Best Bicycle Lock Etronic Lock

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1. Sanwo Security Resettable Combination Diameter(black)

Sanwo Security Resettable Combination Diameter%EF%BC%88black%EF%BC%89

Warm tips: This bike lock is best used for basic security. Don't leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. Four-digit combination locking mechanisms are easy to use. Solid durable plastic shell and flexible steel cables. 2 feet is more convenient to use and carry up. It's easy to set your own number combination, but please don't forget the number. It's ideal for bicycles, skateboards, sports equipment, fences, tools, tool boxes.

Brand: Sanwo

👤The "lock" is a joke. Even though I know the combination, it wouldn't open for the fourth time. I was trying to see if it would open. Imagine if someone tried to brake it with a tool. It took me about a minute to stop it. I just want it to unlocked and I wasn't trying to brake it. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money. You will regret it.

👤The Sanwo locks were 2 feet x 1/2 inch. The ES4 can be secured to a bike rack, lightpost, or street sign. Sometimes a single lock can be used to secure both ES4s. Even if you don't secure a post, the lock can't be removed over the handle bars or the wheels if you purchase a 2 foot lock. We have found that it is possible to lock two scooters with a single lock. If needed, two locks can be combined. Some of you are saying that the kick scooter can be locked by an app on the phone. The scooter is small enough to be carried away and the controller is easy to change, even though the app has bugs. The black lock was bought to match the color of the ES4s so that it wouldn't be noticed. The lock can be looped over the handle bars, and the plastic coat on the scooter prevents it from being scarred. The lock cable is easy to use and flexible. There is a The sellers did a great job. The item was received within a day.

👤The lock works well and is very durable, which is what I liked most about this bike lock. If someone attempts to steal my bike, I tried yanking the bike lock, but it didn't break, so it's very good. Someone can't just cut the wire with scissors and steal it. This isn't a big issue, but it was difficult to understand how the lock works. I followed the directions when I learned how to use the lock.

👤The bike lock is easy to set up and use. It is the perfect solution because I am using it as a gate lock. The price is reasonable. If you need a simple cable lock for any reason, this is the product for you.

👤It was exactly what I expected. You should expect that this could be broken or cut, it's not nearly as secure as a U-lock. The lock is light and convenient, and I don't believe it will break from wear or tear. I wouldn't leave my bike in a high-risk location with this lock, but it's perfect for most places I go. It is what it looks like.

👤My 11 year old uses this to keep his bike locked up. He can manage the combination. It's long enough to fit in his backpack, yet it's easy to put around his bike, bike rack, and helmet strap. It is small and sturdy and won't fit in a fanny pack easily. It's perfect for our use.

2. Schwinn Theft Security Level Black

Schwinn Theft Security Level Black

You can store your bike more securely with a key lock. The braided steel self-coiling cable has convenience and strength. The vinyl cover is tough and protects it from the elements. The carrying bracket is for easy storage.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I think I should have gone with a stronger bike lock because the thieves snapped the lock like a twig and stole my brand new bike. If you lock your bike up in public, you should find a better lock because it won't prevent someone from stealing it. It isn't a good product for what it is made for, not in a world where everyone is treated equally.

👤You get what you pay for. If you are looking for a basic lock, it will work. If you want an industrial strength lock, pay the money for something else.

👤It works well and looks very sterdy.

👤The product is awesome and the price is great.

👤It seems to work well. I locked my walker up to the railing on the porch.

👤Someone tried to steal my bike. They tried to cut it with a hacksaw. Thankfully, they were not able to steal my bike because they destroyed the plastic part.

3. Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Up to $4,000 Reimbursement for 1 Year is included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer. Their bike chain lock is made of heavy-duty steel and has 6mm thick security chain links. The lock's service time can be shortened by regular lubrication of the lock hole and keyhole. The chain of the bike lock is enclosed in a protective cloth sleeve that protects it from being rusted and scratched. The dust cover protects your keyhole from rain and dust. It's easy to snap it together to lock it. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. The bike chain locks come with 2 keys. If you misplace one of the keys, you can take one for daily use and leave the other at home. Two keys convenience. The chain lock is about 3 feet long. The links are long and thick. The lock weight is 1.4 pounds. It's ideal for bicycles, ladders, lawnmowers, stroller, scooter, fences, tool boxes, sport equipment and etc.

Brand: Titanker

👤This is a compulsory review. Thought it was nothing special. Two bikes were cut off with a bolt cutter and stolen from our house. Our bike was not moved. They ripped the fabric but couldn't get the chain from the lock. Good job Titanker!

👤I gave it 5 stars because someone tried to steal my scooter and was unable to. Light and durable. The person thought it was easy to break. They couldn't break it easy. It's easy to lock.

👤I have been through a few locks in my life and this is the kind of thing I have always wanted. It is light weight, snug on my bike frame, and easy to lock and unlock. I like that the key stays in when it isn't locked, so you don't have to worry about it falling out. It doesn't take a lot of time to lock and open it. It is very easy to use.

👤It wouldn't be a good idea to have a bike stolen.

👤Better than expected! I found what I needed immediately from Titanker in a good price and size. The lock works smoothly, and like having 2 keys, the thick coating over the chain protects and prevents scratches. Customer support is included on the card.

👤I don't have to worry about someone cutting the bike lock because it's a cable lock. The key glides in and out. It is easy to store my bike on my bike. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Fast delivery and a great product. Couldn't believe I left my bicycle outside.

👤This is a very nice chain lock.

👤My bike was stolen after this lock was cut through. I would not recommend it.

👤It's perfect for keeping my bike at home or at work.

4. MASOANT Compact Lightweight Security Mounting

MASOANT Compact Lightweight Security Mounting

No other bike lock can match the advanced features and hassle-free use of Lobster Lock. The first ever bike-mounted folding lock has an attached folding design that promotes proper locking. The lock can't be locked or opened. The bottom of the lock does not have a key in it. 2. The lock can be pressed and locked. Press the key to the lock and it will move. You can pull out the orange lock piece from the rolled up lock. 5 million hardened steel links and security. Injection molded in one body, 5mm hardened steel chain with ABS cover resists the effects of water, dust and dirt to prolong the life of your lock, Each lock has 3 keys, and the key number is unique, so that you can rest assured to use in the railway station, grocery It takes only a few minutes to complete the installation. After testing, it can lock three bicycle tires together, or lock the bicycle to a telephone pole. The bike lock is lightweight, compact, and flexible and is easy to carry. Don't worry about leaving home without a bike lock. The Special Keyhole Design, not easy to be smashed, is what protects your bike. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know at any time. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know at any time.

Brand: Masoant

👤The keys that come with the lock won't open even if I do something, and there's no instructions.

👤I was so excited for this lock and lock combo that I was confident my new bike would be protected. "German Technology" is not possible. You should be ashamed. Unless you used a less desirable Chinese Lock. If the lock is German, you should have learned to speak or read it. There is a I would not give this unit a point or a star. I believe in this style of lock. It would solve the cable or chain lock. I will be returning it.

👤It is easy to carry and attach to a bike. I would recommend it to other bikers who are looking for a safe locker.

👤The lock works well and is compact. It seems to be a definite deterrent to steal my bike. The only downfall would be the weight, but compared to bigger Ulocks and such the weight is comparable and I can live with that. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤It folds to the size of a fist and is extremely hard to cut through, making it easy to store on my bike. I love this lock!

👤The lock is sturdy and well-made. I use this lock on my bike. It is easy to apply to my bike. I feel safe with this one.

👤Doesn't work. The keys and button won't open. I had high hopes that this would be a great lock to carry with me, but I was let down by shoddy quality control processes.

5. Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside. The cable length is 6' and the cable width is 12mm. Easy click locking, no need for keys, and bike mount for convenient transport. The 4-digit combination is reset to personalize your code. If you register your combo at kryptonitelock, they will be able to remind you of what it is.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The lock was just received. I bought it for the purpose of locking my bikes up. The length is perfect. It was very easy to setup. The description says it comes with a mount, but it doesn't. Not happy with the description. I have to find a mount that works with this lock. The cable length is 10', the cable width is 12mm, and the bike mount is for convenient transport.

👤I have used this lock at my home a couple of times. I used it to lock mountain bikes to my bike rack and then drove 75 miles along a dirt road. We attempted to open the bikes. Not happening. Went to a local bike shop and borrowed a bolt cutter. It only took a second to cut the cord and open the bikes. Bring a bolt cutter if you buy one of these and want to make sure your bikes are unlocked.

👤I have been using this as my lock for about 3 months, and when I return it doesn't open, I locked it up to go to the store for a quick purchase. I'm going to have to hitch a bus ride and come back with bolt cutters because my bike is stuck.

👤The fastest return of a product. The slide wouldn't slide. Quality Control would be better with these locks. Only 2 of 10 were rated for security. This device should have never been made.

👤The bike lock worked well for a while, but then it became difficult to lock it. It was impossible to get it unlocked once I did. I used the same combination for the entire time. The manufacturer was not helpful. I needed a special tool to cut the cable. I switched to a different brand of lock.

👤I bought our bikes a couple of weeks ago. They are used about 4 times a week. One is still working. The male connector on the other was no longer connected when it was inserted. I gave it another squirt of silicone and it connected, but now it won't connect. It's locked up. The bike wasn't locked when this happened. The 3 stars are what they are. There is a A follow up. Amazon had the same issue with the replacement. All will be returned and I will source a different product.

👤We had high hopes for this bike lock, but it failed to open on the first time we used it. We tried everything, but had to use bolt cutter to cut it off. It took a long time to cut through. I think there was a flaw in a recent batches of locks, which is not what the previous reviews had indicated.

👤I thought this combo lock would be a good one for my son who rides his bike to school. The lock wouldn't open after less than a week of use. I have to cut the lock to get his bike from the school bike rack. Absolutely disappointing experience. Will not buy another one.

6. FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

The Best Light Weight Folding Bike Lock is a top rated one. The bike lock is portable and does not have a code. Strong equipment for outdoor and urban cycling. Bolt cutter drill and saw proof. 3 year warranty bike locks heavy duty anti theft Patented Ultra secure Hardened waterproof bicycle protectors for peace of mind with anti thipper Rivets The multi locking guard system stops thieves. The pro kit and accessories set includes Master Keys and Easy Carry Case holder. The bike locks are foldable and open to the CM 85 Chain Link. There are locks to stands and bars. No Rattle with the Premium Frame Mount and Lock. Heavy Duty Bike Lock mounting brackets for Mountain Road Sport Standard Bikes and Scooters. The winner of the 2020 European Design Award is the Smart Bike Lock. Lock for bike outside. Silver safety tool.

Brand: Seatylock

👤I bought two of them. Our 2k bikes were recently stolen, so I thought they were theft proof. I want my money back. You cannot claim something is theft proof if it is not true.

👤I decided to get a lock on our bikes after they were stolen twice. This lock is great. It is strong. I don't think there is a way for anyone to break it, it folds nicely and small, and comes with a holder I can attach to the bike, which is great since I have the tendency to misplace things. If this product keeps me from replacing my bike, it is worth the price.

👤I've been a fan of my Foldylock since the beginning and I love the way it folds up. It's easy to lock up my bike. I found out this past weekend that there was an attempt to cut it off. It kept the thieves away. I'm grateful that the Foldylock held up and I still have my bike, because I live in a city with a lot of bike theft. Highly recommended!

👤If you spend the extra$15, you can get a U-lock. My bike was stolen in broad daylight by someone using an electric saw, after 2 weeks of using the FoldyLock in NYC.

👤This is the worst product I have ever purchased. The thieves broke the lock and took my bike. There is a It's unbelievable that a product that promises a high security for your bike is more far from reality than it is.

👤I only used this lock for a week, so my opinion may not be worth much. 1. My bike has not been taken. That is a definite plus. 2. It seems to be well constructed. I would not be able to break my bike with a tool that I own. I do not own any steel cutting tools. I am not a bike thief. Another plus. 3. It is light and connects well to the seat post. Another plus. 4. It was long enough to wrap around a slim post. You might need two people to like each other. I live in Texas. We have big oaks. There is a minor issue. No points. 5. The key and lock are high quality. Not a locksmith, but formidable. 6. If you park next to a guy who locks his bike with something he used with his Huffy, you should be fine. They will look at your lock and take your bike. I am not a bike thief, but I would do that.

👤I'm glad I found this lock after searching. The quality is top notch. The lock is very smooth. It's strong for its size. A quality steel like this can easily stop someone with a medium bolt cutter, which is usually the max size thieves carry. I believe that the best lock is one that you have with you all the time. I usually have to leave the thicker steel kryptonite at home since it's so heavy to carry. I can lock the back wheel and frame with this lock, but not the front wheel and frame. It's not long.

7. DocksLocks Straight Combination Lock Cable

DocksLocks Straight Combination Lock Cable

It is versatile in terms of security. Steel cable is used to protect against thieves. Gate, bikes, kayaks, surfboard, paddle boards and more are items that should be secured. The design is unique. The male end of the cable is the same diameter as the cable itself, which allows it to pass through narrow spaces. The materials are weatherproof. The item is made of marine grade steel and vinyl coated to provide protection against the elements. The locking mechanism is weather resistant and can be washed with fresh water. It was easy to use. You can choose your own 4-digit code with the re-settable combination lock. The width is 10mm and the length is 5ft.

Brand: Dockslocks

8. ROCKBROS Lightweight Bicycle Combination Portable

ROCKBROS Lightweight Bicycle Combination Portable

ABUS has been inventing and manufacturing security technology since 1924. ABUS provides security solutions to help you feel safe and secure. No one can decode your password except yourself, and the ROCKBROS bike lock combination is too hard for a thief to try out. The initial password is. Each cable contains 7 high- strength steel wire. The lock cylinder is made of zinc. The bike lock has superior strength and resilience. You can put this bike lock outside on rainy days without fear of rust, because it is covered with thickly-madePVC material. The bike lock cable combination is sprayed with rubber paint and will not scratch the bicycle paint. It's a good choice as a daily tool, weight only 0.8lb. This lightweight bike lock is great for protecting motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, gates, lawnmowers, etc. It's a good choice as a daily tool, weight only 0.8lb. This lightweight bike lock is great for protecting motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, gates, lawnmowers, etc.

Brand: Rockbros

👤There is a coating on the cable that is waterproof and antiscratch, but it has separated from the lock on the other side, and rust is starting on the steel cable ends. We got 6 months for our price point, which is acceptable, because we're buying another one to replace it. There is a We had a hard rain 3 months later. The lock wouldn't open. The combo was changed to one number each dial. I was disappointed at the failure and wondered if user error or the beginning of the end of the lock were the reasons. There is a * This is a very decent lock, so I'm updating this review. Large numbers are easy to read. The lock was kept in place by the tightlywound part of the cable. I think we'll see about longevity, but a nice antiscratch coating. The seller apologized and made good on the wrong item issue. Not as pictured. It's not certain if this will work for us. The cable is tightly wound.

👤The lock is of good quality. The problem for me is that it is 44 inches long, not 22. I wanted the shorter length because I wanted to use it to lock my front bike wheel to the frame, as an added safety. It is coiled tightly. It was misrepresented by the photo and doesn't fulfill my intended use. It is going back.

👤I bought this to lock my helmet on my bike. It seems pretty well made and works as it should. It's easy to change the combination.

👤The lock is great for gates. It's difficult to hold in one hand, put the key in the barrel, and then spin the numbers to set the lock.

👤The lock is sturdy and easy to set.

👤The bike lock is great for school or work.

👤The directions were written in Chinese. No English. Sending it back. What a hassle!

👤Solid construction. The one that is half the price wouldn't unlock after a few weeks.

9. SUERTREE Electronic Password Combination Security

SUERTREE Electronic Password Combination Security

It's versatile: The cable bike lock can also be used for ladders, gates, fences, tools boxes, sports equipment, and things you want to be secured. HEAVY DUTY The bike lock was made with quenching process which greatly enhances the strength of the lock. It has been proven to be shear resistant and pry resistant. The mounting case is designed with a light. The tail lights make riding safer. The tail lamp has two modes. The red and green indicators illuminate when charging is complete. The mounting case under the bicycle seat can be combined with the folding of the bicycle lock to make it a light weight. It is 1.6 pounds. Four digit code lock, no need to carry a key. When setting the password and installing the lock frame, please check the instructions. If you have any problems during installation, please contact them. Someone will be in charge of answering your questions. 100% after sales service guarantee. To offer quality products. Feel free to contact them. 100% after sales service guarantee. To offer quality products. Feel free to contact them.

Brand: Suertree

👤The quality is not good. Where did my bike lock go? It was opened casually. I had to be nearby or I would lose another car.

👤It's a great lock, light weight and very strong. There is no need for extra room on the bike when it is stored with their clip.

10. UShake Bicycles Scooter Motorcycles Combination

UShake Bicycles Scooter Motorcycles Combination

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. The bike combination U lock is keys-free. There is no more worry for forgetting keys with bike locks. There is a mixture. A strong combination with easy setup to your own 4 numbers combo. You have confidence in the quality of the dial turning. The 10mm hardened zinc alloy shackle is strong and resistant to both cutter and leverage attacks. The lock has a 4mm coating. Good gate locks. Heavy duty cylinder and U-lock combination for top security of your belongings are available. If there is any issues with the USHAKE bike combination U Lock product, please let them know at any time. If there is any issues with the USHAKE bike combination U Lock product, please let them know at any time.

Brand: Ushake

👤The picture speaks for itself. I will never buy from this seller again. There is a The lock was easy to use, but it failed to keep the bike secure. Don't buy.

👤This lock is great quality and does a good job. The reset switch cover can be easily removed with a small screw driver. This would allow anyone to steal from you. I would recommend getting a different U lock or covering the panel with something.

👤My bike was stolen on the first day of using this lock, so I'm sad to write this review. I have been parking my bike at the same place for a year. I gave 2 star instead of 1 because I didn't find any broken or violence in the lock, which makes me think that the thief could open it with a trick rather than violence. My bike was stolen, but there are other bikes at the same places, all of which are safe, but they are all more expensive than mine.

👤I have to agree with the other reviewer. I didn't read the review about the fatal flaw in the reset button. The U-lock is useless in terms of security since you can just take a screwdriver, remove the reset cover, and flip the switch in 30 seconds. If you haven't purchased it yet, move on. Try to return it if you did. If you can't return it because you used it, stop using it immediately and get another lock. This is a $20 lesson for me. Don't pay too much for bike security.

👤The lock seemed to be of good quality. Before you start riding, the locking part of the device with the number wheel needs to be changed to another number. The U bar was hanging with nothing at the end of the night ride. The locking part fell off at some point, which is on me. It seems like a silly design that the locking part can fall off if you don't remember to change the dial. It was good, but I need to find more proof.

👤Take what you want. I took the lock on the college campus to the university downtown area just across the street because it was a popular area. I locked the bike up on its own and this is all that remains. The person who stole my bike had no problem taking it. Do not recommend.

👤We have a lock for the gate. It was fine for a few months. The snow covered this thing and it refused to open. I was locked out of my house because the thing wouldn't budge. After the weather warmed, we had to get a locksmith. I bought another one since we had used it for months without any problems. The same thing happened after we got another snowstorm. It doesn't want to be unlocked. We're not going to purchase this lock. The thing was sturdy and required a locksmith to get off. I think it will be fine for indoor usage.

11. Bicycle Combination Security Mounting Motorcycle

Bicycle Combination Security Mounting Motorcycle

The bike U lock is made of high quality alloy steel and Silicone cover, which are both eco-friendly. It will make your bike safer. The cover of your lock is made of silicone to resist dust and dirt. The bicycle lock will protect your bike from scratching. The bike U-lock with 4ft steel loop cable can give you greater locking flexibility and better protection. Steel cable has greater locking flexibility. You can secure your bike, motocycle, and other items. The mountain bike locks have a zinc alloy lock core and a complex key slot which are designed to prevent technical opening. The bike lock has 2 pure copper keys, which will be more safe and you will never have to worry about losing one. The U-lock is light enough to carry around and heavy enough to keep your bike safe. It's 7.6in wide and 5.1in deep. The mount is suitable for all circular tripods in diameter 30mm. You can put it in your backpack or mount it on the frame of your bike with the portable size and mounting brackets. Installation and convenience are what you get with their high-quality mounting brackets. You can take and store your bike lock quickly with this easy installation. Installation and convenience are what you get with their high-quality mounting brackets. You can take and store your bike lock quickly with this easy installation.

Brand: Kastewill

👤I ordered both locks to check out because this lock looks similar to another lock that sells here for $10 more. The lock has plastic inside and failed when I tried to mimic a bike theft method. I heard the sound of plastic cracking and then the side of the lock that was held by the lock was no longer being held by the lock. This is the reason it's cheaper than the other one. If you want to avoid this model, you should buy a lock from the Blackburn U range, they are well built and inexpensive. If you want a lock that's really secure, but less expensive than the fancy ones from New York, you can get a OnGuard brand 8112 Mini U-lock. The lock mechanism is rugged and secure and it's very well made. Good luck.

👤The product works well given the cost. If you're looking for the absolute best product that works the best for the given application, you don't need to look at this bike lock. You are most likely looking for a U-Lock and were attracted by the price. If you can live with the negatives, it is a candidate for purchase. If you ride with the most pristine form of the lock, you could potentially catch your skin on the lock if you are more person or if you don't ride with the most pristine form. The bar is more sturdy than a chain lock, but if someone is determined to take your bike, it's still doable through the lock. The fitting of the attachment to mount the lock on the bike is plastic and can work with a small range of diameters, so check your bike for applicable locations before purchase. The lock is held on with screws and nuts and elastic around the shaft and rubber piece to add grip, since it will be easy to get a tighter connection. This is held together by the two screws and nuts and I see it as a critical point of failure given the wear and tear on it. The inner diameter of the U part of the lock is small so it won't fit around a lot of poles, which is noteworthy in purchase consideration. The product is satisfactory and meets the basic needs of a U-lock.

👤This lock is heavy duty. It can also be used to secure other things. The lock is sturdy and well constructed. It is coated with a glossy cover which makes it resistant to scratches. There is a The cable is made of steel and strong. There is a They give you 2 keys, which is great since I misplace my keys all the time. There is a The lock/key set seems like a normal set and mechanism. There is a It is a good investment to have the peace of mind that the bike won't be stolen when you return.

👤This lock is very good. I thought it was small, but it fits in my bike pouch. The cable allows you to secure your bike to trees and poles. I can go with confidence that my bike is safe and secure because it easily locks my quick release front tire to the rear. When you get this lock, you will not be sorry.


What is the best product for bicycle lock etronic lock?

Bicycle lock etronic lock products from Sanwo. In this article about bicycle lock etronic lock you can see why people choose the product. Schwinn and Titanker are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle lock etronic lock.

What are the best brands for bicycle lock etronic lock?

Sanwo, Schwinn and Titanker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle lock etronic lock. Find the detail in this article. Masoant, Kryptonite and Seatylock are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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