Best Bicycle Jackets for Women That Are Warm

Women 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. BALEAF Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker Fluorescent

BALEAF Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker Fluorescent

Stuff its own back pocket for easy storage. The interior is waterproof and lightweight. The back has a vechicle that helps keep you cool and dry. The jacket is anti-skid. The reflective stripes and logo design keep you safe. There are 6 pockets. One back pocket, one chest pocket, two hand pockets, and two inner pockets hold your items securely. Big Hood Design. The hood keeps rain out of your eyes. It's ideal for outdoor sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I got this jacket because I wanted to protect myself from cars as I run early in the morning. I have been using this for about 20 years. The seller claims that the thing is Breathable, but it is not. I barely sweat on a light jog in this low of temperatures and the sweat literally pools into beads on the inside of the coat and when you take it off there is an entire layer of slick moisture lining the whole inside of the jacket. I really wanted to love this thing.

👤There are two types of jackets I have. I got an Under Armor as a Christmas gift several years ago, but it was an expensive brand that did the job. Even though they are thin, I layer up when it's cold outside. I have been running more recently. It's cold outside. I was looking for a jacket that I could wear again because the two I have are in the laundry. This was a good purchase. I've bought a lot of stuff from You can find good deals on shoes when they are on sale. I was looking at Brookes, Nike jackets on sale for $50 to $60, but I was going to look at Amazon. I have a shirt and shorts with BaLeaf 2. These are just as good for the price as those that have been great. It was 29 degrees outside when I ran. I wore a good layer to keep warm. It does a good job of breaking the wind. I'm sure it will do good to shed water since it's a thicker material than my jackets. This is waterproof. The material seems strong. I think this will work out and last just as long as my other two jackets because of the quality and how much I've used them. The price is the kicker. Compared to other name brands, this is worth the money. I'll try and update after a few more uses, but so far I'm very pleased with this product.

👤Love it. I put it on to ride a bike while the temperature was 46 degrees and I was warm the entire ride.

👤This seems to keep the water out. It's definitely not dry. I don't want to wear this in the weather. It becomes a sweat box. It's like wearing a balloon. It might keep the rain out but you will be sweaty. There is a The main front zip is my other issue. It likes to get caught in the jacket fabric. There is a It's a nice jacket. The hood keeps the water off. There are pockets.

2. Baleaf Windproof Thermal Softshell Cycling

Baleaf Windproof Thermal Softshell Cycling

The fabric of the Anti Splashing outer layer protects against wind and water. The soft fleece interior of the three-layer material keeps body heat. The internal draft flap with the garage seals is warm. There are two hand pockets and one back pocket that hold your mobile phone. The double layer collar has elastic cuffs to keep out the cold. The reflective elements on the front and back are great for visibility.

Brand: Baleaf

👤My wife, an avid runner, used to borrow my running tops because women's running tops tend to be too form-fitting for her, she's 5'4" and 115 lbs, and can easily fit into any women's running gear sized S or M, but she prefers I was looking for a lightweight jacket with decent thermal protection and decent aesthetic. I was looking for a jacket that was cut with enough room in the upper body to accommodate a lean forward biking position, and this one was exactly what I was looking for. This jacket has a butt flap where the back half of the jacket is cut a bit longer than the front half, which she wanted a little extra cover over. I bought a medium size that she would probably fit into a small, since it gives her the extra room she wants. The jacket has a form-friendly cut that is appropriate for a woman's body. She doesn't mind that the sleeves are long because they are made for biking. The important thing is that the sleeves aren't cut so that they are skin tight around her arms as most women's running jacket sleeves are. They fit perfectly, not baggy or tight. The jacket is made of flawless material and looks great. I was surprised that the price was so low. I am very pleased with this jacket and will look to purchase more from this brand in the future. If you're a woman of any size who'd like a jacket that's easy to get into, doesn't need to be peeled off when you're done with your activities, and still has a flattering cut, then this is the jacket for you.

👤I have used this for a month in MA and it has been cold. And it works! It keeps me warm. It is not too heavy. The wind protection is excellent. This jacket is great for running in cold and windy conditions.

👤I have come to appreciate the athletic gear. I bought this jacket to use in the cold winter months, and the BALEAF fleece thermal running shirt to wear in the warm. The jacket is made of strong fabric. Completely waterproof. I just walked for an hour in the rain and the jacket was dry. I wouldn't wear this for running in the upper 30F weather. I normally wear small-medium jackets in the winter and could wear a light sweater underneath this jacket (size small), but it has room for a thermal inner, which was noted by some people. I think it is its thick, stiff and durable fabric that makes it feel snug around the shoulder and arm, as if it were a little too small. It is made of a good waterproof material, so I wish it came with a foldable hood that goes in the back of the collar. On a rainy day, I could run in this jacket.

3. Przewalski Windproof Breathable Reflective Windbreaker

Przewalski Windproof Breathable Reflective Windbreaker

The soft fleece interior retains body heat. The collar is high cut for warmth. The internal draft flap with the garage seals is warm. The cuffs keep the chill out. Two rear pockets for your phone, keys, snacks, and other items are included in Safe Storage. The color red. The large hand pockets keep your hands warm. The pulls on the sippers make it easy to up and down. Przewalski's men's bike jacket with reflective brand logo and back stripe keeps you safe in darkness. It's perfect for outdoor activities. It is suitable for light rain, please use a raincoat. The jackets are tighter. If you're used to wearing a thick jersey inside, please order a bigger size. 100% full refund assurance within 90 days if you are not satisfied. Przewalski supported the lifetime.

Brand: Przewalski

👤This coat is great for cold weather riding. I've been out in the cold for a while and it kept me warm with a t-shirt on. It traps all of your body heat and perspiration because it doesn't breathe very well. It can get too warm for rides above 40 degrees. The fit is perfect. It is light and thin, which makes it warm. The fabric is very stretchy so it has more room if you need it. The elastic cuff on the sleeves is a nice feature. The jacket is a great one for the price.

👤This jacket is for running in cold weather. It's not ideal for me, but it's pretty good for the price. There is a The fit is good, slim and form fitting. I wore a M and it worked well for me, although I felt like the sleeves could have been longer. I felt like my shoulders were a little tight, like the jacket wanted me to hunch my shoulders forward a little bit. It's not uncomfortable. I felt it pulling at me. I'm not sure if this fit is good for cyclists. The neck is a little loose, but I didn't find it to be a problem. Function: I wore a t shirt on a 4 mile run in a high 30/low 40 temperature on a windy night to see if it worked. It did its job a little too well. Good wind protection and warmth. I was too warm by the second mile. I'm excited to use it again once the temperature drops because I think it would be better suited for lower temperatures.

👤This jacket fits perfectly in the xxl, I'm 6'5'' 230 and I'm an athletic build. I wore it with a thermal jersey on the 21mi ride in the park and it was snug as a bug. You can adjust your baselayer accordingly. The cuff extension brings the sleeve to your gloves and provides you with warmth. Blocks gels tube tool and co2 have great back pockets. You don't have to use the front pocket of your ID for extra cash. I would definitely recommend this jacket to everyone as long as you buy the correct size and I am very impressed by the quality and price of the products, I would definitely buy more from the store.

👤I weigh 180 lbs. A large is great. I ride 20-50 miles at a time. There is a I keep myself warm in the 40-50 degree weather but haven't tried sub-40 yet. Not too loose or tight. The front pocket is convenient. Fore arms get sweaty, which is annoying on long rides. The left side has a zip on it.

4. BALEAF Windbreaker Lightweight Reflective Fluorescent

BALEAF Windbreaker Lightweight Reflective Fluorescent

The baleaf cycling jackets for men have zip-off sleeves and shoulder yoke that can be used to convert the jacket into a vest. It can turn into a good warm up jacket or vest in winter days, and also perfectly used all year round. The running jacket for men is made of lightweight fabric with great wind protection. The back has a Ventilation system. The convertibele summer cycling windbreaker for men has a large back pocket and two hand pockets with zips, which can hold your mobile phone. It can be put into a back pocket for easy carry. The elements are reflective. The fluorescent color is very bright. There are reflective elements on the front and back. BALEF men's jacket is waterproof, packable, lightweight, and can be used for biking, running, hiking, golf, motorcycle riding or other outdoor sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I don't like putting personal pictures on any social network, but I felt the need to do it this time. Trying to figure out if a clothing article will fit is a very frustrating task. It can be difficult to figure out what size to order, but I usually have good luck figuring it out by reading reviews. I needed to get this jacket in time for the trip. I was not comfortable with the large recommended by the manufacturers for my body dimensions. My waist is 32 inches and my chest is 42 inches. For a Large size, the waist measurement is 34 1/2 to 36 1/2 and the chest measurement is 40 1/2 to 42 1'2. My waist is at 32 inches so I ordered a medium. I would have been put into a Windsail if there was more material. There is a I wore my Baleaf cycling jacket for a 100 mile road cycling trip the next day after receiving it in the mail. It fit me perfectly. I was very pleased with my jacket. I did not feel any wind in this jacket and the winds were strong. When I first started, the temperature was 48 degrees, but by the afternoon it was 50 degrees. There is a The jacket has nice pockets on both sides. I had my license and debt cards. There is a If you're looking for a very functional, comfortable jacket, I'll buy this Baleaf jacket for you. You will be very pleased and amazed.

👤It is long in the sleeves and back where it should be for cycling. It is very comfortable and functional. The vest mode was never tried. What's not to like? The zip! It's as cheap as they come. On the second use, broke off. The windbreaker became a cape. Pass on this one until they upgrade it. Unless you want to ride with a cape.

👤The jacket is not water resistant. I bought this jacket because there is a chance of rain on the day of the marathon. I splashed water on the back of the jacket when it arrived. The jacket was soaked by the water. I am very upset. I will return it soon.

👤I wanted a bright jacket to help drivers use cell phones while driving to see me, and also to help fight the chill until I warm up. I bought this item in a men's size because I couldn't find what I wanted in a women's size. I ordered the wrong size because it was too tight at the hips, and I borrowed clothes from my husband. I had my husband try on a jacket that was a little tighter than he wanted. I think this jacket is for cyclists who look good in spandex, so anyone who is different should think about how to fit in. I returned it and it fit right. There is a The jacket is light and bright and has a lot of pockets. If you like that kind of thing, the sleeves will come off. There is a The construction is what you would expect of a product of this material and at this price point, with cheapish zippers and iffy seam construction, it's not bad for not stellar. This is perfect for what I need and how much I want to spend. I have worn this many times and I am very happy with the purchase.

5. Little Donkey Andy Convertible Windbreaker

Little Donkey Andy Convertible Windbreaker

A mesh panel at the upper back helps keep you cool and dry. The stretch is a four-way. The stretchy material provides better mobility. When you feel too warm in the summer, use zip-off sleeves to convert the jacket into a vest in no time. There are two side pockets and one large back pocket that can hold your valuable. High visibility and sun protection are achieved through reflective straps and printing in the front and back. Excellent protection against harmful sun rays is provided by the UPF 50+. A full zip front closure with chin guard and internal storm flap seals out the elements. A packable jacket can be tucked into its back pocket and converted to a small bag for convenience.

Brand: Little Donkey Andy

👤I love it! A great jacket with just tench of spandex. Water repels and wind repels. As the temperature drops here in NY, I am excited to wear a full sleeved jacket and vest. It is true to size.

👤I ordered a large and it should fit. It was too snug to wear a shirt underneath, but it fit. I exchanged for an XL and it was perfect. My measurements are 5 feet tall, 140 lbs, waist is 30 and bust is 38.

👤I can attest to the quality of this jacket, even though I haven't used it on a ride yet. I am very happy with this jacket. I didn't know what to expect when I heard of this brand. The jacket is very well made and I like it. It has all of the features I wanted in my last jacket, which was a Pearl Izumi. This jacket is just as good as the one at half the price. I ordered a second one for when this one fades out or wears out because I like it so much. I needed a new jacket because the previous one gave out. The jacket has a well-made zip. I like the zip off sleeves. I bought this jacket for the zip off sleeves and the ability to break the wind.

👤Very stylish. The bone color is not white. My fellow cyclists gave me a compliment. It was well made. Good pockets. They work well. Good air flow. It's easy to take off the sleeves, but when I wore only the sleeves, the back ballooned behind me and there was no way to keep the sleeves buttoned in front. I had shed one of my inner layers as the wind cut through the jacket, but it was cooling off quickly. I like it. I ordered medium for my frame. This is a good size for me. If we ever get to go again, I will take it on trips.

👤The jacket is perfect for bike riding. The color is bright and can be seen far away. The fabric doesn't feel heavy. If I get too warm, I open the door.

👤It is nice for cool weather, but a heavy winter jacket is needed. It has nice deep pockets and fits well. I am 5'0, 100 lbs. and ordered a small. It was a perfect fit. I walk a black greyhound and feel that I am visible at dusk or on overcast days if I wear a reflective color. Can also be used for jogging. Would definitely recommend.

6. BALEAF Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker Fluorescent

BALEAF Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker Fluorescent

It is friendly reminder. Please choose a bigger size for ladies with a large chest. The waterproof fully seam sealed rain cycling jackets can work under 5000mm of pressure. The running jackets for women are lightweight and can be packed into a small bundle in the back pocket. The women's windbreakers have a system in the back that helps keep you cool and dry. The hiking jackets for women have five utility pockets, two of which hold your mobile phone. TheElastic Rope Hood The waterproof running jacket has a hood that protects your face from rain and wind, it is suitable for cycling, running, hiking, golf, walking, motorcycle riding or other outdoor sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I found the perfect jacket for my fat tire ebike rides. The jacket is in line with the size ordering chart. The neon color is the first thing that makes riding on roads or trails safe. The jacket is a light weight and can keep a chill off. There are multiple pockets inside and out. It has a hood in the collar. It can be put in a basket or a back pack. My husband ordered one as well.

👤The jacket does not breath. It is made of heavy-duty plastic. I don't recommend for athletes to wear a jacket.

👤I would have liked to wear this jacket. I live in a warm climate and it's very lightweight, so I want to avoid being hit by a car. Although I wear this size in all other garments, this particular jacket is too small for me. I couldn't even close it. I ordered a jacket from Baleaf that was too small, but I could zip it up. They assume that only skinny women ride bikes and that cyclists want their clothes to be tight. It's a shame that someone like me can't get a larger size because they don't carry an accurate size chart. I will return it.

👤On a recent bicycle ride, worked well. There is a rubber band around the bottom. Someone with long hair will like the collar on the hood. It is rainproof.

👤I searched for a waterproof jacket for running and walking in the Pacific Northwest and found one. I love the features of this jacket, such as the visor hood, reflective details, and length. I weigh 129 lbs. I ordered a medium. I wanted to be able to layer and have plenty of room to do so when it is cold and rainy. I love it because it keeps me dry.

👤I wore this jacket last week. I rode to work in the sunshine, but the ride home was very wet. This jacket kept me dry. There is only one thing missing. It would be great with the vent under the arms. It's a great jacket if there's a problem.

👤The value is great. It's been a key piece of clothing since I bought it to extend the bike commute season. It's not really stylish because it was big to accommodate layers underneath. It blocks the wind and rain and is well made. I can say that this material is better than flimsy pieces I have spent more on. There is a The side pockets and back pouch make this a credible piece of clothing for both short city hops and long treks. -- The zippers work well. -- There is a zip at the next to block the cold air from entering your chin.

7. Columbia Switchback Adjustable Waterproof X Large

Columbia Switchback Adjustable Waterproof X Large

The shell is 100% nylon and the lining is 100% Polyester. The Columbia Women's Switchback III waterproof rain jacket is a lightweight waterproof rain coat. The technology is advanced. The rain jacket has a waterproof nylon shell that will keep you dry and protected in the rain. This is a universal rain jacket that is great for everyday use, with a clean feminine cut and a comfortable range of motion. A sewing kit has a soft, flexible tape measure. A yard stick or metal tape measure can give you inaccurate readings.

Brand: Columbia

👤It has been raining for days so I have been working out at the gym. The day I got this, it stopped raining. I put it on. It's right on my hips. I don't mind my legs getting wet. The pockets are mesh. The hood folds out of the collar. I am loving my jacket. The rain will come back.

👤Disappointed with the purchase. The jacket was advertised as waterproof. I took my dog for a walk on a rainy day. I didn't notice that my hoodie was wet when I got home because I was wearing a hoodie underneath the jacket, but when I took the jacket off, it was wet as well. The inside of it was still damp so I couldn't wear it to work that morning. It's a nice jacket for a dry fall day, but not a good one to wear in the rain. I was expecting more from the brand.

👤I don't usually write reviews. I felt I had to because I was so disappointed in this product. I bought this jacket because of the reviews. I wore what I thought would keep me dry when it rained the entire first day. Within an hour, I was soaked. The rain was not heavy but steady. I would never buy again.

👤I'm 5'7" 38DDD wears a 14/16 or 0x/1x. I bought this jacket in a 3x because I wanted it to be longer and I wanted to wear it with sweaters. It is large. I will wear it and enjoy it. I think I could have done 1 or 2x. I have included some pictures to help. I chose the color black. It is very light. The pockets are side slash, with a mesh lining. The hood has elastic pull cords and is hidden in a collar flap. There is a logo on the chest. The sleeves are long and have strips to fit around your wrist. The jacket is below my back end because I bought a huge one. All of that is fine with me. Do not bleach the washing instructions. Dry on low. Do not dry clean and do not use fabric softener. 100% nylon... I haven't worn it in a rain storm yet, but it looks like it will work well in Oregon. I always update my reviews if new information seems useful and I hope this review was helpful to you.

8. BERGRISAR Softshell Windbreaker Resistant Outerwear

BERGRISAR Softshell Windbreaker Resistant Outerwear

Keep warm. Bergrisar cycling jacket is made of three-layer softshell fabric. You can stay warm and dry, and focus on ride, because the outer windreaker surfaced that prevents the material from absorbing water, middle waterproof breathable film with a soft fuzzy brushed interior, and a soft fuzzy brushed exterior. It's dry and keep dry. The lower back and underarms are made of 4 -way stretch fabrics that provide layers and plenty of room for movement. Help the body exhaust accumulated heat while also absorbing water and regulate body temperature when cycling in cold conditions. The extended hem in the cuffs is designed to prevent interference from frozen air, which adds to the comfort and warmth. Storage space for ride essentials can be found in the utility pockets and sturdy zipper. When the snow stops and the sun comes back out, a full length zip is a good option. Zip garage will keep the zip from getting to your neck. The reflective elements on the chest,back pockets and hem of the bike jacket give a low light visibility. A large range of body sizes and riding preferences can be found in the minimalist designed,loose fit. In cold weather, such as cycling, running, commute, climbing, biking, mountain bike, etc. can be done.

Brand: Bergrisar

👤I'm 6'2" with a 35" waist and a bit of a belly. This was small. I had a friend who is similar to me who was willing to try it on. The fit is perfect. We could swap the large he ordered. I recommend buying the size you normally wear, because I usually order large shirts. Both of us are happy. It keeps us very warm in the cold weather. I sweat while I wear it. Very effective. I love it! I'm wearing a large dress. The guy in the jersey is the one I traded with.

👤When I purchased this jacket, there were no other reviews, but I'm pleased with it. It does a good job as a wind breaker. I like the stretchy material in the back. This will allow the jacket to stretch when you lean over the handlebars of the bike without feeling any pull in the jacket like I've felt with others. The front and back pockets have pockets. I don't sweat a lot when exercising on hills or power stretches, but I do feel a bit damp and wet. It keeps me warm between 30 and 50 degrees.

👤My expensive rain cycling jacket does not breath, making it suffocating in the rain. There is a There is a small strip on the back of this very reasonably priced cycling jacket. The part is yellow. The back and back of the sleeves are not waterproof. I have worn this jack many times while cycling. There is one ride in the rain. It keeps me warm. The back sides of the jacket are not affected by the water, but the rear facing surfaces make it much less oppressive. I bought a bigger size than the table recommended to accommodate extra layers because I am 6'1", 165#. I don't like a tight fit. The size would have worked.

👤It will be tried in the next couple of days. The tail end of the jacket is the same length as the front. I don't think anyone has ever designed a jacket like this for a bike, because as soon as you learn to ride a bike, your ass is exposed to the elements, unlike my old pearl izumi jacket that I tried to replace with this one. The jacket has to be at least 3 or 4 inches longer from the rear. As close to fit as possible. I'm over 200 lbs. I would say 80% in shape, except for the stomach. I got the same size as the one I got, but it doesn't fit tight or loose. I can only wear a thermal shirt under it since the arms are tight. The fore arms. The fore arms are not good for a sweater. I'll review it again once I use it. . Feb20. 2020 I used it in the 28 degree weather with a thin shirt and a thin sweater. It keeps me nice and warm. I think it's worth it. I didn't feel the jacket ride up as much in the rear as I 888-276-5932s suggest, but still a couple of inches longer in the rear would make this jacket excellent.

9. Wolfbike Cycling Jacket Jersey Sleeve

Wolfbike Cycling Jacket Jersey Sleeve

It's 1 or 2 size larger than you. It's not unusual for people to wear uninspired wear. If you have a large stomach or chest, please go two sizes up. The light and water resistance make cycling in the rainny day enjoyable. When running in the dark, a reflective line on the shoulder and back is not necessary. The mesh on the back keeps you cool. Back window. There are two pockets on the side with a zip. The elastic band on the cuff keeps the wind out.

Brand: Wolfbike

👤I saw this and thought it was time to get something more visible, but I was confused on the size, some said it was up 2 sizes and some said it was spot on. I weigh 175 lbs. I think the fit of the large is a little short in the sleeves, but I like the fit of the large, it is a little on the roomy side, but not much. The quality, the stitching, and the construction all look great, and for the price, it seems like a good deal.

👤The jacket is light weight. I haven't tested in rain. I'm 5'11" 175 and the Large fits perfectly. I was confused. Hope this helps... concerned about the size info in the reviews. It is very light, which is what I wanted. The elastic is made of black material. The sleeves are 7 to 7. There's a mesh vent along the top back and hand pockets. Nowhere else is that the case. The rear hidden cycling pocket is trimmed in a reflective band. There is reflective piping on the front and back of the vent flap. The neck is lined with black fabric. The hand pockets are closed. It's great for fashion, but hard tip open on the go. The rear pocket had a larger zip, but could use a larger pull or fabric tie. The color online is more accurate than the photos I included. Dark creamsicle is not safety orange. If it isn't water resistant, a quick spray of tent sealer will work.

👤The selling price of 17USD is five stars, including prompt shipping from China by Bill&Candy. The fit is not a full size smaller than an XL. If you're on the verge of two sizes, I would suggest ordering up a size. Your mileage may be different. There is a I have seen a jacket by Bontrager for 125USD and it's not the same as this one. The logo on the left breast has been messed with. It is wrapped in a seam. The jacket is enough for me. The green color is very visible. There is a The bag was large and had a zip lock on it. It will live in a pannier. I agree with other reviewers that it is not suitable for daily wear or hard core bicycle tourism. I don't plan on using the two front side pockets because the zippers on these pockets seem to be prone to failure. The Wolfbike jacket is not fully waterproof, but it is a good thing. You can exhale through the fabric. It should be useful in the sixties and fifties when worn over a short sleeved jersey. A fleece jacket will take it's coldness away if you layer it over a fleece vest. I have a waterproof and windproof bomber jacket.

10. Frogg Toggs Waterproof X Large XX Large

Frogg Toggs Waterproof X Large XX Large

The waterproof and impermeable material is made from frogg toggs L83 bi-laminate materials. It is lightweight and packable, so don't get caught without it. The Pro lite Rainsuit is perfect for on the boat, in the backpack, car trunk or wherever rain protection might be needed. It is designed to fit over clothing for quick weather protection. The hood has E-Z push cord locks and is designed to keep you dry. This rain suit is going to take you places. Hunting, music festivals, fishing, soccer games, football games, changing a flat, dog walks, camping, and more are some of the things that occur. It is the perfect lightweight, waterproof rain suit.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I'm not happy with this rainsuit. I ride my bicycle to college every day and wear a 30$ rainsuit that has a hole in the back of the pants and my ass gets worse whenever I wear it. I don't recommend this product to anyone as it is very fragile and wears out very fast. The third time I've worn this rainsuit the pictures were taken today. I folded it up into a bag and dried it off, but it still gets soaked through the hole.

👤I bought these a couple months ago because we would have a lot of outdoor drills. I didn't need to get them out of the academy. I wore these for the first time today and the crotch seam ripped out with a rip of about 8 or 9 inches. They performed well in the rain, but I'm not happy with the quality of the material. If anything were too baggy on me at 5'10 and 155 lbs., these weren't put under any undue stress.

👤Garbage bags made of tougher stuff are ripped before being worn 3 times. You get what you pay for, except for the fact that 20 bucks buys a lot more garbage bags.

👤This is what happened when I used this item: 1. The crouch 2 was split by me. 3 was undone by the zipper. The backing began to separate from the plastic material. The stitching on the material fabric is terrible. The price and the idea are both good, but the quality is poor. Even though it is very roomy, it still ripped even though I gently used it around my yard. I don't think anyone would use this outfit for riding a bike. I have to throw it away. I don't think it will happen since I used it. Spending a little more and getting a better quality item is what I would advise you to do.

👤I bought this suit just in case it rains and I don't have to wear it very often. The material is very flimsy, and it doesn't seem like it will hold up. I haven't tested it. If you plan to use them for hiking or floating, do not purchase. I would not expect tears with any activity. If your body size is tall and thin, you will not be able to get a good fit. The jacket was roomy but the pants were not. The carry bag is small and I was not able to get the garments folded and back into the bag.

11. Qualidyne Windbreaker Removable Lightweight Reflective

Qualidyne Windbreaker Removable Lightweight Reflective

The shoulder of the men's cycling jacket is designed with a convenient zip, which can quickly detach the sleeves and convert the jacket into a vest for extra exhaust. It can be used as a running sports vest all year long. This is a lightweight and windproof fabric. The jacket for cycling and running is made of light fabric. The back has a Ventilation system. The jacket has an anti-skid prevent. The men's jacket has a hood that prevents rain from coming into your eyes. The fabric is treated with water repellence. When exercising in light rain, the rain won't get into the fabric of the windbreaker, which protects the internal clothes from being wet. The bike windbreaker for men has a large back pocket and two hand pockets with zips, which can be used to store items like phone, keys, card, etc. It can be put into a back pocket for easy carry. Qualidyne mens sports jacket has front and back reflective stripes to keep you safe in darkness. The vent at the top of the partially mesh lined back improves the air quality in your clothing. It's perfect for outdoor activities.

Brand: Qualidyne

👤Excellent quality for the price. I got this to commute in snow and rain, and it is perfect. It's thin and not warm, so it's good for rain in warm weather. It doesn't feel like wearing a plastic bag, it breathes well, and lets out sweat without letting water in. The sleeves zip on and off, and the zip is covered to keep water out. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤Both me and a friend had similar experiences with these. I'm 160 lbs and have a 40" chest. My friend is about 180 lbs. This jacket is used for road cycling by both of us. I started with M and he started on XL. I'm usually borderline M-L in most clothing. I ordered medium based on comments. It was too big. The cuffs on the wrist were too tight. It would have been a good overlayer for a heavier jacket, but I only wear two form-fitting layers underneath for cycling in 40F weather. I'm not riding if it's cold. How many returns do they get on this product? It seems that the size is too large for casual use, and two sizes too big if you're looking for a jacket that's not flapping in the wind. I'm very satisfied with the product, although I haven't had the chance to test it in a variety of conditions.

👤The jacket arrived very quickly. The color with the black accents, reflective material, deep pockets, and the vent on the back are nice. The jacket is not suitable for cycling. I ordered a medium like all of my other clothing but it's too large in the sleeves. The jacket says "US:" M EU: L JP:XL. The L or XL is the correct size for US cyclists.

👤The jacket has been great. I've been using it for two weeks. I ordered a large, which is a little baggy on me, so that I could ride my bike with a coat underneath when it gets cold. It's bright, and I like the sleeves that are removed. I don't mind the baggy sleeves. I haven't had a chance to ride in any rain yet. The only downside may be the zippers. They seem flimsy, but are still working well two weeks later. There is a I really like this jacket, and would recommend it to others.

👤I ordered a jacket that had no black panels, but it was more orange/salmon than corerect safety orange, and the sleeve cuff elastic was stretched out. I've bought a green jacket before. It was a great fit, but not this time, I was sent a completely different item than what was pictured. I am returning the item because the previous jacket was great, but I still ride with it. If they are sending a cheaper product, I will order this jacket.


What is the best product for bicycle jackets for women that are warm?

Bicycle jackets for women that are warm products from Baleaf. In this article about bicycle jackets for women that are warm you can see why people choose the product. Baleaf and Przewalski are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle jackets for women that are warm.

What are the best brands for bicycle jackets for women that are warm?

Baleaf, Baleaf and Przewalski are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle jackets for women that are warm. Find the detail in this article. Baleaf, Little Donkey Andy and Baleaf are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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