Best Bicycle Lock Cable 3ft

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1. Titanker 6 5FT Security Coated Flexible

Titanker 6 5FT Security Coated Flexible

Steel strong steel cable with braided steel construction is a strong security for your bikes. It is durable and protects your cable against scratching and rusting. It is the perfect choice to secure your bicycles, sports equipment, gates and fences, grills and lawnmowers, skateboards, tools, ladders, mechanism, truck bed and mor. Convenient: Sturdy double end-looped to adjust pad-locks, U-locks, disc-locks and more. The sizes are: 4-FT x 12mm, 7-FT x 12mm, 15-FT x 12mm, and 30-FT x 12mm.

Brand: Titanker

👤There is a steel cable here. There is a It should be called "8mm Steel Cable". This isn't the cable you're looking for. This is the perfect cable for you if you want an 8mm steel cable.

👤I bought my son an ebike for his birthday, and he uses it to go to school. Someone cut the padlock to the bike parking area and tried to steal his bike, out of the 150 bikes, within the first week. The thief tried to cut the cable, but was unsuccessful. He spent several minutes trying to cut through the 14mm cable, but was only able to get about 1mm or two in. The delay helped get school security to the area. I bought the 7ft cable just in case. If the thief was able to cut a padlock to a fenced in bike area but was unable to cut through the cable of the lock, then I'll keep buying this lock system.

👤The cable assembly was not constructed properly and failed catastrophically. It was used in an assembly. When put under a light load, it broke apart and hit my son. He has whip marks across his back. The cable should not be crimped down with the plastic in place because it was not inserted all the way. I'm sending them back. My son will not need to go to the dentist.

👤I have had to return three items from Amazon in the last 3 weeks. No one is involved in quality control and they don't know what it is. The plastic covering on the Bike Street Cable has a wire through it. You want me to wrap that around my bike tires? I don't think so. Didn't anyone notice this thing? Garbage!

👤The cable is very strong. It arrived without any problems. > The cable was too heavy for my purposes. With the plastic coating, the cable is 1/2 in diameter, so consider a combo master lock with lots of space. I'm returning the cable, but the fault is mine, so I'm giving 5 stars.

👤Beware! Not made from steel cable. Rather from small steel wires. Can cut through the whole thing with wire cutter.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the cable. The length was enough to get two bikes to the vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a longer cable to secure items.

👤The cable that was attached to the frame of the bike and looped through a jacket sleeve and full face helmet will not allow anyone to just walk off with the gear left on the seat while in restaurants or out on the trails. You would need a pair of bolt cutter to get through the cable. It's what I need for the trip to Ak. in 6 weeks.

👤Good quality and worth the money.

2. GoFriend Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

GoFriend Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

It's easy to reset bodega. Their three-dial code can be used to reset your combination. The re-programmed lock makes it easy to change your combo. A smart 5-digit resettable combination chain lock is much safer than other 4 digit locks. It is easy to set and reset your combination. Good performance cable has a strong inner core protection that is safer and better anti-theft effect. The materials are high quality. Strong pressure without being distorted is achieved by the high strength and durable lock frame. A 4' x 1/2' vinyl shell is used. The 120 cm steel cable can be used for a lot of things. The package includes a bike lock and a mount.

Brand: Gofriend

👤Each person in our family received a lock in a different color. The locks are designed to open and close smoothly. You can set the lock to a combination of your choice and then re-set it whenever you please. The quality and ease of use are very good. The holder that mounts to the bike to hold the lock is an added bonus. I didn't pay attention to the picture with the locks. When you push the red button on the holder, the lock slides smoothly in and out of the holder. The locks are cute. I am very happy with the purchase. Absolutely recommend. There is a Someone said their instructions were only in Chinese. I took the English instructions and uploaded them here.

👤The thief was able to cut through the lock on my bike very quickly because it was stolen right outside our window. The wire is thin and covered up by a thick layer of plastic, which is deceiving, and offers no protection at all. The damage has already been done, even though I received my money back from the seller.

👤The lock is fairly sturdy. It's easy to open- close. Other reviewers have said that this is not a lock you want to use in a desolate area. I think a pair of heavy duty lock cutters could cut through it, but that is not what I bought it for. I keep it locked up when I am at a restaurant or grocery store. It works well for my needs. It works well on the bike. I stay out of the way. I bought a second bike. I was quite happy with my purchases.

👤These were attached to my children's scooters. It's easy to set and use. The children are seven and nine years old.

👤The item arrived on time, and not damaged, and it performs as expected, but the bike mount may not work for your bike. The coil of the cable was difficult to manage. The lock mechanism was easy to use. I didn't do a bolt cutter test on them so I can't say for sure, but they seem pretty thick. It looks secure, so it will keep most away. One of our bikes had to remove a rear divertor because the seat didn't attach to the frame in a way that would allow the included mount to be used. The cable was coiled around the frame.

👤The bike was stolen after the chain was cut. It's ridiculous! The jerk who stole the bike was a brand new expensive bike.

👤I can set. I've had several bike locks over the years and could get this one set. I was happy to watch it die.

👤Great! I didn't notice how big the lock was, and therefore it wasn't enough to fit through the space I needed to lock. If you are trying to get something, make sure it has a large opening.

3. Motorcycle Security Weather Resistant Coating

Motorcycle Security Weather Resistant Coating

There is safety. Hanging lights can be secured with a safety cable. 6 feet of steel braided cable. It is coated in a material that has ultimate weather resistance. 6 Inches when coiled to 72 Inches. For use with carabiners and other locks.

Brand: Racing 1

👤Any form of lock is a deterrent. I would rather have a lock on my helmet while I stop for lunch or a pit stop. The coiled cable is the same as advertised. It's lightweight to carry in a pocket or on a bike. It was about 6 inches in diameter. There are loops around my carabiner. They slip on. I don't think you want to stretch the memory on the coil because it's strong enough. You won't scratch anything on the bike or helmet with this plastic coated coating. It will be easier to lock the helmet through the big visor opening if I have a full face helmet. My chin strap does not have a ring. I have a new one.

👤It works as I wanted it to. I only needed it to stretch 2 feet max if it worked out, because I don't think you want to stretch it out for a long period of time. I put it on a hard mount up front on my bike and then looped it through my helmet and locked it. Unless they have a pair of wire cutter in their pocket, they will break the helmet before they break the coil. There is a It's to keep people from grabbing it. It is no longer an easy target of opportunity.

👤Light resistance to theft is provided by the small diameter cable. I don't know if it would stand up to a good tug. Sometimes the presence of a security cable is enough to deter theft. The convenience of buying one at this store is worth it to some, even though I found a more substantial locking one for less money.

👤It works as it should. It's for keeping honest people honest. The hardcore criminal will get whatever you want with this product. I trust it with my Shoei Neotec II.

👤I thought they were bigger. The cable is wrapped in plastic. Not just plastic coil. Maybe I was mistaken, but they are 6 ft of cable uncoiled. More like 3 feet. I'm going to use them anyways. These should be more like $3 each. $7 is steep.

👤I picked up a helmet lock on Amazon for a few bucks. The cable does what I wanted it to. The honest guys are kept honest. This is a 7.00 cable guys and it could be cut or defeated with proper motivation. Don't expect it to be a 1/2 inch chain. Two thumbs up.

👤You could cut through this with a pocket knife. It won't retain shape when stretched out first use. It's just a cosmetic.

👤It works perfectly when used for a RV cable. It was cheaper than the RV specific cables.

4. Keeper Brinks 175 06001 Loop Cable

Keeper Brinks 175 06001 Loop Cable

If you park your bikes in high-risk areas, never underestimate the destructive power of these areas. Heavy-duty Lock can't provide 100% guarantee, but it can provide some. The cable is made of flexible steel and coated with a vinyl jacket. The loop ends for easy use. It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside. It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside.

Brand: Brinks

👤Someone cut the lock on the gate leading to our property. The only thing I had was the new cable. I bought it to use on my mountain bike. It never got used for that purpose. There are two very large steel posts at the gate. I didn't have anything to replace the cut lock. I used a spare paddle lock and pulled out the bike cable to securely wrap it around and keep people out. It worked out great! I never thought of using anything other than a standard lock to secure the gate, but necessity is the mother of invention. I was happy with the result. If someone wants to get past our gate, they'll need to have a set of bolt cutter with them. A cable is more maneuverable than a bar lock. The jerk cutting our lock was a bad thing, but I now have a better way to keep our gate shut. A nice well built cable will give you some confidence.

👤The strength of the coil was important to me. This cable is being used to think of a transducer cable for a motor. When the Minn Kota Terrova shaft spins, the transducer cable allows it to move up and down around it. The transducer cable is kept out of the way when the motor is stowed.

👤The spring-coiling of this cable is so tight that you won't be able to get all 6 feet out. It will be wrapped around your seat post with no effort. An uncoiled cable would have been smarter on our part if we used it to secure a yard appliance. The looped ends of the cable are large enough to hold a thick padlock.

👤When you are fighting to go be into a coil, length is irrelevant. This is the first time I've had springs without a lot of spring.

👤I had to return it because it was too tightly coiled. When I took it out of the package, I thought I would be able to untangle it. I am returning it because it was a problem for my application.

👤"Lightly coiled" is a cable that stretches out so you can lock your bike up. Quality is very good. The coating on the skin prevents scratches. Very happy so far.

👤The tree stand locks are strong and perfect size. Just what I needed.

👤The twist on this was so tight that it knocked my glasses off. You may not get the length you need because it is wound tight. It is very high quality.

👤The product was good and it was shipped quickly. It is 100% recommendable.

👤Para el casco... I am solo para me.

5. Master Lock Python Adjustable 8419DPF

Master Lock Python Adjustable 8419DPF

It's ideal for securing skis, bikes, buggies, stroller and other items together. The outdoor cable lock with a key is best used as a trail camera lock, kayak locking cable, bike cable lock, tools and job boxes lock, and to secure other outdoor equipment. The lock has a patented locking mechanism that holds the cable tight at any position for a perfect fit. The cable lock is made with braided steel for strength and flexibility. The bike lock cable is 6 feet. The length is 5/16 in. It is in the diameter. There is a cable lock and two keys. There is a cable lock and two keys.

Brand: Master Lock

👤If the cable's outer diameter is important to you, be aware that it is not 5/16 in. The item was identified in the description. In. The OD of the plastic coated cable is larger than the internal steel braid and will not fit into a 5/16 in. The hole is diameter

👤If you slide the cable through the lock when it is already locked, it will chew up the plastic coating, a little bit every time.

👤The "lock" was wrapped around my outboard motor and motor mount, but when my brand new 50 lbs motor slipped off the mount, the "lock" was stripped and my motor went into the water. This product failed as advertised. I'm updating to 2 stars because Master Lock stood behind the product and covered it under warranty. Update... This is not a lock and the $350 repair to my outboard motor was caused by the failure of this item.

👤It would be hard for a thief to steel it if it was easy to lock it.

👤They have it here in Hawaii, but it is more expensive than on Amazon. I am able to purchase two for the price of one on Amazon because I am on Oahu. It saves me a lot of gas and wear and tear on my car just to get to the hardware store. I can use the savings I get from not having to pay state taxes on products I buy on Amazon to buy gas, because I don't have to pay state taxes on products I buy on Amazon. I think that Hawaii has some of the highest gas prices in the nation, but politicians are going to close this loophole soon. I want to get my 5.1 sound system before that happens. That's right! Maybe it's time to increase my credit limit. The lock and cable are very easy to use, just pull one end through the main locking mechanism and you are done. It is a handy device that can be used to keep things locked down when you don't want to find them missing. It will give you peace of mind that you are safe when you can't keep a constant eye on it. If the person wants it bad enough, a heavy duty bolt cutter will cut the cable. Hopefully the thief will keep walking and look for an easier target. I don't want to tip off the bad guys, so I can't say what I'm using my cable lock for. In my case, silence is golden. A good locking system for the price. It's true; If your application can fit the thicker 5/16 cable, then I suggest you purchase that one or a few of them. Thank you Amazon.

👤I used a cable lock routed through some mounting holes to anchor a small safe in my dorm room, which was built with eyeloops drilled into the wall and ground. The safe is definitely not leaving. There is a The cable is manageable, but it won't survive a lock-cutter for very long. The lock housing is built to last a long time. There is a The lack of a coiling cable proved to be perfect for me, allowing for maximum manageability and convenience. It's difficult to write an exciting review about a cable lock, but I think this is one of the best light-to-medium duty cable locks on the market.

6. Motorcycle Helmet Jacket Multi Purpose

Motorcycle Helmet Jacket Multi Purpose

These are great security cable with loop to secure your items, such as holiday-colored ribbon, images of witches, skeletons and assorted ghouls and gargoyles, lightweight lights, small gifts, toys and festive decorations to Halloween. There are two cable locks and four keys in this listing. A cable lock is great to secure a helmet or jacket on a motorcycle. The braided steel cable is 5mm in diameter and is 3ft long. The braided steel has strength and flexibility. The protective coating helps prevent scratching. The laminated steel body of the integrated padlock is superior strength. Extra pry resistance is provided by a steel shackle with dual locking levers. Extra pry resistance is provided by a steel shackle with dual locking levers.

Brand: Master Lock

👤It worked well as lid locks on the bikes. If you choose to use this as a wheel/fork lock, be sure to remove it before you roll.

👤I had a piece of equipment stolen from my truck and I bought these to make it harder to steal it. The lock is to keep people honest. The cable is long.

👤A metal end cap is inserted into the lock and disconnected from the cable. I was testing the locks after I received them. I couldn't believe it happened so quickly. Will return both locks.

👤When I was off my bike, I bought a lock to protect my helmet. The device is small and works well. I assumed it was the size of a regular master lock. It is about 1 inch squared. It uses a small key instead of a large one. There is a The wire is long enough but it might fall out at any moment. I have included some images to show you. There is a I hope this helps you make a better decision.

👤This does it's job and I like it. I've used the helmetlok combination locks for the past 2 years and they have always annoyed me because of how difficult they are to open. I just turn a key and my helmet is loose. It's much better!

👤This is a great accessory for anyone who wants to keep their helmet and jacket on their bike. It is strong and long enough to put multiple items on. I put my jacket and helmet on one cord. I don't have to carry around my gear anymore. It's highly recommended for anyone not wanting to spend a fortune on locking saddle bags, who just wants to secure a few items quickly and easily. It was easy to use and came quickly in the mail.

👤There is a cable and lock. The lock is attached to the cable.

👤I use these to keep my helmet locked up. I use one to lock up my leather jacket. The functions are great for those purposes. It's nice to have two of them. I would like the locks to be made more resistant to scratching, but other than that they are good.

7. ROCKBROS Lightweight Bicycle Combination Portable

ROCKBROS Lightweight Bicycle Combination Portable

ABUS has been inventing and manufacturing security technology since 1924. ABUS provides security solutions to help you feel safe and secure. No one can decode your password except yourself, and the ROCKBROS bike lock combination is too hard for a thief to try out. The initial password is. Each cable contains 7 high- strength steel wire. The lock cylinder is made of zinc. The bike lock has superior strength and resilience. You can put this bike lock outside on rainy days without fear of rust, because it is covered with thickly-madePVC material. The bike lock cable combination is sprayed with rubber paint and will not scratch the bicycle paint. It's a good choice as a daily tool, weight only 0.8lb. This lightweight bike lock is great for protecting motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, gates, lawnmowers, etc. It's a good choice as a daily tool, weight only 0.8lb. This lightweight bike lock is great for protecting motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, grills, ladders, gates, lawnmowers, etc.

Brand: Rockbros

👤There is a coating on the cable that is waterproof and antiscratch, but it has separated from the lock on the other side, and rust is starting on the steel cable ends. We got 6 months for our price point, which is acceptable, because we're buying another one to replace it. There is a We had a hard rain 3 months later. The lock wouldn't open. The combo was changed to one number each dial. I was disappointed at the failure and wondered if user error or the beginning of the end of the lock were the reasons. There is a * This is a very decent lock, so I'm updating this review. Large numbers are easy to read. The lock was kept in place by the tightlywound part of the cable. I think we'll see about longevity, but a nice antiscratch coating. The seller apologized and made good on the wrong item issue. Not as pictured. It's not certain if this will work for us. The cable is tightly wound.

👤The lock is of good quality. The problem for me is that it is 44 inches long, not 22. I wanted the shorter length because I wanted to use it to lock my front bike wheel to the frame, as an added safety. It is coiled tightly. It was misrepresented by the photo and doesn't fulfill my intended use. It is going back.

👤I bought this to lock my helmet on my bike. It seems pretty well made and works as it should. It's easy to change the combination.

👤The lock is great for gates. It's difficult to hold in one hand, put the key in the barrel, and then spin the numbers to set the lock.

👤The lock is sturdy and easy to set.

👤The bike lock is great for school or work.

👤The directions were written in Chinese. No English. Sending it back. What a hassle!

👤Solid construction. The one that is half the price wouldn't unlock after a few weeks.

8. AKM Security Bicycle 3 Feet Motorcycle

AKM Security Bicycle 3 Feet Motorcycle

Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. The chain lock is made of 3T steel. 10mm high strength square link chain is thick enough to hold 6KN tension and 13KN shear force. The chain lock is a great way to protect your valuables from theft. The material is in line with EU environmental standards. The nylon sleeve cover helps prevent scratches on your property. The dics lock is made of 16mm hard zinc alloy and has a thick coating. It is resistant to cutting, breaking, sawing and shearing. Four individual and ergonomics keys are made with a lock core that is not bent or twisted. It's perfect for motorcycles, electric cars, electric bikes, cars, tricycles, doors, grills, ladders and more. It's ideal for bicycle lock, motorcycle lock, combination lock, cable lock, chain lock, skateboards, sports equipment and more. The 900mmx10mm has 17 cut resistant chains. The weight is 5.3lb/2.4kg. The new upgrade silver chain is on-toxic. The 900mmx10mm has 17 cut resistant chains. The weight is 5.3lb/2.4kg. The new upgrade silver chain is on-toxic.

Brand: Akm

👤My bike was locked to my truck's bike rack at the hotel. The lock stopped the attempted theft of the bike. The thief was able to make a clean cut through one of the links, but it took too long to make another cut. They tried to drill through the hole, but the drill bit broke. I still have my bike, thanks to this AKM lock. Follow up. I had to have a locksmith remove the U-lock since it was so badly damaged. He had it off in 10 minutes and it was so hot he had to use a cup of water to cool it off. I backed the truck up to a wooded area with the bike locked to the bike mount in the back of the hotel parking lot, trying to hide it. The problem is that I gave the thief cover while his cutting tool produced sparks. The locksmith said that sparks like that will draw a lot of attention and that it's better to have it out in the open.

👤We've had this chain for over a year. The cover over the chain is preventing damage to the bike, and it is attractive. I waited to leave a review so I could report on how it is. The included small U Lock is still functioning and not stuck, which is always good. The bike is stored in a garage that is covered in Florida humidity and exposed to elements but not direct rain. We use the chain in two different ways, one in a busy, downtown area that is notorious for bike theft and the other out and about in a rural area. We only had a cable lock, but a bike was stolen while we were at lunch. It is heavy and will scare off potential thieves, no one will have time in broad daylight to cut through this chain. You only have to be one of the more protected bikes in the city to be a target for thieves. We have a locked up condo garage for other uses. Our neighbors have had bikes stolen, but not ours. Being one of the more secure set-ups is making a difference for us. Is there enough time for someone to see through the chain? It would take some time and tools. Our big U Locks are easy to use, but sometimes they are not the best place to lock them because they are too heavy, or they aren't compatible with a light pole. The place we lock them at home is a bolt in the cement wall, and the U Lock wouldn't reach, so the chain gives you many more options. It's so heavy to work with, so cumbersome to ride with, and so hard to get relocked, that it's hard to travel with. If you don't have a specific reason to need the chain, a big enough U Lock is easy to use. We have both a chain and a U Lock because they say U Locks can be pried open and cut open easier.

9. GOOTRADES Outdoor Travel Security Lightweight

GOOTRADES Outdoor Travel Security Lightweight

Also included: The lock is sold seperately. The material isPVC,Steel, aluminum and has a diameter of 2mm. It's easy to carry a mini. Use with padlocks or U-locks. The double-looped Tiny Style can accommodate pad-locks, U-locks, or disc-locks. The covering protects against scratching and rust. It's perfect for helmets when used with another lock.

Brand: Gootrades

👤When I walk away from my motorcycle, I bought these to keep my bags locked up. It does its job. It could be easily cut with strong cutters. They make me feel a bit more secure when I leave my bags on the bike. They are worth it for the sense of security.

👤Simple. I thought it was thin but it was good for my needs. Put a small lock on each bike for the family. It won't stop a determined thief, but more than enough for my needs as a deterrent.

👤The exaclynas were advertised. The length I needed was exactly what I needed. It is very flexible yet sturdy. The color selection was not important to me.

👤The wire is long enough to wrap around a tree and is very handy for camping.

👤I need to lock my helmets up, and this does the trick.

👤I have lost these before. The TGV in France has these, and they are very useful. I recommend them for train travel.

👤What I needed to hold my cash box. I got three for a great price. It is sturdy enough to stop a snatch and go, however, they are a little short so tethering two together is perfect if you need some slack.

👤I would not depend on these to secure much. The cable is very thin and easy to cut through. We hung the flower pots.

👤It was exactly as advertised. They work well for securing things.

👤Very small caliber. Not useful for much. If you don't have high expectations.

👤It works to lock my generator to the box of my truck, and it also works to lock my gas cab in the truck.

10. BV Security Double Braided Padlock

BV Security Double Braided Padlock

The Wanlian bicycle cable is made from braided steel and has anti-rust vinyl that increases cut resistance. Please let them know if you have any questions and they will help you at any time. Flex cable length is 7 feet and thickness is 3/8-inch. All kinds of padlocks, disc locks, and U-locks are compatible with double looped cable. It's ideal for locking bikes, cars, and motorcycles. The reinforced cuff over the cylinder and bar is for added security. The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating.

Brand: Bv

👤I used to lock my iMac on my desk. A good quality and vinyl case helps protect my iMac. It is thicker than I expected, but it still worked well for me. I wish companies selling security cables put some coins or quarters in their products. I could have bought 5mm cable. People need to understand that this is to slow down thieves. No cable can stop theft. It is easy to cut cables. Thicker ones are more likely to delay thieves. They start picking on braids individually and then cut them one by one. It takes longer for them to get the cable thick. I bought this cable to protect myself from thieves. I don't like being an easy prey and leave my iMac in plain sight to be picked up if a thief decides to break in. The iMac is secured with a cable to a desk.

👤I needed a steel cable to protect my generator from deer hunters. I needed a steal cable to keep a loser idiot from trying to steel my generator while I was out hunting. It's most likely that the thief's life was saved.

👤I have a suggestion for customers like me who didn't think about the extra thickness of two loops trying to get inside a regular padlock. A brief reminder on your product description is possible.

👤The cable works for me. I use it as an extension for my bycicle lock. The lock only has a 4 foot cable which is too short when I need to lock my bike up. The cable has a coding on the outside of the steel. I don't have to worry about my hands because it is very smooth to touch.

👤The cable seems to be robust enough to provide decent bike security. The extra length allows me to lock up two bikes securely with a quality horseshoe lock, which is similar to a Kryptonite lock. Highly recommended.

👤An extra level of security is given to stop theft. I put it with a heavy duty outdoor lock. There is a Please with both.

👤The length of 7ft is perfect for running through the front, seat, and back wheel and into my lock.

👤Purchase longer than you need, it's a great cable. The length is accurate, but it takes more to circle than you think.

👤Someone stole my bike. I am really depressed.

11. Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Titanker Security Anti Theft Bicycle Motorcycle

Up to $4,000 Reimbursement for 1 Year is included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer. Their bike chain lock is made of heavy-duty steel and has 6mm thick security chain links. The lock's service time can be shortened by regular lubrication of the lock hole and keyhole. The chain of the bike lock is enclosed in a protective cloth sleeve that protects it from being rusted and scratched. The dust cover protects your keyhole from rain and dust. It's easy to snap it together to lock it. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. The bike chain locks come with 2 keys. If you misplace one of the keys, you can take one for daily use and leave the other at home. Two keys convenience. The chain lock is about 3 feet long. The links are long and thick. The lock weight is 1.4 pounds. It's ideal for bicycles, ladders, lawnmowers, stroller, scooter, fences, tool boxes, sport equipment and etc.

Brand: Titanker

👤This is a compulsory review. Thought it was nothing special. Two bikes were cut off with a bolt cutter and stolen from our house. Our bike was not moved. They ripped the fabric but couldn't get the chain from the lock. Good job Titanker!

👤I gave it 5 stars because someone tried to steal my scooter and was unable to. Light and durable. The person thought it was easy to break. They couldn't break it easy. It's easy to lock.

👤I have been through a few locks in my life and this is the kind of thing I have always wanted. It is light weight, snug on my bike frame, and easy to lock and unlock. I like that the key stays in when it isn't locked, so you don't have to worry about it falling out. It doesn't take a lot of time to lock and open it. It is very easy to use.

👤It wouldn't be a good idea to have a bike stolen.

👤Better than expected! I found what I needed immediately from Titanker in a good price and size. The lock works smoothly, and like having 2 keys, the thick coating over the chain protects and prevents scratches. Customer support is included on the card.

👤I don't have to worry about someone cutting the bike lock because it's a cable lock. The key glides in and out. It is easy to store my bike on my bike. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Fast delivery and a great product. Couldn't believe I left my bicycle outside.

👤This is a very nice chain lock.

👤My bike was stolen after this lock was cut through. I would not recommend it.

👤It's perfect for keeping my bike at home or at work.


What is the best product for bicycle lock cable 3ft?

Bicycle lock cable 3ft products from Titanker. In this article about bicycle lock cable 3ft you can see why people choose the product. Gofriend and Racing 1 are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle lock cable 3ft.

What are the best brands for bicycle lock cable 3ft?

Titanker, Gofriend and Racing 1 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle lock cable 3ft. Find the detail in this article. Brinks, Master Lock and Rockbros are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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