Best Bicycle Handlebars 31.8mm

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1. UPANBIKE Mountain Bicycle Handlebar φ31 8mm

UPANBIKE Mountain Bicycle Handlebar %CF%8631 8mm

The country of origin is the United States. The material is aluminum alloy. The length is 700mm/ 27.55 inch. Extra long allows for more space to install accessories. The bar end has a diameter of 22.2mm. The Riser is 50m. Normally, it takes 7 to 15 business days to ship from China if the order is full filled by Abuyamoy. It will be very fast if it's fullfilled by Amazon.

Brand: Upanbike

👤These bars are an upgrade from the stock steel bars. The rise and width make my position more comfortable. I am not laying so far forward anymore. It's much lighter than steel. The bar is made of solid wood with a high quality finish.

👤I bought this handlebar because it was advertised as having a 50mm rise. I looked at the measurements after I received the handlebar and noticed that it didn't look like a 50mm rise. The 50mm rise is obtained by measuring the bar from the bottom of the bar to the top side of the raised portion instead of measuring to the bottom side of the raised portion as many manufactures do. The bar has a 30mm rise when measured to the bottom side. I didn't notice the difference until I received the bar, but they show in the photo's on the product page where their measurements are taken. The bar is light and good looking, so you will be satisfied if it is the height you want.

👤The angle of sweep back was not disappointing. The rise is almost wiped out by the sweep on these. You can see the change in angle against the bar. The grip angle may be affected by this. I will update later on how he feels.

👤Excellent riser upgrade. I like the BMX feel to them. Hopefully they hold up. They are made of aluminum.

👤The item was described exactly. There is a I can't ride a stock mountain bike because of neck and forearm nerve issues. The first thing I did when I bought a new bike was install a stem riser. It was almost enough but I needed a bit more height. There is a It was well worth the purchase after 20 miles of mountain-biking with no pain orumbness. The bar ends are marked with several lengths, so if you wanted to shorten the bar you can do it evenly.

👤The handlebars on my new bike made me bend over too far. The amount of rise provided by the new bar is enough to take the pressure off my lower back. The locking hand grips set off the look and provide great comfort.

👤The bar on my 29er was wide and flat. I wanted both. I looked around a bit and found these bars to be the only ones I want. You can get a decent idea of how they look by taking pictures from different angles. The bars are tilted back a bit, and it seems like it would be perfect for what I wanted. Nice upgrade.

2. Wald 8038GB City Rise Gloss

Wald 8038GB City Rise Gloss

The mountain bike handlebars allow you to place your hands in a variety of positions, reducing fatigue on your arms and shoulders. It's suitable for mountain bike,road bike,most bike. Product type: outdoor recreation The package has dimensions of 76.2 L X 0.508 W X 13.97 H. The package weight is 1.68 pounds. The country of origin is the United States.

Brand: Wald Mfg

👤bending forward on a bike is no longer acceptable as I get older. The stem extender and the 5" rise handlebar puts me in a good position on the bike. The stress on my wrists and back is reduced. It's enjoyable to ride again. The bar is painted with a coating that seems to be durable. If you want to use your old, separate brake levers and shifters, there may not be enough room on the bar due to the increased bend. I replaced mine with a brake/shifter combo that works well and leaves plenty of room for the grips. New cables were put on to reach the greater distance. It was easy to do. The cost of a new bike was more expensive than this.

👤I bought my wife a hybrid bike, but I still have my good old mountain bike, so I put a Wald 5.25 inch rise handlebar on it with a Bikeroo Seat, and it completely changed the bike for the better. I feel great on it and my hands and back are great.

👤Excellent build handlebar, not taking off a star, but it broke through and scratched up the finish after being sent in a plastic bag. The bar is definitely a cruiser style, but it does not sweep back and up at the end. I'm going to take an inch or two off of the ends to make room for the mounts, because the bar is actually closer to 30. I'm using these angles all the way forward and it's much more comfortable than using a stem quill. Solid handlebar, good value.

👤The correct handlebars were found at this site. 5 inch raise is a five inch raise. There is a We ordered a different set. I don't know how they measure, but the first one didn't represent the height that was stated. These do! My wife has no back issues now that she has a comfortable ride. It's easy to install, fast and cheap. Everything you want in a product. There is a Thanks.

👤The handlebars fit perfectly on my Trek hybrid. The handlebars go out from the center and sweep backward. There is a The perfect size allows me to almost sit down while I ride. The handlebars got bent after I got into a wreck. I'm not blaming the handlebars, but I've been in many wrecks and this is the first time I bent my handlebars.

3. UPANBIKE Mountain Bicycle Handlebar φ31 8mm

UPANBIKE Mountain Bicycle Handlebar %CF%8631 8mm

The material is. The blue handlebar's real color is as the installtion image shows. length is780mm/30.71inch. You can control your bike in complex terrain with extra long. The bar end has a diameter of 22.2mm. The sweep back angle is 9. It is comfortable and non-slip. Shipping time Normally, it takes 7 to 15 business days to ship from China if the order is full filled by Abuyamoy. It will be very fast if it's full filled by Amazon.

Brand: Upanbike

👤The gold/yellow color contrasted nicely with my blue bike. The bar position makes it easy to adjust the bike's feel by playing with the rise. Would prefer this over straight bars. The price was acceptable. I was very happy with the purchase. If yellow gets old, might consider another color.

👤I liked everything about these bars. It seemed strong. They did not have a center marking. There were no markings at the center of the bar, so you could easily center them in the stem or use a reference to do so. I spend a lot of time measuring, as I tried to get the angle I wanted. It's just a one time annoyance, but it could have been better.

👤These bars are great. They fit perfectly, look great, and are light. I needed to get some of the weight off of my wrists, so I bought them. I like the feel of these, they raised my handles a couple of inches, and added a couple of inches in width to give me greater control, which reduced my upright position, but it's still a net gain and I like the feel better. I recommend these bars for the price.

👤The handlebars are solid for the price, but not seen at this price point. It made my mountain bike more comfortable on the flats. I may have lost a little traction on the front wheel. I was willing to make that trade. There was a small flaw on the bar that didn't affect its performance, but it was deducted because it spoke to quality control issues. You have to expect those little things at this price point. The trip to return the product is not worth it. All in all a good product that offers good value.

👤I got these to see if I could get a bigger bar with the bike. These have been great. There is a The centering guide on the front is not centered. It is annoying, but it doesn't affect the performance. The bar was very nice.

👤I have been living my life wrong, I highly recommend a wide bar for most mountain bikes, but I'm not sure wide bars are recommended for tight fast trails with a lot of trees.

👤I was nervous at first, but after one test ride on my ebike, I was hooked!

👤I like the bars, light and good looking, but noticed a couple bend ripples on the right side, you can see them in the picture, the left side is good. When I first put em on, it was a bit noticeable, but now it's really noticeable at certain angles. I might return to see if the replacement is good.

4. BUCKLOS Handlebar Mountain Handlebars Aluminum

BUCKLOS Handlebar Mountain Handlebars Aluminum

The principle of different forces according to different positions is whatDB Forming Technology is about. The middle tube wall is light and thin, and the handles on both sides are thick, which reduces the weight of the handlebars. The handlebar is 25.4mm in diameter and 660mm in length and780mm in shape. Multi-angle Riser Bike riser bar lifting distance:20mm/25mm, conform ergonomics structure, riding posture will get promoted, making you more comfortable when long-distance cycling The flat handlebar has a low center of gravity and is suitable for climbing. The riser handlebar is suitable for long-distance riding and has good operability. service They will ship it to you for free from the US warehouse, and it will be delivered to you in about 7 days. Please contact them if there is damage. Within 24 hours, they will handle it.

Brand: Bucklos

👤This is a good bar for 25.4. I will only be road riding with the Burley Samba tadem I rebuilt. Is this good for mountain bikes with light trail riding? I could see them bending. I use renthal carbon bars on my other bikes, and they are less flexible than the metal bars. There is a They were comfortable with the rise and sweep, and had no issues mounting my new odi grips.

👤I was hoping branding was removed. It is not. I'll have to paint over it. I will pay more attention next time.

👤The budget carbon bars are too small. I threw them in the garbage and ordered these because you can tighten what you mount down and make them work. The bars are of the correct diameter and excellent. The weight is lighter than I thought. The finish is low budget. You can buy a bar for 50 or 100 dollars.

👤My 90's specialized MTB is a great upgrade. The handling was much more stable because it was fit perfectly. Do it if you are considering going to wide handlebars. The paint job is nice and the handlebar worked as described.

👤The lighter bars looked good for a off brand bike bar.

👤When the bars arrived, I was surprised. The construction and appearance are topnotch. Why would you spend more for a brand name? The bars are perfect for me.

👤It's fit right. I used excellent markings for shortening them. Like it.

👤The bars are high quality and competitively priced.

👤The only bars I could find were wide. The design was fixed with spray paint. So far, so good. My original bars are much more stable and comfortable. I haven't done any trail riding yet but they are holding up in the city.

👤Why don't you put markings on the product so people know when their bars are on? It's better to buy upan for less money. This is garbage.

👤Would be careful with dirt jumpers. There is a The 25.4 does not feel sturdy.

👤Un peso menor. The bicicleta Fuji.

👤The producto son exactas, su acabado y manufactura.

5. Corki Mountain Handlebars 31 8mm Length

Corki Mountain Handlebars 31 8mm Length

The bar end diameter is 22.2mm. The back angle is 3. The bar is strong and light because of the alloy used. Sand blasted and anodised bike handlebars are fatigue resistant. A wider mtb bar makes breathing easier as your chest is allowed to expand more. Most mountain bikes and dirt bicycles are compatible with this. It's great for downhill and off-road.

Brand: Corki

👤It was installed on a Marlin 5. I was not comfortable leaning so far forward on the mountain bike, which causes back pain after a couple of miles. I was able to install them myself. It's easy to install and sit upright. It is very different and you need to ride a bit more to get used to it. I like them!

👤The color was perfect. It doesn't scratch off like other bars. Good quality metal. I was looking for a perfect size, long bars but not too long with a perfect rise. I might even order another bike in a different color.

👤I changed the handlebars on my bike. The new 70mm 35 degree rise handle bar stem and the new CORKY 50mm rise 780mm handle bars gave me a more comfortable and upright position when I ride.

👤After buying a mountain bike with a flat bar, I needed these. I feel comfortable without looking silly.

👤> There is a rainbow. The handlebar is light, blue, green, purple, red and yellow, but not visible, and it is very beautiful. The colors are more attractive for me than the rainbow. It is very glossy and shine, which would have been better for me, but it is my only complaint. Is beautiful beyond that.

👤If you have a flatter handlebar, it's a good way to get some rise. The back side of the bars are all pink and purple. The blue/green side of the photos matched my metallic paint scheme. I'm looking at pink and purple. I expected it to be somewhere. I still think it's cool. These have a high shine and can cause glare in the sun.

👤These are very comfortable for me despite being wide. The rise and backsweep help reduce hand pain.

👤The bar is great, the price is amazing, and I can ride my bike comfortably now that it's 50mm. Thank you!

6. UPANBIKE Trekking Mountain Butterfly Handlebar

UPANBIKE Trekking Mountain Butterfly Handlebar

The middle part diameter is different, so please choose the right size. The bar ends are 22.2mm. The material is aluminum alloy. The sponge length is 500mm and the thickness is 8mm. The grip bar end plugs are plastic. The mountain bike handlebars allow you to place your hands in a variety of positions, reducing fatigue on your arms and shoulders. It's suitable for mountain bike,road bike,most bike.

Brand: Upanbike

👤I've tried a variety of bars and handlebars, but this one is the best for comfort and ergonomics. If you're comfortable for hours on end, you don't need to worry about looks. It was an easy and affordable upgrade and took about an hour to install. The bar is stiff enough for my use. The foam that comes with the bar is what I ended up using. The foam was cheap for me. Don't hesitate to get this bar if you don't mind the looks.

👤People had a hard time putting on the Sponges. The soapy water method didn't work for me. The inner surface of the foam tube is impermeable. I dropped a whole line of detergent into each tube and pushed them on, each requiring 20 seconds of effort. There is a I like the bars very much and have attached a couple of photos. There is a bar in the 31.8 cm version. If you were looking for something more comfortable, I recommend it.

👤I have five hand positions on the bars. They look silly at first. I love these bars because my rides feel better and my hands don't hurt. This is a version of trekking bars that you can feel, there is some flex to the bars, but for me, that's what I wanted. I like it. There is a The foam is terrible, but I recommend you use it for a while to see how it feels to you. It's possible to get a new stem or cables if you want, but I've already done it, so I'll just try it out and make the adjustments later.

👤The bars were of good quality. The bars were to wide to ride in parking lots, roads or cycling paths. I hit a telephone pole in the middle of the sidewalk. I went down in the middle of the road after the front tire fell. People helped me stand up and moved my bicycle back onto the sidewalk. I disrupted car and truck traffic for less than a minute. These handlebars are made for country roads, logging roads, but not for narrow locations, and they are not for city dwellers.

👤The handlebars are awesome. There are only a few rides in, but haven't noticed any of the flex mentioned by another reviewer. Control and comfort are what you get from multiple hand positions. I'm building a new electric bike. I put on a longer stem. The foam pads that came with the bike were put on lizard skins. I believe that any tape that has a handlebar will look better and give better performance.

7. Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar Extender Mountain

Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar Extender Mountain

The handlebars have a diameter of 25.4mm. Please confirm your bike's diameter before you place your order. The item isn't suitable for your bike. The bike stem is sturdy, well designed and easily adjusted, which is preferable to removing the handlebar stem and exchanging it for one with a different angle. The installation is easy because the specifications are accurate. There is a degree of angle indicator on the adjacent parts. You can see where the handle bar is positioned with the opening on the stem. This is a nice riser. The thickness of your handlebars may affect the installation of a shim. If the threads loosen up, be sure to use glue on them. The original setup in the shoulders, arms, and back had to be corrected to achieve a more comfortable riding position. The stem and riser handlebar allow you to sit upright on the bike, which is better for your back.

Brand: Qikour

👤Went with this stem because of the reviews on the internet. It was on time and there was no damage. The stem is very strong. It looks like a piece of equipment from an original equipment manufacturer. I threw away the instructions and proceeded to install the stem backwards, since there is a degree of angle indicator on the adjacent parts. Loctite was used on all the parts. It has about 400 miles on it and everything is holding up. My Cannondale Quick 1 hybrid was raised to the perfect height. As I raised the bar, I had to change my attachment points downward. Allen head bolts are used so no phillips heads are used here. One suggestion would be to put a small line in the center of your handle bar so you can keep it centered as you install. You can see where the handle bar is positioned with the opening on the stem.

👤This was installed very quickly with a 4mm and 5mm wrench. You can see from my photos that it raised my handlebars up and pulled them closer to me, about an inch in each direction. My old stem was too long and too low for my comfort, and it set my drop handlebars too long and too low. Riding put a lot of pressure on my wrists and heels and it was also causing pain in my shoulders when I rode. The solution to that problem! The piece is strong. It's very stable because of good quality and construction, and because the screws are tightened down properly. I don't think it would detach from the bike. If you need to raise your handlebars, it's highly recommended.

👤I ordered it for use on my bike. After receiving this, I learned that the stems on mountain bikes shouldn't be adjusted. Put it on my wife's bike. The part looks good. It is easy to install. I would suggest that those who don't carry pocket wrenches do so when they have this installed. There is a chance that a bolt can loosen. Wouldn't want that to happen on the road. I have nothing but good things to say about this part and most bikes. I think mountain bikes are not a good addition due to the risks and rough trail impacts.

👤If you've never worked on a bike stem before, you should look at the stem spacers advertised in Amazon's "you may also want..." section. If you find that the riser extender's base isn't as tall as the one you're replacing, you'll need some 1-1/8" aluminum spacers to tighten your stem back up. Now is the time to order 'em. I'm waiting for Amazon shipment #2 to arrive. I have not used the riser extender, but it feels solid. If I don't experience anything else than joy, I will update this review.

👤I like to be as aerodynamic as possible on my main road bike, but my geometry is different on my commuter bike, so I need to change. It made a world of difference when this was added. A heavy backpack makes the ride much more comfortable. I can adjust and change the angle. Make sure you have enough play in your cables for the change, or you may need to rerun some cables. I had to reduce how high I increased the angle, but it still made a big difference. I'll just run it at the current angle until the next time I need to change the cables. The part is so good that you don't need to get one with another angle.

8. Gub KBROTECH Handlebar Extender Extension

Gub KBROTECH Handlebar Extender Extension

The Serfas headlight model numbers have a description below. The lightweight carbon fiber bar is made of durable aluminum alloy. It is suitable for a 31.8mm caliber handlebar. More items can be assembled with the super longer/extended tube. Tube diameter is 22.2mm. The body is super light.

Brand: Kbrotech

👤I read a lot of negative reviews when I first saw this item. I picked this version because it seemed to be the most popular, and I really liked the concept. I went for a second to install on my Roubaix after buying one of these. I bought a third for my wife. There is a After reading everything from cheap to real carbon fiber... This is a quality item and I can attest to that. I have used this on three different bikes with different handle bars and not had to use the bushings. The bar is light and has a Cateye speedo/odo and a headlight. I moved the phone mount to the frame as there was only room for three accessories. The service guys were drooling over the accessory bar when I had my stumpy in the shop and asked where I got it. I don't want to discount the opinion of the people who had a bad experience with this item. I am sorry it didn't work out for you, but for me... It is the bomb.

👤They were not sure what they were thinking when they designed this. The handle bar's clamps are standard 31.8 cm so they will work on lost handlebars. The bar that is supposed to be used to mount things such as al lights is much smaller. Any thing that is designed to fit on a standard handlebars will not work. I couldn't get any of my lights to work on this because it's so small. I don't know what the function is suppose to be. There is a If you can figure out a use for it, then it is fine.

👤The bar is short. I thought the item would be shorter. There is a The risers are too short. The bar was barely high enough to fit through my fingers. There is a The little screw heads are not on the same side. I had to destroy the device to remove it. Make another bar and have a higher standoff.

👤I bought these to solve space issues with the sub brakes, which take up real estate on drop bars. The 32mm (1 1/4") handlebars were not a problem for the machined aluminum clamps, which fit nicely between the stem and the brakes. The carbon fiber tube is only about 21.5mm in diameter. I was unable to securely attach the strap-on bar mount for my computer because the mount was designed for larger diameter handlebars. I removed 47mm from the tube to keep it from interfering with the levers. I decided to use a slip-on cap instead of remounting the end plug as it makes a convenient storage spot for something small and light. A quality product. It would be great if it had a larger auxiliary tube.

👤It provides extra bar space to mount other devices. Time will tell if it is durable or not. The bar mount could be longer to allow more hand room beneath the bar and also raise a light even more to get over large front bags. As noted in another review. The bar is small. Adding padding to device mounts will make them work on it. I think bar too big is better. There is a It's worth the money.

9. Jessica Lightweight Aluminium Handlebar 760mm Silver Riser

Jessica Lightweight Aluminium Handlebar 760mm Silver Riser

Shipping time Normally, it takes 7 to 15 business days to ship from China if the order is full filled by Abuyamoy. It will be very fast if it's full filled by Amazon. The material is made of 7005 and has better performance than traditional 6061. The weight of the 760mm Riser handlebar is the same as that of the lightweight design with thethickness of the pipe wall being distributed according to the distribution of force. The length of the bar is 760mm, the diameter of the clamp area is 31.8mm, and the bar ends are 22.2mm. The center point and bar ends were marked clear, easy to install, the application was suitable for the XC/AM/FR mountain bike road bike, integrated molded and reasonable angle with high cycling efficiency and delivery powerful force, thermal heat transfer paiting application for sexy looks and clear installation guide They offer a 2 years warranty, if you have any non-artificial quality problems, please contact them for a replacement or refund.

Brand: Jessica

👤My handlebars are new to me. They are light and well made.

👤Absolutely garbage. I did not kill myself with theese, both sets of bars broke on me in the same day. Garbage will not recommend a death trap. Thin aluminum wall. Do not buy. Don't buy it.

👤The Jessica bars are great value. They're light enough for an alloy bar, wide enough for a stable and controlled feeling on the trails, and supportive enough that I feel confident climbing or descending with them. I replaced my entire cockpit on the bike, and these are a great entry-level set of bars. They can be found on the usual overseas websites, but when I got them, the value was good and the delivery was quicker than other options. If you like the little ghoul logo, you can find a stem that displays it through a window. It's hidden behind a stem cap.

👤The bar will fail, and it will be right where the other examples have failed. I trained my gopro on it for a while, and when I watched the video this morning, I could clearly see it flexing far too much, right in the area where others have failed. The bar will be given up right where the fatter part finishes, which is the smaller diameter. I might risk it on my gravel bike or return it, but I haven't made a decision yet. The paint is so thin that if you lightly rub it with anything other than a thumbnail's harness, it will scratch. The bars will look like they're pooping. There are better options for less money. I couldn't recommend these bars.

👤I got these for the 760mm width to replace the 680mm bars that felt too narrow when I first got my new bike. It was a pleasant surprise. I weighed the old 680s against the new ones and they were 100g lighter. The actual weight was more than 300g. The only change was the width, the rise and sweep seemed to match the old bars. I picked up a short stem to get a more modern feel. Well. I have only ridden around in the street. So far, everything feels good. I'll update the review if there is anything that comes up, but these seem to be a great choice for a wide bar at a decent price.

👤I replaced the stock bars with riser bars. They were a little too wide for me so I cut them down to 740mm. They helped make my bike handle better. I've been riding them on a lot of the trails. We went to a jump park over the weekend. I went over the bars on the bike and flipped it. The bars did not break on the left side. I am 204 lbs. and the force of landing and pushing into them bent them. I took them off the bike and used a metal fence rail to get them back out at the park. I used them for the rest of the day and they held up. I bent my bars. Yes. Am I disappointed in the bars? They held up well to the crash, I think, because of the forces applied to them. I will be ordering another set. I got the left bar, right side of the picture, fairly close without snapping them.

10. Wake Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Aluminum

Wake Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Aluminum

What you will get. The length is 115mm or 180mm. There are 6 gaskets, 2 x 20mm, 3 x 10mm, and 1 x 5mm. 2. There are 2 gaskets, 1 x 10mm, and 1 x 5mm. You can adjust the gasket to fit your own height. The diameter of the tube is 28.6mm (1-1/8"), the handlebar is 31.8mm (1-1/4"), and the length is 90mm. Light weight design. The four bolt bar is in position. Simply connect the original fork stem to the new one. A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes.

Brand: Wake

👤It weighs 7.68 ounces and is definitely not T6 aluminum. It's not sure what it's made of. It could just snap in two with enough stress. Seeing that this is being used as a mountain bike part, it will be easy to see how much is needed to snap it. I will be asking for a full refund and throwing this in the trash. I am used to a certain level of testing and certification for products like this to make sure I am safe on the trail. This is concerning to me. "There is no consumer protection when products are sold on Amazon". Consumer protection also covers my safety and yours as well. I don't know if Amazon cares.

👤This is not a 90mm stem. I attached a diagram of how stems are measured, and it measures 105mm in that dimensions. It has a 45 degree angle. The measurement center is 74mm. I replaced a 70mm 7-degree steam and it increased the Reach just 2mm. Keeping Reach is important since moving the handlebars further away makes you lean over more, even if the handlebars are higher, and too little reach can lead to instability or twitchy steering. The part that is used to hold the steerer rube is over 2 feet tall. This is taller than many other stems, which is a good thing since it will reduce strain on the steerer tube. It means you'll probably need a lower space stack height because you don't want the top of the stem too far above the steerer tube. My handlebars were raised 35mm while I changed the reach to just 2mm. It should be perfect. The other stem on Amazon looks to be the same, but it comes in both 45 and 40 degree angles. This one is the same price as the other one. That one appears to have the same mistake. There is a If you want a brand for safety, the best one I could find is this Ritchey: It's only 30 degrees, but comes in various lengths. The "comp" version is only 80mm in length. There is a If the Wake stem is marked as 3D forged, it would be a good sign of strength. It's hard to believe that the weight and price are so high.

👤I wanted a more upright riding position on my trail bike in order to see what was going on around me. I thought moving my hands back and up around 50mm would do the trick. I was looking for a set of handlebars that would give me the rise and sweep I was looking for. Some handlebar sellers don't give specific dimensions for the bars they sell. I thought about replacing the stem because of the cost and the quality of bars. The Wake stem is 90mm long with a 45 degree rise, which is the same length as the old stem. My hands are now about 2 1/2 inches further back and about 2 inches higher than before, because I used the same flat bar on the bike. It was perfect for what I wanted and a better posture for trails. The product is well made and finished, with thicker tube walls and a taller steering tube collar than the stem it replaced. Only marginally heavier, and beefier. It is easier to swap out a stem than it is to swap out a bar. The low end bars are $30-50. It's easier to determine how the new product will affect your ergonomics.

11. FOMTOR Adjustable Handlebar Mountain Bicycle

FOMTOR Adjustable Handlebar Mountain Bicycle

The fork Clamp has a diameter of 22.2 MM. The front fork stem diameter is 28.6mm (1-1/8") and the Handlebar diameter is 31.8mm (1.25''). The angle is 0 90. The height extension is 140mm. Help to make your bike comfortable. It is made of high- strength and durable aluminum. The weight is 304g. Measure your handlebar diameter before you buy this stem. It's easy to connect up the original fork stem. Two bolts hold the bar in position.

Brand: Fomtor

👤The stem makes the handlebars closer to the rider for a more upright riding position. The stems that are adjusted in the front of the steerer are better. There is a The stem is heavier than I had expected. There are two adjustments needed for the adjustment to be simpler. Maybe the two adjustment provides a more secure lock? There is a The poor design is in the steerer, where the top of the slit is connected, so it doesn't allow a free/natural clamping. The pictures don't show the section of the stem. There is a The difference between the top and the bottom of the clamps can be seen in my uploaded picture. The top part cannot be fully tightened because the adjacent part is strong.

👤I have back problems. The stem is perfect for adjusting my position. It was easy to install and I was able to set the perfect angle for riding. If you want the stem to be close to 90 degrees, be aware of the length of your cables for brakes and controllers on your bike. They may not be long enough to raise the stem that high. This stem is recommended. Great product.

👤I'm a long time rider and my bars are no longer comfortable. The bars can be adjusted to raise and bring them closer to me. It's clear that this item gives me plenty of range in three dimensions, even though I'm still working on the final fit.

👤It's pretty nice. The handle bars were low and the new stem raised them up a bit. There is a I will not hunch over. There is a I can ride my bike for longer. There is a It is nice to have the option to change the angles of the stem.

👤I needed a new bike and the stores were sold out due to the Pandemic. The angle of the handlebars made it very uncomfortable for me. The stem was installed in about 20 minutes. It was very easy to install, and the ride is now very comfortable. Very happy with the product!

👤The device raises my handlebars and makes it more comfortable to ride. The plug that goes in the hole on top of the post is easy to remove. I lost my ride. It's not a part you really need.

👤My mountain bike style ebike was converted to a hybrid style ebike. Installation takes less than 30 minutes and is easy to ride. The quality is decent. Changed my opinion of the bike.

👤I needed a bike stem that would allow me to sit upright on my road bike after having spine surgery. I was able to position my handlebars at 0o straight upwards thanks to this device.

👤The ideal component for a more comfortable ride.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebars 31.8mm?

Bicycle handlebars 31.8mm products from Upanbike. In this article about bicycle handlebars 31.8mm you can see why people choose the product. Wald Mfg and Upanbike are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebars 31.8mm.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebars 31.8mm?

Upanbike, Wald Mfg and Upanbike are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebars 31.8mm. Find the detail in this article. Bucklos, Corki and Upanbike are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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