Best Bicycle Jerseys for Men Portugal

Men 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. INBIKE Cycling Jersey Sleeve Padded

INBIKE Cycling Jersey Sleeve Padded

Jersey,Polyester,Mesh. This cycling Jersey is made of 100% high quality polyester and is lightweight and skin-friendly. The advanced comb mesh fabric provides effective hydration. You don't have to worry about sweat accumulating under the shirt making you itch and sticky. 3D Gel pad inside the shorts and foam will make you comfortable for a long time riding, it will weaken the sense of shock and allow your skin breath freely. The longer back hem is for extra coverage. The Silicone rubber on the hem is perfect for keeping the jersey from moving. The shirt is easy to put on and off. The zip has passed rigorous testing to prevent it from cracking. If you turn on the lock status, the self locking function will ensure that the zipper does not slip. Rear pockets to make sure you have enough space for storing, repair tool kits, phone, food or clothing for change. They've added reflective stripes that are highly visible at night and in environments with a low lighting.

Brand: Inbike

👤I am a big guy. 280 pounds. I need to get on a bike. It is difficult to find bike clothes that fit. Nothing is large enough. These fit well. I was hoping for the best because I got the biggest size I could. It is great. Thanks for remembering the big guys. Great product.

👤I was impressed with the look of the set I received. The padding on the shorts felt thin, but they fit perfectly and felt good quality. I assumed it would be a "race fit" since it's an elastic material and I noticed it was a bit small for my normal frame. The left side of the jersey was not a deal breaker, but I noticed that it was there as I was about to zip it up. I put the zip up and it split. It's definitely a cheap and faulty zipper, I check it a few times. Back it goes.

👤I was happy with the quality for the price. It has a good grip and is true to the size if you factor in the Asian size, so for my fellow Americans to go one size up. The large fit perfectly, I'm about 5'8" 190 lbs. There is a I only gave it 4 stars because the pad is not as comfortable as I would like. It's enough for a few hours for me. I would keep it at 2.5.

👤I'm not sure what to expect but I'm very visible and feel great and a bargain, I bought the large size 5-9 170 pants and they are perfect, but if you're heavier than me, I would try the next size.

👤I wish the jersey was the right size, as I'm looking to lose weight, but it's a bit small and the shorts are a bit big.

👤Poor quality. Not worth much more than fifteen bucks. The padding in the shorts is very thin and seems to be foam. Don't get a nerve compression and stay away from this combo.

👤The set looks good and feels good to wear. The material was not super thin and the colors were vibrant. The jersey shrunk when I washed it. It was washed with other cyclists clothing.

👤The bids fit. The shirt was too small. Says something. I read reviews to check the size, but I prefer a bigger size. My wear is at the mall. I'm not sure how the bids will fit. It is a big risk.

2. BALEAF Zipper Cycling Pockets Breathable

BALEAF Zipper Cycling Pockets Breathable

The material is 10% Spandex. Also, note: If you prefer loose comfort, please order a size up closure. Breathable and Sun Protection: Bike jersey use quick-dry fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Sun protection against maximum sun protection is provided by the UPF 50+. There are 4 rear pockets. The men's bike jersey has classic 3-pockets that hold your wallet, maps, and snacks. One pocket holds a mobile phone. Long sleeve cycling jerseys have reflective elements on the front and back to make them more visible in low light conditions. Easy wear is a cycling jersey with a half zip that provides easy on/off and additional comfort. The elastic hem keeps the rear of the jersey in the right place. Muliti functions. A cycling long sleeve shirt is suitable for outdoor sports. It's ideal for cooler days or summer days.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I was pleased with the feel and touch of the thin smooth material used as the fabric. There is a I returned the shirt because it was too loose. I have come to expect my jerseys to have a closer fit on the neck than a regular t-shirt would, and this one did. nit-picking here, nothing major. The elastic material would be affected by heavy items. This would make it hard to ride or run. This was a deal-breaker for me. The stitching inside the neck made me feel uneasy. I would predict that this would cause some irritation. There is a The material is not very thick, and I think it's better suited for base layers, such as Under Armour compression long sleeves. I would suggest buying a thicker long sleeve jersey for colder climates and buying a short sleeve jersey and wearing it with a base layer such as Under Armour.

👤In the future, I will order different sizes and return the ones that don't fit. I had to take the time to return every piece of bike clothing I ordered.

👤Excellent fit. I've worn this as the main layer and the base layer, and it works equally well in either situation, and you won't get much more for your money anywhere else.

👤Send back. 2x was too tight on my body. A nice shirt. I like it to be a little loose. I'm 70 years old. Would look great on Superman.

👤It was very comfortable and form fitting. The price was very good.

👤I already own a pair of their shorts. The quality was very good. I ordered a size up, so I could get a little more room. It was tight in the chest and abdomen. Will order again, but need to be more careful with the size.

👤The need for good fit was highlighted by the shirt I tried. It was half the price of the rest of the measurement and it was long in the body. I am paying for a good normal fit. This one is a standard product and seems to be of good quality. I had put on a anti-Chappard item on my nipples, but I didn't experience any chafing on the 100 mile ride.

👤I bought this expecting the worst. I was pleasantly surprised. The small is not tight on the arms, it is a good fit for a training jersey. The material is very stretchy and feels great. Let's have a good amount of wind so you don't get overheated. I want to have different colors.

3. ARSUXEO Sleeves Cycling Jersey Bicycle

ARSUXEO Sleeves Cycling Jersey Bicycle

The lightweight materials of the cycling jersey offer superb wicking and breathability to keep you cool and fresh. The triple deep pockets of the bike jersey are designed to be easy to access and have security and stability guaranteed. It is possible to see in darkness. The reflective element helps improve visibility when riding in poor light and bright color helps motorists see you. If you want to see more of this beautiful world, you have to never ride up, so they add an elastic waist for the shirt to make sure it doesn't ride up. A zip garage at the neck prevents contact with the skin, and a full-length zip is always full.

Brand: Arsuxeo

👤It was $19.07 with tax delivered. It's hard to beat if you don't care about name brands. It seems like quality is okay. 180 lbs. and 6'2" I bought a large size. Not a true race fit for me at this size, but works just fine, would have liked the rear pockets to be a little deeper, but no big deal. I think you should order a couple more.

👤I ordered a different color of jersey last year. It arrived with thread around the unraveling elastic. My wife fixed it for me. The fit of the jersey is perfect. A big hole was left in the jersey when one of the seams was completely missed. This one is the same as the previous one. I'll send this one back. There is a It's a shame as the fit of this brand is really good, I also have two pair of shorts and they've been excellent with no issues.

👤After reading some of the reviews, I decided to go with the larger version of the 2XL because it seemed like these were a bit bigger. I was wrong. I had to return the 2XL. I re-ordered the 2XL after the seller returned the jersey. There is a This jersey is great. There are great cycling jerseys for the California sun. I ordered the black and white jersey. I stained the white one. I still wear it. There is a A+ I'm 5'7 and 198 lbs, and I liked the 2XL cut. There is a sleeve. Just right. There is a The rear pockets are great for my phone, airpods case, and 2GU Energy Gels. There is a It's great for not to loose or to tight. The elastic hem has a gel grip. I would buy again if I could. The service and packaging were great. I'm hoping that more styles will be offered.

👤I picked this up because I wanted to get a few more jerseys so I could relax a bit. I'm very happy with it. I have broad shoulders and narrow hips. The medium fits perfectly. Just around the waist and at the shoulders, just the way I like. The length was perfect for me. The bottom is kept in place with the help of the gripper around the waist. There is a small flap of cloth at the top of the bag that keeps the zip from touching your neck in front. It seems well put together and the pockets are roomy. I did two 25-mile rides and was very comfortable. Highly recommended!

4. Lixada Cycling Quick Dry Clothing 175 180cm

Lixada Cycling Quick Dry Clothing 175 180cm

Breathable killing. Their cycling clothes use high-quality fabric for maximum heat transfer, which helps cool air in and keeps you dry. The cycling shirt has 3 generous rear pockets to hold your mobile phone, wallet and energy bar, and is equipped with reflective strips to improve the visibility and safety of night riding. Cyclists shorts have a thick foam pad inside and are very elastic. The high-stretch shorts can stretch the legs freely, and the 3D cushion has a large number of ventilation holes, which can provide great comfort for long-term riding. 3D Thickened Protection Pad is designed with gel padding inside and 3D foam padding to fit nicely around your hips. Compression shorts and bib shorts are perfect for cycling. The bicycle clothing set has a Silicone hem stop.

Brand: Lixada

👤I'm 5'9" and 148 pounds, and ordered a small size. I wear small size shirts and larger size pants. The small set was perfect for me. The material is of good quality. It feels comfortable, not tight, and not loose. There is plenty of padding at the crotch area. I will post more updates.

👤A nice cycling suite. The padding is a little uncomfortable, but it's good for most of the time. I think it will get used to it since it is the first time I have worn it. It protects your butt from hurting so that is a plus. The shirt is great, it holds my phone, keys, and water bottles, and they don't fall out, which is amazing. I love it.

👤The build quality of the set for the price is good, but the size of the shorts is a real issue for me. The jersey is a bit snug. I think I should get a big one. The shorts fit well around my legs, but the waist is loose and they fall down. There is a It seems odd that a jersey would be snug but also have shorts that are larger than the jersey. I'll probably get a jersey that fits but shorts that are even bigger around my waist than the one I have, if I order an XL. If you have a large waist but are skinny from the waist up, I would recommend these on build quality for the price. It's a great value if you have the right body for them. I think it's worth it for most of us to just buy our shorts and jerseys separately.

👤Can't believe the quality for the price. I weigh 205 lbs. I would like to say that I am big boned, but that is not the case. I'm just fat and want to lose some weight on my bike. The combo looks great. I got the big one. The shorts padding makes me feel better in my tired rear end. Will definitely by more.

👤This kit is amazing. Went for a 2 hour ride after getting this yesterday. The fit on this is good. The large works for me at 160 lbs. I was worried that the shorts were too long, but it worked out just fine. The shirt fabric is very comfortable and feels good. The zip ties look and feel good. The back pockets are large and deep. I wasn't worried about anything falling out. The cushion is good for long rides. I can't believe the value of this. This is the best for the price and quality.

👤Since everyone always seems to have issues with figuring out size, I think the size 888-666-1846 I'm 5'9 and weigh around 180-185 lbs. I ordered large and it fit well. There is a The bibs and jersey set were ordered by me. The bibs are comfortable. They disappear while riding. This only applies to the material. There is a The comfort for longer rides is important. A ride that lasts at least an hour is for me. The chamois feel very dense when you use your hands and fingers to sample. It was different sitting on it. I haven't used them outside yet, but I used them on my trainer. There is less movement on the bike when using the trainer. I fold a hand towel into quarters and pad my saddle with bins when I ride the trainer because it seems to help. There is a After about 30 minutes, it began to feel uncomfortable. I started to feel numb in my groin area after cutting off circulation to the nerve endings. The padding for the sit bones is adequate, but the padding in the middle and front areas is not. My bag is kind of straddle the pad because it is thinner in the middle and at the front. It doesn't go far enough in the front. The pad is too thin in the front and doesn't reach far enough forward. This set is great. Will try again outside. There is a I think it's worth what I paid for it, but who knows when it will start to degrade? For people who do shorter rides, I would recommend a first bibs/jersey set.

5. ARSUXEO Zipper Cycling Jerseys Sleeves

ARSUXEO Zipper Cycling Jerseys Sleeves

The shirt is made of high quality fabric that has good function for keeping drying and cooling. You can put wallet water cellphone in one of the 4 pockets for storage. The reflective logo on the front and back hem keeps you safe. The jerseys should be tight and never move. The hem is very light and thin to reduce weight-bearing,drying fast, and UV protection.

Brand: Arsuxeo

👤This is a sub $20 jersey. It's not going to be great. It is excellent for a $20 jersey. It doesn't seem to be the best way to ride in the shoulders. I can feel the fabric stretching across my back when I hold the handlebars. I don't ride is a very aggressive position. None of my other jerseys do that. Even the tight ones. That is the worst complaint I have. I think the sleeves are a little long. The cuffs are elastic enough to keep them from falling down on my hands. Overall. An excellent $20 jersey.

👤I liked my first one, so I bought this one in red, size small. I received the red one, but I've ridden the hi-vis for several rides so I can say the material and stitching holds up. I always hang dry after machine washing. Don't use an iron. I'm in Florida. It's a perfect material for these parts. It stops the wind when it breathes. There is a I would go one size smaller. I'm a medium-sized person with a long chest and a 9 inch waist. The small fits me well. I have to go one size up because of their arms in Pearl izumi. There is a My medium one is a little loose and that's fine with me as well. I don't have a large belly. There are 3 rear pockets and a 4th in the rear. There is a rear elastic hem. The collar is very comfortable. There is a lot of reflective detailing on the front and rear. It works well with the construction of the main body. Arsuxeo bergrisar is a brand. It is recommended.

👤L was purchased. I weigh 205 pounds. The jersey's sleeves are long enough for my arms, which is hard to come by. Being tall with a 42" chest, I find it hard to see how other jerseys are too big. This is not the case here. It's just as I'd like. I was surprised to see that it doesn't have a rubber liner around the inside of the jersey, but it is cut in a way that will prevent it from moving.

👤For 5 months, I wore this shirt on a 6000 mile bike tour. Didn't expect much for the price. It held up very well and was easy to breathe in and out of. I was protected from getting sunburned. I found the shirt very comfortable. The broken tab on the zip up makes it more difficult to pull, but the zip up still works. The arms could be an inch or two longer. I bought the medium because I wanted the shirt to fit closely. The elastic on the shirt is a bit stretched but I still use it. I'm buying a second one in the same size.

6. Santic Cycling Reflective Bicycle Pockets

Santic Cycling Reflective Bicycle Pockets

This is designed for all cyclists. The reflective strips for the jerseys are very visible at night and in low lighting environments. The fabric is high quality. The cycling jersey is made of 100% polyester and is lightweight and quick-drying. This cycling shirt will make you feel comfortable and cool. The SANTIC cycling jersey is a must-have if you want the best riding experience. A professional fit design. The bike shirt is for all cyclists. The rear pockets have an elastic band to ensure there is enough space for a pocket for storing keys, money, etc. There is a notice size chart for the U.S. It's either the XL or the XXL. Refer to the main diagram, dimensions or product description. If you want to pick up the best fitting size, SANTIC Bike Wear would be more than happy to help you with your measurement. Care instructions. They recommend hand washing. Cold ironing has the highest temperature of 120C. Do not use bleach or dry cleaning. It's dry naturally.

Brand: Santic

👤I checked my jerseys before I ordered them. Some are large. Extra Large are some of the things. Some of the larges are on me. I'm 200 lbs. My dress shirt size is usually 17 to 36. I didn't know if I bought a L or a XL. The L was too small when they arrived. I couldn't get the zip up. It seemed like it might work. I wore it once and washed it. The sleeves were too short to reach my gloves when I was riding. I washed it. It may have shrunk as much as 10%. A plastic jersey shouldn't shrink. None of my friends have. The sleeves are too short and the collar is too tight. Or it would kill me. I think it would fit my wife well. She is wearing a men's M. So, returning this one as well. I don't know who thinks these are true to size, but it's a fantasy to order at least one size too large compared to your other jerseys and it might fit.

👤If you're a short-armed bean pole, only buy two or three sizes up. I'm a medium or large in most main-stream brand cycling jerseys. I chose this Jersey because the Santic brand cycling shorts fit me well in Chinese-XL. The jersey is too tight on me in the torso. I'm not fat, but it's incompatible with my proportions. The arms are not as short as the torso, but within reason. The white mesh is light enough to be used as a sun blocker. The material is very light.

👤After reading many positive reviews, I was a bit skeptical, but now that I've increased the number of early morning rides, I needed a new long sleeve jersey. Normally, I would go to a couple of local bike shops and pick up one of the better known brands, but I decided to take a chance on Amazon and found this jersey. I can honestly say that this performs as well or better in terms of warmth, moisture management, fit and quality of fabric, stitching and zippers as jerseys costing 3-6 times as much. The reflective material is reflective, not the case on some people. I'm good from 50 degrees up to 80 degrees with this jersey, but I'm different in terms of heat/cold tolerance. The result was excellent because I ordered the same in another color. I'm 5'8" with a 40" chest and 32" waist, weighing 155 and US size M fits perfectly.

7. Mountain Jersey Sleeve Moisture Wicking Skin Friendly

Mountain Jersey Sleeve Moisture Wicking Skin Friendly

Quality mtb Jersey is made of high quality material. The men's mtb jersey is lightweight and soft. If you are a fan of cycling and want to enjoy the best riding experience, you can choose their bike jerseys. You don't have to worry about sweat accumulating under the shirt making it sticky because the fabric draws sweat away from body quickly. The Stitching design on the back and sides allows for maximum flexibility while the waist grippers to avoid riding up are printed using an advanced Sublimation technology to ensure that the colors remain bright and true after wash and wash. It's suitable for mountain bike jersey, mountain bike shirt,MTB jersey,BMX bike jersey,downhill jersey,motocross jersey,MTB shirt. It's a good birthday gift, holiday gift, Christmas gift, and it's also a good gift for loved ones who are bike lovers. Mtb shirts for men come in standard US sizes. The size guide chart can be used to choose your best size.

Brand: Wisdom Leaves

👤Make sure you follow the ordering instructions and order a bigger size than you actually wear, because the shirt is very comfortable.

👤I bought the blue and orange designs. They arrived on time. The shirts are labeled according to the size charts. If you have large arms, it may feel snug. The shirt material is attractive and a bit thicker than a gym shirt, which is a plus. The shirt is dry quickly. In February, when I am in the tropics, my normal route is an hour and forty five minutes. I've never felt hot or the shirt was sticking to me. They feel like the shirts they are wearing are made with quality in mind. I recommend these shirts.

👤It seems like a good quality. I thought it was bigger. I ordered the 2x because I am a big guy.

👤I went up a size. I usually wear a bigger size, so I bought a bigger one. It was too big. I was excited to wear these shirts. I bought a bigger one. The pattern from the shoulder to the chest did not line up. Too bad. I wrote to the seller but did not hear back.

👤I mountain bike frequently, and this is more geared toward the Moro crowd, but it is awesome for biking. Wife has commented on how much she likes it. There is a I could lose 10 lbs if I wore a snug shirt. It's still great for a ride. If more colors are available, I would order another.

👤I wouldn't give this jersey a lot of praise, but it's pretty decent for the price. If you wear a pack, this is not the jersey for you. Your back can get 888-353-1299 The fit is good.

👤The fit is true to size for the price. It could be a little bit loose. It reminds me of an athletic T-shirt, but overall I am pleased and do a good job. The coin has a good value.

👤Great looking shirt! The husband loves it. He wears a Xxl for riding in 70-80 degree weather. I ordered a xxxl because of previous buyers comments. Glad I did.

👤The purchase was nice and arrived quickly.

👤The jersey is great for the price. Cool in the warm weather.

👤It is not a fox. It's still pretty cool.

👤It's light and cool and it fits really well.

8. Cycling Jersey Clothing Bicycle Pockets

Cycling Jersey Clothing Bicycle Pockets

Snug Fit & Full Zip is designed to sit close to the skin with a high stretch fabric that hugs the body, reduce wind resistance while riding for faster. It is easier to take off a full zip. The cyclist's jersey is comfortable and suitable for cycling in a variety of ways. The Jersey has a quick-dry fabric which can make you feel more comfortable and keep you dry. The back pockets of the cycling shirts for men are classic and can hold a lot of things. One pocket holds cards and mobile phones. Severse is a wonderful cycling gift. The bicycle jersey is soft, lightweight, quick dry and Breathable to wear. You don't want sweat to stick to your skin. This is the best gift for cyclists.

Brand: Qualidyne

👤I gained a few lbs and wanted a comfortable jersey for a short time. I love zoot and castelli gear and will continue to buy it. This is very close. Over time, they are still tbd. It is a nice piece of gear.

👤I bought that shirt and bike shorts from the same seller and got a good price. I got a Medium size for my 5''7 and 180 lbs. Don't shrink after washing the material. There were a few times when the zipper got a glitch, but it was easy to fix.

👤I like this shirt a lot. The materials are a bit tighter, so there is less air-flow, but they are perfect for the cooler days.

👤The Jersey is very stylish. Well made, good stitching and back pockets.

👤Surprised by the quality of the jersey. First ordered L size, then returned for the correct size to get the right fit. I have received a lot of praise from fellow cyclists.

👤The shirt's kewper broke the first time it was used.

👤Size was correct. The material and sewing seem good. Can't beat the price.

👤I don't like the flimsy zip up. The fit is correct and the shirt will keep your sweat out of your body. The weak link is the tiny one.

👤A great jersey. There are three pockets across the back. The 3XL fits perfectly. I'm 6'4 250 lbs.

👤The medium size was ok at first, but shrank after the first wash. Disappointed with the size. It looks like a small now. Can't wear it anymore.

9. Uriah Cycling Jersey Sleeve Reflective

Uriah Cycling Jersey Sleeve Reflective

If you're not sure about the size, please feel free to contact the customer service. The Sun Protection Breathable Fabric has a strong anti-UV rays and quick drying function. The design of the three back pockets and reflective strips offer enough space for storing your little stuff and make it safer to cycle at night. The beauty of the pattern won't be affected by the full length invisible kewpie design. Italy ink printing techonology is imported. The pattern is bright and will never fade.

Brand: Uriah

👤I wanted to say what worked for me. I'm 220 pounds with a 44" chest and wear L or XL cycling jerseys. I know what works in bike jerseys because I ride a lot. I was perfectly fitted for the uriah. It was a snug fit, just like I like it for bike jerseys. The sleeves were snug and the zip up took all the slack out of the neck opening. This jersey looks amazing.

👤I ordered an L after reading that it runs small. It's long enough to cover my stomach, but not too long. When I rode my road bike, the fabric and the zip up of the XXL and XL were too baggy. The anti slip band is all the way around the bottom of the jersey. I rated it 4 out of 5 because it has decent air flow. I would have rated it 5 stars if it was more absorbent. For the price, fit, and overall comfort you can't go wrong!

👤The fit of the jersey seemed to be spot on. The material and graphics look great. I'm 6'1" 172 lbs and ordered the large.

👤I have a thick trunk and broad shoulders. I wear a Medium in most shirts. I ordered a large because it provided a tight fit. It was too tight in the shoulders and waist. The company helped me get a replacement. The XL is not baggy or loose. There is a The jersey is of good quality. There were no obvious loose stitches or problems with the zippers. The jersey is breathing well. I am very satisfied with the company and will be returning to them in the future.

👤I had been off my bike for more than 15 years. I started to cycle again. I had the best jersey that was given to me when I raced bikes, because I was sponsored. I can say that these jerseys are very well made, because I can now cycle leisurely. The arm has double stitching and the waist has triple stitching to prevent your jersey from riding up above your waist line. Make sure to take your own measurements because the sizing chart is true to your size. There is a material under the arm and on the sides that will keep you cooler while cycling. The various colors that are offered by this company is something that I like. I bought two of the jerseys because I was not sure about the brand. I will be purchasing a few more jerseys as I ride more. The three rear pockets are easy to access and can hold all the cycling apparel and accessories.

10. KORAMAN Reflective Cycling Quick Dry Breathable

KORAMAN Reflective Cycling Quick Dry Breathable

The elastic mesh fabric has a moist feel. There are two factors that affect venture and rebirth. The half vislon zipper is durable. The reflective logos around the bike jersey make you visible. 3 big rear pockets with elastic rear pockets with an extra zip pocket for convenient and safe storage The elastic hem with rubber waist grippers prevent sliding up. Buy with confidence. They want you to be confident. Return free or 100% money back if thers is a problem.

Brand: Koraman

👤I'm 5'11" and 190 lbs, and the fit on the XL is perfect. My cell phone is in the middle back pocket. I immediately bought a few more because of the quality and design.

👤This is a good shirt. I weigh about 300 lbs. I was worried about getting a bike shirt because of my gut. Everyone said to add one more size to the number. It is on regular shirts. They don't have tall sizes, but I prefer the larger one. I chose XXXL here. It works well. It is nice to have a pocket. If you want a shirt that doesn't absorb sweat, this is the one for you. There is a If you end up doing a load of laundry with it, you should take it out and dry it. Don't put it in the dryer because it will ruin it.

👤I'm 6ft, 175 lbs with a 32 inch waist and wear a medium size polo style shirt. The jersey is snug on my waist and it fits well. I would wear a dress shirt under a Hanes t-shirt if it fit. My wallet, keys, and phone are in the pocket. I will probably buy a few more. I plan on wearing it 1 or 2 times per week through October, but I don't know how long it will last. I ride between 20 and 50 miles per day. If you reply to this review, I'll let you know how durable the jersey is. I've worn the jersey a couple times. I just bought a small one. It's almost a race fit, but it's not as stretchy as lycra and is a bit thicker. I like it. I like the pockets a lot. They are slightly more secure than my jerseys.

👤The vendor contacted me after my review to say that they had a new model of the jersey that corrected the problem with the stitching around the waistband. The new version was free of charge. I can say that they fixed the problem after it arrived. The stitching on the waistband was much higher quality and did not fall apart. My review was upgraded to 5 stars for the quality of the jersey and responsiveness of the vendor. It's difficult for me to find biking gear that fits when most local shops cater to people who build beanpoles. Koraman made cycling clothing in a wide range of sizes. There are definitely pluses and minuses to wearing this jersey. The material is cool and comfortable and wicks away sweat, and the elastic at the waist helps keep the jersey from riding up. The three open pockets are also a nice touch. I have concerns about the workmanship. The stitching around the waistband is starting to come apart after only two rides and one gentle washing. I wonder how long this item will last in regular use.

11. Retirement Bicycle Retired Cyclist T Shirt

Retirement Bicycle Retired Cyclist T Shirt

The design was drawn and screen printed with pride by their skilled illustrators and printers in Ann arbor. If you're ever in the area, stop by for a free tour and see how they make your apparel. You can't feel the tag on the fabric inside the collar. The new style of t-shirt is a little less boxy than the old style. Most people wear the same size in their shirts as they do in all of their others, but if you're on the fence, you might go one size larger. It is pre-shrunk, but it will still shrink in the wash. The actual shirt on their sales guy, Rich, is in their model photos. He's 200 lbs and has a large. Soft fabrics. Their shirts are 30/1 fine jersey knit on 100% USA-grown cotton. If you don't speak t-shirt nerd, they are soft and smooth with a high thread-count, tight knit made out of fuzzy plants grown by American farmers. These shirts are a bit lighter than your mass-market, thick gym class t-shirts but still substantial. It's a nice balance between comfort and resilience. The screen printing ink they use is manufactured in Pineville, North Carolina. These are high quality inks and they are very crack resistant. Some of their designs are faded or cracked, but their ink always "do what they are told" by their printers. M&R in Illinois makes top of the line printing presses and ovens. One of the most forward- thinking ink manufacturers in the industry went phthalate-free over ten years ago. They're also free of chlorofluorocarbons and have been rated as carcinogen-free by the state of California.

Brand: Ann Arbor T-shirt Co.

👤This shirt makes me smile and expresses my enjoyment of cycling in retirement. The purchase was a great price, the order was filled quickly, and the shipping was fast. I am very pleased with my order and will be looking at more of their apparel in the future.

👤The material of the shirt is light and nicely woven. The shirt has a clean print. I am usually in shirts with a large fit. The light material is my only complaint. Good for summer but not so good for spring or autumn.

👤I bought 2 of them as a gift. I bought another one for him because he said it went from a size L to a size S when he washed it. The L was what he needed. The other person didn't complain about the size after washing it.

👤I initially intended to buy only one shirt, but I saw another one that I liked and ended up buying two. The company has interesting designs, a high quality shirt, and a wonderful story. I saw a third shirt that I was interested in, so I may order more soon.

👤This was a gift to people outside of the state. I was told that your company sent the correct size and that they love it! Thank you!

👤Since I'm retired and love to bike, I could not resist wearing a t shirt with a slogan. I was looking for one for my sister who just retired. I bought him one. I think that's correct.

👤The shirt is perfect for my husband. I gave it to him as a Christmas gift. He's an avid cyclist and also retired, and cycling is his retirement plan!

👤I bought this as a gift and it is perfect for a person who is considering retirement or who is a bicycle enthusiast. He will love it!

👤My husband is a bike enthusiast and he likes this shirt. He gets a lot of comments.

👤It does not shrink in the dryer.

👤Se regale ami.

👤Good fit, did not shrink.

👤The men's material fits well.


What is the best product for bicycle jerseys for men portugal?

Bicycle jerseys for men portugal products from Inbike. In this article about bicycle jerseys for men portugal you can see why people choose the product. Baleaf and Arsuxeo are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle jerseys for men portugal.

What are the best brands for bicycle jerseys for men portugal?

Inbike, Baleaf and Arsuxeo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle jerseys for men portugal. Find the detail in this article. Lixada, Arsuxeo and Santic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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