Best Bicycle Lock Cable 10 Feet

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1. Master Lock Cable Looped 72DPF

Master Lock Cable Looped 72DPF

The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating. Lock is not included in the looped end cable, which is best used as a bicycle lock. If you want to use self-coiling cable for a perfect fit, use laminated or steel locks. The cable lock is made with braided steel and protects it from scratching. The cable is 15 feet long. It is in the diameter of 10mm. Padlocks are sold separately. Padlocks are sold separately.

Brand: Master Lock

👤The most casual of thieves. The picture says it all. Nice cut. If you care about your bike, you should look for a kevlar lock. The thieves left my bike with an Ottolock. Just say it...

👤This isn't for sketchy areas or over night areas. It's for keeping your bike out of the store or the bathroom. It's better than nothing. That's correct... I don't think I could carry enough locks in my bag. I put my bike on the policy. Peace of mind. There is a I use mine when camping at the campgrounds in a state or federal park, I loop it around/underneath one of the tires, then lock up the seat as well. It's just peace of mind. Out of every ten people, no one is walking around with a bolt cutter to take your bike. There is a The cables have a nice thick rubber so it won't scratch your bike or rust, loops are wide enough for the ends to pass through it. It's 15 feet, cheap and easy to carry, long enough to lock up both tires, seat and whatever else you want to keep in it. Is it better than a U-Lock? Absolutely not! You need to think about where you can use a U-Bolt type lock. A U-bolt is useless if there is no bike rack. There is a You have to be aware of your risks. The area where you are locking your bike up... How long will it take you to lock your bike up? If you are a biker, you lock your bike up for 8 hours a day. Then yes! You can get a U-BOLT Lock. I travel to different areas and don't have a routine. I leave my bike unattended for hours. I think this lock is good for me. If a thief wants your bike, he/she is going to get it. I don't want to say it. If your bike is worth more than 2500 bucks, you should get theft insurance. I use an all weather A-bus 701B lock. If you want a decent lock, you have to leave your bike to find a way to cut through it. Buy lock lubricates and clean them often. If your bike doesn't have fenders, get a weather lock. You should not get a heavy lock so you can cut the cable easily. As a thief won't go after the weakest link, any lock will work. Buying a lock for 80 dollars isn't going to make it more secure.

👤The kayaks are locked up in the backyard for a sense of security. We live in a safe neighborhood, but you never know. I put a Master Lock lock on top of the kayak and then we ran the cable through the hand holes and around the tarp. It's a good idea to keep them dry and secure. I'm pretty sure a good pair of bolt cutters would cut through the lock or cable, even though it says it's saw proof and cutter proof. This is a good deterrent to theft. We might use this cable to lock the kayaks when we are on vacation. The plastic coating on the cable will help with car surface scratches and the cable itself is flexible and can run through small gaps.

2. Stainless Braided Flexible Transparent Electric

Stainless Braided Flexible Transparent Electric

If there is any issues with the USHAKE bike combination U Lock product, please let them know at any time. Flexible cable lengths are 4 feet, thickness is 3/8 inches, and width is 120 cm. All padlocks, disc locks and U-locks are compatible with a double loop cable. It's ideal for locking bikes, motorcycles, and large equipment. The cuffs on the beams are reinforced. The Wanlian bicycle cable is made from braided steel and has anti-rust vinyl that increases cut resistance. Please let them know if you have any questions and they will help you at any time. The Wanlian bicycle cable is made from braided steel and has anti-rust vinyl that increases cut resistance. Please let them know if you have any questions and they will help you at any time.

Brand: Wanlian

👤I knew it was a joke. It's a thin braid of wire that wouldn't hold up. The cable didn't cover the palm of my hand. I don't want to depend on it to protect my bike. A lot of waste.

👤It is not certain if this is a piece of steel. The steel wire rope is referred to as anti-rust vinyl coating. The ring end clamp on the cable is aluminum, not steel, and the actual cable diameter is more like 3/16 with another 3/16 vinyl coating, all other sellers on Amazon list the actual cable diameter along with outside vinyl diameter, very misleading. Other sellers sell better products for the same price.

👤The total width includes the protective coating. When I drove off, the cable snapped at 5 mph.

👤They say that it's only as strong as the weakest link. The combo chain lock I had only lasted two years. The locking post snapped. The chain is plated with a slick coating to prevent hacksaw cutting and the lock is much more durable. The lock has rough interior edges. They could have been smoothed out a bit better.

👤I thought this looked ok, but the video showed the bike lock had plastic cylinders and the chain was not secure.

👤Didn't know how thin this cable was until it arrived. I was hoping to use it for other security purposes, like locking up a bike, but it's ok for luggage. I changed my mind when I saw the true diameter.

👤I bought this for my back gate. This product will make you feel more secure. Excellent quality!

👤It's perfect for my spare tire lock. It is rubber coated to prevent scratches.

👤I have a lot of faith in this. There is a buried concrete block attached to one end of the firepit. I don't think it would deter someone who comes prepared with an angle grinder, but I'm not sure how you could keep it safe.

👤I use it for a home gym. The coating is manageable. I used up to 50KG of cable and it was stable and handled my load. Great purchase.

👤It appears to be high quality. Time will tell if weathering and durability is a concern.

👤I was looking for something that would lock up your bike or garden chairs.

3. Titanker 6 5FT Security Coated Flexible

Titanker 6 5FT Security Coated Flexible

Steel strong steel cable with braided steel construction is a strong security for your bikes. It is durable and protects your cable against scratching and rusting. It is the perfect choice to secure your bicycles, sports equipment, gates and fences, grills and lawnmowers, skateboards, tools, ladders, mechanism, truck bed and mor. Convenient: Sturdy double end-looped to adjust pad-locks, U-locks, disc-locks and more. The sizes are: 4-FT x 12mm, 7-FT x 12mm, 15-FT x 12mm, and 30-FT x 12mm.

Brand: Titanker

👤There is a steel cable here. There is a It should be called "8mm Steel Cable". This isn't the cable you're looking for. This is the perfect cable for you if you want an 8mm steel cable.

👤I bought my son an ebike for his birthday, and he uses it to go to school. Someone cut the padlock to the bike parking area and tried to steal his bike, out of the 150 bikes, within the first week. The thief tried to cut the cable, but was unsuccessful. He spent several minutes trying to cut through the 14mm cable, but was only able to get about 1mm or two in. The delay helped get school security to the area. I bought the 7ft cable just in case. If the thief was able to cut a padlock to a fenced in bike area but was unable to cut through the cable of the lock, then I'll keep buying this lock system.

👤The cable assembly was not constructed properly and failed catastrophically. It was used in an assembly. When put under a light load, it broke apart and hit my son. He has whip marks across his back. The cable should not be crimped down with the plastic in place because it was not inserted all the way. I'm sending them back. My son will not need to go to the dentist.

👤I have had to return three items from Amazon in the last 3 weeks. No one is involved in quality control and they don't know what it is. The plastic covering on the Bike Street Cable has a wire through it. You want me to wrap that around my bike tires? I don't think so. Didn't anyone notice this thing? Garbage!

👤The cable is very strong. It arrived without any problems. > The cable was too heavy for my purposes. With the plastic coating, the cable is 1/2 in diameter, so consider a combo master lock with lots of space. I'm returning the cable, but the fault is mine, so I'm giving 5 stars.

👤Beware! Not made from steel cable. Rather from small steel wires. Can cut through the whole thing with wire cutter.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the cable. The length was enough to get two bikes to the vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a longer cable to secure items.

👤The cable that was attached to the frame of the bike and looped through a jacket sleeve and full face helmet will not allow anyone to just walk off with the gear left on the seat while in restaurants or out on the trails. You would need a pair of bolt cutter to get through the cable. It's what I need for the trip to Ak. in 6 weeks.

👤Good quality and worth the money.

4. Outdoor Security Braided Lightweight GOMRQING

Outdoor Security Braided Lightweight GOMRQING

100 cm long,stainless steel cable with loops. Strong cut resistance is provided by braided steel construction. Completely sealed with a smooth coating to prevent scratching. It's suitable for all pad-locks, U-locks, or disc-locks,fence gate lock,glass door lock,bike helmet lock,backpack straps and so on. Hanging lights can be secured with security cable, even if they are mounted with a different type of clamp. Hanging lights can be secured with security cable, even if they are mounted with a different type of clamp.

Brand: Gomrqing

👤It is made of steel and comes in a pair. I wanted to use it for my total gym, but it was too thin. I braided two of them together to make it stronger. I didn't want to take the chance of using just one. It is nice, but thin. You can see the thickness of the cable by taking a photo with a pen.

👤It's easy to secure my spare tire. You can go through the wheel and tongue of the trailer if you have a good lock. Will purchase them again.

👤I used to secure my hall bike, it was very light but also very tough.

👤It worked well for locking my fence gates.

👤Great purchase. It worked well for us to keep our luggage together.

5. Kryptonite KryptoFlex Looped Security Cable

Kryptonite KryptoFlex Looped Security Cable

Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. It's perfect for accessory security when combined with another lock. 10mm thick steel cable has increased cut resistance. Double looped cable can be used with all Kryptonite U-locks. The cove is made of vinyl. The product has a diameter of 10mm and a length of 120 cm. The product weight is 0.70 lbs.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I was excited to use the security cable because of the positive reviews. The first time I used it, I locked my frame to our apartment complex's bike brackets and used the "security" cable through the wheels. I will see what's pictured the next day. The cable was easy to cut, there was no damage to the cable and it was easy to cut. Don't trust this product, the thieves don't know how to cut it.

👤This is long enough to lock up my saddle, rear wheel, and Vector pedal on a 60 cm bike. I use an Abus Bordo X-Plus lock that is flexible, unlike a U lock that is rigid. The lock around the front wheel and frame is enough to deter the bike components. I don't have theft protection on the cockpit. Someone would have to use tools to take most things off my bike, and nothing else comes to mind. I can fit this cable in my jeans pocket, but I'm 6'4" so I don't know if that would work for smaller people. I wear jeans. I'm still looking for a way to quickly carry this on the bike. Also in a jersey pocket. The cable tie is coiled in a pocket, but it doesn't open when it's open. I would like it to be smaller. I don't want theft in the world. There is a I'm sure most people know this already, but in case you haven't heard, the trick to getting the most out of a double-loop cable is feeding it through one of its own loops. One end is looped around a wheel or saddle rail, and the other goes through a lock. If you put your main lock through both loops of the cable, you will get double the coverage. Hth, Michael.

👤I bought this cable and a NYC lock for my bike. One of their selling points is that they have theft insurance that you can purchase for an additional cost. I bought it. I filed a claim after the bike was stolen. They took more than two months to process the half page claim form, and then denied the claim because the thief didn't leave the evidence behind. The evidence was left behind by the thief. It's clear that Allegion is engaged in underhanded tactics to avoid paying. They offered to send me a new lock.

👤This cable is great for securing your bike wheels and seat. It is easy to use and carry and the price is good. I wouldn't use this as a primary way to lock your bike.

👤Do not use it as a means of locking your bike. There is a The review has a disclaimer out of the way. I use this to secure my bike seat, front wheel, and rear wheel. I use the same setup on my wife's bike and it's the only use for nylon coated wire rope. There is a There are pros and cons. The good length allows me to easily secure the front wheel, rear wheel, and bike seat to my U-lock. If we feel it is necessary, we loop it to our trailer. There is a The price was fair for the length and gauge. There is a Just know it's intended purpose. There is a It has been proven time and time again that no flexible wire rope has been better than any other rope. They are easily defeated with wire/bolt cutters. Look for a good price and the right length.

6. Master Lock 719D Integrated Laminated

Master Lock 719D Integrated Laminated

Padlocks are sold separately. The cable lock is best used as a bicycle lock, outdoor storage and to secure other outdoor equipment. The cable lock is made with braided steel and protective vinyl. The laminated steel body and shackle of the Padlock with key are superior to other padlocks. 3 ft is the length of the cable. The length is 93 cm and the width is 16 in. The Integrated padlock body is 1-1/8" in. It's 29mm wide. One cable with a key and a padlock.

Brand: Master Lock

👤A good cable lock is needed to secure the portable RV electrical management system to the campsite power pedestal. The only problem I had was that the lock would start to rust in wet weather and it would be difficult to operate. I thought I would have to cut the cable at one campground because the lock wouldn't open without a lot of wiggling of the key. I sprayed the lock with lubricating oil. The lock was restored back to normal working order. It's important to have a lock lubricant with you. The brand 3-In-One Lock Dry Lube worked great for me.

👤1. The lock is a little lighter and smaller than your standard master lock. I use this as a gate lock because I don't have enough room to run the lock between the fence door and my house. Don't expect a standard master lock with a cable. 2. The fence latch holes allow you to lock it. I wanted to be able to lock the fence from the front and back using the cable, rather than using a standard lock. 3. It is questionable if outdoor durability is questionable. I haven't had it outside in a while and am seeing some rust at the bottom of the lock. The lock isn't advertised to be super durable. I thought I would try it.

👤I use a surge protector for my travel trailer. It was recommended by the manufacturer, but I have a problem with the locking mechanism. The cable can be ripped out of the locked lock if you don't seat the cable end into the lock. I thought I had locked it, but it came right out of the lock after I gave the cable a tug. The cable end needs to be placed with care. I'll be looking for something else that I can use with more confidence if the one I got is faulty.

👤We needed a cable lock with a small thickness cable to lock the surge protectors for our travel trailer. The small hole on the surge protector makes it necessary for this cable to be the right size. The only downside is that this has a key lock, so it is another small key to keep track of. The lock gets water into it and can be difficult to open if it is kept under the surge protectors plastic cover. It does the job and is what we were looking for.

👤I intended this lock to work. I was trying to keep people out of my back yard because people like to steal things like takes and shovels and it seems like it is doing what it is supposed to. I don't keep expensive things in my yard so if someone wants in my yard bad enough, I'm sure this could be cut. I am not worried about it. When I bought it, I knew how small it was. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤We bought this to protect our RV surge protectors. It is the same lock that the manufacturer of the surge protectors sells. It's thin and won't stop a determined thief, but it will cause them to make a commotion and try and make away with it, which is exactly what you want it for. There's no current, conceivable way to make an iron clad lock down solution for this sort of thing, and there are strong, thicker cable locks out there, with no other real benefit other than maybe doubling the time it takes someone to hack through it. There is a The lock is light and small, and I would have liked to see the beefier part, but this could be an economics of the product sort of thing. You get what you pay for, and they make on with both a meatier cable and lock that is very similar. The cable is too thick to get through the lock loop on most RV power pedestals. I stuck with it for now. I might update this at some point in the future, as it gets some weathering and age on it, but time will tell how the whole thing holds up to the elements. -2 The lock is light weight for a Master Lock product.

7. Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Instructions for details can be found on the store combination securely online. The bicycle locking cable is an effective deterrent for theft. Thanks to its thick material and design, it will take a lot of strength and specialized tools to break. Flexible steel braided into a thick lock cable. That is what you are getting with their bike lock cord. All padlocks are compatible with its sealed looped ends. You don't have to worry about the bike cable lock damaging your bike frame. It is made stronger by being coated in vinyl, which makes it resistant to rust and scratches. Bikes aren't the only thing their bicycle cable can secure. It can be used with grills, mowers, ladders, toolboxes, and other lawn or patio equipment at home. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right.

Brand: Vascer

👤I was looking for a way to deter people from using my kayak trailer. The cable is long enough to do the job. I like the coating because it won't mar the surface or cause it to fall apart.

👤Very happy with its function and fit.

👤Excellent product for my bike.

👤The plastic coating on the cable keeps it from getting damaged.

👤It's worth the price because it's thick and hard to cut.

👤It worked to keep people from stealing my garbage cans. Very strong.

8. Trimax TDL1212 Trimaflex Multi Use Cable

Trimax TDL1212 Trimaflex Multi Use Cable

The package weight is 2.0 pounds. The package weight is 2.0 pounds.

Brand: Trimax

👤I use this to keep my kayaks locked up. I accidentally pulled the kayak and the loop popped open. Not very safe...

👤The cable will make it hard for the thieves to steal my jewelry. I have the cable wrapped around a shelving support studs and padlocked on one end, and I have the cable running trough the handle of my JOBOX, this should be enough of an obstacle for a thief to steal my tools. He would need advanced criminal tools to cut the cable and I would be next to the garage and hear the noise. If you want to secure something to a permanent frame or building stud, I would recommend cutting this cable, it's very industrial grade and it would take some heavy duty action. I'm going to use an I-beam to wrap it around and secure it at work.

👤We needed something to keep the boat out of the slips while we were in hotels, restaurants, and other places. It looks like a very well made cable. I don't think anything will stop someone from getting your stuff, but just the looks of this alone should deter most people from even trying. I think it will take a big pair of bolt cutters to cut this cable, which means he's going to get what you want, no matter what. This is the biggest cable we could use and it has a protective coating over it. The MAX60 U-locks were purchased with this cable. We're very happy with the build and strength of this cable and other trimax locks that we've bought before. We searched for trimax products first when buying this cable because we were so happy with the previous locks.

👤This cable works for me. It appears durable. I'm able to run the cable through and around the bikes on my rack and secure it to the hitch. The lock is not included in the fine print.

👤The first time there was tension on the cable, it came apart. I wouldn't want to trust this product with anything. There is a A person was injured due to the poor design of this product. There is a A person was injured due to the poor design of this product. There is a A person was injured due to the poor design of this product. There is a A person was injured due to the poor design of this product.

👤The cable was pulled out on the first use.

👤I buy a secure row boat for a great deal compared to others and it will last a chain for a few pennies more.

👤I needed to leave my climbing tree stand in the woods. It is easy to use. It looks new after a season in the woods.

👤I don't like the fact that 13mm is closer to the advertised thickness of the cable than the actual thickness, which is closer to 10mm steel and wrapped another 1mm of coating. I would have chosen the option of the 15' option, even though I couldn't see any actual specifications on the Trimax site. There is a I don't use metric and imperial in the same sentence as Trimax does.

9. Via Velo Weatherproof Mountain Electric

Via Velo Weatherproof Mountain Electric

The chain lock is about 3 feet long. The links are long and thick. The lock weight is 1.4 pounds. It's ideal for bicycles, ladders, lawnmowers, stroller, scooter, fences, tool boxes, sport equipment and etc. Via Vela bike U-lock with hexagonal PVC cover is all-weather protection and will prolong the life of your lock. Peace of mind and better security are benefits of all-weather performance. The bike lock has a thickness of 15mm and is strong. To lock and go! Their Quick, no-hassle system is fast and easy to use. Great tool for bike safety. 3 keys for convenience! The bike U-lock has 3 keys. They can help you to equip a new key when you lose one of the two. It's easy to get into the dark with the multifunctional key. The light from the key can illuminate the bike. There is no problem for unlocking. The key makes you cool. 3-year applies to U lock for them, CA, up, EU cyclists, 90-Day money back policy, and online customer service. You get a full refund if you are not happy with it.

Brand: Via Velo

👤The bike lock is large enough to tie the bike against a bike rack or post and also has a long cable to tie it anywhere. It comes with three keys and a device to attach to the bike to be able to put a lock on it, instead of carrying it in a backpack. One of the keys has a light that can be seen at night.

👤After 4 months of use, the lock feature became jammed, leaving me unable to open my bike for the day. After contacting Via Velo, they quickly sent me a new lock, which was much appreciated. I am satisfied with the product and the attentive customer service. If you use this lock frequently, I would recommend lubricating it periodically so it doesn't become stiff and jammed. If there is an issue, you can contact Via Velo through Amazon.

👤The lock is strong. I like the three keys. I have a fat tire. You can't use the U through the back tire and attach it to a post with this lock. That is more a function of the huge tires. The frame and back tire can be locked using the cable. There is a cable lock for the front tire. There are two problems for a potential thief. I don't leave my bike in public for more than a couple of hours. I am confident in its security. A quality piece that works well. I found a way to attach the lock to the Rover. I put it in the rear rack. I cut a small piece of garden hose to make up for the smaller tubing. The lock is out if the way is secured. The mounting brackets can be adjusted with many different angles. Can't beat the price and delivery. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I used this lock daily for my commute. The rope was the perfect length and the product was sturdy. I had an issue with the spare key not opening the lock. They were able to replace me within a few days. I didn't expect that. It made me happy. Excellent customer service is what I am writing about in this review. If you have a nice bike, use a quality lock.

👤I ride a bike. I can't fit all my music gear on my bike so I don't use it to commute. I'm not concerned about the weight of the lock. It is a sturdy lock, I appreciate that. The cover that protects the lock is hard to turn. I would normally deduct a star for that, but since Via Velo sent me a new lock to replace it, they get that star back. See the videos for a full review. It was split up for uploading reasons.

👤This is a tank. It's not impervious and should be thought of as a theft deterrent. The build quality is excellent. The locks are almost identical to the more expensive ones. There is a I'm satisfied with the product, but there are a couple areas where there is room for improvement. The cable is too short. It's under 48. It doesn't give you much room to do much else with, even if you loop through a front tire. I have a U-lock that comes with a 6-foot cable, and I find myself using it a lot more often because of the extra 2 feet. There is a It's a bit annoying that the lock isn't spring loaded. One can close a traditional padlock by pressing on it, but you need a key to open it. You need a key to use this product. It's not a big deal, but it can be awkward when you're holding the barrel with the key to close. Would buy again. * My rating criteria is as follows: build quality: 47.5%), Efficacy:47.5%), 3.5 Stars post-sale support: 0.0%, Weighted average: 100.0%).

10. Keeper Brinks 175 06001 Loop Cable

Keeper Brinks 175 06001 Loop Cable

If you park your bikes in high-risk areas, never underestimate the destructive power of these areas. Heavy-duty Lock can't provide 100% guarantee, but it can provide some. The cable is made of flexible steel and coated with a vinyl jacket. The loop ends for easy use. It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside. It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside.

Brand: Brinks

👤Someone cut the lock on the gate leading to our property. The only thing I had was the new cable. I bought it to use on my mountain bike. It never got used for that purpose. There are two very large steel posts at the gate. I didn't have anything to replace the cut lock. I used a spare paddle lock and pulled out the bike cable to securely wrap it around and keep people out. It worked out great! I never thought of using anything other than a standard lock to secure the gate, but necessity is the mother of invention. I was happy with the result. If someone wants to get past our gate, they'll need to have a set of bolt cutter with them. A cable is more maneuverable than a bar lock. The jerk cutting our lock was a bad thing, but I now have a better way to keep our gate shut. A nice well built cable will give you some confidence.

👤The strength of the coil was important to me. This cable is being used to think of a transducer cable for a motor. When the Minn Kota Terrova shaft spins, the transducer cable allows it to move up and down around it. The transducer cable is kept out of the way when the motor is stowed.

👤The spring-coiling of this cable is so tight that you won't be able to get all 6 feet out. It will be wrapped around your seat post with no effort. An uncoiled cable would have been smarter on our part if we used it to secure a yard appliance. The looped ends of the cable are large enough to hold a thick padlock.

👤When you are fighting to go be into a coil, length is irrelevant. This is the first time I've had springs without a lot of spring.

👤I had to return it because it was too tightly coiled. When I took it out of the package, I thought I would be able to untangle it. I am returning it because it was a problem for my application.

👤"Lightly coiled" is a cable that stretches out so you can lock your bike up. Quality is very good. The coating on the skin prevents scratches. Very happy so far.

👤The tree stand locks are strong and perfect size. Just what I needed.

👤The twist on this was so tight that it knocked my glasses off. You may not get the length you need because it is wound tight. It is very high quality.

👤The product was good and it was shipped quickly. It is 100% recommendable.

👤Para el casco... I am solo para me.

11. ABUS Hardened Containers Motorcycles Industrial

ABUS Hardened Containers Motorcycles Industrial

6 ft. cable length; 1/2 in. Outside diameter. Their security chains are made of hardened steel with a special anti-corrosion coating which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Each link has a thickness of 5/16" and a height of 1 3/8". 6 tons of force is needed to break through the hardened steel. Deterrence of theft. Their chain is not vulnerable to aggressive attacks. The shape of the link is squared rather than round. The squared link construction makes it hard for theft tools to hold the chain to cut. The welded finish on the thick hardened steel makes it impossible to cut it. Both industrial and consumer users use ABUS square link security chains. Their customers trust this chain to secure their properties, containers, bikes, gates, fences, trailers, ATV's, motorcycles and much more. Traditional security chains expose your items to potential damages and scratches. A nylon sleeve protects your property from scratches and damages while in use. ABUS has been inventing and manufacturing security technology since 1924. ABUS provides security solutions to help you feel safe and secure. ABUS has been inventing and manufacturing security technology since 1924. ABUS provides security solutions to help you feel safe and secure.

Brand: Abus

👤I'm wondering if I should measure it, as it's going back, but I don't really care. The problem is that it is only a quarter of a millimeter thick. It's not much, but it makes a difference between cuttable with a bolt cutter or not. It's not the heat treated steel that's claimed. "5/16" and "3/8" get you the same size. If you think this truth would be useful to other prospective buyers, flag.

👤This chain is very heavy-duty. The links are slightly larger than the picture shows. The length is exactly 10 feet.

👤The bike chain is solid. This will make it hard for someone to steal your stuff. I love the 10 foot chain. For reference, I am 6'1" and know how long and big that chain is. The chain and lock combination makes me feel safer.

👤It was used to secure a farm drag after it was stolen. It should be secured with a 7/16” padlock. The scratch guard nylon shield can be easily removed.

👤It is heavy. It is expensive. It is a beast. I like the fact that the chain is covered so I don't have to worry about scratching my bike or pulling it through the spokes. A large throat is needed to handle these thick links.

👤The security chain is very high quality. Don't be fooled by knock-offs and imitations. Negative reviews of this product say that the chain is made in China. You should order from the ABUS Amazon Store to make sure you are buying the real article.

👤This was bought for our dirt bikes. The bolt cutter test was given and I barely made a scratch. This is not a chain you want to carry around.

👤The chain is heavy. I had to cut it with a grinder. The blade will go dull before you finish it. Don't think about bolt cutters. Highly recommended.


What is the best product for bicycle lock cable 10 feet?

Bicycle lock cable 10 feet products from Master Lock. In this article about bicycle lock cable 10 feet you can see why people choose the product. Wanlian and Titanker are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle lock cable 10 feet.

What are the best brands for bicycle lock cable 10 feet?

Master Lock, Wanlian and Titanker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle lock cable 10 feet. Find the detail in this article. Gomrqing, Kryptonite and Vascer are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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