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1. Colmthys Kickstand Adjustable Aluminum Bicycle

Colmthys Kickstand Adjustable Aluminum Bicycle

It's easy to install, please remove all the nuts before putting the kickstand in. It should be tightened directly to the bike frame. It's convenient to parking. A strong bike kickstand is needed when biking with your family. When parking, their bicycle kickstand supports the bike and releases you to do more activities. The bike kickstand has an anti-slip mat to keep the bike out of harms way. The reinforced plastic foot mat prevents slipping on wet surfaces. The road bike kickstand is made of aluminum alloy material, it is waterproof, anti-rust and wear-resistant, it is the most riding lover's first choice. To adjust the height of the bike kickstand, they offer a mini wrench to loosen the middle of the inner hexagon screw. The steps are shown in pictures. The package includes a 4mm wrench for length adjustment. The size of the mountain bike kickstand is important. Installation of bicycle on rectangular and oval tube chain-stays. If your bike is 16 to 24 inches, the Alloy bicycle kickstand is perfect for you.

Brand: Colmthys

👤I was able to work well for 3 weeks. It snapped off. You only have 30 days to return the broken item and contact Amazon. We threw the broken product away because they couldn't do anything without it. This product was very disappointing. This product was junk, but Amazon gave us a 5 dollar promo credit, which helped. Stay away.

👤It is easy to install. The 500 Chinese bike kickstand on Amazon is probably the same as the other ones. It's nothing better or worse. It's obvious so no instructions or anything. There was a taped up cardboard box.

👤I own a standard road bike. It doesn't fit on my bike or my mom's bike. The opening is too small for most bikes. Don't put your money in a bag.

👤No funciona para todos los modelos.

👤It was installed on my bike after I received it. It broke for about 6 weeks. The metal snapped when used as a kickstand. Buy a different one.

👤It was very easy to install. It supports my mountain bike.

👤I wouldn't reach the ground on a 29 inch wheel.

2. Liyamobu Non Slip Kickstand Accessories Multifunctional

Liyamobu Non Slip Kickstand Accessories Multifunctional

High quality. You don't have to worry about the bicycle kickstand getting rusty or not being flexible enough. If you have a question, please contact them. The kids bike kickstand is suitable for 12/12/16 to 20/12/18. The length is not fixed. You can choose the kickstand size according to your bike wheel size. It's suitable for children's bikes. The design of the spring is safer than an exposed one. Their bike kickstand is 12mm thick, which is more than most kickstand on the market. Their brackets are very strong. The bicycle kickstand foot has rubber pads on it to prevent it from slipping on wet surfaces. Before you put the kickstand in, please remove all the nuts. It should be tightened directly to the bike frame. You can easily install the wrench with the package. They have full confidence in the quality of the product. They want every customer to have a good shopping experience in their shop. If you are dissatisfied with the product, please contact them. They can either replace your product or give you a full refund.

Brand: Liyamobu

👤I had to make it work by installing it slanted. That's right.

👤To get the right ange, you need to be bent a bit.

👤My daughter got a new bike, but it didn't come with a kickstand because it came with training wheels. You just loosen the bolt on the rear wheel and put it back on. I've ordered a few of these after market kick stands and this one is the best I've seen so far. The metal is thicker and the padding on the foot is thicker. If the stand is not on, the bike will tip over if it has a bad lean.

👤The Liyamobu Kids Non-Slip Bike Kickstand Bicycle accessories for 16 inch Road Bike were easy to install, but needed some bending to fit. The bicycle would tip over if the box was not straight. The kickstand now works as it was designed after bending it slightly. Good quality construction should last.

👤It's possible I don't know what I'm doing, but some instructions would have been nice. I had to remove the existing bolt to attach it to the stand. That didn't work in this case. We tried this on a small bike. It is very cheap, so it may be worth a try. It didn't work for me.

3. Bell Sports Bracer Bicycle Stand

Bell Sports Bracer Bicycle Stand

The size of the bicycle bag is more convenient to store items, it is built in double-sided mesh bag, which is not easy to move, and it can meet the items you need for daily riding. The set screw is Rust resistant with protective tip. The all-steel construction is strong anddurable. The bike kickstand is easy to install. It's spring for opening and closing. Pre-drilled holes are used to adjust the height.

Brand: Bell

👤My daughter's bike was worked on perfectly by the first one I ordered. I was pleasantly surprised to find it fit my other daughter's bike without modification. If you want to loosen up the pivot point, spray some lube on it and then use a spray gun. The shortest setting for the screw will fit a bike with a wheel. Both bikes have two tubes coming off the bottom crank. The kickstand is between the two tubes. There is a hole in the bike's support brackets that can be used for a kickstand. It was perfect. I was able to install it in front of the cross-plate on the 12" bike, even though there was no hole. For clarification, see my pics.

👤If a kids bike doesn't have a straight cross-member, it won't work. The Disney Planes Huffy bike won't bolt to the ground. The two photos are what I mean. The Huffy Planes bike is not compatible with the Disney Princess bike. We wanted to use the Planes bike without training wheels.

👤I didn't realize my son's bike didn't come with a kickstand until I got it home. I didn't think about a kickstand while we were there because it had training wheels on it. The plan was to remove the training wheels after he got home. I decided to order this because I don't want him throwing the bike down. I got it in the mail two days after I ordered it. It only took a 14mm wrench and aPhillips head screwdriver. It works as well as it looks. I don't think you can beat it for the price.

👤I bought this for my daughter's and son's bikes. They are easy to install with a 14mm (or 9/16) socketst wrench and aPhillips head screwdriver. The plate system that comes with my bikes can be used to fit the rear arms between the two points of the body, even though neither of my bikes has a predrilled hole. Before you tighten the assembly, you should check to make sure it doesn't stick out too far from the arm or that it's too close to the wheel. Both of them were in place pretty much where they should be. You just need to adjust the height of your bike once you're happy with the placement. This is a little tricky because you might not get it right on the first try and the screw might want to bind. The process of installing both of these took about five minutes. I'm not sure how durable this product will be for a heavier adult bicycle that is likely to be ridden for a lifetime. I'm pretty confident that smaller kids' bikes are fine.

👤I wish I could say that this worked for us, but I couldn't get the screw off to extend the bar. I bought this for my daughter. She stops slamming it down on the ground and messing up her handle bars. It looked like it would be easy to put on. My daughter's bike has a predrilled hole and screws on top. The kickstand has a screw extension so that you can level a bike to the ground. I and my husband couldn't get the screw off the bottom to extend the stand. The bad boy was screwed on by Hulk. I need him to help me. No, seriously. Send him.

4. BV Adjustable Kickstand Concealed Spring Loaded

BV Adjustable Kickstand Concealed Spring Loaded

The tool-less adjustabe length is used to adjust the length of the kickstand. The reinforced plastic foot prevents slipping and sinking in mud. A steel hexagonal bolt prevents the foot from sliding off the kickstand. The angle stance is great for balancing bikes on the ground.

Brand: Bv

👤The kickstand may be good or bad. I did not get to test it. The mounting bolt is a problem. The photo clearly shows that the bolt is a hex bolt. It isn't. The bolt has a rounded head and a hexagonal head. The gearshift cable above the kickstand makes it impossible to mount my Trek bicycle securely. There is no way to use a key with an glyph. It would have been easy to secure from the side with a wrench. There is a It is difficult to get on the bolt because the threads are painted on it. The metric key they call for is large. I have about three dozen different sizes of hexagonal tools, but none of them fit correctly. If you don't have the right size, you will get frustrated.

👤There are a lot of positives about this, but one thing that is really worrying. The good first. There is a The kickstand is easy to install, and I love how you can change the height. There is a It sticks out far past the chainstay on my bike. My foot will catch it and extend it, forcing me to kick it back into place. Several times a day. There is no way to position it further inside. It hasn't happened yet, but if it were to come down while I'm in the middle of a street fight, it would throw me. No accessory will fit every bike. This is a quality product, but it makes me nervous when I ride with it. Something to think about.

👤I went to the hardware store to buy a longer bolt to fit the kickstand on a different bike. It was a bolt. The included ones were not long enough, so I used a 2.5" bolt for the new bike. Before buying this kickstand, I was not a fan of the generic kickstand sold with bikes. They were either too tall or short with no way to adjust them. Changing the tire height would make the kickstand unstable. There is a The kickstand is amazing. It is relatively light at 0.66 pounds. If not more, most other sturdy stands weigh double that. It is easy to adjust. Press a tab and move the section to the height you want. There were no bolts or complicated mechanisms. The length was a selling point for me. It will fit up to 29" wheels. The kickstand fit my mountain bike perfectly and felt sturdy because I could adjust the height. To many, putting a kickstand on a high dollar bike is not a good idea, but to me, it's a useful feature. I have had bikes fall when they are leaning against something. This kickstand has never caused a bike fall. I have put this on my road bike. Dropping a high dollar carbon bike is a bad idea. This prevents that thought from happening. There is a I've taken this on trails and large drops, and the stand never came down. The mechanism is very sturdy and makes a very strong click when you extend it. It works well on the roads with a road bike. There was no noise or gnashing of teeth. The kickstand is rock solid, will fit most bikes on the market, can be easily adjusted without any tools, and works amazingly well on mountain trails. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for every bike I own because of the ease of adjustment and how good of a stand this is. Don't think twice if you're on the fence about buying this. The included bolt can be replaced with sizes you need at the hardware store. I got the bolt in the correct size, in the correct location. There is a The package included a standard bolt and an allen bolt. It's nice to have a choice.

5. CyclingDeal Center Bicycle Adjustable Kickstand

CyclingDeal Center Bicycle Adjustable Kickstand

Rubber Gasket Protection The frame can be protected from being scratched with the rubber gasket. There is a feature. The double legs kickstand is a sturdy way to prop your bike. If you are in a kick up location, avoid touching the chain. It's suitable for Trekking and E-Bike bikes. The bike height can be adjusted for 2429" or 66 lbs. The color is ED Black. Weight: 1.56 lbs. It was made in Taiwan. One year is the warranty.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤I need to work-around a few things that are better than what I had. There is a If I don't pay attention while hitched, the load can tip over, because the bike stand is weak, and I pull a Burley Nomad, which if I don't pay attention, can tip over. There is a The kickstand I bought from you appears to be fairly simple to use and it was fixed after I used it. When maintaining my bike, I put it in a Bike Hand bike-stand or tried. This is where the cradle mount of the Bike Hand is located, because this kick stand mounts the same way as my former one-legged kickstand. I had to come up with another way to service the bike. There is a My 170mm crank-arm hits the kickstand when pedaling. It's not hard, but it's hard enough to be noticed. There is a The shipping position of the feet of the kickstand is the shortest length of the leg. If the hole position was shorter, my Sugino crank-arms might not hit the leg because they wouldn't fit properly. There is a I will figure out something for the bike hand/bike servicing. When the kickstand is in the UP position, the crank-arm hitting the lower leg is a problem. Is this one-sized fit for all bikes, or is it for smaller bikes? I need the heavy-dutiness. The banging on the crank-arm isn't a thing.

👤You fit bikes of 24 to 29 inches. The legs did not reach the ground, about 1.5 inches short at full extension. I had to find some aluminum and drill holes for the screws to hold the legs in place. The stand is sturdy and works after my alterations. The manufacturer should make the lower and upper legs longer so that they work on 26 and 29"

👤I have had this on my ebike for a long time. It's a bit difficult to find the optimal height. When your shop is in a campground. It's an essential piece of kit once it's dialed in. When loading and unloading trailers. It is important to pay attention to setting angle because it is very close for crankarm clearance. When you think about the spring mechanism, you think of kicking up and down, catching all the muck, road dirt, water, snow, and so on. I check the tightness of the fixing bolt and periodically clean and RELUME with heavy green tractor grease. The spring mechanism needs a second kick to be stowed. I got a backup from Amazon Warehouse. I would hate to have to operate without it. It is worth the relatively low price compared to other brands. Recommended.

👤The stand is the best I have ever seen. It is easy to attach and is out of the way from pedals. You have to be on the left side of the bike to use it. You have to take the weight off the rear of the bike to get it to separate. The weight of the electric bike may be a problem for some people. I gave it 4 because of this. It's very sturdy and you may want to adjust the legs a bit more to the third hole. I have a 29 tire.

6. Kickstand Kickstands Bicycles Adjustable 18 20inch

Kickstand Kickstands Bicycles Adjustable 18 20inch

It's stable. This bicycle kickstand can be used for most 16INCH - 20INCH TIRE and Mountain Bike/Road Bike/BMX/MTB/Sports Bike/city commuter bike/kids bike/adult bike. Length adjusted: The kickstand can be adjusted to loosen the middle of the screw. The package includes a 4mm wrench for length adjustment. The quality is upgraded. The bicycle kickstand is made of anti-rust aluminum alloy and is waterproof. Non-SLIP FOOT: The kickstand has an anti-slip rubber foot to prevent it from sinking in mud. There is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Even if they are of the same size, the height of the frame from the ground could be different. Before placing your order, please measure the height of the frame from the ground and make sure it's on the scale of 7.00-- 9.45 inch.

Brand: Veckuson

👤We bought two of these for our girls. They are great. Would definitely recommend.

👤I can not say anything about this. My son's bike doesn't allow for a kickstand so we couldn't use it. It was as advertised and seems very sturdy.

👤So far, so good. It's easy to install and the bike looks nice.

👤I ordered this because my daughters bike didn't come with a stand. It was easy to attach, works well for my 8 year old, and is easy to use.

👤I got this for our son.

👤It was easy to install on my daughter's bike. I adjusted the height of the kickstand solo, but it would be easier if a person held the bike at the perfect angle while you tightened the nut.

👤My son likes how sturdy the kickstand is. I would recommend this based on the less than 5 minute install and the length of the stand. The Allen wrench is perfect, but the included tool for the bolt is useless. You can install it in 30 seconds if you use a 14mm sockets. I still give it a 5-star rating because of the ease of use and installation. My 7-year-old son can push the stand down and back up with his foot.

👤This is a kick stand. It works very well. I put it on my kid's bike. The bike has a perfect lean angle. Extending the kick stand shaft would make it easier to fit larger bikes. I don't know how easy it is to adjust the shaft, but it looks good and the design looks good. The Allen screw would hold the shaft in place when extended for larger bikes. The mechanism is very easy to use and my kid has no problems putting the stand up and down. There is a There are quite a few reviews that said that this doesn't fit a 16" bike. It's possible that it doesn't fit some bikes. I've included a few photos to show that it fits our old, 16" "Kit" bike, which I keep refurbished every few years.

7. Kickstand Adjustable Bicycle Mountain Bicycles

Kickstand Adjustable Bicycle Mountain Bicycles

Before you put the kickstand in, please remove all the nuts. It should be tightened directly to the bike frame. The package includes a kickstand. The bike kicstand has a +2 key. The length is adjusted. The length can be adjusted between 11 and 13 inches, depending on the wrench used to loosen the middle of the screw. The quality is high. The kickstand made of aluminum alloy is very strong and durable to use. You can easily install the bike kickstand with the two hexagon wrenches included in the package. The bicycle kickstand can be adjusted with a wrench. It's for the Mountain Bike/700 Road Bike. The bicycle kickstand can be adjusted with a wrench. It's for the Mountain Bike/700 Road Bike.

Brand: Karetto

👤3 stars on stability I did not like the idea of having round rails mounted on. If you have a flatter mounting surface, be sure to have stability.

👤The kickstand works well. It is easy to install and adjust, and never gets in the way. I don't know why I have been leaning my bike against the kickstand for so long.

👤I am getting back to riding my bike. My old fashion kick stand is no longer working. I put this on with the included tools, but make sure the peddles don't hit against it. I adjusted the length a bit and tightened it down. Love it. Have a speed greater than 26 mph. This is a good one. There is a cover that can go on the stand and tube patches.

👤It's very sturdy on my sirrus 1.0, my bike is size XXS and my tires are 700/32 C.

👤My wife was against me putting the kick stand on her bike. Her bike was falling on the floor of her garage, as well as on the street, sidewalk, and grass. Since she installed it, her bike sits perfectly upright, she doesn't fall down and it stays free of scratches and dirt. She didn't say anything about the kick stand since. It must be working.

👤This is what I needed and what I wanted. It is lightweight and easy to deploy. I think it's best for square bars on the rear frame.

👤I wish I'd had this sooner. The rubber sleeve fits the frame, so no slippage. Kickstand has a satisfying kick. There is no saggy kickstand anymore. Sturdy in all positions. The bike is 20 years old and has a speed of 15.

👤My granddaughter has an 18 inch bicycle. I have extended it for her bike so it is not too short for a 20 inch bike unless you allow for a lot of tilt. I think it would be fine for a 16 inch bike as I could move up the extension to accommodate that size bike. This one was easy to install and seems very sturdy. I bought another brand that said it would fit 16 to 20 inch bikes, but it was too short for an 18 inch bike. This is in white. The bike is pink with white wheels. It's recommended for a 16 or 18 inch bicycle.

8. Kickstand Adjustable Bicycle Aluminum Mountain

Kickstand Adjustable Bicycle Aluminum Mountain

The professional customer support has a 24 month warranty. They provide professional after-sales customer service. Quality issues are their responsibility. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any concerns. The height of the bike kickstand can be adjusted with the help of a hexagon wrench, it is suitable for 22 inch 24 inch 26 inch 700C 27 inch tire mountain bike. The bicycle side stand is made of aluminum alloy, which is rust resistant and light in weight, making it easy to tighten screws. The installation of the bike kickstand is easy, you can adjust the height of the bike kickstand by using 2 pieces of hexagon wrench tools, and you can loosen the screw in the middle of the kickstand. The bike support stand has an anti-slip foot and is designed to support the bike stably on the slippery ground. Each package comes with a piece of a bike kickstand, a 4mm L wrench and a 5mm L wrench, a convenient combination tool set for you to use in daily life. The Bike Kickstand should be tightened to prevent it from falling.

Brand: Boao

👤I bought 2 of them for our mountain bikes. One bike is a Scott and the other is a Trek. The kick stand does not hold up well. The bottom part of the kickstand was lost by my son and I. It isn't strong for 26-27 inch bikes. Our bikes have been damaged when they fall. Very upset and would not purchase again.

👤This was a great kickstand for my son's mountain bike. It can be used to hold the frame wherever you want, and it hasremovable pads that you can use or not, depending on the size of the frame tube. Installation is easy with the Allen wrench. Very strong!

👤It works well, but I lost the bottom part of it when I rode off road, I recommend using some locktight on the screws to set it to the length you want.

👤The kickstand plate on my bike was missing. I need to buy a side one. The kickstand was easy to install. The kickstand is short and I have 29 inch wheels. It still works. It works better for bikes with smaller wheels. It is very easy to install.

👤It was a low quality week. The screw can't be fastened enough to keep the parts together. It fell during biking.

👤You get what you pay for.

👤To small for my husband's mountain bike. Didn't hold it up like it should have.

👤I have used this for a few months now and it is a great find. I think it is comparable to an expensive brand one.

9. CGRTEUNIE Specialized Accessories Choosable12 Adjustable

CGRTEUNIE Specialized Accessories Choosable12 Adjustable

All bike kickstand are guaranteed with 100% satisfaction and 6 months return warranty, please feel free to contact their after sales service team if there is any problems with items. Corresponding. The child's bicycle kickstand is suitable for a child's bike. The correct size on the bike wheels is needed. This is not the length of the children's bicycle kick stand. Rugged. The high-carbon steel material provides long-term support for the bike as a side stand. Bicycle parking can be made convenient with waterproof, anti-friction, and long service life. Since it is an iron product, it may be slightly scratched during transportation and sales. . The corrugated flat bottom design increases stability. Make sure there is enough space above the nut. It is easy to install: loosen the nut on the rear of the bicycle, install the gasket, install the kickstand, and lock the nut. A bicycle. The kickstand can be used to allow bicycles to be parked on the side of the road or stacked in the courtyard. If you have an angle posture, you can hold the bike well. .Tips. There is no need for nuts or screws to install the kickstand of the bicycle. It's very easy to operate. The bike kickstand is suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and kids bikes. .Tips. There is no need for nuts or screws to install the kickstand of the bicycle. It's very easy to operate. The bike kickstand is suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and kids bikes.

Brand: Cgrteunie

👤My daughter kept begging and I didn't think this was necessary. She loves it. She had to tell everyone. It was the best purchase in a while. It needs a training wheels accessory. It is easy and sturdy if you have that.

10. BESTCAN Kickstand Adjustable Aluminum Mountain

BESTCAN Kickstand Adjustable Aluminum Mountain

It's compatible with all double rail saddles if they don't have any bits hanging off the rear. It is suitable for mountain, road bike, folding bike-fixed all tubes. The material is made from high quality aluminum alloy material and has top quality and very strong. The length is adjusted by removing the screw in the kickstand with the 4mm wrench. The bike kickstand should be adjusted from 12 to 16. Use the 5mm wrench to install. The package includes 2 wrench and one 4mm wrench. ORDER NOW and not have to worry. If you have a problem with the item, please contact them by e-mail, they will arrange a replacement free of charge.

Brand: Bestcan

👤It seems that most bikes don't come with kickstands nowadays. I wanted a kickstand for my new 20” bike, but I didn't want it to be too heavy, so I bought this one in the standard configuration and it fit perfectly with the arm. I would recommend this if you need a smaller bike like 20” as it fits well and the arm is easy to put up.

👤I bought this based on the photos of it coming with a black bolt and black plate, so it would blend in with my black bike. The kickstand came with all silver hardware. The rubber no slide foot at the bottom is just hard thin plastic that will wear and scratch up in 3 seconds if used on concrete or pavement. There is no rubber. An advertisement shows a kickstand with a red sticker on it. There was a sticker peeling on mine. I am not sure if this is a keeper. To compare another brand.

👤I was looking for a bike stand. I settled for this one. I am very pleased with this stand. It was installed without any problems. All tools are provided. The only thing I can tell you is to position the stand so that it doesn't interfere with the pedals and the gears on the tire. Great product!

👤The kickstand was easy to install on my bike. The chain stays on the side of the bike opposite from the derailleur. The allen wrench is needed to secure the stand to the bike. It takes two minutes to install. There is a The kickstand length is adjusted so that you can set it for the size of your bike. The picture shows what the Raleigh Cadent 3 looks like. The product was very good.

👤The Allen head screws were used for the installation. I will keep the wrench on my bike in case it gets loose over time. I have multiple bikes of different sizes, so the adjustment option is important. One of the two I ordered was not used. It was missing an Allen wrench, but it was scratched up pretty good. Someone returned it after trying it out.

👤This works for my bike. I can put it anywhere on my bike. I couldn't put the kickstand down on the sidebar because my brakes are at the bottom center of the frame. There is a Amazon wants me to rate the warmth. It's not warm. If you are looking for a warm kickstand, this is not it.

👤There is a piece of trash. As a doorstopper, it's only useful. They will only use the tool provided. Bolts will strip as well. The kickstand kept moving until the bike fell. It scratched up my bike. It was made with plastic and did not come with rubber. Time and money were wasted.

👤My children's bikes did not come with a kickstand. I tripped over the bikes in the garage. I didn't know how to measure for the right stand and where to put it. When I found this, I was skeptical. I just installed them. I think my 5 year olds bike is too small for the smallest setting. I need the stand to be shorter but it won't. It is perfect for my 7 year olds bike. It was easy to install and it had the tools to adjust it.

11. Bike Kickstand Stand Bicycle Support

Bike Kickstand Stand Bicycle Support

It's easy to install. The bike kickstand is easy to assemble and comes with a wrench. There are multiple sizes available. The kickstand for the kids is suitable for the size of the bike. A great replacement. The kickstand is a great replacement for training wheels, which will make parking your bicycle convenient and bring you a tidy storage space. The kick stand is made of thick alloy material with a built-in spring, which is safer and more durable. STABLE & ANTI-SLIP. The anti-slip mat helps the bicycle stand by preventing it from slipping. It is easy to install the rear bike stand, just make sure you have removed all the nuts before putting the kickstand in. It is easy to install the rear bike stand, just make sure you have removed all the nuts before putting the kickstand in.

Brand: Zsflzs

👤This thing is terrible. My daughter's bike has taken a beating from this thing not holding up and the bike constantly falling over. You should look elsewhere.

👤This is not a typical bike stand. I was willing to try it. After a couple weeks of use, it stopped holding up my kids bike. No matter how many times I try to get it to work, the stand is no longer able to hold the bike up. Frustrating.

👤The kickstand works but I am worried that the plastic insert that is rubbed when the kickstand is engaged will wear out soon because of the constant friction. I don't know until later. Be aware of that issue.

👤A nice kickstand. It did not work for my situation.

👤It was quick and easy to install. It works like a charm. The granddaughter loves it.

👤The product is good and easy to put back on the stand.

👤There is barely any thread left to secure the tire when you attach it to the back wheel. I bought a bar that connects to the bike after I put it in the trash.


What is the best product for bicycle kickstand 20 inch bike?

Bicycle kickstand 20 inch bike products from Colmthys. In this article about bicycle kickstand 20 inch bike you can see why people choose the product. Liyamobu and Bell are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle kickstand 20 inch bike.

What are the best brands for bicycle kickstand 20 inch bike?

Colmthys, Liyamobu and Bell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle kickstand 20 inch bike. Find the detail in this article. Bv, Cyclingdeal and Veckuson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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