Best Bicycle Inner Tube 700 X 35c

Tube 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Tube 700 48mm Presta Valve

Tube 700 48mm Presta Valve

Premium inner tube is a high-quality butyl rubber compound which results in fewer flats, longer lasting and durable. Quality was tested. A 24 hour inflation test is included in the 100% quality control inspection. 6 per pack If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, VeloTubes will give you a full refund. Each 700C X 18/25 Grams is 120 Grams. 48mm Presta Valve is fixed.

Brand: Velotubes

👤Since one of my riding buddies shared it, I came across it. I have installed one in my saddle bag, but I also have another one in my bag. I inflated these before installing and didn't notice any problems as others reported. I was able to inflate my tire to 100psi and have been riding it for a month. I will report back if I see something new. Happy riding! There is a There is a new update on July 7, 2019. I used another tube from the set that I got, but this one didn't last a day and had a puncture. I only faced an issue with this one, out of the 3 that I used. I patched it up. We will see how that goes. There is a * If you find my review helpful, please click the 'Yes' in the review. I keep sharing more experiences with the community.

👤I have never had a failure with this pack of tubes. I was frustrated and left a negative review after 3 out of 6 of the tubes I received were found to be faulty. The seller went out of his way to send me a new set of tubes with a hand written apology and I have ordered around 10 or so 6 packs for use by myself. I didn't ask the seller to send me replacement tubes or even let him know they had failed, he took the initiative himself. I think that speaks volumes for this seller and have no problem with a positive review because I am confident that the buyer will get a great value and be treated fairly in the rare event of a defect. 5 stars It is forever.

👤I ride a road bike. I like the idea of a tube that is light. The Continental Race or Light tubes are very thin. They fail more often than standard tubes. There is a The generic tubes are not too heavy and are thick at 121.75g. They are inexpensive.

👤I have ordered these many times and had no issues. Make sure you get the right size for your application. When the tube is inside a tire, inflate fully. People getting punctures were some of the issues I saw. I don't understand how that's the sellers fault.

👤I should have listened to the reviews that said the tubes were bad. I realized after getting 3 flats that every single tube had a defect opposite the valve stem. When you pump these tubes up with no tire, this area is more restricted than with normal tubes, which probably has something to do with the leaks. There is a The nature of the defect makes it difficult to patch. Not a single tube held air for more than a day, so I am hoping for a refund. I was stranded 10 miles from home twice. Stay away from them.

2. Ultraverse Inner 700x35 43c Bicycle Presta

Ultraverse Inner 700x35 43c Bicycle Presta

The Presta Valve has a reinforced rubber base and 48mm FV Valve. The bike tubes are designed to fit all types of bikes. Thorn resistant tubes have been tested to make sure they are puncture resistant. Installation of the tire lever pro tool kit can be done in less than an hour, and it will reduce the time spent on the inner tube installation by 50%. Excellent resistance to ozone cracking, weathering, or aging can be achieved with Solid Thick Butyl Rubber.

Brand: Ultraverse

👤They made the install easy with the included levelers and tools. Will buy again. There is a The installation is the same as any other bike tire inner tubes. The price was more attractive than the inner tubes. The instructions were fine. Maybe a bigger print would be better. It seems like a lot of tubes are that way because the valves are not removeable. I have to put miles on the bike to evaluate puncture resistance, which is unknown at this time.

👤These seem to be good training tubes. Each tube weighs 125 grams. They come in a nice package. They are shrink wrapped. The tire levers are stiff. There is a valve wrench that snaps in them. They don't have valves that can be removed. They seem like a good deal at 12.99.

👤These are not easy to install. The valves were lined up with the holes on my bike tires, and they were a good quality. I haven't taken my bike out for a ride yet. I can tell you these will be a much better ride than my last tubes.

👤I bought two packs of 700x23. I put the first one on. I came back to a flat tire after changing into my bike clothes. I didn't put any weight on the bike. I found a small hole after removing the tube. I put 30 miles on the second tube today for a ride on some rough back roads. The second held up well. If only 50% are usable, the price is not good. I changed from 3 stars to 1 star. The second tube only lasted 30 miles. It will not hold a pump now that it is flat. GARBAGE TUBES!

👤It was nice to pick up two spare parts going into winter. It's always best to carry a spare or two, especially going into winter, when there is more debris on the roads.

👤It seems like a good tube and the tire removal tools included are handy, but I can't vouch for its longevity. I didn't notice that the 45mm valve stem was longer than it should be. I might look for something shorter next time.

👤Ultraverse Bike immediately communicated with me and gave me a full refund for the faulty product after I initially rated them a 2 stars. They sent me a replacement. Excellent service without having to fight for it. I will buy from them again.

3. Street Fit 360 Pack Schrader

Street Fit 360 Pack Schrader

There are 4 Continental Inner Tubes. 2 Inner Tubes are in their own box. A replacement inner tube is needed for a bike with the same tire size.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤I couldn't get them to work because they were too big for my tire, so I don't know what to say. One was too big and no amount of stretching would get it in the wheel. I thought I could work with the other one, but when it came to inflating the tube, air refused to go in, leading me to conclude that the tube was pinched somewhere. I gave up and went to a shop that I was trying to avoid. They gave me new tubes and didn't try to make them work themselves. They didn't give me a clear answer when I asked what was wrong, but they did say that you probably pinched it. I had problems every step of the way when I tried to install these tubes. Is that worth your money? There is a My tire size is 28 x 1-5/8 x 1-1/4, 700x32c, 32-622. One of the Q&As addressed that size, so I was confident in buying these tubes. I got tubes that were too big for my tires, like many other reviewers.

👤Weak and flimsy. I ignored the negative reviews that claimed these were bad. I assumed they were written by incompetent people. Wrong. I know how to install bicycle tubes. Professional help was consulted on the second go round. I never got to ride on the garbage tubes. Within minutes of installation, they both burst. The giraffe is moving.

👤When I tried to install the 700x32c tube on my 700x28-35c, it was way too big. I tried to add air pressure to see if it would fill out within the tire, but it just bunched up. It wasn't a 700c tube. There is a It seemed like quality was okay. Didn't get to ride on it, but it felt like every other bicycle tube - did not note any glaringly poor quality with the tube material.

👤I inflated them before I mounted them on my rim. Before I mount my tubes, I check them. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I put one of the two in my tire. I got a flat after 10 miles and had to walk home. I found a pin hole leak on the inside of the failed tube. I attribute the hole to poor product quality. The second one will hold up.

👤I was told that the inner tube would fit my bike, but it didn't. It's not good for riding and dependability to have a 1-2 inch larger size difference. I checked several websites and even the schwinn website, and either the information given was wrong about tire size fitting or the inner tube maker didn't do their job right...not blaming the seller or Amazon for this issue. Good luck.

4. AR PRO 700x32 47 Replacement Presta Levers

AR PRO 700x32 47 Replacement Presta Levers

Excellent resistance to ozone cracking, weathering, or aging can be achieved with Solid Thick Butyl Rubber. Most 700c road bikes have between 32 to 47 wide tires and the replacement Inner Tubes are for them. It adds comfort to your ride. You won't feel the bumps and hollows because your bike glides along, protecting you from the force. That is comfortable. This inner tube was designed to be explosion proof. It immediately creates a seal to prevent damage if it is punctured. It's safe in any weather condition. There is no tool installation. You will be back on the trail or track in less than 5 minutes with their tire levers. It's so easy to replace the inner tube. Made heavy duty from quality materials. They do it right by making dependable and durable inner tubes. Count on it!

Brand: Ar-pro

👤I needed to replace tires in my kids bikes. The valve and tube meet were split. Two other people will not hold air. Half of the 6 are not good.

👤The initial impression is worth something. It's too early to assess longevity of the first 2 of 6. I'd prefer a spare valve, but slimed tires still go down just over a longer period, so I'll settle for carrying a spare tube. If you've ever heard of new tubes going flat quickly, always check for thistle/splinter remnants in the tire with your finger, as these can be hard to see. There is a The spoke nut is where I've seen punctures. Happy riding!

👤6 tubes for $26 seem to be good quality, but I was a bit skeptical about them. I put two on immediately after 450 miles of mixed pavement and gravel running. I would buy them again.

👤The tubes worked well with my tires. The tire levers were disappointing because they broke on the first try.

👤I bought these for my 70psi max tires. They are an excellent value so far.

5. Goodyear Bicycle Tube 25 32c

Goodyear Bicycle Tube 25 32c

A replacement inner tube is needed for a bike with the same tire size. The tire width is between 25 and 32c. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Goodyear

👤I've been using these tubes for a long time, but something has changed. I ordered five of them back in September, but didn't need to use any until a few weeks ago, and since then I've gone through all five! Some of them didn't last for a day or two before developing leaks. After the second flat in less than a week, I searched high and low for the piece of wire, staple, and glass that could explain it. I can't find anything after I confirmed where the puncture was and how it was pouring over my tire. The side, top, and bottom of the pinholes are not easy to explain away as a manufacturing defect. I've been buying these tubes for a long time. Stay away.

👤The tube was in the package. After installing and riding for less than two miles, it developed a slow leak where there was a rectangular patter of lesions underneath the valve stem. Less than a day of use. I'm changing my tire again. I didn't find anything inside the tire that would make it rub this way. I'm pretty sure it was a manufacturing or packaging issue.

👤I ordered two tubes. There is an extra for a back up. When filled to 100psi, the first tube popped. I only filled up the second tube. I was walking back to my bike when it popped. I'm scared to think what would have happened if these popped on the hill. I'd like to get a refund.

👤The first ride went well. I noticed that the wheel was not even, but I thought it was. There is a lump in the tube that causes the tire to not perfectly rotation in my attached video. I was very excited to finally find the right size for my bike, even though I had other sizes that were too big and small, but the 28 to 32 seems to be just right. I have another brand waiting just to make sure that the tube is under $10 so that I can make sure I get the right one. When the time comes, I will update this review. There are 3 stars to 1 star. I'm glad it didn't happen while I was on it. I took the car on a stroll to make sure it was ready for the ride. I looked at my sprocket as I got back. I was confused as to why the brake kept catching, and then I saw the tire lying on the ground. There was a boom. It blew up. There is a Thanks for putting your name on the product. Your under $10 tube proved to be not only garbage, but extremely dangerous at the cost of a $60 tire and likely permanent damage to my hearing. If you can't get a Fiegin bike tire, I will never buy aby automobile parts from you. Good job, put your name on the garbage. You've ruined me for automobile warranties on my tires. You've reinforced my dislike for your company. I think that's correct.

6. PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

The package includes a bike repair tool kit, a portable carry bag, and a metal RASP. Easy to collect, quick to take out, and easy to use the tool kit make it easy to put all items together. The Presta Valve is Threaded with anRemovable Core. If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤My bike is a light trail bike, but it gets ridden a lot. When the tires were worn through, I decided to replace them with new ones. For thousands more, that set of tubes lasted. There is a I put on a new rear tire and set up my CX indoors on a trainer, because my Kenda mild knobbies were loud on a trainer. When I removed the training tire a few weeks ago, I accidentally pinched the tube with the tire levers and poked a tiny hole. There is a I only needed one of the two packs of tubes, but I used my mountain bike in the meantime, even though they normally last me years at a time. Throw the Kenda back on after opening a tube, mount it to the rim. Set the bike to the side so that it can be ridden the next day. There is a The rear of my bike is flat. I will censor my next few words. I pulled the tire and tube off and checked my rim, rim tape, and tire for any issues. All is clear. If you want to try for a tube, grab tube #2, mount it, and head out to the trail. The tire is losing pressure 15 miles into the ride, and things are feeling a bit squishy. I was fortunate to find a trail side pump, but I didn't bring a mini or inflator. I pump it back up when I am on tubes. I took the bike out for 22 miles and put it in my car. It was un loaded the next morning and completely flat. 0/2. These are just junk tubes, I am perfectly willing to admit when I goof up and ruin a tube. Even if I had a third sitting on the shelf, I wouldn't use it at this point, as I would be worried about it failing and waiting for it to fail.

👤Why do you have to spend so much time making a product like this? A short presta valve. Thanks for wasting time. If you don't know anything about the cycling products industry, you should turn your factory into an animal rescue center.

👤I have a bike for both road and single track trail riding. It is very difficult to get tires to seal on the rim without tubes. Tubes are prone to pinch flats if not inflated with higher pressures on trails. The traction is reduced by the higher pressure. I can run lower pressures and avoid pinch flats with the help of the tubes and tubeless sealant.

7. CrabTek Bike Inner 700X38C Strip

CrabTek Bike Inner 700X38C Strip

If you're unhappy with the items, they're happy to exchange them for something else. 700X38/35/ 43C is the wheel size. 33mm is the length of the American Vale. The package includes the bike inner tube and rim strip. The bicycle inner tubes are made of strong butyl rubber, so they will last longer than average. If you're unhappy with the items, they're happy to exchange them for something else.

Brand: Crabtek

👤One exploded on the seam after failing within days. The other blew apart on a ride. These are really time bombs.

👤The tire was installed on the bike. The tire boomed. The tire is already damaged. The tire boomed once around. The 2nd one was installed without pinching or twisting. Two tires are down. There is a point of sale.

👤There is a manufacturing problem with this produce. The valve stems can break easily. I thought it was during the install, but I noticed the second tube had some cracks on the bottom of the stem. I requested a replacement that had small cracks and tears. The rubber looks like a quality product. The manufacture process needs to be revised.

👤I received 2 tubes, but no rim strips. The package was delivered undamaged. There is a Strips are more valuable than tubes. I got ripped off. No reply from Crabtek. CrabTek won't get any more money from me.

👤I am sure any tube would install the same as the one that was easy to install. There is a The first tube failed after 3 weeks of easy riding. The second tube was used for a week. The rim and tire had no sharp objects that could have caused the failure.

👤The first inner tube failed at a seam after one day. The second inner tube had a slow lead. I ordered a replacement and hope to have better luck.

👤The tire will pop loudly if you over inflate or pinch the tube. The neighbors were scared in the middle of the night. That was my fault. The product is great.

👤The bike was left unused for two weeks after it was used one time with the new tire inner tube. I heard a loud hissing noise and noticed that the tire was deflated. I took care not to over-inflate the tire inner tube. It was a waste to disassemble and return. I'm sick of being sold junk on Amazon.

8. Bell STANDARD Tube 700 43c

Bell STANDARD Tube 700 43c

-02: A threaded fork is converted to threadless. High pressure blow outs are prevented by mold cured rubber. The inner tube was reliably tested. The valve type and length are listed. 40mm with cap. It's great for road bike tires.

Brand: Bell

👤The reviews addressing the incorrect photos are being added. There are multiple photos of a Schrader valve tube displayed on the product page. Although the style is referring to the type of tube rather than valve, it is very misleading when combined with the photos and lack of valve type in the product title at the top of the page. The only other place where it mentions the Presta valve is in the drop down selection. That is where you would specify valve type. Many people have complained about this, but have been generous enough to give it 3 stars. I am giving this product a 1 star because it is the wrong product and our plans have been delayed because I need to order another tube. There is a It was my mistake for not reading the entire page, but it was the result of a major error that has already caused multiple mix ups. A good product is only good when you can use it.

👤Had to replace a tube. I bought two of them a while ago. Within half an hour, I heard a loud pop. I went to the garage to get a new tire. I noticed a large tear in the tube when I removed it. Very disappointing. One day later. There is a I replaced the same brand tube that was 18 months old with the one I used above. It blew out while riding. There was no damage to the tire or the roadway, but a tear in the tube. The replacement blew with a similar tear. I bought the original in July of 2019. I ordered two more in December. The first one was working well. There is a The first spare I put on blew when I hung it on my garage bike rack. The second was still on my work bench when it inflated to 50psi. On smooth Florida roads and trails, I ride 60 to 100 miles a week. There are three failures from this company. I wouldn't.

👤I replaced 2 of them on my bike. It was flat to 40 lbs of pressure. Seemed great... Welllllllllll... They both popped within 12 hours. It was terrifying to hear in the middle of the night. I had a flat in my back tire. I would suggest getting a quality tube. I have changed many tubes on my bike. Everything from bmx to simple road bikes... Don't buy them.

9. Street Fit 360 Pack Bicycle

Street Fit 360 Pack Bicycle

If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length. 60mm Presta Valve is smooth. If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length. Adding a little air to the tube is a must when changing your bicycle inner tube. This gives it form so it doesn't get twisted or bunch up. Once the new tube is installed and fully inflated, only add a few PSI to form the tube. You should be able to see an even bead of the tire on both sides. Re- inspect the tire bead to the rim after inflating to half the desired PSI. inflate to the recommended air pressure if the beading is all the way around on both sides. If the bead doesn't hook properly on the rim, the inner tube can slip out between the tire and rim and then explode.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤If you have a hand pump that requires you to screw onto the valve, you're screwed.

👤This tube is a great purchase because it can be filled with sealant. If you need to remove the valve core, you should get a valve core removal tool. 80% of the tubes are made by Kenda, which makes them fail and switch to a different tube. They are now known as the rebranded. They work well, but have the same limitations as any pneumatic tube.

👤It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. Update: The second one popped on the rear tire. If you cycle on rough/bumpy surfaces, don't use these. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. There is a Original is the original. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. I only used them for a week. The rear tube popped. I used the recommended spec for the 700 x 32c tire, which is 85psi, but I'm not sure how many bar it is. If anyone is wondering, I ride on rough streets. There is a The front tube is most likely not popped because of the weight on the rear. I don't have any spare tubes. I have to use a different size tube.

👤I had a rim that was replaced with a new one. They were aware of this issue. I went through at least 20 tubes. I tried everything and the shop was confused. The money was wasted. The tubes failed in the same place in a seam near the valve stem. I can't return my old order. The seller should be ashamed of these tubes.

👤The new wheels need 60mm stems. The tubes failed at a seam. Cheap shit, no puncture or pinch. There is a Tubes usually last me for about 6 months. Going back to Slimes will allow the stem to be barely long enough to fill.

👤This is a smooth presta valve, not threaded. I have a clip on the pump that you can't push down unless you have a pair of pliers to hold the valve out. If the tube is very low on air, this matters. I thought it was a mistake and sent the first set back, but the new ones were the same.

10. Continental Tour 700x32 47 Schrader Valve

Continental Tour 700x32 47 Schrader Valve

Designed to seal punctures. There are 4 Continental Inner Tubes.

Brand: Continental

👤These tubes are good value. The box says 32-47c tires. These are thin-wall tubes that would be acceptable for 32-38c tires, but I wouldn't venture higher than 38c. I own a Trek Verve 1 with 45c tires. I flattened all three of them in a single month, doing nothing different in either my tire-mounting process or biking method. The problem is that these are too thin-walled to work in the bigger space and air-volume space of a 40c or 45c tire, they can expand in size too big, and then pop. There is a The amount of air-volume space in your tire is what you need a heavy-duty, thick walled tube for. The Sunlite 40-45c tubes are heavy duty and will hold 65psi.

👤The tubes are made in Germany according to the website. There is a The box hints that they are made in Germany. There is no "made in" sentence on the box, but all of the printing on the box refers to Germany. There is a The inner tube is made in China. Changed from 1 to 3 stars. I bought 8 of them. They were wrapped in two packages. There is a The boxes were faded as if they were left out in the sun, and some of the print could not be read. There is a The other pack of four looked like it was fresh from the factory. I've used my tube for 30 years and never get more than one year out. I don't think there will be any more out of these tubes.

👤I got back into cycling on paved paths 3-4 times a week. The original front tube of my Gary Fisher hybrid bike was not holding air for rides, so I bought a pack of four. It was good to get 10 years use out of an inner tube. There is a After installing a new Continental tube, the tube stayed full for a few days. If you check the pressure before each ride, only a small amount would be lost, which is not an issue for a tire that takes 60-80 lbs of pressure. You should always check tire pressure before riding. The quality of these tubes is high and the price is acceptable for me. Happy with the performance so far.

👤I had no issues with getting them installed and inflated up to 55 psi, it was a great tube for the price. There is a The stems are made of metal and have a washer that keeps the stem in place. I always hated on my old tubes when I wanted to add air, or if it went flat while out riding the tube, it would spin in the rim and be a pain to get it centered. I've had tubes get holes around the stem or have the stem torn off from excessive flexing, so this is a huge pro for me. Time will tell how long these new tubes will last. I'm nervous to see what kind of life span they may have. Will update if there are any issues.

11. Goodyear Self Sealing Bicycle Tube 700c

Goodyear Self Sealing Bicycle Tube 700c

To ensure uniform roundness and a smooth ride, a seamless construction with a mould-cured vulcanisation is used. The package is 6.35 cm in length. The package is 11.43 cm in width. The package is 11.684 cm high. The product is outdoor rejuvenation.

Brand: Goodyear

👤It's really frustrating. I installed the two tubes I bought. One filled with air and the other not, as if the valve stem is blocked. I have a large compressor, and no amount of pressure or tinkering has helped. I would like to ride my bike. I don't want to wait for a new one that may not work and then return it again. 3 out of 4 of the exact same type tubes do not fill, and I have returned and replaced them multiple times. I checked my equipment and it works on all of my other bikes. The same thing happened when I switched my equipment. It's unbelievable that a product from a company would be so bad. I am very upset that my bike has been useless for weeks because of this. I tried to get two tubes for my bike but they didn't fill. I heard a pop after trying and re- trying. I have been waiting for a bike. Amazon was great through this. They didn't make me return the first faulty tube, and the time I wasted returning them wasn't their fault. I called to let them know that they have a quality control problem with a product that has their name on it. They said that another company makes the tubes for them and took my information away. 2 days later, nothing. There is a Something is terribly wrong with this product. If my experience is close to the actual fail rate, you would have to order at least 5 to get 2 usable tubes.

👤Amazon does a better job of customer service. Thanks to Sofia for helping me with my issue. The first tube arrived on time and I changed it without incident. It was flat when I got up the next morning. I pulled the tube and found a seam that had exploded. Replacement was done in 1 1/2 days. On the same day, I put that tube in it. I went for a ride in the morning but it went flat after 6 miles. Went home and asked for a new bike. I found a hole in the tube that wasn't repaired. Isn't that what the stuff is supposed to do? The third tube arrived a week later than expected. Thank you. I put that one on the same day as I was going for a ride. No issues! I went for a ride the next day, but put my bike away about 3 hours later. A tire is flat. There is a new pinhole in a different spot. I would advise you to look elsewhere if you want to buy this tube again. There is a I never used metal tools to remove the tire or put it back on because you can just work it over the rim. I'm afraid of pinching the tube. There were no leaks when I checked the valve stems. I inflated to 50 lbs to be on the low side of the maximum.


What is the best product for bicycle inner tube 700 x 35c?

Bicycle inner tube 700 x 35c products from Velotubes. In this article about bicycle inner tube 700 x 35c you can see why people choose the product. Ultraverse and Street Fit 360 are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle inner tube 700 x 35c.

What are the best brands for bicycle inner tube 700 x 35c?

Velotubes, Ultraverse and Street Fit 360 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle inner tube 700 x 35c. Find the detail in this article. Ar-pro, Goodyear and Crabtek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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