Best Bicycle Inner Tube 700 X 25c Schrader Valve

25c 14 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Continental Bicycle Tubes 700x20 25 Presta

Continental Bicycle Tubes 700x20 25 Presta

The price is for 2 inner tubes. The claimed weight is 105g, and the wheel size is 700x20/25. Excellent replacement inner tube for your road bike. Butyl tubes have Continental quality. Every inner tube passes a 100% quality control inspection. To ensure uniform roundness and a smooth ride, a seamless construction with a mould-cured vulcanisation is used.

Brand: Continental

👤I am writing a terrible review because I want to warn my fellow cyclists that this stuff stinks. I had a lot of trouble with these. I bought a bunch a while ago and didn't think much of it, but I went through them very quickly and thought streets have more litter these days and glass with corona and lockdown. I got another 5. Wow... I went through all 5 tires in a few weeks and I was surprised at how small the pin hole leaks were. I would fix some and they would put a new one in the same location. After hitting a normal bump, one tube would work for a few days. What a nightmare. These are not good for whatever reason... I replaced it with a different brand and it was perfect. It's not mine. Maybe it was a bad batches. This is not a good sign. They refused to give me a refund after I contacted the seller. I spent a lot of time changing these tires so it wasn't worth it.

👤I bought the Continental Bicycle Tubes Race 28 700x20-25 S42 Presta Valve 42mm after reading reviews. I bought a lot of tubes, two of which had a hole, and I decided to put some air in them, because I didn't know that the third one had a hole. The tube exploded with a small amount of air I pumped in. I have two more tubes. It's hard to use it. I don't want to think about what would happen if the tube blew at this speed, I get a max speed of 25 miles per hour. I'm not sure if it's the brand that I thought was a good brand, or if it's the seller selling a second hand product.

👤Absolutely rubbish. I have gone through all 5 tubes in two different bikes. My old tire had a wire poking through the inside and that's why I had one tube. I bought brand new tires and checked the inside for wires all clear. I have never had a problem with conti before buying them on Amazon. These must not be real.

👤A week before, I bought a pack of the same tire tubes. They were in separate boxes. I decided to get some extra spare parts because I liked them so much. The 5 pack arrived in a generic plastic bag. The difference was clear when I put an original tube next to the One of the 5 pack ones. There is a Half the width and half the thickness! There is a They are on the front porch waiting for the package. There is a You get what you pay for.

2. AR PRO 700x20 25C Replacement Presta Levers

AR PRO 700x20 25C Replacement Presta Levers

To ensure uniform roundness and a smooth ride, a seamless construction with a mould-cured vulcanisation is used. Most 700c road bikes have between 20 to 25 wide tires, and the replacement Inner Tubes are for them. It adds comfort to your ride. You won't feel the bumps and hollows because your bike glides along, protecting you from the force. That is comfortable. This inner tube was designed to be explosion proof. It immediately creates a seal to prevent damage if it is punctured. It's safe in any weather condition. There is no tool installation. You will be back on the trail or track in less than 5 minutes with their tire levers. It's so easy to replace the inner tube. Made heavy duty from quality materials. They do it right by making dependable and durable inner tubes. Count on it!

Brand: Calpalmy

👤I installed one. Within an hour, it popped. Along the seam was separated. I installed another. Within 2 days, it popped. The bike was stationary. It's hard to make good quality innertubes.

👤My son and I will be packing a bike. After 35 miles, we are stuck with four flats. I have been cycling for over 40 years and can change a tire with my eyes closed, run Gatorskins on the bike, and hold bicycle maintenance clinics. We are waiting for support as the sun goes down. Absolutely ridiculous.

👤They are bike tubes. It's a kind of rating that is either round or not, they are made of rubber, and they hold air. A bike tube is a commodity. The ability to install or not is something that is up to the user.

👤The tubes for deep wheels are shorter than other brands. Mainstream manufacturers measure the outer valve portion while this manufacturer measured from the tip of the core. When I replaced a flat tube, I was unable to pump it due to the valve being too short. The Continental 42mm tube is on top of the brand's 42mm tube. The difference may be insignificant to many riders, but not to people like me who have deeper wheels.

👤Tubes are pretty average. There is nothing special here. I ordered the correct size and they fit perfectly. The first two were installed on therim side and the second on theseam side. The remaining installs have been good for a few dozen miles. There is a The tire levers snapped on the first use. They're not very strong. Not the best, not the worst. The job was done eventually. I would probably buy again.

👤Two days after I received the item, I was able to use one of the tubes on a bike ride. It works well because I was close to the nearest bike shop. I was on my way again after about 20 minutes. There is a I gave it only three stars because of the packaging, the dirty valve of the new tube, and the fact that the included tire level is a piece of junk.

👤It's a good price for what you get. Presta valves and covers are in 6 tubes. The packaging leaves something to be desired. The top off of the package raised an eyebrow. I installed two of them in my bike. Took them for a ride and they held up. One went down in pressure in a day. I'll see if that was an outlier or something else.

3. PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

It was designed to reduce flats. 48mm Presta Valve, Threaded with a Core. If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length. Adding a little air to the tube is a must when changing your bicycle inner tube. This gives it form so it doesn't get twisted or bunch up. Once the new tube is installed and fully inflated, only add a few PSI to form the tube. You should be able to see an even bead of the tire on both sides. Re- inspect the tire bead to the rim after inflating to half the desired PSI. inflate to the recommended air pressure if the beading is all the way around on both sides. If the bead doesn't hook properly on the rim, the inner tube can slip out between the tire and rim and then explode.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤Most of the negative reviews for these tubes are because the 60mm valve length is not threaded. The 32mm and 48mm stems are threaded, the 60mm is not. A standard weight tube is less expensive than most other brands. If you get lucky, your local bike shop will sell the Specialized brand tubes for $8. The Street Fit tubes are made by Sunlite, a good maker of inner tubes, and they cost me less than $6 per tube in the value pack. I think that's a good deal. I have no issues with mine and I will keep buying the cheaper tubes until I see a reason to switch.

👤The tubes blow in every instance. I have ridden less than 10 miles on three sets of tubes. The tubes blow close to the valve. I am assuming that the machine used to hold the tube produces a round that punctures the tube. I thought I had done something wrong two times, but three times is the charm. I only rode this bike once after putting the newest tubes in. I put it on the road. When I hit 80 pounds, the tube blew. Wow, given that it's rated at 112... It was a big let down. I will not recommend these tubes to anyone.

👤I can't recommend these brands. Bike tubes are the type of thing you buy and they sit on the shelf until you need them, but they turned out to be unreliable. One of the tubes was installed a year ago. Since the tube was installed, the bike is rarely used. It was used four days ago and got a flat. There is a It wasn't a puncture. A hole was created where the stem meets the tube. The location made it impossible to patch. These things happen again. I filled the 2nd tube to 1/3rds pressure after installing it. All was fine when I checked it the next morning. The bike has not been used since the 2nd tube was installed. I was expecting it to be a problem at the stem/tube connection. It was not. The tube split. There was a small separation on the rim side of the tube. It could not be patched because of the location.

👤Three of the four Sunlite tubes that I bought in the last month have failed. I'll give that one the benefit of the doubt, but it could've been a pinch flat/install error. The valve stem core failed in the same way as the other two. I will replace with any other brand if the fourth one fails this week. Look elsewhere? If you can! This is not the fault of Amazon or the seller, the price was good and shipping was good.

4. Sunlite Thorn Resistant SCHRADER Valve

Sunlite Thorn Resistant SCHRADER Valve

If you're unhappy with the items, they're happy to exchange them for something else. Standard tubes have a thinner bottom wall. Tubes are resistant to puncture and last longer.

Brand: Pyramid

👤I replace the rear tube on a new bike because the original one was light and cheap. I bought a second tube to replace the front tube because I was very pleased with the first one. I always put a little air in the tube to make sure there is no slow leak. The first tube was fine, but the second one has a weird twist. I don't think the second tube will hold up to expectations, but I'm not a tire expert. Once I put a few miles on it, I'll report back. The second tube only lasted a few months before it started leaking at a seam. I patched the tube, but it started leaking again after a few more months.

👤This tube is a monster if it is installed correctly. I pop tires all the time. This thing can handle the abuse of my riding style. The negative reviews were probably the work of people who installed the tube wrong or let it get twisted. If you hold the valve stem through the rim and pinch around the tire, the tube will fit inside the tire. If you are breaking valve stems, you should take your bike to someone who knows what they're doing.

👤That's a thick inner tube! I've never seen a bicycle tube as thick as a truck inner tube. Unless I run directly over a tack that is set just right, I can't imagine getting a flat. It's probably not a good idea to carry a tube in your seat bag as a spare unless you don't mind it being 3 times as heavy as a normal tube and 3 times as bulky.

👤I spent 7 years on these tubes without flats. The valve stem broke as I was riding down a trail.

👤After a few days, hole around valve on both. I like to have one as a backup. I put the first one on my rear wheel. It was flat just 2 days later. I removed it and saw that there was a large hole on the rubber that joined the valve to the inner tube, which looked like a weak spot. I put a thin coating of rubber sealant on the wheel's metal valve hole, then inflated it, because I thought it was a bad one, or the wheel cut it there, which has never happened to the 3 or 4 tubes on before. On the next day, there was a hole in the same place. There is a I went to a local store and bought a cheaper one, and it has been working well for weeks. It seems like a manufacturing defect, either with that batches or the whole line. Will not be buying again.

5. Continental Tour 700x32 47 Schrader Valve

Continental Tour 700x32 47 Schrader Valve

Designed to seal punctures. There are 4 Continental Inner Tubes.

Brand: Continental

👤These tubes are good value. The box says 32-47c tires. These are thin-wall tubes that would be acceptable for 32-38c tires, but I wouldn't venture higher than 38c. I own a Trek Verve 1 with 45c tires. I flattened all three of them in a single month, doing nothing different in either my tire-mounting process or biking method. The problem is that these are too thin-walled to work in the bigger space and air-volume space of a 40c or 45c tire, they can expand in size too big, and then pop. There is a The amount of air-volume space in your tire is what you need a heavy-duty, thick walled tube for. The Sunlite 40-45c tubes are heavy duty and will hold 65psi.

👤The tubes are made in Germany according to the website. There is a The box hints that they are made in Germany. There is no "made in" sentence on the box, but all of the printing on the box refers to Germany. There is a The inner tube is made in China. Changed from 1 to 3 stars. I bought 8 of them. They were wrapped in two packages. There is a The boxes were faded as if they were left out in the sun, and some of the print could not be read. There is a The other pack of four looked like it was fresh from the factory. I've used my tube for 30 years and never get more than one year out. I don't think there will be any more out of these tubes.

👤I got back into cycling on paved paths 3-4 times a week. The original front tube of my Gary Fisher hybrid bike was not holding air for rides, so I bought a pack of four. It was good to get 10 years use out of an inner tube. There is a After installing a new Continental tube, the tube stayed full for a few days. If you check the pressure before each ride, only a small amount would be lost, which is not an issue for a tire that takes 60-80 lbs of pressure. You should always check tire pressure before riding. The quality of these tubes is high and the price is acceptable for me. Happy with the performance so far.

👤I had no issues with getting them installed and inflated up to 55 psi, it was a great tube for the price. There is a The stems are made of metal and have a washer that keeps the stem in place. I always hated on my old tubes when I wanted to add air, or if it went flat while out riding the tube, it would spin in the rim and be a pain to get it centered. I've had tubes get holes around the stem or have the stem torn off from excessive flexing, so this is a huge pro for me. Time will tell how long these new tubes will last. I'm nervous to see what kind of life span they may have. Will update if there are any issues.

6. Street Fit 360 Pack Bicycle

Street Fit 360 Pack Bicycle

If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length. 60mm Presta Valve is smooth. If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length. Adding a little air to the tube is a must when changing your bicycle inner tube. This gives it form so it doesn't get twisted or bunch up. Once the new tube is installed and fully inflated, only add a few PSI to form the tube. You should be able to see an even bead of the tire on both sides. Re- inspect the tire bead to the rim after inflating to half the desired PSI. inflate to the recommended air pressure if the beading is all the way around on both sides. If the bead doesn't hook properly on the rim, the inner tube can slip out between the tire and rim and then explode.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤If you have a hand pump that requires you to screw onto the valve, you're screwed.

👤This tube is a great purchase because it can be filled with sealant. If you need to remove the valve core, you should get a valve core removal tool. 80% of the tubes are made by Kenda, which makes them fail and switch to a different tube. They are now known as the rebranded. They work well, but have the same limitations as any pneumatic tube.

👤It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. Update: The second one popped on the rear tire. If you cycle on rough/bumpy surfaces, don't use these. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. There is a Original is the original. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. I only used them for a week. The rear tube popped. I used the recommended spec for the 700 x 32c tire, which is 85psi, but I'm not sure how many bar it is. If anyone is wondering, I ride on rough streets. There is a The front tube is most likely not popped because of the weight on the rear. I don't have any spare tubes. I have to use a different size tube.

👤I had a rim that was replaced with a new one. They were aware of this issue. I went through at least 20 tubes. I tried everything and the shop was confused. The money was wasted. The tubes failed in the same place in a seam near the valve stem. I can't return my old order. The seller should be ashamed of these tubes.

👤The new wheels need 60mm stems. The tubes failed at a seam. Cheap shit, no puncture or pinch. There is a Tubes usually last me for about 6 months. Going back to Slimes will allow the stem to be barely long enough to fill.

👤This is a smooth presta valve, not threaded. I have a clip on the pump that you can't push down unless you have a pair of pliers to hold the valve out. If the tube is very low on air, this matters. I thought it was a mistake and sent the first set back, but the new ones were the same.

7. Sunlite Standard Schrader Valve Tubes

Sunlite Standard Schrader Valve Tubes

Bicycle tubes from Sunlite are of the highest quality. There are multiple tube sizes available.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I worked as a bicycle mechanic for over 30 years. I've installed thousands of tubes and used them all the time. Just a suggestion. When installing bicycle tubes, it is advisable toinflate them slightly to keep them from "bunching up". This is the most common reason for home mechanics. When you install them flat, they will push the tire off the rim with a big bubble. inflating to quickly is the second most common reason. It's always better to use a bicycle pump when using a compressor. The tire bead can fall from the hook on the rim. Slow inflation is the best way to avoid this. When a tube is installed and the wheel is put back on the bike put a small amount of air inside the tube to make sure it is even with the rim before adding a little more pressure so that the tires can be squeezed in. Then check again. There is a If the line and the rim are even, you can inflate the tube. If you let out a little air and get that line even with the edge of the rim, repeat. There are some facts. There are no "seams" in the bicycle tube. When your valve is crooked, it will rip off. Kenda is the same company that makes Bontrager Trek, Specialized and Q-tubes as well as many others, all of which are made in China. They are the largest producer of bicycle tubes. There are no tubes made in the USA. Tubes made in Europe are twice the price and won't stop flats any better, so if you want to save weight, don't waste your money. There is a Hope this helps. Happy riding!

👤I ordered some tubes. They were individually boxed. I installed them. Both are holding up their end of the bargain. The jury is still out on that, as only time will tell. I put the new tires on and expect them to hold up. A note. If you get a flat tire on a bicycle, be sure to clean out the inside of the tire, sometimes an object may still be inside, such as a thorn or hardened tire dry rot, without cleaning it out.

👤The tubes are poorly made, but only in one area. The first ones popped after a few days on the road, but we didn't think it was from poor construction. We had already ordered 4 of them and we didn't know they were a waste of money. They all popped in the same spot, no matter which bike or wheel they were on. We thought it was the wheel, but as they all pop the same, it cannot be the wheel. The tubes are the only constant. There is a The last two popped just a few hours after being installed. The whooshing sound we heard was like a faucet had opened in the other room. The front tire on the bike popped for no reason when we got to the living room. We were woken by the same noises a few hours later. This time it was the other tire. Remembering it makes us laugh.

8. Sunlite Thorn Resistant Bicycle SCHRADER

Sunlite Thorn Resistant Bicycle SCHRADER

The tires are for 12 1/2x2 inch. Extra puncture protection can be achieved with Thorn resistant. 4.3mm thick butyl rubber.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I own a Trek Verve 1 with 700x45c tires. These are the equivalent of beach cruiser tires, they are wide and have a nice volume of air. 60-80psi max is the recommended tire pressure. I pump to 65. I had to replace the front tube because it was a thorn flat. I went through about 4 700c tubes in a month. The tube can expand too much and fail even if it's up to 40psi because of the amount of room in a 45c tire. There is a These tubes are different. You can see the difference when you take them out of the box. These tubes are so thick that they are almost as thick as the tire's sides. Not like a typical 35c tube. I mounted this one and pumped it to 65psi, and took it on a 2 hour bike ride over rough roads where I live.

👤I thought I would roll the dice, even after seeing some bad reviews about the valve stems. I took my chances hoping that I wouldn't experience the issues that a few people have experienced. The valve stem seems to be on the wrong tube. When my son rode his bike to school, the valve stem would be laid over sideways so he wouldn't touch the spokes. I would have to deflate the tires and pull them out to make sure the valve stem was straight. I waited a day too long because my son got a flat tire while he was making a turn. The valve stem was connected to the tube by a crack at the bottom. Some of the reviews were good. I thought it wouldn't happen to me, but it did. I have to deflate my son's bike every few days to make sure it doesn't fall off. These tubes are heavy duty and thick and seem good at first glance, but the valve stems are poorly attached in the tube and it is of poor quality. Unless you are willing to roll the dice, don't buy these tubes.

👤Kenda should be ashamed. I bought several of these tubes, and all of them failed because of air science failure. I had to install tubes to align the air valve stems, but they didn't stop the leak from developing. On different bikes, every single tube failed this way. Run away. This could be a thorn-resistant tire if metal air valve stems are ever used by the manufacturer. It's a sure way to get stranded mid-ride, despite all the effort and expense of trying to prevent flats. Zero stars.

9. Goodyear Bicycle Tube 25 32c

Goodyear Bicycle Tube 25 32c

A replacement inner tube is needed for a bike with the same tire size. The tire width is between 25 and 32c. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Goodyear

👤I've been using these tubes for a long time, but something has changed. I ordered five of them back in September, but didn't need to use any until a few weeks ago, and since then I've gone through all five! Some of them didn't last for a day or two before developing leaks. After the second flat in less than a week, I searched high and low for the piece of wire, staple, and glass that could explain it. I can't find anything after I confirmed where the puncture was and how it was pouring over my tire. The side, top, and bottom of the pinholes are not easy to explain away as a manufacturing defect. I've been buying these tubes for a long time. Stay away.

👤The tube was in the package. After installing and riding for less than two miles, it developed a slow leak where there was a rectangular patter of lesions underneath the valve stem. Less than a day of use. I'm changing my tire again. I didn't find anything inside the tire that would make it rub this way. I'm pretty sure it was a manufacturing or packaging issue.

👤I ordered two tubes. There is an extra for a back up. When filled to 100psi, the first tube popped. I only filled up the second tube. I was walking back to my bike when it popped. I'm scared to think what would have happened if these popped on the hill. I'd like to get a refund.

👤The first ride went well. I noticed that the wheel was not even, but I thought it was. There is a lump in the tube that causes the tire to not perfectly rotation in my attached video. I was very excited to finally find the right size for my bike, even though I had other sizes that were too big and small, but the 28 to 32 seems to be just right. I have another brand waiting just to make sure that the tube is under $10 so that I can make sure I get the right one. When the time comes, I will update this review. There are 3 stars to 1 star. I'm glad it didn't happen while I was on it. I took the car on a stroll to make sure it was ready for the ride. I looked at my sprocket as I got back. I was confused as to why the brake kept catching, and then I saw the tire lying on the ground. There was a boom. It blew up. There is a Thanks for putting your name on the product. Your under $10 tube proved to be not only garbage, but extremely dangerous at the cost of a $60 tire and likely permanent damage to my hearing. If you can't get a Fiegin bike tire, I will never buy aby automobile parts from you. Good job, put your name on the garbage. You've ruined me for automobile warranties on my tires. You've reinforced my dislike for your company. I think that's correct.

10. Bell RideOn Universal Bicycle Tube

Bell RideOn Universal Bicycle Tube

Made heavy duty from quality materials. They do it right by making dependable and durable inner tubes. Count on it! High pressure blow outs are prevented by mold cured rubber. The inner tube was reliably tested. 35mm with cap is the valve type. It's great for Mountain bike tires.

Brand: Bell

👤The gum walls of my 1981 Schwinn LeTour were starting to crack after decades in storage. The tubes were ordered about 3 years ago. It never held air over night after it was installed. The other tire and tube can be put in the original packaging. I checked the tube with soap water after dismounting the first tire. I decided to change the other tire and tube while I was at it. It was flat to 90 PSI per the spec. The seam blew about 5 inches. Where can I buy quality inner tubes? Been on wheelbarrows, bikes, lawn tractor, etc. In the past few years, there have been many times. Either the whole seam blows or it keeps tearing at the seam a little at a time. When I dismounted the tire of my plane in 2010, I found an original 1940 inner tube from my Stearman that had been patched 14 times and was still flying. I still have it as a souvenir, even though I replaced it. NotRECOMMENDED.

👤It's not worth replacing a cheap price when it breaks. Go for a little expensive one, this is the last few days for me, now I have an order for a new one. There is a When you are riding away from home, there is an additional hassle.

👤I bought this tube for my bike. I can't say that it works. It was easy to do and held air for over a month. That seems good to me. I put between 60-90 pounds of air in the tires. I bought a bike tube. My tire was small. There were no issues with the tube in the tire. I can't comment on "durability" since it's only been a month.

👤I thought it was a high quality tube. It exploded when I tried to blow it up. I used the tires recommendation of 102 pounds because there was no instructions on the box. It popped when I reached 80 pounds. I had a tube blow up for the first time in my 20 years of bike riding. You should spend a little more money and get a tube. I was not on the bike when it happened. You should take your chances if you buy one of these tubes.

👤These are so cheap that I was skeptical about them. I can tell after a year on these that they are the same as any other tube. Tubes won't help you avoid flat tires. I had a flat tire all the time. No more flats after I installed good tire liners. My friend bought expensive puncture proof tires and got few flats while riding the same distance. If you want to avoid flat tires, you can save some money by buying tire liners instead of the tubes.

11. Street Fit 360 Pack Schrader

Street Fit 360 Pack Schrader

There are 4 Continental Inner Tubes. 2 Inner Tubes are in their own box. A replacement inner tube is needed for a bike with the same tire size.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤I couldn't get them to work because they were too big for my tire, so I don't know what to say. One was too big and no amount of stretching would get it in the wheel. I thought I could work with the other one, but when it came to inflating the tube, air refused to go in, leading me to conclude that the tube was pinched somewhere. I gave up and went to a shop that I was trying to avoid. They gave me new tubes and didn't try to make them work themselves. They didn't give me a clear answer when I asked what was wrong, but they did say that you probably pinched it. I had problems every step of the way when I tried to install these tubes. Is that worth your money? There is a My tire size is 28 x 1-5/8 x 1-1/4, 700x32c, 32-622. One of the Q&As addressed that size, so I was confident in buying these tubes. I got tubes that were too big for my tires, like many other reviewers.

👤Weak and flimsy. I ignored the negative reviews that claimed these were bad. I assumed they were written by incompetent people. Wrong. I know how to install bicycle tubes. Professional help was consulted on the second go round. I never got to ride on the garbage tubes. Within minutes of installation, they both burst. The giraffe is moving.

👤When I tried to install the 700x32c tube on my 700x28-35c, it was way too big. I tried to add air pressure to see if it would fill out within the tire, but it just bunched up. It wasn't a 700c tube. There is a It seemed like quality was okay. Didn't get to ride on it, but it felt like every other bicycle tube - did not note any glaringly poor quality with the tube material.

👤I inflated them before I mounted them on my rim. Before I mount my tubes, I check them. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I put one of the two in my tire. I got a flat after 10 miles and had to walk home. I found a pin hole leak on the inside of the failed tube. I attribute the hole to poor product quality. The second one will hold up.

👤I was told that the inner tube would fit my bike, but it didn't. It's not good for riding and dependability to have a 1-2 inch larger size difference. I checked several websites and even the schwinn website, and either the information given was wrong about tire size fitting or the inner tube maker didn't do their job right...not blaming the seller or Amazon for this issue. Good luck.


What is the best product for bicycle inner tube 700 x 25c schrader valve?

Bicycle inner tube 700 x 25c schrader valve products from Continental. In this article about bicycle inner tube 700 x 25c schrader valve you can see why people choose the product. Calpalmy and Street Fit 360 are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle inner tube 700 x 25c schrader valve.

What are the best brands for bicycle inner tube 700 x 25c schrader valve?

Continental, Calpalmy and Street Fit 360 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle inner tube 700 x 25c schrader valve. Find the detail in this article. Pyramid, Sunlite and Goodyear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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