Best Bicycle Jerseys for Men Pearl Izumi

Men 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pearl Izumi Select Pursuit Screaming

Pearl Izumi Select Pursuit Screaming

The benchmark for transfer is the Select transfer fabric. A reflective element on the back holds the jersey in place.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤The product fits smaller than one would expect. When I tried to zip it up, I couldn't get the sides of the zip to touch. I am 5'11" and 195 lbs with a 34in waist, so Large should have been snug to my upper body. I have biking shorts that are great and I like Pearl Izumi clothing. This was a disappointment due to the incorrect size and the additional work needed to return it in a larger size. I am giving it a 3-star rating because of this. I will be ordering a size larger in the hopes that it will fit. If I receive this product again, I will review it again. Good product, but not true to size.

👤I have a 39" chest and my arms are small. The fit is tight but not uncomfortable and my neck is about 15 inches. The jersey is tight enough for me. If I can't stuff a water bottle or my tool kit with out it hanging down, it will fall. I think the length could be a bit longer. I would like it better. I have 2 other Pearl jerseys and they fit the same. I have washed it 4 times and it is still nice, but I can't say how long it will last.

👤The material is not the most stretchiest and it makes it feel tighter. Well shaped, with forward hunched arms. It's more comfortable on the bike. If you're between sizes, there's a chance you'll go up. It's a mediocre jersey at a reasonable price.

👤The material seems to be well made. This jersy is still uncomfortable even when riding in the drops or rolling your shoulders forward. The jersy is quite uncomfortable and if it had been designed with the shoulders a bit further back it would be a very nice jersy. It's the most uncomfortable jersey I've worn.

👤This is the best bicycle Jersey I have ever purchased off of Amazon, it is easy to fit two sizes too small and it is a bit short. If you don't want your mid drift to show, you will need to wear bibs or high waistband bike shorts. Not a sexy look for a biker. Once I got the right size, I am very pleased, because it was very easy to return.

👤The Pearl iZUMI jersey's run a little snug, but I like the full length zipper and the colors look great. My other Pearl iZUMI jerseys gave over time. The quality is excellent. I recommend them.

2. Pearl IZUMi Pursuit Graphic Diffuse

Pearl IZUMi Pursuit Graphic Diffuse

The ELITE transfer fabric provides superior transfer. The side panels are made from a blend of lycra and polyester. The full-length zip for ventilating. The three back pockets have bellows construction.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤I would like it to fit. The small was too small. I liked the look of the fabric and the smoked pearl color. Longer arms. The small was too tight and the medium would probably fit me well but not too tight.

👤It works well for me. I'm taller than 6ft 160. The back is made of mesh. The material on the rest of the jersey is thick. It's not sure how it would feel in the weather. The quality is not as good as my $20 jerseys. I plan to add a few more to my kit collection.

👤They market it as semi-form. It's closer to form fit. The medium is a tight fit for me, I'm 5'11" and 175 pounds. The Elite series is for guys who are skinnier than me. The flub will not be hidden by the gray color. I'm stuck in a area where the club-fit stuff is too baggy and the racier stuff is a bit stretch.

👤I weigh in at 187 lbs. I wear different brands of jerseys. I prefer something that is close to my skin. I like the long sleeves of this jersey. The body is too loose. When on the bike, it hangs down. I returned it.

👤The jersey is baggy in the shoulders and too long for my chest size, so I ordered the larger one.

👤I thought it was a scam when I saw it was only 17 dollars. I am 5'7 and 147 pounds. I got a small size. The tight race fit is great. The material on the sleeves is a little bit thicker than the jerseys I have. I highly recommend this for the price. Thanks.

👤Exactly what I wanted. The Large fit me perfectly, not too snug, but not loose. There is a The colors and design were the same. I will be buying more.

👤The jersey is snug to the size of a bike jersey. The fit and feel was very good. I have been pleased with all of the pearl izumi products I have tried, and this jersey was one of them. The company is good.

👤Increble pero es demasido! Ajustado, una jersey debe ser ajustado. There is a As, plano te agrada. compra una talla Dos quieres andar olgado, ms!

👤Entrega y precio.

3. Pearl IZUMi Quest Jersey X Small

Pearl IZUMi Quest Jersey X Small

The SELECT Transfer fabric is made from 50% recycled content. The reflective elements of the BioViz are low-light. Up to 3XL and Relaxed fit are available.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤My previous review of this jersey was 5 stars. I loved it so much that I bought it in every color available. It is a hot mess because Izumi changed the fit for 2022. I wore a medium. The new medium is longer and baggier. I thought I could downsize, but I can't. The new medium is tighter than the old one. The material used in 2020 is thinner than the material used in 2022. The new size makes no sense when compared to the current version. Pearl makes perfectly fine products worse. They have about sized me out of everything they make. I don't understand it. The only way to know which is which is by the colors is by AMAZON. Ocean Blue, Screaming Yellow, Heirloom Red, Pale Pine Green, and Stone/Dark Ink are all included in the year 2022. The older model is one of the colors on this listing. Don't buy those, stay away from them.

👤I have bought and returned many jerseys, but this one istorch red. I weigh 185 lbs. The L fit perfectly. It has enough room to be comfortable, but not too baggy. It's cool and Breathable. Very high quality. I like the fact that this jersey has a zip. I've tried some jerseys that have heavy zippers that make them annoying when hunched over the bike. It's light and high quality, but I don't notice it at all.

👤I bought a Pearl Izumi jersey a few years ago from an outlet store and love wearing it. The size is considerably smaller and less comfortable. The accountants have taken over and are driving margins over volume and the quality of the product has diminished greatly. I had a disappointing experience with their biking shorts.

👤I have settled into buying shorts and shirts. They're not the cheapest on the market, but they're also not the most expensive. The shirts are comfortable. I like my cycling jerseys to be snug, but not form fitting, so I ordered a larger size than my normal t-shirt size.

👤If you prefer a loose fitting jersey that has good protection from the sun, the Pearl Izumi Quest jersey is a good choice. I always go up a size with this brand, and the XXL fit perfectly, I'm 6'2 and under 200 lbs. The color choices aren't great, but that's the only negative with this model. I bought a basic blue color that works.

4. Pearl IZUMi Pursuit Diffuse X Small

Pearl IZUMi Pursuit Diffuse X Small

The main body is made of 100% Polyester, 29% Lycra, and 85% Polyester. The fabric powered by Ice-Fil provides superior skin cooling.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤I have three jerseys in a small size. They are holding up well. I use them a lot and they have withstood a lot of washes. Is the front torso long? bib shorts cover more than you might think to prevent your stomach from being exposed. The rear of the torso is long enough, but I think it's a little too long. There is a The jersey is snug, but not quite race fit. The material is stretchy, but the pockets could use a little more give to them so it would be easier to fit larger items. There is a The back of the shoulders is not stretchy. If you have a small torso and small arms, you will be fine. The Elite Pursuit Graphic jerseys have more give in the sleeves than the product that I'm reviewing. I'm six feet tall, 150 pounds, with a 35-inch chest and around 11 inches of bicep. I was only buying Castelli aero jerseys before I decided to buy Pearl Izumi jerseys. Those are still my favorite, but the Pearl Izumi Elite Pursuit Graphic jerseys are better. I will buy more of these jerseys.

👤The current edition of the elite speed jersey is a great fit. It fits great without any slack, it's nice looking, and it's reflectively at speed, with some modest accents around the shoulders and along the lower back panel. The sleeve length is snug yet not too tight. Those with a bit more bulk around the mid section may need to go up by one size. I was lucky to get them when they were discounted by Amazon.

👤I ordered this jersey because it wouldn't work for me. My expectations were very low. I ordered it because it was cheap. I was pleasantly surprised. The size chart indicated a L, so I ordered the wrong frame for my 5'11" stocky frame. It's not a perfect fit but it works because I have more space for my arms in the longer jersey. I have a long torso for my height and this probably accounts for the reviews where the hem is around the belly button. It's not that bad for me. The arms are not a problem even if they are thick. It is great. Overall, it feels good. It cost 1/2 the price of the jersey that fits me perfectly, so no regrets.

👤It looked like a great jersey, so I gave it a 4 star. I wanted this jersey to fit but it didn't. I weigh 195 lbs. I have a bit of my dad's hair. The issue I had was the size. Hope it helps someone else. I usually wear a large shirt. I ordered a jersey in the size of XL. Nothing worked for me. It was tight on the shoulders and in the arms. It wasn't long enough in the front. Had to return it.

5. Pearl IZUMi Quest Jersey Small

Pearl IZUMi Quest Jersey Small

The benchmark for transfer is set by SELECT Transfer fabric. There is a 10" zip for venting. The hem is kept in place with an elasticized gripper on the back. There are reflective elements for low-light visibility.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤This is a tour cycling jersey, but I wore it for a running event. The Pearl Izumi Tour jersey is very generic and baggy, but I bought it because it was the only running shirt that was baggy and generic. It was cool for an outdoor event because it was more form fitting. Although I like full zip cycling jerseys, this one has a zip that goes down to the chest and can keep you cool as you ride or run. I didn't use the pockets for the running event, but they are there for cycling and don't have any bulk or binding elastic like most riding jerseys. I'm happy the jersey can be used for running too, because I know I can use it for local rides.

👤My expectations for this jersey were high, having used Pearl Izumi gear for many years. My expectations have been met. The quality of the fabric and construction is very good. The design is great. Breathablility is excellent. I've worn this journey many times for long rides in the heat and humidity of the mid-Atlantic summer and have never felt overheated. The jersey is barely damp at the end of my ride, which indicates that it can absorb sweat. The design and construction are on par with PI. My frame is 6'2"/195#. The smaller "key" pocket is sewn into one of the rear pockets. It's easy to carry keys and money, but keep them separate from other items like bananas and powerbars. There is a waterproof lining in the small pocket that keeps sweat out of the contents. When I stop for breakfast after my ride, I don't give out soggy bills. The small thing shows how PI thinks and makes quality products. One of my riding buddies bought one after seeing it on me. It is recommended.

👤The fabric of the jersey was very pleasant when I took it out of the packaging. It is light and smooth. On a 40 mile ride on a humid morning, I was impressed with how well it breathed and how it felt like I wasn't wearing a sweaty shirt. The color red is brilliant and deep and I feel like it made me visible to oncoming traffic on the back one lane road where I was riding. I usually go for a more snug fitting jersey, but this is not that. It is a long cut. Even though it's loose, it's very comfortable when riding. It hangs in the back when standing. My jersey pockets are usually mid back. This one is on my butt. If you like the snugger fit, go for a smaller size. This is perfect if you are a more casual rider. It is a great product.

6. PEARL IZUMI Thermal Cycling X Large

PEARL IZUMI Thermal Cycling X Large

High performance. Men's long sleeve cycling jersey for cool weather. It's suitable for stand alone protection in the fall or winter. Stay warm. The bike jersey with SELECT Thermal Fleece is the benchmark for warmth and fast wicking. The full-length Vislon zipper has been added to make it easier to use. The elastic holds the jersey in place. There are three back pockets and a single pocket for valuables. Their cycling shirts and clothes are designed with reflective elements for safety in low light. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you want to make a return, they are here to help you, their products are manufactured with the highest quality materials to the best quality standards.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤I added some fall/winter gear to my collection this year and found that I liked everything in Pearl Izumi's "Quest" line. They include short-sleeve jerseys, long-sleeve jerseys, thermal jerseys, and their AmFIB jacket. Let's talk about size. Most of the Quest lined moved to being relaxed. This thermal jersey is not included. Pearl Izumi tells me that it is now listed as a "standard" fit. I'm not sure why this thermal jersey is listed as being standard, it doesn't fit much differently than the long-sleeve jersey in the Quest line. It doesn't feel like the "semi-form" of old, maybe it's a little snugger. There is a The inconsistent sizing is something that bugs me about PI products. C'mon Pearl. Get it together! There is a Any way. I'm a medium in the Quest line, but I'm usually a Large in the old "semi-form" fit jerseys. It works for a little snugger, but going large semi-form was not an option. It was too loose and baggy. It's important to remember what size you'd be in this jersey. I like the navy/teal color. It is modern and sharp. For a nicely matched kit, pair it with the Navy One "Attack" full-fingered glove. Performance. This thing is very warm. It took me a while to figure out what the temp was for me. I kept under-dressing, but once I figured it out, this thing is solid. If there's no wind or a light wind, I'm comfortable wearing it down to about 50. I'll keep the wind off if it's windy or cold, and I'll put a barrier pullover on top of it. Being able to layer it is a great thing. Throw a windbreaker over the top if it's windy or wear an AmFIB jacket if it's really cold. There is a Quality seems to be exactly what you would expect from Pearl Izumi.

👤The Large is a perfect fit for me as I am 165 lbs. My other jacket is also large. I thought it would be fit. I expected it to be cooler. I wore a jersey and thermal underwear under my clothes when I rode it for about 13 miles on a 42 degree day. I was a bit cold. The ideal weather would be 60 degrees. I would need another layer for the cold weather and I think the jacket might be a tad warm for riding. It's a nice jacket.

7. Pearl IZUMi Select Jersey Diffuse

Pearl IZUMi Select Jersey Diffuse

The benchmark for transfer is set by SELECT fabric.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤The jersey is made with a nice quality and full-length zip. You don't find that in many jerseys because the zip goes all the way up and down with one hand. There is a I was a bit worried that the jersey would be too hot in the summer sun, but it was the first dark colored jersey I've ever purchased. Today's ride with 98F avg,109F high temps with minimal clouds showed that it wasn't a problem for most of the time. I was wearing a white mesh base layer with a partially open jersey that helped with air flow underneath, but the lack of extra Ventilation in the arm pits may have left some cooling on the table. The inside face of the fabric is white, so I assume that it is reflecting away some of the heat that would be visible on the outside. There is a The description says it has an elasticized hem, but mine is not elastic, and there is no Silicone Band or Printing to help keep it in place. I don't need to tug it down too often because it's mostly in place. When I put my phone in the right pocket, it goes to the side. Other jerseys that fit closer to the waist don't do that as well. Maybe it was the weight of my phone that kept the jersey from riding up?

👤I got this for only $20+, and I am glad I didn't buy it for more than that as the material is the same as those $20+ jerseys. If it is priced more than $30, forget it. There is a The fit is loose on the chest and sleeve. The pockets are tight. Will wear a spare shirt.

👤The item was delivered with a puckered area. The abdominal area of the shirt is where the folds that hide the zip are located. I put a lot of books on top of it thinking I could solve the problem, but it still isn't working. I haven't worn the garment yet. It is a permanent problem. The shirt was on sale.

👤The jersey is loose around the waist and tight around the chest, causing it to droop when something is in the pockets. It's not very comfortable because I have the opposite body shape, and it seems to be made for the body shape of most MAMILs.

👤I like these jerseys. I have a lot of recent designs. The semi-form fit is perfect for me. I size up because I'm not super skinny, but they fit well. I like Select LTD from Pearl Izumi. The designs are great.

8. Pearl IZUMi Pursuit Diffuse X Small

Pearl IZUMi Pursuit Diffuse X Small

The benchmark for transfer is set by SELECT fabric. The full-length zip for ventilating. The jersey is held in place by an elasticized gripper. There are three back pockets for easy storage. The BioViz color option has reflective elements.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤Building up a stock pile of bike clothes has been a challenge after re-entering the bicycling realm as a roadie. My body is semi-fit at 6' and 165 lbs. After trying the Spotti jersey, I knew the pros and cons of bicycling jerseys. I wore the Select Attack 2015 jersey for the first time and it fit well as my chest was around 37.5. The Select Pursuit jersey in small fitted a bit tight and felt more race fitted as it stuck to my figure. A few trusted brand buyers have been confused by this jersey being 888-282-0465 which is rated as a Form fit which has confused a few trusted brand buyers. The Elite Pearl izumi sun sleeves overlap by 3-4 inches, so you may want to size up to get a slightly less snug fit compared to a glue fit. I have done 2 runs in a row to think about this jersey series.

👤This jersey is great. The yellow jersey is bright. It's so bright that it shocks me when I look at my kit on a sunny day. I'll be cruising along and look down at something and it's like my jersey says "Hey Buddy I'm". Your bright as a kelk jersey! It goes along well with my philosophy of doing everything I can to make myself more visible to predatory cars. Cyclists wearing dark kits on cloudy days make it difficult to see from another bike. It's great to see a fellow cyclist up ahead, visible because of their bright kit, and hopefully cars can too. This jersey is a bit thinner than other Peal Izumi's I've had. It is comfortable. The size is small. I wear a Medium in P.Izumi. I went to a Large because the jersey is tight and perfect. It's snug without material flapping around. It's a snug fit. I have a 38" chest, 30" waist, and no beer belly.

👤This is a quality piece of gear from Pearl Izumi. It's a tight fit, but it fits. I'm tall at about 185. I had a problem with this shirt because it was so short that my stomach was showing a little when I stood up straight. I think it's made for bibs, but it was fine Hunched over the bike, but I think it's made for bibs. It might work for someone with a shorter torso, but I don't think my torso is that long. I am a non-competitive casual rider so I don't need a shirt like this. Love the bright color.

9. Cycling Jersey Clothing Bicycle Pockets

Cycling Jersey Clothing Bicycle Pockets

Snug Fit & Full Zip is designed to sit close to the skin with a high stretch fabric that hugs the body, reduce wind resistance while riding for faster. It is easier to take off a full zip. The cyclist's jersey is comfortable and suitable for cycling in a variety of ways. The Jersey has a quick-dry fabric which can make you feel more comfortable and keep you dry. The back pockets of the cycling shirts for men are classic and can hold a lot of things. One pocket holds cards and mobile phones. Severse is a wonderful cycling gift. The bicycle jersey is soft, lightweight, quick dry and Breathable to wear. You don't want sweat to stick to your skin. This is the best gift for cyclists.

Brand: Qualidyne

👤I gained a few lbs and wanted a comfortable jersey for a short time. I love zoot and castelli gear and will continue to buy it. This is very close. Over time, they are still tbd. It is a nice piece of gear.

👤I bought that shirt and bike shorts from the same seller and got a good price. I got a Medium size for my 5''7 and 180 lbs. Don't shrink after washing the material. There were a few times when the zipper got a glitch, but it was easy to fix.

👤I like this shirt a lot. The materials are a bit tighter, so there is less air-flow, but they are perfect for the cooler days.

👤The Jersey is very stylish. Well made, good stitching and back pockets.

👤Surprised by the quality of the jersey. First ordered L size, then returned for the correct size to get the right fit. I have received a lot of praise from fellow cyclists.

👤The shirt's kewper broke the first time it was used.

👤Size was correct. The material and sewing seem good. Can't beat the price.

👤I don't like the flimsy zip up. The fit is correct and the shirt will keep your sweat out of your body. The weak link is the tiny one.

👤A great jersey. There are three pockets across the back. The 3XL fits perfectly. I'm 6'4 250 lbs.

👤The medium size was ok at first, but shrank after the first wash. Disappointed with the size. It looks like a small now. Can't wear it anymore.

10. Pearl Izumi Elite Jersey Medium

Pearl Izumi Elite Jersey Medium

The body is made of 100% Polyester and 20% Elastane. The PRO LTD Jersey is made from materials worn by the Pro Tour riders. The perfect balance of anatomic fit, performance engineered materials and the personal interface between athlete and gear. A clothing system that helps you maintain the perfect temperature for the weather conditions and activity range day in and day out.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤It's a nice jersey, but it's very slim. The arm holes on this jersey are very tight and I'm an average size female. The medium I ordered was too tight for my liking. I weigh 160 lbs and have a 36C. It's a cut for someone slim and not someone with muscular builds. I don't think this will work for muscular men. I might be able to wear it comfortably if I lose some weight. It's in the closet.

👤This jersey is awesome, I love Pearl Izumi products. The graphics are really nice and the fit is great. I've put quite a few miles on it and no issues have been reported. I am 5'9" 155 lbs and wear a large which fits snug but not restrictive. I don't put a bunch of bars in the back pockets, but they feel up to that task if needed. The Pearl Izumi's are my favorite jersey and I have 4 other brand jerseys. The good stuff is never cheap. If you're considering buying one, I highly recommend it.

👤Make sure you order a larger size than you normally wear because this jersey is small. I don't like this jersey because it doesn't have a rubber strip on the waist. Since it rides up all day long, I have to adjust it to fit in. I find that I just wear other jerseys and this one stays in my closet. I regret buying it because it has been a waste of money.

👤I'm 6'1" and weigh 170. The jersey fits through my 41 inch chest, but the sleeves are a tad short and ride above my bi/tri's. The PI jersey's baggy stomach area annoy me. If I want a tighter fit through the stomach, I sacrifice being too tight through the chest and short. Another thing that is annoying. The pockets are large and baggy, and they are worried about something falling out. I'm not a PI guy.

👤I got this jersey recently and it is amazing. The design is bold and the fit is perfect. I'm 6'2" and weigh about 176 lbs. I have a 38" chest and 30" waist and the medium sizes fit perfectly. Can't wait to hit the roads with this beauty.

👤This review will be similar to my review of the long sleeve, thermal version of this jersey. It's Pearl Izumi... That's all that needs to be said. I have purchased every single product that they have. I've been pleased with all of them. This jersey is not an exception. I bought the "Wings of Rock" jersey and long sleeve thermal variant to use as my kit for the races. They are some of my favorite jerseys. I don't have a team kit to wear so it's nice to have a couple good looking jerseys that help friends and family identify me during a race. There is a They are functional. I wear a short sleeve jersey when racing. If it's cool out, I'll add arm warmers. I wear a long sleeve jersey during warm ups. The method has worked well. They are great looking and fitting. All PI jerseys work well. It's easy to operate with one hand. I have found that Pearl Izumi is very consistent in size. Their medium jerseys fit me perfectly, I'm 5' 9 with a compact, athletic build. This jersey is very good. Unless you plan to race it in Wisconsin. We could start the Wisconsin PI Wings of Rock Cross team.


What is the best product for bicycle jerseys for men pearl izumi?

Bicycle jerseys for men pearl izumi products from Pearl Izumi. In this article about bicycle jerseys for men pearl izumi you can see why people choose the product. Pearl Izumi and Pearl Izumi are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle jerseys for men pearl izumi.

What are the best brands for bicycle jerseys for men pearl izumi?

Pearl Izumi, Pearl Izumi and Pearl Izumi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle jerseys for men pearl izumi. Find the detail in this article. Pearl Izumi, Pearl Izumi and Pearl Izumi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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