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1. BUCKLOS Handlebar Mountain Handlebars Aluminum

BUCKLOS Handlebar Mountain Handlebars Aluminum

The principle of different forces according to different positions is whatDB Forming Technology is about. The middle tube wall is light and thin, and the handles on both sides are thick, which reduces the weight of the handlebars. The handlebar is 25.4mm in diameter and 660mm in length and780mm in shape. Multi-angle Riser Bike riser bar lifting distance:20mm/25mm, conform ergonomics structure, riding posture will get promoted, making you more comfortable when long-distance cycling The flat handlebar has a low center of gravity and is suitable for climbing. The riser handlebar is suitable for long-distance riding and has good operability. service They will ship it to you for free from the US warehouse, and it will be delivered to you in about 7 days. Please contact them if there is damage. Within 24 hours, they will handle it.

Brand: Bucklos

👤This is a good bar for 25.4. I will only be road riding with the Burley Samba tadem I rebuilt. Is this good for mountain bikes with light trail riding? I could see them bending. I use renthal carbon bars on my other bikes, and they are less flexible than the metal bars. There is a They were comfortable with the rise and sweep, and had no issues mounting my new odi grips.

👤I was hoping branding was removed. It is not. I'll have to paint over it. I will pay more attention next time.

👤The budget carbon bars are too small. I threw them in the garbage and ordered these because you can tighten what you mount down and make them work. The bars are of the correct diameter and excellent. The weight is lighter than I thought. The finish is low budget. You can buy a bar for 50 or 100 dollars.

👤My 90's specialized MTB is a great upgrade. The handling was much more stable because it was fit perfectly. Do it if you are considering going to wide handlebars. The paint job is nice and the handlebar worked as described.

👤The lighter bars looked good for a off brand bike bar.

👤When the bars arrived, I was surprised. The construction and appearance are topnotch. Why would you spend more for a brand name? The bars are perfect for me.

👤It's fit right. I used excellent markings for shortening them. Like it.

👤The bars are high quality and competitively priced.

👤The only bars I could find were wide. The design was fixed with spray paint. So far, so good. My original bars are much more stable and comfortable. I haven't done any trail riding yet but they are holding up in the city.

👤Why don't you put markings on the product so people know when their bars are on? It's better to buy upan for less money. This is garbage.

👤Would be careful with dirt jumpers. There is a The 25.4 does not feel sturdy.

👤Un peso menor. The bicicleta Fuji.

👤The producto son exactas, su acabado y manufactura.

2. Wald Steel Handlebar 5 25 Black

Wald Steel Handlebar 5 25 Black

We are confident that they can provide a one-year warranty for this handlebar grips. If you have a problem with your order, please contact them. Black steel for comfort bikes. Smooth lines and mid rise for a comfortable riding position. The rise is 5.25-inch and the wingspan is 27 inches. The area is one inch. It was designed to hold a Wald steel bike basket.

Brand: Wald

👤I bought these for my wife and I. We love them so much that we no longer have to bend over the handlebars. At least not while riding the bikes. We bought my adult daughter and her boyfriend's bikes for Christmas last year, and I bought 2 more sets for them. If your stem clamp is 31.8, the diameter of the center clamp area, these will not fit. You can swap a 25.4 stem for less than $15.00 on Amazon and it's an easy swap. If you think you want these bars, buy them. If the stem is too big, buy a 25.4 stem and swap it out in less than 3 minutes. I would suggest a 90 degree stem for complete customization.

👤I own a mountain bike. The low bars didn't bother until a year ago. These bars have made riding enjoyable again. The fatigue and pressure that I felt in my shoulders and wrists is gone. The original lower bars were GONE! I can now sit upright. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I would not ride more than 6 miles with the stock bars. I have been going 14-18 miles because I am more comfortable.

👤I work in an urban area and ride a bike. The old school mountain bikes have strong, rigid Cro Mo frames and can take a beating, which is why they are the best urban assault bikes. After changing the tires to slicks, I dusted off my Schwinn High Plains and started using it, adding a horn and tail light. I bought the Wald bar because I found the straight bar hurting my lower back and wrists over time. I was worried that the larger bar would bend when I hopped curbs and rode down stairs, but it has been very strong and stable. If you want to change the geometry of your old bike to a cruiser, this is the bar. I had to replace all the cables to make it fit through doors, and it's so wide it won't fit through doors without a bar. I lost the mirror I had on the old bar, but now I'm sitting up high enough that I can see over my shoulder, so it's not a big deal.

👤It was the dimensions that worked, as it was a tight fit trying to put the brakes/gears on and leave enough room for your hands. Went on easy and was locked up nicely. You will probably scratch, but no problems with it, as mentioned in other reviews. If you have to change out the gear and brake cables, you might have to, but it's what I needed. I don't have to bend over my original straight handlebars because it did exactly what I needed.

3. UPANBIKE Trekking Mountain Butterfly Handlebar

UPANBIKE Trekking Mountain Butterfly Handlebar

The middle part diameter is different, so please choose the right size. The bar ends are 22.2mm. The material is aluminum alloy. The sponge length is 500mm and the thickness is 8mm. The grip bar end plugs are plastic. The mountain bike handlebars allow you to place your hands in a variety of positions, reducing fatigue on your arms and shoulders. It's suitable for mountain bike,road bike,most bike.

Brand: Upanbike

👤I've tried a variety of bars and handlebars, but this one is the best for comfort and ergonomics. If you're comfortable for hours on end, you don't need to worry about looks. It was an easy and affordable upgrade and took about an hour to install. The bar is stiff enough for my use. The foam that comes with the bar is what I ended up using. The foam was cheap for me. Don't hesitate to get this bar if you don't mind the looks.

👤People had a hard time putting on the Sponges. The soapy water method didn't work for me. The inner surface of the foam tube is impermeable. I dropped a whole line of detergent into each tube and pushed them on, each requiring 20 seconds of effort. There is a I like the bars very much and have attached a couple of photos. There is a bar in the 31.8 cm version. If you were looking for something more comfortable, I recommend it.

👤I have five hand positions on the bars. They look silly at first. I love these bars because my rides feel better and my hands don't hurt. This is a version of trekking bars that you can feel, there is some flex to the bars, but for me, that's what I wanted. I like it. There is a The foam is terrible, but I recommend you use it for a while to see how it feels to you. It's possible to get a new stem or cables if you want, but I've already done it, so I'll just try it out and make the adjustments later.

👤The bars were of good quality. The bars were to wide to ride in parking lots, roads or cycling paths. I hit a telephone pole in the middle of the sidewalk. I went down in the middle of the road after the front tire fell. People helped me stand up and moved my bicycle back onto the sidewalk. I disrupted car and truck traffic for less than a minute. These handlebars are made for country roads, logging roads, but not for narrow locations, and they are not for city dwellers.

👤The handlebars are awesome. There are only a few rides in, but haven't noticed any of the flex mentioned by another reviewer. Control and comfort are what you get from multiple hand positions. I'm building a new electric bike. I put on a longer stem. The foam pads that came with the bike were put on lizard skins. I believe that any tape that has a handlebar will look better and give better performance.

4. SENQI Bicycle Handlebar Comfortable Aluminum

SENQI Bicycle Handlebar Comfortable Aluminum

31.8 to 25.4 Stems are included in the package content. It is made of preimium aluminum alloy. The lines are comfortable for riding. M design is more vintage. It's suitable for long distance cycling. The universal fit is suitable for most kinds of bikes, such as road bike, mountain bike, fixed gear bike. Length: 600mm x Diameter: 25.4mm Weight: 0.77 lbs. Before ordering, please make sure the handle bar is compatible with your bike.

Brand: Senqi

👤It was a perfect fit for my bike.

👤It makes riding our bikes much more comfortable. The hands are no longer tender.

👤The straight bar my ebike came with was much more comfortable.

👤The handlebars were brought back just the right amount.

👤The reach on our e-bike was made a little better.

👤It's easy to install. The riding position is much more comfortable.

👤I was sent the wrong stem and had to return. I used my old handlebar because it gave me the height I needed to relieve the pain in my neck while riding.

👤I replaced the bars on my beach cruiser with straighter ones that gave me a more comfortable position. Theses are a good fit for me because I have long arms.

5. SENQI Bicycle Handlebar Comfortable Aluminum

SENQI Bicycle Handlebar Comfortable Aluminum

Sunlt Touring Elson Roadster Stl. Bk. The aluminum alloy is black. Sturdy for use. The design offers a comfortable riding experience. M design is more vintage. It's suitable for long distance cycling. The universal fit is suitable for most kinds of bikes, such as road bike, mountain bike, fixed gear bike. SIZE: Length: 650mm x Diameter: 31.8mm Weight: 0.8 lbs Before ordering, please make sure the handle bar is compatible with your bike.

Brand: Senqi

👤The bars are around 100mm to 80mm in height. They are being used on a pair of bikes. The bars they came with were flat. The 650mm versions were purchased by us. They are ideal for road work. These are not your bars if you want to go down a mountain trail like your hair is on fire. I think they are narrow, but not overly narrow. If you're looking for some comfort, you should try these out. There is a My wife loves a fully stocked handlebar. She would like to have a water bottle holder, a bar bag, and perhaps another couple bells if she could get them. She declared it "good enough" because the choices are limited, but at least the toy made the cut. I am fine with my bike. My wife runs the bars a little more forward so that the bar bend is inline with the steering stem. The sweep needs to be aligned with our wrists. The neutral sweep is something I feel very confident in. They aren't swept or straight.

👤The design of this handlebar is a perfect replacement for the straight mountain bike handlebars that came with my e-bike. The accessory covered the blemish on the bar, so it did not return. If the quality control issue is not addressed, it would be 5 stars. I am sure the blemish was not caused by shipping.

👤The goal was achieved when the bars were brought up and back. Installation was easy until the left side controls were mounted, there was a noticeable out for round area. I was able to use tools that most couldn't because I had access to them. Everything went well after the fix and painting. I would recommend looking for a better set of bars.

👤It's perfect for taller people who don't like leaning down on the handlebars.

👤A great shape. It was plain and sleek. The rise was perfect for my posture. I am more comfortable now. These are the same strength as the original wide flat bars. We are also a 31.8mm in this shape.

👤The bars were raised on the mountain bike. Perrrfect!

👤I am really happy with this purchase. It seems to have a tough finish. I had to take the bar and brakes off several times to figure out how much to cut off to fit my daughter's hot rock. The cross over bar is nice.

6. Sunlite D Cruiser Handlebar 13 5 Black

Sunlite D Cruiser Handlebar 13 5 Black

Customer satisfaction is important to them. They offer a money-back assurance if any of their customers are unhappy with their bicycle bar ends set. The Sunlite D-Cruiser Bars have a bar. Sunlt is a name for a river. Dno 32x13.5 Bk.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I installed these on my mountain bike because I was tired of being hunched over. These are the perfect height for me to be almost 6' tall, on a 27" bike frame. I recabled the brakes to get to the new bar ends, and I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out.

👤There is a good price on some ape hangers. It helped me in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to be like me, as I have become the center of attention. The god broke the mold after he made me. Ape!

👤The handle bars are what I wanted. They are the right size for a nice upright riding position, and are very comfortable for long rides. I put them on a 26” bicycle and did not need a shim. The paint looks great on the bike.

👤Be careful. Make sure the gooseneck is large enough to hold the bars. I had to order a new gooseneck because I neglected to notice that detail. These bars are very nice. The coating has held up well. Would buy again.

👤I needed a bar with hight rise that my old 4in bars could fit, research led different ones, measured and imagined how these would look on my bike, and they made the bike pop now!

👤It was shipped quickly and in good shape. There was one end poking out of the box. It's easy to want on easy. Look and feel great. My beast is different.

👤These bars are very easy to put on, I have bought 3 so far, and they are very comfortable for the arms, and look great on any cruiser.

👤It looks great on my cruiser.

7. Bicycle Handlebar Lightweight Aluminum Mountain

Bicycle Handlebar Lightweight Aluminum Mountain

The bar ends are 22.2mm. Please check your size. Excellent quality aluminum ALLOY. The bicycle Handlebar is made of high quality aluminum alloy and is not easily oxidized. The lightweight design of the cycling riser handlebar will not add much burden to your bike, you will feel comfortable and relax in long-distance cycling. There are wild applications. It can be a great gift for your family and friends who love cycling, as well as great bicycle components for your cycling sports. Beautiful and elegant. The bicycle riser bar is very fashionable and matches your mountain bikes, making your bikes looks more special. There are options in the colors. Choose the one that is best for your bike and enjoy your ride.

Brand: Dioche

👤I can't fault them for raising the controls on my girlfriend's bike, but be aware that the bars are very narrow, like 20 or 22 inches. I couldn't fit the controls and grips on them. There is a I wouldn't have bought them if I had known they were so narrow. There is a The item description needs to tell you about this.

👤Had intended to use them on a bike build. But... I knew they were small and weighed nothing from the other reviews. I decided after they arrived that they would work better on my scooter build. The gold looks great. I use them for what I want. I'm not sure if I would use these for a mountain bike. I would like something beefier for that. Time will tell if they hold up. I like them.

👤The original was too big to fit in the rear of a tandem bicycle, so I bought a new one. I was hoping that the handlebar was too small, but it worked the way I was hoping. It is a good handlebar, as advertised.

👤The Golden Cycles Fixed gear arrived with a rise bar, but I added inserts and extensions which did not help the riding. The Touring Bar on the spindle was more comfortable but not very daring. This bar has a rise that is 2” higher than the original bar and makes for a perfect set and steer. It is small but the rise allows for road feel, control and comfort that are not normally experienced. I recommend it without hesitation.

👤It is what I was looking for. The girl was riding a 6 speed mountain bike.

👤This was used on a Schwinn. It looks great. The matt finish is really nice.

👤For young kids, it's nice but small.

👤Fast delivery, great fit, nice quality.

👤Lleg rpido. Me llegara pronto. El negro pero en ese color tardara mas de un mes en llegar. There is a No me gusta tanto, la longitud. Es 6 cm ms corto del manubrio, pero todos los canciones tienen el mismo largo. It's Ni hablar. Tendré acostumbrarme.

👤Muy resistente y bueno, solo un poco corto.

👤I don't know what to say, pero me dijeron y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

8. UPANBIKE Bicycle Handlebar 31 8mm Moustache

UPANBIKE Bicycle Handlebar 31 8mm Moustache

T6061 Alluminium is strong and durable. The bar ends have a diameter of 22.2mm. The bar bore is 31.8mm. It's wide:640mm. A retro moustache is a handlebar for a bike. Please make sure to measure and confirm the diameter that you actually need before ordering. Thank you.

Brand: Upanbike

👤I use a tape measure to follow the bends in the bar to get the bar length. I replaced the straight bar on my mountain bike so I have plenty of space for e-bike controls, brakes, shifters, etc. The length is about 630mm. The description states that the horizontal distance between the bar ends is shorter because of the sweep. The unnatural grip of straight bars causes hand and wrist pain. It's easier on my shoulders with the 640mm span. There is a The original straight bar is shown in one photo. The tube lengths are 780mm. There is a lot of space for accessories in the photo.

👤The bars on my radmini st were original. He swept back the design of the bars to make them more comfortable to ride. They were a perfect fit for my car.

👤I bought these handlebars because I didn't like leaning in with the stock straight bar. The handlebars were in good condition when they arrived. I don't have a handlebar expert. I've had these on my bike for a while now. I am happy with them because they haven't splintered or bent. If you put the bars on a folding bike with straight bars, be aware that the end of the handlebars might hit the tire if you don't loosen and rotation the handlebars a little. This is not the fault of the bar. I was told by the rep at Radpower that this would happen, but I rarely fold the bike. I would buy it again.

👤I had a set of flat bars and a long stem on my Raleigh hybrid bike that made it hard to ride and it was too big for me. I wanted to just get a new bike and start over. I couldn't sell my bike because of coronaviruses. I decided to upgrade some parts and spend a few bucks to see if it would help. I went from a 100mm step to a 35mm stem, flat 670mm handlebars with no rise and I think they are roughly the same width. The bike feels different. It's still big for me, but I'm not leaning so far over that my neck and back hurt anymore. I wanted to go out riding with my wife on casual rides. The bars are an improvement over my old bars. They are a couple inches taller than flat bars and have a swept back design that is close to me. I'm sitting upright, rather than leaning forward, because of the shorter stem. I have more space for a bell, computer, accessories, etc., thanks to the second improvement. If you measure the usable space you have, they are closer to 800mm. It's pretty neat! There is a These are great for touring or cruising, but not for your road bike or mountain bike. They feel similar to the flat bars I took off, but I didn't weigh them. I've ridden with them for quite a few rides and am pleased with them, they seem durable and if anything happens, I'll update here.

9. SENQI Bicycle Cruiser Handlebar 25 4mm

SENQI Bicycle Cruiser Handlebar 25 4mm

The bike handlebar can be used for many types of bikes. It's easy to install, complete set and use immediately. The weight is 0.75lb and the end to end width is 540mm. The ISO standard for a stem is one inch. The construction is lightweight. The anode is being polished. Quick handling and comfortable hand positioning. The bar bore is 25.4mm in diameter. This is a handlebar for a bicycle. The bar ends are 22.2mm. Please check your size.

Brand: Senqi

👤Update 9/27-21: My review is still technically correct, but I paid a lower price. I paid 1/3 of the current price to remove a star. Just be aware. There is a These bars are lightweight and have a long grip area, which is important for flexibility when mounting brake levers with different types of shifters. I am a big fan of "Velo orange" parts, and I don't think these are quite the quality level of those, but they are very similar to one of my favorites, the " left bank" model in rise and sweep, and the grip area is about 2. There is a One of the sets got scratched on one of the bends, but that doesn't detract from my positive impression of them.

👤I did an upgrade of an old Schwinn Collegiate that I did for a friend, and I purchased a new handlebar to replace the steel bar. The weight savings were visible along with the alloy stem, seatpost, rim and hub. The bike turned out very well, and the new handlebar contributed to the success of the project.

👤The handle bar arrived in good condition. The old bike had a curl under the handle bar. I can sit straight up while riding. I needed to replace the break handles with the different style handle bar. I am happy with my purchase.

👤My bike is very comfortable. I feel like a cool guy riding around the burbs with my hands in the air. It also fits my bell on there, so I can dig a long bell easily.

👤They are a great replacement for the rusted out bars on the bike.

👤My sister's bike had a rusty handlebar. I was surprised at how light they were. The old bike looked good. I would recommend a cruiser.

👤They are perfect with one exception. If you have a bad wreck, the aluminum handlebars will break.

👤It's perfect for this refurb on a custom cruiser. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The stock handlebars were not comfortable for my wife.

👤These are for wife's mixte. Good for the price.

👤This was used on my Townie cruiser. It works and looks great.

10. Wald 8038GB City Rise Gloss

Wald 8038GB City Rise Gloss

The mountain bike handlebars allow you to place your hands in a variety of positions, reducing fatigue on your arms and shoulders. It's suitable for mountain bike,road bike,most bike. Product type: outdoor recreation The package has dimensions of 76.2 L X 0.508 W X 13.97 H. The package weight is 1.68 pounds. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Wald Mfg

👤bending forward on a bike is no longer acceptable as I get older. The stem extender and the 5" rise handlebar puts me in a good position on the bike. The stress on my wrists and back is reduced. It's enjoyable to ride again. The bar is painted with a coating that seems to be durable. If you want to use your old, separate brake levers and shifters, there may not be enough room on the bar due to the increased bend. I replaced mine with a brake/shifter combo that works well and leaves plenty of room for the grips. New cables were put on to reach the greater distance. It was easy to do. The cost of a new bike was more expensive than this.

👤I bought my wife a hybrid bike, but I still have my good old mountain bike, so I put a Wald 5.25 inch rise handlebar on it with a Bikeroo Seat, and it completely changed the bike for the better. I feel great on it and my hands and back are great.

👤Excellent build handlebar, not taking off a star, but it broke through and scratched up the finish after being sent in a plastic bag. The bar is definitely a cruiser style, but it does not sweep back and up at the end. I'm going to take an inch or two off of the ends to make room for the mounts, because the bar is actually closer to 30. I'm using these angles all the way forward and it's much more comfortable than using a stem quill. Solid handlebar, good value.

👤The correct handlebars were found at this site. 5 inch raise is a five inch raise. There is a We ordered a different set. I don't know how they measure, but the first one didn't represent the height that was stated. These do! My wife has no back issues now that she has a comfortable ride. It's easy to install, fast and cheap. Everything you want in a product. There is a Thanks.

👤The handlebars fit perfectly on my Trek hybrid. The handlebars go out from the center and sweep backward. There is a The perfect size allows me to almost sit down while I ride. The handlebars got bent after I got into a wreck. I'm not blaming the handlebars, but I've been in many wrecks and this is the first time I bent my handlebars.

11. Sunlite Cruiser Handlebar Chrome Plated

Sunlite Cruiser Handlebar Chrome Plated

We offer a 2 years warranty, if you have any non-artificial quality problems, please contact them for a replacement or refund. Heavy duty steel construction.

Brand: Sunlite

👤The cruiser bars are the right width for my comfort. I have converted a hybrid Schwinn into a cruiser style bike. I wanted these bars to complement the look that I was after. Oh yes, I did... I gave them a couple more coats of Flat Black spray paint before I mounted them because they scratch pretty easy. I can now ride in an upright position, which is perfect for my goose neck, because of the grooves in the center. I have recommended these bars to others.

👤These have a long sweep and rise that will give you a very upright riding position while also giving you good full width for better control. Look for handlebars that are shorter or narrower. You have to check the measurement. The finish is durable. The stock handlebar that came with my bike was rusted right away.

👤I wanted to replace the rusty one on my wife's bicycle, which we had bought used. The shape and size are perfect. The rubber/plastic handles were difficult to remove. I had to slit them with a knife. Black duct tape was used to replace them on the new handlebar.

👤I bought this to replace the bar on my mountain bike. Wanted two things. There are more comfortable upright riding positions. The handle bar is similar to older road bike bars. The bar ends change angles a bit, but it has a sweeping smooth arcs from the center until it is straightened out. It is a bit wider than it should be. Also sweeps back a bit further. It was almost perfect for my needs. The mountain bike shifter/brakes had plenty of room to fit because of the long flat ends. I could probably see off 1.5-2 inches on each end with enough room for my needs. I taped the bars. I can hold it in the normal end position. The bar is near the end of the central arcs. The middle position is not too far away from the handlebars. I can lean forward more gripping it close to the center. It gave me three good hand positions. There is a The bar is sturdy and well finished.

👤Nice, shiny chrome. The doctor ordered that I could ride sitting upright, longer and with more pleasure. Who has a bike with beach cruiser handlebars? I was able to fit the levers but the neck was too small. I had to get some. The thicker the better.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebars cruiser?

Bicycle handlebars cruiser products from Bucklos. In this article about bicycle handlebars cruiser you can see why people choose the product. Wald and Upanbike are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebars cruiser.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebars cruiser?

Bucklos, Wald and Upanbike are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebars cruiser. Find the detail in this article. Senqi, Senqi and Sunlite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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