Best Bicycle Jersey Long Sleeve for Men

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1. Bassdash Fishing Shirts Protection T Shirt

Bassdash Fishing Shirts Protection T Shirt

You can be active all day in the sun with the long sleeve design and protection from the sun. The fabric keeps you dry and comfortable. The mesh back and under sleeve keep you cool in the heat. The elastic material allows for a lot of movement. It's great for hiking and fishing.

Brand: Bassdash

👤I got a new shirt because I was getting sunburned when it got hot. I got a large size and it fit perfectly. I was a little worried that it would be too tight, but I was glad I got the large. I was amazed at the quality when I got the shirt. The back is made of spandex mesh fabric. I was able to stay cool on the hot days. There is a The label showed that it is knitted. It shows that it protects against the sun rays. When you are fishing, you have to have dedicated fishing apparel. I live in the south and it gets hot. I would be sweating and burning like crazy if I wore a short sleeve t-shirt. A light material long sleeve shirt that allows me to stay cool is very important. The shirt meets those needs. I had a problem with the stains on the shirt. I am hard on my shirts. The material is very easy to clean up. I had to wash it twice and let it soak in the water to get the fish out of the shirt. It did come out. Sometimes having a white shirt scares me. There is a This is a product that I would recommend. It is a great quality and is sold for a great price. You need something like that when you are in an area where the sun will beat you down. It keeps the sun off you and allows your skin to breath.

👤I usually wear the Columbia brand sun shirt but decided to try the Bassdash because of the price. I need an X Large in the Bassdash to get the same fit as the Large Columbia. I like the mesh on the lower back. I think it keeps me cooler. The reason I rated this shirt 4 stars instead of 5 is because the neck is larger than the Columbia. The Large Columbia shirts fit me perfectly. I weigh in at over 200 lbs. This shirt is a great buy for the money and it seems to be a well-constructed shirt. I'm considering buying this again over the Columbia because I'm looking at a couple more colors. There is an update on 8-11/2021. I have gotten over the big neck. Although I prefer the smaller, tighter neck of the Columbia shirts, this is a great shirt and I have purchased several more. The rating is going to be raised from 4 to 5 stars.

2. Champion Classic Jersey Sleeve T Shirt

Champion Classic Jersey Sleeve T Shirt

The cotton fabric is ring-spun. It is a fit for comfort. The collar is narrow for a modern fit. The left chest has a logo and patch. There are options in graphics and solids.

Brand: Champion

👤I know this is a men's shirt, but for women like myself who like wearing men's clothes for comfort, this review is for you! There is a These are for flat chested men. The shirt is long and slim. It was not a good fit for a woman because the sleeves were loose around my arms and the torso was tight. Having D-32 breasts makes it more difficult. I ordered a small size because it would be too long for me and I am not going to swap it for a medium. I am 5'8" If it wasn't so tight around the torso, I would be happy with this shirt. If you are thin and flat chested, it is not for curvy women. I have a baby. I am a bit curvy right now. This shirt is perfect for a scrawny guy.

👤The item was ordered in a medium size. The shirt was great until it was first washed. It is now a small. I have long arms, and the sleeves are 2 inches past my wrist. I would recommend washing it in cold water and letting it dry out. I have to give it to my brother.

👤This is a legit champion and if you're looking for these shirts, this is the real deal.

👤Does not look like a new champion shirt. There is no tags on the shirt or a regular MSRP tag. The logo is the same as the shirt and wrinkled. The champion logo on the sleeve is either very old or doesn't look like the blue, red, and white logo that all champion shirts have.

👤tried one on and it fit, then washed it. And it got smaller. I was told I have to pay for shipping when I tried to return the second shirt. I don't like to order clothes online. It costs more to return a shirt. I will not order from this seller again, and I think Amazon should mention that returns are not free when they're not free.

👤It was supposed to be a long sleeve light steel shirt with the word champion across the chest in black letters. The word champion was in blue. I ordered this shirt in October as a Christmas gift for someone in an L and when I ordered mine in a L the letters came in a different color as shown in the picture. I bought a shirt for another person and I wanted to match it with this one. This is a great shirt and it is cheap.

3. Champion Classic Jersey Sleeve T Shirt

Champion Classic Jersey Sleeve T Shirt

Ring Spun fabric is softer on the hand. It is a fit for comfort. Matching back neck tape. There is a logo on the left chest. The left sleeve has a C patch.

Brand: Champion

👤I bought a long sleeve T-shirt that was more expensive. The cheapest Jerzees brand has been the second best and the third best. The sleeves are very ugly. I have 17” Biceps and the upper sleeve is huge on a 2XL while the forearm is snug and there is a 2” cuff. I thought I would have to send this back as the wrist and forearm were smothering, but I bought a bigger size than I expected.

👤This shirt was not really nice. Back in the day, Champion and Russell were the top names in athletic wear. Many of the 4 and 5-star reviews of this shirt are used to lesser quality. This shirt is constructed of a very light weight cotton fabric, and as a result comes out of the dryer after washing, which is more indicative of a very cheap off-brand garment than the Champion I was expecting.

👤The champion long sleeve shirt was purchased because of its price. The shirt was better than I expected. The quality is very good and comfortable. The fit is as expected, the arms are a little baggy, but that is ok since "oversized" is the style now. The quality and comfort of this shirt is what makes me recommend it to others. It's available in many colors and these basics go with anything.

👤The shirts tend to shrink a bit in the dryer. I ordered a size up and they fit perfectly. If you like a tighter fit, this might not be a problem. I prefer a looser shirt when working out.

👤I was looking for a large size for a man so it would be large with leggings and yoga pants, but it was not. It was like a regular woman's large shirt. The sleeves were a tad longer than a woman's, but the sides and length of her shirt made up for it. Not very happy, but still keeping. I will not dry this shirt because it won't fit me afterwards.

👤I usually wear a large shirt, but I bought 4 different colors andversions of it. The shoulders were too wide. All of them have the same issue. I bought them over a year ago and they were fine. After stretching them a bit, I ordered a medium size, which I can wear, but barely. I was too busy moving, and missed the time while I could return it, but most of all I'm sorry for the time I spent on shopping.

4. ARSUXEO Zipper Sleeves Cycling Bicycle

ARSUXEO Zipper Sleeves Cycling Bicycle

The lightweight materials of the cycling jersey offer superb wicking and breathability to keep you cool and fresh. The triple deep pockets of the bike jersey are designed to be easy to access and have security and stability guaranteed. It is possible to see in darkness. The reflective element helps improve visibility when riding in poor light and bright color helps motorists see you. If you want to see more of this beautiful world, you have to never ride up, so they add an elastic waist for the shirt to make sure it doesn't ride up. A zip garage at the neck prevents contact with the skin, and a full-length zip is always full.

Brand: Arsuxeo

👤The fit is ok despite the material being THIN. It was snug in both of the armpits. This is a summer weight jersey. Will ride a ride to see how it feels. I'm 5'8", 150 lbs, 73 YO with a slight middle age paunch. I think a Medium would be too loose, but the armpits would be more comfortable. In winter, a medium would allow use of layer below. This will be a long sleeve jersey that can be used for spring-summer or hot weather. Does not have the same quality of fabric as PearlIzumi or Asso... See if it lasts 2 or 3 seasons.

👤I've been looking for a long-sleeve cycling jersey for a while and this came at a great price. I like that it has a high visibility color, a full-length zipper, washes well, and is a great price. The color is listed at citron which is supposed to have a greenish-orange glow, but it is pretty close to high visibility yellow, and I already own enough yellow jerseys. I suppose it's great for lefties, but it's very awkward. I usually fit well into the larger version, but this is a little snug. I'm going to keep it and give it a try, but I wish I'd paid more for a better known name with a better design, fitting and color.

👤I am giving a men's full zip up. Two stars because of the lousy zip. It's difficult to engage and operate. The nylon style of the teeth break even with careful handling. There is a pull tab on the left and a free end on the right of the garment. The product was produced for the women's market. The point is that many men will struggle to keep the jersey material from being grabbed as they raise the tab. It's similar to learning how to use a socket wrench in reverse. The jersey has a low quality zip. Next time I buy a jersey, I'll be more careful to buy a men's style one.

👤The unit is well made. The soft spot of import clothing is a good place to put it. There is a The band at the bottom of the jersey is too tight. You have to tug it to get it to zip up. I'm tall. I'm not over weight, but it was too tight on my waist. I understand that they don't want it to ride up, but this was very limiting. There is a The entire jersey was cut. If you have no muscularity at all, this will be very tight. I've raced for years and you want your jersey to be tight. This fit me like a compression jersey, which is not what I race in. There is a I'm going to send this back and order a bigger one. I bought a 2XL but I'm not sure if they have a 3XL. My normal jersey size is an X and the X fits me perfectly. I hope a 3XL will fit me.

5. Spotti Sleeve Cycling Jersey Breathable

Spotti Sleeve Cycling Jersey Breathable

The lightweight material has good workmanship and stitching, so it guarantees the daily use. It's suitable for all levels of cyclists. They put a reflective print logo on the front and back to make you highly visible at night and in low light environment. Men's cycling jersey short sleeves are made of quick-dry fabric. The Jersey has a quick-dry and moist fabric feature which makes you feel more comfortable when you're sweaty. Don't worry about hunger or flat tire on the road, just take any essential you want, the rear back pockets can pump stash, repair tool kits, tires, phone, food or clothing for change. It's easy to wear and can let the wind cool down. The elastic hem is in place.

Brand: Spotti

👤The Spotti Men's Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey is reviewed. It was fulfilled by and shipped for free. The jersey arrived on 17-Feb-2017 after I purchased it on 14-Feb-2017. Spotti is now listing a suggested retail price of $39, and the "sale" price has gone up from $21 to $21. I updated this review after riding with the jersey. I removed one star because it didn't fit as well as I thought. It's still a good jersey for the price, but it's not a five-star jersey. Fit. I'm tall with a build. My shirt size is large. My waist is 35 and my chest is 41. My leg inseam measurement is 33.75", but my torso is a little long for my height. I wanted a snug fit. I bought a large size. For a relaxed upright riding position, the fit of the arms and body is important. The jersey's arms measure 27.75" from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. I usually ride in a forward-leaning position with my forearms resting on my aerobars. The arms are short in this position and it would be nice if they were longer. There is a When you first pull on the jersey, it feels a bit snug, but once it's on, it feels more snug. It's not bad, but it could be a tad tighter in the upper chest. I'm happy with the fit, except when I'm leaning on my aerobars. The three rear pockets are easy to reach. The neck was a serious problem. I think the inside of the collar is too large for a Large. I would have preferred a larger neck. The jersey would provide better sun protection if the collar was taller. The height of the collar is not bad, but it is too large to slide down on the shoulders, so it is not good. The collar height would have been better. Construction The fabric is soft and the seams are soft. The fabric seems to be moderate in its breathability. I wouldn't expect a premium fabric for this price. The back of the jersey is longer than the front. The product photos on the Amazon website make it look like the jersey is cut with a square bottom, which was a big question for me. It is not. It has the same angle as most cycling jerseys. I was very pleased with this. There is a The elastic at the bottom of the jersey is snug but there are no anti-slip features so it will slide up on some riders. This was the reason why I docked it one star. When leaning forward in an aero tuck, the back of the jersey slipped up to the top of my shorts. The same thing happened with my shorts. The jersey's long body causes it to bunch around my waist and lower back, which was offensive. This jersey will not stay down when you lean forward if you are a pro cyclist with low body fat. I was going to buy three more of these jerseys but decided against it because of this problem. There is a The pockets are small. Some of my jerseys have bigger pockets. You'll need to use bags to keep things dry on a hot day because there is no sweat barrier in the pockets. I'm an endurance road cyclist who rides 6,000 miles a year. My daily rides are 35 miles. I'm serious about my bike. I ride a carbon frame with a Red drivetrain. I have a Stages power meter. Pearl iZumi is the supplier of most of my cycling kit. I use their shorts and jerseys for training and events. Why did I purchase this $21 jersey? The answer is yes. Pearl iZumi is the only one making jerseys for tall riders. I usually have to buy an Extra- Large jersey to get the length I need in my body and arms. The Extra- Large size is too wide, making for a loose fit and lots of flapping in the wind. The graphic designers being used by Pearl iZumi are insane. The kit used to look good. Their new jerseys are gross. There is a Spotti offered two important things, a better fit for tall cyclists and simple basic colors that are easy to see. This jersey is a good value and I recommend it for tall cyclists on a budget. The lack of an anti-slip strip at the bottom of the jersey will make it hard for cyclists with a pro cyclist body and low body fat. If you have an athletic build and wear good-quality cycling shorts, you can expect the bottom of the jersey to slide up to your waist whenever you lean forward and hold your handlebars by the drops. It wouldn't be fair to compare this jersey to the ones in my closet, which cost well north of $100. Pearl iZumi's Pro line has amazing tech in its fabrics and construction. The tall cyclist fit and avoidance of ugly color combinations are two important ways that this simple jersey out- performs. Spotti, well done! There is a Spotti, please add a good silicone anti-slip strip to the inside bottom hem. The collar should be a little taller and the neck should be reduced to 17 inches. Please add another 1 to 1.5 " to the sleeve length. The name "spotti" seems weird and should be replaced with a logo. You will have an unbeatable value for tall, trim cyclists if you make these changes.

6. ROTTO Cycling Jersey Shirts Gradient

ROTTO Cycling Jersey Shirts Gradient

These jerseys are made of high quality fabric and feel soft to the touch. Tagless design. The wind speed is UPF 50. The bike jerseys have good elasticity. It's good for heat and air-drying. There are three rear pockets for items storage. The hem holds the jersey in place. There is a reflective strip under the pocket. It's ideal for daily cyclists and outdoor sports enthusiasts. If you like loose fit, go up a size. There are more styles of cycling jerseys and clothes at the ROTTO store.

Brand: Rotto

👤The jersey has a smooth finish similar to the fabrics used by some of the premium brands. It doesn't stretch very much making the fit critical. I'm tall, 45" chest, 17.5" neck, 33.5" sleeve. The jersey fits well in the chest, neck and arms. When I'm fully extended on the bike, the sleeves are perfect. The jersey is long in the front. I have a Castelli Perfetto ROS jacket in 3XL that has a similar fit in the chest and shoulders, but the Rotto Jersey extends 2 inches past the jacket hem in front. There is a The jersey tends to ride around my waist on the bike. It's a cosmetic issue and doesn't cause any problems. I think the sleeves would be too short for a taller rider. There is a The jersey seems to hold body odor after two cycles. I hang to dry after washing with a sports-specific detergent. The cycle gear in the wash was clean. I will try hand washing, but if the smell persists, I will drop to one star.

👤This is a light to midweight jersey in size small that fit my 66 inch tall athletic body and had a good sleeve length, it is a nice attractive jersey for the price. The trunk is 3 inches longer than my other jerseys. It's not good for cycling as it bunches in front and almost saddles in the rear.

👤I was looking for a new shirt. I had previously bought from another manufacturer, but this one is still a good one. It's perfect for cycling because it's not too thick and it fits snug. I don't even feel it. It has the typical pockets in the back and is very comfortable. 100% recommend. Maybe I'll get a different color. It's a good thing.

👤I like the jersey and it looks great. It has a woman's left handed zip up that is a little flimsy. The fit is a little loose in my arms and it flaps in the wind. I am 5'7" 160# and it is M. I bought it for sun protection and I absolutely love it.

👤The product is good, it has pockets, colors and material. It's bigger than expected. I weigh 170 lbs. Normally a large. Even with a base layer underneath, I could easily wear a medium and it wouldn't be tight or short.

👤Absolutely made. It works well. There are pockets. I don't like my clothes to be tight. I needed a (US) XL to fit me up top. It's not a problem for me because it's a bit long in the back. Would buy again.

7. BERGRISAR Cycling Jerseys Sleeves Bicycle

BERGRISAR Cycling Jerseys Sleeves Bicycle

BERGRISAR all-around long sleeve bike shirt is the preferred choice for cyclists. It's made from 100% polyester to draw excess water away from the skin, achieving the purpose of absorption and perspiration, regulation of body temperature, and keeping the skin dry and comfortable. Carry what you want to the back, with 3 open pockets and an extra zip up pocket, so that you don't have to take a backpack on shorter rides. Excellent double guard. You can cool down on long hot rides with a full-length zip. The cyclist's jersey is protected against soft skin of the neck when it's being zip up. The back, front, and arms of this cycling jersey are designed to catch the light of other road users in murky conditions. As you push the pedals, the bottom will not ride up. A relaxed cut provides comfort and fits your needs. It is suitable for cycling, biking, riding, road bike, mountain bike, indoor and outdoor bicycle enthusiasts. It's ideal for summer, spring, and autumn days.

Brand: Bergrisar

👤It's pretty good in terms of look and feel. The jersey is very absorbent. Good for visibility. Sometimes, the bottom seems a little short despite being a perfect fit. The zip up is not the best, as it has come undone once while being fully zip up. I think it's easy to get used to it being on the left side. There is a A decent buy that looks great.

👤The jersey is light-weight. It's good for those days when you want something more than short sleeves but the jacket is too heavy. Maybe you would like to have more sun protection on your arms. There is a It seems like it's more American-sized than Asian-sized. I ordered a large and it was very large. It was a little long in the sleeves, I'm 5ft 6in and 160 lbs. If a snugger fit was needed, a medium would be fine. I'm not trying to shorten the ride time.

👤Well made jacket, good looking! It's a great value for under $20! It was a great fit. You will be praised. The delivery was quick. It doesn't seem to have been manufactured for cold temperatures. It leaves you enough room to double up with a t-shirt underneath. Buy it! You won't regret it.

👤It was a perfect fit and kept me warm during the morning chill. Definitely recommend.

👤I can't say how durable this jersey is. But... I usually fit into an XL and that's what I bought. 5'11'' and 188#. Since I bought it for my day rides down by the beach, I'm hoping that it has some degree of sun protection. This thing is very light. It's what I wanted. I need something to keep the sun off me while I stay cool. If it holds up, I'll be buying a couple more and giving it 5 rides and washings.

👤I bought this for my husband. The average weight of him is 6'1". The large fits snug and is perfect in arm length. He likes the elastic around his waist so it doesn't ride up while biking. The reflective stripe is nice for evening rides. It was well made and comfortable, and it was great for the price. Would definitely recommend.

👤I have bought 2 so far. Good quality and bright. I wear a medium and weigh 165 lbs. The temperature was close to the limit that this could handle while wearing a short sleeve jersey. It is as cold in Los Angeles as it gets.

8. Sponeed Cycling Bicycle Clothing White Red

Sponeed Cycling Bicycle Clothing White Red

If you want to know the US size of the bicycle jersey and pants, please refer to the size chart or the description. Please send a message to them if you need a mixed size. If you have a size issue after you get these clothing, please contact them before you submit a review, they will give you a solution. The benchmark for bike performance stretch is set by select transfer fabric. Do not wash with water or bleach. When washing in a machine, put in a wash pocket. Bike pants with gel padded are 80% poly+ 20% spandex. Four-way performance stretch 4-D gel padded with excellent wicking properties is benchmarked by Select transfer fabric. There are three rear pockets on the jersey to hold some essentials. Tour 3D chamois has padding in key areas and is male specific. It's soft to the skin when printed using Italian ink. They are a manufacturer of cycling supplies and they can provide top level quality and good design, as a brand, they believe in quality their jerseys are definitely worth the cost to the cycling clothing sets. If the size is unsuitable, please contact them, they will provide a new one very convenient.

Brand: Sponeed

👤For the second time today, I wore this. They look cool and the padding on the butt area is very comfortable. You would feel it even riding over bumps. Only thing is it? It's best to get your right size and order Medium US or large Asia. The pants are tight in the waist area. When I ordered, I wanted dere to be US large. Really like the outfit.

👤The pants are a little big, but the top is big. I washed it before trying it on. It was a long and mid section after it was put on the top. The size is way off because I ordered it by weight. I would return it for a smaller size, but I had already washed it. The company is sending a new set of the correct size. I received a new product today and it was absolutely amazing, I tried it on before removing tags. Thank you for raising the issue. I will order more from this company in the future. The company is great to work with. Thank you so much for fixing the issue. If I could, I would give them 10 stars. The product is worth the money.

👤It fits great. I'm 220 lbs. I got the us large and it fits well. It will be even better after a wash. The pockets are sewn on strongly and the jersey is made of great material. The pants have padding. The pants have a zip down by the ankle which makes it easy to get on and off.

👤This was much better than I expected. Use the chart to determine the weight rather than height. I'm 5'7 180 and bought a US Large. It fits as a pro kit should. There is a rear panel on the pants. I bought the white and red, as any pro knows, you don't wear underwear with your cycling kit when a chamois is involved. The white detail my rear end as it is somewhat transparent. It is not obvious until you put your skin on the material. It's still worth it in my opinion, you can either wear underwear or show everyone behind you a partial moon.

👤I like the outfit. It fits. I love the pants and the padding. I was able to wear a base layer under the pants. They have not been tried in temperatures below 40 degrees. The jacket would be cold without a base layer, but the pants would do fine. The jacket is dry. I would buy a new set for riding in the 60 - 40 degrees.

9. TSLA TM MCT21 NYW_X Large Triathlon Breathable Reflective

TSLA TM MCT21 NYW_X Large Triathlon Breathable Reflective

Please follow the size examples below, they are true to size. Size "Medium" is 5'9" 165 lbs. The semi locking zipper has a pull-tab flap. The TSLA front and back are reflective. It's a hybrid of elastic security and long back coverage. There are three rear pocket knives. Water bottles, snacks, and other biking essentials can be carried in on-the-go pockets.

Brand: Tsla

👤I bought this for a bike race and it was great. The material is soft on the skin. It did not ride up in the back, and the zip up worked well when needed. It kept the sun from beating down on me. It feels really cool when riding when it's wet. I thought the pockets were small. snacks and bottles together I had some logos put on the day before they were to arrive. It was too small. I have a wide back and chest. I had a race coming up and I couldn't wait for a new one. It felt great and might look tight in pictures.

👤I needed a long sleeve jersey for those mornings when the weather is cooler. The yellow is vibrant. I'm 5ft10, 190-195, 42 inch chest, 34 waist, 32 inseam. The large is form fitting but not compression tight, and I can wear a base layer underneath. The material is light enough that I could wear it on a sunny day. The torso and sleeve are long. The lower torso is elasticized and doesn't ride up, and the elastic on the 3 rear pockets keeps items in place. I would purchase again and recommend it.

👤The promptness of the support service is excellent. I ordered a short sleeve jersey and a long sleeve jersey, both in blue, but they were too large for me. I contacted the seller and they immediately gave me refunds so that I could order a smaller size. I recommend ordering the size you would get for a regular shirt. They have a lot of length in the back. I haven't gotten to road-test them yet, but they seem and feel similar to others costing twice as much. I look forward to that!

👤I like the shirt and it fits me well. If you are not careful, this material can easily be grabbed. I had to cut off 3-4 of them. Is longevity possible if these little problems continue? I like the shirt short term.

👤On a 77 degree day in southern Florida, this shirt was nice and comfortable, and I really liked it. I was going to buy another one. The shirt has 3 significant pulls that make it useless. I am 215 pounds with a broad chest and big shoulders. I like that the 3x fit me. I am going to have to return it.

👤It is an excellent sunblocking layer even when it is hot. I really like this jersey, but I wish it had a small pocket on the back.

10. Sponeed Bicycle Sleeve Bikers Jersey

Sponeed Bicycle Sleeve Bikers Jersey

The men's bike jersey size is close to the US standard. If you need a custom size, please send a message to them. They will give you a solution when the zipper is broken. The benchmark for performance stretch,breathable, quick dry,full zip, and upf 50+ sun protection is set by the select transfer polyester fabric. They ensure top level quality and good design bicycle clothing, they are a cycling supplies factory. It's worth the cost to have a biking shirt. They can make cycling club uniforms, gloves, helmet, arm sleeve, and other accessaries. Packge and washing, individual package with top quality transparent plastic bag, include cycling shirt jersey only, you can send as cycling gift to your friend or cyclists. Please cool iron, wash with room temperature water, and do not brush or bleach it. When washing in a machine, put in a wash pocket. It's soft to the skin and anatomic design for riding with a print is comfortable. Incorporating a non slip vision zip and superior silicone waist grippers, 3 elasticated rear pockets that used for mobile phone holder etc, provide the wearer with ample storage options.

Brand: Sponeed

👤It was a good fit for my frame. I like that the full zip makes it easy to get on and off, especially when it is over thermal clothing. There have been no issues with the zippers. There is an update. Reduced to 2 stars. I had a problem getting the zip to open when I wore this jersey several times. It has gotten to the point that I can only get it to zip once, and that's about 15-20 minutes. It makes it useless. The 2 short sleeve versions that I have purchased do not have that problem.

👤My replacement jersey arrived today. The 2XL was too big for me. I returned it with tags attached and ordered an extra layer, but it fit better and was a little loose, so I could have an extra layer underneath. I don't think a L is tight. There is a I received a return on the XL I received today, but it did not seem to be new. There was no tags on the jersey, it was just stuffed in a plastic bag. The zip seems to work, but the zip catches a bit when it's unzipping. People have mentioned that they don't like the left handed one. Some of the other products I have, I still give 4 stars.

👤The shirt I bought was a large, but it was baggy and long in the back, and the sleeves were almost two inches too short when I stretched out on the aero position. This is an odd combination of fit and cut problems that I don't normally see. The quality of the fabric is good, but the fit is not. A larger size would make the torso even looser. I didn't notice the fit problem for a while, as I was riding upright most of the time. It's not too late to come back. I'll keep an eye out for a short fat rider to give it to, but the torso will be too long.

👤I am a typical MED. The shoulder is 5'8” and 141 lbs. I don't understand why Chinese manufacturers don't design to American body sizes. Use a similar mannequin as a template. The jersey is ok but the sleeves are short. Why is the seller asking about the size of the zippers if they know they are problematic? Fix it! How many complaints does it take? The Jersey is worthless once it doesn't work, because it's cheap. The manufacturer will spend a quarter and charge the buyer $2.00 for a sipper. We will be happy to spend the extra.

11. ARSUXEO Zipper Cycling Jerseys Sleeves

ARSUXEO Zipper Cycling Jerseys Sleeves

The shirt is made of high quality fabric that has good function for keeping drying and cooling. You can put wallet water cellphone in one of the 4 pockets for storage. The reflective logo on the front and back hem keeps you safe. The jerseys should be tight and never move. The hem is very light and thin to reduce weight-bearing,drying fast, and UV protection.

Brand: Arsuxeo

👤This is a sub $20 jersey. It's not going to be great. It is excellent for a $20 jersey. It doesn't seem to be the best way to ride in the shoulders. I can feel the fabric stretching across my back when I hold the handlebars. I don't ride is a very aggressive position. None of my other jerseys do that. Even the tight ones. That is the worst complaint I have. I think the sleeves are a little long. The cuffs are elastic enough to keep them from falling down on my hands. Overall. An excellent $20 jersey.

👤I liked my first one, so I bought this one in red, size small. I received the red one, but I've ridden the hi-vis for several rides so I can say the material and stitching holds up. I always hang dry after machine washing. Don't use an iron. I'm in Florida. It's a perfect material for these parts. It stops the wind when it breathes. There is a I would go one size smaller. I'm a medium-sized person with a long chest and a 9 inch waist. The small fits me well. I have to go one size up because of their arms in Pearl izumi. There is a My medium one is a little loose and that's fine with me as well. I don't have a large belly. There are 3 rear pockets and a 4th in the rear. There is a rear elastic hem. The collar is very comfortable. There is a lot of reflective detailing on the front and rear. It works well with the construction of the main body. Arsuxeo bergrisar is a brand. It is recommended.

👤L was purchased. I weigh 205 pounds. The jersey's sleeves are long enough for my arms, which is hard to come by. Being tall with a 42" chest, I find it hard to see how other jerseys are too big. This is not the case here. It's just as I'd like. I was surprised to see that it doesn't have a rubber liner around the inside of the jersey, but it is cut in a way that will prevent it from moving.

👤For 5 months, I wore this shirt on a 6000 mile bike tour. Didn't expect much for the price. It held up very well and was easy to breathe in and out of. I was protected from getting sunburned. I found the shirt very comfortable. The broken tab on the zip up makes it more difficult to pull, but the zip up still works. The arms could be an inch or two longer. I bought the medium because I wanted the shirt to fit closely. The elastic on the shirt is a bit stretched but I still use it. I'm buying a second one in the same size.


What is the best product for bicycle jersey long sleeve for men?

Bicycle jersey long sleeve for men products from Bassdash. In this article about bicycle jersey long sleeve for men you can see why people choose the product. Champion and Arsuxeo are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle jersey long sleeve for men.

What are the best brands for bicycle jersey long sleeve for men?

Bassdash, Champion and Arsuxeo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle jersey long sleeve for men. Find the detail in this article. Spotti, Rotto and Bergrisar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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