Best Bicycle Light Front and Rear Silicone Led Bike Light

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1. Ascher Rechargeable Flashlight Resistant Included

Ascher Rechargeable Flashlight Resistant Included

There is a 2 year warranty against all manufacturer defects. They have you covered for the years to come, because they are so confident that you will love their best seller light set. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can either get a replacement or a full refund. ADVANCED DESIGN. The tail light is powered by a battery. It comes with a cable that can be used to charge your computer, power bank, or any device with a port. There are light mode options. The Tail Light has four different lighting modes and an one-touch switch. Fast flashing and slow flashing are included. Installation is easy. You just need to slide the light on and off the mount with the one-touch dismount button. The Silicone mount strap for Taillight is designed to fit around most handlebars and seat posts. Get Ridding Safety: The wide-angle beam of the tail light can be seen from blocks away, so you don't need to worry about being knocked over. Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Ascher

👤I liked the way the lights looked on my back forks and when I turned them on I thought they would be easy to see. I was disappointed after I stopped for a quick break and had been riding for 15 miles. I noticed that they weren't flashing anymore. I wondered if I had even turned them on, so I turned them on again. They were off when I got home. These lights are worthless to me because they have been a pattern. I do long distance rides and need to be seen by everyone. I will be contacting the seller.

👤I ordered 2 of them. One charges and works but does not work at all. I was going to ask for a refund, but it will cost me half of what I paid. I would strongly suggest that this isn't a seller you want to deal with, as I am not happy at all. I want a new light. If you really stand behind your product, then you will get a new light from me.

👤I almost cried when I found out that one of the lights was inside of the machine, but it was working perfectly normal. There is a I left it in normal blinking at 10 pm and it continued blinking until the next day at 8:00 am, but it made its statement clear, this is a quality piece. Thanks!

👤The light works well. It is to small to be used a lot. It's hard to be seen in the sunlight. It would work from a distance at night. I bought it for a day. It is almost usless. To me. I would look for a round design that has more lumes. I haven't found one yet.

👤I tested them on my rides before buying them for my wife. They were well packaged. The lights were on. The rubber hook strap is easy to use. Each light has its own charging cable. The light is bright. I can't speak for other's, but it definitely works. My wife and I cycle together. The lights are great when connecting the light to the street or traffic side of your bike. My wife says I need to get my own bike accessories, and she is very picky about them. These lights are very good. I hope the photo and video help you make your decision. One light is clipped to the back of her bag and the other goes around the inner nut of the wheel quick release. It's secure and doesn't move.

👤Starts bright, then shuts off. Is the unit faulty? Is it necessary for frequent charging? Yesterday it went for a couple hours. I contacted the company several times, but no response.

👤The guy at my bicycle shop told me that studies show that blinking lights on the back of your bicycle make you more visible and prevent drivers from clipping you. Enough said. I did some research and found these lights. One for the back and one for the front. The batteries are easy to install, and there are four lighting modes. I have used these on three rides and they are still strong on the initial charge. Highly recommended.

2. Akale Rechargeable Headlight Waterproof Included

Akale Rechargeable Headlight Waterproof Included

FFEXS has high quality products. Their team is ready to help you with your accessories. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! The technology is called smart 888-405-7720 A bike light. The Micro-USB cable is all you need. Water resistant to IPX4 protects against splashing water from any angle. The front cycle light supports full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing and slow flashing mode. It is easy to detach and is suitable for camping, walking dogs or outdoor adventure activities. The taillight has flicker mode, full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, and slow flashing modes. It is easy to install. A universal design mount can be made to fit any bike. The Akale bicycle light set installs in less than 7 seconds. No matter what bike you are riding, it is very strong. It's more than a bike light, it can be used as an emergency flashlight, keep it inside your car, basement, attic, and emergency kit. It can be used when you're running, jogging, hiking, camping, walking your dog, cycling, changing a tire, and more. You will be safe and secure at any time of the day, thanks to enhanced visibility and comfort. If you want to give a gift for family and friends, order 2 and give one to your friend. 100% money back guarantee, always offer the best service for their customer. Customers of their company can get a warranty of 18 months from the date of purchase. They will either make a refund or send a replacement.

Brand: Akale

👤These are the same as the bike lights offered by other vendors. The other sellers have silver but these have a black one and are a bit more expensive. A nice chart about battery life by light mode is included in the user guide. We use these lights for our rowing shells, but they are not waterproof, so we buy a few pair a year. They stop working and become useless if they go in the water. One assumes the word waterproof refers to surviving rain. We buy them because they are the most visible lights we have found and the photo shows the inside of one that dropped into the water. The white is visible for more than 2 miles while the red is less visible. They last around 9 hours on a charge and are convenient. There is no contact information listed in the user guide for this vendor, and no indication how one would be able to use the 18-month warranty. No email or web address is provided.

👤I bought 4 more after I liked one of them. The biggest problem I've had with other bike lights is getting them to fit on the handlebars. The rubber straps are heavy duty and stretch but hold the light tight. I'm not worried about breaking them because it doesn't wander. You can fit these to any bar or stu on your bike's frame. There are multiple cross hatches that you can use to tighten the rubber. The lights are bright, but they are not for you to see. The headlight is bright for cars to see you. They come with cables for each light. It seems to be hours from my initial use, but I'm not sure how long they hold the charge for. The lights are cheap. There was no batteries to buy.

👤These are not lights to see by, they are lights to be seen with. They are not bright enough to see by riding down a dark street. There is a They are excellent lights to use as running lights at night, but more importantly during the day. The last flashing option is great in drawing attention to you and your bike, so that cars don't pull out on you, or do the left hook across the road into you, or so they see you from behind. There is a I use the Akale lights in the flashing mode to help me be seen. I recommend three red flashers on the back and two on the front at night. I don't have a problem with these, but they don't come with a way to position the lights for optimal visibility, which is a problem for some people. I affix them on my bike in a way where they are parallel to the ground, like the back of my carrier. If you want to put them on seat posts, seat post stays, forks, etc., they won't be ideal since they aren't more positional and you may end up with lights pointing up or down but not parallel to the ground. There is a I recommend these as running lights during the day and red rear flashers at night.

3. HOOOT Rechargeable Headlight Taillight Resistant

HOOOT Rechargeable Headlight Taillight Resistant

Order now with no risk. Keep one set for yourself and share it with a friend or family member. Every light purchase comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty. The 650mAh battery can be used for up to 10 hours. The Micro-USB cable is used to connect to any device. The taillight indicator turns orange when fully charged. IPX 4 is a water retention device. There are two options: super bright and four light mode. The chips are upgraded. The headlights and taillights have a One-Touch switch that allows you to change lighting modes to provide you with extra safety. Depending on your preference, it adjusts to Full Brightness, Half Brightness, Fast Flashing, and Slow Flashing. It is easy to install. They are easy to mount or remove and can be stretched to fit many size seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, and helmets. It can be used as an emergency flashlight, and can be kept in your car, basement, attic, and emergency kit. It can be used when you're running, jogging, hiking, camping, walking your dog, cycling, changing a tire, and more. It is a perfect gift for family and friends. HOO OT is committed to providing you with the best quality products and customer service, and that's why they have a 100% money back guarantee. Their company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Hooot

👤The straps on my lights were broken when I opened them. The attachment device looked like a flexible way to attach, so I purchased them based on that. The two sets of lights come with two extra straps in case they break. There is a Two of the six straps were broken. No back ups. I can't see how you can attach them without these unique straps. This is going to be a problem since they need to be removed each time. I think they sent extras because of the break. The lights become useless when the straps go. It doesn't give a good feeling. If the seller sends replacements, I will revise my review. The seller returned the lights after the Update didn't have contact with them. The front lights were excellent for the price but the back lights lost all power after only two nights of use. Taking off the back lights is not practical. The straps are hard to use and most likely will break sooner than later. I don't intend to change the back lights after every use and I don't want to change them every time I go out after dark. I will keep looking for a solution.

👤We got four, two white and two red. They have a charging cable. I put them on my wife's and daughter's bikes so they could ride to school in the dark. I could still see them as they rode away. Impressive! The red lights stopped working. The button to turn it on did not click, but it did not turn on or off. After messing with it a bit, I got it to work again, but it stopped working again after a week. I thought I might see if it needed a charge, but when I opened the charging cover, the port was not lined up with the opening. The device is no longer lined up correctly after the inside became loose. I can't see a way to fix it. I would like to have the one red light replaced. They need the lights now that it's dark. The product description says "please feel free to contact us with any concerns", but I can't see how to contact them. I left a question hoping they would answer it. If I don't hear back soon, I'll just request replacement for the entire order, which is my only other option. Please help me love these.

👤I never leave reviews, but I was impressed by the quality of this product. Just clip them on and go. These lights are so bright that I feel safe on my ride home from work. The battery life on the bike lights I own is better than any other lights I have tried, even more expensive ones. I am buying another set for my dad because they are a great value.

👤The red light is bright. The white light is bright. I gave it a 5 out of 10. You couldn't use it as a light. It is a marker light. There is a switch that is a bit odd. It doesn't work all the time. I have to press it in a certain angle to get it to work. I have them charging. The two white ones showed full first, one red one was still charging, and the last one the led went out and I unplugged it and plugged it back in. I will see how long they last while flashing if they all finish charging properly. I will probably keep them if that is acceptable. If it does it again, I will return them for a faulty switch and light. The red ones don't have a green light when charged. If you used all four bikes, you would have enough light in the front to see the road. There is a The bag they send has only two lights.

4. Headlight Taillight Multi Purpose Waterproof Batteries

Headlight Taillight Multi Purpose Waterproof Batteries

These bike lights are very bright and make you visible to others. They give you a view of obstacles that are ahead. It's important to create safety during your escapades. These lights are easy to remove from a vehicle. You can use them on your city bike during the week and on your mountain bike during the weekend. There are 48 pieces of batteries readying for you, the bicycle light of red Silicone is red, and the bicycle light of black Silicone is white. It's easy to apply, and the front and rear bike lights can be fastened in seconds, which is convenient for you to use, and help you to guide your way at night. The multi-purpose bike light is made of silicone and light beads, which is durable and easy to break, and the light is easy to carry and take down. It is suitable for most kinds of bicycles, bike, mountain bike, city bicycle, kids bike and so on, it can be also applied for your helmet, baby trailer, dog collar or other places. You can adjust the mode according to your needs, so you can see clearly in early morning, fog, dusk, and dawn, and keep you safe.

Brand: Frienda

👤5 in 24 doesn't work. It is almost impossible to get the batteries to line up again after the red safety strip is pulled out because they lose their contact position. Sometimes they light up but don't go off. Sometimes they just never light. I threw away half of the lights after trying to get them to work. Very disappointing. I know they are cheap, but they should function.

👤I bought the lights because I need them to ride my bikes at night. I wanted to make sure they were working before I tried them all. Some of them don't turn on.

👤I put red lights on each leg of my tripod to keep people out of my telescope. The mounts are on a tube. There are mounts that are like a rubber band. Slow blinking, on/off switch, continuous strobe, and on/off switch. The batteries are 2-2032. Included in the shipment. This is a good deal. 24 lights, 12 red, 12 white, 48 2032 batteries are included. I will buy more when I can figure out what to do with them.

👤It helps me provide a profile at night on dark country roads for ten miles. Several will not work or need to be tinkered with, and many of them want to be on. If you want, you can fill it with a silicone. I bought this set and it didn't work.

👤If you can get the back cover to stay on, you have a chance that this product will work well. I don't want to fight with anyone to make sure the cover is on. And it works. Some of them didn't work at all. I am sending them back.

👤The lights are fun to play with and easy to install on bikes. Very bright! I bought 20 for my son's party favors, but a few of them were not up to par. Contacted Amazon. It was able to resolve nicely.

👤None of them work. None of them turn on when I pull them out a few months later. I am so disappointed.

👤I have 5 bikes and my kids go for a ride in the dark. The price for the 24 lights is comparable to a set of 1 that would never be ready for use because of a quick bike ride.

5. Stupidbright SBFR 1 Strap Micro Front

Stupidbright SBFR 1 Strap Micro Front

There are two free retractable bands included. High visibility reflective gear can be used in any weather condition. No batteries to worry. It is suitable for many people. WIN SITUATION: The Stupidbright Guarantee is 100%. No question asked about satisfaction or money back. The high-powered output will increase your visibility in the dark. The light is visible from both sides, even if it is only visible in one direction. Universal Mount is a light everything you own. The seat post or bike frame can be fitted with 3 straps. It's possible to fit elastic rubber on almost anything. The light can be put on your skate board, helmet, backpack, bike, stroller, and pet collar. It can be strap on anywhere. A versatile fit for a skateboard. Save time and money. There are no tools required. It's easy to strap-on in seconds on the go and remove when parked. Reliability keeps you on the road: water and shock proof aluminum body. Light modes are Solid, Fast-Strobe, and Slow-Strobe.

Brand: Stupidbright

👤I wanted to put these on my longboard. The set is white and comes in 3 modes, steady on, slow blink, and fast blink. You cycle through them by pushing on a lightbulb. I didn't stretch it out too much for fear of ripping it, but the band seems to be made out of some flexible silicone material. They have a "S" clip that closes it. I only use them during dusk. I wouldn't recommend using them as headlights at night because the light beam doesn't go that far, so you could easily be surprised by a sidewalk crack. They serve my purpose and are easy to attach, so I'm very satisfied with them.

👤I'm done with the bike "headlights" that cast a beam. They're great and all but too much of a hassle, and too expensive, and just not a great fit for an everyday commute. A simple white light like this is much better than the one I have now. The battery powered lights are better. They just stay on the bike and be a theft target. cheap and easy to replace batteries last a long time. I have these on both sides. Customer service is amazing. Amazon messed up my order, I ordered a front/back pair. The seller tried to make it right, but Amazon messed it up again. The seller sent me 3 more pairs. I really appreciated that. I highly recommend these for riding around town at night. I'd be surprised if there was a better light at a better price.

👤The lights are poorly designed. I threw them away so I wouldn't have time to install them. It's easy to get the battery stuck in the holder, but it takes a tool to pry them out. It is difficult to get the rubber grips back on once the batteries are installed. The red light stopped working as a button and I had to install a grip before I could use it. One of the grips would not securely install. The batteries were saved for future use, but everything else went to the trash. The bike light I've ever bought has been better.

👤The name of these lights and the use of the word bright to describe them is misleading and is why I gave a 4 star rating instead of 5. If you read the disclamer, you will understand the purpose of these lights that they will provide you with added visibility to others, mount just about anywhere with ease, and are battery operated that are not only cheap here on Amazon to buy in bulk. If they continue to work and the seller doesn't honor their lifetime warranty, I won't change my review. It's a shame that these don't have a brighter light inside of them. I would change out the batteries more frequently for a brighter light.

👤I like to have a set of backup lights on my bike in case my main lights need to be charged or stop working. These are perfect for that. There is a They are affordable and effective for the size. I like that they use batteries so I can always have an extra battery and a working light. The lights can't be fixed. The lights can be placed in many places on your bike. These lights are good for main lights on private property where you want to be able to keep an eye on your kids. If you commute or are out after dark, I recommend a brighter main light. I use cygolite lights and have received praise from other cyclists for how bright they are. You can't put a price on your health.

6. Rechargeable Extremely Noticeable Visibility Waterproof

Rechargeable Extremely Noticeable Visibility Waterproof

Reliability keeps you on the road: water and shock proof aluminum body. Light modes are Solid, Fast-Strobe, and Slow-Strobe. The bicycle tail light is made of heavy-duty aluminum and is designed to make you and your bicycle extremely visible and alert vehicles behind you. The red tail light can be used by all types of cyclists, at any terrain, and in dry and wet weather conditions. The tail light has a aluminum body, 24 hours working time, high-quality, strong andadjustable clip, rechargeable via Micro-USB, IPX5 waterproof - tested, wide and long cover range - 220 visual angle and three working modes. The red bicycle tail light is one of the most needed safety accessories for your bicycle because of its special features. The original red tail light for bicycles is one year old.

Brand: Brightroad

👤The light is great but the plastic clip is a pain. No really. It is annoying that it pops out now and fails to hook the rubber strap in place. There is a The device is easy to use and lasts a long time. I have a problem with the way the clip doesn't want to tighten the belt. It was like, man, do your job, this is what you do! I rage so hard trying to make this piece of trash clip work, it frustrates me so much, why couldn't it be simple? Damn... seriously. It's amazing. I used a zip, but it wasn't as effective. The piece of trash clip that fails to hold the device is more trustworthy.

👤I rarely write product reviews, but this one was so good I felt it deserved a comment. I've used a lot of bike lights over the years, some cheap, some expensive, most had serious problems, but this one was the only one that had serious problems. There is a The light far exceeded my expectations. It's small but bright. The battery life of other models was not as good. It is easy to remove and replenish. Did I say the light lasts forever? Being on manhattan streets at night is worse than having your light go out. I just finished a 100 mile ride and the light is still blinking. There is a person named Blitzu Cyborg. They were cheap, but only lasted an hour. I had two Cygolite Hotshot, heavy, bright, maybe 45 minutes battery. They fell off the bike. There is a Get this light. It's amazing. I'm here to buy another one in case I forget.

👤I've been completely satisfied with this tail light. The battery still holds a good charge and I can ride it for 2 or 3 hours. It's quite visible in daylight, so I don't think it would need to be any brighter. There is a The light is mounted on my seatpost, which is what it's designed for. The mount is shaped to fit a tube and slightly slanted to allow for the angle of a seatpost. The way the light clips on could be an issue if you want to mount on a basket or other spot. I don't usually write a review on gear that costs less than $20, but I appreciate this little gem every time I ride my bike.

👤The title says it all. I didn't notice the light was off until I got home. I was not prepared to backtrack more than 3 miles to look for it. This was still a disappointment despite my reservations about the rubber strap. Downgrading from 3 stars to 1 stars. The original review is below. The rubber strap is questionable. The light is bright and seems to work, but I am not sure about the rubber strap and hooking mechanism. The hook is a small piece of plastic that is not attached to the strap. Everything is held together by tension and the hook is barely touching the rubber. I worry that the light may fall off during a bumpy ride.

7. Mudder Headlight Taillight Multi Purpose Waterproof

Mudder Headlight Taillight Multi Purpose Waterproof

The original red tail light for bicycles is one year old. The package comes with 16 pieces bike lights, including 8 pieces bike headlight and 8 pieces bike taillight and 32 pieces batteries, and 10 pieces extra CR2032 batteries, which are already installed. Silicone material: these bicycle lights are made of Silicone andLED lamp beads, not easy to break,durable for you to use long time, also designed with Silicone elastic Buckle, easy for you to install and take down, and suitable for various kinds of bike, such as mountain bikes. It's easy to install these bicycle headlights, they're fastened in seconds, and you don't need any tools or other equipment to do it. Adding a light to your bike, backpack, helmet or other areas can help you to guide the way and keep you safe at night The bike taillight has different light modes that can be switched on and off, so you can be seen in fog, dusk, and dawn, just switch the modes according to the road and weather situations. These waterproof bicycle taillight walkers feature two batteries and offer visibility up to a half mile, help riders, drivers, and walkers spot you when riding in low light or complete for your safety and avoid losing the way.

Brand: Mudder

👤There are neat little units. These were purchased as a precautionary measure. They will serve that purpose well. There is a I only received 15 after I ordered 16. Four of the seven black units I received were malfunctioning. Three will not turn on and one has a burnt out bulb. Several others have trouble turning on, but with a few clicks and persistence they do. There is a I will give this a five star rating if these units are replaced, but as of now. It is worth three stars.

👤The value is the biggest thing this product has going for it. This product is cheap, but it doesn't mean it doesn't have a place. The product is not meant to light up your path. It is intended to make sure you are seen. It does well for that purpose. You can put multiples of these on your bike to be sure you're seen at night. I used two white lights on the handle bars and two red lights on the rear of the wheel. Anyone who sees them should know what direction you're moving. The product is easy to install on your bike. They know the direction you are traveling if you use white and red for forward and rear facing. There is a Good value. There is a The product works. Extra batteries are included. It's not very good for build quality. It's made from plastic and has a Silicone housing to keep your bike safe. I can tell you that it is mostly water resistant. When I first received them, I was pretty sure they were DOA because each light has a battery tab in place to make sure the batter is not drained during transport. I loosened the cap and batteries by moving the tab. A simple re-seat will fix the issue, but you have to be aware that the cap is not robust and may open up during rough use. I have noticed that the battery was bent over on some of them. This must have happened in the factory. The battery option is not common in most households. It's good that it comes with replacement batteries, but not enough to replace all of them in the set. There is a * The lights aren't as good as higher end options. Multiple lights would be advised because the viewing angles are not as good. Better designed products have a 180o viewing angle, which means you can see the light from both sides. I used two lights for the front and rear of the bike to make sure they were visible to cross traffic. There is a Quality is a Cons. The batteries are not secured well. There is a The viewing angle is not wide. There is a Silicone quality may affect how this product is secured. If you're looking for a low cost option, this is a good product. The viewing angle isn't great, but can easily be overcome by using additional lights. You can't expect anything more than what you get. I can see the product being a recommendable one if you understand the capabilities. I don't think most users will be willing to go through the hassle. The build quality, limited visibility, and poor design of the battery compartment make it hard to recommend this product. These issues are not a big deal for me to fix because I have a use for them. If you're like me, you should look for a better product.

8. Rechargable LED Bike Light

Rechargable LED Bike Light

Lifetime warranty for a year. You can try the bicycle light for a year. They believe that you deserve the best and that's why their products are tested and made with love. All risk is removed by them. They'll make sure that your light won't break or stop working, and that you get your money back if you don't. If you have a question, please contact them through Amazon. A complete cycling safety system with a rechargeable headlight and taillight. When connected to a port on the internet, you can fully charge in less than 3 hours. Up to 10 hours on strobe mode. The hours are on the highest setting. Super Bright Day or Night - The 400 watt headlight uses the latest technology to illuminate your path and keep you visible during both night and daytime. Additional sideways safety is offered by its amber side lights. The red taillight has a wide-angle beam that can be seen from blocks away. Multiple lighting modes, including a handheld flashlight, can be found in the Headlight. There are 4 modes of taillight, High, Slow Chase, Strobe, and Fast Chase. It is easy to install without the need for tools, wires, screws, or extra batteries. In addition to fitting all standard bicycles, lights are also suitable for use on helmets, scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs. It is easy to remove for storing and charging. These lights have been built to resist adverse weather conditions. The Front Light can handle bumps and drops. It will last for years of use.

Brand: Gearlight

👤I got the Gearlight S400 Pro a couple of weeks ago and here is my review, based on a couple of weeks' use. I am a keen or obsessive cyclist, safety light nut and battery nerd. This is the fifth or sixth set of lights that I have purchased from Gearlight for myself and as gifts for family and friends. There is a The good. The longest ride I have done so far is 43 miles and it will last at least 5 hours in flashing mode. It rained a lot during the ride. We know it's waterproof. The water beaded around the switch and on the top surface. There is a The rear light is bright. It has new electronics and has a new flash sequence. There is a The lamp has done some off road riding. We absorbed a lot of shaking. There is a It is bright. We only use this light in flashing mode because it is the most bright light I own. No one has complained about being blinded. There is a The best feature is that it is repairable. I don't like throwing things away when a battery needs to be replaced. I have changed batteries in all of the older designs of the Gearlight front lights. The new one looks good. There is a The not so good. There is a The unclippable mount is no longer used. There is a Each time you change your bike, the rubber mount needs to be detached and you have to drive home. There is a The rubber will give out at the end of the light. There is a The mount will only allow mounting on the bars, which is bad news. The light is secured to the mount with 2 screws so rotation is not possible. Your light will shine down or up if your fork is not vertical. I would have liked to pay more for the old mount. Conclusion. There is a Features and light are good. Is it possible to live with the mount?

👤I play with the on/off switch until the front light comes back to life. The company seems to have gone under as the support card in the box leads to an email and website that is now offline and I am unable to reach anyone about this issue.

👤The bike light is an example of excellence from the company. Over the years, I have spent in excess of $100 on many flashlight purchases. They all come close to the performance of GearLight. I plan to put the bike on the rolator walker because I no longer have the balance to ride a bike. I can still jazz things up a little even though I am getting older. This light is perfect for the bill.

👤There is an update on 11/12/21 My rating is going to be lowered from a 5 to a 1. After using it for a while, I found that the charging port on the front light does not want to make good contact and if it is disturbed, the battery will be dead. This item is not in stock and should stay that way. There is another light. I have never used these lights before. The front light is bright, which is great for daytime riding. The white light is so bright that I'm not sure if the amber side lights do anything. The rubber strap mounting for both lights is much nicer than the screw driver type that requires the clamp to be tightened. They are easy to install and remove, which is great if you park your bike where you might be worried about it being stolen. I don't like that the front light can't be unclipped from the mount. It would be easier to use a clip that has to be dismounted and remount the strap if I removed the lights. There is a minor detail. The mounts are secure.

9. CXWXC Smart Bike Tail Lights

CXWXC Smart Bike Tail Lights

Improve your bike performance. The bike cleaning set of brushes will remove dirt, mud, and grime from your bike. This set has all the brushes you need to do your job. There is a dual mount rear light. The Bike Tail Light has two different install systems. The bicycle taillight can be flexible to quick install or detach on bicycles with the help of the saddle mounting brackets and Silicone strap. It's very convenient to remove the brackets. Brake taillight for riding safety The smart brake sense bike tail light. The bicycle tail light will light up when the bike brakes or vibrates, as well as when the auto light is on. The smart bike rear light has 6 different output modes to choose from, with 1 constant mode and 5 flashing modes. Battery Life The battery has a built-in cable that can be used to charge your computer, power bank, or any other device with a port. The tail light can be used for 10 to 30 hours after charging. IPX4 is water resistant. The bike rear light is waterproof and dustproof and works well even in bad weather. They will take care of you if you are not completely satisfied with their bike lights. They believe in the quality of their bike taillight and strive to improve it based on riders' feedback.

Brand: Cxwxc

👤I have reviewed over 30 bike tail lights. Visibility in dark/foggy conditions is the biggest safety issue for me. I'm also lazy. I always end up with the smart bike lights that have turn signals and wacky color shows, even though I've reviewed lights that are brighter and bigger. They are easy to use and reliable. When I get on my bike, I can set them to automatic and they will come on when I get to my destination. When I brake, they blink and go bright solid. All the boxes were checked. I like how easy it is to mount the bike post and seat rails. The seat I'm testing doesn't have enough space on the rails, so I use both configurations. Ten seconds to get to the post. I'm done. I usually only have to charge for two weeks. I ride 12 miles a day.

👤The bad: -Seat post mount is slanted so it points horizontally. It's very important to have a reliable tail light because I almost always ride with one during the day when I'm on the roads. The tiny tail light from CXWXC has caught my eye. The automatic brake light works well, going bright and solid whenever the bike decelerates, and it's easy to operate and switch light patterns. I was able to put this to my seat post. I've probably used at least 4 or 5 different taillights in the last few years and this is one of my favorites. I can recommend with no reservations, and it's only $18.

👤The tail light is bright. It has multiple flashing patterns but my favorite feature is the motion sensor brake light function. When the light senses a slow down in forward motion, it looks like you just hit the brakes, exactly what I wanted. It isn't perfect but it's a great feature that doesn't require you to run cables or use a handle bar button. It comes with a rubber strap mount and zip ties to attach it to a seat. Make sure to lock it in place. The road bumps may cause it to slip out if you don't push it all the way into the mount. I lost one of the lights because it wasn't snapped all the way in.

10. Cycle Torch Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

Cycle Torch Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

Their support is friendly and easy to use. They are here to help you if you have any questions. The Step Counter has an 18 month warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The front and back lights have a long run time. The lights are top of the line and have 2.5 hours on high and 20 hours on flash. Installation is easy and will fit all bikes. The silicone mount straps are designed for an easy and firm grip, and the headlight and taillight installs in under 5 seconds. The best in class materials are made to last. Premium grade aluminum is used to make the casing. If you get caught in the rain, water resistance is IPX5 rated. Ride safely and commute with confidence. You come first - 1 Year Warranty Included, Cycle Torch is fully committed to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you have any issues, please contact them so they can resolve them quickly. There is malfunctional. The safety light set is great for strollers, kids bicycles, and scooters, they work as skateboard lights, and or even drone light. It makes for a nice dog collar light. There are four different lighting modes for the front and back lights. Full brightness, slow flashing, and pulse mode are included. Ready for the day or night. Did you know that 80% of cycling accidents happen in the dark? Their safety lights will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Brand: Cycle Torch

👤These are a high quality item and they are about 20% overpriced. Sturdy and durable. The red light is bright enough to alert cars to your presence. The white light is only 1/2 bright enough to illuminate the ground directly in front of a cyclist, but it is perfect for catching the attention of motorists and people opening car doors into bike paths at night. Highly recommended for city biking at night on streets that are already moderately illuminated. As the riding environment changes, the variety of flash settings makes for great flexibility. If you need serious illumination, try something at least 3x brighter and with a beam, you can focus on an area about 10 feet in front of the bike. There was a reduced one star. The white light lasts 3 hours. Light goes dead in about 3 minutes. There is no warning. There is no light on the road. After about 9 months of use, still going strong. I have a 20 minute commute in the evening and have to replenish the set every two weeks.

👤They aren't bright enough, but they are very visible. They haven't tested them to see how long they'll last on a charge. I haven't done any long rides yet. There are no surprises there. The light can be removed from the mount. One can leave the mount where it is if they need a charge. The sticker on the lens left a sticker on the entire lens, which was not good. The light was clear and not covered in sticky gunk because of the rubbing alcohol and work that had to be done. The instructions could be put on the packaging.

👤This is the one. These are the lights I wanted to see on other bikes, so that cars could see me. I am able to pass the eye test to get my drivers license renewed because I am half blind, but I can't see cars or bikes in the shade. I want to make sure people know I am on my bike. The torch lights do that. I can see them in the shadows. I used to have a cheaper brand. I was using up little disc batteries because they had only one little light in them. The torch is easy to use in your computer, and I don't worry about power consumption anymore. They are put back on after taking off. My child could do it. My dog could do it. There is a I don't know if this is a valid criticism, but the white front light is twice as bright as the red tail light, so it has half the battery life of the tail light. I don't know why they did that. Maybe you could use it as a light at night? The white light has to be twice as bright because it is harder to see during the day. I don't know. The red light needs to be charged more often than the white light. The battery life seems to run for the length of time described in the manual for each mode. I will change this review if I find something else. These lights are great for use as safety lights. I feel like I'm riding with cool people. Don't tell anyone I said that! After you purchase the Torch Bolt lights from Mevell, you will receive an email from them making sure everything is ok. Hang on to that email. The online User Manual states that the front light should last 8 hours. Mevell had a new light out to me after I responded to that email. The Customer Service department is very good. They will take care of you.

11. Rechargeable Headlight Bicycle Lithium Included

Rechargeable Headlight Bicycle Lithium Included

Save 20% on N N.ORANIE Super Bright Bike Tail Light when you purchase 1 or more from EMY Digital. There is a light mode. The bike light set has bright leds which illuminate the entire road. There are four different lighting modes to choose from with the one-touch switch. Fast flashing and slow flashing are included. Also. The bike light is built in a high capacity, high quality rechargeable battery. They are including 2 extra straps with your purchase for a limited time. It takes less than 10 hours to install without tools. It is easy to install. Silicone straps that can be stretched up to 4.72 fit many size seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, and helmets, are easy to mount or remove. It can be used as an emergency flashlight, and can be kept in your car, basement, attic, and emergency kit. It can be used when you're running, jogging, hiking, camping, walking your dog, cycling, changing a tire, and more. It is a perfect gift for family and friends. SAFE BIKING : A lack of vision is the main cause of bike incidents. It is important to have a reliable bike light. The best bike light is on Amazon.

Brand: Wvlirod

👤It's worth every penny you spend on it. The battery lasts for a couple hours before you notice it is getting dimmer. I love the product. I'm not sure how long the mount will hold up. Extra mounts that come with it are great.

👤You won't find a better light combo for the price. The head light and brake light are very bright. The mounting system can be used to mount them to a variety of objects. The function worked as advertised. It was good to have night rides. I will be using mine for nighttime rides. The head light and brake light are easy to clip to my backpack and I can use them for extra lighting. I'm very impressed, but I don't know how long the batteries last.

👤It won't light your way. You will be seen. The front provided enough light to cut down on how dangerous the path was. Solid, slow blink, and fast blink are the settings. It's easy to install. Take em with you when you park. It makes you legal at night without breaking your wallet.

👤I'm getting a new back saddle on my bike, so I'm not sure where I went to mount them. I'm excited about them. I highly recommend. This is not an autocorrect, I broke my arm. If anyone wants to help me with autocorrect that would be great.

👤Exactly what I needed. I wasn't sure about the situation. The work was great. You can put them anywhere.

👤The rechargeable lights have a great battery life.

👤The skateboard looks very colorful and cool in the dark because of the lights. The front and tail lights make the skateboard safer to ride. The mounting onto the Skateboard trucks is very easy.

👤Even when fully charged, the red light turns off by itself. It happens when sitting on a table, not related to bumps in the road as other reviewers commented.

👤There is no focusing on the front light. The light is 10 feet in front. It's more of a light to put on your bike at night so cars can see you, not so you can see where you're going. The rear light is bright. It's bright red with a couple of settings that will annoy anyone who looks at it. Especially when there are two of them. I'm going to say goodnight after writing that sentence.

👤The charging is good. The coin batteries that were required for my earlier blinkies were a pain to change. It would get 4 to 5 stars if the plastic housings were not broken. If you are not too rough with them, then a pretty good blinkie.

👤They are easy to install. So far, so good, don't really know about battery life. It's a little tricky to get to the charging port when it's ausb port. The charge took about an hour and the light turned green. Over.

👤The battery life has lasted for 2 hours and is still bright. Highly recommended.

👤Excellent price for this product.


What is the best product for bicycle light front and rear silicone led bike light?

Bicycle light front and rear silicone led bike light products from Ascher. In this article about bicycle light front and rear silicone led bike light you can see why people choose the product. Akale and Hooot are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle light front and rear silicone led bike light.

What are the best brands for bicycle light front and rear silicone led bike light?

Ascher, Akale and Hooot are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle light front and rear silicone led bike light. Find the detail in this article. Frienda, Stupidbright and Brightroad are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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