Best Bicycle Jackets for Men Tall

Men 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

Through the chest and through the waist. The fabric is water resistant and has a filling for warmth. There is a full-length closure at the front.


👤I was impressed by the sleekness of this thing. I wasn't expecting much for 40 bucks, but it fits perfectly and is a great color. I am 5 foot 11 and weigh 200 pounds. perfect

👤Lands End has maintained their sizing levels over the years. None of this slim fit with long sleeves. I want the winter jackets to be loose so they can assume some layers. I usually wear a large. I decided on X- Large after reading a lot of reviews on Amazon. I expected it to fit. The sleeves are not too long. If necessary, I can wear a layer. I wore a T-shirt and a long sleeve T-shirt in 35 F weather with moderate wind conditions. The jacket was warm in the North East. I took a star off because of the wind. It's a small issue. There is a I would probably wear a fleece jacket and a thin primaloft vest in the cold. There is a The hood stays in place if you zip up the jacket. You don't need anything. If you want a traditional size, go up one size. If you can't decide on a slim fit, go smaller. Got it? They will sell out for the season. I'm not sure why people are complaining, this is a bargain and Amazon has the best return policy. Leave an extra in your car or backpack.

👤When I ripped open my expensive down jacket, I bought this jacket in an emergency. I was hoping that it would be good enough for me to survive a few cold days. The cheap jacket is better than the expensive one. Light years are better. The hood is a neck warmer and it dries quickly. This is a thing that I love.

👤I like this coat. It's warm and the wind doesn't cut through it. I have been wearing it for two weeks. I would like to draw strings on the hood. It doesn't have a way to pull the hood tight. The hood is held on by the coat. Pull strings would be better. This is my first review. I looked at reviews a lot and thought it was about time. The coat was very good in the first two weeks.

👤Excellent coat. Not puffy. Not very shiny. It dries quickly. There are pockets that have a zip. The Old Navy packable puffer is more expensive than the Amazon Essentials jacket. You have to keep the mini bag somewhere, but packing into a self-pocket is the downside. I guess that is more of a preference than a flaw. There is a This jacket is not for cold days in the Midwest. You can layer a hoodie with fleece for additional insulation.

2. Little Donkey Andy Windbreaker Fluorescent

Little Donkey Andy Windbreaker Fluorescent

The material is 5% Spandex. The jacket has a mesh panel at the back that helps keep you cool and dry. The stretch is a four-way. The stretchy material provides better mobility. When you feel too warm in the summer, use zip-off sleeves to convert the jacket into a vest in no time. There are two side pockets and one large back pocket that can hold your valuable. High visibility and sun protection are achieved through reflective straps and printing in the front and back. Excellent protection against harmful sun rays is provided by the UPF 50+. A full zip front closure with chin guard and internal storm flap seals out the elements. Windbreaker can be folded, tucked into its back pocket and used as a small bag.

Brand: Little Donkey Andy

👤I bought the Little Donkey and Baleaf convertible sleeveless cycling jackets. They are very similar in many ways. Baleaf has a broader color selection and has more reviews than Little Donkey's 180. The zip sleeves are easy to remove. Both brands in this model offer great pocket options, which was a big plus for me. I wore a decent temperature range in warm afternoons and chilly mornings when I purchased in May. It was a factual decision. The Little Donkey is being kept and the Baleaf is being returned based on superior breathability. The fabrics are not the same. You can feel the warmth as soon as you put the Little Donkey on. From the git-go, you can see that it is light on your torso. It provides some heat retention and wind resistance so it works both ways to keep your body temperature good while you exercise or just walk about. There is a Baleaf is different. They are a well-known brand. As soon as I put their product on, I could feel the difference in the air. Baleaf feels heavier. The Little Donkey is so light that you don't need to remove the sleeves to stay cool. I live in Rhode Island and ride 50 minutes per day.

👤The jacket has a nice fit for me, 5'8" at 160 lbs. It's easy to zip off the sleeves. It zips up to keep my neck warm. I'm not sure if I like the elastic that encircles the shoulder area. I didn't realize it had this feature, and I find that it restricts mobility, rubs under my arms, and restricts the amount of air that can be breathed in when wearing this jacket as a vest. The jacket does not have a 2-way zip on the front to allow you to open the jacket up, and it does not have a elastic at the waist, which may or may not matter to you. I knew these features were missing, and neither omission is a deal-breaker.

👤I had a lightweight high-vis running jacket that lasted for a long time, but it finally broke. The tailor wanted to make a new one. I was able to buy this jacket for a similar price. I am not sure about the name. Everything else is great. It is lightweight and fits well for my size. There are two side pockets with good zippers that have a parking cover at the top. While not two-way, the front is substantial. There is a small back pocket. The back and shoulders have reflective trim. The yoke is made of mesh. I think I can run in the weather down to the low 40's with this jacket. I tried the jacket in the rain and it kept me dry. I ordered a bright yellow color for visibility. I think it will be my go-to jacket for Spring and Fall because it does not have a name-brand logo.

3. Souke Sports Breathable Windbreaker Blue(Blue,Medium

Souke Sports Breathable Windbreaker Blue%EF%BC%88Blue%EF%BC%8CMedium

The winter cycling jacket has a combination of double layer fabric that is water and wind resistant. This cycling jacket will keep you warm in the cold weather. The function will keep the rain and spray away. A double layer design of cycling jackets for men provides extra heat dissipation and thermal performance. Breathable material on the chest of the men's cycling jacket provides great hydration and keeps sweat away from the body. The reflective accents on the front and back of bike jackets for men help you stay visible in low light. Three back pockets and two side pockets are ideal for storing valuables or a fair amount of cargo, as well as for storing lots of snacks to help keep your winter energy levels up. This thermal cycling jacket has slightly longer sleeves and tails in order to allow you to stretch forward to grab your handlebars and protect your wrist and back from the cold weather. Extra warmth and comfort can be found in the double layer and high cut collar. A smooth full-length SBS zipper is what it is. The fit is close and stretchy. The winter cycling jacket is one of the greatest riding wardrobe investments you can make because it protects you from rain and wind, and is also great for the cold and snow. It is suitable for multi-sports. They are committed to giving their customers 100% satisfactory service.

Brand: Souke Sports

👤It is surprising how warm this jersey feels even though it is thin. There is a It kept me warm on my ride today. There is a The temperature is 45-50F and the speed is 16mph. I am 5'10 (178 cm), 150lb (68 kilogram), Asian built, and am wearing large. This was recently worn on a 45F. The day was dreary with 15mph winds. It was cold in the beginning but warm after a few minutes.

👤My wife's account is here. I'm 5'-11" I measured my chest and mid-section before ordering. I wear 34" pants. The product arrived Wednesday. It was as expected. I run 3-4 miles a day. I know it's a jacket for cycling. I use it for running. I tried the product on and it was longer than I expected. The fit along my chest was restrictive. I took the jacket to make sure it was the right size. I confirmed that it was the largest. Put it back on and try to zip it up. The handle is on the wrong side. No big deal. I sewed it up and it is snug. If your measurements are similar to mine, you should get a smaller size. Being snug is good for what I want out of this product. I wore a compression long sleeve shirt with a light cotton t-shirt over that and this jacket fully zip and run. I put my phone in one of the back pockets, and my mace in the other. I didn't notice either of those items, but I knew they were locked up. The upper body was warm so it worked. Now for the bad. The sleeves are long. It may not be the fault of the mfg. This is a challenge if you plan to use it for running and wear a watch that shows your pace and distance. The watch face will be visible if you tug on the jacket. The sweat from my body flowed through the sleeves on my shirt to the inside of the jacket. Once you complete your activity, I highly recommend you turn the entire jacket inside out to dry. It kept me warm, secured my things, and did its job. I'm pretty happy.

👤It will be perfect in cycling position, but could be a tad bit longer in the front. The back goes down a bit more. It has a panel in the front of the jacket that will make it great for cold weather cycling. I'm 6'1 and the xl is perfect for me. I like the fact that it has 3 back pockets, 2 front pockets and 2 inner mesh pockets. It seems well made for the money. I haven't been out in cold weather with it. I can tell it will be great. Good purchase.

4. BALEAF Windbreaker Lightweight Reflective Fluorescent

BALEAF Windbreaker Lightweight Reflective Fluorescent

The baleaf cycling jackets for men have zip-off sleeves and shoulder yoke that can be used to convert the jacket into a vest. It can turn into a good warm up jacket or vest in winter days, and also perfectly used all year round. The running jacket for men is made of lightweight fabric with great wind protection. The back has a Ventilation system. The convertibele summer cycling windbreaker for men has a large back pocket and two hand pockets with zips, which can hold your mobile phone. It can be put into a back pocket for easy carry. The elements are reflective. The fluorescent color is very bright. There are reflective elements on the front and back. BALEF men's jacket is waterproof, packable, lightweight, and can be used for biking, running, hiking, golf, motorcycle riding or other outdoor sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I don't like putting personal pictures on any social network, but I felt the need to do it this time. Trying to figure out if a clothing article will fit is a very frustrating task. It can be difficult to figure out what size to order, but I usually have good luck figuring it out by reading reviews. I needed to get this jacket in time for the trip. I was not comfortable with the large recommended by the manufacturers for my body dimensions. My waist is 32 inches and my chest is 42 inches. For a Large size, the waist measurement is 34 1/2 to 36 1/2 and the chest measurement is 40 1/2 to 42 1'2. My waist is at 32 inches so I ordered a medium. I would have been put into a Windsail if there was more material. There is a I wore my Baleaf cycling jacket for a 100 mile road cycling trip the next day after receiving it in the mail. It fit me perfectly. I was very pleased with my jacket. I did not feel any wind in this jacket and the winds were strong. When I first started, the temperature was 48 degrees, but by the afternoon it was 50 degrees. There is a The jacket has nice pockets on both sides. I had my license and debt cards. There is a If you're looking for a very functional, comfortable jacket, I'll buy this Baleaf jacket for you. You will be very pleased and amazed.

👤It is long in the sleeves and back where it should be for cycling. It is very comfortable and functional. The vest mode was never tried. What's not to like? The zip! It's as cheap as they come. On the second use, broke off. The windbreaker became a cape. Pass on this one until they upgrade it. Unless you want to ride with a cape.

👤The jacket is not water resistant. I bought this jacket because there is a chance of rain on the day of the marathon. I splashed water on the back of the jacket when it arrived. The jacket was soaked by the water. I am very upset. I will return it soon.

👤I wanted a bright jacket to help drivers use cell phones while driving to see me, and also to help fight the chill until I warm up. I bought this item in a men's size because I couldn't find what I wanted in a women's size. I ordered the wrong size because it was too tight at the hips, and I borrowed clothes from my husband. I had my husband try on a jacket that was a little tighter than he wanted. I think this jacket is for cyclists who look good in spandex, so anyone who is different should think about how to fit in. I returned it and it fit right. There is a The jacket is light and bright and has a lot of pockets. If you like that kind of thing, the sleeves will come off. There is a The construction is what you would expect of a product of this material and at this price point, with cheapish zippers and iffy seam construction, it's not bad for not stellar. This is perfect for what I need and how much I want to spend. I have worn this many times and I am very happy with the purchase.

5. Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

This water-resistant lightweight jacket features a full-zip front and stand-up collar, making it easy to wear in cold weather. The packs are neatly into the included carrying bag with a drawstring closure. The entire family can be dressed up with comfortable, quality clothing from Amazon Family. They listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality.


👤Exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a warm base layer and a light weight. This one is perfect. There are two deep internal pockets. There are pockets with zips on them. It was well constructed. There have been no issues so far. I will guard it to make sure it is water resistant. There is a The size was ordered large. 5ft 6 200 lbs.

👤I had to try. I own a version of this jacket. The version is a little bit more rough. I was able to put it in a bag. I'm 150lb 5'6 and have a small. The chest portion is snug as I wear a 38 jacket, but it fits fine in the pictures. There is a lot of room left in the waist portion. There are two pockets on the outside. I think it will get the job done, even though I have to try out during a cold night.

👤I can't find anything I don't like about this jacket. I'm surprised because of the low cost. I wasn't expecting this level of quality. I didn't want to pay a lot of money for a jacket that was light weight and could be layer under, and I wanted it to be waterproof. I looked at a lot of jackets and they were either too warm, too bulky or cheap. I found this jacket. There is a It exceeded all my expectations. The temp range is from 20 to 45 degrees, but that depends on what you wear underneath. It does a nice job of breaking the wind, so with fleece underneath, it could be warm. It barely feels like you are wearing a jacket. I'm 6'1" with a 42" chest, 180 lbs, and a large fits perfectly with enough space for movement and a layer or two. I wear a 36" sleeve and the length is perfect at just below the waist. I like the collar the way it is, it is a pretty minimal collar, and with this soft material, I find I really like it. The material is soft and comfortable. The Heather Green was purchased by me. It's a nice color that has a casual look. It's not a shiny look, it's a kind of finish. I've gotten a lot of feedback on it. They are blown away when I tell them what I paid. There is a The jacket has two large lined and deep exterior side pockets that zip, and one large interior vest pocket that does not zip, which is fine with me. It would have been annoying. It comes with a bag with a draw string that is used to secure the jacket when rolled up. The way I use it is by attaching the inside coat hanger loop to the bag. I'll wear the water resistant feature under a waterproof windbreaker in the rainy season. This will be my go to travel jacket. There is a I highly recommend this jacket, it is a home run for Amazon.

6. TOURUN Reflective Running Cycling Walking

TOURUN Reflective Running Cycling Walking

High quality and durable materials. The reflective bands are made from top quality fabric and silver stripes. The bracelets are made with a steel core and reflective tape. The reflective bands are stretchy for most people. Highly visible for your safety, a safety reflective running vest with yellow reflective bands. Sizes between. A reflective vest is used for men, women, kids, pets, etc. It's easy to take off. The reflective vest can be used for running, walking and cycling. The safety bands can be used for Ankle, Legs, Wrists and Arms. The reflective gear set can be connected to a longer reflective belt. It's being used as a waist belt or backpack belt when running or biking. It's also used to blouse pants when riding a bike. The reflective vest gear is not batteries.

Brand: Tourun

👤The problem is that it is small. I am not a big guy and it is not long enough to fit in a bra. It goes below my chest. It had to be adjusted to fit over a jacket for cold weather cycling. It would not fit over a parka. I may have to get a different reflective vest because I am not very satisfied with it.

👤Great adjustment, large to small. It's easy to put on and it seems high quality. They must work because I haven't been hit yet. I don't look like a construction worker. Doesn't get in the way. I can put my lights on it. There are two arm bands. I put them around my dog's body. It was perfect for that. If you had a smaller waist, you could use them for a belt. There is a The cell phone pocket is large. There is plenty to hold any phone. I added photos to my review.

👤My husband and I ride bikes quite a bit and I wanted more safety for road and early or dusk rides. These are the people who do the job. The pocket has a small closing mechanism. It would work for ID, a tissue, or keys if it were small. I would give it a 5 star if it was a little bigger. The black waist bands are more slim than the thick neon belts that are found in other brands. The vest could be an inch longer in the front and back for a better fit. The bands are doing a great job. The properties of reflection work well.

👤Getting outside in the winter is difficult in the Pacific Northwest. It gets dark early on days that are short. This vest is helping me get out in the dark, without fear of traffic, making it easier to get exercise and fight off the winter blues. The vest is easy to adjust, the pocket is great for carrying ID, and the bands on the ankle or wrist are helpful for visibility. I'm very happy with my purchase so far.

👤This is a well-thought-out and made solution. It is light, comfortable, and gets the job done. There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood so a vest is important. It's nice to know that the front is cut away to avoid nipple-chafing when I venture out without a t-shirt. Just applies to men and women, keep your bras on. The reflective straps are a nice touch. I'm trying to figure out a way to attach them to my dog. We walk in the dark. This product is recommended by me.

👤I enjoy riding at night. These things are awesome. All cars behind me make my ride safer.

👤It's lightweight and comfortable. I use it on my bike. Bright color and reflectors keep me safe.

👤I tried it on and it is comfortable and easy to adjust the size to fit over a jacket. I chose it over others that seemed like they would pucker on the chest because it has less of a bib. As it gets dark, I need something for running and biking. I think this will work well. I'll keep the bands on my bike handles.

7. BALEAF Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker Fluorescent

BALEAF Waterproof Lightweight Windbreaker Fluorescent

Stuff its own back pocket for easy storage. The interior is waterproof and lightweight. The back has a vechicle that helps keep you cool and dry. The jacket is anti-skid. The reflective stripes and logo design keep you safe. There are 6 pockets. One back pocket, one chest pocket, two hand pockets, and two inner pockets hold your items securely. Big Hood Design. The hood keeps rain out of your eyes. It's ideal for outdoor sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I got this jacket because I wanted to protect myself from cars as I run early in the morning. I have been using this for about 20 years. The seller claims that the thing is Breathable, but it is not. I barely sweat on a light jog in this low of temperatures and the sweat literally pools into beads on the inside of the coat and when you take it off there is an entire layer of slick moisture lining the whole inside of the jacket. I really wanted to love this thing.

👤There are two types of jackets I have. I got an Under Armor as a Christmas gift several years ago, but it was an expensive brand that did the job. Even though they are thin, I layer up when it's cold outside. I have been running more recently. It's cold outside. I was looking for a jacket that I could wear again because the two I have are in the laundry. This was a good purchase. I've bought a lot of stuff from You can find good deals on shoes when they are on sale. I was looking at Brookes, Nike jackets on sale for $50 to $60, but I was going to look at Amazon. I have a shirt and shorts with BaLeaf 2. These are just as good for the price as those that have been great. It was 29 degrees outside when I ran. I wore a good layer to keep warm. It does a good job of breaking the wind. I'm sure it will do good to shed water since it's a thicker material than my jackets. This is waterproof. The material seems strong. I think this will work out and last just as long as my other two jackets because of the quality and how much I've used them. The price is the kicker. Compared to other name brands, this is worth the money. I'll try and update after a few more uses, but so far I'm very pleased with this product.

👤Love it. I put it on to ride a bike while the temperature was 46 degrees and I was warm the entire ride.

👤This seems to keep the water out. It's definitely not dry. I don't want to wear this in the weather. It becomes a sweat box. It's like wearing a balloon. It might keep the rain out but you will be sweaty. There is a The main front zip is my other issue. It likes to get caught in the jacket fabric. There is a It's a nice jacket. The hood keeps the water off. There are pockets.

8. Qualidyne Windbreaker Removable Lightweight Reflective

Qualidyne Windbreaker Removable Lightweight Reflective

The shoulder of the men's cycling jacket is designed with a convenient zip, which can quickly detach the sleeves and convert the jacket into a vest for extra exhaust. It can be used as a running sports vest all year long. This is a lightweight and windproof fabric. The jacket for cycling and running is made of light fabric. The back has a Ventilation system. The jacket has an anti-skid prevent. The men's jacket has a hood that prevents rain from coming into your eyes. The fabric is treated with water repellence. When exercising in light rain, the rain won't get into the fabric of the windbreaker, which protects the internal clothes from being wet. The bike windbreaker for men has a large back pocket and two hand pockets with zips, which can be used to store items like phone, keys, card, etc. It can be put into a back pocket for easy carry. Qualidyne mens sports jacket has front and back reflective stripes to keep you safe in darkness. The vent at the top of the partially mesh lined back improves the air quality in your clothing. It's perfect for outdoor activities.

Brand: Qualidyne

👤Excellent quality for the price. I got this to commute in snow and rain, and it is perfect. It's thin and not warm, so it's good for rain in warm weather. It doesn't feel like wearing a plastic bag, it breathes well, and lets out sweat without letting water in. The sleeves zip on and off, and the zip is covered to keep water out. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤Both me and a friend had similar experiences with these. I'm 160 lbs and have a 40" chest. My friend is about 180 lbs. This jacket is used for road cycling by both of us. I started with M and he started on XL. I'm usually borderline M-L in most clothing. I ordered medium based on comments. It was too big. The cuffs on the wrist were too tight. It would have been a good overlayer for a heavier jacket, but I only wear two form-fitting layers underneath for cycling in 40F weather. I'm not riding if it's cold. How many returns do they get on this product? It seems that the size is too large for casual use, and two sizes too big if you're looking for a jacket that's not flapping in the wind. I'm very satisfied with the product, although I haven't had the chance to test it in a variety of conditions.

👤The jacket arrived very quickly. The color with the black accents, reflective material, deep pockets, and the vent on the back are nice. The jacket is not suitable for cycling. I ordered a medium like all of my other clothing but it's too large in the sleeves. The jacket says "US:" M EU: L JP:XL. The L or XL is the correct size for US cyclists.

👤The jacket has been great. I've been using it for two weeks. I ordered a large, which is a little baggy on me, so that I could ride my bike with a coat underneath when it gets cold. It's bright, and I like the sleeves that are removed. I don't mind the baggy sleeves. I haven't had a chance to ride in any rain yet. The only downside may be the zippers. They seem flimsy, but are still working well two weeks later. There is a I really like this jacket, and would recommend it to others.

👤I ordered a jacket that had no black panels, but it was more orange/salmon than corerect safety orange, and the sleeve cuff elastic was stretched out. I've bought a green jacket before. It was a great fit, but not this time, I was sent a completely different item than what was pictured. I am returning the item because the previous jacket was great, but I still ride with it. If they are sending a cheaper product, I will order this jacket.

9. Columbia Watertight Jacket Graphite Large

Columbia Watertight Jacket Graphite Large

Their proprietary technology provides air-permeable protection that's waterproof and breathable, keeping mother nature's elements out, at the same time allowing the inside to breathe, keeping her dry and comfortable. It is a wet-weather jacket made with advanced technology that keeps you dry and comfortable when you need it most. It is light and packable. The rain shell is so small that it can be kept at the ready and stuffed in its own hand pocket. There areANDY features. The perfect outer layer, this coat has an elastic storm hood with an abrasion resistant chin guard, a drawcordadjustable hem, and a pocket for warmth in the rain and snow. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their apparel apart. They use only the highest quality materials. These leggings are worry-free. The jacket may have the words "Columbia" embroidered on it. The product is authentic.

Brand: Columbia

👤The jacket I received is not real. To compare the lengths, I ordered a tall. Look at pictures. The tall jacket is on the left of the first three pictures. The fake jacket has a sticker on it that does not have Columbia embroidered. The tag on the inside is different from the one on the sleeve. The fake jacket has no "Packable" on the inside of the pocket. If I didn't have the tall jacket to compare, I wouldn't have questioned the authenticity of the jacket. I will return it.

👤I couldn't verify if the item I received was legit or fake based on the other reviews. I got a replacement and it had a non embroidered chest logo, a missing packable tag in the pocket, and a non diamond omnitech logo on the left sleeve. I called Columbia to make sure that the product number on the tag matched the number in their system, and they did a great job. They were unable to address the concerns. I contacted Amazon and they couldn't verify if the product was real or fake, so they will open an investigation.

👤I am on the border of large and x-large with most of my clothes. I read it's a little big, so I went for the large. It fits nicely with a t-shirt underneath, but not a lot of room for me. It's a bit snug with a fleece mid-layer. If you're on the L/XL line in most of your clothing, I'd go with the larger one. If you plan to use it as a summer raincoat over a tee for hiking, then I would go with the L. It's fine for me.

👤I am going to hike the inca trail in Peru. We had no rain, even though it was rainy. There is a I wore it during a rainstorm on the way to a house lunch in NYC. It was raining for the 15 minute walk. Put the jack up to dry. When I put the jacket back on, it was soaked all the way through. It's like putting on a wet cloth. Very disappointing. There is a The jacket looks nice, but it's not waterproof. AT. All. Never did anything with a jacket. There is a The seller is a person. Please let me know if you think I have a bad jacket. Would try another to see if it works.

10. Santic Cycling Jersey Bicycle Windproof

Santic Cycling Jersey Bicycle Windproof

Before purchasing, please check their size chart. It is easy to carry, it can be folded into a small volume. Ultra light-weight is designed for optimum comfort levels. It is easy to wash and dry. It is comfortable to cycle or run.

Brand: Santic

👤There is a lot of confusion about the size of this jacket. The seller recommends upsizing one or two sizes to people who read the reviews. The seller upsized the order after I ordered size L. I was too big for it. I weigh 150 lbs. Between S and M US size. My shirt size is 15.5” neck, 39” chest, 32” waist and 32-33” arms. I contacted the seller and gave them my measurements. They said S should be in the US size. I was looking for a jacket. Most people don't wear skin tight cycling clothing. The race is cut in my cycling apparel. The second jacket fits me perfectly and leaves room for 2 under layers. I tried it on a cloudy day. I was wearing a thin quick dry base layer, a tight long sleeve thin fleeced cycling jersey and a jacket on top. I was warm and toasty because of the thin thermal insulated gloves and helmet liner. I wish I had put on knee warmers. I would ride my bike in the 40s. This is not warm in FL. There is a The material is thin and feels good, but water does not penetrate, and it has reflective bits. The green color attracts attention. The back is a little longer than the front. There is a large pocket in the back that can be used as a storage for the jacket but I can put it in the center back pocket of my jersey. There is a Excellent jacket for avid cyclist.

👤This jacket is very light. If you put the entire jacket in the pocket, it is very easy to store and it is very compact. It'sventilated andbreathable. It seems to be water proof in that water beads up and runs off of it. I looked at all the charts when I ordered. I fit in the medium category. I was changed to a large when I ordered from Amazon. The size is messed up because the large fits. I will pack this jacket in my back pack when I ride my bike. I'm stuck outside and it will come in handy when it rains. There was no instructions on how to put the jacket in the pocket. I would never have figured it out if another reviewer hadn't mentioned how to do it. The jacket is exactly what I needed, but it seems a bit overpriced. I'm happy with it.

11. Carhartt Cryder Jacket Shadow 2X Large

Carhartt Cryder Jacket Shadow 2X Large

8.25-Ounce, cotton/polyester/ sputnik quick duck with rain defender. As durable as sandstone, 30% lighter but ounce-for-ounce. Flex stretch technology is rugged and easy to use. Bi-swing between shoulders. The elbow is flexible for less restriction.

Brand: Carhartt

👤I still love this jacket a year later. The design features can be improved, but overall it's a huge improvement over the regular cookie cutter. It is interesting how many simple but innovative design features there are in this jacket. The sleeves stuck out to me. The inside of the jacket has a compression cuff. The sleeve extends a bit farther on the outside. The outside cuff isn't perfect. The top of it seems to be a bit longer than the bottom of it, I assume to keep a breeze off the back of the hand while keeping wrist mobility. I like this feature. If it's not a bitterly cold day, I will put the compression part before my watch, but the outer layer will still get to my wrist. The compression cuffs were tight at first, but after a day or two of pulling them up, they loosened up a bit. There is a The hood can be easily removed with the snap buttons. It has a draw string to snug it up, and is roomy inside with a beanie. There is a The outside is covered in a water resistant coating, but that is not permanent. I am aware that you can add more water resistance. There is a OCKETS... I like my pockets. I need pockets, I don't know how women do it. It doesn't work for me that a work jacket has one little inside pocket. I can fit my big phone with a case in the two big pockets on the outside. There are two inner chest pockets, one on the left and one on the right. I've been wearing this in a light t-shirt with a beanie and I'm sure it can go a bit lower. It's large enough for a sweater underneath. The arm pit and shoulder gusit are included in the "full swing". The sleeves aren't super baggy because of this. The stomach and chest are too baggy for my liking. It's annoying to see a baggy front section with all these features. I'm on the side of a blue collar worker who's 5'9" and 170 lbs. I cut the Carhartt logos off. I think they're ugly and the jacket looks nice without them.

👤This jacket is large. If you want to layer, add one size up. The range refers to the size chart. Large is from a 42 to a 44 inch bare chest. At the time of this review, tall sizes seem to be sold out. The Shadow color looks the best on dark, gray, and salt and pepper haired men. The Canyon Brown color looks best on blonde, sandy or red haired men. The operational temperature range is the most amazing feature of the Carhartt Men's Full Swing Cryder jacket. It is not too hot, up to around 50 degrees, and keeps the wearer warm. I really like the jacket, but I didn't like the way they attached the hood. My solution was to sew the hood attachment down permanently and cut off the bottom flap. You will see what I am referring to when you get the jacket. The seamstress at my local dry cleaner did it in 10 minutes. If you have bears in your mind, take your time and find a good seamstress; my seamstress is excellent so, bear that in mind.


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