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1. Eleckal Shockproof Adjustable Handlebar Mountain

Eleckal Shockproof Adjustable Handlebar Mountain

It is possible to use a bike mirror as a helmet mirror, similar to a car rear view mirror. The bicycle handlebar is suitable for 22mm-32mm. The lens can be attached to any fitted handlebars firmly and easily, thanks to the 2 anti-slip rubber gasket, which can hold the lens to the mirror holder for it to stay in place. Flexible and bending. The len is made of aluminum tube so that it can bend to meet your needs. The rear view mirror has a gasket that can be adjusted to your desired angle. The rear view mirror on the handlebars can be mounted on both sides and is suitable for all conventional bicycle handlebars. They sell a single package. You need to order two to install left and right.

Brand: Eleckal

👤I was drawn to the mirror because of its design. It looked like something that would be better for my bike to fall over than for it to snap off. It's just as good in this respect as it looks in the pictures. I tipped the bike over against the house, which would have snapped off my old mirror. There is a It's a simple design which has plenty of flexibility and stay put-edness. I adjust the bike where I want it, and that's where it stays throughout my ride. It has a single screw to adjust the stiffness. I have a clear view of traffic despite being tucked under the handlebars. Even if I break it, it came in a two-pack at a reasonable price. I'm happy.

👤I was sliding my bike into the back of my pickup truck and the mirror snapped like a twig. If you are a casual cyclist, you don't risk the mirror brushing up against anything. That is not me or most cyclists. If you are sliding your bike into a narrow storage area or locking it up, the mirrors are at risk of snapping. I bought a solid mirror after this one broke and I want to save myself the headaches. My last one of these broke, but that was when I slammed my bike on it's side. It was a full time job for a year before that, and was brushed up against many things, including sliding in and out of my vehicle, and never broke.

👤I bought these mirrors because many of the end-mount mirrors would restrict the amount of hand room on the grip. Extra room is left at the end of the grip. It made a difference on my grip. My hand is about 4.25" wide. You can see on the video that it is very easy to install. I recommend!

👤The mirror is clear. If you are not using it, it can be folded back. There is a lot of adjustment. It was definitely worth the purchase.

👤I was looking for a mirror with a clear lens and the ability to adjust the mirror from multiple positions so I could see where I wanted to go. If I need to buy them again, I will tell anyone I know how much they have improved my bike rides.

👤I used these on my e-bike for my wife and myself, they were easy to install, just cut out the end of the handle bar grip, and I used the inside of the handle bar for a fish filet knife.

👤I need to see the traffic behind me on my bike. I was looking for a better solution after recent frustration with my helmet mirror. This is the first time I've taken a ride. It's easy to install and it's clear what's behind me.

👤Excellent mirrors for my electric bike. Mounted on both sides, it is easy to see what is behind me. They did a 20 mile run on both pavement and dirt paths. The design is wide angle glare free. Minor adjustments can be done on the fly. I will be getting a set for my wife's bike. It's a great value as a safety device.

2. Sprintech Left Drop Mirror Black

Sprintech Left Drop Mirror Black

90 day money back guarantee and LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. Use the world's most trusted bicycle safety mirrors to keep yourself safe. Failure isn't an option if you commute to work on Sunday or bicycle to work on Sunday. SprinTech mirrors hold true when other brands spin out of position. Remove the end cap and replace it with a new one. Then fit the mirror's male and female inserts. It is possible to see it. No more wondering if the vehicle is too close for comfort as you look over your shoulder. Give yourself time to react. Light. They are shatterproof under 30 grams. Light. They are shatterproof under 30 grams.

Brand: Sprintech

👤I decided to buy a few of these for my road bikes because I was giving up some of the function of a larger mirror in favor of looks. I'm now concluding that looks aren't everything and in this case don't compensate for some major deficiencies. There is a Vehicles can be hard to see and appear far away because of the small viewing area. In grey car/grey road/no daytime running lights, a car can be very close before it becomes visible. There is a Quality is poor for this price. The mirror surface degrades even if used with care. The mirror has to be adjusted constantly because the knob works loose in the sockets so that any bumps in the road can cause the mirror to move. If the knob had been designed correctly, you don't need to wrap tape around it to make a temporary fix. There is a It's probably better than no mirror at all. If you ride pace lines or as a first check for overtaking vehicles, it's good looking and useful. If you confirm by looking over your shoulder, you'll get a chance to pull out of your lane. I've decided that I value safety more than looks so I'm replacing my sprintechs with slightly more nerdy mirrors that give better visibility.

👤I have been using the EVT Safe Zone bicycle helmet mirror for the last 2 years and that's what led me to try the sprintech road drop bar rearview bike mirror. I wanted to see if I could overcome the 2 problems with the EVT Safe by buying the mirror from the sprintech store. 1. It happens a lot of the time, when I touch the helmet mirror or something, I need to adjust it again. I can only see that the mirror is out of position when I start the ride. I need to stop riding in order to get it back. It can't be done during ride 2. It does not look good. I made my first ride with both mirrors today. Lets see if the problems have been solved. 1. The mirror moved when I was standing and pedaling. My knee moved. I'm not pedaling much while standing and if the mirror moves, it can be returned to its original position. No need to stop. 2. The problem was solved. There is a The good news is that you can see behind you while riding. I can see clearly cars and riders with my EVT mirror. I can see the height from my head. My site is limited and small with the mirror. There is a If I had bought the mirror first, most of the time I wouldn't have replaced it. This is not the situation. I would rather use the EVT helmet mirror because I can see more and clearer what is going on behind me, even though my problems with the EVT mirror were almost completely solved with the Sprintech mirror.

👤The most tiring method of car-spotting is to crank my head around like an owl. Why do I have to twist my spine when I need to see the approaching vehicle? If I slept on my neck wrong the night before, why should I not ride my bike? This mirror can be used to solve many of the perceived problems, and can also be used to defund the bank balance. The viewing angle is wide and my knee hits the mirror occasionally while standing on the pedals, but no piece of light-refracting technology has been so beneficial to the user of said review! While this thin, metallic sheen of reflective material won't replace an absolute knowing of cranking your head behind you in every situation, it will save you many head-crankings. It's slim form factor is pleasing and fits right into the end of a drop-bar setup, it looks almost as if nature had created it right into my bicycle! It is more pleasing to the eye than the classic road-bike mirror setup with the arm stretching out into the yonder. You're going to be a cyclist? I don't think having a mirror on the pedestrian side of my pennyfarthing is necessary. The cost of having one mirror on the road side of the bike is less than the cost of having one mirror on the car side. This mirror is very good.

3. Turboom 360┬░Rotated Adjustable Helmet Mirror

Turboom 360%C2%B0Rotated Adjustable Helmet Mirror

You can install the mirrors directly on your handlebars. Plastic and steel are very durable. The weight is 57g and the size is 8.25inch. The shaft length places the mirror at a perfect distance in front of you so it stays steady even during bumpy rides. A crystal view flat mirror is better for judging the distance to objects behind you than a curved or convex mirror. It is possible to use a bike mirror as a helmet mirror, similar to a car rear view mirror. It is possible to use a bike mirror as a helmet mirror, similar to a car rear view mirror.

Brand: Turboom

👤I have been riding my road bike for 35 years and always wore a helmet with a rear view mirror. It makes a huge difference in terms of safety because you can see what is happening behind you. The mirror is plastic, which is the problem with this item. The image from the plastic mirror is not completely clear. I am returning it because it is important. The spec description confirms that the mirror I am ordering is glass. You will not regret it if you do the same thing. It could save your life because there are a lot of dangerous situations when riding a bike on the road when you need to be 100% clear on what is going on behind you.

👤My old mirror lasted a long time. The problem I have had with my mirrors in the past is that they loosen up and I can't get them to stay in position. The mirror has screws in the right places so that I can tighten the connections and make sure it stays where it should be. I love it! There is a The glue on the patch seems to be a little weak. It slipped once. I pressed it harder when I put it back on. I believe it will hold better this time. When the glue isn't as strong as it needs to be, the patch on the helmet can be pulled off by the Velcro. This seems to be a problem with every mirror, so I'm not overly concerned. I will use the 3M mounting tape I used with my last helmet once this glue wears off. The stuff never stops!

👤Do you know where to put the patch in your helmet? Since the mirror is so small, it could affect how you see it. It works well and is light weight.

👤The mounting kept coming off. The glue melted after an overnight in the garage with 105+ temperatures. If you go up a hill, you have to extend your neck to see behind you. I didn't want to keep moving it back and forth during my ride to get it out of the way because it obscured a lot of the road in front of me. Had to get one of those mirrors that attach to the handlebars.

👤These are a lifesaver once you get used to it. It's great to see traffic behind me, without having to turn my head and look at the road in front of me. We had to replace the stickum after the mirrors fell off. It mounted easily on my bike helmet, but on my wife's helmet there was not an easy spot to put it, and we may have to put it on the outside of the helmet.

👤I had to cut part of the helmet liner to fit the mount inside. If you could see in the mirror, the size and length would be good. The mirror is plastic and objects are so blurry that you can't see anything until the person is on top of you. I went to the garage to inspect it again and the mirror fell onto the floor. Don't spend time and money on this one.

4. Zacro Bike Mirror Adjustable Handlebar

Zacro Bike Mirror Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar is mirror style. The wide angle lens is 3.3in in diameter and can provide you with a clearer view. You don't have to turn around to see the road behind the mirror. The rear view mirror can be adjusted to any angle, and it has a mirror that is rotatable. Their bike mirror is made of a material that is stable and shockproof. It is easy to install and remove the mirror with the help of the install wrench and screws. You can watch the video to learn how to install the mirror. The bicycle mirror is ideal for a wide range of bikes. There is attention. The bike mirror is only suitable for handlebars from 22-32mm. The bicycle mirror is ideal for a wide range of bikes. There is attention. The bike mirror is only suitable for handlebars from 22-32mm.

Brand: Zacro

👤I mounted it on my escooter and it worked for a week, then it shook loose and I had to adjust it. I had to re-tighten the screws because the screw hole broke into pieces.

👤They are flexible, so they can bounce back if you hit them. There are two problems. The mirror is too curved, making it hard to see small objects behind you. I will put a mirror on it. There are two They don't have a mount for larger-than-bicycle handlebars. I had to drill holes and put mine in my front basket.

👤I like the mirror. The price is a good thing. The nuts and bolts are small and my fingers aren't dainty so it's a little rough to install. It has amazing stability. It also has the ability to do a small lens adjustment in the housing, so you can just touch it to move it a small bit, without having to grab and bend the whole thing.

👤This mirror would be great, except for the fact that the images in the mirror appear far away than they really are. This is a very important issue. You can hear the vehicle as it approaches to pass you, but you can't see it in the mirror. They sneak up on you. The mirror is fine in every other way, so it is disappointing. Installation is easy, no issues have been mentioned here. Adequate size. The mirror can be adjusted for fine tuning. Flex tube is easy to adjust and retain its position. Unfortunately, this design will be returned and I will try again.

👤I like the mirror. Due to the set-up of my handlebars, it's not possible to see the left side of my bike. I feel more confident with it when I'm riding on busy streets. The mirror popped out of its frame while I was installing it to my bike and I lowered my rating. The mirror wouldn't come back in or the mirror frame wouldn't be the same. The mirror frame was secured with the use of velcro tape. I've been on a lot of rides and the mirror has been held securely by the velcro.

👤The arm would be a five star review, but it isn't long enough for most people. If would work well for kids or people who are smaller than me. For a big guy like me, it's hard to see around myself. If the arm was a few inches longer, it might be okay, but then the shakiness kicks in.

👤I tightened it again and the screws were stripped because it wouldn't stop wobbling. I've been working on bikes. I have never had a screw strip that was easy to use. The plastic is stronger than the screws. The screws popped off when I twisted and jammed the screw driver. I can still save it, but it's really messed up. Should have bigger screws.

👤The seller contacted me after I had problems with the mirror. I was very impressed with the effort they made to make it right.

5. Hafny Handlebar Mirror Blast Resistant HF MR095

Hafny Handlebar Mirror Blast Resistant HF MR095

3 straps are firm enough to hold up on the bike, 1 strap on the front and 1 strap on the upper bottom can be used to fix the bag on the head tube. The bag wouldn't move if you rode on a bumpy road. The Handlebar Bike mirror is blast- resistant. The glass lens is safe. The aluminum black ED black Clamp is Eco-friendly. The new mallet! It's a fit for the Outside Diameter MTB and Cruiser Handlebar. The back is printed with a safe at night. The 5mm key is made in Taiwan.

Brand: Hafny

👤I would like to thank the Australian who suggested that the right mirror be mounted upside down on the left handlebars. Don't worry. There are objects in the mirror.

👤I don't know how people ride bikes without mirrors, but being able to see cars behind me while riding gives me peace of mind. This one has a good field of view without being too large. I have only had to re-tighten the mirror once in the month since I got it, because my commute is on a bumpy gravel road. There is a I've not run into any issues using the correct side mounted underneath if you buy the opposite side mirror.

👤The blue antiglare is too strong. I have both of them. It's hard to see anything in the mirror if you go into a shaded area. I never had a glare issue with the standard one. I thought this would be an upgrade. It wasn't.

👤The mirror is great. I used left-hand-side one when I was in the USA, and bought a rhs version to add, now that I am back in Australia. Elbows are always in the line of sight. I mounted the lhs one on the rhs side of the bike to go underneath the hand grip. This gives a clear line-of- sight for upright riding position on an e-bike. If you want to upright position your e-bike, you should put the opposite side of the handlebars on the underside. The mirror gives a better view of what's behind it. It is easy to adjust while out riding, and if you do it on something, it will be easier.

👤The bike mirror is very good. It was sleek and discreet. I mounted the bars with the grips. The view is perfect. The non-glare version is what I have. It looks good on the All City Macho Flat Bar. You need an Allen wrench.

👤Highly functional, lightweight, sleek, modern and low profile. It is easy to install an excellent mirror with only a U.S. Allen wrench. The manufacturer says the mount work only with 22.2mm handle bars. The hardware that is prackaged is also true. I bought a set of M6 - 1.00 x 30 screws at a cost of $2.14 at Lowe's and installed the mirrors on my mountain bike handle bar. The screws are the same size as the ones that come with the mirrors, but a bit longer. You can install the mirrors on your handlebars if they are a bit wider.

👤The bike has small tires and the streets are bumpy. There are a few pot holes in the area. I don't notice the bumps, but this mirror definitely did. I'm not saying it is just with this one, but in general, these types with multiple joints, etc. They have the same weakness, and any hard contact with the terrain will likely mis align the mirror from your original setting. I was afraid I would break the thing since it's not metal, but I had to pull over every block to reset the mirror angle. I'll keep my helmet mirror.

6. Life Bicycle Degree Adjustable Rearview

Life Bicycle Degree Adjustable Rearview

Installation help and a warranty from the manufacturer. There is an important note. There will be a transparent protective film covering the mirror when you receive this product at your door. This is to make sure the mirror is clear. Before using the product, please take off the protective film. Attach your helmet in less than 60 seconds using an ultra-strong velcro pad. Line it up exactly where you want it, then lock in your preferred adjustment. The mirror stays in position if you lock it, so you don't have to worry about it vibrating. There are mounts on both sides with ease. A flat mirror with a crystal view helps you judge the distance of objects behind you much better than a curved mirror. You can use your peripheral vision to see everything behind you, while maintaining a clear view of the road ahead. The mirror is placed at a perfect distance in front of you so it stays steady even during bumpy rides. Even though it weighs just 12g, you will be pleasantly surprised by how sturdy the mirror is. The cycling mirror is made of strong materials and has a feather weight. 90 day money back guarantee and LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.

Brand: Life On Bicycle

👤I broke my rear view mirror and felt naked on the road. I ordered this one after reading the reviews. The stability of the arm is better because the morror is a bit larger than my old one. I love the way it works. I couldn't mount it on the inside because of the configuration of my helmet. The mount for the mirror fit into my helmet nicely because of the small hole on the side of my helmet. The helmet is curved there, so I drilled two small holes through the mirror mount and screwed it into place. It is in a perfect position. It is an excellent product, but your mounting experience may be different.

👤The arm is made of metal. It can bend to meet my helmet. I was very happy to see that the arm could be bent the way I wanted it to be, even though your mirror probably fits most cheap helmets right out of the box. See the picture! It stuck out too far to the left and too low without bending the arm. Thank you! I am a very happy cyclist.

👤The mirror was nice for a while. It was easy to install and has a nice clear mirror. The glue on the mirror fell off about two months after I started using it, I am a daily bicycle commuter. My helmet was torn off. I had to separate the velcro strips from each other in order to glue it back on. I tried to put it back on. It doesn't stick. I think I'll try to buy better glue and try again, but not hopeful so far. I'll have to look for another product if that doesn't work. There is a So not impressed. The company should figure out a better way to secure the mirror to the helmet. Maybe I got an item that fell through the cracks of quality control.

👤If your decision is whether buying something like this is worth it... This kind of product gives you the ability to know what's going on behind you, which is important for cycling. This is good, but not great if you are looking for the best product. I loved the Take A Look cycling eyeglass mirror for a long time, until I lost it. What makes a small thing nearly invisible makes it easy to lose. I think it's better than the one attached to your helmet, but it's bulkier, and it's useless. You have to use super glue for the helmet part of the velcro, because it's not strong enough to be put on and off.

👤I used the mirror to avoid dangerous situations, such as speeding cars and texting drivers. This mirror is the solution to all of this and more, as it allows you to partially steer your bike to the right to avoid a fatal pot hole, as well as to see if there is a car approaching to whip your head back to look front. There is a It takes a while to get used to but once you do, you're good to go.

7. MEACHOW Resistant Handlebar Rotatable Rearview

MEACHOW Resistant Handlebar Rotatable Rearview

Car used safe glass lens has anti-glare coating. The body is impact resistant. Next to the grip, install a high strength aluminum alloy to get the best view. The handlebar should be used with a diameter of 22.2mm and a key of 4mm. Only one side of the drop bar. The silver and blue lens have anti-glare coefficients of 50% and 75%, respectively. The silver and blue lens have anti-glare coefficients of 50% and 75%, respectively.

Brand: Meachow

👤This is the favorite of several I have tried, and I just put it on my radRover e bike. It's stiff enough to not be blurry over the bumps I ride on, and I stick out farther to my left for a better view. When I will be riding further out into the road while passing garbage cans or bushes that will push me into the road, I get a quick glance. It is safer to have a mirror on your bike. I know mirrors and mirror glancing habits save lives. Keeping the rubber side down is like that.

👤I needed a mirror that did not stick out as far as my handlebars. It's sturdy. The eyes are great. It doesn't stick out as far as my handlebars. It took me two months to realize I could see everything I wanted to. Sheesh!

👤I was looking for something that works better than a helmet. This one fits the bill. I put it on the left side next to the hand grip. The arm is long enough to see past my arm and the mirror is adjusted to give me a good view of the street behind. Make sure that you tighten the screws on the arm so that you can adjust it while riding. I had to make a small adjustment to get it so that it would stay put. I have a black bike and this looks great on it. Measure the bar to make sure it's where you want it to be. It is not much of a problem to install a 22mm bar. Make sure you order the correct side, there are left and right handed versions. I have been using it for a couple of months and like it. Just tighten the screw.

👤I bought two. I get a good view of the rear. The bike is parked in the garage. The space between the bike and the car is very limited. I put the mirrors in a different position so they don't interfere with the wall. I love them!

👤The end-of- handle bar mirror was always moving out of position and I needed to replace it. After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase the Meachow mirror. There is a It looks cool. It was easy to install. It works perfectly. The reviews complained that they couldn't get a good view but by adjusting the handlebars and the three pivot points on the mirror it would be easier to get a good view. There is a The manufacturer should include the appropriate star or torx bit to make the adjustment. I own a set. This mirror would be perfect for less than a buck.

👤The second bike mirror I ordered from Amazon was the Meachow. The first one was cheap, but uninstallable. The Meachow was worth the price. It fits perfectly on my bike and opens the vision to what is behind me. The tool that would be used for installation was my only concern. Fortunately my wife had a tool in her arsenal that worked well, and I am not a "handyman."

8. Scratch Resistant Adjustable Rearview Hnadlebars

Scratch Resistant Adjustable Rearview Hnadlebars

It can be used for handlebars with a diameter of 25mm. It can be used for 22.2mm handlebars. They can use it for leisure bike handlebars. Their bicycle rear view mirror can be adjusted to any angle, without blind spots in the line of sight. The safe long arm makes riding safer because it ensures better coverage of the field of vision. Installation stability is achieved by the hard plastic support and aluminum alloy base. The mirror can be used for a long time because of the sturdy structure. The mirror won't crack or break even during downhill riding. It is very easy to install, they have nuts to lock them in place. You can have a better view behind you if you adjust the mirror.

Brand: Rbrl

👤Terrible. The mirror wouldn't work for a Tri-Cycle. Not long enough to see over my shoulder. It is cheap made.

👤It wasn't long enough to be able to see behind me. My handlebars are not long. Maybe that is why. I tried on my mountain bike, but I couldn't see how this could work on a beach cruiser or low rider. And it kept moving. I returned it.

👤The mirror is large and well made. If the arm was about 2 inches longer, I would have liked it. I have to move out of the way to see behind me because I get a great view of my shoulder.

👤The mirror on my handle bar has a screw on the bottom that screws into the factory slot on my scooter. It works perfect!

👤I wanted side mirrors for my wife as it was more like riding a scooter or small motorcycle than a e bike. I was tempted to buy the mirrors on the website, but I decided against it. These seem to be almost the same for $29.99 with free prime shipping. The mirror parts are slightly different as they are shorter. The arm extensions seem to be the same.

👤The mirror is helpful on the road. I can't imagine riding a bike without a mirror. The mirror will move if there is a strong wind. It is easy to get it back to its original position.

👤The mirror was easy to attach, though it shakes a bit when riding on rough terrain. I would like it to be an inch or two longer so that I could see over my left shoulder.

👤The mirror is shaking because of the stand that is attached to the handle bars. It's hard to see anything in the mirror. I tried to tighten it. I gave it 2 stars because it looks like a listing, but it is almost useless.

👤This is for the left side, but not for the right side. The parts need to be re-presented on Amazon. There is a There is a message for sellers. What do I need for the right side? There is a I would use the mirror if I could get another side.

9. Newlight66 Adjustable Handlebar Motorcycle Black 2PC

Newlight66 Adjustable Handlebar Motorcycle Black 2PC

It is easy to install. Attach the mount with a rubber strap. In minutes, well mounted. Please confirm the purchase of the "TAGVO" to prevent copy/flaud. The bike mirror has a wide field of view for any viewing angle. It is easy to clean and it is weather resistant. The pole can be bent freely to help you watch every direction of your back. The gasket can be adjusted according to the size of the handlebar with the help of the required screws and non-slip gasket. The installation is complete. The bicycle mirror can be used for many purposes. Road Mountain Bike is a universal bike. Bike Mirrors are suitable for road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, and your bike. If you have a problem with their product, please contact them.

Brand: Newlight66

👤The bike mirrors are great. We had to return other mirrors because they don't have enough time to see past our own bodies. Our electric bikes have nice grips that won't fit in mirrors. Other people are moving their electronics further in towards the center so they can mount their mirrors. The stems are flexible and can be seen around me. The mirrors are great.

👤The mirrors have food in them. I was able to get them delivered within a week because they were affordable. They were easy to put on my bike and they are stable, so if you bumped them they will move out of position, but they go back easily. You can bend them to get the best view behind you. Although the mirrors were mounted, I was not able to see in the mirror behind me very well. The car was not clearly visible until it was 15 feet behind me. I wanted a mirror so I could see if a car was behind me. I can't see cars behind me until they are right up to me. The mirror makes things look farther away than they are. I want to see if I can see the cars long before they hit me.

👤I needed 2 of these for our bikes, but I needed ones that could be installed on handle-bars which could not be disassembled due to hand brakes and gears. These arrived without instructions. I studied them online before ordering them. They spread apart to go over the handle bars. If they are too big for your handle-bars, they have to make them fit your bike, but the spacers are hard to use. I used electrical tape and 4 letter words to get the spacers to work. I can use them with our bike cover because they are working well. I might not order them.

👤The mounting system is easy to install and the bubble swans look very nice. But... I'm not sure if it is me or something else, but I can't see anything behind me. I can't see my riding partner who is following me without moving my body to one side. They work well for a car coming up on your left, but I wish it was better. I tried to make a 3 inch extension for them, but it wouldn't help unless it was 3 feet long. I ordered a mirror that goes into the end of my handle bars so we can see how it works. The girl at the bike shop said the only thing that works is helmet mirrors. Back to the drawing board!

👤People who say these are easy to install are in a parallel universe. These are not easy to install because I am very handy. There are no instructions. The rubber strips fit next to the bars or between the mirror and the rigid spacer, so you have to figure that out on your own. You have to figure out which side of the rubber strip goes down. The strips are too long. They are infinitely variable, however the long flexible arm does vibrate as you ride. It is not bad. There is a You will like them once you get them on. If you want to mount quickly, look elsewhere.

10. Zefal 95293 Spy Bicycle Mirror

Zefal 95293 Spy Bicycle Mirror

There is a wide application. Most handlebars of conventional bicycles can be applied with a shockproof mirror. A mirror with multi position. Mounts are almost anywhere on a bike.

Brand: Zefal

👤I had this on my road bike. I've ridden this across the country twice. I have crashed on my mountain bike several times. It keeps on tickin'. Highly recommend this product. I can't ride without one. I have never had an issue with my bike moving around in the 6,000 miles of mountain bike trails I have ridden. This is a good piece of gear.

👤I have 5 bikes and one is hard to come by during a Pandemic. The new build has a cheap mirror. When I saw the length of this very capable looking strap, it was what sold me. Reviewers had posted pictures of it, but I had no idea how small it actually was. No matter how it is positioned, you can't see anything but your own body. I tried fork, frame, and bars. If you use bar ends, this could be attached to clear your torso. The strap is the highlight of this thing. It went over 31.8 bars. That's a challenge for sure. These straps don't seem to take bar tape into account. Make straps long enough. It didn't seem to have any vibration when I looked at my left arm and torso. If it can't show me when a car is approaching, it's useless. The $20 price I paid was ridiculous as this does not have any better hardware or action than the $6 mirrors. It's all plastic. I found it difficult to adjust. I believed the mechanism for adjustment would have to be better. The most likely cost is $2.60 to manufacture. The $6 mirrors show me a clear view of the road behind and to the side, even though they vibrate and sometimes get in the way of my hand position. I would have gone that route if I had the ones I have, as they are currently unavailable and I would save the $20+ fee and return hassle.

👤I have been riding a bike for 45 years. The last time I rode was on the Great Bike Ride Across Iowa in 1975, at the age of 77. Things have changed. People used helmets less in 1975. Everyone does now. I was able to do head checks in 1975 because of my functioning neck. I have arthritis. I couldn't get used to the "take a look" mirror for three weeks. It severely restricted my vision, and it drove me crazy. I was able to try different places on the bike with this mirror, and I found one that worked. Hurrah. Without the helmet mirror, I was able to take a much clearer look at my surroundings. I recommend this mirror.

👤The smallest and least obtrusive mirror I could find was selected by me. I've tried a few that are larger and stick up. The smallness of the spy can be a problem if you mount it in a way that is hard to see. The most convenient location for me was when mounted on the fork. The best location for me on my mountain bike is on the left side just above the horizontal grip. The smallness is not an issue because it is close to my head and my left hand and arm don't get in the way. I will try to post a picture with the others on the main page.

11. DRCK HROS Adjustable Shockproof Motorcycle

DRCK HROS Adjustable Shockproof Motorcycle

This bicycle phone holder is compatible with all sizes of phones. The mirror is made of black plastic and can be adjusted. They can use it for most Mountain bike Handlebar. The install tool follows. The package is called the mirror package. There is a suitable handlebar diameter from 0.87-1.26 inch. They suggest 0.87-1.05inch, which will be better. The mirror support tube is plastic with aluminum and can be bent for what you want. Customer can return after sale and get a refund. You have no risk in trying to purchase.

Brand: Drckhros

👤The mounting system is very easy to use. There are two different sets of bolts for different size bicycle bars and a small Allen key wrench included. Bolts seem to be of good quality and will not rust quickly or ever. I put this on my Profile Design Aero Bar. I used a strip of old inner tube wrapped around the bar to fit on the mirror clamp to'shim' under the mounting clamp as this gives a better fit for holding in place without over tightening. The mirror is acceptable. If someone can't see a car approaching behind them, they have vision issues, not mirror issues. The design of the mirror is attractive, but the size of the mirror is about the size of a hardball baseball, which is a pity. The metal covered flexible shaft is good for bending to adjust and hold in place. Some reviews said that the image in the mirror was vibrating. It is not a problem. The mirror was detached from the frame when it arrived. The mirror is held into the frame by flexing it to be more spherical and then attaching the edges to the frame with little peg protrusions. When one releases the plastic, the mirror stays attached to the 3 frame pegs. This doesn't work. I put a drop of "Original Super Glue" on top of the little peg protrusions and glue the mirror into the frame. I did this in a way that didn't damage the mirror's look and didn't detract from it. The plastic materials on a child's bike would break very quickly, and it was a little fragile. I don't think the fragileness of the plastic is a problem for an adult. The problem is that one tends to adjust the mirror by twisting or bending the flexible extension between the mirror and the handlebars. I think this would break the mirror plastic off the flexible shaft or the handlebar mount, which is cheap and brittle. When adjusting the mirror by twisting or bending the shaft, the solution is to always remember to hold the flexible shaft. This works well. I bought another one for my bike. I only used this mirror for a week, so if it explodes or something, I will change this review.

👤I bought this for my wife. Works well. Even though we have flat type handlebars, I can see past my arm because it reaches far. People complain about how hard it is to install. My first attempt didn't go well, but I remembered the old trick my dad taught me. Put a wade of paper in the nut holes on the bottom brackets to hold them in place. Assembly went pretty easy after that, because that did it for me. It's good for the size of the mirror.

👤It fit perfectly. It was what I wanted.

👤Sturdy construction is the good. It's easy to mount. There is a The bad. The mirror is too small. I couldn't make out my wife riding the bike behind me. There is a Cars and trucks are too small. You might not take the danger seriously. Would not buy again. It was too much of a hassle to come back.


What is the best product for bicycle helmet mirror?

Bicycle helmet mirror products from Eleckal. In this article about bicycle helmet mirror you can see why people choose the product. Sprintech and Turboom are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle helmet mirror.

What are the best brands for bicycle helmet mirror?

Eleckal, Sprintech and Turboom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle helmet mirror. Find the detail in this article. Zacro, Hafny and Life On Bicycle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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