Best Bicycle Handlebar Bag Vintage

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1. SENQI Bicycle Leather Seatpost Accessories

SENQI Bicycle Leather Seatpost Accessories

The quality and detail of their bike pouches which come in giftable packaging just in time for christmas is Exquisite Craftsmanship. Application for vintage bicycle.

Brand: Senqi

👤It looks great on my bike. It's nice to use the clips under the buckles, rather than having to do the buckles every time! There is a I have shared it with many people.

👤The leather was made with cheap plastic. The fabric split on the first use was stress free.

👤I love that these saddlebags are not real leather and have the same vintage aesthetic. I like to make sure I have an extra layer for temperature changes, my chain/lock, extra water, so these bags have plenty of room between the two. The clips are hidden beneath the buckles, which makes it easy to get to our necessities. The installation was difficult, but they stayed in place. I wouldn't recommend taking them on and off because it can take a long time. These are a nice addition to my ride.

👤Excellent choice. The best! The item states it is not real. Why complain? The bags are very thick and sturdy and can hold a lot of stuff. They are small and have loops in the center to control flapping. For the price, and for faux leather, it was very good. It has two inner flaps to keep out rain. The product is amazing. Buy now!

👤I wasn't sure about the bags because they weren't real leather. The sewing is done well and it looks like it was put together. These type of bags fail there. They have performed well so far and I have gotten positive feedback about their looks.

👤A great product for the price, nice material inside and out, holds its shape well, and can hold a large amount. They look great on my bike.

👤Absolutely love this set. I will do some custom mounting with bolt and washers. It's not real leather but if it gets wet it will be better.

👤The attachment is ridiculous, but I like the looks and style. You have to run the rope under the bars, loop it up, and then tie it under the bars. I might not keep this.

👤I got these for my wife. She loves them. It's good value for money. Order early because it took a while to arrive.

👤I hope the leather will change over time. Black bags suit my Radrunner+, so I got lots of praise. There is a lot of room for things.

👤This item is not made of leather. It was cheap 1980 plastic. Don't waste your money.

2. Genuine Leather Vintage Motorcycle Handlebar

Genuine Leather Vintage Motorcycle Handlebar

The bike bag can be used as a mini handbag, a shoulder bag or waist bag. Product information. The bag is genuine goat leather. The bag should be secured to the bike with two leather buckle straps. It works on almost all bikes, motorcycles, and bicycles. The weather is changing. The motorcycle roll bag has a variety of convenient mounting options, including the passenger seat, luggage rack, and sissy bars. A classic look and all the features you could want. Natural leather and eco friendly. Within a few days, the smell of leather is gone. All bags are weather resistant. The quality of the bag improves as the leather ages. There are multiple uses. The best partner for traveling is this motorcycle saddle bag. You can put it in a different position. A water bottle drink, driver's license, registration, as pass, cell phone, hair brush, makeup, cell phone, tire accessories, gloves, sunglasses, pocket knife, and dew rag are all needed. This must have travel accessory is a perfect gift idea for this festive season or all occasion like Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day, Graduation, Halloween, Birthdays, Anniversary, or as Party Favor on other special events for all passionate travelers.

Brand: Vintage 1946

👤I liked it. It looks good. It's great for the money even though it's cheap. It gets wet until that is. It smells like cow poo when it's wet. Not true. I had to figure out where the smell was coming from. I did not get it soaked, just a little rain on one of my rides. I had to throw it away. There is a If cow poop isn't a bad thing to you, then this is a really great deal. Definitely a hard pass if that's not your thing.

👤For small cargo, it works great. Gloves, registration, a few tools, or a bar? It looks even better! I paid homage to bikes of the past by getting the tan leather for my Sportster. It was what I was looking for. I was surprised by the craftsmanship. The package had a strange smell, which I learned was genuine goat leather. It was pleasant but not as nice as genuine cow leather. There are brass straps and a green canvas inside. Stitching seems to be more than capable and it seems to last a long time. Time will tell at this point. But for the price? Can't be beaten.

👤The bag is perfect for my motorcycle and the leather is beautiful. I was not sure if I wanted belts to close the bag, but the fact is that it cover the entire front, and it will easily close. It is a great buy.

👤I ordered these because it doesn't keep it's shape at all. It fits perfectly and makes the bag stand up. I mounted it on the swingarm with tiewraps and a drop of gorilla glue to keep it from dropping down.

👤The bag is well made. It's goat leather makes it hard to keep its shape. The bag is too small to fit between the front forks of my vintage. If I don't use it, it will have to be rigged with zip ties. I should have measured before buying the product.

👤I was skeptical about the quality of the bag. The bag is made of high quality materials and workmanship, it is very similar to leather gear, which is 4X the price. The fork bag was expected to be about 10" wide x 4" tall and 3.5" deep, perfect for a quart of oil or a few hand tools, and it was. The tan brown is a classic look and works well for legal docs. Great purchase.

3. Herte Genuine Leather Bicycle Utility

Herte Genuine Leather Bicycle Utility

It was made by experienced artisans of rajasthan. The leather bicycle tool bag is nicely handcrafted. Solid brass buckles come with 100% genuine full grain leather. The best fit to brooks saddle is Schwinn. The bag is perfect for holding your tools and small accessories. The Distressed Light Brown is a small size.

Brand: Herte

👤I bought a different bag for my bike after buying this bag for my wife. It is a great looking bag. She likes the way the bike looks. She uses her phone on the handlebars. There could be other small items in there as well. The phone only fits in one direction. It would fit straight across if it wasn't for the otter box case.

👤A small bag. If it needs to hang down from the saddle a little, the straps are long enough to hold it. The sides are reinforced to keep its shape. The leather seems to be treated and has a nice finish. It looks like the part on my beach cruiser.

👤I bought this leather saddle bag to replace the leather bar bag. I may dye it to make it look better, since it is attached to a new bike saddle. The bag sits nicely on the rear fender with the angle of the seat post and the way my bike frame swoops down. Adding chrome pike nuts kept the bag from being tilted.

👤This is a great find. It is the perfect size for the back of my seat and it is well made. Some reviewers said it was a bit small, but I think not. It has tire leavers,allen keys,spare inner tube, and small tools in it. You need to get out of the jam. There is a The colour is lighter in the picture, but that didn't bother me and I don't need to knock off a star! I gave my coat a coat of natural boot polish for extra protection. I would definitely recommend it.

👤A 1977 Raliegh Sprite 5 speed restoration is being done. There are many improvements and looks beautiful. The bag looks amazing and the kicker is the bag. I have a vintage look after two coats of oil.

👤It is just really small. I was not expecting it to be this small. There is nothing wrong with it. I wish it was bigger.

👤It worked well for her bike tool kit. Real leather should be oiled.

👤The bike is brought together for a nice look. It is large enough for my keys and cellphone.

4. Handlebar Waterproof Removable Shoulder Transparent

Handlebar Waterproof Removable Shoulder Transparent

There are multiple applications. Bike bags can be used as mountain bike bags, road bike bags, folding bike bags, and electric bike bags. The hidden earphone hole allows you to answer the phone or listen to music while cycling. Premium quality is the bag made of waterproof polyester and TPU to provide maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage, no need to worry about raining when cycling. The bag has a waterproof sensitive screen that is not functional through the cover. The bike bag can hold up to a larger capacity of 3.5L, enough space for the necessary items such as phone, water bottle, wallet, keys, glasses, bike repair tools, earbuds, lighters and more into this bike accessory. 3 magic stickers help you to install it onto your bike bag easily. The front pouch bag is easy to install and remove, it is safe for high speeds. The shoulder bag strap design makes it convenient to carry the bag wherever you go. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them. Their first priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Oranlife

👤The handle bar bag makes it easy to carry things. We have been trying to be active during these times. I wanted something that could hold a water bottle, a knife, and my phone. This works well and has room to spare. I have a case on my Iphone pro max and it fits. It is easy to open and close, and you can use the strap to carry it around. There is a The part that holds the phone in its place was ripped at the seam with very little effort. The clear plastic on my phone screen is not as strong as it used to be, so it is difficult to use the clear screen. I think the tear was caused by a bad material or poor craftsmanship.

👤I bought this bag in February, but it is now early July and I have a lot of issues with it. The plastic window and little phone pocket are the first things I noticed. When it got hot, I would bike for 30 minutes and then pull my phone out. I stopped using the little pocket with the window because I was worried that my phone would get damaged. I put it all the way inside and it doesn't happen anymore. The phone pocket is separated by a flap from the main storage within a few weeks. It's detatched on the long side now, and the fabric is so detatched that it leaves fuzz and strings all over my stuff or tangles in my fingers when I reach in. There is a The way it is installed on the bike is not what the picture shows. The only way to get the straps to attach to my handle bars is to turn them so that the phone pocket is almost facing away from me, and the bag is almost over my handlebars. I've tried every possible way to turn it, but with where the straps are placed, there is only one way to get it on securely. Maybe I just got a dud that had the straps sewed onto the wrong spot, but I'm not taking my chances with another cheap bar bag; I'll be buying something more legit and high quality immediately.

👤I like to use my phone as a gps device. I had a product that heels the phone. If it started to rain, it was a problem. I saw this product. I get storage space as a bonus because it holds my phone and keeps it nice and dry. I would like to be able to use the touch screen while the phone is in the bag. Sometimes the gps stops. I have to put the phone back in because you need to press a few things on the screen. Storage is large and I am very happy with this phone holder.

👤I returned it because it wouldn't fit on my handlebars, I have my gear wires where this is supposed to fit. I own women. This didn't fit the Trek. It was good quality. I wish it would have happened. It had a lot of room for the water bottle and the phone.

5. TOURBON Vintage Panniers Bicycle Handlebar

TOURBON Vintage Panniers Bicycle Handlebar

This brown leather motorcycle saddle bags is a unique gift for your loved ones on all occasions like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Mothers Day, or as a party favor on other special events to Men and Women. The bag is made of waterproof canvas and leather. The leather strap is easy to attach to the bike. Place your bike top front tube on the ground. It's perfect for a bike storage and travel companion. The weight is 0.15 kilogram. The bike bag is attached to the handlebars.

Brand: Tourbon

👤This bag is very nice. The top flap doesn't cover the opening on the ends, which is keeping it from getting five stars. Water would not fall into the bag if the flap width was increased.

👤I recently purchased a vintage ivory Trek 7300 and needed to put my keys, cellphone and ID in it, and this is the perfect bag. I like the way it looks and it's large enough to hold a snack in addition to the above.

👤It was a good product but my was a dirty and stained inside. There are black stains on the white fabric. It is not a big deal since nobody expects a new product to be stained and dirty since nobody sees the inside. The decision to use white fabric was terrible, especially if they can't keep it clean during the manufacturing process.

👤I lost the old bag on my bike so I went looking for a new one. I don't carry a lot, but this is perfect because I don't have a lot to carry. It was easy to put my bike on. On bumpy terrain, the snap is secure. Looks great!

👤The bags were used to finish the restoration of a 1961. The khaki canvas and leather mounting straps fit the vintage style of this little motorcycle. The Dicati logo is patched on the flaps.

👤I bought this for my bike. I bought a canvas cooler truck bag from the same company and it fit right in with the look. This pouch is well made. I hang it from the top tube of my bike and it makes it look great. It fits my phone, keys and wallet, and that's what I wanted. It looks great and is exactly what I was looking for.

👤The space on my handlebars is right and I like it. It's a bit tricky to snap closed when it's free-hanging, but not a deal-breaker.

👤It's a great size to fit bike accessories, phone and a small water bottle.




6. GVB Natural World Genuine Handlebar

GVB Natural World Genuine Handlebar

Unique shape and design. The aerodynamic wedge shape of the seat bike saddle bag is good for high speed cycling. This bike saddle bag is suitable for most bikes, such as road bikes, mountain bikes and foldable bikes. The size is appr. The weight is 160g. The front bag can be installed in front of the bike. The saddle bag can be used as a pocket. The bag is perfect for all kinds of bikes. The bag is for the saddle and handlebars. Front forks,handlebar,tail rack are installed. You will receive a surprise gift with every purchase.

Brand: Gvb Natural World

👤These work well as a side bag. The leather has a worn look. They are not heavy duty. The straps are thin and cheaper than you want, so don't pack them heavy. They are a nice add at a budget price. I would recommend better straps or zip ties if you want it to hang off the side with the straps that come with them.

👤I have to make my own temp mounting until I add eye holes. I want the size I look like.

👤A good set of bags.

👤They are on the smaller side and may have a few tools. They have a pocket inside. I only used the saddle bags so I can't rate the fork bag, but they are made with a nice soft leather and can collapse when not filled.

👤These fit nicely on the side of my Rebel 500. Not a lot of storage space is expected by their size. Enough space for a couple of locks, ausb adaptor, and tools. They come with a gift of a tiny book keyring that is useless and well done.

👤This is beautiful and worth paying for, thanks to the good work.

👤It's perfect for my vintage Schwinn bike. The quality is a 10.

👤I was looking for a great price on all three of the beautiful leather bags. It was installed on my Moto Guzzi V7 Special. Enough room for a day trip. It was perfect!

7. ROCKBROS Handlebar Cycling Removable Shoulder

ROCKBROS Handlebar Cycling Removable Shoulder

Application It's suitable for most kinds of bikes, such as Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Kids Bike, Commute city bike and so on. It's a good choice for daily use. The ROCKBROS bicycle bag is made of 600D water-repellent fabric, lightweight and excellent materials can provide a safe environment for your items on rainy days. The large capacity bike bag has enough space to hold cycling gears like phone, gloves, wallet, keys, glasses, bike repair tools, earbuds, lighters, and the front pocket is more convenient to take things. Your night dancing friends. The front sign has a loop that can hold a bike light to increase night visibility, and the back sign has a fashion triangle reflective sign on two sides of the bicycle bag. Buying a bike bag is equivalent to getting 3 types of bicycle bags. The bike front frame bag is mounted on the tube bar, the bike handlebars bag is on the triangle frame, and the shoulder strap is a bag for easy carry. The bike top tube bag is a great gift for your family or friends because it is easy to install and remove, and it fits most bikes. They will give you a satisfactory solution if you have any questions.

Brand: Rockbros

👤The bag is solid and I have not had any complaints about it. I am using it as a motorcycle handle bar bag. It had a lot of mounting points. If you want a second pocket, you should know that the two zippers open the same area, which is perfect for me.

👤I rode my bike through a storm last night and everything is dry.

👤The bag was too small for my needs.

8. Genuine Leather Motorcycle Reinforced Handlebars

Genuine Leather Motorcycle Reinforced Handlebars

This must have travel accessory is a perfect gift idea for this festive season or all occasion like Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day, Graduation, Halloween, Birthdays, Anniversary, or as Party Favor on other special events for all passionate travelers. Imported... The Genuine Goat Leather saddle Bag has a dimensions of 9.7 x 3.75 x 3 inches. The bag has 2 leather straps that are used to secure it to the bike. Natural tanning process can change the color of a picture. All bags are free of harmful substances. The quality of the bag improves as the leather ages. The brown leather saddle bags motorcycles are a classic and vintage look. Within a few days, the leather smell will diminish. This brown leather motorcycle saddle bags is a unique gift for your loved ones on all occasions like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Mothers Day, or as a party favor on other special events to Men and Women. This brown leather motorcycle saddle bags is a unique gift for your loved ones on all occasions like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Mothers Day, or as a party favor on other special events to Men and Women.

Brand: Vintage Crafts

👤The studded black leather tool bag that I purchased for my Honda was no longer needed. The rich brown leather is very appealing and adds a unique contrast to the black motorcycle. The bag is smaller and made of thinner material. My wife said the other studded bag looked like a purse, so I'm happy with this one.

👤I need to add more holes to the straps. You can't tighten it anymore when you put them on the bag. It gets soft very quickly. After a month of being in and out of it, it's softer but not as strong. When it is full, it looks good, but when empty, it droops. It's not sure how water resistant it is.

👤A nice looking bag was flimsy and looked cheap. I bought a piece of plexiglass and cut it up. The front and back of the bag have it. There is a The back of the bag was stiffened with the help of the plexiglass. There is a This made the back look better.

👤I was surprised by the quality. Anyone complaining about quality was expecting a bag of $100 or more. It is light and thin. I put my registration and insurance in a plastic sandwich bag, but it was the right size for a couple short wrenches. I don't leave the bike outside or ride in the rain, so haven't tested water resistance. Considering the design, I don't think it's impressive. It looks great and is easy to install.

👤This was what my husband was looking for to carry an extra set of gloves, night glasses, and face covering. He is happy with the quality of materials and he is picky.

👤It was good for the price. It's nice, but I wish it was bigger to put more stuff in.

👤A pouch for bats of a motorcycle. One of the straps to close the pouch is very stiff and the other is nice.

👤My son brought this for me to use on my Triumph Speedtwin, as she is old, I always carry tools in a bag, this will allow the tools to be stored on the bike and look in keeping with the age. There is a The bag is top quality and looks great on my Triumph.

👤Tasche is gut aus. We are together. Irgendwie geknautscht aus, ist aber. Habe, doch, die ist immer.

👤Alles super! Top Ware and kam are both related. Bin bei der Tasche. Fall ist bei Kaufempfehlung wert. Gre aus Deutschland.

9. GLE2016 Foldable Removable Handlebar Detachable

GLE2016 Foldable Removable Handlebar Detachable

Winter and summer dual-PURPOSES. The Oxford cloth design on the other side of the cushion is suitable for summer use, cool and breathable, and the velvet design on the bottom is great for pets in the winter. FOLDABLE &QUICK REMOVABLE. The quick-release handlebar mounting system is very easy to install on the bicycle basket. Measure your bike before buying to make sure it's suitable for the handlebar diameter. The 2 in 1 bicycle front storage is designed with hard-wearing Oxford cloth for long-term use. The frame is made of aluminum and is super durable and tear-proof. The max bearing is 5KG. They will send you a new basket if there are missing accessories or quality problems. It is easy to clean with water. Even in the face of rain, the built-in waterproof coating on the Oxford cloth is safe. There is a zip pocket for valuables. Even if the road is bumpy, you don't have to worry about the items falling apart because the top zip is tightened. The rugged aluminum frame is suitable for most handlebars. The bag is not in use when it is not in the metal frame, so it is removed to be carried alone. The trunk of a car or bike bag can be easily collapsible. MULTI-PURPOSE The bicycle basket can be used as a tote bag for a variety of items. Remove the basket and carry food or other things for a day of sun, surf, and relaxation. As a pet bike carrier, you can take your dog on the road.

Brand: Gle2016

👤The basket was not for scooters according to another reviewer. It looked like it would fit my mobility scooter, I was unsure of what type of scooter it was. I mounted it after some finagling. It is easy to take on and off. The rain is kept out of the Pacific Northwest. The basket can be washed with the help of the side that is removed. The inside zip pocket and front picket are great for small items. Happy so far!

👤I put this on my beach cruiser so I could get groceries on my outings at the beach. I take it off my bike, shop the grocery store, and then load it all back in. You can tie the top to keep things in. I really like it. It can't be beat for the price. It made it two miles. 2 pounds of groceries were purchased the other day. I put it to the test and it may not last forever. If I have to buy again, I will get the same one from the same seller. There is a When mounted with the inserts for my handlebars, it stays up and does not hit the tire. I can't say enough good things about it. I took off one star from the installation because there was no instructions. My son did it wrong when he put it on for the first time. It was not difficult to take it off and turn it over. Instructions would have been nice.

👤I didn't get to use this product on a bike ride. The mechanism that allows you to attach it to the brackets broke while we were attaching the basket. Some of you are asking about putting your pet in a basket. I wouldn't try it. If the basket were to fall off, I would be afraid of running over my pet.

👤I ordered several of these baskets. There are dozens on Amazon that are the same price and quality. It is very easy to install on your handlebars. The biggest complaint about these baskets is that they rely on thin plastic sticks to hold them upright. I will probably buy some dowels to support the sides. The quality of the materials is decent for what they are and for the price. The system works well. It was secure. The colors were not what I expected. The liner was flimsy. If used for an animal, I can see it tearing. This is what is advertised.

👤The basket is very nice. It wasn't optimal to have no installation instructions, so it took some extra time to research and figure out the best way to install. Installation was easy once I did it. There is a The reviews indicated that with weight in the basket it tilts down and rubs the front tire. It did just that with a few groceries. You cannot tighten the mount enough to not cause it to fall when it has more than a little weight in it. I believe I can fix it by attaching zip ties to the mounting mechanism and putting a screw on the lower stem of the handlebars to hold it in place. I haven't fully tested that yet. I think I can make the basket work. I love the design and the ability to take it off. I wish they would fix the mounting brackets so you don't have to worry about ruining the bottom of the basket.

10. BOBILIFE Bike Bicycle Triangle Frame

BOBILIFE Bike Bicycle Triangle Frame

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 1-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan. This bike bag is large enough to hold all of your tools and small enough to fit under the frame of your bike. There is a big mesh pocket that fits your keys, nutrition, and more, while a smaller mesh pocket holds your phone, earphones, and money clip. This bike pouch with slim body design, the install position of under bike top tube effectively help to minimize the wind resistance, and prevent legs hitting during riding. The bag's weight is less than 2oz, which is ideal for long cycling trips. It won't interfere with your water bottle on your bicycle frame, it's easy to install, it has a big opening mouth for easy access, and it has a universal angle to fit most bikes' triangle frames. The bike triangle frame bag is made of upgraded polyester fabric, it is water resistant and easy to clean. The bike bag can be used as a mini handbag, a shoulder bag or waist bag.

Brand: Bobilife

👤This bag is lightweight and good for your bike. Design quality sucks due to one overlooked issue. It's really disappointing that there isn't a fastening next to the end of the bike mount. It is impossible to use the bag while riding the bike because you cannot close it without using two hands. It was my intended purpose. Fix the design flaw and I would give it a 5 star rating. I will go to a craft store to get some velcro to fix the issue but I hope you will add the extra strap as I would definitely order again if this was resolved. Thank you for the great product.

👤It's perfect and I love it. I don't think the colors are as dull as a cheap material. It holds my wallet, keys, and my phone. I use it and like it.

👤I always carry my phone and wallet in my cycling jersey pockets, but I wanted a better way to have it close at hand. I found this bag on line and decided to try it. There is a The bag is easy to install and has easy storage for phone, wallet and energy bars. It's not a good idea to have multiple water bottle cages on the bike because you have to remove the seat tube to fit them.

👤It is a budget bag. There is a need for another fastening on the seat tube side. The wind makes the pull annoying as it hits my leg. It would be convenient to have an outer pocket.

👤I made a battery holder and switch for my lights on my bike, it fit my needs. I thought it would be bigger, but the pick actually showed a mesh water bottle holder. The one I got did not have that. I think I got a good deal buying it used like new. If you double check your order, you might find a few models on one page.

👤I like the fit on my bike. I carry two phones because of my work and oncall status and it fits both of them nicely, with the thin case of the phone and the thicker case of the other. Also holds my truck keys. Not much room for tools. I ride close to where I park.

👤There is a good storage pack for a bike. We gave our son a thickener case because we didn't want him to use his phone while riding.

11. Bushwhacker Waco Black Handlebar Accessories

Bushwhacker Waco Black Handlebar Accessories

It's easy to mount the ROCKBROS Front Pack with two hook and loop straps on the back, it's easy to install and quickly remove from your bike, it's secure in the front and never rubs against the knees while riding your bike. Ripstop construction makes it durable. The 2-point mounting system is convenient. Not just for bikes. It's great on any handlebars. Such as ATVs, dirt bikes, scooters, snowmobiles, motorcycles. The dimensions are 8.5" long and four inches in diameter.

Brand: Bushwhacker

👤This is a small bag. The fabric is very light and inexpensive. It's attached to the handlebars with two straps, but it swings and rattles whenever you ride on a smooth road, and other reviewers have said it's also attached to the handlebars with two straps. The bag has no floor, so I will probably put a piece of cardboard in it. The price seems high but it is probably due to the 25% penalty tariffs on most imports from China.

👤I thought it was smaller. This would be a good thing, except that it will rub my tire if I attach it to the seat. I attach it to the top tube as my handlebar is full of gadgets. This pouch holds everything I need. I have 2 tire levers, a mini-pump, a multi-tool, patches, a single ear SportBud, a bottle of lube, an extra silicone band for my phone mount, and a wrench. I have room for a tube and flashlight, but maybe something else. The quality is good. You could use a secondary bag inside of this one, but I can't attest to the water resistant properties. There is definitely room. The weave and stitching is very nice. If I found a smaller version of this bag, I would grab it. I don't regret my purchase because it doesn't get in the way while I ride. It wasn't what I expected. I would love for the straps to have easy release buckles. I don't want to leave my bag behind while I park the bike. A small handle would be good for portable use. You have to re-thread the straps to attach the bag. It doesn't have any support or rigidity. It isflaccid.

👤This bag is great for $10 I had a bad experience with my Road Runner brand piece of a seat tool bag and I was so happy to find this next one. There is a The material is strong and light. There is a The straps are easy to use. There is a The size is perfect for a tube, tool kit, wallet, or a Compact windbreaker. It is my go to bag for mountain and road riding. There is a It is a simple design that is worth every penny. There is a The color is simple and doesn't clash with other colors on the products. Keep in mind... There is a It is $10 I open it carefully and don't put it through it's paces since I want it to last. I think it will live on my bike for a long time. I am sold if a little fragility equals lighter weight.

👤This is the second time I have ordered a Bushwhacker bag. I like them. I ordered my first one 6 years ago for my road bike, and I ordered this one for my beach bike. The bag holds up well. I carry things inside of it. The plastic buckles are one thing I really like about this bag. I have bags with metal buckles and they tend to rust in time. When I purchased the first Bushwhacker bag, it was very inexpensive, but even at the current cost, it is still a good price. This bag was made in Vietnam, but Bushwhacker is an American company.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebar bag vintage?

Bicycle handlebar bag vintage products from Senqi. In this article about bicycle handlebar bag vintage you can see why people choose the product. Vintage 1946 and Herte are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebar bag vintage.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebar bag vintage?

Senqi, Vintage 1946 and Herte are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebar bag vintage. Find the detail in this article. Oranlife, Tourbon and Gvb Natural World are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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