easy to assemble the scooter. The key isn't the most user-friendly.


What is the best product for bicycle lock kryptonite?

Bicycle lock kryptonite products from Kryptonite. In this article about bicycle lock kryptonite you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle lock kryptonite.

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