Best Bicycle Helmet with Face Shield

Helmet 14 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Giro Aerohead MIPS Cycling Helmet

Giro Aerohead MIPS Cycling Helmet

Market-leading protection. Giro has a category-leading helmet test lab. Fast: Record-breaking speed and aerodynamic efficiency. It's called MIPS. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System can be used in a crash. VIVID SHIELD is a fully magnetic system that is easy to use and has VIVID lens technology that increases contrast and definition while keeping colors true to life. VENTILATION AND COMFORT. The helmet can be suspended just slightly off the top of the head to allow air to pass over the head and exhaust from the rear. The Roc Loc 5 fit system can be used to adjust vertical position and tension.

Brand: Giro

👤I have competed for Team USA in triathlons. I heard good things about this helmet, so I bought it. I could tell that the helmet was fast by the way it felt. During the training rides, I felt very hot and sweat started dripping down the vizor and onto my face. The size ran small. It was the worst part of the race. It took me a long time to get the vizor in place. The worst part was that the ride fogged up. I had to remove it because it got so bad. The order was very expensive.

👤I wear this on several training rides and races. It is hard to say how much it helps, but I think it is worth a few seconds per mile. It was good to wear in cold conditions, but it was too hot for anything over an hour, as sweat starts getting on the inside of the visor.

👤I was excited until it was delivered. The retail box was ripped on the top and sides as it was brand new. Figured a box. The helmet had a weird smell, but the benefit of the doubt might be that it was a new car smell. I tried it on and it was good, but the visor pressed up against my ears and it felt a bit sharp, so I decided to not use it. The tail blocks the ability to adjust the tightness on the back of the skull. It was difficult to adjust to my skinny fingers. There is a There was a dirty spot on the helmet. I didn't want to mess with it by then, but it looks like poop, so I'm totally disappointed. There is a It should come with a carrying case for $300. Most others in this price range have a case. It would be a good choice if it was around $150, but considering how this is suppose to be new, something just doesn't add up.

👤I took this out for a ride today. I bought this helmet based on the recommendations. My own experience is here. I started the ride in the dark. It is in place. I put it on when the sun came out. Wow... It makes the noise quieter. It makes me ride faster when I go into the tuck position. I spent less wattage and rode faster. I was worried that the helmet would be too hot to wear. The helmet with the visor was still cool even though it blocked the holes. I never felt my head getting hot once the helmet was in place. The temperature went up to 86 degrees. I will be using this for my ironman in September. A great helmet.

2. Kenneth Cole Goggle Style Shield Coverage

Kenneth Cole Goggle Style Shield Coverage

It can be used as a ralley helmet, a full face helmet or an off-road helmet, ideal for dirt bike, motorcycle, mountain bike, dual sports and other outdoor riding activities. The Just Gogle Up USA is a transparent PC with a smooth texture, HD visual experience, smooth temple lines, attached nose pads and anti-fog coating, eye-wear friendly with ample space preventing any fog build-up. It's fashionable and tech-packed, and it's comfortable to wear for hours at a time, thanks to its lightweight and scratch resistant design. Professional protection protects against saliva, droplets, sprays, splatter and aerosols and can be cleaned with water only. Are you a heavy mouth-breather? No problem, their shields will not fog up. Facial expressions and lip-reading are important for the deafness of people so they can communicate without putting their health at risk. The speaker's facial expressions can be made possible by the transparent section that makes the wearer's lips visible. Making safety compliant is used in most common workplace environments like hair salon and spa professionals, restaurant, food services, retailers, warehouses, offices, schools or both indoors and outdoors.

Brand: Kenneth Cole

👤I ordered the shield on Amazon and it was blue. It arrived as expected and was well-made. It is very comfortable without glasses. The view is clear. It doesn't fog. I am a mouth breather. I wore it to shop for groceries and got a compliment from a complete stranger. I will buy another one in pink. A face mask will hopefully protect me from covid while also bringing a smile to my face. If this look appeals to you, you will buy it. You will not be disappointed.

👤I was very comfortable on the plane wearing a light weight mask and protected from the harmful effects of the sun, smoke and rain. I did not feel any pain in my ears or nose while I was sleeping. I bought 2. They were all gone when I tried to buy more for the family. I strongly recommend it.

👤The sides of the mask are open, so you still need to wear a facemask. I returned the other one.

👤I bought it blue because the transparent one was not available, but I would prefer a transparent one to use when there is not a lot of light.

👤The design is not good enough, it looks good, but the length of the shield is not long enough to cover my entire face, and it touches my chin, so it is not comfortable. I would like the nose bridge to be adjusted so that the bottom shield is a little higher. There is a They should redesign to avoid those problems. I don't like to give feedback, but if I did, I would give everything 5 stars even if it wasn't perfect, but I would only give it 4 stars the most this time and the first time to me. I'm thinking of returning it as well.

👤Well made, very comfortable, even with my shades on, it still looks sporty.

👤The nose portion makes it almost impossible to breathe. At one point, I thought I had contracted Covid again because it was hard to breathe. I realized it was the mask when my nostrils opened up again after removing the mask. I like how low it comes down and it's very fashionable, but the nose clamp is a hinderance.

👤They delivered the wrong color as well. The other brands are less expensive than item.

👤The small side was where this was. If you wear eye glasses it looks awkward and the nose bridge is on top of your glasses. I walk to get to work and I am not even 5 minutes walking and as expected the lower part of the face shield is going to get wet. That was not wearing a facemask. If you don't use a good antiseptic wipe, it will be streaky and blurry. I haven't used this for a long time.

3. SUNRIMOON Rechargeable Certified Detachable Adjustable

SUNRIMOON Rechargeable Certified Detachable Adjustable

There is a bonus carrying bag and after-sales service. If you need to buy a bag separately, you can get an extra portable backpack. The built-in safety light with multiple lighting modes helps other riders behind you see your direction. A bicycle helmet and light are integrated. Fast charging and fully charged in 2 hours. The Head Safety Protection consists of imported foam and PC material. The structure helps protect the head during a collision. The bike helmet is only 230g and can be used for city riding or mountain biking. The eyes protection is equipped with a visor and goggles. The visor shield can be moved to shade the sun and protect the rain. The goggles can be used to protect your eye and face from the strong light and wind. lightweight material ensure that your helmet is comfortable, however and wherever you ride. The over brow system pulls cool air in through the front and pushes it through an air-channel matrix to reduce overheating. The chin rope can move up and down, the tension around the head can be adjusted by the back knob. The needs of most cycling riders are met by the size of the circle.

Brand: Sunrimoon

👤The helmet I bought was blue and I like it very much. The navy blue is dark. The helmet had a visor, goggles, storage pouch, and charging cable. Instructions for fitting the helmet were on the tag. The instructions don't tell you how to operate the light. The light is very simple. You can charge the cable. The logo on the button blinks red when charging. It will glow green when it's complete. Press the button to turn off the light. The button will cycle through 9 different lighting effects. Press the button long enough to turn it off. There is a The helmet fits me well. I wear a size 7 hat which is on the smaller side. The helmet can be adjusted to any size. The helmet with the visor is my preference. The goggles don't fit over my glasses. I didn't knock off any stars because I knew it wouldn't work with glasses. The light on the back is cool. When you need to charge the light, you'll have to take the whole helmet. There is a I think this was a good purchase. I hope I won't have to test it's crashworthiness, but I will feel safer riding with it.

👤They said the helmet would be in the description. The visor is easy to install and the dark lens is easy to remove. There is a pamphlet with instructions on how to adjust the strap. The light is easy to use and has a charging cable. For your preferred light option, cycle through. Press the button and hold it until it goes out. If you need glasses to see, you may need a pair that fits close to your face as they may rub on the dark lens. This product works for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

👤There is a light on the back of the helmet. There are more than 5 flashing patterns. The tinted eye shield is the best feature for me. I was worried the shield would hurt my glasses. It doesn't. I don't have to worry about packing my sunglasses when I stop to shop. The shield snaps on. I can ride with less air in my eyes.

👤It is easy to change to a proper size with the straps. The front vents are screened to keep out the insects. It is a good looking helmet. The rear red light is bright and has many different flash modes. I have found no fault with this helmet or the person who never wore one before. That is saying something. The price was correct.

4. GLX Unisex Adult GX11 Lightweight Motorcycle

GLX Unisex Adult GX11 Lightweight Motorcycle

Good vechicle and lightweight biking helmet has aerodynamic design and 17ventilated to reduce air resistance and sweat. The helmet is light and easy to use. The Aerodynamic Dot Shell design has a compact design and is aggressive. Short-Distance Street Performance Or Long-Distance Touring Comfort is the right choice. Multiple Conscientiously Designed Ventilation Panels are Effective. Streamlining the cooling process will help the rider's experience. Lower Vent Shutters are easy to use with riding gloves. Trendsetting Springs are used to ensure a superior wind and water layer. A unique 3D molded shield is designed to ensure a distortion-free view. The rider's Breath can be re-routed to reduce Shield Fogging. The inserted chin curtain is designed to reduce wind turbulence and noise. The quick-release chin strap is easy to use. The rider's Breath can be re-routed to reduce Shield Fogging. The inserted chin curtain is designed to reduce wind turbulence and noise. The quick-release chin strap is easy to use.

Brand: Glx

👤Saved my life. When a car drove into my lane and hit me head on, it was the ultimate test. I landed on my head. There were a lot of broken bones but no head injury. The glass fell from the impact. About a month before I did the same thing.

👤I love this helmet. It is still full coverage, but it is lightweight. I like how well it works for me. The size is accurate. I will be buying another to personalize.

👤The helmet looks good. I am a new biker. I fell off the bike on the third day of training because of the front brake being too fast. I fell on my face. I saved $30,000 in dental work and my face because I chose a full face helmet. I now ride a three wheel Can-Am. I'm wearing a helmet.

👤The helmet is very comfortable. The inside has padded inserts that can be removed and washed, they snap back into place, and are very secure. The helmet has a great field of vision, I wear it with a tinted visor, and can still see well in low lighting. It comes with a clear visor and tinted, which are easy to change between, and they lock into place nicely. I weigh 200 lbs. I bought X- Large and it fits great.

👤The price is not bad for a helmet. I'm a large person. The photos are attached. I believe the inserts can be purchased. The GLX GX11 is light and comfortable. That design is great. You will leave fingerprints, but remember. The color is not shiny. There are instructions for how to clean and maintain the helmet. Everything is intact after I checked this helmet. There was nothing loose, ripped or missing. You get what you pay for. This is not a shoei or a roc. So if you are going to complain about it. If you spend $300 to $500 dollars on helmets, it will solve your problem. Some of the helmets don't come with a second visor, so there is a couple hundred more. No matter what brand you buy, make sure to thoroughly check all helmets. You can spend a lot of money on a helmet, but it will either be broken or missing. Every helmet is the same. Stop comparing this helmet to expensive helmets. I've tested it and it holds up. Check if the visor opens when riding in high speeds. The Visor does not open. Again, those that say it could have been a lemon. It's easy to open the Visor. It won't open when riding because it's snug. There is a The noise isn't bad, but it's not good for people who ride harleys. Those that ride Spiders or rykers will be perfect. The chin strap is not broken. I think it will come off at times, but that's because I'm thinking about it. It's locks are good. It's pretty snug. Measure your head size before buying a helmet. If you don't check the item, you will be disappointed when you get it and give it a bad review. I will be adding some vinyl decals to my designs. Adding flare to this helmet is what I am going to do. You get what you pay for. If you're thinking about purchasing the helmet, get it you want. My helmet was checked out by my instructor. They were angry that they spent so much money and they love the design. If I have to, I would buy this helmet again. I will buy another one when I'm back on my feet.

5. BASE CAMP Removable Commuter Adjustable

BASE CAMP Removable Commuter Adjustable

Their women's bike helmet has a high-quality liner to keep you sweat-free on those hot summer days. It's lightweight, comfortable and good for urban commute. The classic and vintage style is better for urban riders. The bike helmet has a visor that is similar to a cycling cap. The A19 bicycle helmet has an integrated shell with a liner for added head protection. The adult helmet has a size adjustment system. This is a better fit for your daily use because of the two positions of vertical adjustability. Soft and retractable sunglasses protect against the sun, rain, and rays. It can be removed to wash or replace. Men and women can use ideal cycling helmets. The base camp A19 commuter bike helmet is lightweight and sturdy and stands up to everyday use. The large vents offer optimum air flow.

Brand: Base Camp

👤I tried several different helmets before deciding to try this one. I was looking at a price of $89. It seemed too expensive. The other one had the same price but reviewers were not happy with the back of the neck area. I took a chance on this one. There is a It is packed in bubble wrap and a bag. It comes with a visor that is detached. To attach the visor, you just pull out the padding that is attached to the inside of the helmet and replace it with the visor part. It's easy. I like the look with the visor on. I felt like this helmet looked better than my weird Schwinn helmet. The fit was better. There is a The helmet is easy to adjust and my head is 21.5" I can make it tight or loose, so I think it fits many sizes. The chin strap is easy to adjust and has a foam wrap that covers the part that is not adjusted. It's more comfortable than my old helmet. I wore a helmet on my bike ride and survived. In that heat, you'll get sweaty without a helmet. The air flow in the helmet was nice. I would've liked to see this helmet in other colors. I'll probably put stickers on mine. I was happy with my purchase and the free return policy made me feel like I had nothing to lose. It's definitely a keeper. I'm glad I upgraded my helmet. Bike rides will be more pleasant now.

👤I was worried about the size of my helmet. I need a helmet that fits over my hair and I am a woman of color. If I needed more space, I could adjust the back of the helmet to create more or remove the lining. The helmet is great for the price.

👤I've been riding a bike for 10 years. I wanted to get out more with my bad knees and hips, so I bought an e-bike. I waited a month for my bike and then I bought a helmet. The Base Camp had reviews, price, and availability that made me choose it. I really wanted a nut case, but they are hard to find. I was told that they can get hot. There is a I was surprised at how light the package was. I was a little disappointed that the color wasn't glassy, but that was ok. I liked that the padding could be taken out and washed and that there was a bill. There is a I had to make some adjustments to the seat and handlebars before I went for a ride. I was sweating so much that I had to take the helmet off. I was frustrated and annoyed. I took the helmet off. I put my helmet back on. I was very happy after just a few rotation of my pedals. I had to stop my ride a few times to make adjustments on the bike. I sweated quickly. There is a I would recommend the Base Camp. It makes riding my bike fun.

6. Basecamp Detachable Lightweight Adjustable BC 069

Basecamp Detachable Lightweight Adjustable BC 069

The shield has an extended crown to ensure optimal safety coverage. Basecamp bike helmet is in line with US cycling standard. Bicycle helmets made of high-density PC shell and EPS foam are helpful to absorb and decrease the pressure caused by external impact forces, and protect your head in all directions during crash. Adults who wear a bike helmet will feel safer. The mountain bike helmet has a bright rear light that is steady, slow flashing and fast. It will warn the cars and help riders behind you to clearly see your direction, providing the highest and best possible protection and visibility on the city streets. An extra battery is included. The bike helmet visor with 3 strong magnets can be used as a sunglasses, not only protect your eyes against wind and sand, but also block the strong sunlight, UV400 protection. It won't affect your glasses. Bike helmet men and women meet their needs-goggles up, goggles down and no goggles, fit for mountain bike and road bike cycling. Their cycling helmet fit different head sizes perfectly, thanks to the upgraded 3-way adjusting system, up and down adjustment function, and the adjusting knob and side straps. The road bike helmet has a special aerodynamic design that reduces air resistance and reduces sweating. It won't make you feel heavy when you wear it. An extra backpack is included to store bike helmet and bring you a more convenient riding experience.

Brand: Basecamp

👤May saved my life and saved me from a concussion. I hit an area that threw me over the handle bars while I was riding a down hill mountain trail. I flopped over again and skidded to a stop. I remember hitting my head on the road and bouncing off it, but I am glad I am wearing a helmet. This helmet is recommended by me. I know it works. I'll have to get another one because it's worth the money. I'm pretty sure my funeral would have been more expensive. I received a lot of road rash, but my head is fine, and I don't think that is the fault of my helmet, because I can't wait to ride again.

👤Yesterday I had an accident with another bike that was 25mph and I hit a wall. When I closed my eyes after impact, there was nothing I could do but wait to see the outcome. I felt pain in my neck, upper and lower back, but I was able to move my limbs, and I was so thankful that the helmet was smashed that it could have been my head. When I hit the other guy, my muscles in my neck hurt, so I rolled forward in the air and landed with the back of my head, trying to understand what happened, but my back came after and slid for a few feet. The doctor was surprised that I didn't have a headaches. I am lucky that this helmet is a good one, I took the hit like a champ, and I am glad I shared this. Stay safe and wear a helmet.

👤This helmet is good. The magnetic face shield allows more peripheral vision than sunglasses. The shield can be put on upside down for a low profile. Giro makes one like this for more money. There is a lot of discussion about whether this helmet is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The model that came with my sticker was European Conformity approved. The American test drops the helmet from 2 meters onto a flat surface and has a 300g maximum force to transfer to the skull, while the Euro test drops from 1.5 meters with a 250g force allowable. The American test drops from 1.5 meters while the Euro test drops from one meter. The force to be transmitted to the skull is greater with theCPSC than with theCE certification. Bicycling is very popular in Europe and I think their knowledge of bicycle head injuries is valid.

7. Jackson Safety Lightweight Ratcheting Protective

Jackson Safety Lightweight Ratcheting Protective

This balaclava headwear is perfect for skiing, motorcycling, snowboarding, riding, construction dustproof, warehouse work and shoveling snow. Premium face shield with a clear tinted window for unobstructed and panoramic views. The face shield has side and chin guards to protect against splashes and flying debris. The large, fine tooth knob makes it easy to grab and adjust even while wearing gloves. The clear tint face shields meet and exceed the standards of CSA Z94.3 The shield has an extended crown to ensure optimal safety coverage.

Brand: Jackson Safety

👤Ignore the bad reviews. They must have figured out how to protect the plastic during shipping. I use this in place of a mask so students can see my face as I teach. My students think I look like an astronomer, but they also think it's awesome. I can wear it all day.

👤Got it! I was afraid I hadn't read all the information about the shield because I didn't know it had a plastic film that needed to be removed on both sides. You have to remove the blue film from the inside of the shield and the clear film from the front when you arrive. It was a bit awkward to put it back together, but once it was reassembled, it was the type of shield I wanted. I am using an angle grinder for cutting and grinding and I immediately knew I couldn't do this without better protective equipment and this is the one! I can use it at work in the hospital because it is very comfortable.

👤This is a great shield. If you want head gear that is made to attach to a hard hat, you should get the more expensive one. The head gear is worth every penny. The blue tinted protective film on the face shield will have to be removed before you can use it. You will get one of the best face shields money can buy.

👤This is a complete misrepresentation. The shield is clear on the site and on the box. You can't see anything from the shield. I was very disappointed after waiting for my shield.

👤I would love to give this 5 stars because it protects you more than most face shields. The only issue I have is that the clear screen is thin and cracks easily, I ordered this and everyone else has the same issue. All of our face shields are the same color. This will be a 5 star product.

👤I bought a Jackson shield for my job. I cleaned the first one with Bleach and Sani wipes and it started to crack. I called the company to get a replacement shield and was told that soap and water was only to be used to clean it and to return it. It's comfortable and protects my face. I only use soap and water to clean the lens after 60 days because the edge is cracking the same way I found it before. I'm unlucky that this lens is not up to daily cleaning or wear without cracking. I contacted Jackson to explain my problem. The customer service agent couldn't understand how the shield would crack. One of the manufacturing facilities that put out subpar products was the Pandemic. I asked if that was true and he said they didn't have a shield and it was my fault. Jackson has a manufactoring problem and their customer service is a sham.

8. IRELIA Windproof Balaclava Headwear Motorcycle

IRELIA Windproof Balaclava Headwear Motorcycle

The balaclavas mask has an improved 3D construction design and a Breathable mesh vent that makes it easier to breathe, it will not fog up your ski goggles, and the extra support design makes it easier to breath, thus avoiding glasses fogging. It can be used as a mask, bandana, half balaclava, or neck gaiter, and it can also be used as a dust cap. This ski mask has a design on the nose and mouth that is Breathable. Part. The balaclava is more Breathable for the unique design. It's a versatile balaclava, it's one size fits all and it's stretchy soft fleece for a comfortable fit. This balaclava headwear is perfect for skiing, motorcycling, snowboarding, riding, construction dustproof, warehouse work and shoveling snow.

Brand: Irelia

👤The mask fits the description well and is worth the money. I work in a warehouse. I knew I would get use out of this mask regardless of the seasons that we are in. The foam material face part had a funny scent. The smell is almost like an oily/asphalt smell, minus the upper respiratory irritation that comes along with strong fumes from those type of chemicals. I would not use it if the smell remained with the mask. I washed it with the first load of laundry, and the smell dissipated. It is a pretty bad-a$$ mask that with the right pair of sunglasses, and covering up every millimetre of your face, could help you pose as some sort of robotic-futuristic-nocturnal creature. There is a Good value for money.

👤They started to hurt a bit after wearing them for a couple hours, but they were snug around the ears, and the mouth was cold. The mouth area inside stitching is not good for skin.

👤I bought this toy for the winter. It is so thin and flimsy that it is not suitable for winter. Going back to the seller. Sorry.

👤It keeps my face and head warm when I drive a fork lift in the 20's. I thought the neoprene might put pressure on my face and make me nervous but once it's adjusted it stays in place. I don't notice it anymore. The fleece keeps me warm and the fit is perfect for my big head. I stopped wearing masks that were garbage because they were so annoying. I took a chance on this one because I am not going to freeze through another winter. I'm glad I did. The mask is a good deal.

👤I bought 5 different styles of facemask from Amazon and used them for snowboarding. This was my favorite.

👤I took a lot of walks in the winter and found a solution for the wind. It was too big for my spouse and I to handle. The material is light and silky, but it was too large to try, so it is not warm. I wonder if I ordered the wrong product because I have purchased many things with high ratings only to be disappointed and wonder if I ordered the right product. If you have a large head, look elsewhere.

👤It fits my 7 3/8 head. I've used it with 15 F temp and 20 mph winds. I wore a coat with a hood over the balaclava. This combination was perfect. This performance is what I expected from a balaclava. I would expect this combination to work well down into single digits. Cool air is coming through the holes in the mouth. This is true, but not as cold as an open mouth opening. I would buy it again for an inexpensive product.

9. Shinmax Standard Adjustable Detachable Removable

Shinmax Standard Adjustable Detachable Removable

The bicycle helmet dial fit system makes it easy to adjust, and it makes sure it fits most head shapes. Shinmax bike helmets are made of high-density imported pc case with top technology, which will surely improve safe performance, and soft inner pad can absorb the pressure caused by external impact, and the LED back light can warn others while cycling at night. The bike helmet with magnetic goggles visor shield protects against wind and sand, but also blocks the strong ultraviolet light. Their bicycle helmet can be used with a single sun visor or both visor and goggles. If you need to buy a shield with yellow or clear, please search "B08P318C6L". Shinmax mountain bike helmet has a plug-in led rear light that lasts at least 30 hours in full charged and three safety lighting modes that help riders behind you clearly recognize your direction. The bicycle helmet has a reflective strip. There is a knob at the back of the bike helmet that can be adjusted by yourself. The size is adjusted to 22.4-24.4 inch. The MTB helmet has 21ventilated and lightweight design that reduces air resistance and reduces sweating. A bike helmet with goggles and visor is not a burden anymore. You can get a helmet with a light, visor, goggle, backpack, and anusb cable.

Brand: Shinmax

👤I would rationalize not wearing my old helmet because it was uncomfortable. I'm not comfortable wearing this helmet when not wearing it. It's lightweight and easy to adjust. Night time city traffic can benefit from theusb rear light. I had to return the helmet because one of the straps became detached. The return period ended before this happened. I have to glue the sun visor attachment points to the helmet after rearranging it. There is a If you purchase this helmet, I would suggest using it as much as possible during the first month so that any possible defects become apparent during the warranty period. The helmet light is no longer on.

👤I got a new helmet. I was trying to keep the sun out of my eyes as I rode early in the morning. They kept me from pulling the helmet in the right place and left a mark on my nose. It was a game-changing helmet. The magnetic is strong enough that it won't fall off. If you hit it, it will detach. The goggles have enough tint on them to make them comfortable in the morning sun. I like protecting my eyes from flying debris. There's a cute visor that you can attach and it will add a little flare to the helmet. I think it fits a man's head best, but with the included lining pieces, it's fine for my neighborhood rides. You can stay cool with the helmet's vent.

👤A nice helmet. I am very impressed with the quality of the materials and the fit of the helmet. I prefer the helmet with out the visor. It is a nice feature that the magnets snap the face shield into place. The helmet is light and comfortable. The charging indicator is on the light. Overall, very happy with the purchase!

👤I wanted a lightweight item that I could wear with my glasses. The helmet is light and well built. The liner makes it easy to wash. I use the shades over my glasses, but don't use the visor. If I don't want the shade, I have prescription sunglasses. Even on rough terrain, the shade works well with strong magnets. The bike is in the same colors. The light can be seen even during the day. The helmet is very well built. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I needed a helmet that would fit me, and it was easy to adjust to fit my massive cranium. After 30 years out of riding, I'm getting back on it. I knew what I wanted when I was a cyclist. I wanted the light in the back to be a spare in case my tale light broke. If you are going to commute on a bike, you have to have light weight back ups. I wanted the visor to protect me from the rain. I wanted the goggles for the same reason. They can fit over my glasses and the rain will bead right off. There is a I love the bright green of this helmet and it is visible to cars. I would buy it again.

10. ROCK BROS Balaclava Motorcycle Activities

ROCK BROS Balaclava Motorcycle Activities

The most pleasantly warm temperature is provided by the ROCK BROS balaclava mask. The ski mask has thermal fleece inside that will keep your head and face warm. The balaclava mask for cold weather can protect you from wind, cold, dust and UV. The performance of balaclava can hold it in bad weather. The ROCK BROS men's balaclava hood fit the motorcycle helmet, ski helmet, bike helmet and safety helmet perfectly. The helmet balaclava is used in a wide range of activities, from skiing, motorcycling, skating, running, snowboarding, riding, hunting, construction, warehouse work and shoveling snow. The balaclava ski mask is made of 100% thermal fleece and feels like milk. Breathable material makes it easy to breathe when you are outside. The design for hitting performance is very elegant. The super elastic material for the balaclava was used by more people. You could buy it for your husband, daughter, or mother. It is the best gift for your family. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is also offered. If the balaclava are damaged within 90 days, Rock Bros will replace it for you or give a full refund.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I consider myself an average-sized woman, but this mask is too large for me. I wore it for winter road cycling, with my bike helmet over it, and there were gaps at the sides of the mask that allowed air to rush in. It doesn't fit in all of the cheeks and nose area, so there was freezing air gushing in there. The material is hard to breathe through, it holds more water than other fabrics, so you end up with a cold, wet mask. My other mask channels air from breathing so it doesn't evaporate, but this one just gets sopping and cold. There is a I'll keep this and use it for hiking, but it's not what I wanted it to be.

👤I get made fun of for having a large head. ft tall It matches my body. I used to have the under armor one and it was very snug. I thought these masks worked like that. I received this one and it is very soft, stretches nicely, and has extra padding around the ears to keep me warm, and it is my largest head one. If I needed more, I would order it based on the price and quality.

👤I wore this balaclava under my helmet for winter biking. The quality and price of the other Rock Bros. products have been very good to me. The balaclava is the same for the price. I like the coverage on the face. I have one from another company that was three times the price, but it cannot be pulled up to the eyes of this one. This one is a good fit on the top of the head. It's good for me as I have a larger head, but I could see it being a bit large for people with a smaller head. It is warm, fits well, and is at a price point that I don't think can be beat for the quality. The product from Rock Bros. is another solid bang for the buck.

👤I bought this item from 2 different sellers and it was better than the other one. I ordered another one after sending the other one back. It's nice to keep your face warm. I will wear it when I do farm chores.

👤I couldn't give it six. I can't believe I waited so long to replace my Mountain Hardware balaclava, which cost triple what this one did, and wasn't half as effective. It's a perfect weight to fit inside my helmet and keep me warm. The sides and chin move independently, keeping the sides tight to your ears. My Mtn. Whenever I pulled up the bottom, it wrinkled-open the sides and blew air onto my ears. This thing is awesome!

11. ONeal Unisex Adult Full Face Sierra Helmet

ONeal Unisex Adult Full Face Sierra Helmet

The shell is made of plastic. The air channel comfort liner is moist and replaceable. A face shield. The chin strap has a safety lock.

Brand: O'neal

👤I recommend a good helmet for the price. If you are in a warm climate, remove the visor and use the goggle. There is a Large is very comfortable with no stress. After 9 hours of riding over the mountains, no headaches or fatigue, but will fog the visor. Don't think twice. Just buy it! The helmet saved my melon in the accident. I just squeezed the brakes and thought about how I am dead. I felt my head hit my forks. When I woke up, I asked for my helmet to be taken off. I was out of conscious and I couldn't breath. The helmet is two weeks old and looks like it has been through many wars. There is a The impact that would easily busted my melon all over the pacement reminded me of the two punctured holes. I fractured my legs and wrist but survived. I was going to Lashio from China.

👤It is the helmet that is self. It is a good product. Light weight feels great and comfortable. I ordered an extra large. I have not taken this out for a ride, but I am sure it will not be a problem. It looks great for this price.

👤I got this helmet as I was trying to get into dual sport/adventure riding and didn't want to spend a lot of money if it turned out not to be my hobby. There is a I upgraded to a Bell MX-9 MIPS helmet after 15,000 miles, but I'm still all in. I've done 15K miles with this helmet, and I've worn it in the summer, winter, and BDR trips. It has performed well and kept me safe. There is a The O'Neal is nice, but has drawbacks. The build quality is very good. It checks all the boxes, but there are some things that aren't as polished as they could be. The tabs on the padding don't sit flush with the helmet lines, especially after you remove the padding to wash it. It doesn't have a good way to install a comm system. There is a good place on the outside of the helmet to mount a SENA or Cardo unit. It was difficult to find a spot on the helmet where my Sena 20s would fit because of the sharp angles around the sides and bottom portion. I was able to install my SENA, but no cut outs for the speakers made the helmet less comfortable. There is a The helmet is large. I look more like an astronauts than a rider. I have a smaller stature so that doesn't help the perception, but this helmet makes my head look bigger than it is, even though the helmet fits properly. The large profile and veryangular, pointed appearance make it seem a little extra, but it's nice and aerodynamic, which I'll touch on more below. The styling is not in line with the modern, streamlined ADV look you get with Bell, Arai, or Klim. The helmet style with its sharp angles and points makes me feel like I should get a Metal Mulisha t-shirt and a tattoo sleeve which is not the "style" you see with a lot of ADV stuff right now. I prefer the sleek look of a Bell or Arai, but for the price and safety features, this helmet was my initial choice and it did the job very well. There is a Garbage is what the wind guard around your chin is. The wind guard simply doesn't attach, and that's what a photo posted here by another buyer shows. There are tabs on the wind guard that can be used to snap in a helmet, but they didn't finish the job. When riding a motorcycle, the wind guard doesn't really "snap" into the helmet like it should, until you get on your bike and ride away, at which point the wind makes it fall out of your helmet. I used black gorilla tape to tape the wind guard on. It stays put now. I shouldn't have to do that with O'Neal. I have a gripe with this helmet. Its heavy. It's very heavy and lacks padding compared to other helmets. This helmet has padding. The Bell MX-9 MIPS has styrofoam, a mesh liner, and a sweat guard, and it weighs only 3 lbs. My girlfriends LS2 helmts have styrofoam, mesh liner/sweat guard, and paddding, and they weigh 3.5 lbs. This helmet has padding. My helmet is 4.5 lbs heavier than this one, I attach my Sena and GoPro before it weighs 3.5 lbs. I ride all day, even during winter, and after I get halfway through my day, I can definitely feel the helmet's weight in my neck. I know it's there, it's not uncomfortable or painful. There is a This helmet is a great entry level helmet. It's a name brand, DOT and ECE rated helmet for less than $150. The peaked visor is a good one, it blocks the sun and debris more effectively than other brands, and it's larger than Bell's visor, I wish it had coverage. There is a The helmet is very quiet, almost as quiet as my old Shoei. The LS2's of my Bell and the LS2's ofGF are a lot louder. I don't feel the need to wear earmuffs with this helmet. There is a The design of the peaked helmet is extremely aerodynamic and part of the reason for it being quiet. The helmet styling makes it very aerodynamic, which makes it quiet. The amount of canards, vents, angles, and other design aspects make the airflow around the helmet excellent. My Bell is aerodynamic because it is small and compact, and this helmet is aerodynamic because of its style and external features. The canards and angles help with the flow of air on the highway. The shape of the visor allows it to cut through the air, even though it is huge, and I have never had an issue with wind catching the visor and snapping my head around. The helmet is very aerodynamic. It's a plus that it's a little bit warmer in cold weather than other helmets. There is a The helmet started to feel loose after almost a year. My head size is right for a Large, so maybe I really need a medium. It was never too snug when I received it. After a year of riding, it feels a little too loose for comfort and can shift around easily. There is a It's still a great helmet. I will keep it around as a back up. If you have a big head and like the features you get at this price range, it's a good choice. I haven't given up yet and have taken a beating.


What is the best product for bicycle helmet with face shield?

Bicycle helmet with face shield products from Giro. In this article about bicycle helmet with face shield you can see why people choose the product. Kenneth Cole and Sunrimoon are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle helmet with face shield.

What are the best brands for bicycle helmet with face shield?

Giro, Kenneth Cole and Sunrimoon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle helmet with face shield. Find the detail in this article. Glx, Base Camp and Basecamp are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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