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1. Ecity Bicycle Handlebar Aluminum Mountain

Ecity Bicycle Handlebar Aluminum Mountain

Friendly to people and nature. The cup holder is made from recycled materials. It is a good gift for parents of newborns and cyclists to have the plastic Drop-proof and easy to install. The easy handlebar clip design allows your favorite beverage to be available. The bike handlebar cup holder has a range of handle less cups. The cup is securely held on your handlebars so you can ride your bike without having to hold your drink. Accommodates Handleless 12-16-20 oz. The cups do not fit standard water bottles. It's suitable for Handlebar Diameter: 22.5-28.6mm. If you need to trim the rubber piece to get the pieces to fit your handlebars, please note that if sometimes loose or tighten, it's probably a good idea. It is important to make sure that the rubber on the two pieces is touching, no matter how tightly you crank it down.

Brand: Ecity

👤It works perfectly now that I have it on. I had to trim the rubber piece to fit my handlebars. If you crank it down tightly, make sure there is rubber on both of the pieces, otherwise it will slip. I did trim the rubber too much. I put one of the smaller pieces back in. There is a The water bottle doesn't stay in because it's not a regular cup. That is an iced venti Starbucks cup. I will try out a few other sizes and update my review.

👤I left this cup holder on my bike for a couple weeks even though it didn't work. I tightened the screw after giving the rubber another try and it worked. Held up over the streets of Philadelphia. It was a pain to install, so it was only 4 stars. This product can be used with some patience. This product is not good. I gave up after a couple hours of trying to get it stable. The rubber does not grip the handle bars and the cup holder does not spin around if the screw is tight. It was supposed to be a tight fit, but it couldn't work for my bike. It is a pretty neat design.

👤It's nice. You have to keep the allen key around to be able to tighten it constantly because it comes loose so easily. There is a beverage that is holding slushes around a lot. If you go to starbucks or dunkin, the paper cups and lids will be spilling out over your head.

👤The holder is well built but it doesn't have enough strength on the handle bars to keep your drink level. The holder would slip down when I bumped it. This needs a redesign.

👤No matter what we do, it cannot stay straight. When a drink is in it, it falls on the ground. I tried to put tape under it. I wish it would work because it is really nice looking.

👤It's perfect for hard 16 ounces. Coffee cups on bikes. You can mount them just right so as not to hit them on your bike when turning your handle bars.

👤I like the cup holder. It is rubber lined so it doesn't scratch. Even with the included rubber spacer, it doesn't grip the bars enough. I need to make a thicker one for my bars.

👤It was easy to install. I held my coffee well, but it was splashed by hot coffee over some bumps.

2. Jessica Lightweight Aluminium Handlebar 760mm Red Riser

Jessica Lightweight Aluminium Handlebar 760mm Red Riser

Sunlite. The chrome lowrider handlebar is 635mm wide and 350mm high. The material is made of 7005 and has better performance than traditional 6061. The weight of the 760mm Riser handlebar is the same as that of the lightweight design with thethickness of the pipe wall being distributed according to the distribution of force. The length of the bar is 760mm, the diameter of the clamp area is 31.8mm, and the bar ends are 22.2mm. The center point and bar ends were marked clear, easy to install, the application was suitable for the XC/AM/FR mountain bike road bike, integrated molded and reasonable angle with high cycling efficiency and delivery powerful force, thermal heat transfer paiting application for sexy looks and clear installation guide They offer a 2 years warranty, if you have any non-artificial quality problems, please contact them for a replacement or refund.

Brand: Jessica

👤My handlebars are new to me. They are light and well made.

👤Absolutely garbage. I did not kill myself with theese, both sets of bars broke on me in the same day. Garbage will not recommend a death trap. Thin aluminum wall. Do not buy. Don't buy it.

👤The Jessica bars are great value. They're light enough for an alloy bar, wide enough for a stable and controlled feeling on the trails, and supportive enough that I feel confident climbing or descending with them. I replaced my entire cockpit on the bike, and these are a great entry-level set of bars. They can be found on the usual overseas websites, but when I got them, the value was good and the delivery was quicker than other options. If you like the little ghoul logo, you can find a stem that displays it through a window. It's hidden behind a stem cap.

👤The bar will fail, and it will be right where the other examples have failed. I trained my gopro on it for a while, and when I watched the video this morning, I could clearly see it flexing far too much, right in the area where others have failed. The bar will be given up right where the fatter part finishes, which is the smaller diameter. I might risk it on my gravel bike or return it, but I haven't made a decision yet. The paint is so thin that if you lightly rub it with anything other than a thumbnail's harness, it will scratch. The bars will look like they're pooping. There are better options for less money. I couldn't recommend these bars.

👤I got these for the 760mm width to replace the 680mm bars that felt too narrow when I first got my new bike. It was a pleasant surprise. I weighed the old 680s against the new ones and they were 100g lighter. The actual weight was more than 300g. The only change was the width, the rise and sweep seemed to match the old bars. I picked up a short stem to get a more modern feel. Well. I have only ridden around in the street. So far, everything feels good. I'll update the review if there is anything that comes up, but these seem to be a great choice for a wide bar at a decent price.

👤I replaced the stock bars with riser bars. They were a little too wide for me so I cut them down to 740mm. They helped make my bike handle better. I've been riding them on a lot of the trails. We went to a jump park over the weekend. I went over the bars on the bike and flipped it. The bars did not break on the left side. I am 204 lbs. and the force of landing and pushing into them bent them. I took them off the bike and used a metal fence rail to get them back out at the park. I used them for the rest of the day and they held up. I bent my bars. Yes. Am I disappointed in the bars? They held up well to the crash, I think, because of the forces applied to them. I will be ordering another set. I got the left bar, right side of the picture, fairly close without snapping them.

3. OSAN Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Aluminum

OSAN Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Aluminum

It's compatible with most straight, drop, trekking, and touring size handlebars. Universal fits 10 MM handdlebar. It is easy to install and modify your motorbikes. The package includes a set of motorcycle mirror brackets. The package includes a set of motorcycle mirror brackets.

Brand: Osan

👤I use these on my bike. There is a I use the clamps on the rear portion of the bicycle frame to hold two large triangle batteries, one on each side, on my home-made electric bicycle. There is a The finish on the clamps is shiny, but it could be better. There is a These are metric threaded bolts. The ability to connect to a 7/8" bicycle frame with the help of the clamps is greatly simplified. I've tried many other clamps, some with better finishes, but these are the best.

👤I got a new handlebar off of Amazon and used it on my ColemanBT200 minibike. The mounts look good. I only gave them 4 stars because they could be beefier, but I would buy them again for the price.

👤I used these to mount a motorcycle mirror on my bike. The sheet metal straps that mount most biycycle mirrors are stronger and more stable. The product was very good.

👤It's easy to install. My bike did not have mirror hooks. This is useful.

👤I didn't fit my motorcycle handle bars. It is likely that you should have read the reviews first to know that they do not accept returns.

👤No need to tighten it up. Good casting and good threads. Buying more.

4. Pyramid Touring North Handle Alloy

Pyramid Touring North Handle Alloy

Sun lite brand stands for quality and dependability.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I like these, they give me good posture. I am aware that others have stated lengths. I had to look at a lot of posts to get a clear idea. I thought I would write them all down here. The distance from the end of the handlebars is just over 22. The grip length is about 8. The center of the bar is about 5.25′′. The bars are resting on the flat of the grips and the height is about 3.75". These are approximations.

👤I am converting an old bike to a bike that is more comfortable. Changing over to sit and enjoy the view. I need to replace the horrible straight handle bar with this one because I think it's the only benefit of straight bars. The handlebar does the trick. The weight of the body is diverted from the hands and wrist to the seat where it belongs by elevating and moving the hand position. The handlebar is very light and appears to be good quality. It doesn't rust, and comfort bike people aren't particularly hard on their bikes. It is neglectful but rarely hard. It passed my wife's test after I ordered it. I am tired of my wrists and hands hurting and seeing little but the ground around my front wheel so I am ordering another. The ladies will probably be okay with just this handlebar, even if you need the fork extender as well. It doesn't cost a fortune to trick out our bikes. The history of these bikes makes them priceless to us and thus more worth the cost of fixing them up than new ones.

👤I ordered this one because my mountain bike handle bars hurt my wrists. It works well. The front brake cable worked. I changed the gears and brake handles to get a better reach. The change took about two hours, but I had never done bike maintenance before. It took about half an hour to loosen the screws.

👤The Schwinn bars of the 60s and 70s are perfectly replicas of the curves of the classic, signature Schwinn bars, with the added advantage that the only significant difference is a longer straight hand- grip area that allows the addition of accessories and twist shifters that cannot be installed beyond This is great for restoring old bikes where you want to retain the original style of grip but also install gears that use a twist-shifter. You have no other choice except the twist-shifter. Most people riding this kind of cruiser bike are not very concerned with the fact that you will shorten the reach from the saddle to the bars. The old chrome steel bars are heavier than the lighter ones. This is a nice size and style of cruiser bars, not the wide, exaggerated style like some of the curved bars on the market. They are a good replacement for old school bars, but they are not compatible with threadless stems or quill stems.



Their ape Handlebars are brand new. If you have any questions about these products, please contact them. The Sunlite Medium Hi-Rise Handlebar is wide and black.

Brand: Sunlite

👤It was a perfect solution to keep the upright position on my FatTire cruiser style bike. They are at 9” rise. 5” rise was not enough for me.

👤It was exactly what I needed to raise into a more erect posture on my cruiser bike to reduce back strain. The quality was more important than the price. The item was in perfect condition when it arrived. The old light, basket, and reflectors are all adapted to the bike and are easy to install. Full marks.

👤I almost didn't get them because of the reviewers complaining about them being narrow, but I was looking for something like that. I'm happy I didn't, I'm 6-2 and I no longer have to hunch over.

👤I can't grab handlebars because of a neck injury. I can sit straight up with these. It was perfect for me.

👤I can ride without bending over and straining my back. I was able to use longer cables to transfer my handbrakes and shifters. I put my mirror in the end.

👤The bars look great, but make sure you understand the width at the grips. I like my arms wide apart. My ideal width is 32” and these fall under that. I plan to use them anyways because they are not fault of the manufacturer.

👤Great! If you're too tall for me, it's perfect height. My knees are no longer hitting the ends. I can not believe how comfortable the bike is.

👤I replaced the bars on the cruiser with these. The bars fit perfectly on the 1-1/8" gooseneck and the grips, throttle and levers fit perfectly on the ends. My old school cruiser has a height and profile.

6. Wald 870 Handlebar 24 5 Inches 9 5 Inch

Wald 870 Handlebar 24 5 Inches 9 5 Inch

Measure your excess cable from the riser to the switch housing and compare it to your bar height. Burly Brand has hassle free extended control cable kits. Product type: outdoor recreation The package has a dimensions of 17.78 L X 60.96 W X 60.96 H. The package weight is 8.165 kilograms. China is the country of origin.

Brand: Wald

👤It's getting harder and harder for a woman in her 60s to ride a bike because of the joint disease and back issues. I put the bike handlebars on this morning. I had a great ride and no pain in my back or joints. I have another bike like this and I will probably order a second one soon. I would recommend it to anyone with back or joint issues because it helps them sit up a little more. I feel like it makes me more control of the bike. It's still a great ride.

👤The bars are perfect for what I needed. I swapped out a pair of bars with a 2.5 inch rise for a 9.5 inch rise. I ride my bike indoors mostly but also for pleasure. If you know what I mean, my neck and back aren't getting any younger and I don't need to ride like a road racer. I am happy to be able to sit up straight and ride my bike. If you want a cruiser ride that is comfortable for your back, neck, and shoulders, you might want to check these out. They are higher than mountain bike bars, but not as high as the Schwinn Chopper. I think these are in between the two larger sizes. I mounted them on a single speed bike because they were cheap. I was able to keep my brakes on. I moved my front brake from the left side to the right side to make it work. At my age, I am more interested in function than beauty. They were mounted in about 10 minutes.

👤This seems like a decent-made handelbar, but it doesn't work for me because it won't fit some mountain bike hardware. I asked if they could install it during my yearly tune up. When it's done, they said, we'll call you. They told me my hardware wouldn't fit with the new bar. The flat part of the metal tubing is very small. If you have a one-speed bike, it will probably work. The funny thing is that the same bike shop that installed my wife's mountain bike had no problems installing her Wald high-rise cruiser bike as well. They showed me that there wasn't enough space to mount everything I needed, and that they offered me options for expensive new brakes and shifters to make it work. I couldn't afford that. They ordered a cruiser handlebar from their supplier that they knew would work, and then mounted all of my old hardware to that. I saved a lot of money because I had to pay $10 for the other handlebar. I have a cruiser handlebar and can't return it because the mechanics at REI messed it up trying to install it. It's a very high quality piece of equipment and I really, really wanted it to work. It's nice looking. If it works for you, then it's awesome, I imagine. It's a really frustrating waste of money if none of your hardware will fit. I have a 10-year old Specialized Rock Hopper with standard hardware. The mechanics and I debated cutting the grips down to make them fit, but it wasn't comfortable and didn't seem safe.

7. Sunlite D Cruiser Handlebar 13 5 Black

Sunlite D Cruiser Handlebar 13 5 Black

Customer satisfaction is important to them. They offer a money-back assurance if any of their customers are unhappy with their bicycle bar ends set. The Sunlite D-Cruiser Bars have a bar. Sunlt is a name for a river. Dno 32x13.5 Bk.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I installed these on my mountain bike because I was tired of being hunched over. These are the perfect height for me to be almost 6' tall, on a 27" bike frame. I recabled the brakes to get to the new bar ends, and I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out.

👤There is a good price on some ape hangers. It helped me in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to be like me, as I have become the center of attention. The god broke the mold after he made me. Ape!

👤The handle bars are what I wanted. They are the right size for a nice upright riding position, and are very comfortable for long rides. I put them on a 26” bicycle and did not need a shim. The paint looks great on the bike.

👤Be careful. Make sure the gooseneck is large enough to hold the bars. I had to order a new gooseneck because I neglected to notice that detail. These bars are very nice. The coating has held up well. Would buy again.

👤I needed a bar with hight rise that my old 4in bars could fit, research led different ones, measured and imagined how these would look on my bike, and they made the bike pop now!

👤It was shipped quickly and in good shape. There was one end poking out of the box. It's easy to want on easy. Look and feel great. My beast is different.

👤These bars are very easy to put on, I have bought 3 so far, and they are very comfortable for the arms, and look great on any cruiser.

👤It looks great on my cruiser.

8. Sunlite Bicycle Mirror Yellow Reflector

Sunlite Bicycle Mirror Yellow Reflector

The original glass mirror surface is not easy to break and can be durable for a long time, savesay There might be scratches on the package bag, but they won't affect your mirror. If you don't like the mirrors, they can give you a replacement or a refund. The handlebars are compatible with standard ones.

Brand: Pyramid

👤The mirror can go on either side. The picture shows the wrong mount as it shows the left turn mirror around. It is quite functional once adjusted and you get used to a 2” view. The finish is nice and the value is great. The mirror slides a bit here and there in the bars, but nothing serious, because the mounting clamp to handle bars is always a little tight. It is easy to install and looks great, and it provides a world of comfort in knowing what is behind you.

👤I wanted an old style Huffy cruiser bike and this is the one I got. I wanted one with the reflector on the back as well. The clarity is great, but it is a small field of view. The mount is simple and not great. It's pretty much just for looks. The arm is short so you can't get it out too far. I'm not sure how much more it will tighten up before it breaks, but it should hold in place for casual riding. For the price, it's a nice vintage style to dress up your bike.

👤I bought one a couple years ago for my trike and ordered one for my beach cruiser. There is a It works with some limitations, but it matches the classic look. There is a * The mirror is holding up well, so far there have been no "blind spots" or water damage. There is a Even if the mirror is not mounted at the end of the handlebars, there are enough spots to adjust it to almost any need. There are pros and cons. The chrome might start to show rust spots after a while, depending on the condition where one lives and stores the bike. No complaints... I live in South Florida. There is a The mount is a little flimsy and needs some tweaking. I am using a rubber shim and a nylon spacer. There is a * The mirror is too small to see what's behind it. That's the downside of the plain look. I got a self-adhesive "blind spot" mirror from an auto parts store and pasted it over the mirror that I had. It worked like a charm, even though it had a different look. This is a nice looking item.

👤The mirror's brackets are a little flimsy and small for my bike. I had to jury rig it to make it stay put, and it still twists around a little if the path is rough. I could probably go to Lowe's and get a new one that would solve my problems, but I haven't gotten fed up yet. The little mirror is adorable and has money on it.

👤Cheap Chinese stuff! Don't buy it! I tried to attach it to my bike, but it keeps coming loose. The handle bars are opposite of the US. I tried to tighten the flimsy clip, but it kept coming loose, so I switched it to the left side. When you try to tighten it enough, the flimsy clip ends together so that it stays loose. The angle of the mirror does not show you the road, it shows you the middle of your chest. There is a The package says that it contains carcinogens.

9. Bike Phone Mount Adjustable Motorcycle

Bike Phone Mount Adjustable Motorcycle

The bike phone mount has 4 high strengthstainless steel arms with corners claws to hold your phone in place on the bike mount. To make sure your cell phone stays securely attached to your bike handlebars even on a bumpy rocky road, you must use an aluminum alloy nut and rubber gasket. Safety and stability are important. It's easy to install the bike phone holder without any other tools, just put it on and remove it. The bicycle phone mount comes with a clockwork that can be locked or unlocked. Convenient operation. You can adjust your phone to any angle that suits you, with the RYYMX motorcycle phone mount. The RYYMX bike phone mount holder is compatible with any cell phone with a screen size 4-7 inches. Only support the phone that is under 0.47" You can adjust the size of the clamp to fit your handlebars. Shockproof Protection Silicone pads keep your phone safe from scratches and vibration. The motorcycle phone mount holds your phone.

Brand: Ryymx

👤I know a good phone mount when I see one. The mount is great. I'm buying three more for my bikes and scooters because I like this so much. I want to see what this company has for cars. There are things that stand out. The quality is better than one would expect. The plastic is made of plastic. The metal arms are very strong. Everything works with precision. - The $900 phone is safe with this thing. I put my S8+ on top of Note 8. Both were secured in the corners. The lock switch has a bonus tip. Push each arm into the corners. The switch is on the back. The phone mount is very secure. The mount comes with rubber strips so you can tighten it. I feel better using this mount than I do with all the others I have, for example, those where you stretch rubber bands on each corner. The locking metal arms are better than those. There is a bonus tip. I still secure my phone to the bike with a lanyard that I fastened to my phone's case regardless of how confident I am with this mount. The lanyard might save the phone if the mount fails.

👤It was very easy to install on my motorcycle. It looks neat and firmly holds the phone. I like the lock feature. This holder was a great deal and I highly recommend it.

👤I was worried that this product would not be able to work on my KLR650 since it costs so much, but I was pleasantly surprised to see one that was so cheap. I thought I would try it, my biggest concern was the phone falling, so far it's stable and nice, but I would definitely recommend it.

👤For a long time, I wanted a mount for my phone so I could listen to my music. I was riding my bicycle. Even though it was a little pricey, this mount had good reviews. It is easy to install, I love that about it. It is removeable and no special tools are required. The security "arms" don't block your screen. I have a phone. The mount fits my phone very well. The arms take some getting used to because you have to make sure the button is in the right position to extend them. When you release the button, the arms will open. The mount is in place while I ride. It comes with a lot of shockproof pads to make sure your phone is safe. The instructions on how to install the mount were not clear.

👤The holder is fairly simple, but not perfect. The mount is flexible and will fit most bikes. The arms that hold the phone are spring loaded. There is enough padding to protect the phone. It is easy to put the phone in the mount by spreading the arms, but it is more difficult to remove it. It is difficult to spread the arms without thinking about the phone. The locking tab is difficult to operate and it is in an awkward place. There is a Overall an adequate holder, but with limitations.

10. Sunlite Cruiser Handlebar Chrome Plated

Sunlite Cruiser Handlebar Chrome Plated

We offer a 2 years warranty, if you have any non-artificial quality problems, please contact them for a replacement or refund. Heavy duty steel construction.

Brand: Sunlite

👤The cruiser bars are the right width for my comfort. I have converted a hybrid Schwinn into a cruiser style bike. I wanted these bars to complement the look that I was after. Oh yes, I did... I gave them a couple more coats of Flat Black spray paint before I mounted them because they scratch pretty easy. I can now ride in an upright position, which is perfect for my goose neck, because of the grooves in the center. I have recommended these bars to others.

👤These have a long sweep and rise that will give you a very upright riding position while also giving you good full width for better control. Look for handlebars that are shorter or narrower. You have to check the measurement. The finish is durable. The stock handlebar that came with my bike was rusted right away.

👤I wanted to replace the rusty one on my wife's bicycle, which we had bought used. The shape and size are perfect. The rubber/plastic handles were difficult to remove. I had to slit them with a knife. Black duct tape was used to replace them on the new handlebar.

👤I bought this to replace the bar on my mountain bike. Wanted two things. There are more comfortable upright riding positions. The handle bar is similar to older road bike bars. The bar ends change angles a bit, but it has a sweeping smooth arcs from the center until it is straightened out. It is a bit wider than it should be. Also sweeps back a bit further. It was almost perfect for my needs. The mountain bike shifter/brakes had plenty of room to fit because of the long flat ends. I could probably see off 1.5-2 inches on each end with enough room for my needs. I taped the bars. I can hold it in the normal end position. The bar is near the end of the central arcs. The middle position is not too far away from the handlebars. I can lean forward more gripping it close to the center. It gave me three good hand positions. There is a The bar is sturdy and well finished.

👤Nice, shiny chrome. The doctor ordered that I could ride sitting upright, longer and with more pleasure. Who has a bike with beach cruiser handlebars? I was able to fit the levers but the neck was too small. I had to get some. The thicker the better.

11. ZUKKA Adjustable Handlebar Extender Mountain

ZUKKA Adjustable Handlebar Extender Mountain

service They will ship it to you for free from the US warehouse, and it will be delivered to you in about 7 days. Please contact them if there is damage. Within 24 hours, they will handle it. The size is. The bike stem can be used for most bikes with a 28.6mm front fork stem and a 25.4mm handlebars. The center distance of the two holes is 120mm. It is possible to adjust the angle of the handlebars to get a more comfortable riding experience. The lightweight and stable performance of the material can provide you with superior use effect. Simply connect the original front fork rod to the rod, adjust the angle, and tighten the bolts with an Allen wrench, it's easy to install. There is a wide application. It's suitable for most mountain bikes. You can upgrade your bike for a more comfortable ride.

Brand: Zukka

👤I don't have to lean forward and put so much pressure on my hands and wrists when I ride my bike. It was easy to install and it looks good. The bag is fine, but the tabs are not long enough. I don't have to lean forward and put so much pressure on my hands and wrists when I ride my bike. It was easy to install and it looks good.

👤After a few weeks, it is total garbage. The stem loosens after a few miles of riding. The stem is not safe. I wouldn't recommend it to my enemy. A dangerous product. This thing is damaged and scratched when it is in the box. There are two Allen bolts. The collar that tightens onto the stem is too small and had to be pried open with a screwdriver. I would recommend spending more money on a different brand.

👤It was necessary to raise the handle bars to make it easier for my wife to ride her mountain bike. There are a lot of adjustments available.

👤This is an adequate solution to add a bit more rise on a bike. It allows for a great range of angle and we can gradually return the angle of rise to a more efficient position. The stem is very strong.

👤Excellent fit and quality too.

👤The new riser fit perfectly and made my ride much more comfortable.

👤The Schwinn bike had a failed unit. It installed and worked well. The chrome finish made it match the bike.

👤It was easy to install in my bike.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebars chrome?

Bicycle handlebars chrome products from Ecity. In this article about bicycle handlebars chrome you can see why people choose the product. Jessica and Osan are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebars chrome.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebars chrome?

Ecity, Jessica and Osan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebars chrome. Find the detail in this article. Sunlite, Wald and Pyramid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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