Best Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards 2 Pack

Cards 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Bicycle 1023140 Canasta Games Playing

Bicycle 1023140 Canasta Games Playing

Digital printing technology has state of the art features. It was printed in the USA. Premium playing cards. It was manufactured with recycled and sustainable raw materials.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Half of the cards in the deck are useless and only used to fill the box. It has a bunch of useless instruction cards, including 6s, 7s, and 8s. There is a The score cards are nice, but it's annoying that all the 4s are spades and the 6s are diamonds, so each team will have a black and red card. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying. There is an extra of each. I plan on throwing out all the useless cards and buying a standard red deck and making another euchre deck out of it to put in the same box. I will have 2 euchre decks in the same box that are different colors so it's easy to sort them out if they get mixed up. I know it's not a full deck. The box has the words "euchre" on it. They should have lost all the useless cards and put two euchre decks in each pack, one blue and one red. You can mix the colors with the euchre decks. It's easy to sort if they get mixed up.

👤Why buy a Canasta deck? Unless you have two decks with the same backs and wearing, you need a Canasta deck. If you want to teach your friends how to play Canasta, having a point value on the cards is a big help. There is a star symbol and points under the card name. The deuces are named "Wild!" I thought it was a nice touch that the letters were in the middle. Instructions printed on paper instead of on the web. Leave your phone and paperback at home. The backs are pretty, with mirror images of a hand fan with a bicycle and antique scrolling all around. It was made in the USA. The Argentine Rummy card game was the most popular card game in the US in 1953, after it spread to Argentina and America.

👤I'm not as worldly as I thought, but I've never seen Canasta cards like these before. Each card has a card score value printed on it. I've played Canasta for years and wondered if the 7 was worth 10 points or the 8. My wife can keep score now that the card score value is a no-brainer. Don't tell her I said that! The two deck set of cards is made for Canasta and has the card score value printed on each card. My wife and I use them all the time.

2. Bicycle Poker Index Playing Cards

Bicycle Poker Index Playing Cards

Comes in red and blue. The numbers and Pips are the meaning of the bicycle Jumbo playing cards. Each card is larger than traditional playing cards. The Bicycle Jumbo 2 Pack has a red and blue deck. A standard deck of playing cards has 52 traditional suited playing cards, two jokers, and two additional ad cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are designed with an air-cushion finish for ease of handling and dealing.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The standard playing cards are not the subject of this review. The front of the cards are larger so that people with vision problems can see what they are playing. The cards are regular playing cards. The recipients were very happy with the gift as there are elderly members in the family. I can't comment on whether the cards are durable or slippery. Will update if I find out from the recipients.

👤The cards were received today. The pack only has 52 cards.

👤The third box of playing cards is being worked on. Why so many? Every day of the week, my husband and I play cribbage. We play a deck of cards for three months. Bicycle is one of the two brands that I will never purchase for regular play. It's cheaper to buy them in bulk than it is to buy one deck at a time. Some decks go faster than others because we might accidentally fold a corner or get something on them that makes them impossible. We'll keep buying Bicycle as long as we can because it's a great brand.

👤The cards are great, what I expected. They arrived with a banged up red pack and a few bent cards inside. I bent them back, and I think they will be fine, but it's kind of a shame that they are on a new deck. I don't think I'll take a star away again, but I will probably get a card from a local store to make sure they're not damaged.

👤Some reviews for Bicycle Cards said that some decks were incorrect, short, double carded, etc. I matched up all the suits in all the decks. There are no problems here! They are well-made, and I needed them for playing cards with friends.

👤If you've received one pack, double check that you're in the correct one. If you click on more quantity, you'll know if you're getting one pack. If you would prefer more than one. There is a The price for 2 packs is $5.99. There is a The first option I presented was for my personal order. I received 2 packs of cards after I clicked for 2 quantities. Hope this helps anyone. Stay safe and enjoy your card games.

👤I am surprised I like the cards as much as I do. I didn't know where to buy cards at poker night. I was aware that Amazon would have some. I picked a random pack of cards that were high quality. The cards are very sturdy and the "air cushion finish" makes them float across the table. Everyone thought I had some fancy cards because I had the official Bicycle seal. It comes with a "free app" so you can learn to play alone. I would definitely recommend them for a deck of cards.

👤The packages arrived today. I ordered Jumbo index playing cards. I should see 2 packs. I only see one pack in the box. The second one is missing. I looked at 2 packages to make sure I didn't overlook anything. There was no sight of the second pack of cards. I read it. It indicated 2 packs. I think there should be 2 packs of playing cards.

3. Bicycle Mini Decks Playing Cards

Bicycle Mini Decks Playing Cards

Bright colors can increase your riding fun. There are 2 mini playing cards. X 1. It's small enough to fit. These playing cards are great for gift baskets, car rides, and everyday play. Only one deck per order. The back design of the rider. It's perfect for traveling, birthday party favors, stocking-stuffers, Easter baskets, and many more.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The listing has been changed to show that this is a single deck. The previous statement was that there were two decks - one red, one blue. I ordered the item multiple times, expecting to get one red and one blue. All I got was blue. One blue at a time was very frustrating. The cards are cheap novelty items. Plain paper is not intended for serious use. I expected better quality since the price I paid was comparable to standard-size cards.

👤We can play a game of poker while the world is a hissy fit, because these cards are for my Bug- Out-Bag. Maybe I should get a small fiddle as well. There is a There are hints. The box is too tight and tears easily when opened, so do yourself a favor and use a sharp implement. 2. If you want to add a gift receipt to your Amazon account, you can write a note to the store stating your preference for red or blue. 3. Throw in with your basic car supplies, a softcover dictionary, first aid kit, survival gear, hardtack and other nonperishables would be useful.

👤People complain about seeing two decks of cards. A bullet says one deck for the price. I asked them why they didn't have a button. They told me to send an email. I will receive my deck today. It will work for me on the plane. I suggest that they change the pics on the page to either a pic or a pack only, and that they put in a button to select a color. It works for me.

👤They only sent me the blue deck, not a pair. Amazon said they would sort out the problem with the seller. These are a novelty or collectible. Two of them are side by side and fit on top of a full size rider back card with a small white border still visible. The cards are not noticeably thinner. They look like they have a patterned finish, but it's scaled down so you can barely see it, and it doesn't offer much in the way of air cushion. There are two cards, one in color, but no ad cards. The wording on the ace of spades is the only difference between the core cards and scaled ones. The United States playing card company is on two lines instead of one. There is no code under it. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to shuffle or spring these because they're as thick as normal cards. Half a pack won't bend enough. They could have done plastic prestige cards at half the thickness. They'd handle it well and little kid hands wouldn't destroy them. I fear these are mostly used for variations on that joke. There is a The tuck case is very nice. It's the same as a small box of raisins. It's a tuck bottom and you can blow in it and make noise the same way. The normal deck says "Poker" on the top. The flap has a trademark. The bottom of the card has a recycled symbol and the sides say "". The bottom quarter of the deck is used for coyright information and the back only shows 1/3 of the card back. There is no seal sticker for the USPCC. It came in a bag. You can get them cheaper from Bicycle's website. Prime shipping made this work out better for me.

4. Bicycle Stargazer Elements Playing Bundle

Bicycle Stargazer Elements Playing Bundle

Product dimensions are 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches. It was printed on a premium bicycle brand. The court cards are wearing fiery garments of reds and oranges as faces are reset on the classic. It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I like the one way back design of the Fire Deck. I could do without the demon theme elements. The Stargazer deck is not functional. It was hard to read the cards. The back design is very nice. There is a Two good decks by the USPCC. I would have liked to see a blank facer instead of a double backer. Product pairs. It doesn't make sense. The fire deck and ice deck should be combined.

👤They're pretty. Since they both have black edges on a white paper stock they will fade quickly if you use them for games. They can be used for cardistry and light solitaire, but not for normal play. There is a It's a good price for the 2 pack. They are worth the price.

👤The Stargazer set is a beautiful card deck. The Stargazer set requires you to take a closer look at your cards to distinguish the different suits, which is not something I like about it.

👤These cards look great. The stargazers feel durable and are more stunning than the other ones. They were playing a few games of rummy with them, and by the end they were starting to get a bit of a curve from the shuffling. I got a few cards wet and they warped, but still work. If the red cards were as complex as the stargazers, I would give them 5 stars.

👤I was hoping for more interesting designs on the face cards. I would hope for more variety.

👤I would have given it a lower rating. Each grandchild could have their own set of decks. The faces are not suited to play a card game because of their color. Shame on the bike.

👤My son loves playing cards. I ordered these because he uses our other Bicycke cards for stacking creations. These are the best cards we've ever owned. The are flexible, but still durable. I am very impressed.

👤My son got some playing cards. I was skeptical about how easy it was to read the stargazer cards. The black borders show if a corner is bent, which could be a problem if you are playing a card game. The normal bike was playing card pips, except for the jokers. This is a good deal, since he bought a playing card deck for $12 and these are $8 for two.

👤I'll be using the Stargazer cards. The fire cards work well, but the design of the cards themselves is not much different from the picture cards. I'll probably use them for card tricks, but don't think they're special like I do the Stargazer. It is nice to have these in my collection and they do have a nice feel to them, but they aren't as amazing as I had hoped they would be.

👤The setting is very pop because of the colorful cards. I use these for poker and my friends love them. You may want to wait until the cards go on sale because it's very expensive.

5. Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Completely custom illustrations are not found anywhere else. Bicycle poker cards are genuine. The United States Playing Card Company made the cards. The deck has red hearts, blue spades, green clubs and yellow diamonds. The classic standard look is maintained by custom card faces. Blue and Red Standard Bicycle Rider Backs are available. A list of Texas Hold'em Poker Hands is included in dual purpose Joker cards.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Bicycle (USPCC) branded decks are the ones I collect playing cards from. The Hesslers deck is part of my collection. The tuck box design is the only one that many card designers work on. The faces of the cards are being looked at. This helps set their cards apart.

👤If that makes sense, this is a unique deck. The design is the same as the original blue deck. This deck is for people who want to increase their card game. The traditional 2 colors are red diamond and hearts-black spades, but it has 4 different colors. This makes game play more enjoyable. These cards have been used for spades and Rummy. It always makes a conversation. There is a It's a shade lighter than the regular blue bicycle deck, but it's pretty much the same. You have to add this to your list if you're a playing card collector. You never know when they will run out.

👤I picked my cards first on looks. The design is classic suits, and pips, but what makes it so delightful is a full-color courts, and suits in green, yellow, red, blue, shades of grey to compliment the black and white. The spades are blue, hearts are red, diamonds are yellow, and the clovers are green. The colored suits are within a black spade with a kneeling skeleton. There is an extra card with a quote on the side of the bike backs. There is a I want a good deck. These are air-cushioned and play very well. There is a I want a good price. This deck is the only one that can meet all three.

👤These cards are very nice. Nice colors, don't feel flimsy or rigid. It is visually interesting.

👤I like the different colors. It's a great addition to my collection.

👤The cards look better than the pictures.

👤I have recently gotten into playing cards and card games as a hobby. I picked up copag and desjgn plastic cards and realized I don't like them all. Good Bicycle paper cards are what I prefer. Some brands were tried. These are my favorite cards. The colors are striking. Absolutely gorgeous. The goodies are nice. It's the same bicycle you expect. I wish they had it in the bridge size. What are you going to do? The ace of hearts is ugly but that's my only complaint.

6. Bicycle Standard Playing 2 Pack Colors

Bicycle Standard Playing 2 Pack Colors

Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish. Bicycle standard playing cards are 2 pack. The historic Rider Back is featured in Bicycle Standard playing cards. The Bicycle deck contains 52 traditional suited playing cards, two jokers, and two additional ad cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I don't know if these are real bikes or not. The rough edges of mine were not sanded smooth. The card stock and finish are different. The tuck case was made in the USA. The tuck cases are legit but the playing cards inside are not. They are not like my other bikes which have nice edges and better stock. Bicycle asked me to check the ace of spades as there is a number on it. I read it to them. They said they didn't make any. They don't sell Bicycle cards on Amazon, even though it appears like you are buying them from Bicycle, because the vendor is the same as the one you are buying from.

👤The "free app" sign on the pack is the reason I'm not giving this product 5 stars. I assumed it was a sticker on the wrap when I saw it on the pictures. It ruins the art of the pack. There is a No complaints.

👤The quality of bicycle cards is known. There is a I decided to order 2 packs of Bicycle cards after some online research, and I am very happy with my decision. After 2 months of daily use, I can say that the cards are made very good, and they are not tearing apart, but you should clean them wet wipes every now and then to keep the dirt off them. There is a The cards are great for playing varius games, and they are also good for some cards "magic tricks". There is a The material is good, and they feel great in their hands, even at a low price. There is a But! These cards are not water resistant. The water damaged my cards, but it was my fault. I take responsibility for that. There is water damage in the picture. There were bad printed covers for the cards when one pack arrived. When I contacted Amazon's customer service, they immediately helped me and sent two more. There are new bicycle card packs. Thank you for your kind service, Amazon! There is a I can recommend these cards to you. I was very happy with the purchase. I would buy Bicycle cards again.

👤They seem like typical high quality playing cards, but after a long night of poker, it seems like something is seriously wrong with them. I found that the deck contained hardly any faces, and the same number cards made it hard for me to play. I should return the cards.

👤Bicycle playing cards have become one of the accepted standards among card players and magicians. Are they the best cards in the world? Certainly not. Their quality is generally high, but the quality control can be rather inconsistent. This isn't an issue for most people, and professionals may sometimes be frustrated by it. The value for the price is arguably the best in the world. Premium decks of cards cost more than Bicycle cards, so for those of us who go through a lot of cards, these are the gold standard.

7. Bicycle Purple Rider Playing Poker

Bicycle Purple Rider Playing Poker

The air-cannon finish is classic. The card is called "Gaff" and is a double back card. The card is manufactured by the U.S. Playing Card Company.

Brand: Bicycle

👤When I saw these, I had to buy them. Bicycle puts out the best brand of playing cards, they are the right size, they shuffle easily, and they feel good. Can't do better than this product. Everyone at a recent game night requested them for Christmas. It was done and done.

👤Spite and Malice is a game my friend taught me. You need 3 decks of cards with 4 players. We used 3 decks that were impossible to shuffle. I bought these for my friend. They're all the same size, so they're easy to shuffle. They're all different colors, so it's easy to separate them after the game. They were easy to handle and shuffle after a few hands. There is a Great cards!

👤Bicycle playing cards are standard.

👤The cards are great. Like bicycle cards. The deck had 2 cards that were not printed. Had been gifted for Christmas earlier in the year. The return date had passed. In January, you should order another deck because the next deck had the same issue and 2 cards were misprinted.

👤Bicycle playing cards are of the highest quality.

8. Bicycle 2 Pack Canasta Games Standard

Bicycle 2 Pack Canasta Games Standard

Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish. It is easy to learn canasta inside. For ages 8+ Canasta games are fast and exciting. Players attempt to make a meld of 7 cards of the same rank, and then discard all of their cards. Canasta games are fast and exciting. Players attempt to make a meld of 7 cards of the same rank, and then discard all of their cards.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I use cards for canasta. I bought four decks because we play with two decks at a time. The problem with this purchase is that all four decks are the same cards. We use the next two decks after we finish a round. We can't do that because all four decks are the same. We have to sort out all the decks if one card is mixed up. It would have been better if there were two different colors. If you play canasta or any other game with two decks at a time, it makes sense. I have to buy two more decks to make sure they are different colors.

👤These are not canasta decks. The product consists of two decks of regular playing cards with canasta point values printed on them and a set of instructions for playing canasta. A canasta deck is made up of smaller cards that are lighter in weight. The smaller, lighter cards are designed to make shuffling two decks of cards easier, and to make holding the large number of cards easier. All the cards needed for playing canasta are there, and these seem to be high quality playing cards. Having the point values printed on the cards made it easier to teach someone new to the game. The quality of playing cards was not what I was looking for. I haven't been able to find a true canasta deck anywhere else, so maybe they aren't made anymore.

👤The decks are the same color backing, but who cares if you put each deck with its own 52 card set? What a waste of time. I play a 4 deck variation with 13 card initial draw, so it doesn't really matter when you put them away, as long as you play these types of decks only. There is a If you're just starting out, the point values on the cards are very helpful and easy to use. This is a great way to start Canasta and the decks are sturdy and good Bicycle quality. If you're not a fan of mixing decks before the shuffle, utilizing 4 decks of dedicated Canasta cards makes for a quick game start. If you want to set up a fast 4 deck or 6 deck crazy game with lots of people, color variation is not necessary. Purchase 2 sets for 4 deck or 3 for 6 deck variation that would work with hand and foot. I plan on ordering another set. Pair with spiced rum and lemonade for a great holiday cheer. Good luck, and remember to be kind to the other team, and not set them too bad. It's a good thing.

👤The cards have card points printed on them. Even though the "red threes" have a different point value, we use them for Hand and Foot card game. Excellent quality cards!

👤The quality of the cards is good, but one pack was to be red and the other blue. The agent said that she interpreted the description the same as I did. I could return them if I wasn't satisfied. I wish they were different colors.

9. Bicycle 1018404 Tragic Royalty Playing

Bicycle 1018404 Tragic Royalty Playing

The package has dimensions of 5.43" L x 2.83" W x 1.54" H. The country of origin is the United States. The package height is 1.8 centimeters. The package length is 9 centimeters. The package width is 6.6 centimeters.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Since there is no choice to contact the seller about this problem, I do not like doing so unless forced. The seal was ripped and even that would have been fine. Many of the cards have corners that are bent. We can't play when we have marked cards. I would like a new one. The deck is damaged and no good to anyone. Please tell me what to do.

👤The Diamonds and Hearts are red. Cool. One of the cards is double sided and glows red and green. The light is non black. The clubs and spades are black and hard to see. The double sided card glowed green, but the spade and clubs didn't.

👤I am writing reviews based on two things. If the deck is functional and a good playing deck, I will give it five stars. Unless there is something really strange going on, any bicycle that has the 808 DAC is going to qualify. My own rating system has been added based on 10 decks of cards. The scale is 1 to 10. My ratings are based on things like the beauty of the cards, the extra features that they may or may not have, the extra cards they may or may not have, and special coating. This deck has 8 decks out of 10. I am changing this to 9/10 after playing with a black light. The glow feature of this deck adds another point to the deck's value. The deck has beautiful designs and the standard cards have custom pips making them look more unique and original. Even though they have used a gray card and some different colors on the court cards, they are still very readable and usable for play. When a card deck is too specific, it can be hard to play. The cards are still usable. They are standard bicycle cards. They are very good. There is nothing special about the box. They claim that the cards glow under black light. I don't think it will be of much use during the game. An extra feature that is neat is what it is. The set of cards is an outstanding one and the only cards that really stand out are the custom cards from places like kick starter. You will pay more for those. The deck has two cards and two jokers. The spades are very nice. There are no blank cards. The decks were on Amazon.

👤This is one of the nicer decks I've owned. The art on the cards is amazing. The art is similar to Tim Burton's artwork, drawings, doodles, sketches, etc. The overall gray tone on the cards gives them a goth type O vibe without the extreme melancholy, overly dramatic, forlorn & attention seeking that the goth scene tends to put out there. It's a cool looking deck. I don't plan on handling them much because others have said that they don't seem to be as durable as I think, and even if I do make them a part of the regular rotation of card playing, they will start to become a little worn. If you want to do that, they'd make good craft/art project pieces. These are definitely a hit.

10. Bicycle Jumbo Index Rider Playing

Bicycle Jumbo Index Rider Playing

The index is poker sized. Bicycle playing cards are covered in plastic. It's great for any kind of card game. The material name isAcrylic.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Mom is having a hard time seeing the cards due to her age. This is a bicycle. One that I trust. She can see the colors and numbers better on this deck. I recommend this to people with poor eyesight. I like the deck.

👤They say the cards are standard size. There is a no return policy. Not happy!

👤You would think I would have bought a good brand before I went through the decks of cards. Nope. I bought these because of my vision. Wow! The decks last twice as long and I can see the cards. I will be buying a bulk pack soon. There is one deck left.

👤These are the best cards. The plastic is thick. The jumbo size of the numbers and face cards makes it easy to see. I don't have to wear reading glasses with these.

👤They are larger than normal cards. The standard colored joker has information about the printing company.

👤We have a cribbage league and one of the players is visually impaired so we bought these cards to make it easier for him to play and see his own cards. They work well for him and have a great name. Will only use cards for bikes.

👤There are 2 decks of cards in this set. My dad has trouble seeing the standard size and this is what we needed. It's perfect for playing hold'em, solitare or any other card game. Highly recommended!

👤I bought these cards for my husband. cribbage lasts for a year or more if taken care of properly.

👤They work as advertised. I saw what looked like the same cards in bulk-quantity, but didn't buy them because they never said plastic-coated like these did. I didn't want to take the chance, but I think they probably were. I paid a bit more for multiple decks of these, but made sure that I got the plastic-coated ones.

👤The number is slightly larger than regular cards and the letter is larger, but the width of each number or letter is the same. There needs to be more width to each letter in order to be a good person. They were useless for the purpose.

👤Cela reste un carte de cartes. Par contre, petit bĂ©mol, c'est un carte de glissantes.

👤It was exactly what I wanted, and at a good price.

11. Bicycle Pinochle Playing Cards Jumbo

Bicycle Pinochle Playing Cards Jumbo

There are 2 single decks in plastic cases. One red and one blue deck. The pine decks have an air crinkle finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤There are different playing card companies out there, but if there is a standard. I would think it would be a bike. The quality and usefulness of their cards is always high. I love their large index cards, not because I can't see them. I like the way they look. There is a Someone wants a new deck. I will always have a bicycle in my house.

👤The cards are easy to see as you look from play to hand. There is a They are hard to see in your hand, but once you play a few cards it will fit. There is a I recommend these cards to people who are aging.

👤Bicycle cards are excellent, but rarely a bargain. One Pinochle deck equals two Euchre decks and costs less than a Pinochle deck. The cards can last for over a year even with sweaty hands, because we play them once a week.

👤Love the jumbo cards. The brand comes with great quality. You can recycle these cards if you deem them unlucky.

👤This was bought for a neighbor who is going blind and she can still play cards. It is definitely worth buying.

👤I bought these for my brother in law, who has very bad eyesight, and he was so happy that we played cards for the first time in years.

👤These cards are the perfect size for old eyes. Quality materials.

👤Good cards and large enough to see are what you want.


What is the best product for bicycle jumbo playing cards 2 pack?

Bicycle jumbo playing cards 2 pack products from Bicycle. In this article about bicycle jumbo playing cards 2 pack you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle jumbo playing cards 2 pack.

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