Best Bicycle Kids Seat Attachment

Seat 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. IBert Child Bicycle Safe T Seat Green

IBert Child Bicycle Safe T Seat Green

Large storage condominiums. Rover has a deep rear pocket for everything you need for a day outside. Your items are protected from anything that your ride throws at them. The adult rider can have a better center of gravity with center mounted. The child will enjoy the ride more. The child is positioned behind the handlebars for better communication. There was no dirt, rocks or water thrown in the child's face. It is easier to load and unload a child. The maximum weight is 38 lbs.

Brand: Ibert

👤We ordered this bike seat in December, and finally opened it to install, because the weather is starting to warm up. The piece that hooks around the bike was snapped in half. This was a waste of money. I didn't think the pieces were undamaged. I'm past the return window now because it was brand new. My daughter is safe. This could have been a lot worse if she had snapped while riding her bike. I was never able to use it.

👤This thing is perfect. Our 2 year old loves it. It works well on my track back with very little space above the headset. The d-ring on the locking pin will hang down if you have a bike with very few spacers above the headset and perfectly flat top tube. The d-ring/snap pin needed to be replaced with a small M3 bolt. I used a small zip tie and just cut it off after each ride, that worked as well. There is no load on that part, it just keeps it from sliding or coming off the mounting bar. There is a The mount is sturdy and simple. The tool is under the steering wheel. I wouldn't worry about my son falling off the mount. There is a broken mount on the top review. I don't think they still have that problem after making so many of them. I will update this review after I check it out in the quality lab. There is a The seat is comfortable. It is in the center, but not on the sides. The seat is so narrow that this is a good thing. I have very little clearance between the bars, the stem, the headset, and the top tube, but this thing fits perfectly! It's really narrow and doesn't affect my riding position, but there is plenty of clearance for his legs. My knees are apart, but with a properly sized bike frame my knees are clear of the seat. It's great to have a low impact on the riding position while having a child with you. I have a new mountain bike coming this weekend that should fit this setup even better, I'll update this review. The child is fine riding with this seat. The weight is mostly centered over the headset. You can turn 90 each way. Since the handle bars are mounted on the same post, they don't affect the steering of the bike. You don't notice that you're carrying 28 extra pounds with you. He can play with a steering wheel. When my son is in the seat, the bumps and cracks in the road don't bother him. The padding does a nice job. If you want to carry a child on a seat like this, you have to be 100% confident on a bike. If you fall over your bars, hit a curb, or drop your bike, it could end badly for the kid. A kid sitting in a seat a foot away from the rotation could be hurt if a hard 90 whip of the wheel hits a curb wrong. Don't buy this if you're worried you can't handle it.

2. Eton Universal Children B Suitable Bicycles

Eton Universal Children B Suitable Bicycles

Mountain Bike Moms and Dads designed From Their Mountain Biking Family To Yours. Premium quality standards for safety and comfort were designed and made. You can keep an eye on your child while riding a bike. The child will enjoy the front mounted design. The child can fully explore the scenery if given a good position. The maximum capacity of the portable child bike seat is 120 pounds. It's applicable to Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and Electric Bikes. Also, note: Type A is suitable for bikes with front beam, like mountain bikes, road bikes, andType B is suitable for bikes without front beam, like electric bikes and woman's bicycles. The pedal is fixed by screws and has three gears. The height of the baby is adjusted. The guardrail is easy to open and close, which makes it convenient for baby to get on and off. An attractive and innovative design, comfort, safety, and upgrade the sponge base to make the child sit more comfortable are some of the things that are comfortable and safe. Children are free to ride when the pedal design is used. The bike seat is easy to install.

Brand: Eton

👤This product is fun. My 2 year old loves riding his bike. It was difficult to attach as the directions were not in English. The seat belt is attached to the seat. I have to ride with my knees out a little, but it is not a big deal. My son loves being able to see where we are going.

👤The seat is nice, but the installation is flimsy and I wouldn't recommend a child over 1 year old. The metal bottom bars are not long enough to hold the bike in place. The bottom metal bars are bendable and the base metal bars are supported by all the weight. Even if I did install them, it wouldn't support weight. I had to use washers because the screws they sent went through the holes on the metal frame. The kit did not contain that. It's a very flimsy design so I uninstall it before putting my child in. There is a The instructions are missing a few steps. It was frustrating.

👤The best bike seat for your child.

3. Bell COCOON Child Bicycle Carrier

Bell COCOON Child Bicycle Carrier

The child seat is made with lightweight, polypropylene construction. The bucket seat has a wrap-around design. Most bikes with rear suspension are compatible with the Bell child carrier. Attach a five point harness. The rear reflector is included. A child is up to 40 lbs.

Brand: Bell

👤My child loves it! This was exactly what I was looking for in a child seat, and it was a great price. The seatbelt was a bit long but I was able to sew it up for a fix. I like the bar across the front because I can attach toys to it for my child to play with. I can still move the handle bars on my bike, but my knees don't knock the back of the seat, which is why the rear seat attachment is better for taller people. I would give it 10 stars. We love going on bike rides and my baby girl loves sitting in front of the bike.

👤If you're under 5 feet tall, you'll need to raise the seat at least an inch or two to install the bike correctly, as I suggest. The manual suggests 6 inches above your back tire. I have a fender over the back tire which makes it difficult for the seat to bounce if I go over abump. If it bumps it, it's not a big deal. I'm sure it isn't the most comfortable for the child, but it certainly isn't as sudden as it would be if it hit the back tire. My daughter found the seat to be enjoyable even though it doesn't seem all that comfortable, and it wasn't an issue at all. I got it installed last night and we went for two rides today, first for 20 minutes and then 45 minutes, and she never complained or whined. She didn't want to come home. It's a great workout, even though it takes more muscle power than riding your bike alone. My legs are sore. I have not had sore legs from a bike ride in a long time. The seat and housing were easy to install. We bought another Bell seat that didn't work out for my bike and took forever to install, so we decided we couldn't install it. Only bikes that don't have wiring attached to the bar that the seat sits on would work with this one. This is the seat to get if you have a simple cruiser like mine. All the seats I've seen have to be installed on a bike. It's important to have a bike that fits because it's more difficult to stop and gain traction with the extra weight on the bike and so being able to touch the ground while still seated is important for your balance and child's safety. If you've never ridden a bike with a child in a similar seat, it takes some getting used to. This one works well, seems sturdy and is easy to use. It can be removed without having to uninstall the whole thing. The color is pretty cool. I don't think you'll need to look any further if you give this one a try.

👤If you pay for it, it works and you get what you pay for. There is a It is wobbly when you ride around. My son is 35 pounds or more and I ride with him. I have to counter his weight as it moves left. And right. It's good for short rides of up to 10 minutes. I wouldn't use this for a long ride. There is a I was grateful to have a chair that was so cheap.

4. INOCTI Handlebar Attachment Childrens Accessories

INOCTI Handlebar Attachment Childrens Accessories

You can install and remove with a set of installation tools. Installation instructions are included. Kids Bike Seat For Adult Bike - fixed button, easy to remove, seven gears can be adjusted, suitable for most bicycle models, bicycle seat for kids. There are some accessories that you will get with the kids bike seat. 5 in the accessories table have been installed on 3, and 10 on 9. Child bike seat accessories are suitable for most mount bikes. It's a bike seat for kids. The height has been adjusted for your child. The child bicycle seats have foot pedals. Armrest 31 is suitable for diameter from 1.8 to 4 cm, seat 29.5 is suitable for 10 to 30 cm, and child seat weight is 1.4 kilogram. The child bicycle seat is easy to install and remove with a quick installation wrench.

Brand: Inocti

👤My 5yo was so excited to be able to go fast with her daddy after we received this product, we were so excited to receive it in the mail. We decided to put it together while the kids were at school so we could finally go on a faster paced ride, but the bar for the handlebars is not where we want it. There is no bar to put the grips on. We have a very disappointed child. We are going to use the seat portion and have her hold on to daddy's handlebars.

👤I was unsure if this would work on my Trek, but I thought I would give it a try. Fantastic! My babies are having a blast with this set-up and have put a lot of miles on and off road.

👤I bought a similar one for my other bike so my wife can take my other child, and I am getting one for my other bike. It is sturdy. My kid likes the handle bar. It feels like they are on their own. Highly recommended.

👤I was hesitant to buy since there were no reviews, but I wanted to spend as little money as possible. I received the same thing shown in photos. My nephew loved it, it worked great for me. Good enough for mountain biking.

👤The seat came off the bike and you can't get it to tighten because the foot straps keep coming off. The handle bar spacers will fall if they stay tight. The handle bars won't top from moving.

5. YouTeMei Mounted Carrier Cushion 1 6years

YouTeMei Mounted Carrier Cushion 1 6years

Premium quality standards for safety and comfort are designed and made. The child bike seat has rubber on it. Don't use low quality alternatives for your frame. The child bike seat is Wrap-around. Children will not be harmed while riding. The seat has been enlarged to support children under 6 years old. Only products for children under 4 years old can be used. The armrest can also be opened. Kids bike seat can be installed in three different ways, it can be applied to more types of bicycles, or it can be disassembled at will. Multiple bicycles can be replaced at any time. The load-bearing capacity of the bike seat is 80KG, so you don't have to worry that your child can't use it. The structure is stable. It's the best way to take your child out. The pedals can be adjusted for the child. Three gear can be selected. The seat height can be adjusted to accommodate children of different ages, and the pedals are foldable. The child seat's fence can be opened to allow the baby to get off the bike. The front-facing bike seat is safer and more fun for babies, and adults are more comfortable with their children in front of them.

Brand: Youtemei

👤Even on a medium size bike, this seat fits nicely.

👤Looks like I received a used item. The center support bar has a bent tab, and the screws are loose in the packaging, seat and some bars. I paid for a new item and it looks like I got something used and returned.

👤I haven't done the test run yet. It holds my two year old. She is 3 feet 5 inches tall. A baby did a test run. He had no problem. The kids are waiting for better weather to ride their bikes.

👤The reviews that say the instructions are limited are correct. My daughter is 35 lbs. She likes this seat.

👤My baby loves it.

👤It looks like it was used. I didn't return it because we are overseas. It does the job, other than that.

👤I received a used item that had scratches all over the bar and missing screws.

6. ZHOUWHJJ Universal Footrest Including Footrests

ZHOUWHJJ Universal Footrest Including Footrests

It is convenient and safe. The armrest handrail and foot pedals add security for safety, and the wide padded seat and backrest ensures a comfortable riding position, making it the best option to ride your child to school. Made from high quality materail: PU Leather, Sponge, Wooden Board, Steel, and Plastic. The feet pedals are made of steel. Thick sponge and PU Leather make travel comfortable and fashionable. There is a cushion 136.2 in, a backrest 6.74.3 1.5 in, and a armrest 97 in. It is easy to install on most bikes, such as hybrid bicycle, mountain bike, motorized bicycle, touring bicycle, hybrid bike, road bike and so on. Please double check the bike rack, it is not included, for your safety.

Brand: Zhouwhjj

👤This is great so far. I put two of them on the radwagon electric bike. The handle had to be straight for the passenger. Drop the kids off and head to work.

👤My tall 6 year old is a little more comfortable. I have been holding onto the bottom of the bike seat with a pillow and a command. I thought I'd need a cargo bike to get him seated, but it's impractical and expensive. This is what I needed. It came without instructions, but I was able to figure it out since all the screws were attached to the parts. I don't really need the bike pedals since they would be under my saddle bags. I didn't consider some things before installing. Attaching saddle bags with a gap at the top is necessary. The seat requires access to the middle of the bike rack. I have to put my bag strap on the seat. There are two more You should test the seat before you put it down. The kid is not going to be crushed against the handle if you need it as far back as possible. The seat handle is not tight and I had to add a plastic device to keep it from rotating. There are four It sits high and can change the balance on the bike.

👤The seat is great. My child rides on the back. We bought a bike rack that can hold up to 100 lbs.

👤My daughter is at a point where she refuses to sit in a bike seat, and also refuses to ride her own bike for more than half a block until I have to carry it. It's perfect for rides around the neighborhood and to the grocery store. It's sturdy, she knows to hold on to the handlebars, and we've never had a problem. She likes to ride on mamas.

👤I love this. I was searching for an option to ride my kid to school without a bike upgrade. My child loves this product. It is well balanced and my kid feels secure with me. It has become a way to share time before and after school. Balance and how to lean into turns are discussed. Henny is horrified by riding a bicycle. Excellent at scooter riding, but not the most effective option for a long distance to school. This works well for us. I mounted this on a rack that is 120 lbs and it was perfect. My bike is a hybrid. We will use it as long as it is comfortable for us.

👤Everything turned out ok with little personalization. I have no comment for those that are not creative. I had to bend the metal to fit the seat in place. I had to drill bigger holes for the foot rest. Everything worked after that. The room for the handle bar wasn't large.

👤This thing is great! It is an awesome product that is mostly universal but there are a lot of deciding factors as to whether or not each section is compliant. It comes with a cute bell. It is very cheap and not the bell pictured. My daughter liked it the same. I am not sure what the zip ties are for as this seat came with no instructions for how to assemble, and I had to reference the listing for how to assemble. My daughter props her feet up on the bar because we can't use the foot pedals. A great seat for a ride. There is a It is easy to install once you know what you are doing. There is a It's perfect for a kid older than a baby bike seat size but too young to keep up on bike trips, and there's no safety harness.

7. Handlebar Attachment Detachable Children Compatible

Handlebar Attachment Detachable Children Compatible

We offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund. Kids bike seats have safety harnesses. You can concentrate on driving the bike and not worry about the child. Share your passion for mountain biking with your child and they'll love it. Designed for children up to 48 lbs. The child bicycle seat is easy to install and remove with a quick installation wrench. The Auwey Kids MTB seat is compatible with All MTB. Not suitable for e- bikes, road bikes or older bicycles with cables on the top tube. It is comfortable and close-fitting. Free space will not be affected by the design. It's suitable for family riding adventures.

Brand: Auwey

👤I bought it on the spot. We have two kids that are 3 and 2 years old, and a 6 year old that is a master biker. The small ones in the double trailer fight about everything in the small contained area, so this is my solution. My biking changed as well as my children's. I can now ride my bike for longer distances and my 3 year old can ride her own bike. On our first bike ride after 3 miles my 3 year old got tired and leaned back on me, but I didn't feel unsafe because my arms are so close to her. It was a bit of a challenge for me because I am paranoid about being harmed, but I was able to get a good ride in as well. Everyone should have one. Are they the best? This one is affordable and fits nicely, and it is not a big deal to leave on when I ride without a small child in front of me. I had to adjust my bike seat to make it more comfortable to ride but that is all. It is not difficult to put on. I don't want to do it all the time. I just leave it on.

👤I'm sure the manufacturer of this product had the best intentions, but if flimsy and cheap metal is used on the bolts and fasteners, the product is not good. The metal will fail eventually. The metal used to make the bolts andfasteners needs to be better quality to prevent them from coming loose. This product is overpriced and not worth the money. It cost them dollars to make it because of the quality of the metal. Good luck.

👤It has cheap material that is easy to bend. There is a It's just okay with the money you spend. I don't recommend it because after a week it gives me and my son a hard time by sliding down the bike upper rod where the saddle sit on it. At the very least.

👤Excellent, but for children of 2 years old and up.

👤There wasn't enough room between the child's seat and me.

👤I had a hard time installing handle bars, but the rest was easy. The set up will cause you to have one gear only.

8. Thule Childrens RideAlong Bike Light

Thule Childrens RideAlong Bike Light

It's easy to use a rear-mount child bike seat. Attach the universal quick-release brackets to mount or dismount. Most frames have a 40mm round frame and a 40x55mm oval frame. The perfect fit is ensured by the 3-point harness. The ride is smooth and comfortable. One-handed reclining seat for on-the-go naps. The childproof safety Buckle has a large button.

Brand: Thule

👤Be careful with what kind of bike you use. I used to enjoy biking before having a child, but it wasn't as enjoyable after being pregnant and breastfeeding. Both of my bikes are carbon fiber. I knew I couldn't put a child seat on those bikes. I got a used steel women's mountain bike to use with the child seat. I got a women's specific bike for use with a child seat because I have to be careful when I get on and off the bike, keep the bike balanced, and not kick the child when they are on the bike. It is easier to do all of these things with a sloping top tube. There is a When I received the seat in the mail, there was a blue plastic piece that was broken and it was the critical part. A part like that should have been stronger. I ordered a few of these parts from Thule and I was ready to ride my bike with my two year old. The seat doesn't hit the rear tire because there isn't enough space on the seat tube for the quick release brackets to be high enough. I had to place the seat farther back on the railings so that my legs didn't hit the foot rests while pedaling. My daughter and I were both excited to go for a ride after I got it all set up. The rear wheel won't turn because her weight causes the seat to jiggle and hit the wheel, after I adjusted her and had her in the seat. Try explaining this to a two year old who wants to go for a bike ride, but is scared of the seat tube issue. This information should be included in online product descriptions. Women are more likely to put a child seat on their bike. It is ironic that a child seat design wouldn't work with women's bikes. I would not use an aluminum frame or carbon fiber for the quick release brackets because of the strong part of the clamping part. The seat can't be used with carbon fiber according to the instructions. I would only use a steel or titanium frame.

👤The recline function is nice, and the seat is easy to switch between my bike and my husband's bike, which is why we went with this seat. It's easy to adjust the foot rests. The seat pops in and out of the adapter in a matter of seconds, so we take the seat off while transporting our bikes on the hitch mounted bike rack and put it on when we reach our destination. You get used to it after a while, even though a rear mounted seat makes balancing slightly more challenging. The recline is only a slight recline, so we sometimes have problems with our daughter's head slumping forward, but so far it's been okay. She usually corrects it herself. Even with her bike helmet on, it's easy to get her in and out with the 3-point harness.

9. UrRider Mountain Foldable Tool Free Quick Release

UrRider Mountain Foldable Tool Free Quick Release

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. The new grade is new. The UrRider seat has been upgraded in 18 places according to all the negative comments of global market sales. It's designed for children up to 60 lbs. It's safe and convenient. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has safety standards. The child on the UrRider seat likes the co-pilot of the bicycle and will be addicted to ride with you. All bikes are compatible. The seat fits almost all kinds of bikes, including folding bikes. The seat is easy to install and remove without any tools. The product is portable and light because of the folding design. The seat is comfortable to sit in.

Brand: Urrider

👤My son loves it and it's perfect for us. The rear seat and front seat were not good. I put my butt in his face if I needed more strength, and the bulky front one bruised my legs, because I couldn't see my little one behind me. My 2 year old can sit securely in front of me now that I have the tandem attachment. My four year old and my six year old are on the tandem. This has opened up a whole new world of freedom for this family. It feels like you were a kid when you first rode your bike.

👤The product is well made and sturdy after a few weeks of use. There is a flaw that could be easily fixed. My daughter's back is very close to the front of my seat when she is on it. My daughter slid into my seat on a few occasions when riding over small bumps on the pavement, because there was no padding there. She did not get seriously hurt. I can tell that she doesn't like it. The child should be protected from the main seat with a backrest. The product is great. There is a I am very pleased with the product. It fits my folding bike very well. The seat is secured to the bike frame with metal. The handlebar and foot rests work well. The only problem I have is the age of my child, which is not related to the quality of the product. We have used it many times and with no incidents, but I must always keep an eye on it. I have to make sure my daughter never lets go of the handle bar or tries to stand up on the footrests even though the seat position places her between my legs. I wish the company made a bucket solution to strap the child to the sale seat. For an older kid. This is a great option.

👤My 4 yo loved it and so did I. She wanted to ride with me. She was comfortable and I was too. We had great conversations on our ride and she loved the views. She was unable to join her older sister and I on rides to our nearby park because of her little legs, but now she can go with us. There is a She is 3 feet tall and 25 pounds in this picture. I don't know how long she'll fit it, but I hope for another 6 months or year.

👤This is a great idea that is easy to install. I carry my 4y and it's ok. We can have a conversation while riding. There is a The system is not perfect. I will try to stretch the bar so that the seat is a bit more upfront. The feet holders could be more tie to the frame, I did my own solution.

👤I wanted to like this product. The seat was stiff and the kids slid back and got poked in the back by the adult seat. The grooves should have allowed the cables to run along the top of the bar. I had to take my bike back to the shop because the cables to the rear derailer were messed up. The brake cable was impeded. The kids really liked the macride more than the cheaper one. There is no interference with the function of the bike. The handle is the only advantage over the macride. The kids hold on to something other than the main bike handle. I am a relative bike novice. There is a If you don't have cables running along the top of the bar, this seat will work.

10. Together Life Foldable Portable Guardrail Handrail

Together Life Foldable Portable Guardrail Handrail

Kid bike seat, Kid handlebars, and installation wrench are included in the packing list. The design and manufacture of child bicycle seats meet high quality standards. The armrest and pedals can be folded. The pedal can be adjusted by three levels. It was designed and tested for children from 2 to 7 years old. The maximum weight of the metal tube and high quality steel pipe can be 30 kilogram. It is durable to use. Travel fashion is full of fun because of the neat appearance. Children are safe and comfortable with theThick padded cushion, skid-proof armrest and comfortable seat back. You can keep an eye on your child and the road at the same time with this bicycle front seat. The quick-release mechanism makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. For your kids with an age, the handrail and guardrail can be removed. It's applicable to mountain bikes and fitness bikes. You can see your child without stopping or turning around, and you can have a conversation without yelling. The child is right up front and they have a great view of everything.

Brand: Together-life

👤The child is on a bike. Be careful. The child can tighten his legs if he reaches the wheels with his feet. The child's foot can be stuck into the wheel if he sticks his foot into it.

👤I have been using a different bike seat with my youngest for the last two years, but she has grown quite a lot and her legs were getting cramped on the older seat. Our rides are usually 10 to 20 miles long. She was losing interest in our long bike rides. I began to look for different seating options. I decided to try this one because she asked for a seat with a back, and it was one of the best I've seen. There is a The seat was in good condition when it arrived. I found some mediocre instructions, but I just assembled and installed based on pictures and common sense. It is easy for me, but I am mechanically inclined. I was worried about the strength and stability of it until it was assembled. It is a solid seat once assembled. It gives me adequate leg room for my 5 year old. She liked the seat and the back of it. The side protection piece was attached to make it easier to get on and off. She insisted that I install either one. We were impressed after a 10 mile ride yesterday. She said that the seat was perfect and she was comfortable all the time. The seat can not be quickly installed and removed like my previous one. I still prefer this one because it is more robust and stable.

👤You will have a lot of fun putting this together, but it will be missing a few bolts. It will be fun to go to your local hardware store to find all the parts that this product doesn't include, even though the parts list says it does. It is reassuring when you find that the bike is too small for your frame, because it is.

👤Like others, my seat arrived without instructions or interior packaging. I didn't have enough screws and extra ones. There is a If you are looking at this seat, there are other similar ones for less money. I ordered the Leeofty Child Bicycle Seat at half the price after returning it.

👤I thought this would work for my wife and daughter, but they had to return because dimensions are a joke. My daughter is half Vietnamese and weighs less than what it was designed for at 28 lbs. Couldn't fit on it. I don't know what 7 year old would fit. I don't think it would have worked if my girl was 3 because it wasn't designed well enough to have enough room to operate the bike.

👤It was easy to install and my 3 year old daughter would not want to get off the seat, it fit every bike, highly recommended.

👤Very disappointed. The seat does the job, but it came with no instructions or instructions at all. I had to modify it to work.

11. XIEEIX Portable Retractable Foldable Detachable

XIEEIX Portable Retractable Foldable Detachable

You can see your child without stopping or turning around, and you can have a conversation without yelling. The child is right up front and they have a great view of everything. The material is tacky and stinky. The child seat is made of high-quality steel and metal. The maximum weight is 66 pounds. You are more reliable and safer when riding because of the overall sturdiness. The front mount bike child seat has a foldable design and is equipped with a quick installation wrench. It's easy to install. It can be put in a bag and carried with you after being disassembled and folded. Soft and convenient. The front mount bicycle seat, soft and comfortable saddle, handle with soft cover, andadjustable footrest are specially designed for children from 2 to 6 years old. The bottom support bar of the child seat can be stretched, and the stretched length and pedal installation method can be adjusted and installed with different types of bicycles. It's suitable for mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, exercise bicycles, cruiser bicycles, and bicycles. City bicycles, folding bicycles, etc. Pack and service. If there are quality and installation problems, they will give you a satisfactory replacement for the items in the packing list.

Brand: Xieeix

👤The part is loose and could be a safety hazard.

👤This is a thing that I love. It's easy to install, solid and safe. My child loves this seat and refers to my bike as our bike now. I was worried that it wouldn't work on my beach cruiser, but I'm happy to report that it does! Excellent quality for a good price. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤I was disappointed that it didn't fit on my female mountain bike because it looked well-made and comfortable. I wish it made it clear that it only works on a male bike.

👤I bought this for our electric bike. After trying to adjust it, we realized it was the right seat for the electric bike and my toddler loves it.

👤It is easy to install. It is very safe and does the work. Great for my child.

👤It's easy to assemble and great to have. My child was very excited to ride with my mom. I would definitely recommend it.

👤Poor instructions, not sturdy, and cheaply made. Total waste of money! I bought them for my children. Not happy with the purchase.

👤This works well. It's easy to mount on my Huffy.


What is the best product for bicycle kids seat attachment?

Bicycle kids seat attachment products from Ibert. In this article about bicycle kids seat attachment you can see why people choose the product. Eton and Bell are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle kids seat attachment.

What are the best brands for bicycle kids seat attachment?

Ibert, Eton and Bell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle kids seat attachment. Find the detail in this article. Inocti, Youtemei and Zhouwhjj are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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