Best Bicycle Jackets for Men Winter

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1. Zimco Cycling Windproof Insulated Jacket

Zimco Cycling Windproof Insulated Jacket

Windproof Soft Shell Fabric Fleeced inside protects against the wind and keeps you warm. The side panels of thermodream give you the best Ventilation. The power gel grips are around the waist. High visibility reflective accents are comfortable to wear. The panels are shaped. Ensure that you get a cycling-specific fit so that you can move without being hindered. There are 4 rear pockets and 1 front chest pocket.

Brand: Zimco Cycle Wear

👤I live in Chicago and ride my bike all the time, so I am used to dealing with cold weather. It was perfect to test on a 40F day. Just got back from the ride. The jacket was well preformed. I wore two synthetic layers underneath it. I didn't feel the cold outside. The lever of humidity can be bone-chilling if it is less than 90%. I like the styling. I like the combo of black and white and red. It looks great. I liked the reflective items on the back of my bike. The sleeves close tightly around the wrists, no cold will blow through. Great purchase!

👤I was shopping for a jacket that I would use in the 40-50 F range. I thought I'd give this one a try since the price was favorable, but I decided against it. It far exceeded my expectations. The fit is the first thing. The medium that I bought fits perfectly, I am 6' 153 lbs. I wore a t-shirt and a lighter base layer under it, and I was going to vent a bit of the warmth within 2 miles of starting. It kept me warm and comfortable during my ride. I think the comfort range of this jersey will allow for comfort down to the freezing mark, and maybe even a bit lower. I'm not sure if I would use it much above 45 degrees. There is a The only thing I have noticed is that although it is sufficient, it doesn't seem to be as high quality as you might find on more expensive gear. This thing is a winner.

👤The jacket is lightweight, comfortable, and does a great job of keeping out the wind on a bike ride. It's just a matter of having the right amount of material. A microfiber t-shirt is great at 45-50 degrees. A single thicker insulated shirt is great at 35 degrees. There is a The first one I ordered was hard to use. I would waste 5 minutes before the ride trying to get the ride to start. I was very happy when I exchanged it for the second one. I ordered one more because I wanted to have one in reserve if my first one was sweaty or muddy, but it didn't work. I swapped that one for the one that works better. That is definitely a quality control issue with this jacket. The only reason I give it 3 stars is that the zip is almost useless on 2 out of 4 tries. I would give it 5 stars because it is a good value. There is a After one year of use, which is maybe 10 rides max because it's not cold for very long here in Charlotte, I can no longer get it to start without fiddling for 5 minutes and using a lot of force. I'm lowering stars to 2. This might be cheap, but it's not worth it.

2. Przewalski Thermal Cycling Softshell Windbreaker

Przewalski Thermal Cycling Softshell Windbreaker

The soft fleece interior retains body heat. The collar is high cut for warmth. The internal draft flap with the garage seals is warm. The cuffs keep the chill out. Two rear pockets for your phone, keys, snacks, and other items are included in Safe Storage. The color red. The large hand pockets keep your hands warm. The pulls on the sippers make it easy to up and down. Przewalski's men's bike jacket with reflective brand logo and back stripe keeps you safe in darkness. It's perfect for outdoor activities. It is suitable for light rain, please use a raincoat. The jackets are tighter. If you're used to wearing a thick jersey inside, please order a bigger size. 100% full refund assurance within 90 days if you are not satisfied. Przewalski supported the lifetime.

Brand: Przewalski

👤This coat is great for cold weather riding. I've been out in the cold for a while and it kept me warm with a t-shirt on. It traps all of your body heat and perspiration because it doesn't breathe very well. It can get too warm for rides above 40 degrees. The fit is perfect. It is light and thin, which makes it warm. The fabric is very stretchy so it has more room if you need it. The elastic cuff on the sleeves is a nice feature. The jacket is a great one for the price.

👤This jacket is for running in cold weather. It's not ideal for me, but it's pretty good for the price. There is a The fit is good, slim and form fitting. I wore a M and it worked well for me, although I felt like the sleeves could have been longer. I felt like my shoulders were a little tight, like the jacket wanted me to hunch my shoulders forward a little bit. It's not uncomfortable. I felt it pulling at me. I'm not sure if this fit is good for cyclists. The neck is a little loose, but I didn't find it to be a problem. Function: I wore a t shirt on a 4 mile run in a high 30/low 40 temperature on a windy night to see if it worked. It did its job a little too well. Good wind protection and warmth. I was too warm by the second mile. I'm excited to use it again once the temperature drops because I think it would be better suited for lower temperatures.

👤This jacket fits perfectly in the xxl, I'm 6'5'' 230 and I'm an athletic build. I wore it with a thermal jersey on the 21mi ride in the park and it was snug as a bug. You can adjust your baselayer accordingly. The cuff extension brings the sleeve to your gloves and provides you with warmth. Blocks gels tube tool and co2 have great back pockets. You don't have to use the front pocket of your ID for extra cash. I would definitely recommend this jacket to everyone as long as you buy the correct size and I am very impressed by the quality and price of the products, I would definitely buy more from the store.

👤I weigh 180 lbs. A large is great. I ride 20-50 miles at a time. There is a I keep myself warm in the 40-50 degree weather but haven't tried sub-40 yet. Not too loose or tight. The front pocket is convenient. Fore arms get sweaty, which is annoying on long rides. The left side has a zip on it.

3. Sponeed Mountain Cycling Bicycle Jackets

Sponeed Mountain Cycling Bicycle Jackets

A full length zip keeps your neck warm and prevents the wind blow in, and you can use a three-dimensional self-cultivation to bring more smooth. Bicycle thermal pants, made from high quality durable polyester, have strength and durability more than natural rubber, multi level high density foam, and precise gel pad, and are ideal for long rides. It is easy to put on and take off the pants with the night reflective zippers on the leg openning. Their cycling jersey and pants use polar fleece, which keeps you warm and comfortable when cycling in winter or fall, and it also promotes excellent breathability and very soft to skin, which makes it an unprecedented wearing experience while biking. The long sleeve bike clothing can be worn more often. The thermal bike jersey and pants keep you dry and comfortable. Professional construction with high density fabric. The tights have mesh back. Flat seam construction makes you feel more comfortable. Please check the size chart carefully and choose a recommend size to buy, do not brush or bleach. Do not tumble dry. If you have a problem with the winter mens cycling set, please feel free to contact them, they will try their best to help you.

Brand: Sponeed

👤I have purchased several warm weather cycling jerseys and shorts from the same store before and I was very comfortable buying this Men's Thermal Cycling Full Sleeve Riding Jersey with pants. I have a 42in chest and 34in waist. I ordered a Med and it was snug for me. Med is the way to go if you like your riding gear tight. If I am wearing a lighter jersey underneath as the day warms up, I return the med for a large. Jersey and pants have a lining. I rode for 12 miles on Feb 1st. It was overcast, with a light wind and 45 degrees outside. I was comfortable all the time. I would recommend them for riding in the cool weather. I have seen similar gear for less from other sellers, but the return policy is not flexible as Amazon, in case the size is not right and delivery time is much longer, is.

👤The pants are too loose around the crotch and the padding is off. I tried a Medium which was perfect length and felt right on my legs and upper body. The middle section was loose and the padding didn't reach my seat bones. It never touches the bike seat. The set is really good, but the faults make it useless. I have a few bike shorts. I know how this should look. The pants are not on. Returning.

👤I'm happy with my Jersey, but I'm not sure if it's a good fit for my body type. I'm 5'10" and 160-170 lbs and ordered a large because of the risk. The jersey was too baggy. I ordered a medium jersey and it matched the large size pants perfectly. This is a fall combination. I wear this along with a base layer shirt and wind shell, but would need something more thermal in nature for riding in the cold.

👤The quality is good, but the fit of the top is poor, the color is more yellow than green, and it is more polka dotted than the pictures show. The sleeve is baggy around the wrist and forearm. They could make bib-style pants.

👤The design, material and quality of the garment was better than I expected, and I am a fan of YELLOW. I was very happy to buy it because it fit the old carcass perfectly. Light enough to not feel like a snow suit, but heavy enough for a cold day. Highly recommend it.

4. BALEAF Cycling Running Thermal Windproof

BALEAF Cycling Running Thermal Windproof

Windproof and Warm are three layers of insulation that draw sweat away from the skin to the next layer to keep you warm. Two side pockets are used for keeping hands warm on chilly days. Two large rear pockets are large enough to hold winter gloves, a neck gaiter and other cold-weather gear. Breathable and security: Two chest vent increases. The reflective elements in the chest, elbow, back and back pockt improve visibility in low light. The drop-tail rear hem protects against road spray on wet days, and the high collar keeps the wind and chills out. The jacket is held in place by a Silicone Gripper. The left design for the US. Form fit with stretch for layers. It's suitable for winter outdoor activities, like cycling, mountain biking, MTB trail, running, hiking, cross skiing, snowshoeing or bicycle touring.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I wear this jacket on morning bike rides. The color is rich and vibrant and the reflectors are not overpowering. I'm 5'9" 186 lbs and I could easily fit into a large. The arms are long enough for a bike ride. I am happy. I like all of the Bayleaf products.

👤Unless you are in a place with mild winters, winter weight is not advertised. It was in the mid 30's to mid 40's today. The base layer was a short sleeve jersey. Even after I got my blood moving, I was pretty chilled through. Overall, nice construction, nice pockets, and good color. Just like fall and winter weight. I usually wear an XL in bike tops, it fits me well.

👤The fit was good, but the jacket was useless as the zip jammed, and I couldn't get it to open more than once. I bought a jacket with a YKK zip after returning it. Many of the lower-cost jackets sold here have low-quality zippers. Most customers would be willing to pay more for a jacket that works.

👤I bought a big one. I have a 46 inch chest and 38 inch waist. I'm at the upper end of the size. The jacket is perfect. The arm and body length are correct. I can wear layers under the jacket. The jacket is not baggy on me. The fabric is very tight. You don't sweat because of this jacket. I don't know about the claim of wearing it down to 20 degrees. I am a big fan of the Baleaf brand. I also bought their tights in a different size. Is that a word? They fit perfectly. Baleaf has a better value than the bicycle companies. Baleaf, I have purchased 4 items from you and I am happy with them all.

👤I run on the Lake Erie coast throughout the year and needed a jacket for winter. The prices of that kind of gear from the major athletic apparel brands and running gear companies are well outside my budget. $120 and up... No way! I decided to give this jacket a chance and come back if it didn't impress me. I can't complain about the price. It keeps me warm in the cold. My friend got orange and I got yellow, which is very hi-vis. I have only had a few weeks but I am very impressed with the build quality. I'm 6'2”, 175 lbs, 41” chest with long arms. I'm happy that the Large size fits me in a way that I can describe as "form fitting", which is a skinny guy. The jacket is warm so you don't need to wear bulky layers. If it's below 25, I'll wear a long sleeve thermal athletic shirt and then a short sleeve shirt for anything over 25. The jacket keeps the heat in when I'm running. If I get too warm, I'll occasionally open the chest vent or drop the zip. The sleeves are the same length as other large sized cloths.

5. Waterproof Windbreaker Lightweight Visibility Reflective

Waterproof Windbreaker Lightweight Visibility Reflective

Water Repellent is waterproof. The waterproof rainwear has a DWR finish to keep the water out. The interior is laminated with 5000mm of waterproof and 3000g/m2 of breathability. It's great for hiking, jogging, camping, and any other outdoor activities. Vents and Breathability increase the amount of air that can be breathed in while you work out. The reflective elements on the front, back, and hood will reflect the light coming from any direction. There are 3 waterproof pockets on the front, 2 inner pockets and one big back pocket for your essentials. The back pocket is designed to double as a storage pouch and is made of ultralight, nonbulky fabric. Hood design and adjustedability are included. The big hood prevents rain from coming into your eyes, it has a drawcord at the bottom hem, and wrist closures that can be adjusted to keep rain, wind and cold out of your eyes.

Brand: Scollit

👤I've been a fan of a similar jacket from Sierra Designs. The jacket has more pockets and better vent. Vents under the arm pits were only found on more expensive jackets. It only rains rarely here, and only during a few months of the year, so this jacket may be too waterproof for me. Even with good ventilating, the inside of the jacket can get wet. I had no problem during the long bike ride yesterday, only when I stopped at the store. Highly recommended!

👤The waterproof jacket works well for the price, but it would be better if it was fully scuplted. The jackets are expensive because of the material. This jacket is well worth the price because it is a high quality jacket.

👤A great rain jacket! The style is attractive. I had my first opportunity to use this today and it was perfect for my bike helmet. I got caught in a rain storm while I was in my saddlebag, and it lasted only 20 miles. I sweat and it kept some heat in, but I was kept dry for most of the route. I blame myself for that. There is a It is what I needed. It is easily stowed and immediately available. Visibility is high. It was easy to rinse off. Don't wash it. It is not that kind of fabric. It was easy to rinse in the shower.

👤I was surprised at how light this is. It was light. It was made of high quality. I ordered my husband a size up so he could wear a sweatshirt underneath and it seems like a perfect fit. The reflective detail adds a nice touch. There are many pockets on the inside.

👤It kept water out of the rain. Not waterproof is a bad idea because it won't breathe, but it is very good at being water repellant. I know a lot about rain gear because I live in the Pacific NW. There are many pockets. The yellow makes me very visible. I would recommend getting a large enough to keep a loose fitting so it can breathe and look stylish. I ordered large because I normally wear large and it was good enough to cover several layers of clothing.

👤I wanted this to keep me dry. It doesn't breathe. That's not a big deal. I got a large because I wanted to be able to wear layers and the fit is good even though I'm only 5 feet tall. The space is needed for the shoulders. I'd be interested in trying a Med' during the summer. Would recommend.

6. Carhartt Cryder Jacket Shadow 2X Large

Carhartt Cryder Jacket Shadow 2X Large

8.25-Ounce, cotton/polyester/ sputnik quick duck with rain defender. As durable as sandstone, 30% lighter but ounce-for-ounce. Flex stretch technology is rugged and easy to use. Bi-swing between shoulders. The elbow is flexible for less restriction.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I still love this jacket a year later. The design features can be improved, but overall it's a huge improvement over the regular cookie cutter. It is interesting how many simple but innovative design features there are in this jacket. The sleeves stuck out to me. The inside of the jacket has a compression cuff. The sleeve extends a bit farther on the outside. The outside cuff isn't perfect. The top of it seems to be a bit longer than the bottom of it, I assume to keep a breeze off the back of the hand while keeping wrist mobility. I like this feature. If it's not a bitterly cold day, I will put the compression part before my watch, but the outer layer will still get to my wrist. The compression cuffs were tight at first, but after a day or two of pulling them up, they loosened up a bit. There is a The hood can be easily removed with the snap buttons. It has a draw string to snug it up, and is roomy inside with a beanie. There is a The outside is covered in a water resistant coating, but that is not permanent. I am aware that you can add more water resistance. There is a OCKETS... I like my pockets. I need pockets, I don't know how women do it. It doesn't work for me that a work jacket has one little inside pocket. I can fit my big phone with a case in the two big pockets on the outside. There are two inner chest pockets, one on the left and one on the right. I've been wearing this in a light t-shirt with a beanie and I'm sure it can go a bit lower. It's large enough for a sweater underneath. The arm pit and shoulder gusit are included in the "full swing". The sleeves aren't super baggy because of this. The stomach and chest are too baggy for my liking. It's annoying to see a baggy front section with all these features. I'm on the side of a blue collar worker who's 5'9" and 170 lbs. I cut the Carhartt logos off. I think they're ugly and the jacket looks nice without them.

👤This jacket is large. If you want to layer, add one size up. The range refers to the size chart. Large is from a 42 to a 44 inch bare chest. At the time of this review, tall sizes seem to be sold out. The Shadow color looks the best on dark, gray, and salt and pepper haired men. The Canyon Brown color looks best on blonde, sandy or red haired men. The operational temperature range is the most amazing feature of the Carhartt Men's Full Swing Cryder jacket. It is not too hot, up to around 50 degrees, and keeps the wearer warm. I really like the jacket, but I didn't like the way they attached the hood. My solution was to sew the hood attachment down permanently and cut off the bottom flap. You will see what I am referring to when you get the jacket. The seamstress at my local dry cleaner did it in 10 minutes. If you have bears in your mind, take your time and find a good seamstress; my seamstress is excellent so, bear that in mind.

7. ARSUXEO Softshell Windproof Waterproof Mountain

ARSUXEO Softshell Windproof Waterproof Mountain

The material is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. The fabric has three layers that keep you warm and dry. The top layer of the exterior is a rugged windbreaker surface that beads up water and prevents stains. The second and third layers are waterproof and soft warm. The drop tail and elastic hem provide a precise on-bike fit, keep you warm in winter, and the reflective elements on front and back add contrast to enhance nighttime visibility. Two pockets for storage with one front pocket and the other with a longer cuff to keep the cold air away from you. Stretch inserts for optimum fit. This part is not waterproof or windproof. They changed their size and disign because many customers said the size ran small, so please read their size chart carefully.

Brand: Arsuxeo

👤My goto jacket has kept me warm in Massachusetts. When you're moving about, cut well so the jacket doesn't have to be adjusted. I wear a thermal long sleeve shirt underneath and that's all I need for a temp of 20f. It can last up to 3 hours in the cold.

👤The jacket is too small so it has to be returned. I have a 44" chest and 37 waist, and although my stomach sticks out a bit, I'm not fat. I usually wear a large shirt. I looked at the details and saw that there was an order for 1 - 2 sizes larger. The largest they made was an XXL, which is said to fit a 46+ chest. Wrong. The jacket won't fit a 44" chest and 37" waist. It was very difficult to zip the XXL because it was so small at the bottom of thewaist and tight in the chest and shoulders. If you normally wear an XL, you should order a different brand because the XXL is too small.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this jacket because I jog outside. Philadelphia is having a cold spell and this jacket kept me warm. This jacket works. I did not feel the cold wind, but it keeps the body warm.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It should fit as it should for cycling. Good chest and neck wind protection. It's nice to have the front and rear pockets. The price is great. There is a I am 5'11", 177 lbs, 34" waist. The base layer was a custom fit for my frame. Arm length is a little short. See the photo.

👤It can be hard to tell the size of garments from the far east. You are often told to take a bigger size than you normally would. In this case, I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly, even though it is tight in the waist. It would have been very loose at the neck. The reason for only 4 stars was because the garment had a small stain on the right chest. I removed the stain as I liked the garment and am happy with the performance to date.

👤These jackets are small. I'm 165 lbs with a 34 inch waist and the XL fit me like a Medium. The material is a good fit and durable, but the sleeves are a little long on me, but it seems like it will last.

8. RockBros Cycling Windproof Thermal Softshell

RockBros Cycling Windproof Thermal Softshell

Warm up and thermal. The inner soft polar fleece fabric of the winter cycling jacket keeps your body warm during the winter. The outer layer is water resistant and is suitable for bike windbreaker. You don't have to worry about cold temperature and wind attack, if you choose a loose one, please choose 1 or 2 size up. The high-necked thermal cycling jacket has a high collar in the rear and a lower front for reducing the amount of neck and fabric irritation. The jacket is comfortable to wear. When you bend over, the extended rear hem can keep your waist warm. The mesh fabric on both sides of the jacket makes it warm but not hot, and the six vent holes in the back and shoulders make it easy to breathe during riding, suitable for cycling, running, hiking and other outdoor sports in cold weather. There are multipockets. The winter bike jacket has two large hand pockets, one pocket and two back pockets with zips that are safe to store your items in. It is convenient for winter cycling. The reflective strips on the front and back increase night visibility and keep you safe. It's necessary for reflective design in winter. The ROCK BROS bike winter jacket is very nice.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤After a good pedal, it kept me warm after I took it out for a short ride. I'm not a big guy, I'm Asian and weigh 140 pounds. I went with a small because I didn't want to be baggy. It felt a bit tight all around. I still have plenty of range of motion and it has a dropped tail so your back isn't exposed to the cold, but do yourself a favor and go up a size. I used the jacket again on a long ride, this time in the day and it was around 44 degrees. The trail ride was more intense and featured a lot of climbs. I wore a shirt with no base layer and was cooking. The jacket can benefit from zippable armpits. If you are going to be pedaling hard, a good base layer, jersey and rain jacket is all you need. I'll save this for when I want to ride on cold days.

👤I have only a few minor complaints about this jacket after a few rides. The fit isn't as tight as I would prefer for cycling wear, but it isn't loose enough to flap in the wind or create significant air resistance. The thumb holes in the sleeve liner were sewn on in a way that your thumbs would have to be on the back of your hands to use them. There is a This jacket is very warm and comfortable. The fit is a little loose at 6'2", but the length is 180 lbs. and it's perfect in the body and sleeves. There are lots of reflective bits on the sides and back of the bike. I think it will last at least a couple years for winter riding.

👤The jacket arrived quickly and looks great. It's difficult to find a good size. I read other reviews to get it right. I weigh over 200 lbs. The fit of the 3XL is good. It is difficult to find an item with long arms that does not fit in a tent around my waist, and this fits the bill. The left pocket has a hole in it so I can put things there without it falling out. I did not plan on putting my there. I will not return or exchange it. I felt a hole when I put my hands in. The product is great. I have gotten several items from Rock Bros and so far they are not up to par.

9. MOERDENG Waterproof Mountain Windbreaker Raincoat

MOERDENG Waterproof Mountain Windbreaker Raincoat

The waterproof snow ski jacket can fight bad weather. When you are outside, keep your body dry and comfortable. The cuffs help to seal and keep warm, and the soft shell is wind resistant. The best heat retention, Relaxed-fit style with quick-dry material is guaranteed by professional water repellence coated, fluff lining and durable fabric. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, Snowsports and other winter outdoor sports are included. The jacket has a standard fit. You can choose by US size.

Brand: Moerdeng

👤This coat is amazing. It blocks the rain and wind. The coat is very warm. I weigh 160 lbs. It fits well with the room for layers underneath. The only negative I can think of is that the zippers are cheap, but so far they are holding up. I was on the top of the Alps last week with just this coat, a long sleeve and a short sleave, and I was good to go.

👤It works perfectly. One person assumed it was a very expensive jacket when I stepped out. It keeps me warm. The hood feels good on my head, it's not permanent, and it has a high quality strap and strings. There are pockets that are accessible. It's small and flexible with how you want to move about. So far, so good.

👤I bought this for my husband. In the winter, it gets cold and wet. The jacket was waterproof and warm, and it was cheap. He immediately looked at its claim of being water proof. He stood in the shower while he put it on. Definitely worth the money.

👤My son is going on a ski trip and I bought this coat for him. The first time he wore it, the pockets broke when he opened them, and the inside lining was visible. He couldn't wear it because he couldn't go skiing. We had to purchase a new jacket at the resort immediately. This was a huge waste of money.

👤I live in Houston and it can be difficult to find a jacket, I went on line and got lucky, this jacket fits me like a glove, I am 6 foot tall. I could not be more pleased with the amount of pockets, it feels very cozy.

👤Reviews for quality and size are correct. The large was very large on me even with a hoodie on. The medium is perfect. The quality is great so far, I only had it for a week. On the first day, I received a compliment.

👤I bought the coat because someone wrote in the review that it was a coat for fat people. I know I should have been angry, but I realized that this was the coat for me. I have owned the coat for a while now and it is very hot. The rain and cold are kept out by the outer shell. The fleece on the inside makes me sweat. The price was worth it. There is a Why not 5 stars? There is a The problem is that they are cheap. They look cool, but can get jammed and fall off their track. I had to make a small stitch at the beginning and end of each pocket to prevent the zip from falling off the track. I had to patch up the section of fleece on the inside of my jacket that was undone. You don't expect to have to do some tailoring when you buy a new item. The hood is small and out of proportion with the overall jacket. There is a If the company can correct these three issues with a little more quality control and design checks, this coat could easily sell for more and be a big hit. If you want to create a female companion to this coat, make sure you check the measurements for your intended consumer target.

10. Letook Thermal Windproof Comfortable Reflective

Letook Thermal Windproof Comfortable Reflective

It is windproof. The biking jacket shell is made of high density material and has great water and wind resistance. Light rain and cold weather don't bother you when you ride your bike in winter. It is thermal. The soft fleece lining of the sports jacket keeps you warm in the cold. It is reflective. Brand stripes and logo increase sight visibility at night. The collar is stand-up. The jacket collar has a small cover that could stop the slide. There are pockets. It's convenient to place things that are frequently used. It's a good idea to choose a larger size.

Brand: Letook

👤I was looking for a jacket that I could wear under my parka. I decided to take a chance after finding this. I can tell you that it is a quality jacket. I got a med that fit perfect, not tight or big, just right, because I am a size med on the husky side. I took it out for a ride in 47 degrees with a thermal shirt on. It was windy. This jacket is one of the best I own, it kept me dry and comfortable. I highly recommend it.

👤The jacket is of high quality. It's a good deal. There is a It is a cold weather jacket. It is too heavy for temperatures over 39 degrees if you are active. If you're going to be outside and playing with the kids, I'd say you can wear this jacket at temperatures between 40 and 43, but no higher. There is a If you are not active, I would recommend not wearing this jacket unless it is under 35 degrees, and if you are active, I would recommend not wearing the jacket if it is under 34 degrees. I kept it mostly unzipped because it isn't very breathable and it has a zip. The temp was 39 degrees and I was only walking at 4 mph. I had the jacket open all the way and had to take it off. I wore a tech t-shirt under my jacket when I was on my bike. There is a It will be hard to regulate your temperature when you are more active. There is a I will only wear it when I am running or biking in temperatures under 33 degrees. There is a If it fits your profile, you'll like the jacket. There is a If you are a casual walker, you will be fine from 39 to 45.

👤We had 60-degree days this fall and I bought this coat for that. It wasn't too warm on warmer days since there were two open pockets on each side, and the side entry handwarmer pockets were large. The jacket is light but nice and neat looking, it feels great, and is of great quality. I used it for a month and had no issues. The material was waterproof. Water can be brushed or shaken off. Excellent quality and features are at this price.

👤I originally ordered a small, my chest is 38.5 and the size chart for small is 41.7, so I figured I'd have a little xtra space. Wrong. It looked like it was painted on me. I returned it for a large. Which fit well. I wanted to have room for a couple layers of clothing under the neath, so I used the jacket for hiking and golf. A few layers, nothing bulky. It's a well made jacket and it moves well with your body. It's just OK, nothing special. It was a disappointment. The large was perfect for me, I am 5'10 and weigh 165 pounds. The size chart is not accurate.

11. Proviz PVR360JM Reflect360 Cycling Reflective

Proviz PVR360JM Reflect360 Cycling Reflective

"Offers incredible reflectivity", said The Times. The world's first to be designed with a 100% reflective outer-shell is the REFLECT360 cycling jacket. The jacket's high quality material is designed to look and feel great while keeping the weather out. The innovative material used for the REFLECT360 cycling jacket is waterproof 5,000mm and has taped inner seams to prevent water from getting in at sewing lines. The cotton mesh lining of the REFLECT360 cycling jacket acts as a climate control mechanism. The mesh keeps the outer layer of the jacket out of your skin. The 100% waterproof, built in air vents to keep ventilated, Fleece-lined comfort collar,Adjustable waistband and velcro cuff, waterproof storm zip, Seam-sealed inside pockets, rear spray guard, Inside mesh lining for added comfort, Approx weight, 500g The jacket's high quality material is designed to look and feel great while keeping the weather out. The jacket is grey during the day. The material is certified by the European Commission. It is waterproof and built in air vents to keep it cool. There are pockets. The inside of the chest and back.

Brand: Proviz

👤I bought the Proviz Reflect360 jacket to be more visible in the dark while riding my bike to and from work during the winter. I will say that I have a love/hate relationship with the Proviz Reflect360 and that all the other reviews you have read about it are true, both the Good and the Bad. I want to emphasize a few areas of the reviews. There is a I would say The Great. The jacket is reflective. A guy that passed me while I was riding in the dark wanted to speak with me. He inquired about my jacket. I asked him how bright the jacket was. He said that he could see me more than a mile away. He wanted to know where I bought the jacket, how much it cost, and how it fit. This was the reason I bought the jacket. The man's comments were exactly what I wanted to hear after having too many close calls. There is a I had read that the jacket's breathability is poor. That is a lot. This jacket is used in a sauna. It doesn't breath at all. It has a back vent, a shoulder vent, and a armpit vent, so you can use the front vent to allow more air in. It does not do enough. I have to turn the jacket inside out at the end of my rides to let it dry out. It is wet. My morning rides are cool with the temperature in the 40's/mid 50's F and my evening rides are in the 50's. F understands that everyone has different levels of sweat, but his jacket is a sauna. The comfort level for wearing this jacket for a ride would be the low 50'sF or less. You start to notice that your arms and body are sweating. You need to cool off. The front and the armpits do not do anything to help. On a recent ride, I put the front of my glasses in and they fogged up. It is that bad. The jacket is stiff and heavy for cycling. The glass beads that are attached to the material give you that fantastic reflectivity. You won't be able to take it off and put it in the back pocket of your jersey. Maybe in a backpack, but not a jersey. There is a I have a love/hate relationship with this jacket. It makes me feel safe and I know that people can see me. This is comforting to my family as well. I am struggling with how hot this jacket is. It is a portable sauna. If you are a wrestler, the Proviz Reflect360 is for you. If you ride in the low 50's or colder, you should be fine. The cost of this jacket is over 2X, even though it is offered in a more Breathable version. It is also offered in a vest, but I like having the added reflectivity in my arms. I want to be seen by people. Is it a good thing I bought it? That is a great question. How do you decide between love and hate? A version of the Reflect360 that had arms that could be removed would be great.


What is the best product for bicycle jackets for men winter?

Bicycle jackets for men winter products from Zimco Cycle Wear. In this article about bicycle jackets for men winter you can see why people choose the product. Przewalski and Sponeed are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle jackets for men winter.

What are the best brands for bicycle jackets for men winter?

Zimco Cycle Wear, Przewalski and Sponeed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle jackets for men winter. Find the detail in this article. Baleaf, Scollit and Carhartt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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