Best Bicycle Helmets for Men Extra Large

Men 16 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. NHH Adult Bike Helmet CPSC Compliant

NHH Adult Bike Helmet CPSC Compliant

It's safe. It is encased in high qualityEPS for top-tier protection. The Retrospec bike helmets are tested for safety. Certified safety. The NHH Freedom helmet has passed a safety test. It is made of premium quality polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing EPS liner, which can protect your head in the event of a crash. It's lightweight yet safe. The strength-to-weight ratio has been improved. It only weights 8 ounces, so it will allow you to stay on your bike for longer. There is more than one way to Ventilation. Vent holes enhance wind flow over your head, keeping you cooler and more comfortable as you ride. The chin pads are very comfortable and can easily be removed. It fits your head perfectly. The size dial can be adjusted to fit heads with L/XL: 22.4''-24'' (57-61 cm). Measure your head before you buy something. NHH friendly customer service and 1x NHH Bike Helmet are what you get. You will have fun with their bike helmet.

Brand: Nhh

👤Do you have a problem with people throwing banana peels on the trails? giraffes crossing your path? You will need this helmet when you dump your Schwinn into the pavement. This light weight plastic and foam will protect you from coconut smashing.

👤A great deal for a helmet. I went over 4 inches to fit long hair and a flashlight. The helmet has thinner walls so it was difficult to transfer the mirror. I only tried it out on my indoor trainer, but it feels great after 2 hours of wear. I have a fan mounted to the handlebars. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤This is a nice helmet. The dial in to fit to your size is a nice feature. If you have small reflective stickers on your helmet, you can place them in open spaces to make you more visible to traffic. Day and night. This helmet doesn't have a built in rear light. I added my own, not effecting the fit of my helmet. My head is big with the air vent. This gets 5's from me.

👤The description says it fits the head. My head is 22 inches long. Even after I tightened it, it was still too big for me. The helmets fit me well. I have a couple of adult helmets that fit me perfectly, and I tighten them to the smallest setting. But not this one. Too bad. I like the look of this helmet. It's :-

👤The helmet is solid and looks good, but it is a little larger than the one size that allows me to wear it. I have a big head. The helmet is small enough to work for me. It would fit most adults perfectly. I can't complain about the price.

👤I'm 20 years old. I thought an adult helmet would be fine. The helmet was too bug when I got it. I couldn't fit it on my head. As long as you measure, you should be fine because my head is 22 inches, which is a little smaller than the range given. The return process is easy for Amazon. I wish there was a smaller size for this helmet.

👤I was able to find the helmet in the same color as my bike, and it fit my head nicely. I wore it as I rode. My generation wasn't taught to wear helmets. It made me feel safe.

2. Schwinn Lightweight Microshell Featuring Adjustment

Schwinn Lightweight Microshell Featuring Adjustment

The suggested age range for the Schwinn Thrasher helmet is 14 years old and up. 5 inches. The full Schwinn Comfort features a dial fit knob and full-range padding for a custom fit. Two microshell layers and full-coverage foam construction provide lightweight durability. The easy-adjust dial system provides a custom fit with a twist of the dial and the side straps allow you to fine tune fit and comfort. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I bought this helmet for my son because he outgrew his old one. He put it to the test within three weeks. He is a daredevil. He lost control of his bike at 30 mph and landed on the side of his head. He passed the concussion screening at the ER after being knocked out. He is fine, other than some road rash. I don't want to think about how he would fare with his old helmet or no helmet. The ER doctor said that the spot he hit was the most dangerous place to hit for head injuries. Kids should always have safety equipment. I am ordering the same helmet as a replacement. I couldn't tell where he hit his head because the helmet held up well. I noticed the compression of the foam on his head after I noticed a small crack in the foam. I have spent a lot of money, but this is the best money I have ever spent.

👤A couple days ago I was in a collision with a car that turned through the bike lane without looking. The helmet was destroyed in the crash. My head did not do that. The helmet turned a potentially fatal collision into an annoyance.

👤This could have saved my life. I fractured my clavicle when a car made an illegal U-turn and hit my bike, which turned the handlebars into my body. I remember flying off the bike and hearing a loud noise as my head hit the street. Without the helmet, I would have been in a lot of trouble. I don't know if the damage is from the crash or just regular wear-and-tear, but since I won't wear a helmet that I was wearing in an accident, I am replacing it. As soon as the driver's auto insurance company says that they'll cover the cost of a new helmet, I'll probably buy the same one again. I had no problems with it, it fit very well.

👤I have a large head. I ordered the largest size available, but I couldn't put it on my head. The adjustment wheel is at the back of the helmet. Everything fit perfectly after that 1/2 a turn. The helmet was light and had plenty of air to keep my head cool. I had to loosen the strap so it wouldn't choke me. I'm not sure if a black helmet will get a little hot on a 90 degree summer's day, but I will update the results I have been riding for 40 years and have never worn a helmet. My theory was that it interfered with my hearing and I would rather not be hit by a car than wear a foam helmet. I was wrong. I thought it was time to revisit the helmet idea because of my traumatic brain injury. The other helmets seemed to have more noise than this one. It gave me spatial awareness because I could hear perfectly. I was 500 feet from my house when someone cut me off in the parking lot. I put my foot down after hitting the disc brakes. I didn't notice I was on a slope. The ground was 6 inches lower than I thought. I went into the concrete walkway after the bike fell over. I landed on the left side of my head. There was a lot of enthusiasm. I heard a crack when I landed. I put my hand on my head to see if there was blood. The helmet was taken off to see if it was cracked. Nothing was done to check the helmet for damage. Nothing. It's two days later. I don't have a sore neck. The helmet was very good. How lucky was I that I had a helmet on? This helmet gets a huge thumbs up from me. It saved me from going to the emergency room. I will not ride without it again. I would recommend this to an adult.

3. Bicycle Detachable Lightweight Cycling Adjustable

Bicycle Detachable Lightweight Cycling Adjustable

There is a safety rear light with three lighting options. The charge was fully charged in 2 hours. For about 6 hours. Safety and protection are included. This adult bike helmet is made of high density foam material and has an outside PC shell to ensure better shock absorption. clean and lightweight. This helmet is only 9 ounces and is perfect for city riding or mountain biking. The helmet pad can be washed to keep it clean. The honeycomb type vents that make air ventilated can keep the bike cool. The inside lining and soft Buckle make your head and chin feel comfortable. The size is adjusted. The adult bike helmet has an easy-use dial system and side straps to ensure a comfortable fit. They all hope to have a safe, comfortable and stylish bicycle helmet. If you have any questions about the product, please contact them and they will send you a new helmet.

Brand: Sunrimoon

👤I was looking for a bike helmet that fit my head size, but they must have used a faulty measuring tape, because they promised it would fit my head size. It doesn't fit. My head is exactly 24” Why can't sellers be honest? If I force this onto my head when it becomes the largest size, I end up with a cheap plastic look.

👤I don't have to test the helmet for its ability to protect my head. It is light and comfortable. The strap that holds it on my head seems sturdy and the padding is good. The color is easy to see from a distance.

👤It was light and not sure how it would hold up on impact.

👤Amazingly cheap. The styrofoam on this was so thin that I couldn't see it protecting someone. I returned it.

👤I bought this helmet because my own broke and I was nervous about buying a helmet online but it worked out well and I was able to try it on first. The helmet fits perfectly.

👤The helmet is light and comfortable. A good value for money.

👤I wanted comfort and light weight, and I wasn't disappointed. I wanted it to be strong so that I wouldn't fall. It's light and hard, so I got both of the things I wanted.

4. Schwinn Intercept Adult Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Intercept Adult Bicycle Helmet

It's for riders ages 14 and up. A custom fit is possible with theadjustable dial fit. The snap on visor protects eyes from the sun. The 26 crucial air vents provide maximum ventilation, keeping heads cool on hot summer rides, Upper and lower PC micro shell coverage delivers improved protection and durability. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I decided to buy a bike to help me lose weight and get healthier after not riding a bike for nearly 30 years. My kids told me that I need a helmet, so I looked at many helmets that were cheaper and more expensive, and decided to give this one a try. I'm very happy I did. It fits my large head well and it's airy which keeps my head cool. It feels very comfortable. The construction and padding seem to be solid, and the dial seems to fit perfectly, as if it will stay in place in a crash. The colors match my Mongoose Dolomite, I am very happy with this purchase so far. My wife said that I'm pretty cute in my helmet.

👤We ordered two Schwinn helmets for our kids, the "Intercept" and the "Thrasher" model. We love the "dial fit" adjustment on both helmets. When our daughter wears her helmet, the inner "fit ring" of this model keeps coming loose. She doesn't stay secure on her head. Problem! The Intercept model has a design flaw according to some of the other user reviews. The dial fit adjustment piece and front padding are secured within the helmet shell by six small tabs. That's all. We compared this to the two adult helmets we own with a "dial fit" design. The plastic "fit ring" is used in all of the models and has anchor tabs on it. It doesn't come out. The fit adjustment piece is not used in those helmets, but only for the padding pieces. The manufacturer has been contacted by me with my concerns. I expect them to fix the problem with a new helmet because they were very nice. Saving yourself the hassle is what I recommend if you're shopping for a helmet. Schwinn is great, just choose a different model. We received a replacement unit after we sent the details and photos to the manufacturer. They sent me the same thing. There was no help there. I'm returning the helmet and getting something else. We can't recommend this helmet.

👤My daughter was upset that the plastic headliner on her helmet was not held in place. I found that the straps were not fed through the headliners and that the rear of the headliners were not holding the straps in place. It is not safe to use without being attached. I was able to redo one side of the helmet where the strap ends come together, but I can't fix the other because the continuous strap is between the outer shell and the styrofoam. This is not fixable without cutting the continuous strap and getting the necessary strap attachment from the supply store. I will try to exchange the Schwinn product for something else, but I am really disappointed with the quality.

👤This helmet is larger than I expected, but it's my first bike helmet, so what do I know? There is a It's small for my pinhead. I usually wear a size 6-7 to 7 hat, but I have decided to wear a smaller size, and with a baseball cap underneath it seems to fit as I imagine it should. I prefer to wear a hat under my head to keep the sun out of my hair, even though I have less hair than a full head. There is a The nylon straps and plastic buckle on the chin strap are not comfortable and can get into my chin and jaw. I'll fix that. (MacGruber!) There is a I have a tiny, tiny head and the chin strap is too long, so I have to either put it in the helmet above my ear or use a double strap. Tucking it into the ear straps is very uncomfortable, and having it slap my face is another option, but I have people for that. I don't know how it will perform, but I will find out soon enough. I'll wear it a lot around the house, but I'll use it occasionally on a bike. I get concussions from banging my head against the wall when Trump is on the phone. There is an update. It's best that I get a helmet that fits and is comfortable without an engineering intervention, because it's in the interest of safety. I will have to avoid the news until I find a better fit.

5. Smith Optics Convoy Cycling Helmet

Smith Optics Convoy Cycling Helmet

The shell is made of polycarbonate. There are 20 vents. Vapor Fit is a fit adjustment.

Brand: Smith

👤I like this helmet a lot. I was between the Giro helmet and this one for quite a while. I bought this one because of the olive green color. The material quality is not like a top-tier helmet and it's very cheap. It's good enough and comfortable. The helmets suspension in 'L' fits great with room to spare, and I wear a 7-3/4 size hat. The straps were not designed well. They feel a bit awkward around my ears. I've tried adjusting them every way I can, but the straps are a bit far back for my large head size. You get a great looking helmet for under $100. I won't upgrade unless I crash on my noggin soon.

👤Color and lightweight. It pulls my hair. I have long hair and it gets tangled up with different plastic pets. There is a problem. I don't like the shade of white on the visor and helmet shell. There is a It doesn't fit in my head. It was my size according to their chart, and it wasn't to pop up/off no matter how much I tightened it. It doesn't go all the way onto my head. I would like to return it. I am out of time now. I would have liked to go with the Giro.

👤The helmet didn't fit. After 2 weeks, I haven't received a refund. It was bought on Prime with free shipping and returns.

👤I bought a new bike. I want to ride to work more. I got new padding for my helmet. A man that works for me rides his bike to and from work. I was told that I should replace my helmet every 5 years. It makes sense. I thought I would try something different. I have had two Giro helmets before this one, and the last one has been with me for 11 years. I'm going to keep it. Not knowing anything about new helmets and seeing a lot of choices made me pick this one. One name. I knew Smith was a little pricey, but I would give it a try. I don't need a helmet that is crazy expensive and I know you get what you pay for in the cheap ones. If they say it's safer then it's an added measure of feeling good knowing I won't get hurt in a crash. I bought a mountain bike after I grew up without a helmet. Anything is better than nothing to me. The 11 year old Giro that I have is inside and still looks good. I know the material could be brittle but it is better than nothing. I like the color black. I put some red reflective stickers around it to make it look better. The padding is good. The click of the wheel gives you a chance to adjust the fit. When it's cold in the morning, I wear a cap that I have to adjust out of my body, then during lunch or the ride home in the afternoon it's easy to adjust back. It is easy to adjust the chin. The visor is easy to remove. I usually took the visor off because my Giro visor didn't stay on very well. I've left it in place so far and it's okay. There is a It's a great helmet so far. I've never had a major crash with my helmets and this would be the third helmet I've owned in 17 years. I've been riding to work for the last three weeks. I replaced the pads on the Giro and this one seems to be just as comfortable. The only difference is the adjustment to tighten it to your head. I bought a medium and it fit perfectly. Most of the Giro helmets were universal in size. If you're serious about safety then you should spend an extra few dollars on a good helmet. Anything is better than nothing. I didn't have a helmet when I was a child. I was involved in many wrecks. This is more expensive than the Giro's I was looking at, but you can get a better fit with more specific sizes. This is as light as my old Giro. The cheap helmets I saw had a light in the back of them which meant they had a battery which would make them heavier. I like this helmet. We will see how long it lasts. The manual says to replace after three years. They need to make money as well. Happy hunting.

6. Giro Fixture X Large Mountain Cycling

Giro Fixture X Large Mountain Cycling

Market-leading protection. Giro has a category-leading helmet test lab. INTEGRATED. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System can be used in a crash. VENTILATION: There are 18 wind tunnel vents. Drugging: The construction is in-molding. Universal fit structuring: Straight out of the box, get the right fit.

Brand: Giro

👤I would like to thank Giro for the amazing product that saved my life. I took a mountain bike ride with two of my friends. Bug Springs is a famous mountain bike trail in Tucson. The trail is very technical. I was thrown over my handlebars by a bad line at the beginning of the ride. I saw that I was about to land on a rock as I fell. I tucked my neck in and hoped for the best. After landing, I yelled to my partners, "I'm ok", as they ran towards me. I stood up to show they were not hurt. I took off my helmet and saw that my visor and sunglasses had been broken. I was not hurt worse and my riding partners were amazed. I looked at the Giro Fixture helmet and saw that the hard shell had been smashed in and the core had cracked. I looked at the rock I landed on and thought I could have died without this helmet. I was able to finish the ride after I reassembled my gear. We only talked about the crash and the Giro helmet that saved me for the rest of the day. Giro helmet has gained a life long customer from me and two other riders. The Giro Fixture helmet is an outstanding construction and I was able to walk away with scratches on my hand and face.

👤I have been looking for a good helmet for a while. This one is amazing. I have a big head. That's my size for hats. This helmet isn't like a lot of helmets that have a bowl on the crown of your head. The helmet fits your head nicely. It makes us look normal. It's lightweight, breathes well, and looks good.

👤The fit and style is great but the design flaw is the lack of net in the vent to keep bees out. McGiver put screen netting in the front vents. I don't know how many times I have bees caught in my vent. A serious injury would have occurred if it wasn't for the net. I am bugged about this. I would probably choose a helmet with this included. My $30 helmet has this...

👤I had a Giro feature that saved me in a crash. I bought the Fixture because it seemed like the same as the Feature. I've ridden with it about 10 times and the visor has fallen off 3 times. My head was pulled back by a branch that got stuck in a vent hole. I rode with the feature for 6 years and it was nothing like that. I wish the visor was longer. The helmet is comfortable.

👤The chin strip ear pieces are not adjusted. The chin strap isn't comfortable, but it isn't terrible. It sits under the chin. Every time you look up, it sits under the user's throat. This makes the helmet very uncomfortable.

👤I was not able to find a helmet at my local sporting goods store. This one has a good brand name. I feel a lot safer mountain biking. Good padding, fit, and look. It was 40 bucks cheaper than other places, so it was worth the money.

7. Troy Lee Designs Downhill Mountain

Troy Lee Designs Downhill Mountain

The POLYLITE Shell construction has fiber reinforcement. There are 11 high flow air intakes and 14 open core exhaust ports. FIDLOCK is a magnetic buckle system. The bag has mesh panels. Not rated for motorized use.

Brand: Troy Lee Designs

👤It's unfortunate. I crashed this helmet after buying it. I can say that this helmet is very good at it's job. It took a hard fall because of a mistake I made, jumping a drop before my foot was back on my bike. I nose-dived into the ground because of this. My head hit the ground so hard that I saw flashes of light, but I never blacked out. I felt fine despite putting a fat dent into my helmet. Not even a throbbing head. It is also pretty comfortable. I was disappointed at first because the pads would rub against my ears as I put the helmet on and take it off. I got to know the helmet pretty quickly after wearing it. There is a I followed the instructions on Troy Lee's website. You don't get a replacement, but a discount on a new helmet. I got 30% off my next one, which is better than nothing. I bought another one right away. I crashed this helmet two days after I got it. It was worth it.

👤For the last 6 months, I've used my TLD FF every time I go eSkating, which is about 5 to 7 times a week. I was worried about flattening the cheek pads. They got dirty and sweaty. I washed them and they came back to their original shape. I bought this in the summer because I wanted a unit that was lightweight and well-ventilated. I use a balaclava or headband with a neck sleeve to stay warm in the winter on the east coast of the US. This works well for me. Sometimes it's better to look good than to look bad with black under-hood gear. I am very unique because eSkating hasn't caught on in my region, so I ride my eBoard at 20MPH on the streets and paths. I want people to notice me. I put a red brake light on the back. I put a GO-Pro mount on the visor for my camera. There is a If I spill, it is not the same as if I get hit. I'm expecting it. I gear up appropriately. The best knee, elbow, gloves, padded shorts and wrist guards are available from Ennui with hard shell outers and Kevlar and Velcro enclosures. You would be crazy not to control what you can. The risk of eSkating is inherent in the fact that you gear up with the best tech available. People stop me to ask about my eSkating. How fast does it go and how much is it? I always protect the noggin and divert the conversation to safety. I spent $300 on a full face. I've seen too many people on the forums who have lost their teeth and are in a bad state of mind. The only way is full face. There is a The helmet was designed for off-road impacts. When I plant full-face into the asphalt, this helmet will fall on the pavement or cause more damage to my head. M-cycle helmets are preferred by some people in the sport. I might invest in a helmet from TSG Downhill for next winter. Don't use Triple-8, Protect, DaKine, or any other open face skating for eSkating because they will not save your head at speeds over 10MPH. I was happy with the performance. Light weight and great protection. It is very expensive.

8. Helmet Bicycle Signals Bluetooth Connected

Helmet Bicycle Signals Bluetooth Connected

VENTILATION AND COMFORT. The wind tunnel vents allow air to flow through the helmet. The Roc Loc 5 Air fit system can be used to adjust vertical position and tension. An extra layer of safety, take your bike helmet to a new level with bright front and rear lights, making you visible to vehicles from all angles. The Lumos Ultra is the most funded project in the "bike" category and the most funded project in the "bike accessories" category. Left or right? - The bright helmet lights let those behind you know which way you are turning. The Lumos Ultra is a great gift for a cyclist. After riding with the Lumos Ultra, you wouldn't want another helmet. The name of the system is multi-directional impact protection system. A helmet with a clever safety design helps protect your head by absorbing impact force. There is a phone connection. Their new Team sync feature allows you to track your rides from your phone, and you can change the pattern of your helmet LEDs. The battery can last up to 10 hours. Lumos strives to provide you with a smooth shopping experience and professional customer support.

Brand: Lumos

👤The helmet is good. I did a triathlon yesterday and got a lot of good responses. There was no battery in the remote that I thought was tacky. I paid for the helmet and it should come with a battery. I shouldn't have to order CR2032 batteries just to use the helmet's features. Customer service from the company is not good. I wanted the red version of this helmet so I tried to order it from their website. I asked about the shipment after a week. There was no response. Two weeks go by and no return email. There was no response. I don't want to use my warranty for something on this helmet because I can't get in touch with someone. There is no phone number for customer service. If you're interested in buying the helmet, I would suggest ordering it from Amazon and praying you don't have any issues with the helmet because it seems impossible to get responses from anyone in the company.

👤I am not happy with this purchase. I thought it had audio. The title has the word "bluetooth" in it. The flashing style of the lights can be changed with the bluetooth feature. Why do you need a phone app to change the flashing patterns on a bike helmet? They can't have a button that you press to switch between flashings patterns. I think it's just to make people think they're buying a helmet that has audio. The one I bought doesn't support returns. Most styles of this product can be returned, but the one color that I happened top chose is not eligible for returns. I'm stuck with a piece of plastic that I will never use. Both Lumos and Amazon can go to hell.

👤The helmet checks all the boxes for me. It is lightweight and comfortable. The lights are visible from 150 feet out in the afternoon sun and the flashing is easy to see at 75 feet. I need a helmet with integrated lighting so I don't have to put on lights on my helmet in the event of a crash or fall. This is a better value for a helmet with lights, app and other features. I was pleasantly surprised that I could use it on my Apple Watch to operate the turn signal lights. I don't think my sunglasses fit into the helmet because I take them off like a pro rider. The front and rear pictures show how bright the bike mounted lights are. Hopefully the developer will give us more helmet colors for those of us who coordinate our kit colors. The piece of kit is worth a lot of money.

9. ILM Bicycle Release Lightweight Certified

ILM Bicycle Release Lightweight Certified

The helmet is designed for both boys and girls. The age range is between 5 and 8 years old. The visor reduces glare and wind drag. The snug fit is offered by the Over 360 adjustment dial. The bicycle helmet has a quick release system that allows riders to put it on and off. The liners are not the same. The outer shell of the PC and high density foam is to protect the rider's head. The bike helmets have air vents in them to keep them cool during the summer. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets. Refer to the size information and wear your helmet correctly.

Brand: Ilm

👤It was difficult to find a helmet that fit my head because of my hair. This is a good fit. I had to order a bigger one. It is comfortable and does not squeeze my head. I have to adjust the chin strap on my bike a lot because it seems to move easily.

👤The biggest hat available is always my hat size without hair. I have a lot of hair and this helmet fits great, it has very flexible straps that allow you to change the ear openings. It's very wellventilated and light. I haven't used it yet, but it's better than my old helmet.

👤The helmet was perfect. I thought the large helmet would fit better but with a small to medium head I went with the medium. The medium helmet is pretty flexible so you don't have to worry about making it bigger to fit your head. The video says it all.

👤Excellent looking and quality.

👤I bought a small/medium and it is very small. There is a The other size Large/XL is at least a reasonable size. I can't get it on my head at the largest setting. My helmet size is usually between a Large and an X.

👤The helmet is very lightweight and comfortable, but I don't know how well it will protect my head. I don't remember the last time I wore a helmet. I am not sure how to rate the quality, but it seems good enough. The small was measured at 53 inches. The design is nice.

👤The turn knob on the back of the helmet adjusts the snugness/fit with ease. The perfect fit can only be achieved with one hand. This is the first bike helmet that I have had that makes a difference in how it fits, how comfortable it is, and how easy to use. The helmet is the perfect price.

👤The helmet is lightweight and has an adjustment on the rear of it. There are two straps on top of the helmet that rub the top of my head. The helmet was still rubbed after I removed the straps. It was not enough to return it. The helmet fit well and the chin strap is soft.

👤Se ajusta un cmodo.

10. MOKFIRE Rechargeable Reflective Commuter Certified

MOKFIRE Rechargeable Reflective Commuter Certified

The portable Helmet backpack is convenient for you to carry it. Ventilation involves pulling cool air in through the front and pushing it through an air-channel matrix to reduce overheating. It's comfortable. The helmet pads are soft and comfortable. It's designed for bikes cycling, city commute, electric bike, trek bike, road bike and etc. The light is LED Safety Light. The bike helmet has a plug-in battery-operated light which provides better safety and visibility at the night, and will help people behind you clearly recognize your direction. Reflective strap The snug fit of the reflective strap doesn't move when you are wearing the helmet. You don't have to worry about safety when riding at night because you have high visibility. The Regulator is upgraded. The one-handed fit system adjusts height and circumference. The new version chin strap, GEL rope fastening and easy to use make it easy to fit. The helmet's circumference is suitable for most people.

Brand: Mokfire

👤The helmet is very light. There is a lot of flexibility. The light is in the back. The finish is easy to clean. The chin strap has a pad that holds it. The helmet has a storage bag.

👤Light weight, adustable. The straps are less annoying when you're wearing it because of the chin cover. The battery user is replaceable. There is a The manufacturer is very good at emails, sending links to videos on how to replace batteries.

👤I took this helmet for my first ride after buying it. It is very easy to adjust the straps and the wheel in the back is clutch. The padding on the inside makes for a snug fit, but the weight makes it hard to feel the helmet on my backpack. The back of the helmet has a light. It's either a blinking effect or a solid one, and it requires a good thumb push to turn the light on. The design and structure make the product safe.

👤Picked up a helmet for cycling in the hot Arizona desert. The fit of this helmet is very good, I have an average head size. I like the idea of turning and clicking to tighten the harness. It's easy to dial in. The chin straps are easy to adjust. There is a fabric cover that helps manage the extra strap material on my helmets. My head wasn't too hot because the vents work well. The rear light is a nice feature to have and I sometimes ride at night when it's cooler. It works well and has a flashing mode. I haven't been out in the rain yet. I can't say if the light part is waterproof, but it looks like a sealed unit from the top. I don't think I need to do battery changes yet, but there are some screws accessible from the inside. I've been happy with the purchase of this helmet. Don't replace this helmet until I get hit or take a fall, but if I do, all helmets should be replaced. I would not hesitate to get this one again.

👤I was curious if the box was empty after the helmet arrived. The helmet was nicely packed in a bag and bubble wrap. The helmet is very light in comparison to the one I've been wearing for years. That's a plus for this woman. Instructions on fitting the helmet, a storage bag, and a charging tail light were included in the helmet. There is no instruction on how to remove the tail light from the helmet. I could have referred to other reviews who mentioned the same thing, but I figured it out myself. I was able to charge the light without removing it. Instructions would have been nice. There is a After fitting the helmet and straps, the chin strap is very long and needs to be tucked in or it will get flung into the face. That hurt and was very strange. I noticed that it could be shortened after I looked closer. At this time, I'm not going to deal with it. I'll put it down for now. If you have a big head, the helmet won't fit you. The helmet is in place and comfortable. I am very pleased with this helmet. The helmet tail light is a bonus for me because I ride early in the mornings here in Phoenix. When someone comes up from behind, it makes me relax. I hope they do. There are crazy drivers on the road and sidewalks. They drive the sidewalks here.

11. Basecamp Specialized Adjustable Motorcycle Protection

Basecamp Specialized Adjustable Motorcycle Protection

The portable Helmet backpack is convenient for you to carry it. Basecamp bike helmet is impact resistant. The in-molding technology is used to make the bicycle helmet absorb the impact force in the crash and keep your head safe. Bike helmets for men and women come with led back light in the shape of a diamond. 3 lighting modes help people behind you recognize your direction clearly, and provide max visibility and safety while night riding on the city streets. The back-up battery is included. Adult bike helmets with special design of sun visor shield provide shade when biking, making you reduce glare and increase your field of vision, so that you can enjoy cycling even in hot days, and you can take the visor off when you don't want it. A backpack that is portable is convenient. The mountain bike helmet has side straps and a dial system that makes it easy to adjust the size of the helmet for different head sizes. The bike helmets for adults are light and won't cause any problems to the rider's head. The bike helmet's aerodynamic design allows air to go through it, which is helpful to increase the speed and keep cool. The inner pads are soft and can be cleaned. A good bicycle helmet will keep you safe.

Brand: Basecamp

👤The manufacturer of my bike helmet gave me a refund for my purchase, so I decided to write a review. The manufacturer is reading the contents of the review just as you are reading it. The Bell bike helmet is a couple of ounces lighter and has more features than the Basecamp bike helmet, but it has the same rear safety lights. The coin CR1616 battery is included with the safety light unit. The helmet's inner lining is held in place with low-profile velcro spots so that it can be removed as needed to either clean or replace. I would give an extra star if there was a spare CR1616 battery with it, but Amazon limits reviews to 5 stars so the manufacturer doesn't have incentive to go an extra mile.

👤"Basecamp Specialized" is the name of the helmet. The brand is not specialized. The helmet that was damaged in the crash is almost identical to the one I have now. I probably should have read the description more carefully because it is not as comfortable as my old helmet. It's a good helmet, and worth the money. Be aware that you are not buying a specialized helmet. The name is a bit deceptive. The price should have told me something. I assumed it was an older model like the one I was replacing.

👤This item was purchased in February. Within 6 months. The components of the helmet began to fail with only moderate use. The glue attachment of the head pad to the styrofoam shell was the first sign that workmanship and quality control were not priorities. There were breaks at two points of attachment to the shell. The plastic components were thin and weak, unable to stand up to regular use. The nylon snap ties made up a lot of the parts of the helmet suspension. I have to adjust the head strap buckles constantly because they are always loosened. The safety light is cheap and temporary, but it is a nice touch. There is a The Iron-man, Transformer theme might add to it, but it is also plagued with both functional and durability issues. Being comprised of mostly style enhancing spaces one might as well glue a small piece of chain link fence fabric to the front for all the light/glare blocking capability the flimsy, easily broken visor provides. I am disappointed with the lack of resilience and quality in this helmet, once again proving that you get what you pay for. This Chinese knock off skid-lid is not going to be a viable piece of PPE for long. I should have chosen function over form since I'm not buying art or pottery anymore. When will I learn?


What is the best product for bicycle helmets for men extra large?

Bicycle helmets for men extra large products from Nhh. In this article about bicycle helmets for men extra large you can see why people choose the product. Schwinn and Sunrimoon are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle helmets for men extra large.

What are the best brands for bicycle helmets for men extra large?

Nhh, Schwinn and Sunrimoon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle helmets for men extra large. Find the detail in this article. Smith, Giro and Troy Lee Designs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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