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1. Outdoor Security Braided Lightweight GOMRQING

Outdoor Security Braided Lightweight GOMRQING

100 cm long,stainless steel cable with loops. Strong cut resistance is provided by braided steel construction. Completely sealed with a smooth coating to prevent scratching. It's suitable for all pad-locks, U-locks, or disc-locks,fence gate lock,glass door lock,bike helmet lock,backpack straps and so on. Hanging lights can be secured with security cable, even if they are mounted with a different type of clamp. Hanging lights can be secured with security cable, even if they are mounted with a different type of clamp.

Brand: Gomrqing

👤It is made of steel and comes in a pair. I wanted to use it for my total gym, but it was too thin. I braided two of them together to make it stronger. I didn't want to take the chance of using just one. It is nice, but thin. You can see the thickness of the cable by taking a photo with a pen.

👤It's easy to secure my spare tire. You can go through the wheel and tongue of the trailer if you have a good lock. Will purchase them again.

👤I used to secure my hall bike, it was very light but also very tough.

👤It worked well for locking my fence gates.

👤Great purchase. It worked well for us to keep our luggage together.

2. Schwinn Theft Security Level Combination

Schwinn Theft Security Level Combination

The width is 10mm and the length is 5ft. You can use combination lock to store your bike. 6 feet x 12mm braided steel cable has convenience and strength. The vinyl cover is tough and protects it from the elements. Choose a combo that is meaningful or easy to remember. The carrying bracket is for easy storage.

Brand: Schwinn

👤It fits perfectly under the seat. It seems very sturdy. It is easy to set and reset the combination. You will see how to set a new one once you open it. There is a As you can see from my second photo, someone tried to get my bike. I left it out of sight for 30 minutes when I first used it. If someone wants to steal your bike, they will probably get it. The cable did its job. They cut through the part of the metal cable that was rubbery. There is black scarring on the cutting tool they used. The cable did its job, but they are not sure if they gave up or ran out of time.

👤I liked the way this lock was wrapped, but with 2 months of using my bike, it was stolen 15 times, and I didn't like the way it was wrapped. The lock was taken so either it was unlocked or cut and dismantled. If you spend more money on a lock that protects your bike, then you should buy a great bike, and if you spend less money on a lock, then you should buy a safe lock.

👤The lock for our child's bike was heavier than we were expecting. The lock wouldn't fit into the receiver after a week of use. Schwinn told me that my purchase was beyond the 30 day limit, and that the warranty was 30 days. I would highly recommend purchasing a more durable lock for your children, even though they indicated they would send a replacement.

👤This product does not do what it's supposed to, so don't be fooled by its high ratings. It doesn't stop the theft of your bike. Look at the picture and see yourself. I can't recommend this product to anyone. One star for functional code lock is enough.

👤The description is a fabrication. The cable is 12mm wide, but the metal cable is only 7mm. Anything can be cut, and increased thickness only makes thieves less determined. The rubber quickly and easily wedges into the jaws of the bolt cutter, making this cable easy to use. The lock is easy to set. I don't like false advertising.

👤The lock has larger numbers that I can see and change easily.

👤This lock is very strong and can be used to secure your bike.

👤The bicycle lock with the braided steel self coiling cable and tough protective vinyl covering is very durable. It comes with a quick-release mounting bracket that allows you to take the lock with you.

👤If you hit a bump, you need to make sure the lock cable doesn't bounce off the holder and get lost. I heard it when I fell off, so I went back to get it. I secured it to my carrier with a bungee cord. Will have to come up with a better way to get it.

👤The producto es bueno, pero la delincuencia is an.

👤El cilindro del candado es un malo. No pasa de los pedales. No esculpa del producto. Sirve una perfecto.

3. Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Vascer Bike Cable Lock Accessories

Instructions for details can be found on the store combination securely online. The bicycle locking cable is an effective deterrent for theft. Thanks to its thick material and design, it will take a lot of strength and specialized tools to break. Flexible steel braided into a thick lock cable. That is what you are getting with their bike lock cord. All padlocks are compatible with its sealed looped ends. You don't have to worry about the bike cable lock damaging your bike frame. It is made stronger by being coated in vinyl, which makes it resistant to rust and scratches. Bikes aren't the only thing their bicycle cable can secure. It can be used with grills, mowers, ladders, toolboxes, and other lawn or patio equipment at home. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right. Buy this security cable from them and you will get Satisfaction Guarantee. Let them know if you weren't satisfied with the braided steel cable bike lock. They will make it right.

Brand: Vascer

👤I was looking for a way to deter people from using my kayak trailer. The cable is long enough to do the job. I like the coating because it won't mar the surface or cause it to fall apart.

👤Very happy with its function and fit.

👤Excellent product for my bike.

👤The plastic coating on the cable keeps it from getting damaged.

👤It's worth the price because it's thick and hard to cut.

👤It worked to keep people from stealing my garbage cans. Very strong.

4. BV Security Double Braided Padlock

BV Security Double Braided Padlock

The Wanlian bicycle cable is made from braided steel and has anti-rust vinyl that increases cut resistance. Please let them know if you have any questions and they will help you at any time. Flex cable length is 7 feet and thickness is 3/8-inch. All kinds of padlocks, disc locks, and U-locks are compatible with double looped cable. It's ideal for locking bikes, cars, and motorcycles. The reinforced cuff over the cylinder and bar is for added security. The braided steel cable has a rust-protective vinyl coating.

Brand: Bv

👤I used to lock my iMac on my desk. A good quality and vinyl case helps protect my iMac. It is thicker than I expected, but it still worked well for me. I wish companies selling security cables put some coins or quarters in their products. I could have bought 5mm cable. People need to understand that this is to slow down thieves. No cable can stop theft. It is easy to cut cables. Thicker ones are more likely to delay thieves. They start picking on braids individually and then cut them one by one. It takes longer for them to get the cable thick. I bought this cable to protect myself from thieves. I don't like being an easy prey and leave my iMac in plain sight to be picked up if a thief decides to break in. The iMac is secured with a cable to a desk.

👤I needed a steel cable to protect my generator from deer hunters. I needed a steal cable to keep a loser idiot from trying to steel my generator while I was out hunting. It's most likely that the thief's life was saved.

👤I have a suggestion for customers like me who didn't think about the extra thickness of two loops trying to get inside a regular padlock. A brief reminder on your product description is possible.

👤The cable works for me. I use it as an extension for my bycicle lock. The lock only has a 4 foot cable which is too short when I need to lock my bike up. The cable has a coding on the outside of the steel. I don't have to worry about my hands because it is very smooth to touch.

👤The cable seems to be robust enough to provide decent bike security. The extra length allows me to lock up two bikes securely with a quality horseshoe lock, which is similar to a Kryptonite lock. Highly recommended.

👤An extra level of security is given to stop theft. I put it with a heavy duty outdoor lock. There is a Please with both.

👤The length of 7ft is perfect for running through the front, seat, and back wheel and into my lock.

👤Purchase longer than you need, it's a great cable. The length is accurate, but it takes more to circle than you think.

👤Someone stole my bike. I am really depressed.

5. Coiling Resettable Combination Complimentary Mounting

Coiling Resettable Combination Complimentary Mounting

The Titanker combination bike lock cable is easy to set and carry. It is easy to set your own personalized number combination with a smart 4-digit resettable coiling cable lock. The cable can be used to lock your bike to a tree, gate, fence, railing, or any other object. It's ideal for skateboards, gates, grills, lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes and ladders. Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance help prevent scratching and keep more durable. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure.

Brand: Titanker

👤A bike lock that makes a thief laugh is fantastic. It's a nice way to start your weekend. You won't be biking to work as your bike has been stolen, and this POS lock did nothing to stop the thief.

👤The bike lock is not very good. After I received the product, I locked it to a bike rack and rode away. The code didn't work when I came back out. I tested the new code before using it and followed the directions to set the code. A maintenance guy drove by. I asked him if he could cut it off with a hack saw, and he did it in seconds. The tubing gives the illusion of being larger than it is, but the actual metal is only about a quarter of the diameter. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.

👤Excellent length and a great bracket. There is a I want a lock that is big enough to do the job but small enough to not get in the way. I want a lock that is easy to attach and detach, and that is held tightly and securely. There is a Many bike locks are too long. Being too long is annoying because the lock will be heavy and bulky and it will be hard to put it back on. His length is the right length for securing the bike to a pole or rack. There is a The brackets are sturdy and well made. The button on the brackets works well. The lock that is attached to the brackets is a good size and sturdy. There is a The combination rotates nicely and has no play in it that would allow a thief to try different numbers to determine the combination. After owning a lock for 18 months, I'm going to buy two more for myself and my wife's bike, and leave this review. Highly recommended.

👤The cable-lock seems to be ok but the carrier brackets are poorly designed. The plastic is weak as soon as I tightened the screws, the corner of the brackets snapped off. There is a The company's customer service sent me a third photo of the redesign. Since I made my own, I have not used the one sent to me, but it appears to be a stronger design than the one that broke. I think their customer service is great. I have bumped my review from 3 stars to 5 stars because of their great service.

👤Although it could have been cut, I was okay with it because I ordered it from UShake. It was difficult to bend when it was cold. I clicked the plastic piece back into place after the side of the lock that was not covered came apart. There is a I was going to unlock it yesterday, but it broke in half. I was surprised. I can't recommend this product or any like it because of my issues.

👤These are better than most I've seen, but no cable lock is high security. The action is smooth and reliable, and the numbers on the dial are high visibility, which is a huge bonus. My family uses them interchangeably to lock their bikes up to a single mountpoint in the garage, because I bought six of these things and set them all to the same combo. It works well. The six foot version has enough reach to lock two bikes at once through their forks and around a shackle, rack, or pole. There is a The lock mount is useless when riding the bike. Only on a full sized adult bike can it fit, and only if you don't have tail lights, or a shock absorber in the seatpipe. That knocks it out for the bikes in my family. If you want to ride with this lock instead of leaving it at home, you'll need to toss it in a saddlebag or backpack, or just lock it looped around your fork. It is easy to bag-pack, even in a small saddlebag, because it is coiling up into a tight loop.

6. Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1018 Combo Bicycle

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1018 Combo Bicycle

This lock can be used to lock helmets,bicycle wheels,strollers, luggages,doors,ladders and any other things you want. The cable length is 6' and the cable width is 10mm. When locking, easy click locking no need for keys. You can personalize your code with a 4-digit combination. Should you forget, they will remind you of the combo safe program you registered.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Don't bother with this product. None was received. There were no results from the vendor. Returned and bought a new one.

👤The included instructions clearly state that the mount should be included. There is no way to inquire about it from Amazon Direct. The lock's clunkiness is added to by the mounting clip permanently affixed to the cable. The cable lock is a "Level 1 Security" cable lock. I think the cable is easier to use because it is less rigid. I swapped my lock for a new one, but it didn't have a brackets. Apparently Amazon got a hold of a bunch of compromised products that had the brackets removed from the packaging. There is no way to contact them about it.

👤It was worth the price, but not a heavy duty lock. I think it would be easy to cut through the cable. The cable connecting to the lock is a little difficult to use and doesn't seem very heavy duty. I would probably spend more to get something more heavy duty next time because it's not bad for the price.

👤The lock works well and I am very happy with it.

👤The lock failed in the first month. It failed to open, but it did not close. It lasted until the return window closed.

👤There is a bike mount in the listing. This is the second one I received. Very disappointed!

👤They say that a lock mount is included.

👤This was bought at a bike store. My daughter locked her bike at school and we couldn't open it. We had to cut it.

👤"Combo Lock, Mount" was listed under "Technical Details". The mount was not included. It was very annoying. There is a For a combination lock, it's solid. It can't be broken by just feeling the resistance of the wheels. It's not suited for high value bikes because there is no match for a bolt cutter.

7. Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Bicycle 33 5 Inch

Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Bicycle 33 5 Inch

There are 3 new colors: grey, red and purple. 3T MANGANESE STEEL made the links. END LINK DESIGN secures chain to a hardened deadbolt eliminating critical vulnerability. Extra holding power is provided by Hardened DEADBOLT DEDSIGN. The high security disc-style CYLINDER is resistant to pick and drill. There are 2 new Energizer "I" keys included. The nylon sleeve is durable.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤My bicycle was stolen with this lock. The lock was broken with a screwdriver. If you're looking to buy a chain-style lock, look into a U-bolt style lock for more security. If the locks on the bicycle are defeated, I will be able to return the bicycle's price. When I hear back from them, I will update this review.

👤The city of Long Beach has a lot of bikes that have been stolen. I've seen people steal bikes from the front porch if they have a low quality chain. I was hesitant when I saw this product because everyone says chains are unbreakable. This company is true to the word. I left my scooter outside. wrong I woke up the next day to find my chain had been tampered with, but my moped was still there. I've had this chain for 3 years and no one has been able to stop it. If you have something that is valuable, you should buy a Krytonite chain. #No MoreStolen bikes.

👤"If someone really wants to steal something, there is no stopping a determined thief". The 785 model of the Keeper is a moderate deterrent. If you do short bike stops at grocery stores, shopping malls, gas station restrooms, etc., it is a good locking system. This is what I use the most. The Keeper 785 has been in my possession for 4 years and I have not had a problem with the locking mechanism sticking or becoming stiff. I lubricate the lock to keep it working. Some people are saying that they have problems with the lock becoming stiff or frozen. They leave the lock in wet weather and don't clean, maintain or oil it. There is a The Keeper 785 is a compromise size. It is 13 ounces and weighs 2 pounds. It is light compared to other locking systems. The keeper is comfortable while I ride and I carry it around my hips. A modified aluminum carabiner and split rings are used to attach the chain end and lock shackle. A good lock/chain that is lighter in weight than other lock systems, and has the appearance of 'quality' to deter the 'casual' bike thief, is again.

👤Over two years is the length of ownership. I used to ride my bike to the TX Med Center in Houston every day and then lock it outside of a busy public hospital. Sometimes I left my bike in areas with little security and other times I left it in the middle of the night. I am happy to report that my bike was never taken or tampered with. There is a I'm pretty sure this is a theft-deterrent in itself. I like the heavy-duty chain enclosed by the thick black sleeve. The heavy-duty locking mechanism is designed to make sure that there is no doubt whether it is locked or unlocked. I registered my extra key so that I can order more if I lose it. I have used this lock many times and have exposed it to extreme heat and humidity. It still works as well as it did when it was brand new. I researched before buying a bike lock and I am happy with my decision. I recommend using a chain and a solid bar for maximum security. A bike thief will need to use two different tools to get to your bike. Most of the time, I had no worries about securing my bike with this chain.

8. AKM Security Bicycle 6 Feet Motorcycle

AKM Security Bicycle 6 Feet Motorcycle

The chain lock is made of 3T steel. The link chain is thick enough to hold 8KN tension and 17KN shear force. The chain lock is a great way to protect your valuables from theft. The material is in line with EU environmental standards. The nylon sleeve cover helps prevent scratches on your property. The dics lock is made of 16mm hard zinc alloy and has a thick coating. It is resistant to cutting, breaking, sawing and shearing. The keys are made with a lock core that is not bent or twisted. It's perfect for motorcycles, electric cars, electric bikes, cars, tricycles, doors, grills, ladders and more. It's ideal for bicycle lock, motorcycle lock, combination lock, cable lock, chain lock, skateboards, sports equipment and more. The 1800mmx12mm has 30 cut resistant chains. The weight was 11lb/ 5 kilo. The new upgrade silver chain is on-toxic. It was long enough to lock the motorcycles together. The 1800mmx12mm has 30 cut resistant chains. The weight was 11lb/ 5 kilo. The new upgrade silver chain is on-toxic. It was long enough to lock the motorcycles together.

Brand: Akm

👤The lock and chain was good for a good price. I measured the thickness of the lock and found it to be 14mm thick with the rubber cover around it. It is listed as being 16mm thick, so this is disappointing. The part that protects your item is only about 12mm thick. The lock is light and loose, making it very flimsy. If you want to secure anything else besides the chain, the small part is not a lot to work with. I returned the lock to them hoping they would send me the wrong one. Surely they have a bigger and stronger lock for this price. The replacement was the same size and shape as the original. There is a The only reason I am giving this product a 2nd star is because the chain is 12mm thick as advertised and almost 6 feet long. The shipping was very fast. The chain is tough, but the U lock is weak. Pick proof is not included. A lock under 14mm can be cut with a pair of cheap bolt cutters, and this one is 12mm of basic steel. I chose the Kryptonite 1217 because it has a higher quality steel and is more accurate. The lock is pick proof. You would need a pro to open it.

👤I bought this to make sure that I didn't get robbed on my ground level patio. I am happy with the outcome. The lock won't be easy to break and the chain won't be easy to force. I am not aware of any attempted theft to date, but I am confident that the lock and chain will deter thieves. The most determined thief. It is heavy. I don't think I would want to carry it around in a mobile situation.

👤Okay. The chain part of the purchade is great, but the lock that comes with it is not open and gets stuck over and over, so I had to buy a new lock. The chain is good.

👤The chain was very heavy and we loved it. It is very well built and thick. We couldn't open the locks we bought. We looked inside and it was rusted. We used chains andlocks outside.

👤I didn't think about the weights. It is so heavy. I think I will stick with U locks for biking because I don't want to make my job harder.

👤It's very heavy and would discourage any small time bike thief from stealing a bike from the homeless camps that are already full of hundreds of bikes.

👤The chain is large. There are a lot of tools on the market that can break a lock.

👤The bike chain works well. It's not big or small. It's correct. I like that. It's not heavy and protects the bike frame.

9. Security M6 Resettable Combination Blue

Security M6 Resettable Combination Blue

The bike cable lock is portable and secure. The anti-rust and zinc alloy key core is activated when you insert the locking bolt. The bike lock is best used for basic security. Don't leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. Bike lock is a good deterrent for theft. Preset four-digit bicycle lock for convenience; combination can be changed. The bike lock cable has braided steel for strength and flexibility. The cable is protected from scratching. The bike cable lock is long and wide. 10mm diameter cable with vinyl coating.

Brand: Etronic

👤I bought 2 of them and they both had the same issue. After setting a new code, the locks locked fine, but only for a short time. I tried to get it to open again, but it wouldn't, and had the same results on a number of subsequent attempts. You could almost feel that thetumblers were malfunctioning. I had to return both of them and buy different ones.

👤I don't recommend this product. It's impossible to set mine because it's faulty. I can see the plastic knob fighting against the metal when I try to turn it, even though the directions say to turn it. I had to print a label, re-package it, and bring it in because I didn't want a drop off. Wait two weeks for a refund. It isn't worth it to fart around like that for $9. I would have liked to have purchased a better lock.

👤It was easy to set my combo and it worked well the first few times. I could not get it to open after 20 attempts. I think I was using the correct combo. We had to cut it off. I was close to my home. From this cross section, you can see it is a weak cable. I wouldn't recommend this.

👤The Etronic cable lock and Master Lock cable lock are both listed on Amazon. I ordered a pink master lock for my girlfriend and a black one for myself. There is a Master Lock 8161DPNK Breast Cancer Research Foundation Combination Cable Bike Lock, 6 Feet x 3/8 inch, Pink VS Etronic ® Security Lock M6 Initially out of the box: Self coiling resettable combination cable lock. There is a The Master Lock has a large printed dial lock system. The master lock was very sturdy and had a thicker material in it, which would make it harder for a cable lock to be cut. The dial system of the ETRONIC was too small and made it hard to see where you were putting your numbers, which made it hard to use the lock. The lock of the master is larger and feels more secure. The coating on the cable is softer on the bikes frame. There is a The number pad is large and easy to use, and it is the same price as the "knock off" version, which makes it difficult to find somewhere. It makes it easy to see the numbers when you're lining them up. It was enough for me to use the Etronic ETRONIC PRO. The smaller number dial makes it easy to store the cable without it interfering with peddling or other accessories. You can buy a Master lock brand for the same price, but it was a fair price. There is a CON: The mounting clip for the frame is larger than the mounting clip for the master lock brand, making it difficult for me to find a place to install the clip style brackets. If you want to use the mounting clip, it will need more room. I think the master lock is of better quality and easier to use than the other brands, but due to the size of the lock it is not as good. There is a The Etronic: brand is hard to line up the smaller dial indicator, which is easier to store for riding use. The mounting clip takes up a bit more space than it should. Hope this helped someone, they both have drawbacks, either way your bike will be protected.

10. Master Lock Cable Keyed 8155D

Master Lock Cable Keyed 8155D

The package weight is 0.4 pounds. There is a lock application. For indoor and outdoor use, cable lock is the best choice. The cable is made from braided steel for strength and flexibility. The cable length is 6 ft. Outside diameter. Also included: A cable lock with two keys. Also included: A cable lock with two keys.

Brand: Master Lock

👤My car is a prime target because of the rash of car thefts. I didn't want to get the club because it would have ended up being a PitA to shuffle around in the car, wouldn't fit under the seat, and as a result would get thrown around the car and eventually in the trunk. I have a long cable that I can use to run through the seat frame and up the steering wheel. I can get into the seat without any issues. I unlocked it and put it under the seat where there is no DVD or navigation player. I can bring the two ends up to my side when I park. Works well! I'll paint the lock head bright so it's more obvious that it's discouragement. It's a great lock for bikes.

👤The lock and keys aren't as good as the cable is. The keys can be bent. The lock opened on its own.

👤I bought an electric mobility scooter to help me get to the grocery store. I purchased this cable even though I hoped to have confidence in my fellow citizens. I only used it once, but it was what I needed. It's light and easy to use. I don't worry about my Mobility Scooter being left unattended while I get my things done.

👤Purchaseed for a trip to France. All suitcases were locked together. There is enough slack for four cases.

👤I need a cable lock with a key to attach my wheelchair to my ramp when I leave the house in my car. I wanted to leave my wheelchair in the driveway when I got to my vehicle. If I ever need another one, I will definitely purchase this again.

👤The lock is easy to use. I use it to keep my spare tire out of the back of the pick up. I'm pretty sure it could be cut with cable cutters for someone who really wanted to steal but would take a lot of work from a thief. It would take them some time. It stops the thief from grabbing and running. The locks are easy to open with a key. This is a good recommendation for additional security.

👤I liked the lock at first. It is a little heavy and hard to use, but I thought it was secure. There is a My bike was taken off my porch. I still have the same keys? Very sad and disappointed.

👤Over 6 months, it worked fabulously 30 times. The key wouldn't turn when I unlocked it. My hitch was locked to the trailer with a stout cable. I tried lubricating the lock. 10 minutes of wiggling the key. And it opened. It could have been a bad day. It's in the trash now.

👤The lock lasted about a week before they broke the housing and stole my bike, but it seems like the failing point is around the lock mechanism itself as it seems they cut the cable, had a secondary lock on the bike as well.

11. Bicycle U Lock Shackle Mounting Bracket

Bicycle U Lock Shackle Mounting Bracket

The bicycle lock is made of 12mm (0.48 inch) alloy steel, which is resistant to water, dust and dirt, and it has a 0.1inch Silicone cover. The bike U-lock comes with a 4ft/6ft double looped cable and is easy to lock. The bike lock's portable size is 6.1 inches. You can carry it with you when you ride. The lock cylinder of the bike lock is made of C grade pure copper blade, which has a precise structure to prevent technical opening. 2 keys for convenience! The mount is easy to install and will allow you to quickly store your bike lock. The mount is easy to install and will allow you to quickly store your bike lock.

Brand: Frezora

👤I have never used a bike u-lock combination like this before. I bought a 4 ft cable and may buy a 6 ft one later.

👤The key lock is very strong and easy to use, it can be used as a U shape and with cable if the support pillar is far away. There is a cycle holder with it. I trust this to save my bicycle.


What is the best product for bicycle lock 6ft?

Bicycle lock 6ft products from Gomrqing. In this article about bicycle lock 6ft you can see why people choose the product. Schwinn and Vascer are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle lock 6ft.

What are the best brands for bicycle lock 6ft?

Gomrqing, Schwinn and Vascer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle lock 6ft. Find the detail in this article. Bv, Titanker and Kryptonite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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