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1. Waterproof Bicycle Handlebar Accessories Mountain

Waterproof Bicycle Handlebar Accessories Mountain

The bike phone holder is very easy to install. Attach the mount to your handlebars in a matter of seconds and you can easily take the phone bag with you. PREMIUM EVA HARD SHELL DESIGN The bike frame bag is made of premium material. The outer carbon fiber is resistant to wear and tear. It is very fashionable. Don't worry about stains and dust on it, just wipe it with a wet tissue and it will be clean again. The touch screen is high-sensitivity. The bike phone front frame bag has a high-sensitivity TPU film window that can help fix the phone, built-in double-layer sponge velcro that can be used to answer the phone, and look up the map. It's compatible with phones under 6.5 inches. The Pro Max is a device that can be used for the SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 S21, HUAWEI MATE 30/40 Pro, etc. LARGE CAPACITY : The bike top tube bag has enough internal space for long-distance riding, such as mobile phones, chargers, tire repair kits, flashlights, keys, cycling glasses, wallet, etc. EXCELLENT WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE The bike phone mount bag has a sun visor, double zip up, and strong seal to keep the contents dry, and it can keep the bag dry even in rainy days. You can answer calls or listen to music while riding with a hidden headphones jack. The design will not touch your legs. The holding straps are easy to install and can be adjusted as needed. There are two commuter straps on the front and upper and lower bottom. It can be removed quickly. The bag wouldn't move if you rode on a rocky road. The holding straps are easy to install and can be adjusted as needed. There are two commuter straps on the front and upper and lower bottom. It can be removed quickly. The bag wouldn't move if you rode on a rocky road.

Brand: Spomchery

👤I bought this one for more storage and it's the best. Big enough for my keys. Highly recommended.

2. Rhinowalk Handlebar Bicycle Waterproof Shoulder

Rhinowalk Handlebar Bicycle Waterproof Shoulder

The QuickClick Handlebar Mount is compatible with 25.4, 28.6, and 31.8mm handlebars. The bike bag is easy to clean and lightweight. The dimensions are 7 x 4 x 8.66 inches. Simple design makes it easy for users to get what they want. One main pocket has enough room for all your essentials. The lockbuckles can be used for both shoulder bag and crossbody bag. Both men and women can wear this suit. It's perfect for casual, traveling, biking, and working. A perfect gift. It's a great choice as a gift for your friends, family and so on. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤It would definitely recommend the product. It's easy to store phone and other things on a ride.

👤I have a giant step through my bike and it fit nicely on the handle bars.

3. Lumiere Co Handlebar Mountain Accessories

Lumiere Co Handlebar Mountain Accessories

Safety warning reflective strips are used for night driving. Installation of quick-release fasteners is easier. The binding area is designed to protect the paint from wear. The variations of different pockets will organize your belongings, nutrition, and bike tools. The front mesh for your bars and small side pockets for gels make it easy to get to gels. There are inside pockets. There are items such as keys, nutrition product, c02 canisters, wallet, designed spot for your phone, bike tool kit and much more. Solid shape and durable material. 700D nylon is used to make their bike saddle bag. The bag is made to resist wear and tear. It's burrito shape makes it fun, but it's functional to fit in front of your handlebars. INSTALLATION AND ATTACHMENT: The bag is easy to attach to the bike. The bag can be fastened to the handle bars with the help of an adjustment clip. Attach the extra belt to the bag and you're good to go.

Brand: Lumiere & Co.

👤The bag is very well made. The stitching is solid and the quality of the zipper is good. There is no flapping in the wind because the straps that bars attach are solid. There is a The bag was too wide for me. I ride 42 cm bars. There wasn't enough room for a hand position in this bag. If you use wider bars, this would work well. It's fine for straight bars.

👤I don't write a lot of reviews. A product or company needs to exceed my expectations in order to do this. I was looking for a value priced bag for my gravel bike adventures that didn't cost an arm and a leg since I had already blown my budget on my new bike this year. I was going to throw away my bag by the end of the season because I couldn't afford another one. I am very lucky to have found this bag. The construction and craftsmanship of the bike bag is better than that of many of my other bags. The design of this bag is thoughtful, from the mesh pockets on the outside to the extra pocket on the inside. The bag mounts to the handlebars nicely. If you're looking for a small to mid sized bag for your bike, this is one of the best values in quality for your money. I will not be replacing this bag until it is no longer useful. I'll return to this brand first when I do.

👤I've been looking for a bike bag that holds all my bars, tools, and clothing for a long time. I was tired of having my belongings in my jersey pockets and it was getting old. The size of this bag is thought out because it has extra pockets inside to organize and separate your items. My co2 canisters are protected from bounce around by the inside mesh pocket with the zip up. It separates my patches, tire levers and inner tube from my other items. The phone pocket holder was very small and fit my phone case. I use a phone that fits. If you try to find a bike handlebar bag online, you'll either find it too expensive or it's so cheap that you start to question its quality. The material for this product is of the highest quality and feels like it will last for many rides. I am so happy with my new bag.

👤The bag I bought for use on the Swifty Zero kick scooter has worked well. It's small enough to discourage my pack rat tendencies, but big enough to have essentials. The wonder of wonders is made of quality materials and features a high quality zip which works every time I use it. The attachment straps are easy to use. I think that those posting may not understand how this type of buckle works. Press down on the plastic tab if you want to thread the strap through the buckle. The holding mechanism has snapped into place and locked so you will feel a click when you do this. Lift the tab and pull the strap out. All in a great product. I would recommend it to my friends.

4. Vincita Handlebar Bicycle Professional Accessories

Vincita Handlebar Bicycle Professional Accessories

There are steep rates for travel. You could take the bike storage bag with you wherever you want, you just have to put the shoulder straps on it. There is a practice design with a map case. The main compartment is large, and the transparent plastic case on top provides a convenient display platform for your map. The bicycle bag is easy to get to. Most bikes should be fitted. The Vincita handlebar bicycle bag is suitable for most adult bikes. The plastic hardware is strong and has anti-slide properties. It is easy to install. You can mount the bag securely on the bike handlebars with three straps. There are no tools required. The size of mounting straps can be adjusted. Water resilience and resilience. It is made of a water-resistant fabric. A bright yellow waterproof rain cover is included. There is an extra zip pocket in front. The bag can hold up to 5 liters. It's a great place to keep your cycling essentials such as rain jacket, tool, nutrition bar, wallet, and keys. You can keep small items separated in the front pocket. There is an extra zip pocket in front. The bag can hold up to 5 liters. It's a great place to keep your cycling essentials such as rain jacket, tool, nutrition bar, wallet, and keys. You can keep small items separated in the front pocket.

Brand: Vincita

👤The main compartment is large. The material was rugged enough. The rain coat was a plus. The straps felt secure. There are two straps around the handle bar. I don't know how secure you want it to be. It does its job. The price for this size is reasonable.

👤This is a decent bag, but a little small. The quality of the zip is questionable and not something I would zip and unzip frequently. The bag needs to be a little bigger.

👤It is a very convenient bag. It fit perfectly. Even during bike rack transport, stays in place. It could fit two for my 1/2 quart water. Like the outer pocket.

👤We used this on a motorized wheelchair for our grandson, it works great, he can take what he needs with him, and it is easy to access and store a lot of things. Thank you for the great product.

👤I like it. I put the rain cover on my bike and left it outside, it rained for about a week, and my stuff inside was still dry.

👤It is difficult to open the zip up. You can't see the front of the bike because of the bag. I bought this to be able to read a map on my bike, but it doesn't work that way. I returned it.

👤The bag is large enough to hold a water bottle.

👤It's perfect on my bike. It looks nice. Thanks! For the price.

5. WILD MAN Waterproof Handlebar Cellphones

WILD MAN Waterproof Handlebar Cellphones

Most of the road or mountain bike's Racks should be fitted. It's suitable for both men and women's bikes. It can be used on all types of adult bicycle, including cruiser, cargo, folding, touring, road, tandem, mountain, and electric bikes. You can carry the bike pannier on the shoulder while not cycling with an easy to install strap. The package includes a bicycle bag and rain cover. This bicycle phone bag is great to keep your phone stable and allow you to see the screen clearly and operate your smart phone without taking it out while riding. You can answer the phone or listen to music while cycling with the hidden earphone hole. Premium waterproof material and seamless double zips. The bike top tube bag is made of high-class waterproof PU material with sealed double zippers closure, which ensures the water doesn't flow into the bag, which can perfectly protect your phone in rainy days and extreme environment. The bicycle bag's zippers have been designed to open from the bottom to the top, making it easier to zip/unZIP. There are reflective patterns that warn of night cycling safety. The bike phone bag is made of tough EVA with 3D die-casting process. The bike bag is stiff. The Carbon fiber can be very durable. The bike handlebar bag is non-forming and shake-proof. Keep the bag clean when it's dirty, just use a wet towel. This bike phone mount bag is for your mountain bike, road bike, folding bike and electric bike. The bike front frame bag has enough inside room to hold a lot of stuff. A phone, battery, power bank, glasses, gloves, earphone, mini-flashlight, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet, and more are included. It's compatible with the iPhone X, Max, 6s, and 5s, as well as the s8 s7 note 7. The 3 Velcro straps on the back and bottom can be adjusted to fit most types of bikes, so it can grasp tightly on the bicycle frames. Even on a bumpy road, there is better stability. It would not rub against your legs.

Brand: Wild Man

👤I like riding with my phone, but I don't like the idea of having an exposed carrier up on the handle bars like most people do in their cars. If I get into an accident, my phone may not survive. The case protects my phone and is likely to protect it in an accident. There is a There is a large storage compartment. I was able to fit a thin layer with room to spare. There is a When I'm out of the saddle is when I notice the case. If I'm not disciplined, my knees will hurt the case. It's not a deal breaker for me, but I expected it. I would still recommend this case. There is room for different adjustments in the pouch that holds the phone and the touch screen. If you want it to be snug against the plastic, you can tighten the flaps. There is a The bike case has a generous length. There are three points for attaching the case to the bike. They're all about 12 inches in length. There is plenty of room to get the adjustment you want.

👤I wish I had that when I was younger. I've started to do longer rides as well as a lot more off road mtb trails. I've had a lot of problems. I would always need a backpack to carry the things I needed. The touch screen phone access is great and this holds everything I need. There is a The photo shows what I have. If I got rid of the lights, I could probably carry a spare tube. There is a You just need to cut the straps to fit and mount them on your bike. I will probably get another one for my spare bike because it's a great product.

👤The bag is great. There are no problems with the towel, cell phone and portable cell phone battery charger.

👤I think this is a decent bag. It holds a fair amount of stuff. It's easy to use a phone. The mesh pockets inside are very useful. It's sturdy and doesn't move a lot while riding or getting on/off a bike. There are two reasons why the strap design has flaws. The straps have no rubber backing to them, so they will scratch your bike's paint over time, but the manufacturer hasn't fixed this issue. Be aware that you don't have a frame wrap on your paint. There is a The bottom of the pack is flat and has no curve to form to a top tube, but mostly because both top tube hook-and-loop straps open and close from the same direction, the bag pulls slightly to one side on skinnier. The case should be precurved so that one opens left to right and the other right to left, and the straps should be offset so that one opens left to right and the other right to left.

👤I like the phone holder and pouch. The phone holders on the handlebars are too rigid. The mount vibrates too much when going over bumps. This one holds what you need in it and also allows for vibration dampening. My son does not have a water bottle on his bike. The bottle of water is in the pouch. There is a The back of the holder tends to slide on the bike. Not much is enough to be annoying. I stuck the bike frame and the pouch with industrial-strength Velcro tape. It works better now. My son has one on his bike.

6. RockBros Cycling Waterproof Pannier Mobile

RockBros Cycling Waterproof Pannier Mobile

Large space. There is enough inside room for a lot of stuff in the bike bag, like an apple X, battery, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet, and more. It's perfect for cellphones below 6.5 inches, and it's also compatible with the s8 note 7, shake-proof bike front frame bag. The touch screen is very sensitive. The bike phone bag has a high sensitive film window which can help you use your cellphone easily while riding, and it's a great way to see your activity while using maps on a ride. Touch ID did not work through the screen cover. Humanization design. The bike phone mount bag has many designs. A hidden earphone hole allows you to listen to music while cycling. B, reflective tapes on both sides of bike bags to keep you safe. It is convenient to open and close it. Water resistance and resilience: The bike top tube bag is made of carbon fiber and has a sealed double zippers to keep water out. The sun visor and flashing board are great for rainy or sunny days. 3 straps are firm enough to hold up on the bike, 1 strap on the front and 1 strap on the upper bottom can be used to fix the bag on the head tube. The bag wouldn't move if you rode on a bumpy road.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤This wasn't waterproof. I just finished a bike ride in the rain and my phone and other items were all inside.

👤I can give an informed opinion after 40 miles. I need a universal fitting for my old bike and my tail bag, so in no particular order. This bag has nothing flashy, nothing except reflective piping, and no pinstripes or skulls. The logo is not loud. It was perfect! -The The top bar is secured with two Velcro straps on the bottom and the fork is secured with a Velcro strap. Well. The straps are long and I needed to cut them. If you do, cut them long enough so that the end is tucked away between the frame and the bag to prevent them from unrolling. The bag sometimes shifts due to the load, but not much, maybe a half inch or so. Big whoop. The top bag has a touch screen on the upper flap. I have an older phone in a case that will work with yours if it works for me. The flap has attached a pair of Velcro halves that are close to whatever you put there, so you can put anything you want there. Yes, even the solar chargers work inside it. The bag is compatible with renewable energy. -The The earphone cables in the rear of the bag are self sealed. It's the 21st century. Keep one ear free for situational awareness. In case you were wondering, this bag works perfectly withBluetooth gadgets. If you keep them charged with a solar charge mounted on the top, swap it out for a phone loaded with music. That's how I ride. As. My knees will occasionally hit the bag as I pedal. When you're on the trail, this is a trivial thing. The luggage carrying capability more than makes up for the two inches of girth on either side of the bag. On. I have a bag that I can fit everything in my pockets, so I don't have to worry about my gear banging around in my pockets while I pedal. I keep my gloves in the bike locker so I'll always know where they are. One glove always wanders off when I'm not looking. The bag looks like a thin plastic box, but inside it has a soft padded lining to cushion any impact. It won't protect the contents from a hammer, but it will cushion the fall if you accidentally drop the bike. I can't use the strap on my bike carrier to strap the bike's front section down now that the bag is mounted. The bag is flexible enough to allow me to thread the carrier's strap between the bag and the frame. There is a The bag can be hard to close when it's full. The bag being distorted from being over stuffed is more to do with that than the problem with the zip. The problem will go away if you read the bag contents. The bag's waterproof-ness has been said about by others. Since I don't ride in downpours, I can't comment on that, but I can say that it is more water resistant than any bag made of woven material, like my 30 year old tail bag. If you leave a woven fabric in the rain, it will eventually leak, so I don't care what the advertisements say about being waterproof. If you ride in the rain, most bags won't be for you. Get an otter box. My stallion is in a bag that fits perfectly. It doesn't mean that the bag is better than this one. If you do find a better bag later, you won't feel bad if you swap it out.

7. Black Waterproof Handlebar Bag Musette

Black Waterproof Handlebar Bag Musette

It's suitable for most types of bike, such as mountain bikes,road bikes,folding bikes,fixed gear bike,commute city bike and so on. It is made with waterproof nylon. Elastic tie to keep bag from rattling. The mesh phone pouch is inside. There is a pouch for small items.

Brand: Musette Cycling

👤It's a bag that says bag on it. You will make of that. Don't over fill it. I think this was my fault, judging by the other positive reviews. I took out my phone when I hit the bottom of the trail to take a break. The strap is meant to tie it down to the head tube, but because it's so small, it's not really needed. I used needle nose pliers to get the zipper back together. On my next ride, it happened again. I would probably swap it for a better one, but I really like the small size of the bag, and it was clear that this would happen again. I got to cut up the metal and sew it back together after I purchased the 8 inch metal zipper. There is only one bag of this size on Amazon, the others are about 10 in long. If you spend 70 dollars on a bag that is 8 in x 5 in, I'm happy with that, because I got to craft it, instead of paying someone else to do it. I'll put a patch on the bag.

👤It's subtle and cylindrical. The minimalist design was my favorite part. It fits on my handlebars. The mechanism that secures the strap is not strong enough.

👤This is the best bar bag I have ever owned. Most bar bags are too big for my wallet and keys. This one is sleek and looks great on my road bike.

👤The bag is easy to carry for long bike rides. It's flexible design allows you to grab whatever you need without losing your strength, and it's secure and out of the way of your gps. It's the best part that it frees you from always having to wear a jersey with rear pockets when you ride, which is great because it gives you an alternative space for keys, food, wallet, equipment, etc.

👤The bag was easy to install. I threw away my old saddle bag because it was much more accessible. There is more room for wallet, pump, etc. I like the fact that it is waterproof.

8. Roswheel Capacity Handlebar Bicycle Accessories

Roswheel Capacity Handlebar Bicycle Accessories

The shoulder bag strap design makes it convenient to carry the bag wherever you go. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them. Their first priority is your satisfaction. The material is made of 600D polyester, PVC lining and padded with U-Shaped PE board. A high capacity is 5 liters for holding casual essentials or cycling tools and accessories, such as phone, wallet, gloves, glasses, mini pump, tire repair kit, spare tubes and so on. It is easy to install and release with 3 straps. There is a better safety by having a reflective logo and two reflective binding strips. A multi-purpose bag can be used as a bike handlebar bag or turned into a shoulder bag with included shoulder strap.

Brand: Roswheel

👤I absolutely adore this. It is the perfect fit for me. I've always liked bikes. I can't afford a motorcycle, but I still try to bike around town as much as I can. I've been able to use this for a variety of things because of its size, but even more so because of its resilience. My heavy metal chain lock is easy to fit inside when I'm riding. It doesn't make the bike feel heavy. I've been able to fit bread, a few prescriptions, bananas, and even a half gallon of milk in a small trio at the store. Not all at once... It has worked well for small trips. I've been able to use it when I commute to work. Since I live in Texas, I don't dare use it as a lunch box, but I can fit my actual lunch inside of it. I tried it on a day when I didn't have lunch. I was able to fit my work shoes inside, and I've also been able to fit my suit jacket, tablet, and wallet/keys in it at the same time. There is a The successes are endless for recreational use. I don't think it's a good idea to use the top elastic bands to hold a phone. Even with its case on, my phone barely fit. The bands are a little wide-set. There are ways around that. It is an easy adjustment, and depends on the size of the device you are using. It didn't change my opinion. If someone asked me if they should get this, my answer would be a resounding yes. It's a good thing. Great product.

👤I thought it should go on the front side of the handlebars, but I couldn't make it work that way with the cables and such. I decided to put it on the inside of the bars because it works great and is more accessible. It might be that this is the way it should go because there is no picture of how it goes on the bike.

👤I've purchased this bag before. The first time I tried it, the bag was too stiff to fit around the brake cables, so I couldn't make it work. I returned the bag but couldn't find anything else that worked. I ordered it again because I like the size and features of it, and I found that I could remove the rigid plastic inner lining that prevented the bag from hanging lower on the handlebars. It works now. I'm glad I did it again.

👤The front bag is excellent. I need a lot of room for everything. The middle compartment has a ridged plastic shell that holds its shape open, and two smaller side compartments that allow me to separate tools and keys from my wallet. I would prefer if the compartments had two-way zippers which would allow you to open them easier when riding, when necessary, or when stopped at a light.

👤The bag was much larger than I thought, thanks to the stability of the straps. My friend is buying one because she loved it so much.

9. Bicycle Handlebar Bag Bike Accessories

Bicycle Handlebar Bag Bike Accessories

It can be used as a holiday gift. It's convenient to answer the phone when riding without taking out the phone. You can put a phone in the waterproof film. You can see the phone's map with the practical design. The bag has a short-term heat insulation and cold protection function so you can bring food during ride. The inner is scratch proof and easy to wash. Enlarge storage and 2 mesh bags make it possible to store more stuff like umbrellas, pens, mini pumps, keys, and bottles. It won't shake or droop because of the weight. High. The bike bag is made of a durable material that is scratch resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. Different. Perfect bike accessories are from the rest. There is a stand at the bottom of the bag and 3 sets of Velcro on the back, so that the bag won't collapse while carrying items. Different. Perfect bike accessories are from the rest. There is a stand at the bottom of the bag and 3 sets of Velcro on the back, so that the bag won't collapse while carrying items.

Brand: Meimesu

👤It is easy to install and hold securely. There are two pockets for water bottles. This is the perfect size handle bar insulated bag. The bag would not be held securely. The handle bar neck has a second strap which locks the bag on securely, and the straps on the handle bar are well spacing for horizontal load support. I will be ordering two more.

👤It's a great accessory. There are lots of places to keep your stuff. I pack a lunch in it, with a phone, water bottle, wallet, keys, and a phone. There is a It's easy to install. It takes about 2 minutes. There is a If you have a lot of stuff to bring, this is the bag for you. There is a It's great.

👤The product does not fit the case of the s21 ultra because it does not have the right twisting to get it in. If you have brake cables on your handlebars, this bag won't fit.

👤The product was delivered on time. It was a gift to my husband who was very happy that he could attach his bike.

👤It's very handy for phone, keys and water bottle.

10. ROCKBROS Handlebar Lightweight Shoulder Mountain

ROCKBROS Handlebar Lightweight Shoulder Mountain

The Distressed Light Brown is a small size. Buy 1 bag get 4 The bag has four mounts. It could be a bag. It could be a top tube bag. It could be a bike frame bag if you put it on the bike frame. It could be a bike seat bag. Purchase a bag and get 4 ways to use it. Stable size and density are included. The bike front frame bag has a capacity of 2L. It could be put on the handlebars, top tube, front frame and under seat frame. It's suitable for any kind of bike. There is a sign for safe riding. There are two reflective signs on the sides of the bag. The design of the sigh improves security when riding in the night. It is better to ride at day time or with a light. The bike front frame bag is made of 100% durable material. The bag is more durable than other bike bags. The bag has 3 zippers that make it easier to take or store things. The bag is not waterproof and should not be used under rain day. There are steep rates for travel. You could take the bike storage bag with you wherever you want, you just have to put the shoulder straps on it. There are steep rates for travel. You could take the bike storage bag with you wherever you want, you just have to put the shoulder straps on it.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤A basic transport vessel. You should Shove in your spare, phone, keys, food, and roll. Does not hold it's shape well and gets allloppy. I solved this by cutting a cutting mat and rolling it up and shoving it inside as a liner and support insert. Works great now.

👤I use it daily to store my clothing. If I need something, I put a cylinder container inside and pull it out. The material, stitching and zippers are holding up well. It blends in with the Carbon frame and bars.

👤You can use it on the handlebars, on the frame, at the bottle cages, and on your shoulder. All straps are needed for it's flexibility. There is a side zip up where you can store straps. The end zippers are easy to access. I use this one with my road bike, trail bike, and XC MTB.

👤I wanted a bag that wouldn't mess with my electronics. The bag can be accessed without having to interfere with the electronics, if you put it under the mount.

👤The bag was mounted on my bike frame with cable ties. My phone and wallet stayed dry while I traveled 17 miles in intermittent rain. Highly recommended.

👤I needed something to keep a spare innertube and tools. It seems well made. I can't think of anything better. It is easy to attach and take with you.

👤Ok bag. It works but it doesn't feel durable. I'm keeping an eye out for something better.

👤It is ok, not great, no internal structure. It doesn't hold its shape. The sides of the main compartment are where you can access it.

👤The systema de anclaje. No me agrad, es deficiente, pero traes lmpara delantera.

11. ROCK BROS Waterproof Bikepacking Accessories

ROCK BROS Waterproof Bikepacking Accessories

The design is classic with fine workmanship. The bike handlebars are 100% waterproof. 2 handlebar bags hold your items. The roll up closure protects your clothes, shoes and tools. The 600D nylon + TPU bikepacking bag is more delicate. It is easy to clean with a wet terry. Bikepacking bags can be used together or alone on the handlebars. It is easy to install and quickly release. The waterproof top tube bike bags are great for cycling. Large capacity top tube bags satisfy your long or short journey needs, classified storage your items such as clothes, keys, snacks, money, phones, wallet, cards, repair tools, small listening devices, and other more commonly used items (5-6 L + 14-15 L). There is a quick release and night curfew. The handlebars have straps that can easily be fastened. The extra straps can be used as a waist bag. Your night visibility is increased by the convenient mounting of your logo. Bike handlebar bags protect your device and accessories from crashes. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as hanging out, cycling, hiking, running, going to gym, traveling, camping, and so on. Product warranty. They are free to contract any questions.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I am pleased with the quality and design of the bag I purchased. It seems like a lot of bags. I am able to fit my sleeping bag and some clothing in the main bag. There is enough room in the smaller bag for snacks, tools, and other items. I like the way that the smaller bag sits on the larger bag, making it easy to access when you don't have to use the flap. The main bag is hard to pack and I don't like it. I find it difficult to fit my sleeping bag into a tube. I was trying to figure out how to use the bag. The instructions don't give a lot of information. There are no instructions on how to attach the smaller bag to the larger bag. I thought I had figured it out and then I read another reviewer's comments on how to do it, so my guess was wrong. There are several compression straps that are included, but no information on how they will be used. I got 5 such straps, but only 3 are shown in the pictures. I don't know how to use them with the bag. There is a The nylon strap that connects the bag to the head tube has a click together fastening. The strap has to be laid flat in order for the click to not slip. The strap can't lie flat when used around the head tube, so it comes loose immediately when riding. I used a bungie strap instead. The bag should be hung from the handle bars with a strap similar to what is used for this attachment. The attachment uses nylon webbing and click fasteners, but it uses a combination of velcro straps and nylon webbing. The handle bar attachment method makes taking the bag on and off the big a bit difficult. It's easier to leave the bag on the bike when packing. I have only used the bag on short test rides. Since I haven't taken it on any bike packing trips yet, I haven't had a chance to see how it handles long trips. If I learn something new, I will update this review.

👤The first time I pulled on it, it broke. Returned it. Do not get it! Customer service sympathized with me and sent me another one to try out. After getting over my initial shock of my first bag, I must say that my second bag is very strong and sturdy. I must have gotten a bad one. I have this one. Very large. It will hold a ton. I have pulled on the same thing as before and I don't see any issues with my second copy. I would not hesitate to purchase, especially with the customer service so far.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebar bag front?

Bicycle handlebar bag front products from Spomchery. In this article about bicycle handlebar bag front you can see why people choose the product. Rhinowalk and Lumiere & Co. are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebar bag front.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebar bag front?

Spomchery, Rhinowalk and Lumiere & Co. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebar bag front. Find the detail in this article. Vincita, Wild Man and Rock Bros are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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