Best Bicycle Handlebars 25.4

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1. Profile Designs Boxer Bar Silver

Profile Designs Boxer Bar Silver

Even though it's just 115g, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how sturdy this mirror is. The cycling mirror is made of strong materials and features a lot of weight. China is the country of origin. The package is 1 inches in height. The package is 1 inches in length. The package width is 1 Inches.

Brand: Profile Designs

👤My back is bad and I need a more vertical ride position. Air drag doesn't matter to me because I ride for fitness. I own a bike. You can either raise your handle bar height with a spacer or add bar ends. The bars are fine on the handle bars. I thought I might need a drop of Locktite, but so far it's not a problem. There is a The end bar tubing is 1 inch in diameter. Adding Lowe's unsplit foam pipe insulation helps eliminate road noise. There is a The only downside is that my brakes stay down on the regular handlebars. This adds a bit of a delay to hit the breaks. I recommend that the end bars be brought to the intersection as a precautionary measure. There is a You can change ride positions and still be in control. Steering with finger tips is no longer possible. There is a A good product.

👤Many people said the handle bar to attach these to had to be 22mm. I measured mine and they are 22.6 to 22.6mm. I was worried that this wouldn't fit. It fit well and was tightened up nicely. To install, I cut a few inches off of the grippers. The boxer bars were slid onto each end and tightened down. I included photos so you can see if this would work out or not. They are very good quality and can be installed in a variety of ways. It will allow me to ride upright and take the strain off of my back and wrists. I can still lean forward and grab the main handle bars when I want to.

👤I like the size and quality. It's not much to say.

👤I had flat bars and stupid grips, so I bought this. It was an absolute necessity and worked great for my trip, I took the grips off completely and wrapped 1.5-2 feet of grip tape around the whole thing, I was able to use at least three positions that kept my hands from the bar ends. Since I installed them, they have not moved a millimeter. I am very happy that I bought these. I have normal sized hands and they were bigger than I needed, they look intimidating to get hit with and give the bike a more aggressive look. I posted a pic to show you how to do it, it wasn't perfect but it worked as a grip and didn't move, I'll redo it later.

👤I have a bike that has a flat bar. I love this bike but I can't do it at my age because of my back and shoulder issues. I would prefer to sit upright. I was going to take my bike to a local bike shop to have a cruiser type handlebar installed so I can sit upright. That was my plan. I stumbled upon these extenders recently and thought I would give them a try first. It's really amazing. It's life changing. I don't have to change my handlebars. It was easy to install. The grips were not cut from the flatbar. I mounted the extenders close to each end of the flatbars after taking the grips off. I just bought a new bike. It's good! Highly recommended.

2. Sunlite Steel Handlebars 25 4mm Length

Sunlite Steel Handlebars 25 4mm Length

The width is 27 and the length is 27.5.

Brand: Sunlite

👤The Sunlite MTB 3.5" rise handlebars made a difference in my wrists. I used it today after installing it. The bar is a bit wider which helped with my shoulders. My grip feels more natural and it doesn't feel like the bar is eating my wrists as compared to the original bar that came on my Mongoose Mack MTB. I can ride longer without hurting. It's worth the money to change over to the Sunlite handlebars. The bars were easy to install. The handlebars are of great quality. The handlebars look like they came on the bike. If you need that little extra reach, I highly recommend these.

👤The handlebar is awesome! It's great! I wish I had the money at the time to replace my previous Handlebar, which was a flat one from Huffy, but I didn't have that at the time. I am very happy with it. I don't want to look like a camel because of the back problems that come with slouching forward a lot as you get older. The stem of my old handlebars was too short for me, and the new 5" rise handlebar was just as short. There is a I decided to look for something better. I was looking for a new quill stem and extension when I was shopping for handlebars. I realized 2 inches more made sense after a lot of back and forth, as my riding is more of just commute and excercising, and I wanted to be more comfortable. This bike works for my needs for now, but I may look at getting a used beginners Cannondale, Trek, Specialized or Giant bicycle, or at least an aluminum frame and fork, and I'd say that's a good idea. I went with a stem that had an additional 4 inches and that made a huge difference along with the 5 inch raised handlebar. My Huffy is a commuter bike, not a race bike like a trek, Giant or Specialized, and the flat handlebar is a race type. The raised handlebar did what I needed it to do. My bike will be more comfortable to ride now. I've ridden my bike a few times. I have never been more comfortable. I know my bike isn't made for true mountain biking, but it's not intended for racing, and the old handlebar wasn't great for my arm length. The bike is fun and easy to commute on. This bike looks like it came from a custom store.

3. UPANBIKE Mountain Handlebar 25 4mm60cm 31 8mm62cm

UPANBIKE Mountain Handlebar 25 4mm60cm 31 8mm62cm

The material of the handlebar is aluminum alloy. The bar ends have a diameter of 22.2mm. It's for mountain bike,road bike and etc. There is an important note. Please make sure to measure and confirm the diameter that you need before ordering. Thank you.

Brand: Upanbike

👤They are definitely the best bang for your buck, even if they aren't the best bars you can get. They are light weight, strong and sleek. I can't say for certain how well they hold up on downhill mountain biking, but for commute/road bikes they are absolutely perfect.

👤I wanted to swap out my old set since they got bent by the truck. I knew my old set had the same measurement as the new set. Knowing your bar tube diameter is important. Existing components will attach to that size or less. You can either keep the bar the same or shorten it. There is a The Rise of the bars comes from the middle of the neck. This is also a preference to place your hands in a certain height. I only had these bars for 2 weeks. They're comfortable so far, but nothing to brag about. It was very easy to install. Some basic tools are needed. Each bicycle will have a say in this. There is a The rise on these bars was not as high as it was in the past. That didn't make me change my mind about keeping them. If you need new bars, check my photos for proof. Give them a try.

👤I bought these bars for my son's diamond cobraback 20. I tested them with bunny hops before I gave the bike back to him, and they held my weight up fine, so I'm sure they'll be great for him. The rise is perfect for his setup. He seems to like them as well.

👤It is described. The old bull horn style bars were replaced with the 25.4mm/ 600mm flat bar. It was very nice and well made. I changed the original combo to separate the brake leavers and the shifters to allow for all components. Quality and price are top notch for my use. You will need to buy new caps because the old ones are small. I bought new grips for the bars which came with new caps and they were perfect fit.

👤They are easy to install and don't slide around in the gooseneck. The angle of the bar starts to wear on my wrists after a while, and the steel isn't really sturdy, I can feel some up and down play in the handlebars while riding. For a cheap bike build, they do the job.

👤This was bought to replace the handlebar. I wanted to put myself in a more riding posture. This is a great price for that. It should be strong enough for street and path riding. All my stuff was transferred to new bars without any issues. Everything tightened up well. Good purchase that does the job.

4. GANOPPER Degree Mountain Handlebar Bicycle

GANOPPER Degree Mountain Handlebar Bicycle

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a lifetime warranty because they're so confident in the product quality. TheHandlebar diameter is 31.8mm (1-1/4"), the Steerer Tube diameter is 28.6mm (1-1/8"), and the length is 70mm. Universal 31.8 to 25.4 Bicycle Stem can be re-wired into 25.4mm. There is a stem for Fixie Bike. The material is. High Quality ALLOYAL6061,T6 Heated Treatment is lightweight. Black is the color. It's suitable for most mountain bikes, road bikes, fixed gear bicycle, BMX,AM,FR,XC Dirt Jump Bike. The best choice for cyclists is to upgrade the bike. 31.8 to 25.4 Stems are included in the package content.

Brand: Ganopper

👤I have back, neck, shoulders, and wrists that hurt. It's funny. I decided to buy a lighter non-adjustable of the same angle and length because I loved my old Fuji stem and had adjusted it. The new one has a nice finish and seems to be of decent quality. It feels strong and best of all, there is no creek. There is a I bought this because of the shim. I will probably buy another bike in the future that will have a 31.8 bar and my current one has a 25.4 bar. I will want the same stem length and angle on the upgraded bike, so it will be switched over. There aren't many bars on Amazon. It arrived in a brown cardboard box. I like that because it makes sense to waste money on decorated retail packaging. Save a buck on simple packaging and give the savings to the consumer. It deserves all 5 stars.

👤I am very pleased with this purchase. The finish was good. It is not perfect, but it is a good deal since most of these don't include the shim which can cost as much as one of these inexpensive/off brand stems themselves. Would buy again. I use it for an indoor trainer bike, but it seems sturdy enough to take out for actual rides.

👤El producto de calidad, excelente material y durarero, se siente. There is a El tamao tienes una destacar.

👤I wanted a 70mm stem with plenty of angle to get my handlebars up. It is lightweight, has a nice non-shiny finish, and so far is very durable.

👤The item with scratch looks like a second item, so it should be taken care of by Amazon.

👤The quality is as advertised.

5. Rmiott Handlebars 25 4mm Aluminum Available

Rmiott Handlebars 25 4mm Aluminum Available

The riser has 30mm lengths and 600mm sweeps back angle. The bar end has a diameter of 25.4mm. The diameter is 22.2mm. The design is good, and it is called CNC Precision. The Rmiott MTB riser handlebar gives you more control and makes riding position more comfortable. It is suitable for long-distance riding. The Rmiott Riser bar is compatible with most of the Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. The Rmiott MTB handlebar is made of high-strengh aluminum alloy. It's easy to install Rmiott bicycle handlebars if you measure and confirm the diameter of the handlebars.

Brand: Rmiott

👤Good quality. Adults will need a wider bar for grips brakes and gears if they are small or a kid.

👤Fast shipping on item as descision.

👤I expected that. I'm happy.

👤These are well made. They were bought to replace our LECTRIC handle bars. The handle bars were moved back towards the rider. It was almost perfect for me and the wife. They look better than the factory ones. I would buy them again if the price stays at $28. It would not be worth the purchase if it was higher.

6. Bicycle Handlebar Lightweight Aluminum Mountain

Bicycle Handlebar Lightweight Aluminum Mountain

The bar ends are 22.2mm. Please check your size. Excellent quality aluminum ALLOY. The bicycle Handlebar is made of high quality aluminum alloy and is not easily oxidized. The lightweight design of the cycling riser handlebar will not add much burden to your bike, you will feel comfortable and relax in long-distance cycling. There are wild applications. It can be a great gift for your family and friends who love cycling, as well as great bicycle components for your cycling sports. Beautiful and elegant. The bicycle riser bar is very fashionable and matches your mountain bikes, making your bikes looks more special. There are options in the colors. Choose the one that is best for your bike and enjoy your ride.

Brand: Dioche

👤I can't fault them for raising the controls on my girlfriend's bike, but be aware that the bars are very narrow, like 20 or 22 inches. I couldn't fit the controls and grips on them. There is a I wouldn't have bought them if I had known they were so narrow. There is a The item description needs to tell you about this.

👤Had intended to use them on a bike build. But... I knew they were small and weighed nothing from the other reviews. I decided after they arrived that they would work better on my scooter build. The gold looks great. I use them for what I want. I'm not sure if I would use these for a mountain bike. I would like something beefier for that. Time will tell if they hold up. I like them.

👤The original was too big to fit in the rear of a tandem bicycle, so I bought a new one. I was hoping that the handlebar was too small, but it worked the way I was hoping. It is a good handlebar, as advertised.

👤The Golden Cycles Fixed gear arrived with a rise bar, but I added inserts and extensions which did not help the riding. The Touring Bar on the spindle was more comfortable but not very daring. This bar has a rise that is 2” higher than the original bar and makes for a perfect set and steer. It is small but the rise allows for road feel, control and comfort that are not normally experienced. I recommend it without hesitation.

👤It is what I was looking for. The girl was riding a 6 speed mountain bike.

👤This was used on a Schwinn. It looks great. The matt finish is really nice.

👤For young kids, it's nice but small.

👤Fast delivery, great fit, nice quality.

👤Lleg rpido. Me llegara pronto. El negro pero en ese color tardara mas de un mes en llegar. There is a No me gusta tanto, la longitud. Es 6 cm ms corto del manubrio, pero todos los canciones tienen el mismo largo. It's Ni hablar. Tendré acostumbrarme.

👤Muy resistente y bueno, solo un poco corto.

👤I don't know what to say, pero me dijeron y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

7. UPANBIKE Bicycle Handlebar Aluminum 25 4mm

UPANBIKE Bicycle Handlebar Aluminum 25 4mm

It is made of T6 aluminun alloy. The handlebar is fit with a diameter of 25.4mm. It's suitable for road bike,cruiser,BMX bike. The Drop Bar End Tube out diameter is 22.2mm. The Drop Bar End Tube has a outer diameter of 23.7 There are millimetres.

Brand: Upanbike

👤These are slightly unusual dimensions for drop bars, most notably the grip diameter of 22.2mm. This is the standard grip diameter of mountain and BMX bars, and has been a common size for steel drop bars in the past, but these are aluminum alloy. The grip diameter of most aluminum drop bars is 15. The inner diameter of the drop bars is smaller, so accessories like mirrors and bar plugs may be limited. The Mountain Mirrycle mirror works even though I couldn't fit the Third Eye drop bar mirror. The only bar plugs I had that fit were Planet Bike ones. It is more common for mountain bike stems to have a diameter of 25.4mm (1") than it is for road stems which have a diameter of 26.0mm. I already had a pair of brake levers from some steel drop bars in my parts bin and I used the stock stem, these were perfect for my drop-bar conversion of a 1992 Trek 820 mountain bike. I'm happy to have affordable alloy drop bars that fit my application perfectly.

👤There is nothing wrong with this product quality. It feels very nicely built. The center taper is my problem. I take up a lot of the bar. It means that mounting anything is very difficult. There is a This might work if I were building a race bike. I assume most of the time, people like me are buying something in this price range for a project bike. The ability to mount is needed. I would not buy it again because it is a good value and works exactly as advertised. Product works great but differs from description, 2 stars, it's useless, and is generally a waste of money.

👤This is a decent bar for 20 bucks, but be aware that it is not a "maes" type bend, as depicted in some of the illustrations. The descriptions have been updated to show the differences between the 25.4 bar and the 31.8 one. The 25.4 is the classic curved shape while the 31.8 is the ergo shape.

👤The central area is thick enough to hold my aerobar clamps. The levers fit on and around the curve. I moved the levers to the top because they required too much reach. The handlebar is light. The black coating on the brake levers did not get scratched when I slid them. I can convert a mountain bike into a road bike. The aluminum must be thicker than regular steel bars because the end plugs fit tightly. My first ride felt great. The lowest hand position was comfortable. The saddle pressure was reduced because of the Leaning forward and putting more weight on the front wheel. I'm happy I bought it.

8. Wald Steel Handlebar 5 25 Black

Wald Steel Handlebar 5 25 Black

We are confident that they can provide a one-year warranty for this handlebar grips. If you have a problem with your order, please contact them. Black steel for comfort bikes. Smooth lines and mid rise for a comfortable riding position. The rise is 5.25-inch and the wingspan is 27 inches. The area is one inch. It was designed to hold a Wald steel bike basket.

Brand: Wald

👤I bought these for my wife and I. We love them so much that we no longer have to bend over the handlebars. At least not while riding the bikes. We bought my adult daughter and her boyfriend's bikes for Christmas last year, and I bought 2 more sets for them. If your stem clamp is 31.8, the diameter of the center clamp area, these will not fit. You can swap a 25.4 stem for less than $15.00 on Amazon and it's an easy swap. If you think you want these bars, buy them. If the stem is too big, buy a 25.4 stem and swap it out in less than 3 minutes. I would suggest a 90 degree stem for complete customization.

👤I own a mountain bike. The low bars didn't bother until a year ago. These bars have made riding enjoyable again. The fatigue and pressure that I felt in my shoulders and wrists is gone. The original lower bars were GONE! I can now sit upright. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I would not ride more than 6 miles with the stock bars. I have been going 14-18 miles because I am more comfortable.

👤I work in an urban area and ride a bike. The old school mountain bikes have strong, rigid Cro Mo frames and can take a beating, which is why they are the best urban assault bikes. After changing the tires to slicks, I dusted off my Schwinn High Plains and started using it, adding a horn and tail light. I bought the Wald bar because I found the straight bar hurting my lower back and wrists over time. I was worried that the larger bar would bend when I hopped curbs and rode down stairs, but it has been very strong and stable. If you want to change the geometry of your old bike to a cruiser, this is the bar. I had to replace all the cables to make it fit through doors, and it's so wide it won't fit through doors without a bar. I lost the mirror I had on the old bar, but now I'm sitting up high enough that I can see over my shoulder, so it's not a big deal.

👤It was the dimensions that worked, as it was a tight fit trying to put the brakes/gears on and leave enough room for your hands. Went on easy and was locked up nicely. You will probably scratch, but no problems with it, as mentioned in other reviews. If you have to change out the gear and brake cables, you might have to, but it's what I needed. I don't have to bend over my original straight handlebars because it did exactly what I needed.

9. TRIWONDER Adjustable Mountain Handlebar Bicycle

TRIWONDER Adjustable Mountain Handlebar Bicycle

The steerer tube extender is made from forged 6061 aluminum alloy. A bike handlebar riser provides a more comfortable riding experience. The diameter of the tube is 28.6mm. The handlebar's diameter is either 1'' or 1''. The length is 90mm / 120mm. It is adjusted. The design is lightweight. Please confirm your size before making a purchase. Four bolt bar is held securely in position. Simply connect the original front fork stem to the new one. A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes.

Brand: Triwonder

👤The finish and fit of the TRIWONDER Stem is the worst I've ever seen. The commodity model looked similar to the China made stems for 25.4 and 31.8mm handlebars. There were many quality issues in what I received. The stem was scratched up as the 2 keys and spacers were thrown together. From handling and shipment, the parts hit each other and destroy everything. One nex key is bent. This brand has thin painted lettering that is barely legible. The internal spring is not providing enough tension to hold the stem tight. The delivery bag has photos in it. There is a Maybe I got a lemon. Other brands have more issues than other brands. The Triwonder has them all.

👤Not every idea is perfect. There is a This Stem is a great idea, but poorly made. It's supposed to be fun to ride a bike. Even for the occasional rider, parts should be of the highest quality and last as long as possible. It is completely different when parts fail or have the potential to fail. If the handlebars break, I can't ride a bike. I wanted to get a little taller on my mountain bike by replacing the original stem. The size was correct and the fit was good, but the quality was not up to par. The stem was changed a few weeks ago. The stem made creaking noises and I made sure the bolts were fastened. I noticed a paint fissure between the two bolts on the new stem after starting a ride yesterday. I could see the stem was cracked and that it wasn't just the paint. My first thought was that my handlebars were going to break. I replaced my stem and stopped to walk home. Other factors that affect stem quality include vehicle use, rider weight and physical exertion on the handlebars. The details of these subjects are very important to me. Limits and weights are set for a reason. I want you to inspect your bikes before and after every ride. Constant observation and preventative maintenance are required for most durable mechanisms.

👤This works great on my mountain bike, I'm merely an occasional biker. I think it's a lot heavier than the stem it came with, but hey, you get what you pay for. I wanted my handlebars to be a comfortable place and this raised that to be the case. I'm only an occasional biker, but I haven't experienced any wiggling or loosened.

👤I was able to sit slightly more upright because of the angle I got. Less weight on my shoulders and hands is a big improvement. Looks and feels good. It was easy to install.

👤The riser extension and stem have given me a more comfortable riding position.

👤I used the stem for a long time, but wanted a single stem. These worked well, but I don't think so. Even though I used a Torque driver on the angle adjustment screw, I kept feeling that it was a tad loose. I replaced it with that.

10. BW 100mm Riser Handlebar Mountain

BW 100mm Riser Handlebar Mountain

The right amount of suspension travel is the right amount of vertical compliance without sacrificing stability or steering. The stem is as rigid as a standard stem, allowing you to sprint or climb out of the saddle with confidence. The swappable elastomers let you dial in the right feel and stiffness. Money-back guarantee for 90 days. They offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund. The quality construction is made of aluminum alloy. There is a 25.4mm diameter, a 620mm width, 10mm back sweep and a 100mm rise.

Brand: Bw

👤The bars were too low. I am very happy that I got these. The fit and finish were great. I used them on my hybrid mountain bike to get exercise. I can't say how they hold up because I don't do mountains. I am afraid.

👤I love these handlebars. Strong and very comfortable. They look really cool with glossy BW logo and textured black paint. I used a Wake stem with these. I had a sore numb hand.

👤My handlebars were straight. I had a lot of pain between shoulder blades after a couple of hours. These are connected to the internet. The taller and slightly curved is further back. Installation was easy, the price was good, and the delivery was quick. Used for the first time last week and it was a big improvement. Thanks!

👤This handlebar was perfect for me as I get older. I had to raise my controls to make my bike more comfortable to ride. The bar gave me 100mm of rise. My old mountainbike is getting a new lease on life. The dimensions of the bar were described.

👤It was installed on the bike. The left side has a hand grip. I just fit everything on the straight part of the handlebars. The assembly had to be pushed onto the handlebars. It was all on it, but it was forced some. Theght side has the same thing. I wouldn't have worked if I had less straight part. It would have been perfect if there was an extra 1/2 inch of straight piping.

👤I bought a beach cruiser to ride on the south Padre Island beach. The handlebars were too wide for me. I bought a seat post and handlebars. The feel of the bike was changed to a mountain bike. I tried to match the rise of my hybrid bike. It feels better now. There is a The bars are light and the change in the ride is inexpensive.

👤The Giant 26” mountain bike is 20 years old. It was necessary to have more handle bar height for comfort. The rise was 100mm. It was an easy install. I had to buy a longer front brake cable.

👤I use it on a street mountain bike to raise my riding position and decrease the extension stress on my neck, and it works great. It's light, comfortable and strong. There is a There is not much room on the flat part of the handlebar for mounting accessories, so if you have a lot of devices, you need to get an extender.

11. MIGHTYDUTY Handlebar Aluminum Straight Mountain

MIGHTYDUTY Handlebar Aluminum Straight Mountain

Please make sure to measure and confirm the diameter that you actually need before ordering. Thank you. The mountain bike handlebar is made of aluminum. Their bicycle handlebars are of the highest quality, non-slip and comfortable, making them an excellent ride. The lightest and strongest products are the best choice for your ride. The design of the wire crimping grooves, the standard pipe diameter, and the Exquisite shape of the bicycle handlebar are all unique. The bicycle handlebar used to relax under a good road conditions. Enjoy the ride and the view. The bike handlebar can be used for many types of bikes. It's easy to install, complete set and use immediately.

Brand: Mightyduty

👤Couldn't be happier with the purchase of a drop-bar conversion. Everything was easy to install. Mikey likes it.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. If you want to cut it to a custom size, there are marks on either end. To get the dimensions that I needed, I cut 1/2 from each side.

👤The bar was light and sturdy.

👤The handle bar has been great. It was the perfect length for my mountain bike.

👤It was perfect for my needs. My old bike was converted into a flat-bar commuter. It has lines for cutting it down. The price was great and the quality was better than I expected.

👤The handlebars are very strong and support my weight.

👤Light and cheap. I installed them and there were no marks from the sliding into place. Happy with the purchase.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebars 25.4?

Bicycle handlebars 25.4 products from Profile Designs. In this article about bicycle handlebars 25.4 you can see why people choose the product. Sunlite and Upanbike are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebars 25.4.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebars 25.4?

Profile Designs, Sunlite and Upanbike are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebars 25.4. Find the detail in this article. Ganopper, Rmiott and Dioche are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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