Best Bicycle Jersey Set

Jersey 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. BALEAF Zipper Cycling Pockets Breathable

BALEAF Zipper Cycling Pockets Breathable

The material is 10% Spandex. Also, note: If you prefer loose comfort, please order a size up closure. Breathable and Sun Protection: Bike jersey use quick-dry fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Sun protection against maximum sun protection is provided by the UPF 50+. There are 4 rear pockets. The men's bike jersey has classic 3-pockets that hold your wallet, maps, and snacks. One pocket holds a mobile phone. Long sleeve cycling jerseys have reflective elements on the front and back to make them more visible in low light conditions. Easy wear is a cycling jersey with a half zip that provides easy on/off and additional comfort. The elastic hem keeps the rear of the jersey in the right place. Muliti functions. A cycling long sleeve shirt is suitable for outdoor sports. It's ideal for cooler days or summer days.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I was pleased with the feel and touch of the thin smooth material used as the fabric. There is a I returned the shirt because it was too loose. I have come to expect my jerseys to have a closer fit on the neck than a regular t-shirt would, and this one did. nit-picking here, nothing major. The elastic material would be affected by heavy items. This would make it hard to ride or run. This was a deal-breaker for me. The stitching inside the neck made me feel uneasy. I would predict that this would cause some irritation. There is a The material is not very thick, and I think it's better suited for base layers, such as Under Armour compression long sleeves. I would suggest buying a thicker long sleeve jersey for colder climates and buying a short sleeve jersey and wearing it with a base layer such as Under Armour.

👤In the future, I will order different sizes and return the ones that don't fit. I had to take the time to return every piece of bike clothing I ordered.

👤Excellent fit. I've worn this as the main layer and the base layer, and it works equally well in either situation, and you won't get much more for your money anywhere else.

👤Send back. 2x was too tight on my body. A nice shirt. I like it to be a little loose. I'm 70 years old. Would look great on Superman.

👤It was very comfortable and form fitting. The price was very good.

👤I already own a pair of their shorts. The quality was very good. I ordered a size up, so I could get a little more room. It was tight in the chest and abdomen. Will order again, but need to be more careful with the size.

👤The need for good fit was highlighted by the shirt I tried. It was half the price of the rest of the measurement and it was long in the body. I am paying for a good normal fit. This one is a standard product and seems to be of good quality. I had put on a anti-Chappard item on my nipples, but I didn't experience any chafing on the 100 mile ride.

👤I bought this expecting the worst. I was pleasantly surprised. The small is not tight on the arms, it is a good fit for a training jersey. The material is very stretchy and feels great. Let's have a good amount of wind so you don't get overheated. I want to have different colors.

2. ZEROBIKE Sleeve Breathable Cycling Outdoor

ZEROBIKE Sleeve Breathable Cycling Outdoor

The material is 100% Polyester. The comfortable 3D Non-Toxic Cushion has a superior function. With 3 Pockets on the Back of Jersey, it's easier to store your personal stuff when cycling. The beauty of the pattern will not be affected by the full length Smooth Zipper. They are different from other high price seller because they are a factory that guarantees top-level quality and good design.

Brand: Zerobike

👤I ordered using both the size chart and reviews here, and it was one size larger than what I normally wear in street clothes. They fit well, but not so tight that you look like a boiled sausage, or that there is not a lot of fabric flapping around. I have short limbs and a lot of things fit me like this, but the shorts are a little long on me. There is a The fit and finish are excellent. There isn't anything to complain about. There is a The back pocket on the jersey is a little bit deeper than I'm used to, making me worry about my phone flying out on abump. I turn it sideways in the pocket and my fears are allayed, I really don't think it will. I use this jersey for shorter rides when I'm not carrying a lot of extra supplies because the pocket is a little bit smaller. There is a It seems like a great value, and I'm happy I bought it.

👤I was skeptical about purchasing this outfit because it was cheap. The quality of the material is decent. There is a I wore it for a long ride on Sunday and I have no complaints. Excellent fit, good quality. I wouldn't wear this set on a long ride.

👤The shirt is a bit larger than I expected, but it's a good quality and looks nice. I'm 5'11" and should have ordered the large. Extra-large was too large. Just be careful with the size, it's a great price and highly recommended.

👤The smallest size offered was the medium, which I ordered. There is a The shorts fit perfectly. The Jersey was a bit loose than I was expecting. I'm very slim and it's hard to find something that's perfect for me. It is definitely worth the price. I will be ordering more.

👤I was very happy with it. I bought it for my husband and it fit as expected. My husband is not slim waisted and the top was tight. We got him a large and used the table they gave him in the photos of the set. The material and colors are great. Overall happy with it.

👤When I ride, I want to be seen. Many vehicles say they don't see cyclists. The suit is comfortable. If you order, go up one size. It is a little small. The gel bottom shorts make long distance riding easier. My fourth pair is made by this last purchase.

👤I'm 5'8 175 lbs. The shirt is very comfortable and the pockets are handy. I got a second one in different colors. My wife is 130 lbs and the women's medium fits her well. Will purchase more from Zero Bike.

👤The product is very good. I ordered a bigger size because I thought it would fit small. The shorts and jersey fit well. This is the best kit I have ever purchased. It beats the quality of kits that I paid over $100 for. I will continue to order kits for the amazing value. The shipping is slow but it won't stop me from buying again.

3. ZEROBIKE Cycling Breathable Mountain Clothing

ZEROBIKE Cycling Breathable Mountain Clothing

Breathable, high quality fabric for all levels of cyclists, from beginners to advanced cyclists. Coolmax Silicone Padded pants are non-toxic and allow full range of movement. Convenient for storing your personal stuff when cycling is the 3 Pockets on the Back of Jersey. It will not affect the beauty of the pattern because of the full invisiible ZIPPER. It's easy to maintain, you can wash with room temperature water, hand wash or machine. Please cool iron, brush or bleach.

Brand: Zerobike

👤There are many reasons I wouldn't buy this product. There is a The stretchy material is comfortable. The top is lightweight andbreatheable. It is easy to take on/off the top. It is easy to slide the ketket. The rubber bottom on the shirt/shorts makes riding long distances more comfortable, and it looks like a camel toe. After about 10 miles, padding flattens out. This is a good product, cheap price, and looks good. Even though there are more pros, the cons are still a big factor. If I knew I was going to be interacting in public off of my bicycle, I wouldn't wear shorts. I made the pictures clearer so you can see what I'm talking about. Please let me know if you found this review helpful, I rely on reviews when buying products.

👤It is my fault. The shorts in the picture made me think. The reviews confused me. I was expecting shorts. The short padding was listed as a zoom picture. I should have read more carefully, but I thought shorts would be in it. I think it would be a good idea to remove the shorts from the picture if there are other people like me who don't read. I will blame old age. It was a little tight, even though I bought a bigger size.

👤It fits nicely. I weigh 130-137 lbs. I bought small. And it was true to size. Not enough to cause an issue! It was really well made. The biking shorts are made better than some of the higher end shorts I have purchased. Will purchase from them again. Great job!

👤I was worried that I bought too small because it looked like they ran small. I'm 122 lbs. I bought a medium and it fit perfectly. Excellent price and quality. I will buy more of them.

👤I like this outfit. I like the designs. I love that it is very girlie. The plastic zip can be difficult to use. As you move around, the top bunches up by the chest. The cushion in the pants needs to be thicker. It is better to ride with the cushion. I wear small pants that are very tight around my leg. It's my first cycling outfit and I like it.

👤I bought this because it came with shorts, and I wore them out. It's a good thing. The green and white jersey that I bought was a bit too large for me, so I would recommend getting a smaller one. The back of the jersey is on my backside because of the long torso. I end up sitting on the bottom of the jersey pockets, which causes an issue using them. The material has short sleeves and a high collar. There is a The shorts that came with this have a weird fit. The shorts by Pearl Izumi were more like wearing bibs without the shoulder straps, and came up almost to the base of my bra. I wouldn't ride more than 30 miles at a time in these. The piping in the legs creates strain on your legs. The leg is a bit longer than normal and I had to put them up because they dropped to the middle of my knee. A decent beginner's kit. If you've worn other brands, you won't be impressed by anything except the price.

4. INBIKE Cycling Jersey Sleeve Padded

INBIKE Cycling Jersey Sleeve Padded

Jersey,Polyester,Mesh. This cycling Jersey is made of 100% high quality polyester and is lightweight and skin-friendly. The advanced comb mesh fabric provides effective hydration. You don't have to worry about sweat accumulating under the shirt making you itch and sticky. 3D Gel pad inside the shorts and foam will make you comfortable for a long time riding, it will weaken the sense of shock and allow your skin breath freely. The longer back hem is for extra coverage. The Silicone rubber on the hem is perfect for keeping the jersey from moving. The shirt is easy to put on and off. The zip has passed rigorous testing to prevent it from cracking. If you turn on the lock status, the self locking function will ensure that the zipper does not slip. Rear pockets to make sure you have enough space for storing, repair tool kits, phone, food or clothing for change. They've added reflective stripes that are highly visible at night and in environments with a low lighting.

Brand: Inbike

👤I am a big guy. 280 pounds. I need to get on a bike. It is difficult to find bike clothes that fit. Nothing is large enough. These fit well. I was hoping for the best because I got the biggest size I could. It is great. Thanks for remembering the big guys. Great product.

👤I was impressed with the look of the set I received. The padding on the shorts felt thin, but they fit perfectly and felt good quality. I assumed it would be a "race fit" since it's an elastic material and I noticed it was a bit small for my normal frame. The left side of the jersey was not a deal breaker, but I noticed that it was there as I was about to zip it up. I put the zip up and it split. It's definitely a cheap and faulty zipper, I check it a few times. Back it goes.

👤I was happy with the quality for the price. It has a good grip and is true to the size if you factor in the Asian size, so for my fellow Americans to go one size up. The large fit perfectly, I'm about 5'8" 190 lbs. There is a I only gave it 4 stars because the pad is not as comfortable as I would like. It's enough for a few hours for me. I would keep it at 2.5.

👤I'm not sure what to expect but I'm very visible and feel great and a bargain, I bought the large size 5-9 170 pants and they are perfect, but if you're heavier than me, I would try the next size.

👤I wish the jersey was the right size, as I'm looking to lose weight, but it's a bit small and the shorts are a bit big.

👤Poor quality. Not worth much more than fifteen bucks. The padding in the shorts is very thin and seems to be foam. Don't get a nerve compression and stay away from this combo.

👤The set looks good and feels good to wear. The material was not super thin and the colors were vibrant. The jersey shrunk when I washed it. It was washed with other cyclists clothing.

👤The bids fit. The shirt was too small. Says something. I read reviews to check the size, but I prefer a bigger size. My wear is at the mall. I'm not sure how the bids will fit. It is a big risk.

5. Lixada Cycling Breathable Quick Dry Clothing

Lixada Cycling Breathable Quick Dry Clothing

BREATHABLE FOOD Their cycling clothes use high-quality fabric for maximum heat transfer, which helps cool air in and keeps you dry. The cycling shirt has 3 generous rear pockets to hold your mobile phone, wallet and energy bar, and is equipped with reflective strips to improve the visibility and safety of night riding. 3D Thickening foam padding is designed to fit nicely around your hips, protecting your hipbone from injuries. Cyclists have good elasticity and a thick foam pad inside. The shorts can stretch the legs and provide great comfort. The compression bib shorts are perfect for cycling. The bicycle clothing set has a Silicone hem stop.

Brand: Lixada

👤I'm 6'1, 190 lbs and have a 34 inseam. I ordered large in this kit. There is a The blue/grey/black color is very nice. The blue and black are very different. There is a The shorts fit well. The bottom of the short is above my knee. The crotch area has thick padding that works well. The elastic is strong. There is a The fit of the shirt is a little tight on the tight side, but on the short side for my body. It fits. There is a I think the material is good quality. It's made for riding in warm weather.

👤The kit is not the greatest, but for the money, it is amazing. I have ridden the indoor trainer with shorts and they are comfortable. Printing looks great! Jersey has some loose sleeves without the sticky stuff in the cuffs. This isn't the most aero kit. I will be wearing it to train. I think it will be great. It is a full zip jersey too.

👤The jersey and short set are inexpensive and light-weight, which may be a good thing. In warm weather, the jersey doesn't really provide any warmth, which may be a good thing. The pockets are large. The jersey is good, but it's not appropriate for riding in warm weather. The shorts are light-weight, but the padding seems thin, or maybe just not well-shaped for my body. They're good for short rides, but 2 hour rides are stretching the length I want to ride in. For an hour or less they're ok, but I prefer my shorts that were more similar to this combo. It's a good idea to pay a little more for a nicer pair of shorts.

👤Christmas gift for me. It was cheap. I thought I would try it. I don't know if the material will hold up. It is placed too far forward in the shorts. The cut and seams end up bunching in weird places, but the size is right for me. The elastic at the ends of the shorts makes the leg ends flare out. When that happens, the rest of the shorts overlap with each other. When I'm standing up, I look like a fool.

👤A lot better than anticipated. I wear this guy all the time because I cycle a lot. Hopefully they will have cool new styles. I am a 170lb athletic male and ordered a medium. It was a perfect fit.

6. BALEAF Cycling Breathable Bicycle Pockets

BALEAF Cycling Breathable Bicycle Pockets

Breathable mesh design offers quick-dry fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Sun protection against harmful ultraviolet rays is provided by the UPF 50. It's easy to wear and take off the full invisible zip up, use invisible smooth zip up, not affect the beauty of the pattern. The elastic hem keeps the rear of the jersey in the right place. The classic 3-pockets hold your wallet, maps, and snacks. A waterproof pocket holds a mobile phone. The bright pattern is never faded, and the dye has no harm to your skin. Night riding safety is improved by reflective elements. Cycling Short sleeve shirt is suitable for mountain bike,road riding, running, triathlon and other outdoor sports. It's ideal for cooler days or summer days.

Brand: Baleaf

👤The picture shows a color that is nowhere near it. The website is white but it is actually fluorescent blue. I bought two to match someone else. Baleaf was used by both of us. The size is too small for other Baleaf products and it fits too snug, which is not the same as a previous shirt I bought. The materials and fabric are cheap. When you use it, you end up smelling terrible because of the sweat that is caught between the fabric and your skin. The cellphone in the back of the shirt was foggy. I had never had something happen to the old Baleaf. I think they made a name for themselves and then lowered their quality. I can warn others not to buy the products because of my current location.

👤I bought this brand of jersey about 2 years ago. I was very disappointed when I bought this one. The fabric was not good and I would not have returned the same size if it had fit.

👤I was getting a jump on light colored jerseys for cycling in the warm weather but I was not impressed with the material quality. I fear it will stick to me because it was very latex like. Poor quality workout tank tops have also been experienced by me. It has been returned.

👤The color is gorgeous. Zips are open. It's small for a pear shaped woman. I am usually a Medium size. This fits in a large. I got it in a medium and it was tight in the arms. I'm returning the medium. There is a The sleeve ends at my arm. Both Med. and Lg. The band is snug. There are 3 large pockets in the back and an extra pocket for a phone. The value is great. The size is large.

👤This fit me a bit too large for my size. I have a smaller upper body. I think I should have sized down, this top bunched in the front as I rode. I kept it because it was great for the weather in Houston. It is also great in color. I would downsize.

👤The colors are soft and the fit is good. I got a large and it fit well. I weigh 160 pounds. This shirt is made of SPF fabric.

👤The bicycle jersey has an attractive pattern in a subtle orange, rather than scarlet. The back pockets were great. The sleeves are a little bit longer than a standard short sleeve, which is a plus, and the fabric is comfortable for an all day ride. The jersey is for a slim build rider. The curve of my hips made it difficult for me to fit into the top of an XL jersey in a size 12. It bunched around my waist rather than staying straight down. There is black elastic tape on the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the jersey to hold it in place. A nice jersey but not useful for me.

7. Lixada Cycling Quick Dry Clothing 175 180cm

Lixada Cycling Quick Dry Clothing 175 180cm

Breathable killing. Their cycling clothes use high-quality fabric for maximum heat transfer, which helps cool air in and keeps you dry. The cycling shirt has 3 generous rear pockets to hold your mobile phone, wallet and energy bar, and is equipped with reflective strips to improve the visibility and safety of night riding. Cyclists shorts have a thick foam pad inside and are very elastic. The high-stretch shorts can stretch the legs freely, and the 3D cushion has a large number of ventilation holes, which can provide great comfort for long-term riding. 3D Thickened Protection Pad is designed with gel padding inside and 3D foam padding to fit nicely around your hips. Compression shorts and bib shorts are perfect for cycling. The bicycle clothing set has a Silicone hem stop.

Brand: Lixada

👤I'm 5'9" and 148 pounds, and ordered a small size. I wear small size shirts and larger size pants. The small set was perfect for me. The material is of good quality. It feels comfortable, not tight, and not loose. There is plenty of padding at the crotch area. I will post more updates.

👤A nice cycling suite. The padding is a little uncomfortable, but it's good for most of the time. I think it will get used to it since it is the first time I have worn it. It protects your butt from hurting so that is a plus. The shirt is great, it holds my phone, keys, and water bottles, and they don't fall out, which is amazing. I love it.

👤The build quality of the set for the price is good, but the size of the shorts is a real issue for me. The jersey is a bit snug. I think I should get a big one. The shorts fit well around my legs, but the waist is loose and they fall down. There is a It seems odd that a jersey would be snug but also have shorts that are larger than the jersey. I'll probably get a jersey that fits but shorts that are even bigger around my waist than the one I have, if I order an XL. If you have a large waist but are skinny from the waist up, I would recommend these on build quality for the price. It's a great value if you have the right body for them. I think it's worth it for most of us to just buy our shorts and jerseys separately.

👤Can't believe the quality for the price. I weigh 205 lbs. I would like to say that I am big boned, but that is not the case. I'm just fat and want to lose some weight on my bike. The combo looks great. I got the big one. The shorts padding makes me feel better in my tired rear end. Will definitely by more.

👤This kit is amazing. Went for a 2 hour ride after getting this yesterday. The fit on this is good. The large works for me at 160 lbs. I was worried that the shorts were too long, but it worked out just fine. The shirt fabric is very comfortable and feels good. The zip ties look and feel good. The back pockets are large and deep. I wasn't worried about anything falling out. The cushion is good for long rides. I can't believe the value of this. This is the best for the price and quality.

👤Since everyone always seems to have issues with figuring out size, I think the size 888-666-1846 I'm 5'9 and weigh around 180-185 lbs. I ordered large and it fit well. There is a The bibs and jersey set were ordered by me. The bibs are comfortable. They disappear while riding. This only applies to the material. There is a The comfort for longer rides is important. A ride that lasts at least an hour is for me. The chamois feel very dense when you use your hands and fingers to sample. It was different sitting on it. I haven't used them outside yet, but I used them on my trainer. There is less movement on the bike when using the trainer. I fold a hand towel into quarters and pad my saddle with bins when I ride the trainer because it seems to help. There is a After about 30 minutes, it began to feel uncomfortable. I started to feel numb in my groin area after cutting off circulation to the nerve endings. The padding for the sit bones is adequate, but the padding in the middle and front areas is not. My bag is kind of straddle the pad because it is thinner in the middle and at the front. It doesn't go far enough in the front. The pad is too thin in the front and doesn't reach far enough forward. This set is great. Will try again outside. There is a I think it's worth what I paid for it, but who knows when it will start to degrade? For people who do shorter rides, I would recommend a first bibs/jersey set.

8. BALEAF Cycling Pockets Bicycle Breathable

BALEAF Cycling Pockets Bicycle Breathable

The material is 77% nylon and 23% spandex. Breathable/Stretchy/UPF30 + If you prefer a loose style, please choose one size up. Women's cycling jersey short sleeve uses female-specific cut. The well-fit version shows women's curves and provides full speed on the bike. It's a good idea to upgrade Fabirc to a lightweight fabric with cooling technology because it's good for hot summer days. Three pockets behind the bike shirts can hold things. One zip pocket is water resistant and can hold cards or a mobile phone. The self-locking function makes it easy to take off the women's cycling top. The bike jersey is held in place by the Silicone Hem. There are reflective elements on the front and back. The bicycle jersey for women is suitable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports. It's ideal for hot days.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I usually wear a 2XL and order the same. I own some bike shorts from the same manufacturer. The jersey is quite small. I'm going to give it a try, but it seems like it may be a problem. There is a The material is very thin and you can see through it. I'm not sure I'll be able to put something under it since it's very form fitting. Better choose my sports bra.

👤Normally cycling stuff runs small, but this runs bigger than most. The sleeves are long, I assume the smaller the size, the shorter the sleeves. The pocket is a bit small. The fabric is stretchy. I would buy a few more jerseys for the price, but in a smaller size.

👤I wore this shirt once and it made it through the wash without any issues. I sweat a lot, so the jury is still out as to whether it will breathe enough to avoid the armpit stink. The fit is perfect and the pocket for my phone is great. There is a layer between the phone pocket and the rest of the shirt. I no longer have to wrap my phone in a sandwich baggie to keep it cool on hot days.

👤Great material, true to size, loved the pockets with zip and didn't have to worry about keys falling out. I never felt hot or sweaty. Will definitely order more from this brand.

👤The top is great for riding. The pockets have a zippers. I don't like clinging tops so I ordered a large. Normally wear a medium.

👤I chose the true size 12. I don't like my clothes being tight. Not what I expected but a pleasant surprise. The material is easy to wash out and flattering to the figure. I have two more and will order a third. I use the back pockets at work to hold tools and accessories. Great investment.

👤The arms and torso are not tight. The pockets are small. Good luck trying to get your cell phone out. The fabric catches the object. Not good.

👤I normally wear a small shirt but ordered this in medium. It is snug. I will order in more colors.

9. Sponeed Cycling Jersey Clothing Bicycle

Sponeed Cycling Jersey Clothing Bicycle

Do not wash with bleach or brush with it. Put in a mesh laundry bag when you wash. If you prefer a loose fit, please go for one size up to buy, it's a little small compared to the US standard. Send a message if you have any doubts. Quality biker shorts, Men's bicycle padded shorts has a four-way performance stretch and is highly flexible and durable. There is a thick foam pad inside the shorts. The high-stretch shorts can stretch the legs freely, and the 3D cushioned ventilation pad has a large number of holes, which can provide great comfort for long-term riding. It is very convenient for storage with 3 pockets on the back of the jacket. The cycling jersey for men has a Breathable fabric and full-length zip. Bike shirts can be used for a variety of outdoor sports, such as mountain biking, running or hiking, and gym bike exercise. The bike pants with padding and high-tech printing are designed for bike riding and are especially suitable for skin. The benchmark for bike transfer is set by select fabric. They believe in quality cycle jerseys and shorts sets that are worth the cost. They are a manufacturer of cycling supplies, they can provide top-level quality, good design produce and excellent after-sale service. They also accept custom bike clothing. If the size issue needs to be returned or exchanged, please contact them so they can send a new size very quickly.

Brand: Sponeed

👤The design of the jersey and shorts is excellent. Love it. Jersey: I prefer a race fit jersey when using the sizing chart because I have an athletic body. I would go a size higher for a club fit. The pockets are narrower than most of my jerseys. The pockets are deep enough to hold my stuff and I don't have to worry about getting it out during a ride. The fabric was light and moist, like most of my jerseys. It is very comfortable to wear. No issues with quality or seams caused irritation. There is a Shortfalls: The shorts were a good fit for me. My quads are large because I ride 5000+ miles a year. There were no fit issues. I've never had a problem with shorts riding up if they had a band on the end of the pant legs. The ends of the pant legs don't hug my quads when I walk but do when I ride. I like the same thing as my Louis Garneau shorts. No issues with quality or seams caused irritation. I have paid more for a jersey than you have. I will look into buying a long sleeved and tights design if one I like is available. There is a The update is still Loving the Jersey. I find the pads to be good for rides under 40 miles, but they don't fit me and I get sore down there.

👤I'm not a heavy man. I wear 34" waist pants, but I'm also tall. I thought it would be better to get the US Medium. I was on the border for that size. The shorts were too tight when I received them. I wasn't going to complain when I received my order. Customer service reached out to me in an email to see if I had any problems. The size/fit issue was mentioned. Wow! He is sending me large shorts for the cost of shipping. I've ordered a lot of stuff over the years, but never had customer service reach out to see if there was a problem with my order. Talk about exceeding customer expectations. I'm waiting to see how the replacements fit. I have more clothing in my cart. The jersey fit well. I guess I'm funny.

👤I bought a cycling kit that fit me well and was very comfortable for a 2 hour ride. I decided to get the Green one again and it was my choice. I got porn. After 30 minutes, it was hurting and he didn't notice it. The bag has a sticker on it. I didn't catch the tag because I trusted the sticker on the bag. I have learned my lesson. I'm able to return and plan on ordering the correct size, and if it's the right one, as my first kit. I will be raising the stars to 5. If you read the tag you will see that the bag is too large.

10. Cycling Bicycle Quick Dry Reflective 3 Pockets

Cycling Bicycle Quick Dry Reflective 3 Pockets

Their size is not a standard size in the US, so please check the size chart before ordering. They will reply and resolve your questions. The fabrics are made of 100% Polyester and have a quick drying function. The use of a full length invisible zip up, is clean and beautiful. There are pockets and reflective stripes. There are back pockets and stripes. Ensure the safety for night cycling by offering enough space for storing your little stuff. The 5D Coolmax Gel Padded Cushion design is shockproof on the road and breathable so as to make you stay dry and cool.

Brand: Jpojpo

👤I ordered one that was two sizes bigger than what I usually wear because I knew the product was from Asia and the size was so small in the US. I'm glad I did. It fits perfectly now. I hope that buying a XXXL helps other people consider buying this apparel.

👤I weigh 150 lbs. I ordered a big one. I'm short and thick. The set was very good for the price. I cuffed the shirts under because they were a tad long for me. The butt is very soft and wide. I thought the elastic on the ends of the short leg was very well made. It was a great purchase.

👤The jersey is great quality and bright. I received a lot of praise on the trail. The pants don't fit me right and are a nice material. Make sure you wear solid underwear because the pants look a little see through on the lighter panels on the side. Pick a size that fits the person's weight. I'm sure they will fit after a few lbs on the trail. I would buy from the seller again. I'm not the average lady.

👤I was surprised the jersey arrived early. I like the quality and it fits me well. The jerseys that I ordered on Amazon were not as good. It should be delivered in September. If the quality is good, I will post another review.

👤For the price, I was impressed with the brands I purchased from Amazon. The padding was quite comfortable for the price, and I was on a road bike for 3 hours. I'm over 5'8" and 140 lbs. I ordered a large amount of reviews. I could have gone Medium as shorts are a little on the big side, but still comfortable.

👤This set is perfect. I ordered a medium and it is true to size. It was too small at first. I got used to the skin being tight. I feel like I'm going faster on my bike when I wear this set.

👤They fit my wife just like a glove. She absolutelyoves the outfit.

👤Very cute set. The top wouldn't fit an adolescent boy. I wear shorts that fit well. There is no way a woman could wear the top. It was returned.

👤Dal punto di vista. I tessuto leggero e traspirante, sono ben eseguite. I colori sono. Alla descrizione fatta, non l'ho ancora collaudato. Alla taglia. Io guardando le tabelle di riferimento. L'ho dovuta cambiare con una. L' perfetta. La sostituzione del completo stata semplice ed avvenuta. La ditta ha risposto subito. Ottimo!

11. Quick Dry Cycling Jersey Bicycle Clothing

Quick Dry Cycling Jersey Bicycle Clothing

Breathable, quick dry, light weight - 100% cotton. The fabric is suitable for all weather conditions. The Dry-Fit perspiration technology allows the body to remain dry and comfortable. UV protection and 20D Pad is a specially treated fabric that blocks the sun's harmful rays and protects the skin. The padded design of the hip part of the road bike bib pants reduces the impact on hip when riding in the rough road. The reflective stripes on the front and back are visible at night to protect your safety, and you have ample space for storing essential gears. The elastic back hem is longer to keep the rear in place. The shirt is easy to put on and off with the bike top hidden. The design pattern of the cycling shirt will not be affected. The cycling outfit has been designed to be unique and funny. You can keep a happy mood while riding. They can make sure that the quality and design are great. They will solve the issue for you if you contact them freely. Customer satisfaction service is provided by them. This is a note. Measure yourself to find your size. If you like the loose version, you should order a bigger one. Contact customer service if you have any questions.

Brand: Moxilyn

👤It was brought for my husband. The review was written by him. There is a A friend of mine recommended this bike suit. It was intended to be worn during normal training, but when I opened the package I thought the quality has exceeded my expectations. The padding is very comfortable on long rides. It's more comfortable than poly fiber and doesn't get rough pile bumps. The bibs fit perfectly and the jersey fits well, but I have a little tight bicep. The gel padding in the pants is great, I've been out on rides for over 3 hours and not gotten uncomfortable. They were comfortable and stayed in place on my quads. My friend recommended that I buy cheap but good quality cycling suits.

👤The Men's Quick-Dry Cycling Jersey Set Road Bike Bicycle Shirt + Bib Pants with 9D Gel Padded is superbly crafted. There was no complaint there. It is difficult to determine the correct size on the menu. My weight is over 200 lbs. The chest is 38 inches and the height is 5 feet 8 inches. I should select a size that I ordered from the menu. The suit was too big for me. I had to return it and get a new one, which fit perfectly.

👤The shirt is tight, as other reviewers have mentioned. The shirt falls at a good spot, although I probably will only match it with these bibs as it would leave a little skin showing if I were to use a pair of cycling pants. I ordered a size up. Next time, I will buy an L. There is a The cycling clothes kit is great for the price and the Bibs are great for the price. I ordered 2 different designs. The colors are bright. I've been with them for about 12 hours and haven't had any issues. I like the bib. I'm not sure why others are complaining. The bib is great. Will buy again.

👤This is my first set of bibs. I was surprised by how comfortable I was. No digging into your gut. It's just from trying them on. I haven't done a practicality test yet because it's still warm for the long sleeves. I don't think there'd been an issue.

👤I like that the bib pants are long enough for my athletic frame, and the jersey shirt sleeves are long enough for me. I wear a thin X long tank underneath my pants to cover my rear when I'm off the bike, but it's not an issue. If you like to wear bib pants vs bib shorts or thin sleeves to shield your arms from the sun, this is the outfit for you. The Jean look version of this outfit was also bought by me. There is a The padded seating is on the other side. It would fit better if I bought a large, but I get fluff in the winter. I got the big one. I'm not sure if you should wear this bib for over 30 miles. It's best to hold up well for short rides.


What is the best product for bicycle jersey set?

Bicycle jersey set products from Baleaf. In this article about bicycle jersey set you can see why people choose the product. Zerobike and Zerobike are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle jersey set.

What are the best brands for bicycle jersey set?

Baleaf, Zerobike and Zerobike are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle jersey set. Find the detail in this article. Inbike, Lixada and Baleaf are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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