Best Bicycle Horn for Kids

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1. Electric Bike Horn Waterproof Handlebar

Electric Bike Horn Waterproof Handlebar

The sound is loud enough and the installation is easy for any application such as vehicle, golf carts, motorcycles, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. The brand new bike horn is made of high-quality silicone material, which is soft, comfortable, durable, and sturdy. The bike bell can be stretched and it won't hurt the handlebars. The waterproof design of the bell can prolong its service life. It is a good addition to your bike accessories. It has a loud sound which is enough to alert car drivers and pedestrians that a bicycle is coming and can be applied for daily commute. The bicycle horn is elastic and soft and will not damage the handlebars. Changeable mode. There are two ways in which the bell sounds. To change the bike horns tone mode, long press loud horn 3s. The electric bicycle bell for handlebars has a replaceable cell battery that can ring 700000 times. COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT This is 51 x 34 x 44mm and has a black color. The alarm electric bike horn is portable. You can carry it in your pocket if you don't need it. Installation and gift are easy. It is easy to install and disassemble and has enough elasticity. Their bike bells are suitable for most bicycle handlebars. It is an essential accessory for mountain bike or road bike riding. It is an ideal gift for cyclists.

Brand: Ryders Recreation

👤It doesn't stay in place in the handlebars and it takes a lot of effort to depress the button. Not recommended.

👤This item is about the size of a grape and the button is about the size of a dime. The child wasn't impressed with the first alarm setting which sounded like a package alarm. Would not recommend.

👤I'm going to put batteries in it to see if it gets louder.

👤It works great, it is simple to install. It will not rust in Florida because it is plastic. I highly recommend.

👤This is cool, but not loud enough, and be careful to remove the battery block tab if you don't want to pull the whole thing out of the case.

👤I use a power wheelchair. Everyone gets a kick out of it when I clipped it on. 2 tones will make people leave your way.

👤It is ideal for the rugged outdoors when a pretty bell just won't do. This is the best item of its kind for the price and function, and I ride on dirt hiking trails.

2. AUTUT Bicycle Retro Metal Rubber

AUTUT Bicycle Retro Metal Rubber

Children can use these horns as toys or as decorations at home, and they can be installed on children's scooters, folding bikes, and anywhere needed. The Pink Bicycle Squeeze Bulb Bugle Horn is in the package. The material is non-toxic and durable. Clear the way with a distinctive honk by squeezing the rubber ball on the horn. The metal mount is easy to install and remove. If there is a problem with delivery, please contact the Amazon service team first.

Brand: Autut

👤Save your time and effort. The product is junk. The squeeze bulb fell off the horn when we removed it from the package. The horn barely issued a tired "toot". The horn on the handlebars wouldn't be tightened by the mount. The day after the party, it went back to Amazon.

👤The horn works well and the color is ok, but it was not fitted with a mount. I cannot mount it to the little one's bike. Without that part, it kind of looses its purpose.

👤I was worried that the horn didn't work, but mine works fine. The picture made it seem like a shade of red but it was actually light pink. The reason for only 4 stars was because I spray painted it.

👤Not bad for money. It's difficult for a toddler to make noise. It's better for older children.

👤The color is not as shown in the picture. We received a light, pale pink horn and the picture shows a maroon color.

👤It seems to be better than the one she had. The part that you squeezed fell off of her old one. I think that will not be a problem with this one. Great deal!

3. AUTUT Retro Squeeze Bicycle Silver

AUTUT Retro Squeeze Bicycle Silver

If there is a problem with delivery, please contact the Amazon service team first. The Squeeze Bulb Bugle Horn is from the Vintage Design. Clear the way with a distinctive honk by squeezing the rubber ball on the horn. The horn and squeeze bulb are made from rubber and aluminum, respectively. You don't have to spend a lot of time on installing and removing the screws from the handle bar of a bike if you have a screwdriver or a key. If there is a problem with delivery, please contact the Amazon service team first. If there is a problem with delivery, please contact the Amazon service team first.

Brand: Autut

👤Work for 1 mont and no more. Don't buy anymore, I bought two times. Don't buy a product.

👤When package opens, the coating is peeling off. China quality is typical.

👤It is easy to install. The golf cart looks great.

4. AUTUT Green Bicycle Retro Rubber

AUTUT Green Bicycle Retro Rubber

If you are dissatisfied with their service, you will receive a 100% refund and forever warranty. The Green Bicycle Squeeze Bulb Bugle Horn is in the package. Clear the way with a distinctive honk by squeezing the rubber ball on the horn. The metal horn body and rubber squeeze ball is non-toxic and durable. The metal mount is easy to install and remove. If there is a problem with delivery, please contact the Amazon service team first.

Brand: Autut

👤He loves the metal horn and thought it would be better than the cheaper plastic one. He has been on his bike for two weeks. He fell apart after the second time he was sitting on his bike. They used a piece of rubber and no crimping to keep it from falling apart because the bulb and horn are too big. The quality was very disappointing.

👤My son loves it but it is broken a few times. The squeeze bulb comes off and is difficult to get back on, and the sound piece falls off, making it stop. I would put some glue on it. It will be perfect.

👤The horn produced a unique sound and the product was of good quality.

👤This horn is not good. The horn didn't stay on because the material and pieces to secure it were flimsy.

👤Two weeks ago, this seemed like a great bike horn. My son asked for a green color for his birthday and we loved it. My son was excited because his brother has a similar horn. The horn'shonk mechanism broke after only two weeks of use, and it no longer works. It's really sad. Maybe we got a faulty part. It would have been a great deal if it had not broken so quickly.

5. Delta Cycle Airzound Hooter Rechargeable

Delta Cycle Airzound Hooter Rechargeable

Long time lasting The head light and tail lamp have batteries. The power capacity is very high. Save money by not having to change batteries frequently. The Airzound has a volume switch that can be adjusted to 115 decibels. It's loud enough to grab attention in vehicle cabins. Their bike horns for adults are loud and can be charged with your bike hand pump. Saving time and money, the air reservoir stores in any standard bottle cage or zip tie. Their bike horn loud is made from a tough plastic and has a waterproof molded thermoplastic. It works in any condition for year-round use and safety. Their loud bike horn is compatible with handlebars 22-26mm in diameter, so it's easy to install. It is easy to set up with the included hardware. The Airzound bike horn has given cyclists peace of mind for over 20 years. If you have a question, please let them know.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤I bought this last July and it worked well until the fall. It's difficult to mount the horn/button mechanism, but with some different hardware, I was able to mount it. If the button popped up while you were riding, you're cutting your hand on a brass valve because it's under the button. The mount, button, and valve need to be changed. The bottle began leaking after a month. I was able to fix it by covering the threads with Teflon tape. There is a The mount for the bottle is ridiculous. I put it on the bike. There is a The horn was loud and worked well. There is no sound this spring, that's why I gave a one star review. The bottle holds air the same as it did a year ago, but when I press the button it doesn't sound. The horn doesn't seem to be mechanical, but it just doesn't work. I fill it with air, press the button, and hear a whoosh out of the horn. If you clean the disc and remove the front of the horn, it will sound better. I did it and it worked again.

👤When I was attacked by a dog while cycling, I bought this. It was a close call the first time I kicked it. I knew I had to do something different. I went for a ride after putting it on. I woke the young security guard at the gate of the youth camp who had fallen asleep, and it worked. I don't think he was aware of the noise from my bicycle. There is a The most recent dog attack that got me to write this article was thwarted by me. A good dog will anticipate your trajectory and intercept you, it is difficult. When the dog is close to you and about to bite you, blow the horn and pedal like a madman. You can get away if you get a second or two and the dog starts from 0 Don't let yourself get carried away, ride hard until it's gone. There is a The horn has sat on my bike the same way since I installed it. It's been on for a few thousand miles of riding, moving houses on 2 occasions, and still works great. It's the best 25$ I've ever spent. I'm pretty sure it's saved me from serious medical bills where I'd have to waste a lot of time and money and lose my job. You need this horn if you ride a lot on back farm roads with farm dogs. It's useful for traffic on occasion, but if they don't hit me I tend to turn the other cheek and keep going. It's great for that.

6. LESOVI Electric Rechargeable Waterproof Adjustable

LESOVI Electric Rechargeable Waterproof Adjustable

The bike horn is easy to install on any bicycle with a handlebar diameter of less than 20mm. The Mini Size Electric Bike Horn can reach 120 decibels, which is loud enough to alert anyone to your presence. You or your kids will love the bicycle accessories. The little scooter horn is powered by a rechargeable battery. It can work 2000 times with a full charge. It is durable with full protection, including Anti-dust and shatter-resistant. It's time to fully satisfy your outdoor cycling needs. It is easy to install and quick to release with the stretchable straps. There were no tools needed. Within 20 seconds, you can either install or uninstall it. The control switch and bike horn are separated. You can put the control switch next to your thumb to keep your hand on the bar when you press it. It's important to keep it safe.

Brand: Lesovi

7. Hornit Mini NANO Children Settings

Hornit Mini NANO Children Settings

The bell is universal for any vehicle, including golf carts, boats, RV's, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. For ages 6 and above, you can modify your bike to make it a great attraction. The mini Hornit Nano is a perfect small bike. Great things come in small sizes. The wings clip on to fit. You can transform your bike and scooter into anything you want with the unique sounds. There are three light modes: constant, flash and fast flash. There are 4 colors: pink/Purple, mint/Green, black/red and blue/green. The mini Hornit Nano is perfect for explorers who love their bikes and scooters.

Brand: Hornit

👤The kids are enjoying it too much in the house, even though it hasn't made it to the bkie. The instructions about water say it can handle a spray or light rain. It's not waterproof.

👤I bought one for my son and one for my daughter. My son hadn't had it for a while and one of the buttons didn't work, so now it doesn't make sounds.

👤This was a great accessory to have for my new little guy who just started riding a bike. He liked being different from his friends so much that he wanted one of his own. The kids don't have to take their hands off the handlebars because it's compact and can be operated by a thumb. It's worth the money.

👤My grandson is a big fan of it. My daughter is in law. There is a A great value and lots of laughs.

👤It is small and has good volume. We bought two of these for our adult mobility vehicles.

👤Better than expected! For my son's bike.

👤They were given to the grand kids. It's nice and loud for them to annoy their parents, perfect for their bikes outside.

👤After 2 months, stop making sounds. Light works. It was not that bright. The night light is good. Unable to come back now. Try a different product.

👤These are a waste of time and money. Not very loud. There is a The lights were not bright. I would rather save my money and buy better quality lights for my kids and scooters, as the sound volume was not heard by others.

👤I bought this for my son's bike as he wanted a police siren, but it stopped working after a few weeks, so I contacted the seller, who gave me a replacement item for free. Well impressed! Definitely recommend!

👤Don't hesitate to pick this one. There is a The product is great. It is easy to attach multiple sounds. It would fit any bike. The light is bright. Perfect happiness for a child.

👤Grandson's bike was added to for his Christmas present. He was more impressed with the noises he made than the bike. I impressed him with something. There is a The light and sounds are really 888-609- 888-609- 888-609-

👤Not too loud and not too quiet. The train one is a favorite of my lil onr. Looks like morden. Happy with the purchase.

8. DAWAY Loud Electric Bike Horn

DAWAY Loud Electric Bike Horn

The soft rubber head is easy to use and makes a loud sound. It is made with high-quality rubber and can be quickly restored. The bike horn is high. When riding a bike in a noisy environment, the loud horn can help you remember pedestrians and vehicles around you, and can help you avoid traffic accidents in time. There are five kinds of sound. There are five modes of sound with the A14 bike horn. You can press the red button to change the sound of the event. Seperate SWITCH design. The control switch and bike horn are not in the same place. The place where your finger can reach the control switch is where you can install it. The Universal Stand. The stand of the A14 bike horn is applicable to all bikes. The diameter of the handlebars makes the installation problem less of a concern. Installation and power supply are easy. You can use a free screwdriver to install the horn. The good quality batteries can be used for about 6 months in normal use.

Brand: Daway

👤The horn is easy to operate and mount, and it is loud. I was initially worried about hurting my hearing, but I was reassured that it did the job of alerting drivers. I will use my sound level meter to test the decibel rating. I bought it to make an audible alert that can be heard by drivers in the middle of traffic. There is a The button at the end of the coiled wire is the one that causes the horn to sound. You can hear all the sounds in the video. The microphone was muffled by the waterproof case on the camera. There is a The horn is made of mostly plastic, but it's lightweight and inexpensive. It is easy to clip the mount in and out if you want, as it is secure once installed. I mounted mine upside down because I already have a lot of gear on my handlebars, and I thought that an upside down mount would protect this horn from damage in the event of a bicycle crash.

👤Horn arrived in a well made plastic box. The Chinese attempts at English are silly, but the Chinese translation is priceless. It's easy and intuitive to install the horn after opening the box. The instructions are laughable and you don't need them. Some comic relief should come from the mistranslations and tiny pictures. It was late and I didn't want to wake the neighbors, so I put the batteries in, and let off a few beeps in several modes. This thing is very loud. I went out for a ride in the local park in the afternoon and got the chance to test out all five sound modes. There's a couple of noises that sound like birds, a truck backing up, and a loud sound. I tried out different sounds. I gave a short blast of the car horn as I passed by on the left side and it was enough to alert anyone. I did not get "doored" or " attempted doored" today. A pedestrian walking against the light at Queens Boulevard and 75th was scared. I gave a couple of short blasts with the sound of a Tweets. He jumped about ten feet in the air and looked at me in shock as I whizzed past at 8 miles an hour. I gave a couple of blasts to some cars that passed me too close on Queens Boulevard. They slowed down and gave me more room after I got their attention. The A14 Daway Loud Electric Bike Horn is a well-designed, well-made piece of cycling hardware. It's sleek and attractive, the construction is heavy and solid, and the product works as advertised. At least 112 decibels. People, this thing is loud. For the price, a great deal.

👤The bell I used to ride on our northern Michigan non-motorized trails wasn't getting the job done. Many pedestrians in groups of 3 or 4 didn't hear the bell as I approached, even when it was working properly. One stepped sideways at the last moment into my path on several occasions. If the rider tries to avoid the pedestrian under these circumstances, he/she will fall. Many pedestrians don't seem to realize the danger they are putting the rider in. I've used the horn once before for a 10-mile ride on the non-motorized path. My experience is limited. I usually first sounded my bell, thinking it was a moreolite way to signal. I sounded the horn if they didn't hear or if it was a dangerous situation. They always reacted to the horn. Since it's so loud, they reacted long before I passed. There is a The nuts and bolts are used to open the battery compartment. The device has two batteries. The small phillips driver should work. The horn is on the handlebars. It is secured with a plastic strap which is tightened down by turning a plastic cap about an inch and a half in diameter. It is at the end of a coiled wire. The strap is cheap. You can either lock the strap in place by tightening it and then putting it in, or you can put the strap in if there are ridges on it. The large red button on the horn is not as loud as it could be. It's main function is to allow you to choose between a loud whistle and achirping sound. I prefer the latter. They were able to pick from several sounds. I was not. The two choices are adequate. There is a The methods I've summarized are only semi-permenant. I think they were designed to make it easy to remove the device if it rains. It is an electronic device and so you don't want to get horn or activation button very wet. There is an update (April 2019) I like the horn. The first person to disappear on me. I parked my pickup at a shopping mall with the bike chained in the back, and I think it was swiped off. I ordered a second one after a year and it continues to operate. A great safety device. A bell is a good first warning. The horn is indispensable. Sometimes our trails wind along busy roads where the traffic noise will drown out a bell. Pedestrians appreciate it when you sound the horn. If rain is forecast, I don't bother removing it anymore. It wouldn't be that expensive to replace it. If I could add 2 more feet to the cord that runs from the remote push button to the horn, I would change it. A squeeze positioning everything where I like it.

9. YL TraV Children Bicycle Handlebar

YL TraV Children Bicycle Handlebar

It's easy to install a screwdriver. It's for standard handlebars with 22.2mm outside diameter. The loud horn can be used to remind others of your arrival and to keep a safe distance from you. The sound of the horn makes you feel good.

Brand: Yl Trav

👤My grandson had surgery. When he wants to go to the rest room, he honks the horn to let his parents know.

👤No sirve, a q haga el sonido, una corneta. Y. No, no, no.

👤My grandson liked it.

10. Bicycle Trumpet Cycling Warning Waterproof

Bicycle Trumpet Cycling Warning Waterproof

Birthday gift is the best choice. You will receive 2 pieces of bicycle police lights, enough for you to use and replace. The bike sound light is easy to install and remove, you just need to install 2 pieces of AA batteries, clip to seat post, insert the light and press the switch button. The bicycle sound light can be used as a safety measure while riding vehicle, the loud sirens can draw people's attention to the street, and the switch can control different kinds of sound. The horn bicycle light is made of plastic, which is waterproof and reliable, and can be applied on rainy days, and it is powered by 2 AA batteries. Their bike police light can be used for a wide range of activities: road biking, city commute, hybrid bikes, kids bikes etc. It is suitable for people who ride bikes at night.

Brand: Boao

👤It was what I expected. They are great! There is a The cheap plastic is just a foundation on which to work. Don't get carried away with cheap plastic. You can use electrical tape on the handle bars that are too narrow, or you can buy a cheap hose clamp to hold things in place. There is a If there was a volume control, it would make it better because the loud volume is too loud when you are close to the child. There is a These aren't meant for playing in your home or garage. We want our children to be safe. They will definitely be heard and will increase the level of awareness. The child will not keep the sirens on if they are so loud. If it is too loud, wear a headset or wear ear plugs for the adult guardian. There is a Someone else is driving in a car that may not see a child. They will definitely hear them. You can't put a dollar value on child safety. There is a The wiring and controls are worth a lot.

👤The product is nice. I bought this for my child. It was a hit. The volume is not controlled but it is not as loud as I 888-276-5932s would suggest. The volume doesn't bother me. It was easy to install. The plastic ring can be easily broken but can be replaced with a cellphone holder. The 2 pack was purchased by me. The value is great.

👤It would have been better if the LEDs were white. You get what you pay for. There is no volume control feature.

👤I ordered these for my sons. The first set did not work. The replacement set didn't work. When we took the pieces out of the box, they were rattling. The product is not very useful. I wouldn't recommend them. If you want something that works, look elsewhere.

👤Does not have a switch to control the lights. One of the two did not work. After pressing the loud sirens, the light only turns on briefly. The blue lens has green LEDs under it.

👤I should have read the reviews first. The red and blue plastic looked very used when I saw it out of the box. The blue lights are green, but the red led is not bright. They were supposed to be a Christmas present and didn't want the kids to hear the sound.

11. Cuwana Aluminum Princess Cartoon Accessories

Cuwana Aluminum Princess Cartoon Accessories

A variety of brightly colored bike bells make your bicycle unique. It is a great gift for cyclists. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them. The cartoon pattern bicycle bell is suitable for most bicycles, whether it is a children's bicycle or an adult bicycle. The ring of the bicycle bell is about 0.9 inches in diameter, and can be adjusted by adjusting the tightness of the screw. The bicycle bell is made of plastic and aluminum. The bicycle bell can give you safety tips when riding. The bicycle bell is easy to install and requires a simple screwdriver.

Brand: Cuwana

👤Works great and matches my daughter's bike.

👤The bell was mounted well and it was a little quieter than expected.

👤I was very pleased with all the items I reviewed.


What is the best product for bicycle horn for kids?

Bicycle horn for kids products from Ryders Recreation. In this article about bicycle horn for kids you can see why people choose the product. Autut and Autut are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle horn for kids.

What are the best brands for bicycle horn for kids?

Ryders Recreation, Autut and Autut are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle horn for kids. Find the detail in this article. Autut, Delta Cycle & Home and Lesovi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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