Best Bicycle Inner Tube 26 X 1.95 Presta

1.95 28 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Continental Bicycle Tube Presta Valve

Continental Bicycle Tube Presta Valve

The package is 3 inches in width. Premium inner tubes are preferred by riders. Tubes that are vaginalized. All Continental Tubes are mold cured to ensure roundness and better reliability. Quality was tested. Every Continental Tube undergoes a strict quality control inspection. The UNITUBE- The Unitube system allows for more compatibility with tire sizes and tubes. Useful for adding extenders or using Revo Sealant.

Brand: Continental

👤This tube has a Presta valve, which is the long, straight kind that racing bikes tend to have. Most consumer bikes in the US have a Schrader valve. If you don't have the correct pump, you will need to fill it up with either a Presta pump or a schrader cap. If you buy the correct size for your tire, it will work on any bike. I bought the wrong kind of tube when I bought my first tires, but I was aware of these matters. I hope that I am not the only one who will benefit from this information.

👤There is a big hole in the seam. I was going to patch it up and not do a review. I was frustrated that I couldn't finish the job because I was out of glue. My son threw the box away and I am hoping that Amazon will accept the return. The quality control of the product needs to be improved, so I am rating this a 1 star. When I can't use the product, it warrants a rating. If this review is helpful, please like it.

👤The first ride failed at the seam 20 miles into it. Can't believe they have quality issues. Many people stated that these are made in China.

👤The tubes are seamless. The ones I received had many cross seams. Seams are in the way of patchwork. I bought these tubes for that feature. A lovely Boc full of German words was made in China. I paid half the price for the tubes. 35 grams heavier than Performance tubes.

👤I wanted to chime in and say how well they did for me, because I felt like there were a lot of bad reviews on this product. The brand tube that I just bought worked so well that I bought more of them. I ride my bike to work every day and take 26 mile rides along the strand in LA once a month. I have a Schwalbe Kojak tire on my road bike, and these are some of the tubes I've found with long presta valves that work for my tires. I have popped two tubes due to metal debris on the concrete, not faulty craftsmanship. Maybe other people got a bad batches. Take it from a daily biker, these tubes rock.

👤The tubes are fine, but the valve cores are easy to lose. After having two tubes go flat, I figured this out. Some people suggested putting a drop of loctite on the line. I am going to try that.

2. BW Bike Tire Liners Protectors

BW Bike Tire Liners Protectors

Money-back guarantee for 90 days. They offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund. Tubes are protected against punctures from glass, thorns, nails and other debris. Spend less money on tubes over time. Quality is made from puncture resistant TPU. The thicker center has rounded ends to prevent the liner from puncturing the tube. Most bikes are in 12”-16” and 18”-20” sizes. The tire liners are 40mm wide.

Brand: Bw

👤I live in New Mexico and we have goatheads that pierce just about anything, without these liners I would have punctures every ride. I use innertube with slime but sometimes it doesn't work. These are great and I still run slimed tubes. They should be on the center of your tire when you mount it and not on the sides.

👤I have used these liners on this bike before. The first set survived years of difficult trails, sparing me the frustration of patching or replacing tubes in the middle of a ride. The bike was stolen and had liners on it. There is a I am riding without fear now that I have replaced the bike and liners, because the southwestern desert is a harsh place. I've seen three tire punctures in the last sixty miles. Both bikes have full suspension. The shields did not cause any damage to my tubes despite what some would say is a "spirited" or "demanding" riding style.

👤I have installed a set of road bike tires. I heard a noise which turned out to be a nail hitting the chainstay; the liners apparently diverted the nail away from the tube and through the tire. There were a lot of scars from debris that didn't penetrate the tube after I examined the tires.

👤I was concerned about the ease of installation because I had never installed one before. If you know how to install new tubes, you will be able to do it. It was very easy. The material is very sturdy. I think it will do a great job. It would have been worth it if I could avoid repairing or replacing my tube 3 times less over a year. How it performs will be updated by me. There is a I bike in an area with a lot of debris and my tubes get holes all the time. I assume that I have to patch a hole once every three times I ride. Since installing this, I have not had to inflate my tires, even though I have not been on any long rides. I think they are worth the price. I am going to put them on my bikes.

👤I ordered these to save my kid's bike tires because we havegoat head puncture weeds in the country where we live. The Tuffy brand was also ordered for a different tire. The brand is thinner on the outside and green on the inside. I'm returning these for a thicker liner because I don't feel like this gives enough protection for the thorns we have. Lighter duty tires would work well with these.

3. KENT Schrader Valve Bicycle Inner

KENT Schrader Valve Bicycle Inner

The tire width is between 1 and 2.125. 60mm long valve. For high profile wheels.

Brand: Unknown

👤Don't buy! There was a pit in the rubber of the tube. I put some air in the tube so I could see it better. I wouldn't trust it to put real pressure on it. I could see it was blowing. There is a I'm going to Walmart to get a patch kit to get this working until I get some decent long stemed tubes.

👤This was bought in June and has a split in rubber in April 2020. Not broken, split. Not ridden much, garage storage, and always aired up correctly. Time and money were wasted. 'Made in China' is the only brand name for Tube. I will use the internet to find reviews before I buy. I can't find this product anymore. No wonder.

👤I was looking for a tube for a tire. The closest thing I could find was this tube. I had read that 26 inch tubes work on 24 inch tires. I gambled and bought one of these. I was able to get the tube in and have a happy child now. I had to stuff the tube in but it still works. If it doesn't hold up for more than 6 months, I'll post an update.

👤The package was delivered yesterday. I checked the tire and rim for foreign objects to make sure the new inner tube wouldn't be damaged. I mounted it in the tire and then put it on the rim. I don't use any tools when I do this. I hung the bike in the garage after I finished. It was a surprise, no air at all. The large hole in the pictures was found when I took everything apart again. It looks like that thing exploded. I hope the vendor will give me a new item.

👤I bought these to fix a friend's bike. He's very rough on the bike, it keeps coming back to me with flat tires. One of the pin holes had the stem completely twisted off. I'm buying two more to help determine if a sign of bad quality is present. Will update.

👤I needed a replacement tube for a wheel that has a long valve. I needed special ones with the 60mm valve after purchasing some from my local store. These were cheap and had been installed in a few minutes.

👤It went flat on the first ride. There was a pin hole on the wheel side of the tube. I use a liner on my tires. There was nothing sharp to cause a hole in the wheel. There is a I assume the pin hole was there when I received it. I will check the new tubes before they are put in to make sure there are no holes.

4. EddHomes 26x1 95 26x2 125 Bicycle Replacement

EddHomes 26x1 95 26x2 125 Bicycle Replacement

The inner tube is filled with self-sealing sealant. High quality and resilience. Their bike tubes are made of high butyl rubber material, reinforced dual thickness tube/valve interface to prevent punctures, and durable. The bike tube is 26 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. It fits the diameter of the wheel and is great for youth bikes with tires that are 1.95-2.25 wide. It is their motto that safety first is their motto. The inner tube was designed to be explosion proof. It immediately creates a seal to prevent damage if it is punctured. It's safe in any weather condition. You will get 2 tubes with the 2 Pack in 1. The best way to remove a tire from a wheel is with a tire lever. They will be convenient to carry when riding a bicycle. Customer service is professional. You can either return or replace if you are not satisfied. If you have any questions, please contact them, they will answer them online 24 hours a day.

Brand: Eddhomes

👤Tubes exploded as they were inflating. The range of inflation is 40 to 60 lbs. I was going to leave a single star review but after contacting the company, they immediately sent a replacement. There is a Rey was attentive.

👤I wanted to get back on the road. The price was fair. The product was more than I anticipated. They were heavier than the tubes they replaced. They came with instructions and accessories that made the job even easier.

👤These fit in perfectly and inflated with no problems, I replaced some in the mountain bike I got as a kid. Stems are well-built. The included plastic tools helped me pop the tire out so I could slide the old tubes out.

👤The bike was purchased for folding. It was easy to install and it was an excellent fit. I didn't have to search for my tube because it came with tire levers.

👤A versatile inner tube that can be used in a range of 26" bicycle tires worked great. They came with plastic tireholders to help keep the tire off the rim. We used to use our fingers and that could hurt a little.

👤The tubes are made from high quality materials and are easy to install. I got them from Glenn Kayoo Direct the next day through Amazon Prime. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤Within minutes after I replaced the flat tube, the tire blew out. I had to buy a new tire. No, Ummm, no.

👤I ordered the two pack for 1 tire and wanted to keep it for the future, but the stems broke in a month and the other broke the day after I replaced them.

5. 26 1 75 2 3 Presta Valve

26 1 75 2 3 Presta Valve

Premium inner tube is a high-quality butyl rubber compound which results in fewer flats, longer lasting and durable tube. Inflation is tested for 24 hours on each tube. Compare brands. 48mm Presta is a fixed core valve. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, VeloTubes will give you a full refund. Please email.

Brand: Velotubes

👤I ordered them after reading the negative reviews. How hard is it to make innertubes? Most of us don't really use the bikes the way they're designed to be used, even though presta valve tubes can get very expensive very quickly. I'm not a bike expert. I'm more educated these days since I've been buying new bikes for my kids instead of rehabbing them. I don't know innertube details and I'm not a bike mechanic. There is a I picked up a pair of better quality wheels for my Trek 8500 and they need presta valves. I need at least 2 innertubes. This looked like a great deal. Walmart charges $5 for a Bell 26x1.95 Schroeder valve tube, but they don't carry presta valves. I decided to take a chance. The reviewer inflated the tubes outside the tires. Who does that? The tire holds the damn thing in place anyways. I put the tubes in the tires and inflated them. Both of them are holding air. So far! I haven't taken the bike out for a ride yet. If a tube blows, I'll change my post. There is a But, honestly... If 3 of the tubes worked, I was getting my money's worth. There is a I took them out of the box and they were a bit heavier than the Bell tubes from Walmart. Maybe they will be more durable. Who knows? It's hard to say why a tube fails. I'm not trying to save 10gms per wheel. There is a Anyway. The tubes are functioning as described, and I haven't seen any of the flaws identified by the other reviewers. $20 for 4 presta valve tubes. That's right!

👤I bought 4 sets of trash. When I inflate them they're not good, look at the picture of the tubes I got. Very unhappy.

👤I retired from owning a bike shop and do charity repair work on bikes. Over the course of 50 years, I have installed thousands of bike tubes and they seem to be of good quality. If you want to install a sealant, presta valves are designed to be removed. The shape of the tube was the same when I inflated it. When installing a tube you have to be careful, as I have had many customers complain that a tube was bad when it was obvious that it was a problem. I thought I might damage the tube during the install on the bike that I installed it on, but it held up thanks to my care. I will order this product again.

6. Levers ×1 75 Bicycle Interior Puncture

Levers %C3%971 75 Bicycle Interior Puncture

The size of the regular valves is 32mm. The tire width is between 1.75 and 2.125. Better air tightness, a longer lasting tube, and a high-quality butyl rubber compound are some of the benefits. Easy installation. The tire levers can help you get out of the tire. The nylon plastic tire levers are very effective. It is suitable for most bicycle wheels. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the products for a full refund.

Brand: Zsflzs

👤The tubes were created in 2001 and 2003 and were shipped by the seller. The 2001 tube had 50 lbs of air. The tire is rated for 65 lbs. Don't buy from this vendor's stock.

👤Wrong size bike tube was delivered. I bought for the correct size. 262.125 I received 261 75/1. Wrong size! I didn't try to put it on because it won't fit.

👤The size listed was 26 X 2.125", but the tubes are marked with a different number. I can't remove the valve stem because it's screwed into it. It's so deep in the valve stem that my tire inflation tool can barely open it to add air. I have used my tire inflation tool on every tire I have owned. The tubes are not recommended.

👤I went to a couple brick and mortar stores to find the right size for my son's bike tubes, but they didn't have them. I pulled them out after they arrived. The inflation valve was sturdy, the rubber was good, and the tool to remove the tire was plastic. That was a bonus. The fit of my kids tire was perfect. Everything worked out great after inflating the tube. I was hesitant to purchase something online. I am glad I did. Will purchase again. The product is good, you get two tubes, and the tool is useful. Highly recommended.

👤Two different bikes were purchased with double packs of 26" tubes. I put these on the bikes so I could leave them inflated for the last two days of my vacation. Each of the two bikes had a flat within those two days. I have a 50% success rate with these. There is a warning. If you buy these, you will be paying more than the listed price. One of the flats was on a new never ridden tire that I just purchased and I did check each tire internally and outside for any punctures or debris in the tire.

👤I wanted to replace leaking tubes on my mountain bike. I had trouble getting the air supply connection to depress the schrader valve stem because they were easy to install. You couldn't depress the valve enough to accept air. I had to use a pair of vise grips to hold the valve stem as I pushed down on the air supply connection. I know that the problem was not my air supply connection because I couldn't get my tire pressure gauge to work on the tube valves and I have three different hose connections. The buyer should beware.

7. FANSPRO 26x1 75 26x1 95 26x2 125 Schrader

FANSPRO 26x1 75 26x1 95 26x2 125 Schrader

Genuine Schwalbe product. The bicycle tube has a value of 26 inches. It's for most road and mountain bikes. The tire width is 1.75" to 2.125" The Quality Tube is made from high-quality butyl rubber compound. Each product is carefully screened before being delivered. The tire levers help to repair a flat bicycle tire, they are durable and easy to use. You can easily get your tube out from the tire with the two stainlee steel tire levers. Variety of bicycle tubes are available, please confirm the size of your bike tire before you buy. If you're not happy with their products, you can return them for a full refund.

Brand: Fanspro

👤I'm a heavy weight rider who rides a 26" Motobecane trail bike and after installing this tube on my bike it holds me perfect when riding; tire doesn't slip back like previous tube I had, and god is it so much better that the green slime ones you get from I have only used 2 of them. I don't know if the other ones are as good, but for the price, it can't be beat.

👤Reviewers are saying the fish smell is exaggerated. If you're a prospective customer, I would buy it if you can get more tubes at this price. Not to mention the rubber on these tubes are very strong, wouldn't be surprised if "premium rubber" wasn't just marketing buzz words.

👤I can't say if these tubes will last long, but so far they are doing well. I've never seen metal schraeder stems before, but they seem to be anchored in the tube. The length is a plus. The length helps with double-wall rims and I converted a few from presta to schraeder.

👤Tubes at a good price. Free delivery.

👤It works and it is a great price. Absolutely buy it.

👤I had popped my last tire and these had no problem. It seems promising. There is a If you breathe in the air from this tire, it smells like imitation fish bait. It is the same thickness as my previous inner tire and the quality is the same. You get two with the lever included. I have one with me when I ride. The value you get for 4 replacements should last me for at least a couple of years and so far I have not had any problems with this bike, it's been great so far.

8. Continental 182311 Bicycle Presta Valve

Continental 182311 Bicycle Presta Valve

The package is 2.25 inches in width. Premium inner tubes are preferred by riders. MOLD CURED AND SEAMLESS Extrusion creates a consistent tube that is perfectly round. Useful for adding extenders or using Revo Sealant.

Brand: Continental

👤I don't usually write reviews on Amazon. I received 3 emails from the seller asking me to write a review. There is a It is a bicycle tube from a big name manufacturer. It is black, round, and has a presta valve. The rubber band kept the tube tidy inside of its cardboard box. It lives inside my hip pack and sometimes makes it to my frame via a frame strap when I am feeling feisty. There is a Please stop sending me emails asking for reviews now.

👤I had maxxis tubes in my bike for a long time. I replaced it with these guys when I pinch-flatted it. Since then, I've gone through about 2 tubes a month, and not pinch-flatting. They pop on a dime. They went flat on my bike rack after I installed it, and I did check the rim and tire for sharp bits. I popped one again, this time tail-whipping a small branch. I'm going back to maxxis.

👤More heavy duty tube than most. I appreciated that last time. We tried to install Buddy's tube but it went flat as we were installing it, as he had no sealant in his back tire. We've been using my tube and it worked great to get down the hill. I wouldn't recommend using it for this, but in a pinch, the tubes work well in the tires on his Yeti. I think they are more than 2.

👤I'm a heavy rider and I don't think these passed the test. I had two flats and decided to change to a Schrader valve. So far, so good. I can count on regular flats, but the longer rides and occasionall flats have worked better for me. I can't recommend these for a rider of the same size.

👤I bought this some time ago and like to have a spare. There is a drawer. The old inner tube needed to be replaced. Everything looked fine after air was added. I was going to ride my bike this morning, but I was surprised that the tire was flat. The inner tube has been removed. It looked like it had exploded. See the picture.

👤On the box, it says that the tubes are specifically for mountain biking and that they have a rating of 1.75 to 2.5 inches in diameter. I weighed them out of the box and they were 250 grams. You can fill them with sealant if you have aremovable presta core. You can get the core out with a pair of pliers and you can re-tighten it with the help of the presta cap. If you run a tubeless setup, they are a great spare. I live in the stone age. I still use tubes with Slime in them.

9. Continental Bicycle Tube Schrader Valve

Continental Bicycle Tube Schrader Valve

There is an important note. The replacement kit is an aftermarket product. It exceeds the performance of original equipment manufacturers. They don't have an endorsement from any of the manufacturers. The UNITUBE- The Unitube system allows for more compatibility with tire sizes and tubes. Tubes that are vaginalized. All Continental Tubes are mold cured to ensure roundness and better reliability. Quality was tested. Every Continental Tube undergoes a strict quality control inspection. It's ideal for wheels with rim depths of 24mm or 30mm. Useful for adding extenders or using Revo Sealant.

Brand: Continental

👤I don't know what brand of tubes gave me years of service. One failed after less than a month. The rubber just split and it appears to be failure of the material. There was no hole or puncture. I can't recommend them, but I'm not sure if there are any better tubes available at a reasonable price.

👤This is a great bicycle tube. I like the metal threaded valve. It makes it easier to add air. The tube appears to be of good quality. A good purchase.

👤The Continental Town and Country were the original tires of the cruiser I'm restoring. I bought the tubes because I wasn't aware that Continental also made them. They were sturdy and good quality, and they arrived ahead of schedule.

👤Thevalve stem was threaded all the way down, making it easier to tighten the tube in the wheel. Will be buying from this seller again.

👤The quality of the inner tube has exceeded my expectations.

👤The tube is made for riding. Nothing to complain about.

👤It was well made. The valve stem is made of metal and has a ring on it. It's much easier to hold the stem in place without using needle nose pliers.

👤The tube on my bike had a hole 10 minutes after I put it on. I'm not sure if they are bad tubes or just unlucky.

👤I use this to shoot shells at cars.

👤I've used Continental tires and tubes on a variety of vehicles. They've always been a premium brand, and for good reason - the quality and durability are excellent. Continental wouldn't accept inadequate quality control from their supplier, even though this inner tube may have been made in China. The extra cost is worth it.

👤The inner tube for the Mountain bike has a valve attached. The valve is fastened to the outside of the wheel rim with a small nut to prevent it from being pushed in and difficult to connect to. Comes with a dust cap. The item is high quality and has a great price.

👤It holds air, has a decent valve, and appears to be fine so far. I can't fault the seller or item for the long valve stem, I just didn't notice it, it's my own inattention to detail.

👤I have purchased as a spare, but I am not sure if this inner tube will work. I have purchased a number of these continental tyres before and have always been happy with them, so don't worry if you don't like them, they're not asvertise as boxed.

10. BWSHLF Mountain Durable Replacement Schrader

BWSHLF Mountain Durable Replacement Schrader

We use high butyl rubber, which is different from ordinary inner tubes. The air tightness of this high-quality rubber is 8 times that of natural rubber, and it is not easy to break due to temperature changes. Their thickness is thicker than the market's and is more puncture resistant. The bike tubes fit a 29” wheel, width between 1.75-2.3 tire, in various sizes. Most mtb inner tubes have a standard 35mm schrader valve and 48mm presta valve. Their inner tubes have passed a strict quality control inspection. Tubes are round cured to ensure roundness and reliability. Quality control can give you 100% peace of mind after explosion-proof and inflation tests. Design: The inner tubes of the carton are easy to replace. All the costs are spent on the products you actually buy, and there are no other inferior quality products. If you have any questions or dislike their mountain bike inner tube, please do not hesitate to contact them. BWSHLF will give you a full refund or send you a replacement to give you the most satisfactory solution.

Brand: Bwshlf

👤If you don't bring spear tube and tools with you, you will end up walking your e bike home. You can lease e bike for 20 miles away from home. It was said to me twice already. I called my wife to pick me up. Don't leave home with extra tubes!

👤I have purchased at least 6 boxes. These tubes have come through multiple times. I've only had 2 tubes that failed, the holes on the inside of the tube were developed after 100 miles of use. I would consider that a victory. I volunteer as a safety crew and help people on big bike rides by donating my spare tubes.

👤A good purchase. There were no complaints. I like the valve stem locks. Cool. I ride Good Year's tubes with inner tire liners, and if I get a leak, it's usually on the side wall. The tubes will hold the patch. Pleased with the purchase. There are four plastic tire-removal tools.

👤Excellent tubes. The nut holds the valves in place. It's terrible when the rim starts cutting into the valve rubber version of the stem.

👤3rd attempt at writing a positive review. There is a The last tube exploded before it reached final riding pressure.

👤The metal part of the valve stem is leaking. Not sure. I think the threads were cut too deep.

👤Excellent quality. The valve stems have a lock nut like a presta valve.

👤So far, so good. I haven't risen much in the long term and I will add to this review.

👤What else can you ask for, a good product and a good job?

11. SCK Tubes Levers 26x1 75 Schrader

SCK Tubes Levers 26x1 75 Schrader

You will get 2 pack 26 inch bike tubes and 2 tire levers at one buy, which will let you easily get your tube out from the tire. Their 26 inch bike tubes fit a 26 inch wheel, width between 1.75 and 2.125 tires. Tubes are made of high Butyl rubber material and have high quality and resilience. The dimensions are 1.75" to 2.125" The valve has aremovable core. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Sck

👤It's not for cruising. Too small. The tires are 26 x 2.125. The tube is not big enough. It's for 1.95. It blew out after I put it on my car. Don't buy. The company has a poor rating. Stay away. You have been warned. The video is below. The picture shows how small the tube is. Take it to a quarter coin. I put a quarter on top of the tube. Is this what you want? Take it to the tube that you were replacing. You will see that it is much smaller. It will blow out. Hopefully not while crossing a busy street. Next to some sharp objects. Go to the store. Purchase a tube. Maybe you should save your life.

👤The first time these tubes were ridden on, they went flat. I've never had this happen before, and now twice in the same package. I wouldn't use this product at all.

👤I am not happy with the size of the tubes. The new one was larger than the old one. Shouldn't have been a 26" tube. I installed it. It was easy to install a bicycle tube. Within 3 minutes after I learned the bike against my deep freeze, I heard a rush of air. The Tibe had given up. I put 20 lbs of air in the tube. The tire can hold up to 40 lbs. It was not over inflated. The thin walled tube is weak. I will not purchase again. The 2 pack was purchased by me. I haven't installed the 2nd tube yet because I was so frustrated by the time it took.

👤I bought these tubes once. They lasted a little while then failed with a split along a seam. The patch kit failed to fix the tube. The tubes failed against the rim. The rubber liner was intact. This is a manufacturing problem. I ordered a second set before looking at the first. The first tube failed in the same way. I have installed 4 of these tubes so far. Three of the four tubes split along a seam against the rim, with no explanation on strict inspection of the rim. There is a Depending on the ride, tires are typically filled to between 40 and 50 lbs. I ordered a green tube. I am confident that it will hold up in the first two to three months of use. I plan to replace the front tube before it fails. The inner tubes are worthless. There is a I have 4 extra tire levers.


What is the best product for bicycle inner tube 26 x 1.95 presta?

Bicycle inner tube 26 x 1.95 presta products from Continental. In this article about bicycle inner tube 26 x 1.95 presta you can see why people choose the product. Bw and Unknown are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle inner tube 26 x 1.95 presta.

What are the best brands for bicycle inner tube 26 x 1.95 presta?

Continental, Bw and Unknown are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle inner tube 26 x 1.95 presta. Find the detail in this article. Eddhomes, Velotubes and Zsflzs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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