Best Bicycle Helmets for Men Xl

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1. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Lightweight Low Profile

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Lightweight Low Profile

The sturdy is built for both comfort and impact resistance. A skateboard helmet with two liners for different head sizes is easy to wash away. Multi-sport - Smooth Venlitation System helps to protect and enjoy. Double adjustment - well-attached and long- lasting adjustment dial and skin-friendly chin strap maxmize the best fit and comfortable wearing. How can I tell if a prophylactic is effective? Wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head to find the right bike helmet. Wrap a string around your head and measure the length with a yardstick. If your size is between 21.3-22.8inch, you should be in Size Large.

Brand: Outdoormaster

👤I thought it looked weird on my head, but it turned out to be cracked open like a melon on the street. It's stupid to fly at 30 mph on an electric longboard without a helmet. Yes. The fit is excellent and the dial is fine. Even at high speed, it stays where it should. The vent is good. You're not working as hard on an eskate. An important part of my gear is a good value. It is recommended. It's still working well a year later. I wear this helmet when I commute on a 40mph fast ebike. I use a Moon snowboard helmet in the winter. My 13 year old son flies behind me on his own eskate, far too fast! He fought me with his teeth and nail, but he will also be wearing this helmet. There is a I added a crazy fast e- mountain board to my quiver, it makes me want to snowboard it. I turned in a little gravel. I know my head snapped right onto the pavement. This helmet saved my life. There were a few scratches on the side of the hardshell. Be smart and wear a helmet.

👤I crashed my skateboard going over 20 mph. My head was covered with several feet. I didn't feel the impact because it protected my head. If it wasn't for this helmet, I would probably have died from my broken arm.

👤I have a large head. This helmet is good for me. I use it with a liner hat in cold weather and take out the padding.

👤I just started skateboarding this week and wanted to make sure I was protected in case. The top choices for helmets were by Triple Eight and the outdoormaster. The comment sections for both helmets didn't help me much. I measured my head with a measuring tape. I would fit right at the end of a Medium and in the middle of a Large according to the information given. I was worried because other comments said the helmet fit snug. helmets should be snug for safety You don't want to have headaches. I need my helmet to move around a bit since I know I'll be working up a sweat in it, I live in Arizona and it gets hot there. I ordered both the Triple Eight and OutdoorMaster helmets. I didn't go with the OutdoorMaster helmets because of their size, comfort, and profile. Below are details on the issues. The Triple Eight helmet has a 57 cm head measurement. Triple Eight helmets are worn by some of the best skaters in the world, and you can see them on Tony Hawk's website. There is a I ordered the Large and Medium helmets to see if they worked. I mean it with seriousness, the Medium Barely fit my head. The take-off was quick and the Large size followed. The dial in the back of the helmet was adjusted to fit my head. The helmet sits on your head and feels off. This helmet made me look like an egg head, because safety isn't always fashionable or cool. It looked and felt like a rock climbing helmet. The inner liners and ticker padding felt like what should have been the basic padding. This wasn't the helmet company for me. If you want something on your head for now or don't plan on using it much, this is a good option because it is cheaper than a Triple Eight helmet. If you can get a Triple Eight helmet, it's a lot more comfortable and it stays close to your head. The top of my skull felt pretty safe, but the sides and back of my head felt a little exposed.

2. TOONEV Lightweight Integrally Mountain Adjustable

TOONEV Lightweight Integrally Mountain Adjustable

AJUSTABLE BUCKLES & CHIN STEALS - Low friction chin strap ensures comfort and high quality Buckle ensures it holds in place under stress. High performance quality. The reinforcement effect of the bicycle helmet is safer than traditional helmets, which helps to absorb impact and protect the head during riding. People behind you can see your direction with theHelmet Led light. The back of the helmet has a safety light that can be used to illuminate the road and keep you safe. It is adjusted to different sizes. The standard size of this adult riding helmet is 54 cm to 62 cm, with an easy-to-use dial system and side straps, so that this helmet can be made according to different head sizes for men and women. The honeycomb type has 18 holes. It is suitable for outdoor riding to keep the head cool. The sunshade can be separated from the helmet. A sun visor can be installed according to the weather. The flight is called LIGHTWEIGHT. The inner shell of the helmet is made of lightweight import material that is shock absorbent and comfortable to wear.

Brand: Toonev

👤I needed a helmet for skating, and this one is really nice. It is lightweight and comfortable. The one size with a chin strap was great for me as a 31 year old woman, but it was small on my husband, so I recommend measuring and referencing the dimensions. There is a The helmet has a safety light in the back. It has three different settings, and it is a great feature. I try to wear bright colors when I am skating, but now I feel better and can stay out a little later. I recommend this helmet for adults and kids.

👤The Toonev bike helmet is a great starter for my son and it solved the problem. He can use it on his MBX bicycle, skateboard, and scooter. It is a challenge to get him to wear this helmet. He barely knows he has it on because it is very lightweight and it is cool, but he has to tell him how cool it is because the problem solved. This is great for anything on the road for him, it's made of high- performance carbon fiber, will protect his melon, and he's wearing it as it's a very nice Helmut. The helmet is lightweight and it protects our youth.

👤I like this helmet. The features are nice and the value is great. I was a little concerned when I read a review that said the helmet didn't fit me, I have a big head. You just have to adjust. The knob on the back is used to adjust the straps. My wife's head fits hers. It was very comfortable.

👤The helmet is probably safe. I'm small. 5'2" and 115 lbs. Even with straps, the circumference was too large. The mushroom head was strapped to my chin. I don't want to mess with skull protection because of my past history of head injuries. Had to come back. The light on the back looked nice. It was too big.

👤This is a great helmet. I had lights on the back. It is built to be very protective of my teen's head and it is very comfortable. It comes in both black and white. The chin strap works well and we are all very happy with it! We would recommend this helmet for biking or any other sport that requires a helmet.

👤I had to return my other helmet because it was too tight. This one is light, has a bonus light on the back, and fits with a simple turn of the little wheel. Great.

3. NHH Adult Bike Helmet CPSC Compliant

NHH Adult Bike Helmet CPSC Compliant

It's safe. It is encased in high qualityEPS for top-tier protection. The Retrospec bike helmets are tested for safety. Certified safety. The NHH Freedom helmet has passed a safety test. It is made of premium quality polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing EPS liner, which can protect your head in the event of a crash. It's lightweight yet safe. The strength-to-weight ratio has been improved. It only weights 8 ounces, so it will allow you to stay on your bike for longer. There is more than one way to Ventilation. Vent holes enhance wind flow over your head, keeping you cooler and more comfortable as you ride. The chin pads are very comfortable and can easily be removed. It fits your head perfectly. The size dial can be adjusted to fit heads with L/XL: 22.4''-24'' (57-61 cm). Measure your head before you buy something. NHH friendly customer service and 1x NHH Bike Helmet are what you get. You will have fun with their bike helmet.

Brand: Nhh

👤Do you have a problem with people throwing banana peels on the trails? giraffes crossing your path? You will need this helmet when you dump your Schwinn into the pavement. This light weight plastic and foam will protect you from coconut smashing.

👤A great deal for a helmet. I went over 4 inches to fit long hair and a flashlight. The helmet has thinner walls so it was difficult to transfer the mirror. I only tried it out on my indoor trainer, but it feels great after 2 hours of wear. I have a fan mounted to the handlebars. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤This is a nice helmet. The dial in to fit to your size is a nice feature. If you have small reflective stickers on your helmet, you can place them in open spaces to make you more visible to traffic. Day and night. This helmet doesn't have a built in rear light. I added my own, not effecting the fit of my helmet. My head is big with the air vent. This gets 5's from me.

👤The description says it fits the head. My head is 22 inches long. Even after I tightened it, it was still too big for me. The helmets fit me well. I have a couple of adult helmets that fit me perfectly, and I tighten them to the smallest setting. But not this one. Too bad. I like the look of this helmet. It's :-

👤The helmet is solid and looks good, but it is a little larger than the one size that allows me to wear it. I have a big head. The helmet is small enough to work for me. It would fit most adults perfectly. I can't complain about the price.

👤I'm 20 years old. I thought an adult helmet would be fine. The helmet was too bug when I got it. I couldn't fit it on my head. As long as you measure, you should be fine because my head is 22 inches, which is a little smaller than the range given. The return process is easy for Amazon. I wish there was a smaller size for this helmet.

👤I was able to find the helmet in the same color as my bike, and it fit my head nicely. I wore it as I rode. My generation wasn't taught to wear helmets. It made me feel safe.

4. Schwinn Intercept Adult Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Intercept Adult Bicycle Helmet

It's for riders ages 14 and up. A custom fit is possible with theadjustable dial fit. The snap on visor protects eyes from the sun. The 26 crucial air vents provide maximum ventilation, keeping heads cool on hot summer rides, Upper and lower PC micro shell coverage delivers improved protection and durability. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I decided to buy a bike to help me lose weight and get healthier after not riding a bike for nearly 30 years. My kids told me that I need a helmet, so I looked at many helmets that were cheaper and more expensive, and decided to give this one a try. I'm very happy I did. It fits my large head well and it's airy which keeps my head cool. It feels very comfortable. The construction and padding seem to be solid, and the dial seems to fit perfectly, as if it will stay in place in a crash. The colors match my Mongoose Dolomite, I am very happy with this purchase so far. My wife said that I'm pretty cute in my helmet.

👤We ordered two Schwinn helmets for our kids, the "Intercept" and the "Thrasher" model. We love the "dial fit" adjustment on both helmets. When our daughter wears her helmet, the inner "fit ring" of this model keeps coming loose. She doesn't stay secure on her head. Problem! The Intercept model has a design flaw according to some of the other user reviews. The dial fit adjustment piece and front padding are secured within the helmet shell by six small tabs. That's all. We compared this to the two adult helmets we own with a "dial fit" design. The plastic "fit ring" is used in all of the models and has anchor tabs on it. It doesn't come out. The fit adjustment piece is not used in those helmets, but only for the padding pieces. The manufacturer has been contacted by me with my concerns. I expect them to fix the problem with a new helmet because they were very nice. Saving yourself the hassle is what I recommend if you're shopping for a helmet. Schwinn is great, just choose a different model. We received a replacement unit after we sent the details and photos to the manufacturer. They sent me the same thing. There was no help there. I'm returning the helmet and getting something else. We can't recommend this helmet.

👤My daughter was upset that the plastic headliner on her helmet was not held in place. I found that the straps were not fed through the headliners and that the rear of the headliners were not holding the straps in place. It is not safe to use without being attached. I was able to redo one side of the helmet where the strap ends come together, but I can't fix the other because the continuous strap is between the outer shell and the styrofoam. This is not fixable without cutting the continuous strap and getting the necessary strap attachment from the supply store. I will try to exchange the Schwinn product for something else, but I am really disappointed with the quality.

👤This helmet is larger than I expected, but it's my first bike helmet, so what do I know? There is a It's small for my pinhead. I usually wear a size 6-7 to 7 hat, but I have decided to wear a smaller size, and with a baseball cap underneath it seems to fit as I imagine it should. I prefer to wear a hat under my head to keep the sun out of my hair, even though I have less hair than a full head. There is a The nylon straps and plastic buckle on the chin strap are not comfortable and can get into my chin and jaw. I'll fix that. (MacGruber!) There is a I have a tiny, tiny head and the chin strap is too long, so I have to either put it in the helmet above my ear or use a double strap. Tucking it into the ear straps is very uncomfortable, and having it slap my face is another option, but I have people for that. I don't know how it will perform, but I will find out soon enough. I'll wear it a lot around the house, but I'll use it occasionally on a bike. I get concussions from banging my head against the wall when Trump is on the phone. There is an update. It's best that I get a helmet that fits and is comfortable without an engineering intervention, because it's in the interest of safety. I will have to avoid the news until I find a better fit.

5. Giro Radix Mountain Cycling Helmet

Giro Radix Mountain Cycling Helmet

The Visor has 15 degrees of adjustment. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets. The fit adjustment is called the roc Loc. There are 25 vents. The warranty is limited to 2 years.

Brand: Giro

👤The forehead pad has 4 points over your glasses lens. If you don't sweat, this is a great helmet, if you do sweat, it will ruin your glasses all day long.

👤I have been riding with a fox helmet for the last 7 years, and I always bike through the winter without one because it is not large enough to fit over a beanie, and no one will make a large enough helmet, and I don't want to sweat inside a ski helmet, I finally found this and ordered the largest size after searching for smith everywhere and never being able to find the larger version. It fits great with nothing but a bandanna, and the mips is a huge improvement in comfort, and was very easy to adjust to. I didn't think I would like the "y" connection beneath the ears, but they work well. Pull the cord through to the other side, set the other side, and clip off the excess webbing, it's good to go. The helmet tilts back and fits large snow goggles, as the visor flips up just enough to fit a headlamps. The only complaint I had was... Why don't helmet manufacturers put guides on helmets? Haven't we figured that out? I spent a day looking at all the terrible 3m glue things that I know will melt and ruin my helmet, and then I decided to use black mid grade size zipties, the ones that are black. You can place them under the mips so you don't feel them. If you are looking at the helmet from the rear, use the left and right holes, not the middle ones. There are holes on the upper and the lower. Put four ties in each corner and position the part that zips down so it sticks out. They make perfect little permanent non-glue goggle and headlamp catches, and they don't make it look bad. I put two visors on the front of the helmet, so you can shake your head if you were riding over logs, and the front of the helmet has a shield that won't let your headlights slide off. You are good to go with 6 zipties. The helmet is comfortable and easy to adjust. Goggle straps are great!

👤After using both a string and tape measure multiple times, I came out 59 or a quarter of an inch smaller than I should have been. I went with a large because my old Giro is tight and hard to fit in a light cap, but it is a medium and it is ten years old. Even though I had multiple ways to adjust and a week of riding, I could not get the front to sit high enough off my brow and be close to my eyebrows. The extra thickness of the Sweat Buster was enough for a comfortable fit. If you're in between sizes, make sure you try on for fit. There is a I'm happy. It's a heavier helmet and rides hot, but in exchange has good protection coverage and feels secure.

6. Airflow Bike Helmet White Teenagers

Airflow Bike Helmet White Teenagers

It's called superIor technIQUE. They follow 3 important steps to make a solid bicycle helmet, the first being to put the shell in the mould, the second being to reinforce it with a skeleton and the third being to add foam that will hold all the parts together. It is protected, vagrant and cool. The cyclist needs shock absorption technology, 22 massive air vents for an outstanding airflow across the head, and a low profile design. There are all accessories included. This bicycle helmet for adults has all the features you need, including a sleek matt design and a padded chin strap. A hair that works. The dial and chin strap can be adjusted in seconds with a quick release chin strap. You can consult the size guidelines and choose the right size. This is the perfect companion for mtb racing, commute to work or pleasure rides. Take advantage of this risk-free purchase and invest in your safety and looks.

Brand: Teamobsidian

👤I replaced my old helmet with a lightweight one a few months ago so I didn't have to worry about it, but two weeks ago I crashed when my shoe clip slipped off the pedal, and my handlebars jerked to the right at 20 mph. I sustained a right clavicle,scapular and 3rd rib injuries. What pain... There was no head injury due to this helmet. No concussion...helmet intact! Highly recomme.

👤I flipped over my bars on the road portion of the gravel ride today. I was catapulted over the bars after locking up the front wheel. I landed on the crown of my head and then the back of my head hit the pavement. The helmet was hit the hardest. I walked away from the accident. I went to urgent care and am happy to report that my head and neck are fine, despite being bruised on my back. I don't have a concussion and have full range of motion. This helmet saved me from grievous injury or death today. Pictures are attached. Thank you so much! The lid is great. This is 10% smaller than the Louis Garneau that it replaced. A big helmet looks ridiculous on a short guy. I am very happy to report that there is no mushroom-head here. There is a The surface feels smooth. The inner foam and outer shell have the same seams. You feel like you have money. I can say that the air quality is excellent after 3 rides. The pads seem to handle head expansion without any tightening. This was a problem with my helmet. There is a The chin strap is very comfortable due to the pad on the straps. You can get your fit down in about 15 minutes with the quick adjusting straps. I have been able to adjust with one hand without getting off the bike. I would like the helmet to have more reflective material on it. I understand that is not the trend these days. The box would be perfect if there were a few reflective stickers that matched the style of the helmet. The white helmet would probably be more reflective than the black one, but it wasn't available when I bought it.

👤My wife said that she didn't need a helmet because it looked silly and weird. I told her to wear the Airflow. There is a Her head bounced off the ground after she crashed on her first ride. There were many scratches on her leg. There is a Do you have a helmet for the rest of your body?

7. Bike Baseball Helmets Cycling Bicycle Helmet Adults

Bike Baseball Helmets Cycling Bicycle Helmet Adults

The dial system and side straps are suitable for most adults, men, women, and youth. The baseball cap is SAFE. The adult baseball helmet is made of Polyurethane Leather and has a longer brim. The bicycle baseball helmet is made of high strength and light and feels good on your head. It is lightweight and portable. Flexibility in handling. The sweat can be washed away with the inner liner. The liner is made of warm fabrics and foam. It feels good. The helmet fits for 55 to 62 CM. The size is Approx.11.2 x 7.9 inch. There is a 2.8 inch. The best fit and comfortable wearing can be achieved with the use of a strip with a quick release button. Light weight, high strength, strong and drop resistance, good comprehensive protection performance, can cover the head protection area, can avoid injuries in the event of an accident, are all made of high-quality ABS material. The bicycle helmet is suitable for all. It's applicable for cycling, skiing, baseball, skating, scooter and e-bike.

Brand: Camzimo

👤My mother has been on a bike since childhood, but she has been diagnosed with sphenytoin. There is a We chose your helmet because it looks comfortable and light.

👤There is no adjustment for head size when you buy a good looking well built star. I used thin foam on four corners for a perfect fit.

👤This is a solid and good looking cap helmet, but it's huge. One size doesn't fit all. There is a I'm going to gift it to someone with a bigger head, so I'm going to get some foam to put inside and see if that works.

👤I use this helmet for winter bike rides. I put a knit hat on that was fastened at the right angle. It works well. I will have a different helmet when the weather warms up. It sits on the top of my head without being stuffed. It works well for my winter needs.

👤This hat is great for biking. I feel protected if it's comfortable. Definitely get one.

👤It seems to offer a measure of protection if you crash, it's light weight and can be adjusted to your liking.

👤The original strap wasn't compatible with my big head so I added an elastic band.

👤The helmet looks good but could use a better fit. It fits over a baseball hat.

8. Giro Crossley MIPS Cycling Helmet

Giro Crossley MIPS Cycling Helmet

Market-leading protection. Giro has a category-leading helmet test lab. It's called MIPS. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System can be used in a crash. Universal fit structuring: Straight out of the box, get the right fit. There are 18 vents. Drugging: The construction is in-molding.

Brand: Giro

👤You want to know if this helmet makes you look like a mushroom. Let me tell you that it does not. There is a This helmet feels natural on my head compared to many other helmets I have tried. The price and tech that is included are unbeatable.

👤There were no yellow helmets in the US in 1998. I buy a specialized one and spray paint it. It's a good thing. If you ride in a black helmet, there is something amiss in your head, especially at night when ninjas are loose on bikes. The helmet is over 300 grams. This helmet fits me better than my noggin, which is at 62 cm some times of the year. I don't care if I wear it on my mtn. I also ride my road bike. There is one strip length adjustment and one adjustment control for head size. This helmet design seems to have been killed by Giro. I can't tell why, it's not a bad casque.

👤I wanted to give this helmet 5 stars, but the size is off. I chose the helmet size based on my head measurement. The helmet was too big despite my attempts to adjust it. The chin strap rested very close to the neck, making it difficult to breathe when I tilted my chin down. The Y straps are not adjusted. If they were, I would have adjusted them so the chin strap would rest in a more comfortable position. There is a The construction seems sturdy. The visor is removed. It took me a few tries to get the visor on again after I took it off. This seems to be a great product for most people. It is a cool looking helmet, but it is not a good fit for me.

👤I like this helmet. It is comfortable and stylish and has the best of modern helmet tech. When you don't want the visor, the helmet should come with an extra piece of foam padding. The visor will hurt your forehead if you take it out. I ordered generic padding which works fine but seems like something they could include for an extra 25 cents.

👤It was fun trying to find a helmet that fit my head, I have a huge melon of a head. The first helmet I ordered from Amazon looked like a yarmulke on my melon. It fits well, it has a visor, and it has a different style. It doesn't look ridiculous when I wear it.

9. Giro Fixture X Large Mountain Cycling

Giro Fixture X Large Mountain Cycling

Market-leading protection. Giro has a category-leading helmet test lab. INTEGRATED. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System can be used in a crash. VENTILATION: There are 18 wind tunnel vents. Drugging: The construction is in-molding. Universal fit structuring: Straight out of the box, get the right fit.

Brand: Giro

👤I would like to thank Giro for the amazing product that saved my life. I took a mountain bike ride with two of my friends. Bug Springs is a famous mountain bike trail in Tucson. The trail is very technical. I was thrown over my handlebars by a bad line at the beginning of the ride. I saw that I was about to land on a rock as I fell. I tucked my neck in and hoped for the best. After landing, I yelled to my partners, "I'm ok", as they ran towards me. I stood up to show they were not hurt. I took off my helmet and saw that my visor and sunglasses had been broken. I was not hurt worse and my riding partners were amazed. I looked at the Giro Fixture helmet and saw that the hard shell had been smashed in and the core had cracked. I looked at the rock I landed on and thought I could have died without this helmet. I was able to finish the ride after I reassembled my gear. We only talked about the crash and the Giro helmet that saved me for the rest of the day. Giro helmet has gained a life long customer from me and two other riders. The Giro Fixture helmet is an outstanding construction and I was able to walk away with scratches on my hand and face.

👤I have been looking for a good helmet for a while. This one is amazing. I have a big head. That's my size for hats. This helmet isn't like a lot of helmets that have a bowl on the crown of your head. The helmet fits your head nicely. It makes us look normal. It's lightweight, breathes well, and looks good.

👤The fit and style is great but the design flaw is the lack of net in the vent to keep bees out. McGiver put screen netting in the front vents. I don't know how many times I have bees caught in my vent. A serious injury would have occurred if it wasn't for the net. I am bugged about this. I would probably choose a helmet with this included. My $30 helmet has this...

👤I had a Giro feature that saved me in a crash. I bought the Fixture because it seemed like the same as the Feature. I've ridden with it about 10 times and the visor has fallen off 3 times. My head was pulled back by a branch that got stuck in a vent hole. I rode with the feature for 6 years and it was nothing like that. I wish the visor was longer. The helmet is comfortable.

10. Helmet Bicycle Signals Bluetooth Connected

Helmet Bicycle Signals Bluetooth Connected

VENTILATION AND COMFORT. The wind tunnel vents allow air to flow through the helmet. The Roc Loc 5 Air fit system can be used to adjust vertical position and tension. An extra layer of safety, take your bike helmet to a new level with bright front and rear lights, making you visible to vehicles from all angles. The Lumos Ultra is the most funded project in the "bike" category and the most funded project in the "bike accessories" category. Left or right? - The bright helmet lights let those behind you know which way you are turning. The Lumos Ultra is a great gift for a cyclist. After riding with the Lumos Ultra, you wouldn't want another helmet. The name of the system is multi-directional impact protection system. A helmet with a clever safety design helps protect your head by absorbing impact force. There is a phone connection. Their new Team sync feature allows you to track your rides from your phone, and you can change the pattern of your helmet LEDs. The battery can last up to 10 hours. Lumos strives to provide you with a smooth shopping experience and professional customer support.

Brand: Lumos

👤The helmet is good. I did a triathlon yesterday and got a lot of good responses. There was no battery in the remote that I thought was tacky. I paid for the helmet and it should come with a battery. I shouldn't have to order CR2032 batteries just to use the helmet's features. Customer service from the company is not good. I wanted the red version of this helmet so I tried to order it from their website. I asked about the shipment after a week. There was no response. Two weeks go by and no return email. There was no response. I don't want to use my warranty for something on this helmet because I can't get in touch with someone. There is no phone number for customer service. If you're interested in buying the helmet, I would suggest ordering it from Amazon and praying you don't have any issues with the helmet because it seems impossible to get responses from anyone in the company.

👤I am not happy with this purchase. I thought it had audio. The title has the word "bluetooth" in it. The flashing style of the lights can be changed with the bluetooth feature. Why do you need a phone app to change the flashing patterns on a bike helmet? They can't have a button that you press to switch between flashings patterns. I think it's just to make people think they're buying a helmet that has audio. The one I bought doesn't support returns. Most styles of this product can be returned, but the one color that I happened top chose is not eligible for returns. I'm stuck with a piece of plastic that I will never use. Both Lumos and Amazon can go to hell.

👤The helmet checks all the boxes for me. It is lightweight and comfortable. The lights are visible from 150 feet out in the afternoon sun and the flashing is easy to see at 75 feet. I need a helmet with integrated lighting so I don't have to put on lights on my helmet in the event of a crash or fall. This is a better value for a helmet with lights, app and other features. I was pleasantly surprised that I could use it on my Apple Watch to operate the turn signal lights. I don't think my sunglasses fit into the helmet because I take them off like a pro rider. The front and rear pictures show how bright the bike mounted lights are. Hopefully the developer will give us more helmet colors for those of us who coordinate our kit colors. The piece of kit is worth a lot of money.

11. ONeal Sonus Mountain Helmet Orange

ONeal Sonus Mountain Helmet Orange

The shell is made of plastic. Multiple air vents for optimal cooling and air flow. The magnetic buckle is easy to use. The inner liner is padded and sweat absorbing. The safety standard for bicycle helmets is EN1078.

Brand: O'neal

👤I got this helmet for riding my Onewheel, even though I know it is 888-739-5110 My head measurement is 55 cm. The small was going by the size chart. It works, but not without the cheek pads. I had to take them out. I know they are supposed to fit snug, but the pads were squeezing my jaw tight. The rest of the helmet is loose, but I did take a spill and the helmet was not loose enough to fall off. There is a It is very comfortable and lightweight. I will see how that stacks up in warmer weather once it starts to get above 60F. So far, so good. There is a The helmet looks good. I have a small head, but this helmet doesn't look bad on me. There is more peripheral visibility with a motocross helmet.

👤It's the same thing. It's not a good thing I got a medium helmet to replace the small one. The medium is too small. It's hard to comprehend. I've written to the Oneal company to find out what's going on with their chart. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. There is a A good quality bicycle helmet. The quality of the helmet is better than the competition. The materials are better, the workmanship is better, and the engineering is more thoughtful. The visor can be positioned to funnel air into 2 or all 4 outlets, and it has 10 screen-covered air-flow vents, not including the one in front of your mouth. These ports are not just screened-over holes. The air moves in dedicated pathways front to back because there are air-circulation chambers throughout the helmet. The air inlets on top of the face are designed to keep the air out of your goggles andbrow. The design of this product shows Oneal's experience. The helmet DEFINITELY runs small. I looked at my head. I measured it again. I drank a lot of water and ate a lot of salt while I waited. I had people measure my head. The size Oneal specifies is correct for my head's circumference. I put the helmet on. I got it on despite the fact that it took some work. I looked in the mirror and saw that the padding was squeezing the sides of my noggin' so tightly that it was pushing the rest of my head out. There is a TheBUCKLE is next. It works well and is very clever. You can unbuckle the helmet with one hand. It took me 30 seconds to figure out how the buckle worked, and it's very easy to use if you know how it works. If I'm knocked unconscious in a wreck and someone helps me out, they might not realize how the helmet unbuckles. It's possible that frantic fingers could get it off by accident, but who knows. There is a The graphics are not very good. I plan on returning this one and ordering a bigger one.


What is the best product for bicycle helmets for men xl?

Bicycle helmets for men xl products from Outdoormaster. In this article about bicycle helmets for men xl you can see why people choose the product. Toonev and Nhh are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle helmets for men xl.

What are the best brands for bicycle helmets for men xl?

Outdoormaster, Toonev and Nhh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle helmets for men xl. Find the detail in this article. Schwinn, Giro and Teamobsidian are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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