Best Bicycle Lights for Night Riding Led

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1. Headlight Taillight Bicycle Rechargeable Waterproof

Headlight Taillight Bicycle Rechargeable Waterproof

Mtb lights for night riding come with headlights and tail lights. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact them in time and they will deal with it as soon as possible. It's super bright. Their bike headlights and tail light set feature high quality LEDs and advanced design, allowing you to see and be seem bright at night. There are 4 modes for the bicycle headlight and 3 modes for the rear bike light. The luces para bicicleta has a one-touch switch and mode memory to save your favorite mode. The combination of waterproof material and exquisite metal ring makes their bicycle headlights and taillights both waterproof and weather-resistant. The bicycle lights have a built-in 300mAh battery and can be plugged into a type-c cable in 1.3 hours. Their bike lights' system has intelligent circuit chips and intelligent voltage protection. You will get a bike front light, bike tail light, type-c cabel, rubber straps, and a manual. Their bicycle lights for night riding are easy to install and fit on many different types of seatposts, handlebars, backpacks, helmets, skateboard and scooter to keep lights safe and secure.

Brand: Linligifts

👤A bike light. It is lightweight and compact. It's easy to operate. Extra mounting bands come with the mounts. Yiu can charge both lights with two cables. You can see more as opposed to a spotlight. It is bright for its size and power source.

👤The best feature is theusb-c plug. The straps should not come off all the time.

👤The lights are bright. It's easy to install. The lights are nice and bright. I mounted them to my son's bike so he could work at night.

👤The rear light is dim. Some brands are brighter.

👤They charge quickly with a supplied cable. There are different lighting options. The housing is held in place with rubber straps on the back of the bicycle frame, so that it sits comfortably on virtually any part of the frame. The battery life is adequate for a bike ride. I tested them overnight and they lasted a long time. The times indicated by the instructions are pretty accurate. The times are over 6 hours. They are lightweight and small enough that they can be used for other purposes, such as camping, where the white light can offer enough illumination for many tasks. They can't be submerged, but they are water resistant.

👤I was surprised at how much light the main light puts out. The red light is visible from the rear. I put both on flashing mode to be seen. Both lights were fully charged in 30 minutes and were still bright for a two-hour bike ride. The front light's beam is fairly widespread when set to a constant configuration, which I like more than a spotlight design. I like that it charges via theusb-c, with two cables included, and that it is easy to attach with just a stretch band. It's easy to remove it for charging or transferring it to another bike. I don't like the styles that have to be screwed in one section to the other. I am really happy with the lights.

👤I love it! I bought it for my son to use on his bike when he goes out at night with his friends. His bike has a nice feature.

👤It's perfect for our kids bike. It is easy to mount and perfect size. Can't wait to take it with us on camping trips.

2. VASTFIRE Rechargeable Commuting Headlight Adjustable

VASTFIRE Rechargeable Commuting Headlight Adjustable

There is a rubber firmware for the rear bike light. The rear bike light has a four-hole wraparound rubber that almost fits on all bikes. The rear bike light can meet your needs. You can put the bike light on your bike, but you can also put it in a stroller, pet chain, or helmet. The bicycle tail light can be vertically or horizontally mounted. The front bike light has 3 settings and is bright for 4 hours, bright for 6 hours and bright for 10 hours. The beam can be narrowed or widened to allow for a larger field of light to illuminate a large area at night. The vintage style metal case is very water tight and is perfect for ride rain or snow. It's easy to mount a bike with a quick release slide mount. The bike light kit includes: 2 x ZOOM bike headlights, 2 x plastic mounts, 4 x charging cables, and 2 x LI-ion batteries. Lifetime warranty for bike light brackets. The Handlebar mount is compatible with all bikes and can be used for electric bike, electric scooter,Citi Bike, dirt bike, mountain bike, road bike, kids bike, all bikes. A universal multi-functional taillight is Hook onto your belt, running gear, reflective vest, backpack, dog collar, harnesses, and Mount to your bicycle, helmet, skateboard, scooter, stroller, wheelchair.

Brand: Vastfire

👤The lights are great, but it's hard to adjust where they are pointed and how the light is, because the clamp is plastic and breaks as soon as you feel like it's tight enough to stay put. I'll probably buy it again if they make it with a metal clamp.

👤The mount system broke on one of the lights in one week, so I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. The point of return is sadly past me. The lights are not very bright.

👤The light is bright. On a dark road with no moon, I feel comfortable. A replaceable button top battery is used. The included battery is working. I'm using Sayno 3500mah for the duration.

👤Over the course of a few days, the mounting hardware broke. The light fixture are worthless without being able to install them.

👤Excellent deal! These are not the best light ever, but they work well for leisure riding. You'll be outside the light if you're riding high speed down the mountain trails. The lights are easy to use and install. Definitely recommend.

👤It will appear as if they did not charge and they don't work, if they don't unwrap the plastic from the battery. The battery cap pops off when you squeeze in the clips.

👤I thought it was very bright. I'm using 2 lights that aren't as bright as the videos or photos show, but it's good for dark places. The street light is brighter. I can't see the road. You will be surprised when you see it and brake hard. There are scratches inside the glass.

👤They are fine as lights. The front light rattles in its cradle, which is really annoying. I had to put my mine in place.

3. CBTYOOH Rechargeable Taillight Bicycle Waterproof

CBTYOOH Rechargeable Taillight Bicycle Waterproof

The lumina micro 650 with dupont fiberglass reinforced nylon housing is the most reliable and durable light in the market. Quality lighting systems are the only ones you should rely on. Super Bright: the white headlight select SAMSUNG led chip which the system adopts high-efficiency constant current circuit design, intelligent low-voltage protection, supporting 350lumin, brighter than others. The maximum usage time in low-power mode is 10 hours, and the bicycle lights set built in a rechargeable battery only take 1 hour to fully charge. The bicycle lights set have a one-touch switch and provide 4 different lighting modes. You can keep your favorite mode easily with support mode memory. The IPX5 waterproof material is used to make theUSB charging port waterproof. It's light and portable, easy to install and carry, and it weighs only 22g each. The value is great. The mount straps fit around many seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, helmets and stretch to keep lights secure and firm, will not be shaken off on any curved road. The bike light set can be used as an emergency flashlight and can be used for any outdoor activity. It's great for cycling at night in places where visibility and safety are important.

Brand: Cbtyooh

👤These are a good deal for under 20 dollars, but they are not the best of the bunch. I returned them. I want them to provide the greatest benefit if I'm going to go through the hassle of keeping track of, attaching, detaching, and charging lights. A little more money makes you brighter.

👤The lights are made of plastic. I am not sure if that was obvious from the picture. I thought they were made of aluminum. The front light does not clear my cables so it is not as low as I would like. It will work for a strobe to let people know I am there, but won't be great at night. If you have more bar space, it won't matter. There is a If you have a moderately lit ride, the light is bright. There is a The rear light is bright.

👤The mounting strap that secures the lights to the bike is easy to work with, strong, and can be adapted to a lot of configurations. The lights are bright and there are several blinking options. I haven't had time to determine the battery life but I like these lights better than any I have had.

👤The battery will last for a good few hours. The different brightness levels and blinking modes are great for different driving applications.

👤These are easy to install. The lights are bright. The rear taillight has different flashing modes.

👤I bought this light set for an event where I would need lights to get back to my hotel after the race. I wanted something light and cheap. I didn't think these would be as good as they are for $19. I use them a lot now. I did a 3 12 hour daytime ride and the rear still looked bright. I only used the front light for short periods and it didn't seem to lose any brightness. For a long ride in the dark, I would use a larger light that has a larger field of vision, but I would bring this as a backup. These are small and lightweight, which is my favorite thing about them. It's easy to pack them on my bike or person if you need them later in a ride. I like how easy they are to attach. The way to go is with a rubber stretch band. These are 5 stars for the price.

👤I am very impressed with this kit. The lights are small and easy to mount. I like that the strap wraps around the seat post and the on/off button is not on. I took the above pictures in my dark garage, and you can see how bright the headlights are. I highly recommend!

4. Rechargable LED Bike Light

Rechargable LED Bike Light

Lifetime warranty for a year. You can try the bicycle light for a year. They believe that you deserve the best and that's why their products are tested and made with love. All risk is removed by them. They'll make sure that your light won't break or stop working, and that you get your money back if you don't. If you have a question, please contact them through Amazon. A complete cycling safety system with a rechargeable headlight and taillight. When connected to a port on the internet, you can fully charge in less than 3 hours. Up to 10 hours on strobe mode. The hours are on the highest setting. Super Bright Day or Night - The 400 watt headlight uses the latest technology to illuminate your path and keep you visible during both night and daytime. Additional sideways safety is offered by its amber side lights. The red taillight has a wide-angle beam that can be seen from blocks away. Multiple lighting modes, including a handheld flashlight, can be found in the Headlight. There are 4 modes of taillight, High, Slow Chase, Strobe, and Fast Chase. It is easy to install without the need for tools, wires, screws, or extra batteries. In addition to fitting all standard bicycles, lights are also suitable for use on helmets, scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs. It is easy to remove for storing and charging. These lights have been built to resist adverse weather conditions. The Front Light can handle bumps and drops. It will last for years of use.

Brand: Gearlight

👤I got the Gearlight S400 Pro a couple of weeks ago and here is my review, based on a couple of weeks' use. I am a keen or obsessive cyclist, safety light nut and battery nerd. This is the fifth or sixth set of lights that I have purchased from Gearlight for myself and as gifts for family and friends. There is a The good. The longest ride I have done so far is 43 miles and it will last at least 5 hours in flashing mode. It rained a lot during the ride. We know it's waterproof. The water beaded around the switch and on the top surface. There is a The rear light is bright. It has new electronics and has a new flash sequence. There is a The lamp has done some off road riding. We absorbed a lot of shaking. There is a It is bright. We only use this light in flashing mode because it is the most bright light I own. No one has complained about being blinded. There is a The best feature is that it is repairable. I don't like throwing things away when a battery needs to be replaced. I have changed batteries in all of the older designs of the Gearlight front lights. The new one looks good. There is a The not so good. There is a The unclippable mount is no longer used. There is a Each time you change your bike, the rubber mount needs to be detached and you have to drive home. There is a The rubber will give out at the end of the light. There is a The mount will only allow mounting on the bars, which is bad news. The light is secured to the mount with 2 screws so rotation is not possible. Your light will shine down or up if your fork is not vertical. I would have liked to pay more for the old mount. Conclusion. There is a Features and light are good. Is it possible to live with the mount?

👤I play with the on/off switch until the front light comes back to life. The company seems to have gone under as the support card in the box leads to an email and website that is now offline and I am unable to reach anyone about this issue.

👤The bike light is an example of excellence from the company. Over the years, I have spent in excess of $100 on many flashlight purchases. They all come close to the performance of GearLight. I plan to put the bike on the rolator walker because I no longer have the balance to ride a bike. I can still jazz things up a little even though I am getting older. This light is perfect for the bill.

👤There is an update on 11/12/21 My rating is going to be lowered from a 5 to a 1. After using it for a while, I found that the charging port on the front light does not want to make good contact and if it is disturbed, the battery will be dead. This item is not in stock and should stay that way. There is another light. I have never used these lights before. The front light is bright, which is great for daytime riding. The white light is so bright that I'm not sure if the amber side lights do anything. The rubber strap mounting for both lights is much nicer than the screw driver type that requires the clamp to be tightened. They are easy to install and remove, which is great if you park your bike where you might be worried about it being stolen. I don't like that the front light can't be unclipped from the mount. It would be easier to use a clip that has to be dismounted and remount the strap if I removed the lights. There is a minor detail. The mounts are secure.

5. REIFENG Flashing Bicycle Cycling Warning

REIFENG Flashing Bicycle Cycling Warning

You will get a bike front light, bike tail light, type-c cabel, rubber straps, and a manual. Their bicycle lights for night riding are easy to install and fit on many different types of seatposts, handlebars, backpacks, helmets, skateboard and scooter to keep lights safe and secure. High-quality plastic is lightweight and waterproof. The bicycle tire valve lamp has a waterproof function. Don't worry about rainy weather, but in order to prolong the life of the bicycle tire valve lamp, please don't soak it for a long time. A tire wheel valve cap light can increase your safety, it can make you more recognizable in the dark, in bad weather, and it can give you greater visibility. The bicycle tire valve lamp is easy to install, just screw them on to your tire valve and press the button. The bike wheel lights emit a fascinating aura with the sound of the tires, and a warning light reduces accidents. These bicycle wheel lights use 2 in 1 interface design, they are suitable for many types of bicycle and motorcycle with an American valve, each tire valve light is equipped with three AG10 batteries, low power consumption and long service life.

Brand: R Reifeng

👤My kids love them, they want more than bicycles.

👤Only 7 of them worked, and half of them were broken.

6. Bike Lights Front Back Rechargeable

Bike Lights Front Back Rechargeable

A bike headlight, a bike taillight, an instruction manual, a bracket, and a non-slip mat are included in the price. If you need help, they will be there for you 7 days a week. The Value Pack consists of 2 white and 2 red bike lights. You have a spare set. The bright lights are easy to attach to a vehicle. You can use them on your city bike during the week and on your mountain bike during the weekend. The design is made of high quality waterproof Silicon for a longer lifespan. Premium quality material will protect them from damage quickly. FFEXS bike lights are bright and make you visible to others. They give you a view of obstacles that are ahead. It's important to create safety during your escapades. FFEXS has high quality products. Their team is ready to help you with your accessories. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Brand: Fx Ffexs

👤The boxes were ordered to be donated to local police departments. I was impressed with the extra batteries. That will be helpful to the recipients. There were 8 bad switches in all of the lights. There is a I am very happy. It will be worth it if just one set saves one life.

👤The lights serve their purpose when they work. I ordered them twice. One of the lights did not work after the first order arrived. I received a refund and no need to ship the order back due to the battery. I ordered again the next day. The price went up. A big deal is still cheap. One of the lights won't turn off once turned on after second order arrived. I thought it was another one that didn't work, but the batteries and cap were loose. It won't turn off once installed. I have 6 of the 8 lights that actually work, so I didn't bother requesting a refund again. There are 2 red and 4 white. Gave 2 stars for the hassle of having to order again and again.

👤The lights fit on any bike. I was able to write this review because I didn't crash and I was able to come home after my 5am bike ride because two of the lights stopped working.

👤I have had these for a long time, and they still look brand new. We were looking for something that was easy to attach and take off our bike trailer and switch to other bikes, and these are perfect. The ease with which you can change these is fantastic because you only have to stretch the strap around the bar on your bike. 10 second installation. Pull the strap to release it. The design is great. There is a The brightness is also great. It is easy to see in a dark setting on the bike trail with just one of these, because installation is easy and we have multiples, and you can never have too much visibility. You can adjust the angle of the light by rotating the bar of your bike. 10 second installation and 10 second adjustment. These are two factors that make them a great purchase. They do exactly what you want in a bike light, and they are even better than expected because of the ease of use. A great design at a great price.

👤FFEXS surprised me with a ring on the doorbell. Another box of lights was sent by the seller. White for front and red for the back. The lights work well with a bright pattern. The different flash or solid on are a great way to be safe. I have a lot of respect for the seller of these lights who goes the extra distance for satisfied customers. The red lights are very effective at night. The different patterns work together to make sure you are noticed. I would like to say something good about the white lights. The white light was not working. This has been noted in several reviews. The second white light is useless when mounted on the fork of a bike. This seems to be an ongoing issue with the product. I think the issue is dead batteries or weak batteries. The package has bubble wrap on it. I think the lights are turned on in shipping. There is a The seller gave me a credit but I need a working set of front lights. If the lights worked as advertised, they were a good choice for front light.

7. BLITZU Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight Daytime

BLITZU Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight Daytime

A complete cycling safety system features a rechargeable headlight and taillight. The cree led has 450 lumens and is high performance. The mount is easy to install. The light has a 725 feet visibility. It comes with a bonus led tail light that will give you a panoramic view of the world, making you more visible to others and keeping you safer. It is a practical addition to any household or emergency kit. The flashlight will be able to endure heavy rain, snow, and other extreme weather. You can count on this light during power outages, roadside repairs, and safety emergencies. It's durable gives a sense of security that other flashlights can't offer. It's ideal for use around the house, dog walking at night, camping, fishing or any emergency situations. The 450-lumen headlight uses the latest led technology to illuminate your path and keep you visible during both night and daytime. When it matters most, the daytime running lights of Blitzu help you stand out. Their daytime technology is the most effective product to help increase your visibility, even during daylight hours, so drivers have more time to see and react. It is easy to install without the need for tools, wires, screws, or extra batteries. Scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs are all suitable for use with lights. It is easy to remove for storing and charging. These lights have been built to resist adverse weather conditions. The front light is impact resistant and built to perform. It will last for years of use.

Brand: Blitzu

👤The light is bright. It's easy to use a charging device. The strap was cheap and easy to install. The strap spins when the light is on. The light moves when I hit a bump. I don't recommend this light because of its movement. I had to buy something else.

👤I bought this light because I mainly ride at night. I should have bought the flashlight mount. There is no way this is 450 lumens. The beam pattern is the same as a flashlight and can wash out quickly. The light is projected in front of the tire. Either the designers don't ride at night, or they are ignorant in designing a headlight for a bicycle with a light pattern that is dedicated to night cycling. It is bright inside of a dark home or to illuminate the path while walking, but not as a bike headlight. It is still better than my Bell light, but it has a better pattern for riding. The taillight and quick mounting of these lights are very good. They are small and discreet when mounted. I may return the set and purchase a flashlight mount to focus the light beam where it is needed, and be much brighter than this headlight, in order to use my Boulder flashlight. 5 stars for mounting, size, and taillight. The headlight is 2/6.

👤This charges quickly and puts out a lot of light. We put it on our daughter's wheelchair so we can see the big cracks in the sidewalk if we take her for a walk at night. It helps other people see us.

👤I am somewhat disappointed in this bicycle light. It casts a beam but has no depth. I wanted it for trail riding in the park so that I could see when the sprinklers come on at night and not run into them, but this doesn't project far enough ahead to give me advanced warning. I decided to buy another light. I would send it back if I could, but it would probably be more hassle than it is worth. My advice is to spend a little more money. Chuck.

👤I don't usually write product reviews, but if a purchase meets my expectations I keep it and return it. The bike light set really impressed me. There is a The product description is accurate and you get everything you are expecting. There is a Product packaging is beyond normal. It is packaged in a very sturdy box with firm foam that is cut to match the pieces exactly. There is a The instructions are written in English and have helpful pictures for every part of installation. There is a The charging process is thought out and user friendly, and there are indicator lights to tell when the lights are charging or complete. You can charge the headlight and tail light with the two cables. They could have saved money but decided to do what is best for the customer. There is a The installation on your bike is simple and clever, no tools are required, and the tail light can be horizontal or vertical, which is great for bikes with different shapes. There is a The lights are bright and have a number of functions that make them suitable for biking. The company cares about the customer and cares about delivering quality for a good value. Five stars!

8. BV Taillight Visibility Reflective Batteries

BV Taillight Visibility Reflective Batteries

3 x AG10 button batteries per light are required. You can choose your favorite mode for your bike ride, and the light is super bright. It's visible to motorists over 1500 feet away. Tools-less installation is easy. Attach the lights to the quick-release mounts by mounting them on the handlebars and seat post. The mounts have lights on them. You will be safe at any time of the day if you enjoy shine or rain, summer or winter. There are batteries needed for the light. The light needs two batteries. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The product is covered by a warranty. 30 days Money Back Guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty is what they offer, they are so confident that you will love this product.

Brand: Bv

👤The rubber strap around the seatpost makes it easy to install light. The alternate method of removing it from the rubber strap is poorly engineered. The seatbag tab is not held tightly by the clip. The first time I rode with the light clipped to the seatbag tab, I lost it because it bounced out of the tab because it did not clip tightly to the tab. I hope you don't use it after reading this review.

👤I ordered the screw mount and got the strap mount, but I'm not sure if I'll get the screw mount again. The strap might be easy, but on a mountain bike it means "easy off", which isn't what I am looking for. I don't know why Amazon has an explicit screw mount option if they don't honor it. I will not get to try the light.

👤Many reviews talk about how they were shipped the wrong mount for the light. I was wondering what was going to happen, but I was very happy to find out that the package contains both the strap mount and the screw mount. I was happy to see that this package came with both options, and that the screw type mount is more secure than the other options. There is a The light can be seen from over 50 yards away in broad daylight and from a wide angle. The mode that is set up in my lights will get your attention the best, and that is the blinking mode. The case is easy to open, and the batteries seem to last a long time. I put in some generic store brand alkaline batteries six months ago and the lights are still bright. I was annoyed that the lights didn't have batteries, but usually when the manufacturer includes batteries they're the cheapo kind and don't last that long. It's alright. There is a This 2-pack is a bargain and I paid a lot for it.

👤I have been using this light for a while. Here are the positives: It's bright even during the day. I use the blinking mode the most, because it draws the most attention. 2. The batteries seem to last a bit too. I have had it on for 5 to 6 hours a week for the past 2 months and it doesn't look like the battery is running out. 3. It did not break after falling from the clip onto the pavement. 4. I have used it while it was raining and there was no water leaking inside. There is a There are points for improvement and the reasons I deducted one star. The weight: The light is on the heavy side with the batteries. There are lighter alternatives if you want to maximize your bike weight. 2. The light is strapped to the under-seat saddle bag. The clip isn't strong enough to hold it in the rough roads. It would be great if there was a lock on the clip to keep the light from slipping out. I put some tape on the clip to hold it in place and it worked well. There is a This is a great light for the price.

9. Automatic Detection Rechargeable Waterproof Taillights

Automatic Detection Rechargeable Waterproof Taillights

Excellent customer service is provided by them, they are guaranteed to be the high-quality material. If you have a question about your order, please contact them. The Zonke Smart Bike Tail Light has an automatic break detection and improved safety feature. This feature can be used in Flashing or Pulsing Mode, and the tail light can be switched to Steady On light in 3 seconds. The bike tail light has four different light modes and a power-saving mode. After 30 seconds of daytime activity, each light mode transitions into the power-save mode and uses smart technology to adjust the brightness levels. The Strobe and Steady. This power-save feature is included in On Mode. The Zonke Smart Tail Light can be removed from the bike mount for hassle-free charging. It is waterproof to all weather conditions. Water can enter the port if the rubber port plug is not secured. To install the Zonke Smart Tail Light, you just need to mount the device to the bike's saddle or seat rail and secure it with heavy-duty cable ties or bands. There are no additional tools required. Their smart light can be attached to strollers, wheelchairs, pet harnesses, children's bikes, backpacks, and helmets to keep bicyclists safe. All of their bike tail lights are risk-free. They offer a 30-day money back and a 12-month warranty. Experience the difference that real quality makes when you get a Zonke Smart Tail Light.

Brand: Zonke

👤The Smart Bike Tail Light was easy to install. There are two options for mounting. I put it under my seat and the zip ties held it in place. There are four different options for the light, one of which is a flashing light. Cars can see me better at night or when it is cloudy.

👤It is very bright, it matches my bike lights nicely. I highly recommend this product for your scooter or bike.

👤I use the rear light on my bike differently now. I can use it on the go with my travel charger, because it has a quick charge. The light is easy to use and attach to my bike.

👤I like it very much. Since I bought it, it has been great for me. A good product. Will buy again.

👤The product works well and has good battery life. I am happy with my purchase and will buy again. My visibility improves on the road with my brake tail lights.

10. Rechargeable Headlight Taillight Bicycles Mountain

Rechargeable Headlight Taillight Bicycles Mountain

Pick your favorite color, or get the assorted four pack for a rainbow of colorful fun. The bike headlight has 3 professional T6 lamp beads with 1600 lumen max output, which is able to provide ultra bright lighting in wide range and in the distance. There are 6 lighting modes that you can choose according to your needs. Night cycling can be dangerous. Their bike light set is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is superior in the high performances of light weight and durability. The outer shell is resistant to heat and corrosive substances. The bike light is able to illuminate your way in all weathers, thanks to the water resistance of the IP65. The Bike Headlight can be charged via the Type-C port. It also has a power bank for charging your devices. The use time of the headlight is between 7 and 23 hours. It can be used as a flashlight or emergency light when outdoors. There is a battery power display. The bicycle front light has a battery power display function, which can help you to master the usage and charging time more conveniently. You can adjust the angle of the headlight mount according to the situation during cycling. The bicycle front light and tail light are easy to install and use. You can install and detach the lights in 1min, as they are lightweight and solid. The mount brackets are applicable to all bikes.

Brand: Yivar

👤This product has just failed, and I am very angry about it. There is a The front light is bright and sturdy. The front light only charges through theusb-a tousb-c and not theusb-c tousb-c My phone uses a cable. The included back light is flimsy and has trouble holding a charge. I need three cables. There is a I was in the middle of a ride when the front light's mount broke in two. I don't know how this could have happened, but the mount was spinning around a little. There is no contact information for the manufacturer in the box. I don't have to complain to get a replacement mount. It appears that they will put this right after being contacted by customer service.

👤You would expect a lot of positive reviews in an honest review. Be prepared to be disappointed. The light is dim and has a great battery life. The Garbage mount on the front light shuts it down. The front light is dim as well. Been using it for a couple of weeks and won't recommend it to anyone. The battery life is the only positive point I use it for. There is an update. Light went flying as the mount came apart. There was no crash or impact.

👤The mount broke. The mount is not of good quality. I hope they can make this better or send me a replacement mount as I can not use it anymore. The lights are on the floor in my garage. It broke out of where. It was not under stress and was just like that broken. This would get 5 stars if the mount was made better. I hope I can find a replacement mount so I can use it again.

👤I ride 3500-4000 miles a year with about 1/3 of that being in the early morning before the sun comes up, so having a bright and long battery life is a must. The light is right for the bill. The battery indicator still says I have 80% battery life left after an hour and half of riding with the light on the highest setting. It was perfect! The previous light was dead at the highest setting. There is a The beam is wide and nice. I don't feel like I'm out running the light at any point. It doesn't seem like it's that much brighter than my old 900 light, but that's okay. I don't really need it to be any brighter. There is a The mount is sturdy. It didn't budge over the course of my ride. There is a I'm not bothered by it being a tad bulky. I will trade that for the battery life. There is a There isn't a way to change the brightness level with the light on. You have to turn it off and on again in order to put it on a different setting. I'll have to put my hand over the light so that I don't blind them now, because I like to dim my light when I see other cyclists or runners. I'm not using the taillight right now, so I can't speak to the quality. I already had a taillight that I didn't need a new one. I'll keep it as a spare.

11. Waybelive Control Yourself Waterproof Multicolor

Waybelive Control Yourself Waterproof Multicolor

The Headlight has a variety of lighting modes, which include high, medium, low, and flashing. It can be used when you are running, hiking, camping, walking your dog, cycling, power outage, road side emergency and more. There are 3 modes of taillight, each with 36+ hours of runtime, strobe 72+ hours of runtime, and flash 96+ hours of runtime. A cool addition for bikes. You will be the cool one among all the cyclers because their Strip Light can light up the frame of the bike and have up to sixteen unique light patterns. It's a great gift for people of all ages. It's free to change the color with the remote control. You can change the light color as you please, or you can use the remote control to control distance. The battery case is sealed, which is strong enough for long-term use, and the strap is high quality, so the battery box is snug for the bicycle frame. It's easy to install. Installation becomes easy with the light straps and screw. Fix the battery case with a strap, then twine the strip around the frame of the bike, no need to worry about the lights or battery case falling down. Most bicycles with a standard frame have bike frame lights that fit for toddler, adult, and mountain bikes. Their Led wheel light has 20 ultra-bright frame lights which will increase visibility from all directions, so you or your loved one are safer when cycling in low light conditions. Their bicycle lights will make your bike visible from all angles and the car drivers will be able to see you.

Brand: Waybelive

👤The product worked for the first week. It began flickering, changing colors, and then turned off on its own. It wasn't exposed to harsh weather or conditions. It's a poor product. You may have to return it within a week or two. My husband is also ordering one and it is failing.

👤Kids like them. It's easy to hook up. You have wires all over the bike, so be careful. My kids have a backpack with a water source on them for longer rides where they can store the remote, but if you are out for a quick ride in the dark in the parking lot or driveway then they are great. If you don't have a remote, your littlest will learn to keep it with them if they want the color changed.

👤I got this cool lights, put on right away, no one can see me now, it's cool with a remote, different colors, modes and timer, I'm very happy.

👤I was able to wrap my entire bicycle frame with these lights because I purchased 2 sets of them. What a great time! I like how I could change the colors with the remote. You should purchase batteries separately, as they are not included.

👤I use them for my children's bikes. It makes them very visible when we ride in the evening. They enjoy the rides more and like the colors. The lights work well, sometimes mine seem to turn themselves on, we think maybe a short time, but most of the time they work well!

👤It works like it says. Everybody loved the video I posted on the face book. I don't know how to post it here. It's draw backs are caused by being old.

👤I got the wires untangled. What a mess. The lights are on. The test will be when I ride at night. I used my own zip ties to secure the lights.

👤The bar areas of the bike frame are covered with lights. The battery pack box can be turned on and off with a nice remote. There are many light patterns to choose from. Would purchase again.


What is the best product for bicycle lights for night riding led?

Bicycle lights for night riding led products from Linligifts. In this article about bicycle lights for night riding led you can see why people choose the product. Vastfire and Cbtyooh are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle lights for night riding led.

What are the best brands for bicycle lights for night riding led?

Linligifts, Vastfire and Cbtyooh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle lights for night riding led. Find the detail in this article. Gearlight, R Reifeng and Fx Ffexs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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