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1. LIVLOV Adjustable Lightweight Skateboard Mountain

LIVLOV Adjustable Lightweight Skateboard Mountain

The chin strap is suitable for most adult, youth age 14+. The built-in 18 vents are for maximum ventilation. The adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allow air to go through the biking helmet which reduces air resistance and stays cool. The helmet is lined with pads that are soft and comfortable to clean and keep it fresh smelling. This is the grade adjusted system. You can easily secure and adjust the helmet fit with your head with the easy-use dial system and side straps. Perfect bicycle helmets for adults men and women are available from 56 to 62 cm. Light bike helmet, weighing only 8.7 ounces, has a Daylight and Daylight Sun Vision Design. You don't feel it on your head. The LIVLOV helmet has a visor that can be removed in seconds. Take your mountain bike helmets and enjoy your trip. LiVLOV offer a 1 year warranty and 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee for this bike helmet. They will reply to your message in less than 24 hours if you contact them. If you don't receive a sun visor after you receive the helmet, please contact them through Amazon email and they will send you a new one for free.

Brand: Livlov

👤The helmet is very nice. It's comfortable on my head. Looks great.

👤The seller reached out to me immediately and offered me a replacement helmet. Excellent customer service! There is a This item is terrible. The straps are too small for the openings.

👤I hit my head on my bike and it bounced, but it wasn't broken.

👤Did not come with a visor. Will be coming back.

👤The helmet was very comfortable and lightweight. In the coming summer months, it will know how it handles humidity.

👤The helmet is great. I love the color pink.

2. Base Camp Adult Helmet Commuter

Base Camp Adult Helmet Commuter

It is convenient and usable. Their women's bike helmets feature high-quality linings to keep you cool on hot summer days. It's lightweight, comfortable and suitable for urban commuters. BASE CAMP bike helmets are dual safety certified. The bike helmet is made of a high density PC shell and foam that absorb the impact force in the crash and keep your head safe. The men's bike helmet has a light with a taillight. The bike helmets for men provide Max visibility and safety while riding in the dark. 9 cooling vents are strategically placed to capture the air and pass it through cooling channels to keep you cool. Your field of vision is increased by the bike helmet with integrated visor. Their bike helmets for adults have a dial-based fit system and up and down adjustment design that make them ideal for both men and women. Medium head circumference is 21.65-23.6in. Their women's bike helmet has a high-quality liner to keep you sweat-free on those hot summer days. It's lightweight, comfortable and good for urban commute.

Brand: Base Camp

👤I will tell you why this is a great helmet. I'm not easy to impress. The helmet comes with a draw-string storage bag. I like this. When I store others in the garage without a bag, they go on my head with days and weeks of dust and cob-web. This helmet will be protected and will live in its bag. The helmet is wrapped in bubble wrap when it arrives. It's great because it means that a helmet should be discarded and replaced once it gets a significant shock. It's extra protected in the bubble wrap if it took a strong shock. The adjustment wheel on the back makes it easy to adjust the head circumference fit. It's cool that the back "webbing" can be adjusted up and down, it makes the helmet fit to your head very evenly. There are two rear photos, one with rear-web up and one with rear-web down. The chin strap is easy to adjust using the standard size-adjustment under the chin. The comfort band around the straps is very comfortable. I like the way the air vent allows your head and hair to breathe when you're working out. * The quality seems good. The shell is very strong and sturdy, much more so than others I've owned. The foam is thick and dense. It seems that it would provide strong protection and absorb a significant shock. I was not willing to crash my mountain bike off the cliff and land on my head to test it. It seems that this helmet would hold up very well. I've never seen internal padding strips like this before. The back of the padded strips are made of Velcro. The strips are mounted to the inside of the helmet with strategically placed dots. If necessary, the padding can be removed or adjusted. This is a good design. The back of the lights are on or off. They have a nice safety feature. The light lens has to be pushed hard to turn on/off. Hopefully the light won't go off or the clear lens won't break. - I was not willing to find out. A switch on the inside would be better. I can't say that it hasn't broken. I like the added safety feature. How do you change the battery? Hmm. The manufacturer seems to be very responsive. There is a The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent agency of the United States government. To promote the safety of consumer products, the CPSC wants to address unreasonable risks of injury, develop uniform safety standards, and conduct research into product-related illness and injury. The European standard for helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates was published in 1997. The requirements and test methods for roller skate helmets were specified. Helmet construction includes field of vision, shock absorbing properties, retention system properties, chin strap and fastening devices, as well as marking and information. If these are legit certifications of this helmet, this will be good for us as consumers. There is a The booklet says they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, that's hard to beat. This is an excellent helmet for this price. I haven't crashed while wearing it, but if I do, this helmet will protect me well. Is it a good idea to buy it? I would do that based on the legitimacy of the certifications.

3. Kingbike Specialized Mountain Bicicleta Accessories

Kingbike Specialized Mountain Bicicleta Accessories

The shell has a liner. Helmet Led Rear light for safety, always on, fast flash, and slow flash. Ultra lightweight for comfort. It is very comfortable to wear. 24 Vents keep Ample Ventilation for ultimate temperature regulation. The dial can be adjusted to fit head sizes. The portable Helmet backpack is convenient for you to carry it.

Brand: Kingbike

👤It's small and light weight, but it saved my life. I was hit by a car. I saved my head from injury.

👤It fit my bigheaded brother. Good job kingbike. This helmet is an XL.

👤It took me a long time to find a helmet that fit me. I'm happy to say that it does and is comfortable over a beanie. I like the extra light in the back, but I wasn't looking for anything beyond fit. I do a lot of night riding, and I'll take whatever I can get for visibility.

👤I finally found a helmet that fits. When I put it on my head, it didn't fit. I was able to unsnap the plastic adjuster to my size. The straps adjusted to my size as well. The helmet is light and has several air vents for cooling. I wish there were more options for females. Overall, I am very pleased.

👤I bought the helmet as an extra, but it is now my main choice. I own a helmet that is more expensive, but that is not my main reason for owning this helmet. Love the fit, the light on the back, and the fact that the pads are connected via a webbing. Well done!

👤The color is nice. Love it. Excellent quality.

👤The result is ser ligero. Tuve un percance, pues absorbi el golpe, no obstante.

👤No me, Es el primer casco. I am seguro usndolo. The cabeza is 60 cm. Y el talla chica me. Traa todos los accesorios. There is a La luz roja is incorporada en el caso. Tiene de parpadeo. There is a I ampliamente para un ciclista principiante.

👤The doy cinco estrellas porque considero is un buen producto. Debo decir that en principio la luz tuvo una pequea falla sin embargo no fue nada grave. Buscas seguridad ser un ciclista profesional. Me gust, fue el diseo. comprende el nico tamao, ya se ve en la foto. Mi cabeza is mide 58 cm, pero se ajusta a varios tamaos de cabeza. hay tenerles mucho cuidado ya, pero se manchan.

👤The ciclismo de montaa es mucho ms pesado. pues la posicin en la bicicleta, perfecta la ligereza. Adems, tienes a buen precio.

👤I probe y se siente, solo me costo un poco entender, la luz de atrs. Mucho, lo recomiendo mucho.

4. Giro Fixture Sport Helmet MATTE

Giro Fixture Sport Helmet MATTE

Drugging: In-molding construction. Market-leading protection. Giro has a category-leading helmet test lab. Universal fit structuring: Straight out of the box, get the right fit. There are 18 vents. Drugging: In-mold construction.

Brand: Giro

👤I am glad I wore this helmet because I have been using it only for mountain biking. I hit a tree at 20 mph. If I hadn't been wearing this helmet, I wouldn't be writing this. The crack in the styrofoam material was caused by the crash. This is supposed to happen to a helmet when it is hit hard. The helmet is better than a crack in my skull. I have no problem buying another helmet from Giro at this price.

👤I purchased this helmet because it was advertised as having Mips. I received a helmet that has no indication on the box, no sticker, and no Mips system. I have a helmet in my possession that I can see the difference on the inside. I would not recommend purchasing from this brand.

👤The helmet fits well. It is easy to adjust the light weight. The helmet is considerably lighter in color than the photo shows. Light grey instead of dark. I like it.

👤The helmet was small for my head, but I liked it. The compound for people with big heads is a helmet made by Giro. I returned the fixture for the compound.

👤This is the fourth helmet I have tried. This one was the most comfortable for me. I like the look of it. This doesn't have the technology. MIIPS costs $20 more and is a new tech that is not proven to be worth the extra money. My previous helmet was a GIro. I have it as a backup. I think they have the best value. I feel safe. The visor should be lowered for riding into a sunset. No big deal. A mesh to keep bugs out. I wear a liner to protect me from the sun.

👤It could be better, but it's worth it. I ordered this helmet for my husband because he picked it. He didn't want to spend a lot on a helmet, he liked the way it looked, and he didn't want MIPS. There is a He says that this one is pretty comfortable. If you hit the helmet with your hand, you can feel it hitting your skull. We compared my Giro helmet with my own and it didn't feel the same. It felt better when I put the thicker foam strips from my helmet into the Giro mtb helmet. We ordered replacement foam strips from Amazon and will use them on the top of the head. The forehead foam band is good and doesn't need a replacement. I don't like how this helmet looks on the forehead, but the whole point is to protect your noggin. If you don't want to spend a lot, this one is a great price and seems to do the job.

5. FROFILE Bike Helmet Adults Cycling Bicycle Baseball Helmet

FROFILE Bike Helmet Adults Cycling Bicycle Baseball Helmet

The base camp A19 commuter bike helmet is lightweight and sturdy and stands up to everyday use. The large vents offer optimum air flow. Cute shape, unique old school design are what urban style is made of. The helmet has nice leather mounted on it. 300g of lightweight helmet won't burden your head during the ride, and it's durable and lightweight. The helmet side release buckle can be adjusted andightened in seconds to fit head circumferences of 21.2-24.4 inches. Protect your eyes from the sun and rain with a leather helmet. A multifunctional helmet is suitable for traveling, cycling, climbing, horseback riding, camping, skiing, baseball, skateboard, etc. It's suitable for men and women who are on the go, invest in your safety and bring home a cute urban style bike helmet. Go, get it.

Brand: Frofile

👤It fits well. It's easy to adjust. I hope I don't have to try it out.

👤I'm from the old school when you didn't wear a helmet riding bikes/scooters but then again drivers weren't out to try and kill you when you did. The purchase of the helmet is the reason. I don't like the style of bike helmets so I wanted one that looked more like a hat. The helmet is lightweight and fits my head with a scarf. The strap adjustment was difficult. I finally got it to fit. There is a The padding was comfortable and didn't make me sweat. I'm not sure how well it will protect your head, I haven't fallen with it on. The inner shell is similar to the hard hat baseball helmets. I'm pretty sure it can handle a topple off a scooter going 20 mph, I know they can take a ball being thrown at 80 to 100 mph. I don't want to find out. It's funny. The item is well made. I think it is a good purchase. There is an update on July 16, 2021. On June 15th, I fell off my scooter. The helmet took a hit but my head is fine. My hands and knees are jacked up, but my head is ok. Glad to know the helmet works.

👤This isn't a one size fits all helmet. It was too big for me, but when I bought some on Amazon, it fit perfectly. I would have returned the helmet and not bothered fitting it to my head if it wasn't so cute. It looks cute on me.

👤If you crash, this won't stay on.

👤This is not a bike helmet. I think it's cute. I usually don't wear a helmet, but since I went Electric, I felt I should wear something. It's better than nothing. It's hard but not DOT. If you work and wear a helmet, you might not feel safe on a bike. Baseball would be great for other things. You hate your ear, so not for batting. I wish they had the plaid, I would get that one. If you order from China, these are 20.

👤The cheap glue that was used to glue the protection gears together was falling apart from the helmet. There is a I dropped off my helmet at the store more than 3 weeks ago and have not received my credit back as they promised, there is no contact information for me to ask about what happened. Amazon doesn't have any direct contact information. Frustrating. There is a Disappointed customer. There is a The person is called VL.

👤It is very nice. The reason for 4 stars is that it should be available in more sizes. My husband's head is very snug.

👤It was light and kept the sun out of my eyes.

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6. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet Medium

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet Medium

You will want to wear a headpiece. The first ever stylish bike helmet was created by their founder to keep people who bike and skate safe while expressing their personal style. She designed a helmet that is lightweight and functional. Lock your bike with you. Poplock is the most convenient way to leave your helmet behind. The hidden channel is behind the logo mark. It's perfect for the daily commuter. Refer to the fit guide in the images to find the correct size. The Dial Fit System in the back of your helmet can be loosened to get the perfect fit. Doesn't fit? Contact us! There are gloves for men and women. A helmet for riding a bicycle, road bike, skateboard, longboard, or e-scooter. It's ideal for bike commute, recreational cycling, and skateboarding. Their Anti-Theft and Accident Replacement Guarantees are backed by your bike and skateboard helmet. They will replace your helmet for free if it's damaged or stolen.

Brand: Thousand

👤I wore a helmet. I skinned up half my body and slammed my head into the asphalt after a nasty fall at 18 miles per hour. I am a firm believer that the helmet saves my life. I was convinced that if I hadn't been wearing a helmet I would have fallen and cracked my skull. Thank you.

👤I ordered some coffee kups from Peet's and they weren't good. I wrote to tell the company that they were exploding and after a lot of back-and-forth, including photos, they essentially said, "well, yeah." Have a nice day! Customer service is ugly and snide. They treated me badly and lost my business. For my wife's birthday, I buy her a new bike and order a gold Thousand Premium helmet. The helmet was not the right size. Bummer! I let them know of the error and they acted. They sent me a new helmet that was the right size and they gave me a price break, as well as an apology and a brass bike bell, and included a hand-written note with the new helmet. That's good customer service. I didn't expect it, but they will make a lot more money from me and my friends, and maybe you as well. The product is top notch. A company to be respected and rewarded.

👤Learning to rollerskate at 47 is nerve-racking. I will fall down in public and look terrible having to get up again. It involves doing things that look like exercise in close proximity to teenage boys. It takes twenty minutes to put on layers of protective gear to make sure I don't end up in the emergency room. I skate better with my Thousand helmet because I spend less time thinking about how dorky I look. I think I look pretty cute in this helmet, because most round skater style helmets make my big head look massive. It will protect your head. It has all the certifications and ratings you need, but you could have found it for half the price. I paid extra for a helmet that was cute. My dad used to tell me never to spend more on a helmet than the head inside is worth. It will protect your brain if you shell out a few extra bucks for a pretty helmet.

👤I rarely write reviews. I wanted to spread the love about this product. I commute daily. I have worn a helmet since I lived in NYC. Over the years, I've owned a lot of skate and "urban style" bike helmets. My go-to helmet is a battle scarred Protec Ace Skate, it looks best on me, and it's the least MushroomHead. It's also very comfortable. There is a The new helmet whooped the ProTec's butt. There is a The thousand is stunning, comfortable, and comes with two sets of fit pads, which are super well constructed. There's a hole for locking it to the bike. I won't use it until it gets scratched up a bit, but I will eventually use it since I don't carry my helmet around with me. There is a The helmet is more expensive than most urban style helmets. It's a premium helmet with good fit and finish. I'm willing to spend an extra few bucks for this. There is a I received no compensation for this review. I paid for it with my own money. I have no relationship with this company. I have a very nice helmet and I am very happy with it.

7. JBM Specialized Protection Adjustable Lightweight

JBM Specialized Protection Adjustable Lightweight

The dial on the crank adjustment is fully adjusted, with 2 sets of pads with different thicknesses and chin straps. Can be adjusted to different head size. The nutcase helmet is suitable for both men and women and has a dial system that makes it easy to use. Impact resistance is something that can be done. The nutcase bike helmet is for adults. The material uses the tough and durable PC, EPS foam which helps absorb the impact and protect the head during crash. VENTILATION: The adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allow air to go through the biking helmet which helps increase the speed and keep it cool. Light weight: The helmet is made of lightweight material and the inner pad is made of breathable material. The package includes a helmet.

Brand: Jbm International

👤I want to write good reviews when I like something, but often don't get around to it. There is a Yesterday, this helmet saved my husband's life. This helmet saved my husband's life yesterday. There is a He crashed riding his bike and fell back, the back of his head hitting the ground. Didn't have a throbbing head. There was no pain from hitting his head. There is a The helmet is broken, cracked, and damaged from impact, but it is supposed to take the impact and protect your head. This helmet did what it was supposed to do. The crash happened very fast. Make sure your helmet fits on your head. Be safe. I will be buying another helmet that I recommend.

👤The helmet looks great and the general construction seems to be fine. The helmet would get five stars from me, except for one shortcoming. The straps can slip out of proper adjustment if the plastic guides on each side don't lock. The helmet is less than ideal because of this oversight, since proper fitting is critical for any helmet to protect you in a fall. The design may work for you if you have a large head.

👤The adage "you get what you pay for" applies again. It's simply adequate and not a bad helmet. It's cheap, looks good, and fits the bill for protection. There is a There are a few minor problems that detract from the overall quality of the helmet. Every time you put the helmet on, you have to adjust the strap on the sides because they don't lock. The back of the helmet has two connection points, so it's placement on the head can vary from ride to ride, and needs to be adjusted each time. When it's placed on my head, it feels stiff. I don't know how to describe this one, but most good bike helmets just seem to cradle around your head - not this one. It feels as though it's too wide and short, making it hard to fit on the head. It feels as though it's creeping up and off my head because of it's shape, no matter how much I press it down. There is a It's inexpensive, but I would rather spend more money on a quality helmet at a bike shop.

👤The chin strap is comfortable and lightweight. Ladies head up! Only low pony-tails are allowed.

8. AGH Adjustable Certified Mountain Detachable

AGH Adjustable Certified Mountain Detachable

There is a super IOR COMFORT. The helmet liner has precision straps molded into it for added safety and comfort. There is a safe age for a bike. The high density foam material and PC shell of the AGH adult bike helmets are tightly combined without gaps, which makes them impervious to impact force. These bicycle helmets for women are made of foam and can protect your head effectively. UpGRADE ADJUSTABLE ADULT HELMET: The age range is 14 years old and up. The head is 54 cm in diameter. The youth bike helmet has a secure Buckle and a Crank Dial. The soft Buckle makes your chin comfortable. It's perfect for most cyclists, perfect bike helmets for men and women. You don't know you're wearing a helmet if you only have 250g/8.6oz weight. The AGH helmet for adults has a visor that can be removed in seconds, and it can block UV rays. Take your mountain bike helmets and enjoy your trip. The built-in 18 vents are cool and convenient. The women's bike helmet has a design that keeps it cool and reduces air resistance. The helmet pad can be washed to keep it clean. They want to make the best choice for you, and that is why they give you an unrestricted satisfaction. If AGH mens bike helmets do not meet your current standards, they will offer a refund.

Brand: Agh

👤The helmet feels light on the head, the adjustment knob is soft and doesn't poke at the back of the head. It's easy to unbuckle a helmet. I don't have to adjust it from behind when I take off. There is a The design helps to cool off the head during riding. I like to keep the visor in front of my helmet, but it comes off easily. Absolutely in love with it!

👤The helmet is perfect for my head size. You don't know you are wearing a helmet.

👤The helmut that saved my head was replaced by this one. My gloves kept my hands clear. Will never ride without them again.

👤I've resisted using a helmet, but it can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. It does not interfere with vision. A great find. Good price too!

👤Was riding without a helmet. I needed to be an example to the kids I see on their bikes. The helmet is fine.

👤This helmet is great for inline skating. I have fallen a few times. My head wasn't injured, the helmet only got minority scratched, and that's all. It was low impact as I wasn't traveling very fast, but still made a difference. The chin strap is comfortable. The back of the helmet has an adjustment.

👤I wasn't sure if wearing a helmet would bother me, but it really doesn't. I feel a bit safer. It's comfortable but not hot, which was one of my concerns. I would recommend it.

👤This helmet was bought for a casual rider. She likes it very much. It was a nice color, it fit.

9. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet Specialized

Zacro Adult Bike Helmet Specialized

The package includes a helmet. The European Standard and the American National Standard have high performance quality ratings. The all-in-one PC shell and high-density shock-absorbing foam of the Zacro Bike Helmet give it excellent shock absorption and drop resistance. It was designed for maximum fortifications. 18 vents circulate air, keeping your head cool and dry in hot conditions. The inner PAD can be moved. The adult bike helmet that comes with the visor can be easily removed to help keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent rain from getting into your eyes while riding. The wrap-around padding is easy to clean. The bike helmet can fit heads of all sizes, with a custom fit and fit for most teens and adults, thanks to its adjustability. Please measure your head before purchasing. It is convenient and usable. Their women's bike helmets feature high-quality linings to keep you cool on hot summer days. It's lightweight, comfortable and suitable for urban commuters.

Brand: Zacro

👤I'm not one to leave reviews but this helmet saved my head so here it is. I have never felt safe or comfortable wearing a helmet. As an adult, I have never found one that fit them. I pushed them back as they moved around. I have a small head. I ordered this for our family trip to Whistler and I am so grateful! I crashed! It was bad. I broke my collarbone, shoulder, wrist, and head. There are only two small dents on the helmet. It is important to have a good fitting helmet, and I would have been worse off if I did not wear it.

👤I ride my bike a lot. I am a tough guy who grew up in the 70's, so friends told me to wear a helmet. We did not wear helmets. I bought this helmet on a whim. I wore it two days ago when I did a face plant at 22 mph. My face got involved to help slow me down after the front of my helmet hit the concrete. The photo above shows how much the foam liner absorbed. There was no scratch above my forehead, despite sustaining numerous injuries. Amazon won't let me show you the injuries. I did not sustain brain trauma, only the thought of having to pay the ER bills and replace broken equipment. Without this helmet, I would be in the hospital or the morgue right now. I can tell you that this helmet works if you compare it to another helmet. I can't say which is better, the one that costs more or the one that costs less. If you're debating about whether or not to get a helmet, what are you thinking? This helmet is for sale. It costs less than a meal out and could save your life.

👤I am very happy with this helmet. My wife and I are on bikes again. She fell on the back of her head after being cut off by a biker. My concern was great because she is on a blood thinner. The helmet was damaged, but it worked well and did what it was supposed to do, protect her head. I replaced the helmet that I kept as a souvenir. The product is nice.

👤The chin straps on my helmet are square rather than round, which makes it a light weight. Better sleep. Just like not wearing anything. I feel protected.

10. PHZ Certified Rechargeable Detachable Mountain

PHZ Certified Rechargeable Detachable Mountain

There is a dual safety certified. The bike helmet is in line with US and EU cycling standards. In-molding technology is used to make this bicycle helmet absorb the impact force in the crash and keep your head safe. The bicycle helmet has a rechargeable rear light. Night riding with 3 lighting modes provides Max visibility and safety. The rear light can be used to charge the light. Good Ventilation - 23 vents keeps your head cool and fresh, perfect for long rides. The country of Pakistan. The bike helmet has pads that can be replaced. Your field of vision is increased by the bike helmet with visor. The bicycle helmet has an adjusted fit system that allows women to wear the helmet in the correct position for a feeling of comfort. The head size is M and L. The gift package includes a bike helmet, rear light, and inner pads. Each package has an charging cable. It's ideal for your family or friends. Good for bike riding, scooter riding.

Brand: Phz.

👤Next day, I got this. I feel like I have a big head for a female, but the medium fit is great. A sleek design. Light. Great purchase! The white looks clean.

👤It's super comfortable. I have a bunch of helmets like this because I commute by bike. For some reason, this one is the most comfortable. It's going to be my daily driver. It's kind of a revelation. I didn't know that helmets in this price range could fit like this. There is a The integrated safety light is nice. This is the first one I've seen that has a rechargeable battery. If you want a helmet with a light, go for one that's rechargeable. It's difficult to buy those little button batteries all the time. There is a The strap has a reflective stripe on it and is among the top levels in terms of comfort and quality. The fit system is lightweight but solid. Some of them seem to be useless right away, even though they are all lightweight. This one isn't like that. There is a The black finish is close to my bike and the grey fade stripes are good looking. I don't think I'll lose the light because it fits in so well. There are a few things I would change. The chin buckle is red. This is a common occurrence in helmets in this range. It makes the helmet seem a bit juvenile to me. It could be a classy touch in China. The buckle should be black for adults in the U.S. There is a The wording on the helmet is a negative. Is it necessary for me to tell people behind me that I have a safety system? Or a "super fit system"? I realize that some people like to have a lot of writing on their things, in fact it's kind of a part of bike culture, but I'm not down with communicating a lot of written information with things I wear. There is a There is a light. This one is not bright enough to be effective in the daylight, and so far, I have not encountered one of these. I don't think drivers will see it in the day. You don't need the light in this if you don't ride at night. There is a It's all over. I like this one the best because of its great fit and comfort, and it's in the price range.

11. Exclusky Mountain Bicycle Cycling Certified

Exclusky Mountain Bicycle Cycling Certified

The Regulator is upgraded. The one-handed fit system adjusts height and circumference. The helmet's diameter is from 22.44 to 24 Inches. This mtb helmets for adults are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The women's helmets help increase the speed and stay cool by allowing air to go through them. Impact resistance is something that can be done. This helmet is specially designed for adult riders. The material uses the tough and durable PC, EPS foam which helps absorb the impact and protect the head during crash. The visor and adjustment system is easy to use, and it will fit your helmet perfectly. A helmet for adults for riding a bicycle, road bike, or skateboard. It's ideal for bike commute, recreational cycling, and skateboarding. If you don't like their product, please contact the Exclusky team, they will make it right.

Brand: Exclusky

👤This is a great buy when you first start mtb and are looking for a helmet that is safe and affordable. The quality is the same as all the other brands and works well. The price is unbeatable and the padding is nice. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤This helmet feels great and I usually ride with a specialized helmet. I see myself wearing this helmet. I feel confident when I ride with it. The design of the color is sleek and beautiful. It is the best deal out there for the money.

👤The design is great for the price. Good padding, a nice ratcheting system, good coverage, and complete safety ratings. I would recommend this helmet for the price.

👤Are you just getting into mountain biking and not sure if you want to invest in a premium helmet? This is the helmet for you. The Exclusky helmet is very stylish. It looks similar to other more expensive brands. The helmet has a liner that can be removed. I have a large head and it was possible to fit my girlfriends head and mine. Will it protect you? I am not a safety expert. The helmet is made of 85 density foam and a poly outer shell, just like the more expensive helmets on the market. It has passed the harsher USA standards. Yes, it will protect you! This helmet does not have the system that they sell at this price point. If you're a new rider just getting into the sport and aren't bombing down black diamonds just yet, this helmet will work for you.

👤I bought this helmet from Amazon. I had never seen one like this before. I was going to use it on my electric bike. I found that it fit well and was very comfortable for long rides. A winner. I lost the male part of the clip when I took it off. I immediately received a reply to my email. That was a surprise. I would get a new one in three days. Another surprise. I received it in two days. They sent a new helmet. I have worked with many companies. This had to be the best customer service I have ever received. I can only say that this is a great helmet at a great price with a great fit and great customer service.

👤The affordable helmet is something that I like. The airy performance of the higher rated models is quite similar to the ventilation performance. It's a little heavier than many of the other competitors. It's mostly gold stars for this helmet, which is reasonably priced and comfortable. If you're on a budget, you want to ride. The helmet is for you. It's one size fits all. It fits my head.


What is the best product for bicycle helmet women pink?

Bicycle helmet women pink products from Livlov. In this article about bicycle helmet women pink you can see why people choose the product. Base Camp and Kingbike are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle helmet women pink.

What are the best brands for bicycle helmet women pink?

Livlov, Base Camp and Kingbike are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle helmet women pink. Find the detail in this article. Giro, Frofile and Thousand are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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