Best Bicycle Handlebars High Rise

Handlebars 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. RaceFace HB12CHE31 8X740BLK Chester Handle Bar

RaceFace HB12CHE31 8X740BLK Chester Handle Bar

Shipping time Normally, it takes 7 to 15 business days to ship from China if the order is full filled by Abuyamoy. It will be very fast if it's full filled by Amazon. Cold drawn seamless 6061 alloy 31.8mm Clamp, 740mm Wide, 1/3-Inch Rise is what it is. Butted for an optimal strength to weight ratio. Shot peened for high impact strength and fatigue resistance is offered by the re designed taper.

Brand: Raceface

👤I decided to try a 585mm stock flat bar, and it was really nice. The ride position is more comfortable. Installation was easy with the Raceface stem. New pedals, seat and grips were added. The wife wouldn't allow me to buy a new bike.

👤This is a hardy handlebar that does not cost a bundle. The width is perfect for me. I'm 5'11" and 155 lbs. I wanted a bar that I could depend on without costing a bundle, and I ride downhill and drop offs. If you can tell the difference of 22g up on you bars, you are amazing.

👤The form feels awesome compared to terrible stock bars, they seem as sturdy as anything which is good because I am a heavy dude and the graphics aren't bad either. I shaved off an inch on each side because they seemed wide. It has been smooth sailing after finding my width. The only reason for 4 star instead of 5 is that the paint on the brakes/shifters appeared to be a bit rough. I covered it with black sharpie because I was not being careful enough. White with black letters would have been preferred.

👤My old bar was replaced with a race face bar. The bar provides good control and my new grips slid right on. It looks like all race face stuff. Totally satisfied with the bar.

👤The easton monkey lite xc carbon bar was replaced. I thought I would lose some of the vibration damping. The bars are more comfortable for me than the eastons ever were. It helps that I shaved 40mm off my stem length and the bigger size helps in the softer feel of the cockpit. The bars look good and the geometry is perfect for me and how I ride. RaceFace has been around for a long time and knows what they are doing. Good value and good quality.

👤I put these on my trek to make it feel like a mountain bike. The bars made the bike feel different. I was surprised that they didn't bend when I put them on because they are so wide and look thin. The rise makes your bike feel great, it doesn't bother you much. If you are looking for an upgrade, you should get these.

👤This handle bar is great. It is light and wide. Chester has a lot of credibility. The rise degree allows me to navigate through gnarly trails.

2. SATORI NOIRETTE Mountain Handlebar 31 8x660mm

SATORI NOIRETTE Mountain Handlebar 31 8x660mm

The Sunlite D-Cruiser Bars Hbar are 32x1 in Bk. COMPATIBILITY: All stem is compatible with bar clamp size 31.8mm. It's suitable for trekking, touring, city, commute and urban retro bikes. The sweep back design makes it an easy replacement for the flat handlebars as it helps relieve hand and wrist pain caused by the unnatural grip of straight bars. Light and strong, made of quality aluminum alloy, durable and lightweight. It was treated for strength. The light handlebar weight is 334g. It's very strong compared to other entry level handlebars. There are some things that areSPECS. The size is 31.8mm. The width is 660mm. Rise is 34mm. The Sweep was 41. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a one year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Satori

👤I wanted to try a similar style of bar but it was too expensive so I went for the swept back one. The quality is excellent and the handlebar is light. Most people will find a 660mm width works for them. It's much more comfortable than a straight bar and offers multiple hand positions.

👤The Satori NoIRETTE Plus bicycle handlebar is 31.8x660mm. The hybrid bicycle has a riser type handlebar which is straight or flat across. " To me, this means that my body position remains the same regardless of where I place my hands on the handlebars." There is a I bought this bar because it gives me different ranges and feels and allows me to stretch my body as I change my hand location on the bar. It allows me to sit upright and relaxed at the ends of the bar. I get to stretch and lean forward as I move my hands closer to the center of the stem. I can get aerodynamic when I place my hands near the stem on stretches of road that are mostly straight. There is a It depends on the fit of the bike and how much movement and stretch each person can get as the hands move across the bars. It is great to have flexibility for me. These bars are a great bargain for hybrid/commuter bicycle riders. They are light and have a variety of hand/body positions. Flat and/or riser handlebars keep your body in the same position on long rides. There is a The handlebars allow for different body positions which will help keep the body from getting locked up the same way when riding long distances. A big plus! There is a Happy holidays! There is a November 29,

👤The Noirette Plus was installed on my bike. It felt like I was riding a cruiser. There is a Multiple hand positions allow you to switch between upright riding and a more aggressive position. Natural positions that are comfortable for the wrists. There are pros and cons. The sweep was too much for me. The riser bar that came on the bike gave me more control. These bars are great for casual rides. I wouldn't recommend them for high speed riding.

👤Excellent finish and quality. It's very easy to replace a straight bar on my hybrid bike. It took me a couple of rides to get it where I want it. There is a The grip position feels more natural now that I have installed a sweeping upward position. Initially the handlebars felt long. I thought I would cut the ends. The extra width provides more hand positions, which I like.

3. Sunlite D Cruiser Handlebar Chrome Plated

Sunlite D Cruiser Handlebar Chrome Plated

The Sunlite D-Cruiser Hi-Rise Riser Handlebar has a 25in rise and a 32in width. Heavy duty steel construction. There is a variety of rises offered. The larger handlebars are freight intensive.

Brand: Sunlite

👤Don't forget the shims, it's easy to install on my 26” Schwinn Meridian. I wanted to get some bars that would make it more fun to ride and not feel like a circus bear so I went with the 25” bars. I get smiles from people when I am out, hopefully they don't think I'm a circus bear with 25" ape bars.

👤The bars are really comfortable and the price is great. Put them on my Schwinn Delmar. Don't forget to get the shims, as stated in other reviews.

👤These things are huge. There is a These will make my mini bike entry a winner. There is a Hope hope, see them there! If you need that old school stingray project finished, they're the biggest part on the bike. These are for you.

👤These things are ridiculous. It's funny. A custom bicycle is a possibility. These are great. You might need it. The bar is not as strong as it could be.

👤It's perfect for my dad's bicycle. His Harley has apes as well. He is very happy.

👤The bars on the Schwinn bike needed to be changed. The ape hangers do the trick. No more bending over to get to the bars. Had to get used to the small amount of movement generated by the long bars.

👤The bars were supposed to arrive on the 25th, but FedEx says it's been delayed due to forest fires.

👤It makes the bike look good. It feels good to ride. I had to go to a bike shop to get new brake lines. I have received offers for the bike.

4. Spank Spike Race Handlebar E0377R30A120SPK

Spank Spike Race Handlebar E0377R30A120SPK

The 5th generation alloy handlebar was tested and approved by the World Cup and features patented bending and tapering technologies. Impact ends can be used to support bar ends in the relevant disciplines, and they reduce the chance of collapse in areas where the wall is thinner. The DUAL XGT is a tube drawing process that allows bars to be drawn from the thickest area at the bar end to the thinest area at the control zone. Spank uses automated 3D CNC bending machines, which offer better symmetry and consistency and limit material structural damage, and it eliminates heavy grinding processes, making bars lighter, stronger, and safer. Shot-peening and anodizing enhances fatigue life even further, and can be adjusted to 760mm. Up to 8 degrees. The shotpeen finish has decals.

Brand: Spank

👤The blue was in the 50r spec. Over the last few years, I've transitioned more to mountain/downhill riding and these have completely changed the way the bike feels, particularly on steep descents, where you feel much more confident and in control. It feels like riding a dirt bike. On flat trails, the steering feels more vague and understeer. Climbs have your arms tucked towards your chest, but I think the benefits are more important than the cons. There is a The bars seem good. The measurement marks on my bars were fairly close when I trimmed them down to 780. The other side was off by about 1mm. It is best to use a measuring device if you are going to trim them. They used a pipe cutter. I was able to drill and debur two small holes in the bars to route cables for my ebike controls, even though I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. I have over two dozen hard rides on them and they have held up well. The bar ends work well with Granite tools. The blue is rich and vibrant and seems to match most aftermarket blue parts colors. There is a If you're debating about which meauremnt to go, I'd say if you ride mostly cross country, go with the flatter bars, and if you do a mixture of steep stuff and cross country, somewhere in the middle. If you ride mostly downhill, then go for the higher r.

👤This is my second bar from them. The rise is perfect and the sweep is good. Everyone says it comes with a fender. My first one came in a standard spank cardboard box with no fender. It is a 50% chance that you will get the fender if you get one, so be aware of that.

👤I didn't read through the title. I got the foam ones, but the filled foam bars were sore.

👤Soy fan de Spank. Todos tienes artculos. Tengo los puos y otros artculos de la misma marca.

👤The bars were 5 shades darker than the picture on the website, and I was very disappointed because they looked like neon green, which is close to my bike.

👤The Fuji 3x8 to 1x12 was rebuilt with the same blue colored SAPLIZE grips and grey FUNN stem. The blue is more of a sky blue than the ocean blue, was hoping it would match up. I can rock the advertising, light weight and smooth look of the matt, let me put some miles on it, will submit another review. The C-Pit looks sick. There will be more to come.

5. Handlebar Sunlite CRSR 32Wx13 5x1in SHIPS

Handlebar Sunlite CRSR 32Wx13 5x1in SHIPS

The package width is 10. The Sunlite D-Cruiser Bars Hbar are 32x1 in Bk.

Brand: Sunlite

👤The Simple 3 bike is a classic beach cruiser. I've always disliked cruiser-style handlebars. I always swap them out for ape hangers. These are the perfect height for an average size woman. I was able to swap out the grips and brakes from the original handlebars with the standard diameter bars. If you're replacing standard cruiser bars, you'll need to replace the brake and gear cables with longer ones. There is a I've posted a video showing me riding with the bars if you're worried about them being too high. I'm about 5'7" and when I ride with these my arms are just about level with my shoulders which makes for a nice, upright ride. Writing reviews has become an accidental hobby for me, and it always makes my day to know that people find my reviews helpful.

👤Love the way the look is. I was hit right above the elbow by about 350. The flex is frightening. I don't bend or break stuff, but I'm pretty sure I could tie these in a knot. I wouldn't trust them to jump a curb, or to even get on the brakes.

👤I put these on my chopper bicycle which is almost done with the motor and I took a picture. I also have one on an outher chopper.

👤I didn't like that they bend easier than they should. They are what I wanted.

👤They are perfect because they don't have to lean forward to hold the handlebars.

👤The bar is wide and high. The seating position has been completely changed to a more comfortable and straight one.

👤The project turned out perfect.

👤I was not sure if the height was enough, but they are at the perfect height. I was a teen when I built bikes with friends and this bike is a testament to that. Really good product.

6. UPANBIKE Mountain Bicycle Handlebar φ31 8mm

UPANBIKE Mountain Bicycle Handlebar %CF%8631 8mm

The country of origin is the United States. The material is aluminum alloy. The length is 700mm/ 27.55 inch. Extra long allows for more space to install accessories. The bar end has a diameter of 22.2mm. The Riser is 50m. Normally, it takes 7 to 15 business days to ship from China if the order is full filled by Abuyamoy. It will be very fast if it's fullfilled by Amazon.

Brand: Upanbike

👤These bars are an upgrade from the stock steel bars. The rise and width make my position more comfortable. I am not laying so far forward anymore. It's much lighter than steel. The bar is made of solid wood with a high quality finish.

👤I bought this handlebar because it was advertised as having a 50mm rise. I looked at the measurements after I received the handlebar and noticed that it didn't look like a 50mm rise. The 50mm rise is obtained by measuring the bar from the bottom of the bar to the top side of the raised portion instead of measuring to the bottom side of the raised portion as many manufactures do. The bar has a 30mm rise when measured to the bottom side. I didn't notice the difference until I received the bar, but they show in the photo's on the product page where their measurements are taken. The bar is light and good looking, so you will be satisfied if it is the height you want.

👤The angle of sweep back was not disappointing. The rise is almost wiped out by the sweep on these. You can see the change in angle against the bar. The grip angle may be affected by this. I will update later on how he feels.

👤Excellent riser upgrade. I like the BMX feel to them. Hopefully they hold up. They are made of aluminum.

👤The item was described exactly. There is a I can't ride a stock mountain bike because of neck and forearm nerve issues. The first thing I did when I bought a new bike was install a stem riser. It was almost enough but I needed a bit more height. There is a It was well worth the purchase after 20 miles of mountain-biking with no pain orumbness. The bar ends are marked with several lengths, so if you wanted to shorten the bar you can do it evenly.

👤The handlebars on my new bike made me bend over too far. The amount of rise provided by the new bar is enough to take the pressure off my lower back. The locking hand grips set off the look and provide great comfort.

👤The bar on my 29er was wide and flat. I wanted both. I looked around a bit and found these bars to be the only ones I want. You can get a decent idea of how they look by taking pictures from different angles. The bars are tilted back a bit, and it seems like it would be perfect for what I wanted. Nice upgrade.

7. Wald Steel Handlebar 5 25 Black

Wald Steel Handlebar 5 25 Black

We are confident that they can provide a one-year warranty for this handlebar grips. If you have a problem with your order, please contact them. Black steel for comfort bikes. Smooth lines and mid rise for a comfortable riding position. The rise is 5.25-inch and the wingspan is 27 inches. The area is one inch. It was designed to hold a Wald steel bike basket.

Brand: Wald

👤I bought these for my wife and I. We love them so much that we no longer have to bend over the handlebars. At least not while riding the bikes. We bought my adult daughter and her boyfriend's bikes for Christmas last year, and I bought 2 more sets for them. If your stem clamp is 31.8, the diameter of the center clamp area, these will not fit. You can swap a 25.4 stem for less than $15.00 on Amazon and it's an easy swap. If you think you want these bars, buy them. If the stem is too big, buy a 25.4 stem and swap it out in less than 3 minutes. I would suggest a 90 degree stem for complete customization.

👤I own a mountain bike. The low bars didn't bother until a year ago. These bars have made riding enjoyable again. The fatigue and pressure that I felt in my shoulders and wrists is gone. The original lower bars were GONE! I can now sit upright. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I would not ride more than 6 miles with the stock bars. I have been going 14-18 miles because I am more comfortable.

👤I work in an urban area and ride a bike. The old school mountain bikes have strong, rigid Cro Mo frames and can take a beating, which is why they are the best urban assault bikes. After changing the tires to slicks, I dusted off my Schwinn High Plains and started using it, adding a horn and tail light. I bought the Wald bar because I found the straight bar hurting my lower back and wrists over time. I was worried that the larger bar would bend when I hopped curbs and rode down stairs, but it has been very strong and stable. If you want to change the geometry of your old bike to a cruiser, this is the bar. I had to replace all the cables to make it fit through doors, and it's so wide it won't fit through doors without a bar. I lost the mirror I had on the old bar, but now I'm sitting up high enough that I can see over my shoulder, so it's not a big deal.

👤It was the dimensions that worked, as it was a tight fit trying to put the brakes/gears on and leave enough room for your hands. Went on easy and was locked up nicely. You will probably scratch, but no problems with it, as mentioned in other reviews. If you have to change out the gear and brake cables, you might have to, but it's what I needed. I don't have to bend over my original straight handlebars because it did exactly what I needed.

8. Wald 869 Handlebar 23 5 Inches 10 5 Inch

Wald 869 Handlebar 23 5 Inches 10 5 Inch

The Sunlite Medium Hi-Rise Handlebar is wide and black. China is the country of origin. The item's package height is 10. The package length is 10. The package width is 10.

Brand: Wald

👤I wonder if the pictures of the 869 and 880 bars are the same, I was surprised that the bars sloped back down at the ends. I like high rise bars for my back, but I like flatter bar ends. The product picture looks like the 896 bars I got, and the 880 picture looks like it was swept down. I also got some 870 bars that are flat horizontal at the end. More at the end. It's confusing from the pictures, so be aware these sweep down like the second wave of Sting Ray bars that came out in 1968- not the original 63 bars that are flat across. It is hard to photograph handlebars, especially not on the bike, and more pictures would be nice.

👤It wasn't big enough. Customer service representative, Emma, was wonderful. They don't carry the larger version. Emma helped me return the smaller one. There is a Excellent customer service is what the seller got five stars for.

👤I wanted to get my posture straight up and these are what I got. It is great that quality and fitment are great. The only complaint I have is that the handle where you place your grips and brake levers isn't long enough, which causes some of the grip to hang at the ends.

👤Great bars for a good price. I wanted some hi rise bars for my bike but they were not long so I could still hook up my brakes and they were perfect! Not too long and not too short. It feels like quality bars. The grips are hard to get off but can be covered up with the manufacture stickers. Great bars.

👤The bars were high for my bike. The cables for the brakes and the shift weren't long. I got a 65 cents refund after returning it.

👤When I first looked at these, I was only looking for a cheaper handlebars, but when I got him, I found a well-made centered user night handlebars.

👤I should have bought these handlebars a long time ago. I thought they were for the young kids who did a lot of bike riding or the guys who wanted to hot rod their bikes. I was wrong. I have not had back pain since I started using these and riding more upright. The winters in Florida are like spring-time, so I travel on my bike. The handlebars are the best money can buy.

9. Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Extra φ31 8mm

Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Extra %CF%8631 8mm

The material is. The blue handlebar's real color is as the installtion image shows. length is780mm/30.71inch. You can control your bike in complex terrain with extra long. The bar end has a diameter of 22.2mm. The sweep back angle is 9. It is comfortable and non-slip. Shipping time Normally, it takes 7 to 15 business days to ship from China if the order is full filled by Abuyamoy. It will be very fast if it's full filled by Amazon.

Brand: Upanbike

👤I needed to sit a bit more upright on my bike. It is now more comfortable to ride after this. If you have accessories that need to be mounted to your handlebars, be aware that the center part is thicker than a normal handlebars, so you might need to push them further out to the edges.

👤These bars are great. It feels like I've added power steering to my bike with the added length. I wanted the rise to be more comfortable. The red parts on my bike look good. The bars are very solid with no flex or creaks. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I wanted to try cheap riser bars, since I had flat bars on my Giant Stance. So far, so good. They seem to be sturdy enough for recreational use. I can't say how durable they are because I haven't abused them. No complaints here, thanks!

👤Bars for money. They don't cost a ton and are not slick. I am sure they will hold up.

👤I was looking for a shorter bar with a bit more rise. The Wake bar was perfect.

👤I find it more comfortable to sit upright as an older rider. The handlebars did the trick. It took me about 10 minutes to install them. The price is a great value.

👤The bar is perfect for me.

👤I was looking for bars that were true to the number at which I measured them. The color is amazing.

👤Hndler ist die meisten Flatlenker installiert. There is a The UPANBIKE ist 200%ig besser Krperhaltung. There is a Alles in Allem are fried. Empfehlung fr alle.

👤No problems, lightweight. I use it for mountain biking and cross country running. I bought a second one for my fat tire bike.

👤The bike is very comfortable to turn on, after changing the short one for this.

10. Wald 870 Handlebar 24 5 Inches 9 5 Inch

Wald 870 Handlebar 24 5 Inches 9 5 Inch

Measure your excess cable from the riser to the switch housing and compare it to your bar height. Burly Brand has hassle free extended control cable kits. Product type: outdoor recreation The package has a dimensions of 17.78 L X 60.96 W X 60.96 H. The package weight is 8.165 kilograms. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Wald

👤It's getting harder and harder for a woman in her 60s to ride a bike because of the joint disease and back issues. I put the bike handlebars on this morning. I had a great ride and no pain in my back or joints. I have another bike like this and I will probably order a second one soon. I would recommend it to anyone with back or joint issues because it helps them sit up a little more. I feel like it makes me more control of the bike. It's still a great ride.

👤The bars are perfect for what I needed. I swapped out a pair of bars with a 2.5 inch rise for a 9.5 inch rise. I ride my bike indoors mostly but also for pleasure. If you know what I mean, my neck and back aren't getting any younger and I don't need to ride like a road racer. I am happy to be able to sit up straight and ride my bike. If you want a cruiser ride that is comfortable for your back, neck, and shoulders, you might want to check these out. They are higher than mountain bike bars, but not as high as the Schwinn Chopper. I think these are in between the two larger sizes. I mounted them on a single speed bike because they were cheap. I was able to keep my brakes on. I moved my front brake from the left side to the right side to make it work. At my age, I am more interested in function than beauty. They were mounted in about 10 minutes.

👤This seems like a decent-made handelbar, but it doesn't work for me because it won't fit some mountain bike hardware. I asked if they could install it during my yearly tune up. When it's done, they said, we'll call you. They told me my hardware wouldn't fit with the new bar. The flat part of the metal tubing is very small. If you have a one-speed bike, it will probably work. The funny thing is that the same bike shop that installed my wife's mountain bike had no problems installing her Wald high-rise cruiser bike as well. They showed me that there wasn't enough space to mount everything I needed, and that they offered me options for expensive new brakes and shifters to make it work. I couldn't afford that. They ordered a cruiser handlebar from their supplier that they knew would work, and then mounted all of my old hardware to that. I saved a lot of money because I had to pay $10 for the other handlebar. I have a cruiser handlebar and can't return it because the mechanics at REI messed it up trying to install it. It's a very high quality piece of equipment and I really, really wanted it to work. It's nice looking. If it works for you, then it's awesome, I imagine. It's a really frustrating waste of money if none of your hardware will fit. I have a 10-year old Specialized Rock Hopper with standard hardware. The mechanics and I debated cutting the grips down to make them fit, but it wasn't comfortable and didn't seem safe.

11. SE Power Wing Handlebar Black

SE Power Wing Handlebar Black

The diameter of the handlebars must be the same as the stem. High rise BMX style cruiser bars. The construction is Tig-welded. There are chrome plated or powder coated black options. The logo on the left rise is SE Winged. The grip area is 22.2mm.

Brand: Se Racing

👤I returned it because it was too small. That was my fault. I put it back up and sent it back. It was never used, but I have to pay for the return of a damaged item. If it was damaged, it happened in shipping. I sent it back after packaging it well. It's unbelievable. Thanks a lot.

👤It was excellet. I used them to raise the profile of my car. SE makes good stuff.

👤This is a great handlebar for taller people that want to avoid leaning forward the whole ride. It's easy to put on and it looks good.

👤Not what I was looking for. When I bought it, I didn't read the description. I thought it was the same size as the flyer handle bars. Great product ad item was described.

👤They were bought to make his redline bigger. Works well.

👤Boy bars. The finished product will be posted.

👤Excellent prices and fast shipping.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebars high rise?

Bicycle handlebars high rise products from Raceface. In this article about bicycle handlebars high rise you can see why people choose the product. Satori and Sunlite are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebars high rise.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebars high rise?

Raceface, Satori and Sunlite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebars high rise. Find the detail in this article. Spank, Upanbike and Wald are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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