Best Bicycle Handlebar Bag Small

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1. Bicycle Handlebar Sensitive Waterproof Multifunctional

Bicycle Handlebar Sensitive Waterproof Multifunctional

If you have any questions or need more help, please contact them. The Bike Handlebar Bag is easy to use as a bicycle phone mount holder. This bag is a daily shoulder bag or waist bag, with a wide shoulder strap, and a mini handbag and waterproof rain cover, it protects your belongings from dust and rain. Come with a Rain cover. The Cycling Handlebar bags are easy to clean. The rain cover protects your items from the rain and water. The Large Capacity is 4.2L. The dimensions are: 21 * 12 * 18.9 cm. The large capacity of the bike front handlebar bag is perfect for holding daily essentials. The screen is sensitive. The bike bucket bag has a touch screen bag that is more sensitive than a standard bag. The waterproof design makes it convenient to use your phone without opening the bag. It is easy to install and stable. The saddle bag can easily connect to the bike handlebars. Two built-in mesh bags can be used for storing most bikes, road or commute bike, and are convenient and fast. It is easy to install and stable. The saddle bag can easily connect to the bike handlebars. Two built-in mesh bags can be used for storing most bikes, road or commute bike, and are convenient and fast.

Brand: Kkuyt

👤I received this item and am excited to try it out. It feels better than I anticipated and the zippers seem to be water resistant. I ride with my kids. I don't want to carry a backpack, but I do want to have a small first aid kit and some snacks in my bag. There is a I think I could carry my small DSLR camera with its slim protective sleeve over it inside this bag if I wanted to because it is lightly padded.

👤It works well and the price is good.

👤I like that it made well. It is expensive.

👤The sand was working well.

2. ROCKBROS Bicycle Waterproof Handlebar Accessories

ROCKBROS Bicycle Waterproof Handlebar Accessories

If you have any problems, please contact them. The EVA 3D hard shell design isdurable. The bike phone bag is made of tough material. The Solid shape makes it look stylish and the Carbon fiber is durable. Keep the bag clean when it is dirty and only use a wet towel when it is dirty. Excellent waterproof performance. Their bike frame bags have a waterproof effect and can protect your items from the elements. The bike bag is also shake-proof with it's hard frame structure. You can use your phone with a high sensitivity touch screen, no need to take it out while riding. Don't worry, your smart phone will fall down, there is a hook and loop inside. The hidden earphone hole allows you to listen to music while cycling. Large room design is enough to hold your daily riding items, such as cell phone, sunglasses, power bank, battery, gloves, energy gel, small mini pump repair kits, keys, wallet and so on, mesh compartments on two sides are designed to classified storage. It's compatible with both the iPhone11 X and the s8 s7 note 7. The ROCK BROS bike bag is easy to install and can be adjusted according to your needs. This design can be used to hold your bike tightly to prevent shaking. Their top tube bag can remain stable even when riding on rugged mountain roads. The ROCK BROS bike bag is easy to install and can be adjusted according to your needs. This design can be used to hold your bike tightly to prevent shaking. Their top tube bag can remain stable even when riding on rugged mountain roads.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤The location of the phone holder and storage bag on the top bar is terrible, but I like the concept of it. Even though I am 6'2 and have enough room in front of my seat to stand over the bar, I still have to carry my bag with me on my bike. If you have a bike that's 6 feet long, you should buy it!

👤The fit on my bike was perfect. The phone works great. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this bag to hold my phone in case I decide to get a bigger phone in the future. The hard sides and the amount of space inside are what I like the most. I don't use the phone a lot while riding, but I had no trouble with the screen or the touch screen. I am tall and have a large bike, but this bag took up a lot of the top tube, so I barely had room to straddle the bike. I had to dismount to open the bag. I retired it and went back to a smaller model.

👤The Eva foam is very well built and gives a stylish look. The part that you grab is not the complete thing. Despite the issue with the bag, I definitely recommend it, I've been using it for over a year and it has a very good resilience.

👤I got a bag for a customer that they love because they can fit a small sandwich tools to and their phone sits on top so they don't need to worry about it in the rain or crashing. You could argue that it is a little wide so you can brush it with your legs while riding, but it is more of a leisurely bag in a race bag or a bag for a mountain bike or performance bike.

👤The first one we got, the left zip was stuck near the top and it was hard to open. The second one is a bit better but still not great. The rating was mediocre. The straps fit on the bike. There is a lot of room inside the pouch. I can't comment on the touch phone because we haven't tried it. If we have more info, I will update.

👤It's just a little long so that when straddling the top bar it's almost hitting the crotch area. The knees will occasionally brush against it. It can fit a lot and is roomy. The phone holder is sturdy. The hardshell works. The non-EVA version has retroreflective material. There is no built-in management for the excess strap, and it squeaks when steering since it's pressed up against the headtube and steering column.

👤I couldn't find a bag to attach to the seat of my mountain bike. This item is roomy and fits my bike pump. It fits my phone perfectly. I haven't ridden yet, but I played with it to see if it would fall off. It seems like it will stay. A keeper.

3. Rhinowalk Insulated Handlebar Bag Bike

Rhinowalk Insulated Handlebar Bag Bike

The bike handlebar bag is easy to install and remove, it is suitable for most bikes, such as folding bike, road bike, mountain bike, knee scooter, etc. TheHandlebar Bag for Bikes can be easily attached onto the bike handlebars as a bike basket. This is a good companion for outdoor or daily work, with the convenient shoulder strap. The material is made of qualified nylon fabric, which provides good water resistant performance to protect your valuables from water and dust. There is an extra rain cover. The insulation layer keeps drinks cold or warm. The capacity is 4L. There is enough space for the necessary items such as a phone, camera bag, water bottle, wallet, keys, glasses, bike repair tools, earbuds, etc. The three-point strap design is easy to use and suitable for most kinds of bicycles. Application It's suitable for most kinds of bikes, such as Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Kids Bike, Commute city bike and so on. It's a good choice for daily use.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤It is nice to be able to see the screen on my phone while I ride my bike.

👤It was very easy to put on. There are tons of insulated rooms inside. It's perfect for a small picnic. There is an extra holder on the outside. Useful and sturdy!

👤The bag is nice, but it seemed to slow down with the function on my brake handle. It was inconvenient to have the cell phone in a horizontal position.

👤This fit perfectly on my car and held water bottles. The phone holder was very nice.

👤The bag fits perfectly on the new radrunner. The clear phone case on top is hard to get your phone out of. Exactly what we needed.

👤Really enjoying the purchase. I put it on the inside of the handle bars. I was able to fit my bike better that way. This makes it easier to get to my phone and inside compartment. I can see my phone on the bike. I can use the touch screen on my phone. That is great. I can still use my corded headphones with my phone. Very happy with the purchase. I wanted a small case for my phone, keys and snack, and this is what I got. It came with a bright blue cover. That is what makes it waterproof?

4. BraveHawkOutdoors Handlebar Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Waterproof

BraveHawkOutdoors Handlebar Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Waterproof

We believe in providing quality cycling accessories so that you can have a smooth ride. If you have any questions about your new bike pouch, don't hesitate to contact them. The size is 7.8" x 7.5" A multi-purpose bike bag can be used as a bike top bag, shoulder bag, waist bag, and messenger bag. Hang it on the handlebars. It's appropriate size for most people. This heavy-duty pack is scratch resistant, anti-abrasive, colorfast, rust resistant, and it is reinforced at all stress points. The bag has one mian pocket with inside mesh pocket which can hold a beer bottle or iPad mini, one front and two side pockets for carrying little items or gadgets, and one mian pocket with one mian pocket. The bag has MOLLE attachment on its back and can be attached to any MOLLE compatible gear. There are MOLLE belts on the front and back of the vehicle that can be used to carry extra small MOLLE pouches or hanging gadgets. The portable handlebar bag is suitable for many outdoor activities and can keep your gear and gadgets organized and easy to reach. It is also suitable for your outdoor leisure activities, such as hanging out, hiking, trekking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. It is a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

Brand: Bravehawk Outdoors

👤I wanted a nylon bag that would fit on the handlebars of my bike. The bag fits the bill. The side pouch is large enough to hold my wallet, bungy cords, gloves, and even my gun. The phone will fit in the front or main pocket, but it's not large enough for a larger pistol or an iPad. It will take a little more time to get into the main pockets because they are protected by the handle strap. I like the extra security. The main pocket is large enough to hold everything I need, even a rolled up pair of shorts and a shirt. The design of the bag is great, but I don't like the straps on the back that are supposed to hold the bag to the handlebars. If there are brake and gear cables on the bike, the straps are not long enough. The straps have metal snaps which I don't like. I decided to have these straps completely replaced with longer straps that were plastic and made the strap length adjust, since I liked the bag so much. I now have a bag that is perfect for me. It can be easily detached and reattached if I need to lock the bike in a public place, and it will carry all my stuff. The bag has a shoulder strap that can be used for carrying around town. I like the design. The quality of the build seems good, but it will take time to tell. The zippers are heavy duty. The bag is not waterproof and will probably repel a light rain. I like it.

👤It looks like it is nicely constructed and just as described. The handlebar straps were changed from buckles to snaps as of 2019. The snaps are very cheap and the metal is very thin. I found a repair but did not send it back as it appears to be a problem with the snaps and not the making of the bag. The bag would have been 5 stars if others had this issue.

👤This bag is strong. The bag has tons of storage. I have an extra tube, tool kit, bacon strips, food bar, pepper spray, mini pump, and tons of room. Some people pay for a bell to scare off bears, but the zippers make a lot of noise when you ride, so it is a negative.

👤I have a pair of handle bar bags on my motorcycle that I use as mini panniers. One of these bags easily swallows my entire suite of emergency rain gear: jacket, pants, over-boots, and over-gloves, as well as the seat rain cover and a bike rain-cover. There is a They have so many ways to fit fastening to whatever you need it to be. There is a They are so sturdy that I can't imagine having to replace them due to wear, despite the fact that they look very "clunky".

👤I like that the bag can hold a lot of items. The extra side pockets are perfect for motorcycling, as you need a lot of points of entry to organize a bunch of small to medium items. I can fit a lot of supplies in a short period of time. There is a One of the quick connect buckles broke after a month or two. It was replaced with a new one from a craft store and should last longer. There is a It is ok material quality, not great, but it is not going to get you high-end fabrics or fasteners. I had to remove the horizontal handle to fit around the fork. Don't need it.

5. Adiport Handlebar Waterproof Accessories Cellphone

Adiport Handlebar Waterproof Accessories Cellphone

It's possible to remove dirt with water, and it's 100% waterproof, thanks to the seamless workmanship. The mini front bicycle bag is made from high quality EVA material that is an attachment on your handlebars has many advantages. While riding on a bumpy or rocky road, the anti-shake,durable and simply-cleaned performances protect your phone and accessories better. With the touch screen of the bicycle phone mount bag, you can easily operate facial recognition, touch ID, and gps. You are biking. The bike phone handlebar bag stays in place very stably over bumps, without fear of it falling off as you ride. The riding is waterproof and safe. The mountain/road bicycle bag is made of solid shell and double seamless zippers that protect your cell phone in rainy days. The logo on both sides is reflective. The straps for the headtube can be easily installed and released for most types of bikes.

Brand: Adiport

👤I use this bag on my bike. The case is sturdy and secure. It would be nice if there was a quicker way to remove the photos from the case. There is no easy way to adjust the phone's volume. The case is great.

6. Handlebar Commuter Shoulder Resistant Large Capacity

Handlebar Commuter Shoulder Resistant Large Capacity

There are two kinds of usage: bicycle and shoulder bag. It's great for cell phone, camera, personal goods and gadgets. The Bike Handlebar bags are made of upgraded high quality 600D nylon + TPU film fabric and sealed zipper closure to prevent water and dirty enter ineffectively. 2L capacity of the Storage Bag is enough for daily items such as cellphone, keys, wallet, tools kits,mini pump, glasses and so on. It is light weight for 105g and won't add any burden to your ridding trip. The Front Basket Frame Storage Pack is double layer design with two zippers,Classified storage, more convenient, and the bike bag can be used as a shoulder bag for daily play. The bike front bag is a great accessory for cycling. It is suitable for most types of bikes. You can install it under your bike front frame, as it is a front frame bag. It's easy to mount the ROCKBROS Front Pack with two hook and loop straps on the back, it's easy to install and quickly remove from your bike, it's secure in the front and never rubs against the knees while riding your bike.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I use this to carry my phone and bike tools. I didn't like it on the handlebars because it looked bulky. I put it on the bar of the bike. It works well in this spot because it doesn't move around or interfere with my view. I can focus on the bike and the trail and not worry about the bag. It holds my phone and bike tools. The zippers are stiff and annoying, but I think they are water resistant. I am getting used to it. The opening is small and works well. It is hard to complain about small details when the bag works well. There is a The main compartment of the bag has two openings, one at the side that goes around the bag and the other on top of the bag. The two zippers are the same size. I don't use the circumference zipper because it's more annoying than the top one. There is a small flat pocket where you can keep your credit card, key, or cash, and it is open by a zip-up. I don't use that pocket either. The best thing about this bag is that it is easy to take off and put it back on again. I take the bag off when I finish riding. I am learning what features I might want in a perfect bag now that I use this bag all the time. Even if I buy a different bag that fits the frame of my bike, I will keep this little bag and use it with my other bike. There is an update. I feel like it is a bit annoying after using it for a while. The opening of the zipper isn't very wide. The bag is a little too heavy for where I put it. I wish I had chosen a triangular shaped bag.

👤I can't make the bag work on my bike because it's too small and awkward to use, and it's just sitting on a shelf. One thing you may not notice is that the bag sticks out farther on one side than the other because the 2 straps for hanging the bag from the handlebars aren't centered. The product photos should be checked. I can't ride with my hands on the handlebars because the bag sticks out. It makes it difficult to hold the handlebars on the other side. There is a It's not possible to open the zip pockets with the bag on the bike because of the brake and derailleur cables. The bag was on the top tube. The problem is that the bag holds a cylinder shape and my legs are against it as I pedal, because the 2 end caps are rigid. There is a I'll talk about the zippers last. They're hard to open. It's hard to open a slash zip with one hand, but it's a plus for water resistance and security. Even with 2 hands, the end cap zip is hard to open. The main pocket is a big tube shape with no pockets, key clip or anything, and the small slash pocket is very small, itfits some credit cards or maybe an iPhone 5. The only way to get to the whole space is through the end cap. There is a I tried but it doesn't work. It would probably fit on a flat-bar bike with the hands in a wider riding position, but that wouldn't make it a good bag. The shape is mediocre. It seems like a knock-off wasn't tested by cyclists.

7. Rhinowalk Handlebar WaterproofBike Professional Accessories

Rhinowalk Handlebar WaterproofBike Professional Accessories

There are multiple applications. Bike handlebar bag protects your things from crashes. It's suitable for a variety of outdoors activities. Product warranty. Feel free to contact them with any questions. There is a lot of storage space. The main bag has two pocket inserts that make it easy to store items. There is a pocket on the front of the bag. The 1680D water-repellent fabric can effectively block rain splashes. On rainy days, excellent materials can provide a safe environment. The narrow side has no rubbing of legs during cycling. The installation of the stopwatch and car lights will not be affected by the small height. Easy scene changing. Four straps are used for easy positioning of handlebars and beam triangles. An independent shoulder strap that can be used as a shoulder bag, waist bag, and messenger bag. Safety warning reflective strips are used for night driving. Installation of quick-release fasteners is easier. The binding area is designed to protect the paint from wear.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤I needed a small bag for my walker. This fits perfectly on the side and is easy to get to. It's a great alternative to big bags.

👤I just got this bag, and I think it's a good one. There is a It's very spacious yet compact and fits in the handlebars nicely, it has pockets inside and out, and it's water resistant, so it can be converted into a bike. There is a I would recommend this bag if the price and color selections suit you. I like the blue bag.

👤I have tried many different bags for my bicycle, but this one is the best. There is a mounted bike. There is plenty of room for my phone, snack and whatever I want to take with me. I wore a jacket that was too hot. It was rolled up and put in the bag. It has a strap so you can use it as a backpack.

👤I carry my phone in a holster on my belt, so this bag is a little bit larger than I would like. The quality is very good and it will do everything I need it to do.

👤I love this bag. It was perfect for what I wanted. I can easily carry small items with me. I carry his wallet as well. It is a roomie. Important items can stay put if the pockets on the inside and out are kept open. There is a If we stop for a bite to eat, we can unclip, apply a strap and bring it into the restaurant like a purse. Very happy with the purchase. It's a good thing.

👤I placed it on my bike because it takes up a lot of room. There will be a wallet, keys, and tube patch kit in there. I'm not sure if I'll return it.

👤The bag was well designed and the pocket was large. The only problem I had was the water. Everything in my bag was drenched when I rode my bike in light rain.

👤Even with a tappered head tube, it holds up. I use it for my camping kitchen. It's hard to get into while on the bike. It's great for camping when you take it off in the evening.

👤Ich is hab die Tasche, seit in the middle of the year. In Nutzung, there is a 1000 km area. Viel passt. Die Tasche ist die kleine Powerbank. There is a Doch ist die Tasche. There is a 30min sptestens Regens bildet. The Tasche is innerhalb. Man elektronische Gerte. Andere nsseemp find. Teile stzlich schtzen. Eindruck macht die Befestigung. There is a I am bald kaputt, and I am also a Tasche zulegen. Sondern dies beworben, ist tatschlich. There is a Wrde, I am so happy.

8. Black Waterproof Handlebar Bag Musette

Black Waterproof Handlebar Bag Musette

It's suitable for most types of bike, such as mountain bikes,road bikes,folding bikes,fixed gear bike,commute city bike and so on. It is made with waterproof nylon. Elastic tie to keep bag from rattling. The mesh phone pouch is inside. There is a pouch for small items.

Brand: Musette Cycling

👤It's a bag that says bag on it. You will make of that. Don't over fill it. I think this was my fault, judging by the other positive reviews. I took out my phone when I hit the bottom of the trail to take a break. The strap is meant to tie it down to the head tube, but because it's so small, it's not really needed. I used needle nose pliers to get the zipper back together. On my next ride, it happened again. I would probably swap it for a better one, but I really like the small size of the bag, and it was clear that this would happen again. I got to cut up the metal and sew it back together after I purchased the 8 inch metal zipper. There is only one bag of this size on Amazon, the others are about 10 in long. If you spend 70 dollars on a bag that is 8 in x 5 in, I'm happy with that, because I got to craft it, instead of paying someone else to do it. I'll put a patch on the bag.

👤It's subtle and cylindrical. The minimalist design was my favorite part. It fits on my handlebars. The mechanism that secures the strap is not strong enough.

👤This is the best bar bag I have ever owned. Most bar bags are too big for my wallet and keys. This one is sleek and looks great on my road bike.

👤The bag is easy to carry for long bike rides. It's flexible design allows you to grab whatever you need without losing your strength, and it's secure and out of the way of your gps. It's the best part that it frees you from always having to wear a jersey with rear pockets when you ride, which is great because it gives you an alternative space for keys, food, wallet, equipment, etc.

👤The bag was easy to install. I threw away my old saddle bag because it was much more accessible. There is more room for wallet, pump, etc. I like the fact that it is waterproof.

9. Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

There are multifunctional occasions. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor sports. The Whale Fall bike frame bag is made of 100% harmless TPU and 100% recyclable EVA. They tried to use materials that are friendly to the environment. It is suitable for a phone up to 6.9 inches. A large interior for mobile phone, power bank, wallet, repair kit and more. The double-layer mesh bag design prevents items from falling out. You can install the straps on the E- bike. The frame bag's touch screen is made of 0.25mm TPU film with high sensitivity and clarity. You can view a map on the phone while cycling. You can easily use Face ID while riding. It's easy to install for any bike. The frame bag can be adjusted with three magic straps. The frame bag is firmly on your bike. It's very convenient to install and remove, you don't have to worry about your knees or legs. If you put your phone in the bag, please turn off the accidental touch protection in the phone settings to prevent it from malfunctioning. All-in-one design with 3D die-casting process make Whale Fall EVA frame bag waterproof and hard. This bike handlebar bag is non-forming, shake-proof, and pressure-proof.

Brand: Whale Fall

👤I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit my phone into this without it being removed from the otter box case. The fit and finish seems good and the waterproof zip is seal well. It looks like it was a good purchase, for now. I went 4 stars because I haven't time tested it, and if it's reading 5 stars it's because I've updated after the first few rides. After my first couple rides, I bumped up to 5. The touch screen works perfectly through the protective cover.

👤I ordered several of these to hold my phone and keys on my bike. None of the others had long straps for my bike. The whale fell. There is a I am able to use the Touch screen on my phone because it is well made and has a case on it. I need it to hold everything. I am very happy with the purchase. If you have an E- bike and you are having trouble fitting something around the battery, look no further. It is easy to install.

👤I ride a small bike. I was excited to have something to carry my stuff with. Since I'm vertically challenged, my handlebars are too close to the holder. I hit it often while riding. I almost lost control of my bike a few times. If your handlebars are on the lowest position possible, you may want to look for something else.

👤Will be using this for the first time this week. The design is nice, except for the zip up. It's difficult to open. I hope this will fix itself over time. Comes with a cute cover. The product was packaged well to avoid damage. Will update after using for a while.

👤This works great for my phone. There's a lot of space under the phone, so you can fit a tube, snack, battery brick, bike tool, etc. It takes a few seconds for it to be secured. When I stand to pump/pedal, I hit it with my legs.

👤I like the structure. All aspects of the Touchscreen worked as they should. The product was well built, functional, and exceeded my expectations, which made it a high rating. The heavy duty structure is easy to use, holds firm to the bike, and fits my phone perfectly.

👤It's a nice concept, but I was unable to record my Ride because the app paused so I couldn't see what I was doing. I believe the pouch wasn't allowing the gps to work correctly. I would have to return it. I don't know if there are other brands that work with Strava.

👤I bought a Trek e bike with a large frame. This case has a lot of storage.

👤The pully system is very secure, it's a great fit on the bike frame. I preferred the handle bar mount as I was worried someone could steal the phone from the bike. Thieves do that with this one. It is possible to control the phone through the cover. I own a s20 and it fits very well. It has a strap behind the phone compartment that you can adjust to fit your phone. There is a nice size storage compartment. It works for my glasses, keys, backup battery pack and wallet. It feels sturdy but also lightweight. Very happy.

10. Whale Fall Handlebar Waterproof Accessories

Whale Fall Handlebar Waterproof Accessories

All-in-one design with 3D die-casting process make Whale Fall EVA frame bag waterproof and hard. This bike handlebar bag is non-forming, shake-proof, and pressure-proof. The whale fall bike phone mount is stable and will not shake if you don't attach the straps. The contents of your bag will be safe even if you cycle on a bumpy road. The hard handlebar bag is Pressure-Resistant and will never be damaged. Even if you drive in heavy rain, no water will enter the bag because it is waterproof. The package has a rain cover that you can use when riding in the rain. There are two net layers inside the whale fall bike bag to meet your storage needs. The bag can hold your card, cables, and more bike accessories. The whale fall bike handlebar bag has a sensitive touchscreen that supports FaceID and password unlocking. The size of the screen is 5.24*8.4'', which is 888-282-0465, and it fits all phones under 7 inches. The Whale fall bike phone mount can be installed on the handlebars of some bikes. You can change the position of the bag. The whale fall bike handlebar bag is safer than other bike phone mounts because it protects your phone from being exposed.

Brand: Whale Fall

👤I got caught in a short rain here on Kauai, which is not unusual on my commute, and there was some water on the inside of my phone when I got to my destination. Being water resistant is not the best. When I started my ride, it was not raining or I was going to rain, but there was a cover for the Handlebar phone holder. I didn't have it ready to use. There is a The design and function of this bag are good. The touchscreen seems to work well. There is a The bag is attached to my handlebars with the help of the straps. I have a problem attaching it to my handlebars that makes it hard for me to view it. The bag sits very steeply on the handle bar/gooseneck area because of the design of my handlebars. Since my handlebars are the most comfortable for me as a bicycle rider, I don't see adjusting them to make them fit better. That is not the product itself, that is my handlebar design. I should have looked at how the attachment would work with my handlebars. There is a Most basic functions work well with the touchscreen. When I open an app on my phone, I sometimes get a menu to edit the home screen, rather than just opening the app. There is a The storage capacity is large. If I were just going for a short trip, I would not need to take my bike saddlebags with me because they have enough room for my phone, wallet, bike lock key and house keys. I have not had the chance to test it. It looks like it will be good for the kind of rain that I sometimes get caught in while riding my bike. There is a I recommend this product with one reservation, make sure the attachment fits your bike handle configuration.

👤I bought this case to replace a smaller one that I bought. It is nice. If the case fell, I think it would have an impact. The phone slides right in with the three straps. I would order it again. It costs more than the others, but it is not flimsy. The zippers were hard to use when first opened, so I wouldn't give them five stars.

👤This is a solid case that doesn't rattle when riding and has lots of space to store items. The phone fits in the case in a tight way. The phone's power button is on the side of the phone, which makes it hard for me to turn on the phone when riding. To turn on my phone screen, I need to remove the phone from the case. There is a I can't charge my phone with a battery bank because it's tight. It's not the fault of the case or anything, but keep this in mind when buying headphones as they become more important.

👤The touch screen plastic doesn't look great because there is a lot of loose plastic. The knock on feature doesn't seem to work with it. It looks a little heavy on my bike, but not bad. It doesn't seem worth the hassle to try the other options on Amazon. I'll settle for this one. The material feels good and it does the job. There is a The baggy plastic cover is my biggest complaint.

11. Rhinowalk Handlebar Bicycle Waterproof Shoulder

Rhinowalk Handlebar Bicycle Waterproof Shoulder

The QuickClick Handlebar Mount is compatible with 25.4, 28.6, and 31.8mm handlebars. The bike bag is easy to clean and lightweight. The dimensions are 7 x 4 x 8.66 inches. Simple design makes it easy for users to get what they want. One main pocket has enough room for all your essentials. The lockbuckles can be used for both shoulder bag and crossbody bag. Both men and women can wear this suit. It's perfect for casual, traveling, biking, and working. A perfect gift. It's a great choice as a gift for your friends, family and so on. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤It would definitely recommend the product. It's easy to store phone and other things on a ride.

👤I have a giant step through my bike and it fit nicely on the handle bars.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebar bag small?

Bicycle handlebar bag small products from Kkuyt. In this article about bicycle handlebar bag small you can see why people choose the product. Rock Bros and Rhinowalk are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebar bag small.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebar bag small?

Kkuyt, Rock Bros and Rhinowalk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebar bag small. Find the detail in this article. Bravehawk Outdoors, Adiport and Rockbros are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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