Best Bicycle Helmet with Bluetooth

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1. LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet Accessories

LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet Accessories

A multifunctional helmet is suitable for traveling, cycling, climbing, horseback riding, camping, skiing, baseball, skateboard, etc. It's suitable for men and women who are on the go, invest in your safety and bring home a cute urban style bike helmet. Go, get it. Kickstart is a crowd-funded smart helmet. It is practical. The turn indicators and automatic brake lights are easy to understand. The impact resistant foam liner and PolyCarbonate shell are protection. 500 lumens of front and rear lighting is visible at eye level on the roads. The helmet size fits heads from 21 to 24 inches. Every purchase includes a helmet, charging cable, wireless remote, rubber bands, and a card.

Brand: Lumos

👤I ride my board while wearing this. I've had people stop me and say "thanks for wearing that helmet!" Some bikers are asking where I got it. I feel more visible on the road. There is a The price is the only reason I'm deducting a star. I would prefer a helmet with lights and no controller. Since I ride with a boosted board, holding the turn signal remote by itself feels clumsy, and mounting it to the boosted remote is too heavy. I would love to design and 3D-print a new boosted board housing that the signal remote can lock into.

👤I ride 3000-5000 miles a year, but I am not a hard core cyclist. Group rides in the 30-90 mile range can last up to 4 hours. I don't use a bike to commute. I like my current helmet, but thought it would be easier to see if I wore a helmet. The helmet does everything it says, but there are 2 drawbacks that I will return. It is heavier than my helmet. It is material on long rides but not on a commute or ride less than 25 miles. I used it on a 35 mile ride and it made my neck and upper back sore. It is the first ride for me. I don't want that on a 35 mile ride. It's not ideal. 2. The life of the battery. I had it fully charged and on the first setting. The battery gave out in 80 minutes. It doesn't work for me on long rides, but it would be great for people doing 30 mile rides. Great product, great safety, great concept, but it doesn't work for me.

👤Where do I start? This is one of my favorite purchases. I love this helmet. It is the most comfortable helmet I have ever owned. Everything works as advertised so far. The front lights are bright enough to be seen, but not bright enough to be useful. I put a light on the top of the helmet. The turn signals make me feel safer while riding in the city. I don't know what they look like from the perspective of drivers behind me. The design seems to have been thought out. The helmet and the turn signal controller have magnetic charges for them. When the turn signal is initiated, a sound is emitted. It's difficult to put a price on safety. I think this helmet is worth a lot.

👤I received my helmet on April 18. I ride 16 to 20 miles a day through rural developments. I looked at several style led helmets and considered aftermarket blinking led lighting for my existing helmet, until I found this helmet. It worked out of the box. It was easy to pair it with my phone. I adjust the helmet size for my large head. I turned on the brake light after running through charging, left and right turn signals. I had my wife follow me as I tested the light. I adjusted the sound to be heard on the 8th led flash. There are also options of none, 4th flash or every flash. The turn signals are very good. The helmet's front and back are illuminated by turn signals. The battery life seems to be good since I ride for an hour and 20 minutes. After each ride, I charge my helmet and turn signal device. I ordered a second magnetic charging cord from Lumos after finding no problems with the first one. I can tell that drivers coming toward me and coming from behind give me more respect on the road. I paid full price for this helmet. I'm not connected with Lumos. The helmet is the final version of the project and I'm looking forward to any software updates. Be seen and ride safely. Buy it!

2. WONEIRA Detachable Magnetic Mountain Standard

WONEIRA Detachable Magnetic Mountain Standard

The bicycle helmet is imported PC+EPS foam and meets the standard for head safety. The structure helps protect the head during a collision. Biking Helmet in special aerodynamic design is super lightweight and has liner padding to keep cyclist cool and reduce air resistance. The adult bike helmet has a safety light with three modes of lighting. Warn Cars keep a safe distance and help other riders behind you. The goggles can be used as sunglasses, which can protect your face from wind and sand erosion, and block strong ultraviolet rays. The helmet can be used for mountain bike riding. The dual fit design and adjusting knob at the back of the adult helmet make it easy to adjust the size of the helmet.

Brand: Woneira

👤The style and finish are modern. The fit is easy to adjust, the dial and straps function well. It charges with the micro B cable in about 90 minutes, has static and flashing options, and is easy to use. The magnetic visor eliminates sunglasses under the helmet. The visor can be folded upside down on the forehead if you want to remove it quickly. The brand name in individual stickers makes it harder to remove, still 5 stars.

👤I bought this helmet because of its appearance, function and price. I was a little disappointed when I unpackaged this helmet because I am a small woman. It would be functional and protective. I was not happy with the bulkiness of it. This is just a personal preference. If you are a small woman, you might want to look at something else.

👤The helmet is great for the money, but it's not great for the air flow that causes sweat to pool before streaming to my eyes. A helmet liner takes care of a lot of the problem which adds a little to the cost.

👤The adjustment is in the back of the helmet. It has good air flow and my head doesn't get too hot. I didn't initially use the visor because I didn't know where to store it. If you put it upside down, it can be stored in the helmet. There is a To make the visor low enough on my face, I had to push up on the back of the helmet. I had the helmet adjusted in a way that made sense. I have used the visor and it is great. It protects your face from the sun. The visor seemed to be slightly longer.

👤It fits well and is snug without pinching. The goggles are stable and can be used to warn. It works well. If you are riding in the cold, wear a helmet liner or put tissues in the vents.

👤Great product. The helmet has a safety light on it. I have a large head, but it still fits. This helmet is very good. The product is very light. Good air flow.

👤The light option on the back of the helmet was really nice. I was looking at a much more expensive version but I found this one before buying the other. It was easy to modify the fit. My husband liked it. He is ordering a lot.

3. Shinmax Commuter Certified Portable Adjustable

Shinmax Commuter Certified Portable Adjustable

The lightweight, three-piece microshell enhances durability without weighing you down. The side straps allow you to fine tune your fit and the visor reduces glare. The bike helmet is made of high density PC shell and foam. The in-mold construction of the bicycle helmet makes it absorb the impact force in a crash. LED Safety LightBicycle Helmet with detachable led backlight, 2 different modes - Steady and Flashing, provide you with the highest and best possible protection and visibility on the city streets during cycling. Shinmax commuter bike helmet is a better choice for urban riders. This bike helmet has a visor that accents your style without compromising on ventilation. A portable backpack is convenient to carry. The helmet has a chin strap and a one-handed fit system that adjusts it for most men and women. If you want to make the right purchase, please measure your head above eye brows with a tape measure or string. The air vent and soft padding of the adult bike helmet pulls cool air in through the front and pushes it through an air-channel matrix to reduce overheating.

Brand: Shinmax

👤I was looking for a helmet with a safety certification and found one on Amazon. We ride our bikes on the weekend to nearby bike trails. I can't confirm the level of safety as I have not fallen off the bike, but it is comfortable and it feels sturdy when wearing. I was looking for something that was one piece without any parts attached to the helmet. I only rode during the day so the light was not visible. It was bright enough to light up my garage when it was being stored. The helmet was easy to put on and off, and once it was on, it did not shift or move around. When it met the safety certification standards, the fit was good and I thought it was a safe and economical choice.

👤I thought it looked like the helmet from The Great Gazoo alien. I found this to be a comfortable and functional helmet after I got past that. It is not aerodynamic. That is. okay I ride slowly. The back red light is pretty cool and the front brim keeps the sun out of your eyes. So far, so good, not sure how long it will last. I am happy with it.

👤It's Booooo! The mechanism for adjusting the helmet felt a little off when I first got it, but it worked well. I didn't pay much attention to it. The plastic teeth have fallen out. I haven't used it much in six months. I had to expand the size of my hat because it was the first cold morning. It doesn't expand anymore. I can see that I have room to expand, but it won't go there. I wore the same hat six months ago and it used to be that size. If I turn it harder, it will fall apart in my hands. I want my money back. There is a The headband is out of the box. It was never softer. There is a The built-in light is difficult to operate. It's like pushing a rock that won't budge. It can turn on if you have a strong thumb. I can't find a way to change a battery. I think when the light burns out, that is when it is done. There is a I had to use my old Bell this morning because it was malfunctioning.

👤I thought this wouldn't fit. The fit was better after I removed the pads. I like how snug it is on my head and covers the forehead area. I wear it with a fleece head liner on the cold days and it adjusts just fine. The built in light is a bonus.

4. ONeal Sierra Full Face Helmet X Large

ONeal Sierra Full Face Helmet X Large

The shell is made of plastic. The air channel comfort liner is moist and replaceable. A face shield. The chin strap has a safety lock.

Brand: O'neal

👤I recommend a good helmet for the price. If you are in a warm climate, remove the visor and use the goggle. There is a Large is very comfortable with no stress. After 9 hours of riding over the mountains, no headaches or fatigue, but will fog the visor. Don't think twice. Just buy it! The helmet saved my melon in the accident. I just squeezed the brakes and thought about how I am dead. I felt my head hit my forks. When I woke up, I asked for my helmet to be taken off. I was out of conscious and I couldn't breath. The helmet is two weeks old and looks like it has been through many wars. There is a The impact that would easily busted my melon all over the pacement reminded me of the two punctured holes. I fractured my legs and wrist but survived. I was going to Lashio from China.

👤It is the helmet that is self. It is a good product. Light weight feels great and comfortable. I ordered an extra large. I have not taken this out for a ride, but I am sure it will not be a problem. It looks great for this price.

👤I got this helmet as I was trying to get into dual sport/adventure riding and didn't want to spend a lot of money if it turned out not to be my hobby. There is a I upgraded to a Bell MX-9 MIPS helmet after 15,000 miles, but I'm still all in. I've done 15K miles with this helmet, and I've worn it in the summer, winter, and BDR trips. It has performed well and kept me safe. There is a The O'Neal is nice, but has drawbacks. The build quality is very good. It checks all the boxes, but there are some things that aren't as polished as they could be. The tabs on the padding don't sit flush with the helmet lines, especially after you remove the padding to wash it. It doesn't have a good way to install a comm system. There is a good place on the outside of the helmet to mount a SENA or Cardo unit. It was difficult to find a spot on the helmet where my Sena 20s would fit because of the sharp angles around the sides and bottom portion. I was able to install my SENA, but no cut outs for the speakers made the helmet less comfortable. There is a The helmet is large. I look more like an astronauts than a rider. I have a smaller stature so that doesn't help the perception, but this helmet makes my head look bigger than it is, even though the helmet fits properly. The large profile and veryangular, pointed appearance make it seem a little extra, but it's nice and aerodynamic, which I'll touch on more below. The styling is not in line with the modern, streamlined ADV look you get with Bell, Arai, or Klim. The helmet style with its sharp angles and points makes me feel like I should get a Metal Mulisha t-shirt and a tattoo sleeve which is not the "style" you see with a lot of ADV stuff right now. I prefer the sleek look of a Bell or Arai, but for the price and safety features, this helmet was my initial choice and it did the job very well. There is a Garbage is what the wind guard around your chin is. The wind guard simply doesn't attach, and that's what a photo posted here by another buyer shows. There are tabs on the wind guard that can be used to snap in a helmet, but they didn't finish the job. When riding a motorcycle, the wind guard doesn't really "snap" into the helmet like it should, until you get on your bike and ride away, at which point the wind makes it fall out of your helmet. I used black gorilla tape to tape the wind guard on. It stays put now. I shouldn't have to do that with O'Neal. I have a gripe with this helmet. Its heavy. It's very heavy and lacks padding compared to other helmets. This helmet has padding. The Bell MX-9 MIPS has styrofoam, a mesh liner, and a sweat guard, and it weighs only 3 lbs. My girlfriends LS2 helmts have styrofoam, mesh liner/sweat guard, and paddding, and they weigh 3.5 lbs. This helmet has padding. My helmet is 4.5 lbs heavier than this one, I attach my Sena and GoPro before it weighs 3.5 lbs. I ride all day, even during winter, and after I get halfway through my day, I can definitely feel the helmet's weight in my neck. I know it's there, it's not uncomfortable or painful. There is a This helmet is a great entry level helmet. It's a name brand, DOT and ECE rated helmet for less than $150. The peaked visor is a good one, it blocks the sun and debris more effectively than other brands, and it's larger than Bell's visor, I wish it had coverage. There is a The helmet is very quiet, almost as quiet as my old Shoei. The LS2's of my Bell and the LS2's ofGF are a lot louder. I don't feel the need to wear earmuffs with this helmet. There is a The design of the peaked helmet is extremely aerodynamic and part of the reason for it being quiet. The helmet styling makes it very aerodynamic, which makes it quiet. The amount of canards, vents, angles, and other design aspects make the airflow around the helmet excellent. My Bell is aerodynamic because it is small and compact, and this helmet is aerodynamic because of its style and external features. The canards and angles help with the flow of air on the highway. The shape of the visor allows it to cut through the air, even though it is huge, and I have never had an issue with wind catching the visor and snapping my head around. The helmet is very aerodynamic. It's a plus that it's a little bit warmer in cold weather than other helmets. There is a The helmet started to feel loose after almost a year. My head size is right for a Large, so maybe I really need a medium. It was never too snug when I received it. After a year of riding, it feels a little too loose for comfort and can shift around easily. There is a It's still a great helmet. I will keep it around as a back up. If you have a big head and like the features you get at this price range, it's a good choice. I haven't given up yet and have taken a beating.

5. Sena Smart Cycling Helmet Matte

Sena Smart Cycling Helmet Matte

You can listen to your music with built-in speakers and mic. You can communicate with up to three other riders. You can access features on-the-go with the help of theBluetooth. The design is comfortable and secure, with a chin strap and spin lock. Use a dedicated app to modify settings such as friend groups and volume levels. The optional R1 Visor can be used for added sun protection. 13 years and up

Brand: Sena

👤This product isn't supported by Sena. After 2 months of talking to their support people, they won't replace my helmet because it doesn't hold a charge. I have 3 of these, two of them seem to be okay, but this one does not hold a charge more than 2 hours, and is clearly defects. When you open a ticket with them, it takes them weeks to respond, asking for info, then they disappear. You should be on hold for an hour when you call. The terrible service will never allow me to buy another product from them.

👤I have only had this for a few days but I like the fact that I can continue a conversation with another rider without having to be near them. The helmet has a couple of adjustments to make it a comfortable fit. I was able to hear the other person when I received the call, but I don't think they knew I was riding. You can either talk to others on the mesh or listen to music, but you can't do both at the same time. I haven't found a way to listen to my music, but the Mesh network is active in case someone wants to talk to me. If you want to listen to music while riding with someone else, don't plan on talking to them, or maybe we come up with hand signals that say "hey, switch to Mesh intercom". This could be a deal breaker for me. I'm going to use them for a few more days before making a decision.

👤I was wondering if I could just purchase extra clips instead of going through a warranty process after the side strap adjustment clip broke. I was told that I would have to return the product for a full price and be without the helmet for a few weeks to replace a 10 cent item. I would be willing to buy replacement parts since they are cheap and they don't support their product, but they don't support their product. Mind you. It's a $120 product and you can't even buy replacement parts for it. It's an expensive waste of money if you can't get parts for the helmet.

👤I was riding my bike a week after getting this. I looked to the left to see the trash and then I walked into the sidewalk on the right. This threw me off the bike, resulted in cracked ribs, knocked the wind out of me, and pulled my arm out of the sockets. There is a I am going to need shoulder surgery after this accident destroyed my helmet. There is a The helmet kept me alive and protected my head. I will wait until I get back in a bike to buy another helmet. It could be a year from now.

6. Helmet Bicycle Signals Bluetooth Connected

Helmet Bicycle Signals Bluetooth Connected

VENTILATION AND COMFORT. The wind tunnel vents allow air to flow through the helmet. The Roc Loc 5 Air fit system can be used to adjust vertical position and tension. An extra layer of safety, take your bike helmet to a new level with bright front and rear lights, making you visible to vehicles from all angles. The Lumos Ultra is the most funded project in the "bike" category and the most funded project in the "bike accessories" category. Left or right? - The bright helmet lights let those behind you know which way you are turning. The Lumos Ultra is a great gift for a cyclist. After riding with the Lumos Ultra, you wouldn't want another helmet. The name of the system is multi-directional impact protection system. A helmet with a clever safety design helps protect your head by absorbing impact force. There is a phone connection. Their new Team sync feature allows you to track your rides from your phone, and you can change the pattern of your helmet LEDs. The battery can last up to 10 hours. Lumos strives to provide you with a smooth shopping experience and professional customer support.

Brand: Lumos

👤The helmet is good. I did a triathlon yesterday and got a lot of good responses. There was no battery in the remote that I thought was tacky. I paid for the helmet and it should come with a battery. I shouldn't have to order CR2032 batteries just to use the helmet's features. Customer service from the company is not good. I wanted the red version of this helmet so I tried to order it from their website. I asked about the shipment after a week. There was no response. Two weeks go by and no return email. There was no response. I don't want to use my warranty for something on this helmet because I can't get in touch with someone. There is no phone number for customer service. If you're interested in buying the helmet, I would suggest ordering it from Amazon and praying you don't have any issues with the helmet because it seems impossible to get responses from anyone in the company.

👤I am not happy with this purchase. I thought it had audio. The title has the word "bluetooth" in it. The flashing style of the lights can be changed with the bluetooth feature. Why do you need a phone app to change the flashing patterns on a bike helmet? They can't have a button that you press to switch between flashings patterns. I think it's just to make people think they're buying a helmet that has audio. The one I bought doesn't support returns. Most styles of this product can be returned, but the one color that I happened top chose is not eligible for returns. I'm stuck with a piece of plastic that I will never use. Both Lumos and Amazon can go to hell.

👤The helmet checks all the boxes for me. It is lightweight and comfortable. The lights are visible from 150 feet out in the afternoon sun and the flashing is easy to see at 75 feet. I need a helmet with integrated lighting so I don't have to put on lights on my helmet in the event of a crash or fall. This is a better value for a helmet with lights, app and other features. I was pleasantly surprised that I could use it on my Apple Watch to operate the turn signal lights. I don't think my sunglasses fit into the helmet because I take them off like a pro rider. The front and rear pictures show how bright the bike mounted lights are. Hopefully the developer will give us more helmet colors for those of us who coordinate our kit colors. The piece of kit is worth a lot of money.

7. FROFILE Bike Helmet Adults Cycling Bicycle Baseball Helmet

FROFILE Bike Helmet Adults Cycling Bicycle Baseball Helmet

The chin strap has a safety lock. Cute shape, unique old school design are what urban style is made of. The helmet has nice leather mounted on it. 300g of lightweight helmet won't burden your head during the ride, and it's durable and lightweight. The helmet side release buckle can be adjusted andightened in seconds to fit head circumferences of 21.2-24.4 inches. Protect your eyes from the sun and rain with a leather helmet. A multifunctional helmet is suitable for traveling, cycling, climbing, horseback riding, camping, skiing, baseball, skateboard, etc. It's suitable for men and women who are on the go, invest in your safety and bring home a cute urban style bike helmet. Go, get it.

Brand: Frofile

👤It fits well. It's easy to adjust. I hope I don't have to try it out.

👤I'm from the old school when you didn't wear a helmet riding bikes/scooters but then again drivers weren't out to try and kill you when you did. The purchase of the helmet is the reason. I don't like the style of bike helmets so I wanted one that looked more like a hat. The helmet is lightweight and fits my head with a scarf. The strap adjustment was difficult. I finally got it to fit. There is a The padding was comfortable and didn't make me sweat. I'm not sure how well it will protect your head, I haven't fallen with it on. The inner shell is similar to the hard hat baseball helmets. I'm pretty sure it can handle a topple off a scooter going 20 mph, I know they can take a ball being thrown at 80 to 100 mph. I don't want to find out. It's funny. The item is well made. I think it is a good purchase. There is an update on July 16, 2021. On June 15th, I fell off my scooter. The helmet took a hit but my head is fine. My hands and knees are jacked up, but my head is ok. Glad to know the helmet works.

👤This isn't a one size fits all helmet. It was too big for me, but when I bought some on Amazon, it fit perfectly. I would have returned the helmet and not bothered fitting it to my head if it wasn't so cute. It looks cute on me.

👤If you crash, this won't stay on.

👤This is not a bike helmet. I think it's cute. I usually don't wear a helmet, but since I went Electric, I felt I should wear something. It's better than nothing. It's hard but not DOT. If you work and wear a helmet, you might not feel safe on a bike. Baseball would be great for other things. You hate your ear, so not for batting. I wish they had the plaid, I would get that one. If you order from China, these are 20.

👤The cheap glue that was used to glue the protection gears together was falling apart from the helmet. There is a I dropped off my helmet at the store more than 3 weeks ago and have not received my credit back as they promised, there is no contact information for me to ask about what happened. Amazon doesn't have any direct contact information. Frustrating. There is a Disappointed customer. There is a The person is called VL.

8. Basecamp Standard Detachable Skateboarding Snowboard

Basecamp Standard Detachable Skateboarding Snowboard

The road bike helmet has a special aerodynamic design that reduces air resistance and reduces sweating. It won't make you feel heavy when you wear it. An extra backpack is included to store bike helmet and bring you a more convenient riding experience. Shinmax bike helmets with tough and durable poly-carbonate shell andEPS foam help slow down the impact and provide your head with maximum protection and comfortability in all directions during crash. The minimum age for this helmet is 18. The bike helmet has a knob at the back of the bike helmet that helps to adjust the size to fit different head circumference. Not for large. If you want to make the right purchase, please measure your head above eye brows with a tape measure or string. The magnetic visor shield design can be used as sunglasses to block the strong ultraviolet light, UV 400, and protect your face against wind and sand. The goggles shield can be flipped up or down to not interfere with wearing your own glasses. Ventilation 7 holes is a streamlined design, adult helmet in special aerodynamic design, and 7 breathable vets, which effectively reduce air resistance and reduce sweating. The helmet is super lightweight and comfortable. There is a bonus carrying bag and after-sales service. If you need to buy a bag separately, you can get an extra portable backpack.

Brand: Shinmax

👤I bought this helmet because I didn't want to spend $200+ on the Giro that looks similar. When it arrived, it fit well and looked good, I was skeptical. I liked the visor. I wrecked my bike at 30mph. I landed on my head and shoulder after going over the bars. I was in the ER with a separated collarbone, but no head injury. I would not have a problem buying another helmet because the one I threw away was damaged. This helmet probably saved my life.

👤The helmet looks good. Matt finished 100%! The look and visor break are great. Glad to see that the magnet is strong. It's comfortable and it's around the neck. I think the helmet is too light and has too much hair. I don't know how to measure my head. I am happy with this style and make.

👤Ok. I don't give out a lot of 5 star reviews, but this deserves it. Accept that it is a $25 helmet. It probably won't last as long as a Giro. It does the job just as well. I was nervous about using this for the first time. It did a great job. Not a single issue. The visors were lightweight and comfortable. I wanted this helmet because I didn't want sunglasses bouncing around and bothering me. If you can't afford a $300 helmet, but still want to try the Giro Vanquish, then give this a try.

👤There are always extreme reviews on Amazon. There is a A product is a trash. It's always a risk. I haven't bought a new helmet in a while. The brand was called Merida. There is a The helmet prices have doubled since I returned to the local bikeshop. I took a chance on this one. It is light and comfortable. There is a Some reviews said that it was too small, or too big, or uncomfortable because of a plastic bit sticking in the back or head. There is a It is the correct size for me. I am a male with a normal head size. The system seems solid and fixes tightly. There is a My only concern is... The helmet that is still in use is in better condition than the one that is not. They move when I am not wearing it. I have to adjust the chords every time I wear it. They keep in place once adjusted. I am sure that if something goes wrong, it will be the fastening chords. The shell is nice. There is a The shades... They fit well. There is a It would have been great if they included a clear one, as the tinted one is a little darker than I would have liked. I will have to make a new review in a month or so. I am very happy with the product and its fast delivery. I'm only worried about the straps being durable.

9. Smart Communications Mountain Bike Helmets

Smart Communications Mountain Bike Helmets

You can talk to fellow cyclists and listen to music with the built-in audio communication system. You can connect with up to three other riders. The range is 900 meters / 980 yards. You can access features on-the-go with the help of theBluetooth. A comfortable and secure design with an integrated tail light. A variety of features are managed by a three-button layout. 13 years and up is the age grade.

Brand: Sena

👤I was waiting so long to get one that I couldn't believe it. I will buy one for my wife and my kids in the future. There is a It was great to be able to listen to my music and take phone calls while riding my bike. The experience was great. The calls were clear. My voice was transmitted to my wife while I was cutting through the wind. By holding the middle button for 3 seconds, you can tell her to call whoever you want or where you want to go. I am very happy with this. I tested it out yesterday on a 3-hour ride, with music on all the time and phone calls, and the battery lasted the whole ride. I was using a volume setting. I'm not sure how long it would last in high, I can tell that the high volume would cause distraction, and my son doesn't have one of these. We could use the communicator. There is a The rear lights are an added bonus. This helps incoming drivers see you at night since it's located in the upmost part of the cyclist. There is a The helmet seems to offer better protection than my previous one. Let's take a look at a few points which could have made this helmet great. Everything I'll mention will not detract from the merit of this product from allowing great communications and music/navigation guidance without interruption. I like it and recommend it to anyone who can bear with the issues below. The bass isn't there. I knew it would be hard to get the bass out of those speakers, but it's a shame. I took a few minutes to adapt to the flat beat. There are two more It is heavy. I had a sore neck by the end of the ride. I'll get used to it, but it adds a huge weight impact. There is no MIPS. I believe they could have added MIPS to the helmet in order to offer better protection to the riders. I'd be happy to add this new level of protection even though I've always pedaled without it. There are four There were no turning lights or rear LEDs during the day. The competitors are now offering turning lights, which helps rear traffic see what directions you intend to move, so it may add some additional visibility. They could have put brighter LEDs for daylight visibility.

10. JBM Specialized Protection Adjustable Lightweight

JBM Specialized Protection Adjustable Lightweight

The dial on the crank adjustment is fully adjusted, with 2 sets of pads with different thicknesses and chin straps. Can be adjusted to different head size. The nutcase helmet is suitable for both men and women and has a dial system that makes it easy to use. Impact resistance is something that can be done. The nutcase bike helmet is for adults. The material uses the tough and durable PC, EPS foam which helps absorb the impact and protect the head during crash. VENTILATION: The adoption of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allow air to go through the biking helmet which helps increase the speed and keep it cool. Light weight: The helmet is made of lightweight material and the inner pad is made of breathable material. The package includes a helmet.

Brand: Jbm International

👤I want to write good reviews when I like something, but often don't get around to it. There is a Yesterday, this helmet saved my husband's life. This helmet saved my husband's life yesterday. There is a He crashed riding his bike and fell back, the back of his head hitting the ground. Didn't have a throbbing head. There was no pain from hitting his head. There is a The helmet is broken, cracked, and damaged from impact, but it is supposed to take the impact and protect your head. This helmet did what it was supposed to do. The crash happened very fast. Make sure your helmet fits on your head. Be safe. I will be buying another helmet that I recommend.

👤The helmet looks great and the general construction seems to be fine. The helmet would get five stars from me, except for one shortcoming. The straps can slip out of proper adjustment if the plastic guides on each side don't lock. The helmet is less than ideal because of this oversight, since proper fitting is critical for any helmet to protect you in a fall. The design may work for you if you have a large head.

👤The adage "you get what you pay for" applies again. It's simply adequate and not a bad helmet. It's cheap, looks good, and fits the bill for protection. There is a There are a few minor problems that detract from the overall quality of the helmet. Every time you put the helmet on, you have to adjust the strap on the sides because they don't lock. The back of the helmet has two connection points, so it's placement on the head can vary from ride to ride, and needs to be adjusted each time. When it's placed on my head, it feels stiff. I don't know how to describe this one, but most good bike helmets just seem to cradle around your head - not this one. It feels as though it's too wide and short, making it hard to fit on the head. It feels as though it's creeping up and off my head because of it's shape, no matter how much I press it down. There is a It's inexpensive, but I would rather spend more money on a quality helmet at a bike shop.

👤The chin strap is comfortable and lightweight. Ladies head up! Only low pony-tails are allowed.

11. Lumos Matrix Helmet Charcoal Black

Lumos Matrix Helmet Charcoal Black

It can make others identify your knight. Matrix is the flagship smart helmet. It is fun. The Matrix display has symbols, patterns, and messages that you can modify. The impact resistant foam liner and the shell are protection. The front and rear lighting can be seen at eye level from the road. The helmet size fits heads from 22” to 24” Every purchase includes a helmet, charging cable, wireless remote, rubber bands, and 2 padding set.

Brand: Lumos

👤It worked out of the box. Then it stopped signaling. It lost its connection. It is very expensive and not easy to get help for it. Where are you? How to get help? The limos software interface is locked up. There is a It is a very expensive picture. Patrick is in Oregon. The state of Oregon.

👤The rear light with variable patterns and blinker is pretty cool, and the helmet is well made. There is a The front light is not good. It doesn't illuminate anything for you, but it is good at making you visible to other people. It seems like a huge flaw that you have to have an additional light in order to see at night, since the whole point of this helmet is the integrated lights.

👤The turn signal remote wouldn't initially charge or sync, had it on the charger for 3 days before it finally decided to start charging, it took another 12 hours for it to fully charge, the battery was beyond dead. I haven't had an issue with the replacement since it started working, but the company was very responsive and offered a new one. I love this helmet, it fits perfectly, the turn signals in the back are very noticeable, I have had many drivers make comments on them, meaning they actually see me on my e-bike and are aware of my intentions. The helmet fits perfectly with the headphones. I want to listen to my music but also hear the traffic around me. Most helmets don't fit these types of headphones because they wrap around the back of your head, the Lumos fits perfect with them, Lumos and Aeropex should put a deal together for both products, or do some type of integration.

👤The device and experience are thought through. I loved the small details. The design is top notch. It was easy to adjust the size of my head. The app is good. No issues were reported when connected to phone. With some helmets you'll be paying the same money for just a piece of plastic, here you are getting a helmet with a bunch of electronics making your rides much safer and fun. I believe the price is fair even though it's on a high price range.

👤I got this for night rides in an urban setting, and it looks cool as well. The front leds are not bright enough to illuminate the road or trail, but they are bright and make you very visible to others. There is a The rear matrix led array is amazing and there are many options. I like the turn signals and the remote is more consistent than using the Apple Watch gestures. There is a The helmet is heavier than other lighter helmets, but I rode it for over an hour without any problems. The package is thought out and the battery life is good.


What is the best product for bicycle helmet with bluetooth?

Bicycle helmet with bluetooth products from Lumos. In this article about bicycle helmet with bluetooth you can see why people choose the product. Woneira and Shinmax are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle helmet with bluetooth.

What are the best brands for bicycle helmet with bluetooth?

Lumos, Woneira and Shinmax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle helmet with bluetooth. Find the detail in this article. O'neal, Sena and Frofile are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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