Best Bicycle Helmets for Men Full Face

Men 11 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. POC Tectal Mountain Uranium Hydrogen

POC Tectal Mountain Uranium Hydrogen

A trail-dedicated helmet for everything from freeride to enduro, with more coverage at the temples and back of head. If you get injured, the Integrated RECCO reflector uses radar so you can be quickly located and helped. The SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) is a patent-pending Silicone Pad Technology system that uses innovative materials and design to complement the whole-helmet approach. The under 1 lbs. size and strap adjustment system provides a secure fit, and the unique channels help keep you cool on hot summer days. The helmet has a high-performance PC shell, reinforced EPS liner and aramid bridge that improve the strength and protection of the helmet while keeping it lightweight.

Brand: Poc

👤Saved my life. I would be dead if I had a helmet on. There was a small brain bleed and concussion, but a huge impact on the railing. I buy new helmets for all my friends who ride. Thank you so much!

👤The "Spin" pads are only reviewed. The Tectal is a great helmet, and I have another one. I think the Spin pads are a waste of time. I sent this one back because I like the Tectal so much, but I bought it for the extra protection. I tried pressing it with varying pressure and moving it on my head to compare it to my helmet. The helmets moved the same amount on my head when pressed against my head, and this is coming from someone who fits in the Tectal very well. I don't think this would offer any additional protection in a real world impact because the hair and scalp slip more than the Spin pads or regular pads. The pads are thin, do not cover the back of the head, and do not move much when pressed against my head in different directions. It's a way to make more money. I would just get the regular Tectal, which is a great helmet and checks the boxes for safety and comfort. I'm glad new technologies are being explored, but I think there needs to be more openness about testing and actual data. The technology is not going to progress in the market unless people understand why they are spending more money. I've tried both Spin and MIPS in my book. I'm still looking for new technologies and will explore them, but not until I see more data and testing, not just videos and slogans.

👤The helmet has exceeded my expectations. I used a bell super 2r and it was a good helmet. I had to replace it after the crash. I chose the half lid because it was light and fit my head well. I don't think my head will get overheated in the hot weather. The chin strap is very easy to use. This helmet is convenient for me and it looks great. It is expensive. I would like to think that protecting my head is worth it. The design of this helmet is not your cup of tea, so other helmets should be checked out. What are you waiting for? Keep riding if you have that helmet.

2. ONeal 2SERIES Off Road Helmet Hi Viz

ONeal 2SERIES Off Road Helmet Hi Viz

There is a spare visor for the 2Series helmet. You should put a spare in your bag. Only a Visor. Ultra-plush liner that can be washed. There are multiple air vents and cooling.

Brand: O'neal

👤This helmet is amazing. The normal size runs small, so order a bigger one. Trust me! I wear a large on my head. The helmet padding is well worth the hundred bucks.

👤The helmet my husband bought worked great. They ride ATV's from a remote camping area to an even more remote lake, and might not always make the smartest safety decisions. The stories I get to hear are not the good ones, after hearing some select stories from the past few years. I asked him to protect his noggin. The helmet is very comfortable. He had to return a large for an extra large, but he has a big head. It does run a bit small since we took the time to measure. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤The helmet fit well. I have always worn a medium helmet because my hat is 7-1/8. I feel as though it is true to size despite some reviews that say the helmet is small. I received the helmet the day before and there were no complaints. I was concerned about the weight. It is fairly light. I wore it all the time. There is a break it period with all helmets, the dome of the helmet fit great, the cheeks were a bit snug, but as with all helmets there is a break it period. A lot of people are wearing helmets that are not properly fit. When buying a helmet, make sure you read up on how it should fit.

👤This is my first dirt bike helmet and I have no complaints yet, comfort was my main priority or else I wouldn't wear it. This one is an adult large. It fits me perfectly. The helmet is light and allows for head movement up and down. The aggressive look of the body lines caught my eye and stood out from your basic styles and shapes. The colors are clean and I like the finish. It has a hard styrofoam like helmet, however it has another layer of soft padding around the ears, and cheeks. There is plenty of air flow in the mouth area and around the front, which allows air to be pulled in from the front and out of the rear. The padding can be easily removed and cleaned with thesnaps. A basic helmet is the only one that could help you in a crash. This is a start and for the money it is a great deal.

3. Bell Super Adult Helmet Medium

Bell Super Adult Helmet Medium

Bell pioneered a process called fusion in-molding that bonds the helmet's outer shell to the foam liner. The process of engineering a helmet liner with variable foam densities is needed to better manage the transfer of energy. Comprehensive energy management is a part of flex repertory. Flex spherical makes it possible to address high-speed impacts, low-speed impacts, as well as rotational impacts. It's an added bonus to be able to design a better helmet. Woven with real silver fibers, the X-staTIC PADDING and WRAPAROUND CHIN BAR are quick-drying. No tools are required for the chin bar. Chin bars have limits, and serious injury or death can occur. Before using your helmet, read the owner's manual. Overbrow Ventilation has intake ports on the brow of the helmet to push cool air through the air-channel matrix. The visor system can be used without the visor attached. The camera mount is designed to break away upon impact to reduce the risk of injury. Small, Medium, and Large sizes are specified. Take a head measurement. Even within an age range, head sizes and shapes can vary. 18 Vents, 4 Brow ports, and 8 Chin Bar vents can be dangerous if you use a helmet that does not fit.

Brand: Bell

👤The product is great, but the helmet is red, so my 3 star rating is more on the seller than on the product. The color description is red/ gray. It is like red red. Like a fire engine red, lightening McQueen red, or a stop sign red. The 2020 Bell Super Air R helmets are in a Burnt Orange color, according to the picture on Amazon. I was trying to decide between two colors and the Burnt orange look was the one that won me over. I was disappointed to get a helmet from the Fire Engine. It is very sharp even in that color, but not what was depicted in the photos. The Red Helmet looks like what it was delivered, but if you go to Bell's website, you'll see it's taken from their website. After I got it, I realized. Please fix the tint on your photo to represent the true color. This is the helmet you want if you want a light bike helmet. It is an awesome helmet even though it is not the same color as pictured.

👤I ride Trail to light All- Mountain in the northwest, sometimes we get into some Enduro trails as well. My wife and I have been wearing helmets such as Fox and Giro. They are just top shells for trail riding. After my wife caught a pedal on a fairly steep rooty section and did a flying head face first into a large cut off stump, I hiked out 2 miles in shock and went to the ER to have a hole in her face patched up... I decided it was time to replace my helmet. The Bell Super Air is comfortable, light weight, easy to install chin bar, good visibility, and I can work up a sweat. There's a con. The thumb adjustment is hard to reach. This helmet is very good.

👤Excellent helmet. Some people say that the helmet effectively smashes on impact, but that is not what it is supposed to do. It doesn't feel like a full face, it's incredibly comfortable and lightweight. It works well for riding a bike. It fills a need for a daily full face that will keep you from breaking your jaw on your rowdier rides. After a guy got his jaw broken on a trail ride, I was happy to be more cautious, and this helmet really adds some confidence to my protective gear.

4. Bell Super MIPS Bike Helmet

Bell Super MIPS Bike Helmet

Bell pioneered a process called fusion in-molding that bonds the helmet's outer shell to the foam liner. The process of engineering a helmet liner with variable foam densities is needed to better manage the transfer of energy. Flex Spherical enhances their ability to address high-speed impacts, low-speed impacts, as well as rotational impacts. It's an added bonus to be able to design a better helmet. The chin bar is designed for trail riding. There are no tools required. Chin bars have limits, and serious injury or death can occur. Before using your helmet, read the owners manual. There is a treadmill and a waist guide. FIDLOCK BUCKLE is woven with real silver fibers. Sweat Guide pads pull water away from the brow pad and away from eyewear. A comfortable and secure fit system with an easy-to-turn rubber overmolded dial for adjustments. Overbrow Ventilation has intake ports on the brow of the helmet to push cool air through the air-channel matrix. The visor system can be used without the visor attached. The camera mount is designed to break away upon impact to reduce the risk of injury. Small, Medium, and Large sizes are specified. Take a head measurement. Even within an age range, head sizes and shapes can vary. 19 Vents, 2 Brow ports, and 4 Chin Bar vents are dangerous if a helmet does not fit.

Brand: Bell

👤I was considering the Bell Super 3 MIPS for a while, having seen a number of positive pro reviews, and through some research found that it was not downhill rated, despite it having a similar wraparound face mask. The purpose of having a face mask is defeated by this kind of thing. The Bell Sixer and the Super 3 have additional color options that I would prefer. I wore the red to help with visibility, especially for towing our toddler in the trailer in the neighborhood. The convertible helmet is great for its utility. For more demanding rides, lock in the face mask and wear the half-shell. I tell my children. It's a mask for mountain biking. The half-shell is great. There is plenty of padding for shavers. The retention mechanism is not hard plastic and it is not something I have had with other brands. This is one of the areas of concern with the helmets. The padding in the bike helmets is designed for people with hair. The issue of the traditional MIPS liner providing a thin plastic shell with a variety of "slices" or open areas to allow for air flow, which if resting directly against my head, is something that I have found to be problematic. There are a number of ways in which the Bell helmet remedies this. The internal webbing that wraps around the head is connected to the helmet by the pegs. For a better explanation, look at their product materials. The separate, frequently yellow MIPS liners can be a challenge to fit for head shavers. The padding on the helmet is so large that there wouldn't be any contact between the liner and the person's head. It's named "DH" because it exceeds basic bicycle hemet certifications you see with everyday helmets. It can take a harder hit, has a visor for goggles, and protects your face when you need it. There is a I could use thinner cheek pads for the face mask. I switched to the thinner pads that come with the helmet and it still feels snug. If you're listening, Bell, consider a third set of pads for the helmet for those of us with bigger melons, cheek/jaw bones, etc. I'm really enjoying this helmet.

👤The helmet is great. The fit is snug and feels very solid. The Giro Switchblade looks to be a great helmet, but I was between the two. I compared reviews from here, mountain biking forums and Youtube and chose this helmet for a number of reasons. 1. I am in Arizona. I wanted this helmet as it appears to have more vents which should help with air flow in the summer. The Bell is a good weight for long rides. A sore neck is the last thing you need while riding. The weight of a mount and Go Pro can add up quickly. 3. The chin bar securing method was better than the switchblade. The chin bar on the Switchblade is not locked and is prone to falling off in a hard crash, which is what multiple riders have reported in forums. Both companies have the same warranty. Both have a crash replacement program. Giro only offers the replacement program in the U.S., while Bell offers it in both the US and Europe. I found that the most popular searches were "Giro Switchblade failure" and "Bell Super DH failure". There are many forums with a lot of knowledge and you will see what I mean with the Giro's chin bar.

5. Bell Drop Youth Skate Helmet

Bell Drop Youth Skate Helmet

Small, Medium, and Large sizes are specified. Take a head measurement. Even within an age range, head sizes and shapes can vary. 18 Vents, 4 Brow ports, and 8 Chin Bar vents can be dangerous if you use a helmet that does not fit. It's recommended for youth ages 8-14, but won't fit most heads. Take a head measurement. Even within an age range, head sizes and shapes can vary. A helmet that doesn't fit can be dangerous. The neck roll is comfortable. Buckle can be side-squeezed for easy adjustment. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets. Also complies with U.S. safety standards.

Brand: Bell

👤This is not a motorcycle helmet. This is not a sufficient helmet if you are putting your child on a motorized vehicle. I wanted something with better protection than the standard helmet because my son was getting bolder in his bike riding. It is lightweight with good air flow, so it is good for a bike when peddling and building up a sweat. I gave it 4 stars because the inside has foam pads that are attached with double-sided tape, I found the application of the pads to be done poorly and as a result my sons hair was sticking to the tape and pulling his hair. I think Bell will do better. He was happy when I rubbed the tape to make it less sticky after 10 minutes.

👤Well made face. The chin piece is not an add on. I prefer a solid one piece shell. The interior is sparse. I like this style. Solid foam with soft foam padding. The cheek pieces are soft foam. The front interior chin has protection. I don't want a motorcycle type lining in a helmet. If you don't wash the seat out frequently, it will be too hot and stinky, and you won't get any added protection. The neck should have been more like ethafoam. This is a big negative for this helmet. The chin strap is not the Y around the ear style. I prefer the Y style on reg open face helmets as they are more prone to move and shift in a fall, but I have no problem with this on a full face. Extra foam like helmets used to come with it. There is a This helmet will work for me. I would have given 5 stars if cheek pads and neck roll were functional.

👤I was going to get a helmet for my son, but then I thought about his ears, face and teeth. My son hit the pavement first at the skate park, and this helmet saved his face and jaw.

👤The product shows incorrect sizes. For 8+ years old. The helmet is 54-58 cm for 14 years old. The helmet seems good. Light weight. Nice designs. There could be more face/chin padding.

👤I would like to give this helmet a 5. My son's hair gets stuck to the sticky parts of the padding at the top of the helmet which pulls his hair when he takes it off. One of the side pads fell out before it was even used. We love it, other than that.

6. Bell Sanction Adult Helmet Presences

Bell Sanction Adult Helmet Presences

The structure has a visor. The lightest full-face is for dirt jump and BMX riders who want a smaller size and profile. It is suitable for use on a bicycle. The sizes are X- Small (48-50 cm), Small (51-54 cm), Medium (55-57 cm), and Large (60-60) Take a head measurement. Even within an age range, head sizes and shapes can vary. A helmet that does not fit can be dangerous.

Brand: Bell

👤The helmet is awesome, and I am so thankful that I stopped questioning spending the money and bought one. I got three for my boys. We were doing some downhills for the weekend. I wanted to be sure they had the right ones. Glad I did. The youngest was in the middle of the small range at 53 1/2 and the oldest was in the middle of the medium at 55 1/2. The small wouldn't go on the youngest without hurting his ears. I was pulling it apart as hard as I could and was going to hurt him when he put it on. Without some tears, it would not have been possible to get it off. The medium was very tight for the older person. He looked like a fish with his cheeks all mushed together. Everyone was happy when I bumped them up a size. I know how a helmet should fit, and am very comfortable with the safety of how they fit in larger sizes. I think the measurements are incorrect. There is a I got all 3 sizes. They both went down the park. One did a full flip and face planted on a rock access road. The size of golf balls did him in. He slid on his face. I had to watch because he was 10 ft. behind me. That was the scariest thing I have ever watched as a father. Not a scratch on him. The helmet looks like it went through a war, but he was fine. The other son bit it. Again, no scratch to his face or head. Buy the helmet!

👤This is an initial review to help people with their size. Amazon is notorious for leaving out product details. After you click on each size, the helmet has accurate size info in the description. I believe the Large is 58-60 cm. I used floss or string to measure it, but it was always 58 cm, and I found it easier to use a soft tape measure. I was surprised by the inconsistentness of the helmet sizes on the internet. Very. I couldn't find a proper size chart on Bell's website. A normal adult male size is actually rated as a Large here, because this is a 'youth' helmet. It was difficult for me to decide because my 58-59 cm measurement is on the line between Medium and Large in most size charts. If you measure between 58 and 59 cm, you don't want a medium. You would like a large. I don't think I have a round head, but mine is snug and the cheek parts are the most snug. It's hard to tell the difference between the cheek pieces and the rest of the helmet, which to me seems more normal. I know that full-face helmets are going to fit more like motorcycle helmets, but they have to fit tighter than many people think, to the point where some feel like they're too small, but they're not. I don't have any experience with full-face bicycle helmets and only limited experience with motorcycle helmets, so this is my entry-level effort, yet I don't see what more I'd expect for the price. If you research this helmet, you will find a review from an outdoor gear lab, which gives it low marks. They pit this helmet against others that cost twice or quintuple the cost, and then say it feels like a toy because it's so light. It's funny to read actual user reviews. In my reading, most criticism was focused on comparing helmets and features outside of its price range, or confusion in size. The cheapest helmet on Amazon has the same certification as the one that was the most legitimate criticism. That could be a good lead for some readers, and perhaps me someday. There is a The Bell Super 2R starts at twice the price of the Sanction, and the 2R's version is about 3x, which I was going to get. After losing out on one of Amazon's price discounts, I found a number of reports of sizing problems with the MIPS version, and a number of riders said they could push down on it. A number of bikers are saying to themselves, if you're going to wear a helmet, why wouldn't you want frontal protection? Some people think they don't need a helmet, but if you ride uphill, do you need a helmet? It made sense to me that I'd never want something less than full-face now that I've worn an open-face helmet before. The advantage of theremovable jaw lost a lot of its appeal at that point. I didn't like the fact that vendors were releasing a non-MIPS version of the helmet. I don't see how this can cause sizing problems because I know how MIPS works. I don't think a helmet should be an add-on that takes up extra room or that it should be a helmet that is made from the ground up. I think they'll improve, and I think I'll end up with one, but it seems like it's still new. I'm starting with this instead of going crazy with it. The Sanction seems to offer more protection than a non-MIPS Super 2R, at a half price. I like that I could get it in a black color. There were no photos of the inside front jaw area. I don't know if the front of other helmets is padded. The Super 2R has no padding in the front, and this one is not either. The Sanction's cheek pads are near my teeth. When the chin strap is on, the helmet stays put better because of the'mandibles' of the helmet. The chin strap is similar to regular open-face helmets and seems fine, but I don't know what to expect. I'm not sure if the visor adds protection, but it seems it could. I have a lot of visibility and breatheability and could talk easily with it on, but I think the helmet is designed for narrower faces than pumpkinheads. I don't see how the helmet could fit better than it already is. I tried a number of helmets in a local store, and they didn't fit right, and most seemed small, which makes sense because biking is mostly a youth thing, and I guess a medium youth can be different than a medium adult. Unless you're a gambler, I'd recommend avoiding helmets that don't have measurement ranges. I found some full-facers that were cheaper than this one on Amazon. Bell does a lot of actual research and that costs money, but produces results, so I went with this one. I felt a helmet in this price range was already a bargain, and I didn't want to push it further where my head's at stake. I was buying the right size because reviewers gave their specific sizes. Please provide your measurement, the size you got, and how that combo worked, if you review. There is a I don't like how the vendors jack up their prices. The cheapest price I could find was seven bucks less than when I bought it, which was close to the price of the used return I bought from Amazon Warehouse. The Warehouse item was listed as 'like new/packaging may be damaged'. The box was retaped and a little beat-up, but the black fabric bag had some dirt on it. I didn't know it came with a bag, but I wouldn't consider it packaging. The helmet was almost new, with some outer fingerprints, which would be expected. Here are a few more observations. There is a - After wearing the helmet, you will have to put on your glasses. Good luck if you get an itch. You have to take it off to get to it. I don't see how the plastic shell of most open-face helmets would be able to absorb a blow. Common wisdom says that if you have a crash with a helmet, you should stop using it. A lot of reviewers are talking about continuing to use theirs after a big impact. This is the best bang-for-buck protection for people upselling from a bottom-feeder option. My cheeks look a little small when I look in the mirror, but I think that's the last line of defense from my face coming out of the helmet. It's light for what it is and heavier than a lightweight open-face. The helmet is shaping up to be what I expected, which is a good thing.

7. ILM Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Midnight

ILM Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Midnight

The helmet liner is replaceable. 13 air flow vents. It is possible that it meets or exceeds DOT safety standards. The Sun Shield and Chin Guard are easy to replace. The system is Breathable and Keep Cool. Riders can take their helmet on and off with a quick release Buckle. Men and women can use a motorcycle helmet. It's ideal for ATV, Dirt Bike, Street Bike, Cruiser, Scooter, Moped and other outdoor sports. If you prefer a snug fit, choose one size up. Men and women can use a motorcycle helmet. It's ideal for ATV, Dirt Bike, Street Bike, Cruiser, Scooter, Moped and other outdoor sports. If you prefer a snug fit, choose one size up.

Brand: Ilm

👤I was in an accident with one of my scooters. I got ejected while going about 40MPH and landed on my head, but I will spare you the details. This helmet saved my life. It's comfortable and stylish. I will replace my damaged helmet with one of these. This helmet is very good.

👤The padding in this helmet is very thin. It's not going to help if you crash. I can't believe it passed the DOT certification. It's too small. Buy a bigger size. This is a very cheap helmet. I am very disappointed in the price. I was shocked that they made a helmet like that. I don't like this helmet. I was so excited to receive it that I found it to be a horrible item. Will not buy another helmet online again. It looks good, but not good for comfort, and it won't give you much help in a crash. It would be safer to not wear a helmet. I'm begging you not to buy this helmet. If nothing else is required for your safety and comfort. I'm disappointed that Amazon didn't research this helmet before selling it to their customers.

👤I wanted something that would protect my face without being a full motorcycle helmet. I ride an electric scooter that is capable of 30mph. This was a compromise for my needs. I was able to make it work because of the xxl cheek pads sent to me by ILM customer service. It's a lightweight helmet with good visibility, even with the visor down. It is a cool looking helmet and it is also comfortable. Looks aren't everything. It's a nice bonus. The clear visor should be ordered immediately. It only takes a couple minutes to switch out the two out. I think they could make the xxl available at the time of purchase to make things simpler. You might want to order a bigger size.

👤The reason this wasn't a full 5 stars was because of the size discrepancy when selecting these helmets. Multiple brands have the same issue, where their size chart doesn't match their actual helmet. I couldn't fit my head into the helmet I bought at this price range because I chose a medium. I did a large and it fit perfectly. When making a selection, I highly recommend going one size up. The helmet looks cool and feels great. I noticed that the inside padding doesn't feel cheap like it did in the past. Other brands tend to use a soft material that catches hair when removing a helmet. The helmet has a non-mesh inner lining. It is a nice change from what I normally see. The chin guard is sturdy, the air vent at the top can be opened and closed, and the sun visor is easy to access. The helmet has a lot of quality behind it, and it is built to take a hit. The presentation of the box and the packaging was good. It made me feel like I didn't buy cheap, even though it was under 100 dollars. Will this be as good as the helmet? No way. Will this help you in a crash? I think it will.

8. ONeal Sonus Mountain Helmet Orange

ONeal Sonus Mountain Helmet Orange

The shell is made of plastic. Multiple air vents for optimal cooling and air flow. The magnetic buckle is easy to use. The inner liner is padded and sweat absorbing. The safety standard for bicycle helmets is EN1078.

Brand: O'neal

👤I got this helmet for riding my Onewheel, even though I know it is 888-739-5110 My head measurement is 55 cm. The small was going by the size chart. It works, but not without the cheek pads. I had to take them out. I know they are supposed to fit snug, but the pads were squeezing my jaw tight. The rest of the helmet is loose, but I did take a spill and the helmet was not loose enough to fall off. There is a It is very comfortable and lightweight. I will see how that stacks up in warmer weather once it starts to get above 60F. So far, so good. There is a The helmet looks good. I have a small head, but this helmet doesn't look bad on me. There is more peripheral visibility with a motocross helmet.

👤It's the same thing. It's not a good thing I got a medium helmet to replace the small one. The medium is too small. It's hard to comprehend. I've written to the Oneal company to find out what's going on with their chart. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. There is a A good quality bicycle helmet. The quality of the helmet is better than the competition. The materials are better, the workmanship is better, and the engineering is more thoughtful. The visor can be positioned to funnel air into 2 or all 4 outlets, and it has 10 screen-covered air-flow vents, not including the one in front of your mouth. These ports are not just screened-over holes. The air moves in dedicated pathways front to back because there are air-circulation chambers throughout the helmet. The air inlets on top of the face are designed to keep the air out of your goggles andbrow. The design of this product shows Oneal's experience. The helmet DEFINITELY runs small. I looked at my head. I measured it again. I drank a lot of water and ate a lot of salt while I waited. I had people measure my head. The size Oneal specifies is correct for my head's circumference. I put the helmet on. I got it on despite the fact that it took some work. I looked in the mirror and saw that the padding was squeezing the sides of my noggin' so tightly that it was pushing the rest of my head out. There is a TheBUCKLE is next. It works well and is very clever. You can unbuckle the helmet with one hand. It took me 30 seconds to figure out how the buckle worked, and it's very easy to use if you know how it works. If I'm knocked unconscious in a wreck and someone helps me out, they might not realize how the helmet unbuckles. It's possible that frantic fingers could get it off by accident, but who knows. There is a The graphics are not very good. I plan on returning this one and ordering a bigger one.

9. Demon United Podium Full Helmet

Demon United Podium Full Helmet

The design and graphics are inspired by the Demon Team. The visor has screws on the side. Tough injection molded thermal alloy. The foam liner will fit your shape better. The full face helmet is only 2 lbs. 2oz. The helmet liner is replaceable. 13 air flow vents.

Brand: Demon United

👤The fit, weight, and look of this helmet were great. The low weight of 2 lbs makes it comfortable to wear for long periods. I use mine to ride a mini S. I chose the large size because my head was 22 inches. I'm 5'6 155 lbs. The Demon Podium was reviewed on my channel.

👤This helmet is perfect for EUC riding, where face plants are more likely than most activities. Even in cold weather, these are warm. My goggles work perfectly with it. I only had this helmet for a few days before I was hit by a car. A car hit me while I was crossing the street. I flipped off the car on the drivers side. I hit my head a few times. I remember this helmet saving my face when I was face-planted onto the street, but the exact number and position is a little fuzzy. The helmet did more than I could have asked for. Helping me survive 3500 lbs of steel moving at 10 mph with no serious injuries is a huge feat. I ordered another. I should wear medium, but my head might be odd. The large fits me well. I ordered the large and had full face motorcycle helmets fitted. If you want to confirm the size of this helmet, you might want to try one at your local motorcycle shop. There is a It's light, but it could be lighter.

👤Fit is excellent and it's lightweight, two of the most important aspects of a mtb helmet. Impact protection is the most important. The helmet paid for itself after I went over the bars and hit a rock. The helmet took the impact and I barely felt it. There is a It's lightweight and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend it. It impressed me so much that I bought one for my wife.

👤I am new to mountain biking. Even a mountain bike fall can cause serious head injuries, and I appreciate the importance of a full face helmet when riding motorcycles. When trying on helmets at my local bike shop, the half helmet seemed loose even when adjusting it to a proper fit, and I felt like the helmet could easily twist off. We're way over my budget because they had full face helmets that fit snug. I found this helmet on Amazon and I'm glad I did. My head measurement is 59 centimeters and I ordered a xlarge based on other reviewers recommendations. I could have ordered the large. I think some people think the helmet is too small. The majority of Americans have more of a intermediate oval than a round one, meaning the helmet is rounder than most people's head. When it came to motorcycle helmets, I have always been between the round and intermediate shape. I passed my test and work for mountain biking, even though the xlarge is a little loose than I would wear if I was riding a motorcycle. I always strap in my helmet first, then I try lifting the helmet off from the back, if it stays in place, and then I check to see if the helmet rotates on my head. If the helmet slides too easily and my skin on my forehead doesn't move, it's not snug enough. The helmet and size are very light and comfortable, and you don't look like a bobblehead. Most of my rides have been in the summer heat and I still sweat but I wear a helmet. I feel the air when I move. The visor adjusts up and down and the glasses fit easily with the helmet. The ear pockets are small and the top of my ear hurts. Maybe they could make the ear pocket bigger. It's difficult to get back in the helmet liner, especially around the brow. You have to fit the liner between the eps and shell when you put it back in. You can clean a motorcycle helmet like this one, but it's much harder to do. I got the white so I don't attract the sun more than I need and it looks good.

10. ONeal Unisex Adult 2SERIES Helmet Slick

ONeal Unisex Adult 2SERIES Helmet Slick

O'NEAL motorcycle gear is the best in comfort. The shell weight is 1450grams. The roost nose guard is made of rubber. The chin strap is double-D. It's lightweight. DOT, ECE 22-05 is compliant with standards.

Brand: O'neal

👤I'm on the line of large and extra large. I usually wear large, so I went with large. It's a little snug. I think the padding will loosen up a bit. If you're like me and on the line, I think either one will be fine. I think it will come down to having to tighten the chin strap a little more. The helmet looks great. I get praise everywhere I go.

👤I read the size issues before I ordered, and it was accurate, but I found the cheek/teeth protectors to be tight. They snap in and out as the picture shows red snaps. I would leave them in if you are doing serious dirt riding or racing. I will take them out if I am casual. You can choose which one will be better for the day. The helmet is light and has great sun protection.

👤I have been using this helmet for a couple months now and it is just awesome. I have worn helmets for a long time and am getting back into dirtbiking at 45 years old. The helmet is comfortable, but snug, but fits me well after 2 rides. It looks great.

👤Excellent value! If you measure correctly, the size chart is true. You want the helmet to be on the tighter side. The helmet has clean graphics and the color is sleek. It fit well with no problems. I would recommend this helmet for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to ride.

👤The helmet was a step up from the previous one. The padding fits the face well and still has enough air flow to keep the head cool. Also holds my Cardo communication system with built in pads to hold the headphones in the ear area, and holds goggles nicely with shape on rear. It's a very cool feature. The goggles that were used only for one use did scratch very easily, which was upsetting since it only took one use.

👤I took the pads out and put weights on top of them so I could break in the helmet, which is very tight around the cheek area.

👤This is a great helmet. After a few rides, it was perfect. The O' Neal graphics are gray, but still look nice. And comfortable.

👤I need to update my helmet after I bought a new dirt bike. I decided to go with the O'neal helmet after a lot of research and am really happy I did. It fits my head very well. I went with a large after measuring my head. It is snug around my face but it is very comfortable and I think the padding will loosen up over time. It's a good choice for a helmet in the $100 range.

11. Obacle Protection Seamless Skeleton Motorcycle

Obacle Protection Seamless Skeleton Motorcycle

It is not cheap and easy to pill or tear, but it is a high quality soft and comfortable mask that is lightweight and quick dry. Non-SLIP: The Elastic Tensile fiber keeps the mask in place. The non-stitched ends will roll up naturally. If you don't like the pattern's eyes below yours, you can fold it down. There is avid 3D headwear. 3D design, fashion design, and digital printing. Skull mask for men and women. Multiple Using: Running, hunting, fishing, hiking, motorcycle, biking, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile riding, mountain, biking; Perfect. The size is 19.7inch X 9.8inch. The high stretchable mask for head circumference is about 25 inches. One size almost fits all adults and teenagers.

Brand: Obacle

👤If you have to wear a mask, why not wear it in style? We all have to make adjustments because of the shortage of n95 masks for non-medical use and the coronaviruses epidemic. This motorcycle mask works just as well as any other general mask. I can breathe better wearing it. You can adjust the positioning of the mask if you pull it over your head. My grandson is wearing a rsptor mask and the colors are vivid. He lives it! I bought two of them.

👤I bought this because I could use it on the motorcycles as well as the stores that make you wear a mask. The fabric stretches and breaths. The colors are still vibrant. It's not what the picture shows. The whole mask isn't showing. It has skull eyes on top, but you have to fold the top 2 iches inside to make a face covering. I was hoping it would look like the pictures. Not mad. I like it. I do.

👤Why is it difficult to find the traditional soft, stretchy gaiters with a skull print on Amazon? This is the second one I've bought from Amazon and I'm torn between 2 and 3 stars. The material is very stiff and thick and the edges are not sewn. It doesn't stay put as well as others, but they don't have skull prints. This is average. It might get 4 stars if it was less than 5 bucks. I'm not happy with the price. I'm too lazy to return it.

👤This cotton is good for cold weather. There is a The skeleton is printed on two sides, it's kind of a pity, I ordered another brand and it was thinner material, and the skeleton was only printed on one side. There is a It is a good mask for riding motorcycles, but not used inside as a mask.

👤I'm not sure how to rate them. The material and decals are nice. One size fits all. I had to put a pin in to keep it from sliding down on my face because it was too big for me. If it had one of these, it would be a 5.

👤I was hoping this would be a good mask to wear. It is very thin and the air passes through both ways. It seems like the image is well-made and sturdy, but only time can tell. If you need something to block dust while you are cutting the grass or doing outside activities, this should work for you. This may not be the best thing to do if you want to protect others.


What is the best product for bicycle helmets for men full face?

Bicycle helmets for men full face products from Poc. In this article about bicycle helmets for men full face you can see why people choose the product. O'neal and Bell are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle helmets for men full face.

What are the best brands for bicycle helmets for men full face?

Poc, O'neal and Bell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle helmets for men full face. Find the detail in this article. Bell, Bell and Bell are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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