Best Bicycle Jackets for Women Set

Women 14 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. ZEROBIKE Cycling Breathable Mountain Clothing

ZEROBIKE Cycling Breathable Mountain Clothing

Breathable, high quality fabric for all levels of cyclists, from beginners to advanced cyclists. Breathable mesh fabric design under the armpit keeps drying and cooling. Convenient for storing your personal stuff when cycling is the 3 Pockets on the Back of Jersey. It will not affect the beauty of the pattern because of the full invisiible ZIPPER. It's easy to maintain, you can wash with room temperature water, hand wash or machine. Please cool iron, brush or bleach.

Brand: Zerobike

👤If you don't mind, it's ok. Many chinese jerseys do this.

👤Cute, comfortable, 3 pockets. It feels good. Definitely a winner! I am usually a medium, but I ordered a large. It is not baggy like some larges.

👤Love the color. A great print. Fit is good. I'm 118 lbs and bought small. The price is decent. The pockets on the back aren't deep enough to hold my cell phone, and I fear it will pop out as I ride over bumpy roads.

👤I usually wear a small. I didn't find that it ran small and had a little wiggle room on my item. If it were a little tighter, I wouldn't mind. It is a great price. I will be trying it out in a few days.

👤I am a curvey person who prefers a large size in every day clothes, so I bought a large size cycle jersey from this brand. It is very snug. Since I have not worn it out, I can't comment on the product's function. I can tell you that it has a brilliant color. I don't know if I should keep it or return it.

👤Breathable fabric. The shirt is long and stays in place while riding. One size is too small. I am a true size Small in tops, sometimes an X- Small if I wish for a tighter fit, and this shirt definitely fits as an XS would. There is a The shirt gets 5 stars because it has no structure and a wide collar.

👤The compra was excelente. The medida coincidei con la tabla presentada. The Small, siguiendo la medida de otro su├ęter, me quiere. La talla is similar to the Small de USA. Se ajusta. Amigos relacin calidad-precio.

👤The shirt is made from high quality material. I use the back pockets to hold my phone. They could hold things like keys and water. They use a quality quality easy to use. The shirt stays put, no sliding up, and it hides my love handles.

👤I bought a large cycle shirt after reading the reviews and am normally a British/Australian 10 in tops. The shirt is tight around the hips, but it fits well. A bigger size would have been too big for the person. The material is light and the arms and neck are good. The finish looks good. There is a If you are a pear shape, you may want to look at a different brand. This is a great purchase if you don't mind.

2. Reflective Reflector Adjustable Visibility Ultralight

Reflective Reflector Adjustable Visibility Ultralight

Only reflective in the light irradiation! Couldn't light itself! Absorbent and Adaptable - Reflective safety vest shoulder to waist expands from 13 to 21", waist circumference expands from 27 to 40, and reflective belt waist circumference expands from 27 to 47" Excellent reflective bands keep you safe in all weather conditions. Runners can see reflective gear from 800 feet. The reflective bands are made of a top quality nylon fabric and super-bright reflective silver stripes with a belt buckle and strap adjusters made of strong plastic which will last a lifetime. These straps are more comfortable than vests. It is easy to carry. You can adjust the straps to your liking. You don't need to worry about sweaty vests. The perfrett fit for man, woman and kids. Their reflective bands are great for all ages and genders. They can be used while out walking, jogging, running, dog walking, cycling or even motorbiking. Use a band around your dog's neck as a high visibility collar for additional safety.

Brand: Ilncluy

👤These are needed for my job. It's good for my job that they are very stretchy. I don't like the fact that the shoulder straps sometimes slip off my shoulder, and that the waist band doesn't reach the waist. It feels like my clothes are bunched up, as it creates a somewhat annoying feeling around my gut. I would like to connect it to my pants. It would probably fall off the shoulder too. The design of the clip prevents it from fitting through belt loops. It works well for being visible at night.

👤I use this when I walk on the country roads. In the country, there are no street lights, just lights from cars, so I walk with my dog early in the morning. I thought it would be helpful to be reflective when cars come up on us from behind. I got a human version of the reflective harness that I bought for my dog. I only use the "vest" part which fits over whatever layers I've got as it will stretch, and when the kids walk with me they will wear the other pieces so they can also be reflective when we walk together. The extra pieces would be great for joggers or cyclists who want to make their bodies more reflective.

👤My husband just started a new job, so he needed a reflective vest since I will be working on the highway! There is a The product is easy to put on and take off which is important for him. There is a It is reflective which life-saving! It is very high-quality and worth every penny.

👤I ordered it because I wanted the elastic. It was hard to tell what I would get from the description. I wanted it to replace the elastic band on the visor, and the wrist bands are the perfect size after removing the Velcro. It is a thin light weight elastic. I believe it is knit type elastic. If you are buying for something, it is. You might forget you are wearing it. The clips are not very heavy. If you were looking for just the elastic like me, you end up with a total of about 15ft of elastic in 6 separate pieces. This is not the cheapest way to get elastic but it is a good deal.

👤This vest is very strong and can't be missed. Will be adjusted to be worn over a shirt or over a heavy coat. The quality is exceptional and the extra belt and leg bands make sure that you are seen by anyone. Thanks for making a high quality product.

👤The combo is perfect. I use the small straps to go around my small chihuahua. These are great for walking at night in a dark neighborhood. The cars are able to see me when light hits the straps. I feel safer crossing dark streets. I haven't had a close call with a car since I started wearing these.

👤It glowed really well. I took pictures in the dark. I can give this pack to family members. We can wear this for walking the dog in the dark.

3. Cycling Jersey Sleeve Clothing Bicycle

Cycling Jersey Sleeve Clothing Bicycle

The Jersey is made of 100% polyester fabric. The print is high quality. Bright colors do not fade from imported ink digital printing. Independent back pocket can hold keys, wallet and other items. The reflective warning strips improve night riding safety. stainless steel zippers, professional sports, good positioning performance, riding without falling When riding a stoop, use the slip hem band to prevent back up the exposed buttocks.

Brand: Jpojpo

👤I love the design of this jersey. Great value! I chose my size based on the chart and knew that products from China were small compared to the US. It was too big. I bought a different print jersey from this vendor and it fit perfectly. I'll give this one to a friend and buy a size down. The jersey was washed well. I wore a base layer long sleeve jersey and it was very comfortable.

👤The shirt fits as expected. I like my biking shirts a little less snug than most bikers. I am a size 12 and the XL is a perfect fit. The pattern makes me visible to passing cars since I live in a congested area. The shirt's fabrics are light and protective and I always bike in long sleeved shirts because of the hot sun in Florida.

👤I'm glad I got these shirts. They are clean. I wore long sleeves to protect myself from the sun. They have the classic back pockets and are mesh like fabric. These cycling jerseys are so special because of their artwork and colors. I ordered in the store. They fit as expected. The Rosie one is a tad tighter in cut.

👤I bought a size L because I read the previous reviews and it was the correct choice. I'm a little loose but I'm sure an M wouldn't fit. There is a The design is very similar to the picture and the color is perfect in the washer. As long as you don't plan on using it in the middle of summer, you should be fine.

👤I really liked the shirt but the sleeves were too long. I had ordered a different brand and it fit perfectly. I ordered a small and it was great, but the sleeves were a problem. The sleeves were long. That is over 2 feet and not sure how many people have arms that long. I don't. The difference in sleeve length is shown in the picture. I had to return it.

👤The graphics are clean and crisp. The drape of the fabric is nice. I like this jacket, but I think they run smaller than US sizes. I ordered a bigger size and can wear it. It is tight.

👤These jerseys are what I was looking for as I am just getting into cycling and I didn't want to spend a lot on gear. The back pockets are large and convenient. The fabric is light. They seem to run a little small. I ordered up M instead of S. It fit well. The seller was so helpful in sending me a different design, even though I didn't like the one I initially chose. Customer service and jersey were great.

4. Frogg Toggs Waterproof X Large XX Large

Frogg Toggs Waterproof X Large XX Large

The waterproof and impermeable material is made from frogg toggs L83 bi-laminate materials. It is lightweight and packable, so don't get caught without it. The Pro lite Rainsuit is perfect for on the boat, in the backpack, car trunk or wherever rain protection might be needed. It is designed to fit over clothing for quick weather protection. The hood has E-Z push cord locks and is designed to keep you dry. This rain suit is going to take you places. Hunting, music festivals, fishing, soccer games, football games, changing a flat, dog walks, camping, and more are some of the things that occur. It is the perfect lightweight, waterproof rain suit.

Brand: Frogg Toggs

👤I'm not happy with this rainsuit. I ride my bicycle to college every day and wear a 30$ rainsuit that has a hole in the back of the pants and my ass gets worse whenever I wear it. I don't recommend this product to anyone as it is very fragile and wears out very fast. The third time I've worn this rainsuit the pictures were taken today. I folded it up into a bag and dried it off, but it still gets soaked through the hole.

👤I bought these a couple months ago because we would have a lot of outdoor drills. I didn't need to get them out of the academy. I wore these for the first time today and the crotch seam ripped out with a rip of about 8 or 9 inches. They performed well in the rain, but I'm not happy with the quality of the material. If anything were too baggy on me at 5'10 and 155 lbs., these weren't put under any undue stress.

👤Garbage bags made of tougher stuff are ripped before being worn 3 times. You get what you pay for, except for the fact that 20 bucks buys a lot more garbage bags.

👤This is what happened when I used this item: 1. The crouch 2 was split by me. 3 was undone by the zipper. The backing began to separate from the plastic material. The stitching on the material fabric is terrible. The price and the idea are both good, but the quality is poor. Even though it is very roomy, it still ripped even though I gently used it around my yard. I don't think anyone would use this outfit for riding a bike. I have to throw it away. I don't think it will happen since I used it. Spending a little more and getting a better quality item is what I would advise you to do.

👤I bought this suit just in case it rains and I don't have to wear it very often. The material is very flimsy, and it doesn't seem like it will hold up. I haven't tested it. If you plan to use them for hiking or floating, do not purchase. I would not expect tears with any activity. If your body size is tall and thin, you will not be able to get a good fit. The jacket was roomy but the pants were not. The carry bag is small and I was not able to get the garments folded and back into the bag.

5. Mysenlan Cycling Breathable Bicycle Clothing

Mysenlan Cycling Breathable Bicycle Clothing

ThePolyester fabric is soft to the touch and wicks sweat away from the skin. Excellent air quality. A top quality zip up. It is lightweight, soft and comfortable without sacrificing mobility. You get the most comfort during exercise with the tagless neckline. Three rear pockets to carry some essentials. At night, reflective strips make you safe. The athletic shirts are great for all sports, training, gym exercises, running, football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, cycling, fishing or outdoor activities and as your casual wear. If you have doubts about the size, please send a message to them.

Brand: M Mysenlan

👤I bought it for a mountain biking trip. It fits like a picture. I don't like the feeling when I wear it. Not comfortable for me. The pad didn't help in mountain trial. I was bruised between my legs. It's pretty durable. I fell from my bike a few times. I could not see a hole or tear.

👤I got this one for long sleeves because I was happy with the other Mysenlan jersey. The size of the jersey is larger than the other one. The shoulders were a better fit than the waist, so I had to downsize. Pearl Izumi's basic Select line of jerseys look quite good in person. I wish there was a little more shoulder room.

👤I'm 5 ft tall and weigh 148 lbs. The pants fit well and the top is very comfortable. The material is nice.

👤The set was bought for a trip to Vermont. The job was well done in cold and cool conditions. Don't expect high quality because that's not what you're paying for. The size I ordered fit perfectly. The Asian sizes on the label need to be ignored.

👤I gave my sister a medium when it arrived, which was more like a large, because she loves it, and I bought a small, which was more like an X when it arrived. The package showed that it was an Asian XL with an M sticker on top. I will keep and wear it, but it is not ideal for a cycling jersey. The fabric is nice and I like the design. Fast delivery is what the full length zip is for.

👤I love the design and the color, I have washed it many times and it remains the same color and resistant, the size is perfect, I measure 5.3 and weigh 133.

👤This is my first purchase after I got into cycling. I like the fit. I am 5'7" and went with the large. The large is marked as Asian XXL, which is a huge confidence boost. I would buy it again.

👤I received them. I haven't had an opportunity to use them yet. The fabric is thin and may not stand up to repeated use. I went for price and the adage is "you get what you paid for." I ordered the L size and the size on the items that were said to be XXL but fit like L.

👤The fabric is ok but the pants are too large and long. The product was good for the price and I was happy with the order.

6. Cycling Jersey Bicycle Breathable Reflective

Cycling Jersey Bicycle Breathable Reflective

Breathable and quick dry. The jersey won't stick in the body even when soaked. You can put key, wallet, or other items in the back pocket. Night riding safety is ensured by a reflective strip at the back. The Silicone Band can prove to be skin allergy during riding. The use of a full length invisible zip up, is clean and beautiful.

Brand: Weimostar

👤I love this bike jersey. The bike jersey I wore in the triathlon was comfortable for the entire bike and run segments. It is also a beautiful jersey. I was the only one wearing it, and I got a lot of praise for it. There is a The jersey is a must buy. It is long enough to cover your back, the pockets are deep, and the price is right. I highly recommend. There is a The customer service of this company is amazing. I ordered too many sizes for myself. The company told me to keep the large jersey and that they would send me a smaller jersey. There is a I have an athletic build with a 150 race weight. The medium is perfect for racing. If I wanted a looser fit, a large would work for me.

👤I ride a mountain biker. I wear a large women's jersey. I am a size 12 and weigh 155 pounds. I decided to get the large size after reading lots of reviews. It doesn't look good. I will wear it. The cheap jersey has a terrible fit and is part of the problem. The material feels cheap and the neckline is baggy. I don't think this is a good idea. You get what you pay for. I expect to pay more for the high quality brands that I am used to. This fits like a loose club fit style, rather than a tighter fit. In case that helps someone pick a better size.

👤The first time I washed this, it was cold and I didn't have any instructions for how to wash it. There was a large pale pink area around the image. I think it's because of the area I sweated into when biking. I was not able to return as the window had closed. I will still wear it, as I can forget about that issue when I can see it in the mirror. Terry's is a brand I have never had an issue with, so I will stick with it.

👤I haven't used this jersey for riding yet, so I gave it a 4 star rating. I wanted this written for the size. After reading all the reviews, I ordered a medium and tried to sort it out. The fit is loose, you just don't fit. I think the small would have done well and given me a more fitted feeling. The neck line seems a bit big if you are bigger up top medium, which may be due to the fact that there is more room in the chest area. It just depends on whether you prefer a more fitted jersey or not. Either way, I could do that. Happy riding and good luck!

7. Visibility Reflective Reflector Running Cycling

Visibility Reflective Reflector Running Cycling

The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about. It's safe and visible. Running gear. Running gear from 800 feet in the dark, early morning and evening is very high visibility. Cars can see you, so you can wear a bike vest, bike safety vest, motorcycle safety vest. Running reflective gear with reflective bands can be used as a running safety vest. There are 4 reflective bands that can be used as reflective arm bands, reflective wrist bands, reflective ankle straps, reflective belt, reflective ankle bands, reflective bike leg band, bicycle pants clips, straps, cuffs or holders. The perfect fit corset is for men and women. The reflective vest is easy to wear. It works over any shirt, top, jersey, hoodie or jacket. It is easy to adjust and to get on and off.

Brand: Hivisible

👤It's more of a belt. I expected it to be thicker. I like that it is a elastic band with a reflective strip which is lighter and more comfortable. It's great for bike riding and running because it's light weight and doesn't heat you up. It's large. I put it over my backpack to make it fit. You don't notice it's on. It was easier to step into it than it was to connect the buckle. Highly recommended. The Starrey Flexible Reflective tape is on the bike frame.

👤One of the types of vest they gave me was the same style as the one my job required me to wear. The problem is that the ones they gave us won't fit a person with a waist line over 38" with out hugging some very uncomfy parts that I'd rather not show off. I can easily adjust to fit this product. I can make the straps fit snug or loose, I'm a 42" waist. It's nice that I can find my own level of comfort while staying in the required guide lines of my job and not have straps on my beer inflated muffin top. The vest that I received for my job only lasted one wash before the reflective lines came off. I have washed this one 3 times but it has held up better. I think it's a good buy.

👤We have short days in the tropics and so do a lot of running in the early morning and late evening to avoid the heat. The reflective vest is great. I wear it when I cycle and when I run and it is much higher quality than the flimsy things we can buy here. It has been through many rain storms and continues to shin brightly. I am sure the vest would fit any adult. I love it!

👤It is already dark when we go out with a friend. I used to carry my phone with the flash light on so no one hit us, but one day I saw a fellow walker and hit myself in the head. Why didn't I do that? There is a I went to Amazon and found a huge selection. I wanted a body vest and wrist and ankle reflectors, so I chose the HiVisible vest and bands. There is a It arrived in 48 hours. I really like the product, it allows cars to see me when I walk at night, but I don't like the vest because it rides up over my stomach all the time, and it doesn't stay on my waist. I would still recommend this product, but I would look to see if there is a waist band that stays put on my waist.

8. TOURUN Reflective Running Cycling Walking

TOURUN Reflective Running Cycling Walking

High quality and durable materials. The reflective bands are made from top quality fabric and silver stripes. The bracelets are made with a steel core and reflective tape. The reflective bands are stretchy for most people. Highly visible for your safety, a safety reflective running vest with yellow reflective bands. Sizes between. A reflective vest is used for men, women, kids, pets, etc. It's easy to take off. The reflective vest can be used for running, walking and cycling. The safety bands can be used for Ankle, Legs, Wrists and Arms. The reflective gear set can be connected to a longer reflective belt. It's being used as a waist belt or backpack belt when running or biking. It's also used to blouse pants when riding a bike. The reflective vest gear is not batteries.

Brand: Tourun

👤The problem is that it is small. I am not a big guy and it is not long enough to fit in a bra. It goes below my chest. It had to be adjusted to fit over a jacket for cold weather cycling. It would not fit over a parka. I may have to get a different reflective vest because I am not very satisfied with it.

👤Great adjustment, large to small. It's easy to put on and it seems high quality. They must work because I haven't been hit yet. I don't look like a construction worker. Doesn't get in the way. I can put my lights on it. There are two arm bands. I put them around my dog's body. It was perfect for that. If you had a smaller waist, you could use them for a belt. There is a The cell phone pocket is large. There is plenty to hold any phone. I added photos to my review.

👤My husband and I ride bikes quite a bit and I wanted more safety for road and early or dusk rides. These are the people who do the job. The pocket has a small closing mechanism. It would work for ID, a tissue, or keys if it were small. I would give it a 5 star if it was a little bigger. The black waist bands are more slim than the thick neon belts that are found in other brands. The vest could be an inch longer in the front and back for a better fit. The bands are doing a great job. The properties of reflection work well.

👤Getting outside in the winter is difficult in the Pacific Northwest. It gets dark early on days that are short. This vest is helping me get out in the dark, without fear of traffic, making it easier to get exercise and fight off the winter blues. The vest is easy to adjust, the pocket is great for carrying ID, and the bands on the ankle or wrist are helpful for visibility. I'm very happy with my purchase so far.

👤This is a well-thought-out and made solution. It is light, comfortable, and gets the job done. There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood so a vest is important. It's nice to know that the front is cut away to avoid nipple-chafing when I venture out without a t-shirt. Just applies to men and women, keep your bras on. The reflective straps are a nice touch. I'm trying to figure out a way to attach them to my dog. We walk in the dark. This product is recommended by me.

👤I enjoy riding at night. These things are awesome. All cars behind me make my ride safer.

👤It's lightweight and comfortable. I use it on my bike. Bright color and reflectors keep me safe.

👤I tried it on and it is comfortable and easy to adjust the size to fit over a jacket. I chose it over others that seemed like they would pucker on the chest because it has less of a bib. As it gets dark, I need something for running and biking. I think this will work well. I'll keep the bands on my bike handles.

9. Adidas Basic Badge Sport White

Adidas Basic Badge Sport White

Women's adidas shirt for comfort. The perfect fit is not tight or loose. A classic sport look. The ribbed crewneck is still shaped. Better Cottonwood Initiative: By buying cotton products from them, you are supporting cotton farming.

Brand: Adidas

👤It was true to size. The material was soft. I am 5 feet 5 and 185 lbs with a 38C. I would hang to dry after washing. The black color didn't fade quickly. I accidentally dried it in the dryer a few times. Which makes me sad. This shirt hugged all the right places. It fits my 14yo perfectly. If you plan to dry in the dryer, I would recommend getting a size up.

👤I didn't use it yet, but it's very good. I love it.

👤Shirts are very small in the chest. These tops fit me like a small/ medium. If you decide to purchase, go up two sizes.

👤I weigh 130 lbs. I ordered a medium. It was not too baggy. The material is of good quality. It is not flimsy. I have washed this shirt many times and it has not shrunk. It is comfortable.

👤I bought the same shirt from a different vendor. I liked the grey. Hated the white person. The white is small. Bummer! I am 5 feet 8 inches tall with a medium chest and a small in the white. The fit was perfect in the grey.

👤I ordered a small but it didn't fit the way I wanted it to, so I sent it back for an xs, and it fit just how I wanted it to, so I ordered a black one. I'm 5'7 and a 32E bust and xs is perfect for me because I don't like baggy shirts.

👤I was not sure if I should put it too large or small because it is a mix of a regular t shirt and a tighter fitted shirt, and we all put it on as soon as we get home. I usually wear a small in everything, but I was trying to find a neutral adidas shirt to wear with my adidas leggings. I didn't try to return it because I was sure I would wear it, but the photo made me believe it was a typical t shirt. It doesn't serve the purpose of going with my leggings. I ordered a bigger size so I could wear it with tight fitted leggings, but it is very wide and short and I am only 5 ft 3 in. Excellent quality. I didn't like the fit. Hope this helps someone who needs aleggings tee.

👤I like this shirt but not the fit, the fabric of the shirt seems to be of great quality, but this shirt does run pretty large, I purchased the extra small and it fits more like a medium, so I may want to size down at least one size down overall appearance is great I wish the fit was better. I made the best of it because I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning.

👤Realmente calidad, excelente playera de algodn. No encoge con las lavadas. La consegu a excelente.

👤The t-shirt is nice for spring and summer. Not too thick or thin, just right. I wish it came in other colors. An Adidas zip hooded jacket was ordered but has yet to arrive.

10. Santic Cycling Jersey Bicycle Pockets

Santic Cycling Jersey Bicycle Pockets

This bike jersey women adopt slender-waist design, which will fully show the beauty of women. The bicycle jersey is beautiful and stylish because of the printing on upper part designed by German designer. The mountain bike jersey for women with an anti-slip hem would keep it from sliding up and down. The rear pockets on the back are perfect for storing your personal stuff. The waterproof layer in the middle one can prevent sweat and rain from soaking the phone or money. A reflective strip under the middle pocket is a great way to improve safety at night. The collar and cuff are edge bound. The collar and cuff of this cycling jersey for women are edge bound to prevent the uncomfortable feeling caused by the friction. They use hot stamp for the size instead of cloth label, so it won't stab your skin.

Brand: Santic

👤The sleeves are bright and colorful. Not a lot of movement in it. Overall very happy with it and received great feedback. Pay attention to the size. It runs on the small side. I'm usually a small in cycling tops. I first ordered a small, then a medium and finally a large, so I received a Medium after ordering a small. It was unclear to me how the size works. I thought I was ordering the right size. I kept the Large because I wanted to wear it over more layers and there was not much stretch in it.

👤I'm either large or medium in size. When using biking jerseys, it's usually large. The body of the jersey is not too tight or lose. Maybe too long. The sleeves are too lose. Too much. I should have ordered a medium. The material and product are good.

👤I wore this shirt/jacket almost every day on our recent biking vacation, and it is a good quality shirt. I would have exchanged it if I had timed my purchase better, because the size is small.

👤The fabric feels solid. I have a jersey that costs 3x as much as the one I have. Good quality. The back is made of 3D woven material. Take a deeper look at the photos. I feel a little loose looking at the charts. I wouldn't go a smaller size.

👤I wanted a long sleeve shirt for riding in the summer. The mornings are very cool because we live in the desert at 5000 feet. The shirt is perfect. I usually order small or extra small, but because of the reviews I ordered a medium. It fits. Love the pockets.

👤The pockets are small on the smaller side, but the color is nice, but more on the peachier side. If you are on the top heavy, broad shoulders, and tummy is a little round, I would size you up for more room. I usually wear a large size top with my hips spare, but went with an larger one.

👤The jersey is so thin that it is almost impossible to see. When I took it out of the package, it smelled terrible. Returning and wouldn't recommend the brand.

👤The road bike jersey is checked by this jersey. It's lightweight and provides protection from the sun. It's perfect for warm weather. Anyone who rides long distances would benefit from it.

11. Under Armour ColdGear Authentic Midnight

Under Armour ColdGear Authentic Midnight

The updated brushback knit fabric is more comfortable. The material dries fast. The construction moves better in every direction. Smooth flatlock seams help avoid chafing. The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about. Wrap tape measure around your body and place it under your arms to mark the measurement. There is Wat: Take a measurement around your natural waist. Don't squeeze too tight to allow for giving.

Brand: Under Armour

👤I weigh 150 lbs. UnderArmour runs small, so I got the XL in order to feel like I can wear this without it being skin tight. These shirts are so cute. I have a white one in a crew beck that is a size L, but I wear it under my scrubs or sweatshirts. It's perfect. They're warm and lightly lined. Good for fall, winter, or spring since they're not heavy. The mock neck is cute. I love that they are longer. There are photos of me in the large format. I think sleeves are a plus and can be fixed by rolling up sleeves.

👤I usually order a size up for under armour. The trip I was leaving for in a few days was going to be colder than anticipated so I ordered this in a pinch. The item was snug on my neck. I packed it with tags on and thought I would try it again when I get there. It was not comfortable when I tried it again. I went to Bass Pro and they had cold gear. Theirs fit perfectly and came with thumb holes. I let a larger friend wear the Under Armour that I bought from Amazon, hoping it would stretch a little and keep her warm, but it didn't. I like Under Armour. I wouldn't recommend buying it here.

👤I debated if I should write a review, but I want you to know that it may or may not be correct. I don't have allergies. I don't have sensitive skin. I run daily and was looking for an updated shirt. I also love the University of Arizona. They have all their stuff. I wear the BOMB running pants and run in my shorts in the summer. I like to watch tv and I am a fan. So the shirt? I returned it. It was too tight when I tried it on. I assumed I would exchange the medium for a large, I am 5'7" and 140 lbs. 10 min later, I broke out in a lot of pain on my back and stomach. It was not scary, but it was raised in places and it freaked me out. My husband gave me 2 Claritin and they left about an hour later. The only thing. This shirt was the only one we could think of. It's the only thing I did differently. Even ate. My routine was the same. So... I could be wrong. I think I should share my opinion. If you like this shirt. Please wash it because it does fit you. My guess is that it's something in the packing. Something was on there that caused me to have a reaction. I was a bit worried as I am not allergic, but it spooked me.


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What are the best brands for bicycle jackets for women set?

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