Best Bicycle Lock Cable Combination

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1. ROCKBROS Lightweight Bicycle Combination Portable

ROCKBROS Lightweight Bicycle Combination Portable

ABUS has been inventing and manufacturing security technology since 1924. ABUS provides security solutions to help you feel safe and secure. No one can decode your password except yourself, and the ROCKBROS bike lock combination is too hard for a thief to try out. The initial password is. Each cable contains 7 high- strength steel wire. The lock cylinder is made of zinc. The bike lock has superior strength and resilience. You can put this bike lock outside on rainy days without fear of rust, because it is covered with thickly-madePVC material. The bike lock cable combination is sprayed with rubber paint and will not scratch the bicycle paint. It's a good choice as a daily tool, weight only 0.8lb. This lightweight bike lock is great for protecting motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, gates, lawnmowers, etc. It's a good choice as a daily tool, weight only 0.8lb. This lightweight bike lock is great for protecting motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, gates, lawnmowers, etc.

Brand: Rockbros

👤There is a coating on the cable that is waterproof and antiscratch, but it has separated from the lock on the other side, and rust is starting on the steel cable ends. We got 6 months for our price point, which is acceptable, because we're buying another one to replace it. There is a We had a hard rain 3 months later. The lock wouldn't open. The combo was changed to one number each dial. I was disappointed at the failure and wondered if user error or the beginning of the end of the lock were the reasons. There is a * This is a very decent lock, so I'm updating this review. Large numbers are easy to read. The lock was kept in place by the tightlywound part of the cable. I think we'll see about longevity, but a nice antiscratch coating. The seller apologized and made good on the wrong item issue. Not as pictured. It's not certain if this will work for us. The cable is tightly wound.

👤The lock is of good quality. The problem for me is that it is 44 inches long, not 22. I wanted the shorter length because I wanted to use it to lock my front bike wheel to the frame, as an added safety. It is coiled tightly. It was misrepresented by the photo and doesn't fulfill my intended use. It is going back.

👤I bought this to lock my helmet on my bike. It seems pretty well made and works as it should. It's easy to change the combination.

👤The lock is great for gates. It's difficult to hold in one hand, put the key in the barrel, and then spin the numbers to set the lock.

👤The lock is sturdy and easy to set.

👤The bike lock is great for school or work.

👤The directions were written in Chinese. No English. Sending it back. What a hassle!

👤Solid construction. The one that is half the price wouldn't unlock after a few weeks.

2. DocksLocks 10ft Coiled Combination Cable

DocksLocks 10ft Coiled Combination Cable

It is versatile in terms of security. Steel cable is used to protect against thieves. Gate, bikes, kayaks, surfboard, paddle boards and more are items that should be secured. The design is unique. The male end of the cable is the same diameter as the cable itself, which allows it to pass through narrow spaces. The materials are weatherproof. The item is made of marine grade steel and vinyl coated to provide protection against the elements. The locking mechanism is weather resistant and can be washed with fresh water. It's easy to use. You can choose your own 4-digit code with the re-settable combination lock. The coiled cable makes it easy to store and prevents excess cable from dragging. The width is 10mm and the length is 5ft.

Brand: Dockslocks

👤This may or may not be able to stop a theft. I won't go there, but it looks like I could open it with a hammer. The biggest issue is that it is coiled too tight. It takes way too much effort to string it through my kayak and paddle board. Would have preferred to have bought a straight cable and combination lock combo.

👤Most bike cables are too short, so I got this for my kayak. It works perfectly. There is plenty of length to go through the holes and around the tree. I keep my kayak locked when I'm camping. I can't lose a key because of the combo lock. It's good for storage, but it's a little stiff uncoiling it enough to use. It's necessary to lock a bike to a larger object, like a column or tree. I think it is a great product and would buy it again.

👤I bought this to keep my chair locked. I use my chair to travel from the third floor of my apartment building to the bus area out front. I lock my powerchair up under the bus shelter when I can't take it with me, and then use a regular wheelchair to get to the car. It is easy and heavy for me. It is reliable and hardy. The chair I had was over $4,000.00 and I feel secure with the lock set up. Good price and product!

👤We have a Honda Ridgeline. We got the 10 foot cable but couldn't order it. We climb into the truck bed to lock it. The lock ring the Deltas have is nice. It is difficult to pull through the metal rings due to the curl in the cord. We can get into our truck bed again. Not sure if it will be easy with a car. They are locked up for long trips.

👤It is doing its job so far. I like that it is long. It works around a lot of poles and both tires of my bike.

👤I bought this to string the rifles in my gun rack with. It was like using a car suspension coil. It is very difficult to string through holes. Maybe this has an application. I can't think of one that was built like that. I can't see it being used for bike security. It's hard to work with. I returned it.

👤I got this a week ago. It works well. Some reviewers thought it was too big to fit through the kayak holes. That wasn't my experience at all. I have two kayaks on top of each other and tied to a fence. There is a It was very easy to program the lock. It feels strong. No one has taken it or broken it. I think there is always something stronger to cut a chain. I feel strong with this strength.

👤I struggle reaching down to thread this through the dock and back up to grab it. There is a There is a huge fear of falling into the lake at the dock: electric shock, no way to get up, stuck between already tied down boats with no extra room for arm movement, and no one around, etc. If lucky, fall in and find Lake Lanier a week later.

3. Kryptonite New U KryptoLok Standard Bicycle

Kryptonite New U KryptoLok Standard Bicycle

The bike cable lock is portable and secure. The anti-rust and zinc alloy key core is activated when you insert the locking bolt. The bike lock is best used for basic security. Don't leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. 10mm steel loop cable is for additional security. The cable length is 4" If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $1,750 Reimbursement for Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Don't watch out. If you buy this lock on AMAZON, you can't register it for the anti-theft service through the website. The key on this lock is a "P", which means it's not a series 2, even though it's listed as one. Since the lock doesn't match the key type on your itemized receipt, you can't register it with the same name on the website. It was important to register the lock for the anti-theft program because many people have had their locks broken for security reasons. The lock and key don't match up easily. I had the lock for less than a week because it takes about 15-20 seconds for the key to get into the hole. Four years ago, one of my family members bought a lock that had issues. I thought the experience was normal and that if the lock was a flaw, it would be fixed for the newer models. I was wrong. There is a I don't recommend buying a lock from Kryptonite.

👤I registered the keys at the website after receiving the product. The key number has a letter in it. The website asked me to pick the key prefix, but I didn't choose it. I thought it was not a Series 2. The key prefix choice was changed to letter P once I chose the product name "KryptoLok". I'm sure that this lock will work for some time, but I have to give a 1 star because it's false on Amazon.

👤I don't think you understand what a lock is, a lock is just to deter the thief, you can break any lock, so stop giving it a 1 star when your bike gets stolen.

👤9x4 inch locks are a great choice for locking up one bike. I tried a mini lock on my bike, but it didn't work because the lock didn't go through the frame and wheel. There are at least two pictures on the site that show a mini lock around only the frame and a rack, which is not good if you only ever need to lock your bike securely to a particular rack. Hmm. I have always been able to lock my bike up at my destination with this lock. The bigger locks are better for one bike. The idea of having to make two cuts through the lock to cut it off is appealing to me. The review said that is true. There is a Things. I don't like it. The keyway was in the middle of the bar and it was easy to get to. The new position is harder to access when the lock is hanging on my bike's rack because it is less visible. I've never used a frame. There is a The key can be difficult to turn. The red tag says "don't force the key", which seems to be a realization of this. Sometimes it's so difficult that I just want to leave my bike unlocked and go somewhere else. That's how bike locks have always been for me. This is my fourth. Maybe I need to work on my technique. There is a Things. I wonder if there are any studies that show that the extra fraction of a millimeter reduces theft. I'm tempted to say nothing would make a difference, but I think double deadbolt would be the difference. I have reduced my rating from four starts to two because it is difficult to turn the key. I've had other people try the key and they all agree it's an epic struggle. It turns out to be the most secure lock I've ever owned because I've been leaving my bike safely at home and walking the half mile to the grocery store rather than having another epic struggle with the key. Sometimes it fools me by turning smoothly, then the next time it won't. If I use this lock, I won't be able to open it with the key again.

4. Lewis N Clark Cable Lock

Lewis N Clark Cable Lock

The max length of the stretchable cable is 6ft, so it is suitable for lock many things, such as helmet, saddle, wheels, luggage, bicycles, skateboards, gates and fence. Keeps luggage, bikes, guns, work equipment, briefcase, purse, doors, gates, and many other items safe. Group items together and protect them. Whether you are traveling on public transportation, flying across the country, or on your daily commute, keep your possessions safe and secure. The design is rugged and means it will last. Their steel cable is flexible and easy to use. It's easy to reset bodega. Their three-dial code can be used to reset your combination. The re-programmed lock makes it easy to change your combo.

Brand: Lewis N. Clark

👤My kids keep sneaking into their room and throwing food under their bed, which is why I have this to keep them out of our cabinets. My 8 year old and 6 year old were able to pop the locks off with very little pressure after only a few months.

👤I was on my last nerve because my stuff goes missing all the time. I bought these to make my roommates not be able to use my pots and pans because I locked my kitchen cabinet with them.

👤I was looking for a lock. This is a sturdy size. It is easy to set and I would recommend it.

👤When I take a break in the lodge or need to lock up my skis for a short time, I bought this to use for skiing. If someone wants to steal your skis on the hill, they will, so it's just a deterrent. My hope is that a portable lock will be enough of a hassle for someone to not bother. I don't expect a lock at this size and price point to be fancy. I docked two stars because the lock isn't as sturdy as other portable locks I've had, and the cable isn't very stable. There's no way to know if the cable is securely fastened or not when you put the male end into the locking port. I pulled on the cable and it popped out, even though it seemed to be closed. It wouldn't come out of the locking port with a little tug after trying a few more times, so I assume that it had locked properly. I like to have a satisfying "click" when I use a lock. I wouldn't buy it again. I rely on honest product reviews to make purchases. I try to give honest reviews to help other shoppers find the right products for them because the experience of others has been helpful to me. I hope my review helped you.

👤Have you been on a motorcycle and wanted to walk around but didn't want to carry your helmet? This will help you. Enough cable to hold your helmet and jacket.

👤It's not great for heavy Securitu but works well for environment where you are nearby a coffee shop or library.

👤My North Face duffel has a pocket with a single direction zip and a perfect lock. It is easy to wrap around the loop. It was very easy to use and we were able to stand up to a lot of abuse.

👤It works as it says. It doesn't feel like it's expensive. It does what it says at this price and it's 5 stars.

👤The pin at the end of the cable is too large to go through a regular zip up, however if you can McGuyver it through then it is great. I keep a set of pliers handy when I travel because the locking combination can be easily reset, and the numbers are a little bit odd.

👤If you use it on skis, it will definitely make a crook move on down the line. I've only used it twice, so I can't comment on longevity. The ski hills in Ontario have been shut down because of the WooHoo Flu, but I'm confident that if things ever open up again, then this thing will make it through at least a season or three. The cable can be easily traveled through the ski pole straps and around the ski rack. Push one of the buttons and the extra slack is taken up, and you're quickly off to a race against time against undoing ski pants and using the 'facilities'...

5. Lewis N Clark TSA Approved Combination

Lewis N Clark TSA Approved Combination

China is the country of origin. During travel through the airport, keep your luggage locked up. The combination lock can be used by the screeners to inspect and relock luggage. It isdurable: The toughest travel lock you can buy. 70mm flexible steel cable won't break on conveyor belts. Set and reset your own 3-digit combination in less than 30 seconds, and then repeat it as many times as you please. Detailed instructions are included. A comfortable grip is provided by the non-slip material. It'sTILE: The combo lock is safe for luggage and suitcases. It is perfect for a gym lock, briefcase, laptop bag, purse, backpack, and more. There is a choice of blue, orange, red, and black.

Brand: Lewis N. Clark

👤I am comparing different luggage locks with features that make it easier to read. The number size is larger than the other Lewis N Clark locks. The lock size is the smallest in the comparison. The lock is still lightweight, even though it appears to be metal. Lewis N Clark has a luggage lock with steel cable. The numbers are black. The number size is the smallest. The 4 cm high cable is locked/unlocked by sliding it. The outside of the case is wrapped in rubber. Lewis N Clark Travel has a large dial cable lock. There are numbers on silver. The number size is larger on the Ideaworks lock than on the other 2 locks. A knob on the bottom of the lock is used to open the shackle cable. The outside is made of metal. This is the heaviest lock in the comparison. Ideaworks Large Digit Luggage Lock is a Jobar product. There are numbers on silver. Number size is the largest. The outside of the shackle appears to be plastic, not metal. The Enroute lock has a similar weight to the Lewis N Clark lock. There is a The Enroute lock is my favorite lock because I find it easy to read. The numbers are white on black, which makes it easier to read than the black on silver ones. The standard metal shackle is what I prefer. Extra maneuvers seem to be required to lock/unlock the cable locks. Your priorities and opinions may be different. There is a The large print TSA combination lock was my favorite easy to read luggage lock. This was metal with a solid shackle and white numbers. I can't find this lock anywhere.

👤The cable won't fit through my carry-on bag, so it's a nice lock. I made adjustments to get it to fit another part of the zippers, but was disappointed that it wouldn't fit the special circles on the zippers intended for a lock. There is a It's easy to change the combination. You can tell if the setting is accurate by the tight dial. The black part has a rubber grip for setting or locking.

👤These locks give us a sense of security when we travel. They are easy to use and take off. Very sturdy. Pick a number that you can remember but others can't.

👤The lock works as described and it was easy to change the combination which was huge for me. I have the same code for all of them. It was difficult to pick a travel lock with so many differing opinions. There is not a single lock that works for all situations. The flexible cable is great for the majority of my bags. I've been able to use one lock to secure the 2 zippers. The cable is too large to fit in the holes on some bags. I have a bag that locks on the side and I feel like the loop is so large that it is likely to catch something in transit. There is a My advice is to buy a different type of lock and use it for that bag.

6. Kryptonite Keeper Combination Cable Bike

Kryptonite Keeper Combination Cable Bike

It's recommended for accessory lock-up. 5mm, self-coiling flexible steel cable. Set 4-digit combination. There is a protective vinyl cover. Product dimensions are 3/16” (5mm) cable diameter and 4' (120 cm) cable length. The product weight is 0.25 lbs. 0.11 lbs.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤A quote from the back of the lock's packaging is my headline. The lock is used as a secondary lock to protect items from someone who decides to grab them. There is a The lock is very light, which is a plus. If I could see the bike from the register, I would trust it to lock my bike. The main purpose is to keep your accessories out of the frame. Jackasses steal bike seats to mess up someone's day. I plan to use it to secure my backpack to the train seat or cafe table for peace of mind, as a protection against "grab and run" theft. You can't change it, it's a fixed combination. The combination is 6 digits to 4 rings. A 10 digit x 3 lock has 1,000 combinations. Even if your combination is the last one to be tried, it's only 21 minutes because it's easy for a thief to try a digit per second. The thief is likely to find the solution in the first half of attempts, so close to 10 minutes of safety. That assumes the thief didn't have a heavy wire cutter.

👤I bought the cheapest cable lock I could find to get free shipping on another item, but I didn't read reviews. It doesn't have all nine digits, which is odd, I guess even with five digits that's 54 combinations so fine. I am not sure if I could use this as a stand alone lock, even a pair of pliers could go through it. The cable lock that I'm using is about the same thickness as the more expensive one, but it's not as thick, so I'd be okay with locking a bike up for a few hours in a low-crime area. I'd be a little worried if it were locked up anywhere other than in front of police or a security desk. This is a good lock if you want to lock an expensive seat to a frame in a high-crime area, or if you want to lock a front wheel lock through the rear wheel and frame. As a small and light lock for my road bike, I can get a piece of pizza while still watching it through the window, this is ok.

👤I got this as an inexpensive lock for short term use but didn't do my homework. The combo lock is the last thing I need. I am likely to forget this one because it has a Fixed Combination. It will sit on the shelf in the garage. It's not worth returning.

👤It feels like you could break this with the tools in your car. Don't get if you're trying to prevent something from being taken. The code is pre-set so you don't have to choose. I thought you could change a code on every lock. I'm being silly. Its cheap. I'm sure I can use it.

👤I like this lock. The tumblers are smooth. It is a bit thin. That's why it's so easy to use. This is a good option if you want to lock something in an area where your cable isn't likely to be cut.

7. GoFriend Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

GoFriend Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

It's easy to reset bodega. Their three-dial code can be used to reset your combination. The re-programmed lock makes it easy to change your combo. A smart 5-digit resettable combination chain lock is much safer than other 4 digit locks. It is easy to set and reset your combination. Good performance cable has a strong inner core protection that is safer and better anti-theft effect. The materials are high quality. Strong pressure without being distorted is achieved by the high strength and durable lock frame. A 4' x 1/2' vinyl shell is used. The 120 cm steel cable can be used for a lot of things. The package includes a bike lock and a mount.

Brand: Gofriend

👤Each person in our family received a lock in a different color. The locks are designed to open and close smoothly. You can set the lock to a combination of your choice and then re-set it whenever you please. The quality and ease of use are very good. The holder that mounts to the bike to hold the lock is an added bonus. I didn't pay attention to the picture with the locks. When you push the red button on the holder, the lock slides smoothly in and out of the holder. The locks are cute. I am very happy with the purchase. Absolutely recommend. There is a Someone said their instructions were only in Chinese. I took the English instructions and uploaded them here.

👤The thief was able to cut through the lock on my bike very quickly because it was stolen right outside our window. The wire is thin and covered up by a thick layer of plastic, which is deceiving, and offers no protection at all. The damage has already been done, even though I received my money back from the seller.

👤The lock is fairly sturdy. It's easy to open- close. Other reviewers have said that this is not a lock you want to use in a desolate area. I think a pair of heavy duty lock cutters could cut through it, but that is not what I bought it for. I keep it locked up when I am at a restaurant or grocery store. It works well for my needs. It works well on the bike. I stay out of the way. I bought a second bike. I was quite happy with my purchases.

👤These were attached to my children's scooters. It's easy to set and use. The children are seven and nine years old.

👤The item arrived on time, and not damaged, and it performs as expected, but the bike mount may not work for your bike. The coil of the cable was difficult to manage. The lock mechanism was easy to use. I didn't do a bolt cutter test on them so I can't say for sure, but they seem pretty thick. It looks secure, so it will keep most away. One of our bikes had to remove a rear divertor because the seat didn't attach to the frame in a way that would allow the included mount to be used. The cable was coiled around the frame.

👤The bike was stolen after the chain was cut. It's ridiculous! The jerk who stole the bike was a brand new expensive bike.

👤I can set. I've had several bike locks over the years and could get this one set. I was happy to watch it die.

👤Great! I didn't notice how big the lock was, and therefore it wasn't enough to fit through the space I needed to lock. If you are trying to get something, make sure it has a large opening.

8. Resettable Combination Outdoors Security Mounting

Resettable Combination Outdoors Security Mounting

It'sTILE: The combo lock is safe for luggage and suitcases. It is perfect for a gym lock, briefcase, laptop bag, purse, backpack, and more. There is a choice of blue, orange, red, and black. The braided steel coating is made of high strength braided steel wire and has no smell. The Zinc alloy lock core is high quality and resistant to wear. The lock can hold a static tension of 2000N. There are 10,000 combinations you can set, which makes it easy to set your own number combination. The code is 0000. You don't have to worry about lost keys or forgetting to carry it with the convenience lock. The lock is easy to carry and can be added to other objects. The lock can be installed or removed with the quick installation button. 5 feet by 1/2 inch cable is long enough for many users. You can lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, thick pole, and others. The lock can be used for many things. 5 feet by 1/2 inch cable is long enough for many users. You can lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, thick pole, and others. The lock can be used for many things.

Brand: Leichten

👤It's your basic bike lock. It was nice to purchase something that didn't cost a lot to serve its purpose, because it was not fancy bells and whistles to jack up its value. It's a bit difficult to lock up my bike quickly since I have to wind/unwind it each time, but nothing I can't overlook. It would have been a 5-star review if it was a bit more convenient to use, and easier to wind/unwind, but it does take some initial getting used to, in order to get accustomed to having to wrap it around under my seat. If you don't need to use it frequently, it's worth a few bucks, and if you're just looking for a simple lock for your bike, it's worth a few bucks as well.

👤The lock was purchased to secure the mountain bike to the rack. It worked well for the first few weeks. I tried hard, but the key wouldn't open the mechanism. Had the bike been secured to the lock, I would have needed heavy duty bolt cutter to free it. I think that even if a bit of dirt gets in it will ruin the mechanism. I tried a lubricant. It wouldn't work.

👤Excellent bike lock. It has been the perfect length for us on our roadtrips with the flexibility to wind around nonstandard pole objects.

👤The main part of this is coiled heavy cable which makes it difficult to wrap through the bike's wheels and it is difficult to store. I was willing to compromise for the security offered, but there was a problem. I found that if the combination rings were turned before the end was inserted, it would change the combination. If enough force wasn't used in pushing things together, partial insertion was a real risk. I was able to figure out what was happening before I had things fully inserted, but couldn't guess what the new combination would be. I was able to free my bike by using a hack saw on the exposed lock insert that was partially inserted. I'm going to get a key-operated lock.

👤The lock is great and the shipping was fast. It works well and has been holding up.

👤I'm strong for my size. I wasn't trying to prove it. I held the ends of the cable in my hands as I stretched the cable around the post. The lock on my hand popped off, leaving bare strands of metal on the cable. I just wrapped the cable. I might have been holding the lock end right. A thief would break it in a heartbeat if a little girl could pull this off.

👤The mechanism still works despite the cable getting very stiff in the cold. They're pretty good, I got 3 of them.

👤I needed a bike lock to keep my bike out of harms way. This is very easy to use. It's likely due to its level of security that it can be difficult to untangle the cord to lock it. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a lock, so this was a great purchase.

9. Master Lock Cable Combination 8122D

Master Lock Cable Combination 8122D

Hanging lights can be secured with security cable, even if they are mounted with a different type of clamp. There is a lock application. For indoor and outdoor use, cable lock is the best choice. EASE OF USE: Set and reset your combination for convenience, allowing thousands of personalized combination code options; self-coiling for easy storage. The cable is made from braided steel for strength and flexibility. 6 ft. cable length; 1/2 in. Outside diameter. 6 ft. cable length; 1/2 in. Outside diameter.

Brand: Master Lock

👤I couldn't open it because it wasn't set to "0000", so I didn't know what to do. I thought I would have to return it. I randomly tried 0009 and it opened. Setting the numbers was very easy, it was much easier than my older lock where you have to remove the parts to reset the numbers. Feels good. My son is 12. He is finding it hard to find a place to mount his bike. Even if there was enough space, he has a water bottle cage in the way of the seat tube. Seat post facing back wheel is another option. Even though his seat is high, it seems like it will rub on the tire. He might face forward over the top tube. He might need a backpack when he wants to use his lock. If you're buying a tween, you might want the smaller version. I was a little disappointed that the instructions on how to use the cable adapter were not found on the internet. It slides apart so you can access the screws and then screw them together.

👤The Master Lock brand cable lock has a combination that you can reset. I took it out of the package, read the instructions, turned the dial, and the lock fell apart. The little plastic numbers fell all over the floor after a spring popped inside. I asked for a replacement instead of a refund because I was sick of shopping for a new brand of cable lock. I was able to reset the combination without the lock self-destructing, but it kept sticking shut. I couldn't get it open until I had turned the correct combination several times and given it a few good yanks, because it stuck shut at the parking lot outside the store. It looked like I was trying to steal the bike. I tried to open it with Lock Ease, but it would catch when you tried, so I tried to squirt it full of Lock Ease. It feels like the lock doesn't need oil, but like the tumblers wouldn't line up correctly inside the lock. I can't risk getting locked out of my bike if I use it again.

👤My son couldn't get the numbers to turn on the second day he rode his bike to school. The last digit is stuck and cannot be unlocked. I followed him to school to make sure he got his bike secured, otherwise it would have been locked up all day. He was upset.

👤The lock is terrible. It changes the combination on you. I had to cut the cable to get the lock off my bike at my work because it did it at my place of employment. I found out that a 7 that I had set became a 6 in the combination lock. There is a The cable is almost impossible to stretch out, so if that isn't enough to stop you from buying this lock, consider that. It is not easy to use the listed 6' of length because it keeps wanting to coil up. When you try to put it together, the combination lock plastic parts are bent in a way that puts strain on the lock. A poor design all around. I would look for a lock with a different design.

10. Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside. The cable length is 6' and the cable width is 12mm. Easy click locking, no need for keys, and bike mount for convenient transport. The 4-digit combination is reset to personalize your code. If you register your combo at kryptonitelock, they will be able to remind you of what it is.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The lock was just received. I bought it for the purpose of locking my bikes up. The length is perfect. It was very easy to setup. The description says it comes with a mount, but it doesn't. Not happy with the description. I have to find a mount that works with this lock. The cable length is 10', the cable width is 12mm, and the bike mount is for convenient transport.

👤I have used this lock at my home a couple of times. I used it to lock mountain bikes to my bike rack and then drove 75 miles along a dirt road. We attempted to open the bikes. Not happening. Went to a local bike shop and borrowed a bolt cutter. It only took a second to cut the cord and open the bikes. Bring a bolt cutter if you buy one of these and want to make sure your bikes are unlocked.

👤I have been using this as my lock for about 3 months, and when I return it doesn't open, I locked it up to go to the store for a quick purchase. I'm going to have to hitch a bus ride and come back with bolt cutters because my bike is stuck.

👤The fastest return of a product. The slide wouldn't slide. Quality Control would be better with these locks. Only 2 of 10 were rated for security. This device should have never been made.

👤The bike lock worked well for a while, but then it became difficult to lock it. It was impossible to get it unlocked once I did. I used the same combination for the entire time. The manufacturer was not helpful. I needed a special tool to cut the cable. I switched to a different brand of lock.

👤I bought our bikes a couple of weeks ago. They are used about 4 times a week. One is still working. The male connector on the other was no longer connected when it was inserted. I gave it another squirt of silicone and it connected, but now it won't connect. It's locked up. The bike wasn't locked when this happened. The 3 stars are what they are. There is a A follow up. Amazon had the same issue with the replacement. All will be returned and I will source a different product.

👤We had high hopes for this bike lock, but it failed to open on the first time we used it. We tried everything, but had to use bolt cutter to cut it off. It took a long time to cut through. I think there was a flaw in a recent batches of locks, which is not what the previous reviews had indicated.

👤I thought this combo lock would be a good one for my son who rides his bike to school. The lock wouldn't open after less than a week of use. I have to cut the lock to get his bike from the school bike rack. Absolutely disappointing experience. Will not buy another one.

11. Master Lock 8143D Combination Black

Master Lock 8143D Combination Black

The loud horn can be used to remind others of your arrival and to keep a safe distance from you. The sound of the horn makes you feel good. The outdoor bike cable lock is best used as a bicycle lock. The cable bike lock has a four-digit combination lock that is best used as a theft deterrent. The bike lock is made with braided steel and has a protective vinyl coating. The bike lock cable is 4 feet. The length is 1.2 m and 5/16 in. It is in the diameter. One bike lock cable is included. One bike lock cable is included.

Brand: Master Lock

👤The first day I used this lock, my bike was stolen. It was easy for them.

👤The lock was always stuck and jammed. You don't want to be in a situation where you have to get your bike unlocked in the middle of a cold night. I wondered if it was me, or if I accidentally set it but it wouldn't open until the last minute. After a short time. The time is between 10 and 15 minutes. After two people tried, I had to cut the cable clean off with my Dremel, a plastic cutting disc and metal cutting disc, which I was just lucky enough to have nearby. It was always a bad time for this to happen. I have to wrestle with the cable which is too strong and it always stressed me out. There is a The Dremel has a 5 star review.

👤Someone cut the lock on my bike lock and stole my husband's brand new bike, just 10 minutes after I used this to secure my bike on my front porch. I am not happy. I don't recommend this. I live in a neighborhood that is generally safe and yet a thief cut through it like a child playing. It looked like they cut it with a knife, which was rare, according to the police officer that came. The cable lock is cheap.

👤This is an economical solution for a situation where you want to lock your bike up. The section of the cable is not thick enough to deter someone from buying your bike. I wouldn't let my bike with this lock overnight in critical areas, but it's great when you stop for a coffee or lunch downtown. It comes with a fix combination, which makes it more memorable for you. Make sure you mark the four digits down. You don't look like an idiot trying to steal your bike!

👤My bike was stolen a week before this lock expired. The lock was broken at the "key" insert. The material used was very brittle. Save your time and bike. Get a big lock. I took a chance on my bike, but now I feel like a fool.

👤Most people assume that all combo locks have a code. Not true. MasterLock offers an online service to store the combination in a "vault" in case you forget it. There is a This is a lock that is lightweight and can be used as a theft deterrent. Don't set your expectations too high. There is a Lock sticks a bit when it's inserted into a female portion. Jigging helps. There is a You get what you pay for.

👤I thought it would be a solid build. I didn't expect it to be cheap. It all works, but it's not very sturdy. My kid dropped one of the locks on his bike. The number wheels fell off. When it was locked, I didn't try to pull it apart but I was less confident that it would hold up. You should spend a few extra dollars for something that is stronger. -- Product works exactly as advertised, is a good value at the price point purchased, and I would buy it again or recommend it to a friend. Product works exactly as advertised, fit/finish are what you'd expect, but the product may leave more to be desired. Product generally works, but it may not be a good value at the price point or need some improvement. I wouldn't buy it again. Product barely works but can be useful if you try. I wouldn't recommend it for purchase. Product does not perform as intended and is probably a waste of money. There is a My review scale is that. If I receive a product that I would give three stars or less, I usually contact the vendor and let them know the problem. Most of the time, they are willing to replace or refund my purchase. This is the reason you will see very few reviews from me. I hope that helps everyone. There is a I would love for you to reply "Was this review helpful to you?" Thank you so much!


What is the best product for bicycle lock cable combination?

Bicycle lock cable combination products from Rockbros. In this article about bicycle lock cable combination you can see why people choose the product. Dockslocks and Kryptonite are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle lock cable combination.

What are the best brands for bicycle lock cable combination?

Rockbros, Dockslocks and Kryptonite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle lock cable combination. Find the detail in this article. Lewis N. Clark, Gofriend and Leichten are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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