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1. Ituansen Handlebar Waterproof Transparent Camouflage

Ituansen Handlebar Waterproof Transparent Camouflage

There are additional secure loops sewn to each top end. The dimensions are 3.5 liters. There is a distance between mounting straps. The waterproof bike storage front bag is made of Oxford fabric and transparent PVC. It can protect your phone from the elements. Their bicycle storage bag can hold more personal items like: cell phone, water bottle, keys,money,umbrella, sunglasses, power bank, sunblock cream, multitool,keychains, light and classify your personal stuff. It is convenient for you to carry the bag wherever you go, it is a Bike Handlebar Bag, but also a Shoulder bag, with a changeable shoulder strap. There is a gift idea for making love. Give your friend a bike bag as a gift. This is the best choice for any of the following: Birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas Day. I can imagine how happy they are when they receive it. Contact them if you have a question about their bag. Within 12 hours, they will reply to you. If you don't like the bicycle handlebar bag, they will give you a full refund or a new one.

Brand: Ituansen

👤There is an update. The company sent me a strap. I am very happy with my purchase, I received my strap. My rating was changed to 5 stars for great customer service and willingness to fix the problem. There is a I did not receive the straps that are supposed to come with it. I would be able to use this without straps. I'm thinking of returning it.

👤I love this bag. I like being able to see my phone screen. I appreciate that it has a strap so I can take the bag off the bike and carry it with me if we stop in an ice cream shop or a store.

👤I had to send 2 of them back because they were broken, but I finally got three good ones. There is a The first time I used my fon I put it in the front cover and it overheated within 15 minutes because there was no breathing room. I am disappointed with these.

👤I got this today and love it! It is easy to use and has a lot of room. It's very convenient to just carry your essentials and not have a purse. It's worth the buy.

👤My husband has an electric bike and it is hard for him to get to it on the road. I got him a bike storage bag for Father's Day, and so far he loves it. It is large enough to hold his phone and portable battery, so he can charge it while he rides. It's easier for him to hear and see when someone calls.

👤It was difficult to fit in the case with the phone. I don't know anyone who likes to take their phone out of their case. It is very hot when the sun is out. It would be nice to have a flap over it.

👤This is a nice size handlebar bag with an option to attach a strap and use as a carry along as well as being available in a variety of colors. The produce seems to be built to a good standard.

👤An average bike rider with a cell phone is a great value.

2. Lixada Handlebar Waterproof Adjustable Detachable

Lixada Handlebar Waterproof Adjustable Detachable

The package includes a bike bag and shoulder strap. Lixada bicycle handlebar bag is perfect for road bikes, mountain bikes, bicycles, etc. The maximum length of the bag is 50 cm, which can hold your wallet, mobile phone, towel, gadgets, etc. 100% waterproof, very suitable for outdoor use, even in heavy rain. Multifunctional. There are two straps on the bag. You can put things on it. The maximum diameter of the waterproof bag can be less than 20 cm/7.87 inches. Practicability You can easily store and take out items with the zipper design. The handlebars of different sizes and most bicycles can be fitted with three different straps.

Brand: Lixada

👤The two straps that attach to the handlebars only have one double stitch holding them together. The way the ends of the plastic keeper are attached to the strap makes it difficult to tighten the harness once the bag is in place. The waterproof bag is lined with a heavy fabric and is likely waterproof, however it's small in diameter and wouldn't hold much, so make sure to check that out. Poor quality all around. It might work for a small commute. I wouldn't trust any bikepacking. You get what you pay for here. Will be back soon.

👤The bag is much larger than you would think. It holds my chair and table. There is a It hangs well on my mountain bike handlebars and the loops on the front hold my picnic blanket. There is a It's a great addition to my camping setup.

👤The bag seems well made. I keep some clothing in it and attached it to my handlebars. I had one pair of pants, four shirts, two pair of underwear, and two pair of socks. I like taking extra clothes with me. This works well for me. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a bag for their bike.

👤People still use straps to secure their bags, so just do that instead.

👤The bag works great but the strap on one side tore off the pouch on the first use. That won't hold onto the handlebars of my bike. The idea is great, just wish the product was better. I need another pouch. Thank you, Rodney.

👤100% producto.

👤The handlebars were not included.

👤The bag is very thick. The problem is that it is so tight that you can't move fast. Air gets trapped in a vent at the bottom and you can't stuff anything else in it. The handle at the bottom is very handy. The bag can be taken off easily with the two part system.

👤It has features that are better than its low price. If you are testing if you like bikepacking. If you want to continue, you will probably buy something four times this price that will do the same thing. The bag is well built and handles the muck that comes with off road riding. I wish the bag was bigger but you can fit your own dry bag in there with few issues. This setup is recommended by me.

3. Schwinn SW76254 3 Compact Handlebar Bag

Schwinn SW76254 3 Compact Handlebar Bag

The dimensions are 9 long and 5 wide. There are additional items in this front bag. Excellent additional storage with a secure pocket. A quick and secure install of the handlebar straps. It's easy to carry around a bike with a padded carry handle. Keep essential items in a safe place.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I have had a bike bag for a long time but it finally wore out. I was very happy with my first one, so I was happy to find another. I like that this bike bag is simple, roomy, and easy to use, and it can be used for a lot of things. It was a bit harder to get on my front handle bars because of the shorter straps on this one, but I finally got it on. I would like the straps to be a bit longer. That is the only negative. This is the best bag for bikes.

👤A good bag. I didn't rate the fabric. I returned the bag because it was too big for my children's bicycles. The bag was too wide to fit between the right/ left levers on the bike handlebars. I would have kept them. The one compartment of the schwinn bag is enough for my kids to put their phone in, some money, small snack, and maybe a soda can. I think the only downside is that the straps aren't long enough, but I would have fixed that with longer, wider and stronger zip ties. It's a good, generic, basic bag. I ordered a smaller bag for my two sons' bikes. I was looking for a bag that my boys could put their cellphones in.

👤I started looking for a new bag after the last one stopped working. I wanted one that was large enough to hold the cable for my bike lock, but not too large. I would like to have a way of holding the bag if I wanted to take it with me. I wanted someone who was durable, but discreet. Most of the goals were met by this bag. It could be better in some areas. It would be great if there were clips on the shoulder strap. The bag is large enough to fit in a purse, but you only have a short strap on top. I can attach other straps if I want. There is a The bag has to be attached to the bike with straps. These are too short. I can barely wrap the straps around my handlebars with the bag next to me. The straps are small for skinny handlebars. The bag hasn't fallen off, but it makes me nervous. I don't understand why they couldn't make this straps longer.

👤I've had one for a long time. It wore out recently. I made sure it was the same thing I ordered. I ordered another one for my wife. Great product.

4. ROCKBROS Handlebar Lightweight Shoulder Mountain

ROCKBROS Handlebar Lightweight Shoulder Mountain

The Distressed Light Brown is a small size. Buy 1 bag get 4 The bag has four mounts. It could be a bag. It could be a top tube bag. It could be a bike frame bag if you put it on the bike frame. It could be a bike seat bag. Purchase a bag and get 4 ways to use it. Stable size and density are included. The bike front frame bag has a capacity of 2L. It could be put on the handlebars, top tube, front frame and under seat frame. It's suitable for any kind of bike. There is a sign for safe riding. There are two reflective signs on the sides of the bag. The design of the sigh improves security when riding in the night. It is better to ride at day time or with a light. The bike front frame bag is made of 100% durable material. The bag is more durable than other bike bags. The bag has 3 zippers that make it easier to take or store things. The bag is not waterproof and should not be used under rain day. There are steep rates for travel. You could take the bike storage bag with you wherever you want, you just have to put the shoulder straps on it. There are steep rates for travel. You could take the bike storage bag with you wherever you want, you just have to put the shoulder straps on it.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤A basic transport vessel. You should Shove in your spare, phone, keys, food, and roll. Does not hold it's shape well and gets allloppy. I solved this by cutting a cutting mat and rolling it up and shoving it inside as a liner and support insert. Works great now.

👤I use it daily to store my clothing. If I need something, I put a cylinder container inside and pull it out. The material, stitching and zippers are holding up well. It blends in with the Carbon frame and bars.

👤You can use it on the handlebars, on the frame, at the bottle cages, and on your shoulder. All straps are needed for it's flexibility. There is a side zip up where you can store straps. The end zippers are easy to access. I use this one with my road bike, trail bike, and XC MTB.

👤I wanted a bag that wouldn't mess with my electronics. The bag can be accessed without having to interfere with the electronics, if you put it under the mount.

👤The bag was mounted on my bike frame with cable ties. My phone and wallet stayed dry while I traveled 17 miles in intermittent rain. Highly recommended.

👤I needed something to keep a spare innertube and tools. It seems well made. I can't think of anything better. It is easy to attach and take with you.

👤Ok bag. It works but it doesn't feel durable. I'm keeping an eye out for something better.

👤It is ok, not great, no internal structure. It doesn't hold its shape. The sides of the main compartment are where you can access it.

👤The systema de anclaje. No me agrad, es deficiente, pero traes lmpara delantera.

5. ROCK BROS Waterproof Bikepacking Accessories

ROCK BROS Waterproof Bikepacking Accessories

The design is classic with fine workmanship. The bike handlebars are 100% waterproof. 2 handlebar bags hold your items. The roll up closure protects your clothes, shoes and tools. The 600D nylon + TPU bikepacking bag is more delicate. It is easy to clean with a wet terry. Bikepacking bags can be used together or alone on the handlebars. It is easy to install and quickly release. The waterproof top tube bike bags are great for cycling. Large capacity top tube bags satisfy your long or short journey needs, classified storage your items such as clothes, keys, snacks, money, phones, wallet, cards, repair tools, small listening devices, and other more commonly used items (5-6 L + 14-15 L). There is a quick release and night curfew. The handlebars have straps that can easily be fastened. The extra straps can be used as a waist bag. Your night visibility is increased by the convenient mounting of your logo. Bike handlebar bags protect your device and accessories from crashes. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as hanging out, cycling, hiking, running, going to gym, traveling, camping, and so on. Product warranty. They are free to contract any questions.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I am pleased with the quality and design of the bag I purchased. It seems like a lot of bags. I am able to fit my sleeping bag and some clothing in the main bag. There is enough room in the smaller bag for snacks, tools, and other items. I like the way that the smaller bag sits on the larger bag, making it easy to access when you don't have to use the flap. The main bag is hard to pack and I don't like it. I find it difficult to fit my sleeping bag into a tube. I was trying to figure out how to use the bag. The instructions don't give a lot of information. There are no instructions on how to attach the smaller bag to the larger bag. I thought I had figured it out and then I read another reviewer's comments on how to do it, so my guess was wrong. There are several compression straps that are included, but no information on how they will be used. I got 5 such straps, but only 3 are shown in the pictures. I don't know how to use them with the bag. There is a The nylon strap that connects the bag to the head tube has a click together fastening. The strap has to be laid flat in order for the click to not slip. The strap can't lie flat when used around the head tube, so it comes loose immediately when riding. I used a bungie strap instead. The bag should be hung from the handle bars with a strap similar to what is used for this attachment. The attachment uses nylon webbing and click fasteners, but it uses a combination of velcro straps and nylon webbing. The handle bar attachment method makes taking the bag on and off the big a bit difficult. It's easier to leave the bag on the bike when packing. I have only used the bag on short test rides. Since I haven't taken it on any bike packing trips yet, I haven't had a chance to see how it handles long trips. If I learn something new, I will update this review.

👤The first time I pulled on it, it broke. Returned it. Do not get it! Customer service sympathized with me and sent me another one to try out. After getting over my initial shock of my first bag, I must say that my second bag is very strong and sturdy. I must have gotten a bad one. I have this one. Very large. It will hold a ton. I have pulled on the same thing as before and I don't see any issues with my second copy. I would not hesitate to purchase, especially with the customer service so far.

6. WILD MAN Waterproof Handlebar Cellphones

WILD MAN Waterproof Handlebar Cellphones

Most of the road or mountain bike's Racks should be fitted. It's suitable for both men and women's bikes. It can be used on all types of adult bicycle, including cruiser, cargo, folding, touring, road, tandem, mountain, and electric bikes. You can carry the bike pannier on the shoulder while not cycling with an easy to install strap. The package includes a bicycle bag and rain cover. This bicycle phone bag is great to keep your phone stable and allow you to see the screen clearly and operate your smart phone without taking it out while riding. You can answer the phone or listen to music while cycling with the hidden earphone hole. Premium waterproof material and seamless double zips. The bike top tube bag is made of high-class waterproof PU material with sealed double zippers closure, which ensures the water doesn't flow into the bag, which can perfectly protect your phone in rainy days and extreme environment. The bicycle bag's zippers have been designed to open from the bottom to the top, making it easier to zip/unZIP. There are reflective patterns that warn of night cycling safety. The bike phone bag is made of tough EVA with 3D die-casting process. The bike bag is stiff. The Carbon fiber can be very durable. The bike handlebar bag is non-forming and shake-proof. Keep the bag clean when it's dirty, just use a wet towel. This bike phone mount bag is for your mountain bike, road bike, folding bike and electric bike. The bike front frame bag has enough inside room to hold a lot of stuff. A phone, battery, power bank, glasses, gloves, earphone, mini-flashlight, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet, and more are included. It's compatible with the iPhone X, Max, 6s, and 5s, as well as the s8 s7 note 7. The 3 Velcro straps on the back and bottom can be adjusted to fit most types of bikes, so it can grasp tightly on the bicycle frames. Even on a bumpy road, there is better stability. It would not rub against your legs.

Brand: Wild Man

👤I like riding with my phone, but I don't like the idea of having an exposed carrier up on the handle bars like most people do in their cars. If I get into an accident, my phone may not survive. The case protects my phone and is likely to protect it in an accident. There is a There is a large storage compartment. I was able to fit a thin layer with room to spare. There is a When I'm out of the saddle is when I notice the case. If I'm not disciplined, my knees will hurt the case. It's not a deal breaker for me, but I expected it. I would still recommend this case. There is room for different adjustments in the pouch that holds the phone and the touch screen. If you want it to be snug against the plastic, you can tighten the flaps. There is a The bike case has a generous length. There are three points for attaching the case to the bike. They're all about 12 inches in length. There is plenty of room to get the adjustment you want.

👤I wish I had that when I was younger. I've started to do longer rides as well as a lot more off road mtb trails. I've had a lot of problems. I would always need a backpack to carry the things I needed. The touch screen phone access is great and this holds everything I need. There is a The photo shows what I have. If I got rid of the lights, I could probably carry a spare tube. There is a You just need to cut the straps to fit and mount them on your bike. I will probably get another one for my spare bike because it's a great product.

👤The bag is great. There are no problems with the towel, cell phone and portable cell phone battery charger.

👤I think this is a decent bag. It holds a fair amount of stuff. It's easy to use a phone. The mesh pockets inside are very useful. It's sturdy and doesn't move a lot while riding or getting on/off a bike. There are two reasons why the strap design has flaws. The straps have no rubber backing to them, so they will scratch your bike's paint over time, but the manufacturer hasn't fixed this issue. Be aware that you don't have a frame wrap on your paint. There is a The bottom of the pack is flat and has no curve to form to a top tube, but mostly because both top tube hook-and-loop straps open and close from the same direction, the bag pulls slightly to one side on skinnier. The case should be precurved so that one opens left to right and the other right to left, and the straps should be offset so that one opens left to right and the other right to left.

👤I like the phone holder and pouch. The phone holders on the handlebars are too rigid. The mount vibrates too much when going over bumps. This one holds what you need in it and also allows for vibration dampening. My son does not have a water bottle on his bike. The bottle of water is in the pouch. There is a The back of the holder tends to slide on the bike. Not much is enough to be annoying. I stuck the bike frame and the pouch with industrial-strength Velcro tape. It works better now. My son has one on his bike.

7. Rhinowalk Multifunction Handlebar Waterproof Shoulder

Rhinowalk Multifunction Handlebar Waterproof Shoulder

The package includes a Handlebar bag, Double Clamp Bracket, spare anti-skid pad, and Rain Cover. 1680D polyester is the material. The weight: 250g can carry what you need. Four straps are included, they are easy to install on the frame and handlebars, and never touch your leg. You can put your valuables in an orderly fashion. The extraremovable shoulder strap can be used as a leisure bag. Riding, outsports, commute is an occasion. It's suitable for most kinds of bicycles. The package includes a bike bag and shoulder strap.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤I have one of these on my mountain bike. I wanted to keep my phone and wallet at the front of my bike. There is a The little guy is great. I have it attached to my handlebars with two points and one point tied around my brake cables. When I'm biking, the strap is wrapped around the cables so it doesn't move, even though it isn't long enough. There are two pockets in this, a larger one that can hold a phone, a wallet, and some small items, and a smaller one where I put my phone. I'm able to open the pocket because my K51 is about the max size that will fit in it. It won't fit or zip if it's larger than a K51. I'm glad I got this little bag for my bike. I like it. It doesn't interfere with the bike in any way, and it's nice to have my essentials right up front. It would have been nice if the length of the bag reached the bar. It's secure as it is. I'm not worried about it. The bag is great. I like it.

👤The little pack seems to work. I have not tested it in the rain, but it's light, has a few pockets, and has a reflective strip on the front. The waterproof zippers work better than those that are not. There is a I thought the straps for attaching to the handlebars were too far apart. You can rethread the straps to give you more room. Who can beat the price?

👤The bag is small enough to fit in a quick ride. I did not return it. I wanted a windbreaker that would fit, but I also wanted to carry a few smaller items as well. It was made from durable materials and construction. If you're looking for a small bag on your handlebars, give this one a try.

👤I felt I had to write a review because the bag was so well made for the price. I bought various bags for my bike. I know bags. The bag is constructed thoughtfully. The bag is thoughtfully made with various mounting points and side pockets. I have not tried it in a rain, but it looks capable. The bag is hard to beat for the price.

👤You can set this up on the handle bar or the top tube. It's convenient to organize your things with the two separate zippers. There are pockets inside the big compartment that hold your stuff in one spot, rather than having it spread out all over the place. I was impressed with how dry the inside was when I tried it in the rain. I would recommend this product.

8. Bike Handlebar Basket Mesh Pockets

Bike Handlebar Basket Mesh Pockets

Protect your belongings. Do you need a bag that can hold a lot of things? Here you are! The bag is stylish because it has the top wider than the bottom, which adds more volume. A water-resistant bike cooler. Do you need to carry food? It keeps your lunch warm or keeps juice cold. Iced juice is great to drink immediately after riding. Yes! You can use your phone while riding. Someone calls you while you are riding. The bike phone holder allows you to answer the call, view the map, and switch songs without taking the phone out. The phone test passed with a score of 6.5. The Night Ride Protector is a product. You are safe now! The reflective straps on this bike handlebar bag make you very visible at night. Car drivers can see you and avoid you. The latest Quality has been upgraded. The 600D Oxford fabric is Sturdy. The bicycle basket is secured with 2 3 reinforced straps. It's suitable for most of the bikes. It is mounted on the handlebars and will not rub your knees. 4 Don't worry, you will receive a magic strap to organize the brake cables, they won't affect the installation of the bag.

Brand: Mattisam

👤I love it so much. It is medium size and perfect for carrying small items like keys, phone, a shirt for changing after riding, and the walls of the bag look like somehow insulated and waterproof, that is what I wanted. Extra pockets on the side hold other items and the mounting was easy. I like the free gifts, a magic scarf? I use the straps to tie my trousers so that they won't be rolled into the chain and stained with oil. I don't think the reflective stripes are bad. The bag works well.

👤This bag is light. I like that I can keep a cold drink in the insulated part of the bike, it was hanging too low on the front of the bike, but it works perfectly on the inside. I can see my phone on the screen.

👤The first thing you need to do is make two adjustments, because the straps are too long and the design is simple. The clear cover on top is blindingly shiny, so I luckily found a translucent, matt-finish shopping bag and cut a piece of it to fit over the cover with double stick tape. It is no longer shiny. If you are willing to work with these small design flaws, it is a sturdy bag that is just the right size.

👤Small but efficient. Can hold three bottles of water. The phone can be used without having to take it out. There is a The cables in front of the handlebars made it difficult to attach to the front handlebars. It ended up between the cables because you can't see your phone. I don't have to look at my phone for mileage or trail maps. There is a It is ok for the price.

👤The straps do not work. You have to stop frequently on the road to tighten and fix it because the bag cannot take much weight and keeps coming off.

👤I bought this because it was the cheapest option, but it turned out to be an amazing bag for my bike. I like to have my phone maps up on my phone so I can see where I am going. I can keep my food cold on the way to work. I can trust that the bike will stay intact because you can easily wrap the pieces around it. It was a good bang for the buck.

👤I went back for another bag. I returned because of the delayed shipping. I was glad I did since the transparent plastic doesn't allow you to use your phone like the one I ended up with.

👤If you put your phone on top of clear plastic, it will get hot in the sun. The side pocket is used with the mesh. There is room for all my stuff in the bag.

👤It's not hard to get it on the handle bars, the quality is good. If you want to have your phone inside the transparent pouch on the top and actually follow a map on the phone, it is impossible to get the proper tilt toward the rider as it always tilt forward to an angle that make the phone' It won't tilt properly on a bike with different cable configurations.

9. Aophire Folding Bicycle Transport Shipping

Aophire Folding Bicycle Transport Shipping

The balance bikes have passed security testing and are safe for kids. The first bike for a birthday, Christmas, or New Year is in the gift box. The bag is suitable for 26 inch bikes, even up to 27 inch bikes with wheels and handlebars off. It's portable to carry. It's easy to load in, disassemble the front wheel and handlebars of the bike, then put the whole bicycle into the bag and zip up. The material for this bicycle carrier case is high quality and heavy duty. The unfolded size is 55.1*31.4*11 inch and the folded size is 15.7*7.4*5 inch. It's ideal for bike transfer, carrying your bikes on trains, subways, and cars. It's ideal for bike transfer, carrying your bikes on trains, subways, and cars.

Brand: Aophire

👤It does what I need it to. I will be traveling by plane with my bike. I used bubble wrapped every part of the bike, we tested it and 800-381-0266 The last thing to do was to put a smaller piece of cardboard on top of the bike. Good luck!

👤The bag is large enough to hold a bike. There are lots of rooms. Extra pockets for smaller items are something I love. The bag we bought to bring my son's bike to him was reviewed and recommended by other reviewers. I wrapped the gears and pedals with bubble wrap because the bike didn't offer much protection. On one side of the carrier, there is a large inside pocket where the cardboard fit perfectly, after I put a large flattened cardboard box on either side of the bike. The bike survived the flight unscathed because it was protected by this. The bag would not have gotten damaged if I had not let it drag off the luggage cart. This option was cheaper than shipping the bike because we were flying to Colorado.

👤If you are ready to add the extra protection bits, I recommend it. There is a The bag is not strong enough to be used for air travel. Air freight of 29 inch hard tail MTB becomes possible with suitable binding and extra cushion between wheel and frame parts. I used a variety of padding for my trip, and it held up well. There is a The best thing about this bag is that it gives you the chance to decide how and what you want to keep within the weight limit. It is easy to store for later use.

👤It has been difficult to buy a bike during the Pandemic. It was worse because I like in NYC. Gyms are closed and city bikes are a hassle. When I was in Atlanta, I received a bike from a friend and I ordered a bag to take it on the plane, but it was only charged for an extra bag fee. I am sure it will be fine after the bike shop disassembles it. You get charged a lot to fly with hard cases. The bike shop in Atlanta was impressed with the price and quality.

10. Kemimoto Handlebar Holder Bicycle Bottle

Kemimoto Handlebar Holder Bicycle Bottle

Fast-Cap makes it easy to remove. There is no BPA-free. The department name is adult. Plastic is the material type. There is a wide application. The left or right side of the handlebars could be easily adjusted with the 4 hook&loop straps. Like road bike, mountain bike, electric bike, folding bike, kid's bike, cruiser, walker, wheelchair, scooter, etc. There is a video on the page. Free your hands. The bike drink cup holder has two mesh pockets, so you can carry small items like keys, gloves, wallet, and headphones. Fit most size of bottle. The bike water bottle holder has a design that can be 888-282-0465, which can fit 12 ounces to 24 ounces of cups, cans of beer, large cups, coffee mug, soft drinks, and a bottle. The water cup is protected from falling. Hold your water bottle. Even on rough mountain roads, the bike coffee cup holder will be firmly fixed on your bicycle. The design of sponge inside could provide some protection for your bottle or small items in the mesh pocket. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes. The bicycle cup holder made of high-quality Oxford fabric is durable and can be washed. Don't worry about rusty and broken after a few months. The water bottle holder is a great present for anyone who loves bikes.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤This is very strong once it's on your handlebars. We put a bottle of wine in it on our way home from Trader Joe's because it was so sturdy. I might have to get another one for my boyfriend. Highly recommended.

👤I've been trying to find a water bottle holder for a while and have been having trouble because my handlebars are very thick. None of the others would fit. This one was perfect. There was no problem with the attachment. I'm not going over rough terrain because I'm using this for an exercise bike. I don't think anyone would have a problem keeping their bottle or cup out. It is a snug fit and can be tightened. The picture has a yellow circle. I used a cup that was almost 7 in tall. The bottle is 17 ounces. My cell phone is in the outer mesh pocket. I would definitely recommend this product. It was in good condition and came on time.

👤This is better than most of the metal ones I've seen. A great purchase. It's big enough to hold my Starbucks and I have never seen it fall off. This thing is very strange. The pockets on the side are great for smaller items like keys or metro/subway cards. If I'm in a rush and don't have time to put my phone in my backpack, I put it in it. 10/10

👤I need to learn not to fill my cup all the way.

👤I got this last week for my new bike. I wanted it to fit my container. The Hydro Flask is made of water. I don't have to carry it in a backpack. It's great to be able to sip from it without having to stop and drink. It seems sturdy enough for my purposes, but can't say it would last a long time in a rugged lifestyle. The stitching on the velcro looks a bit suspect, but it's been on a few long rides with me and so far so good. Even if one did fail during a ride, you've got lots of back-up because it has 4 different spots. If you have a 32oz hydro in your phone, the pockets are not large enough to hold it. I don't mind if that's something you're looking for, but it might not be the best fit for you. I'm very happy with it so far. I ordered my husband one because he liked it.

👤Prior to this one, I bought a metal cup holder. It was terrible. I would recommend this product. It holds cups securely. There was no noise of banging metal. The extra pockets allow you to hold more things. It is easy to steal. If you leave your bike in public for a long period of time, I would take it off.

👤It's not very good, but it looses its shape very quickly. Not the highest grade product, like many on Amazon. The thing about this item is that it starts to look really crappy and worn out (prematurely), and worst of all, it doesn't keep your container in a fully upright position anymore after just a few months of use and bit of exposure to the elements. That's what I did. I still get a lot of use out of it, but it's not ideal.

11. Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

There are multifunctional occasions. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor sports. The Whale Fall bike frame bag is made of 100% harmless TPU and 100% recyclable EVA. They tried to use materials that are friendly to the environment. It is suitable for a phone up to 6.9 inches. A large interior for mobile phone, power bank, wallet, repair kit and more. The double-layer mesh bag design prevents items from falling out. You can install the straps on the E- bike. The frame bag's touch screen is made of 0.25mm TPU film with high sensitivity and clarity. You can view a map on the phone while cycling. You can easily use Face ID while riding. It's easy to install for any bike. The frame bag can be adjusted with three magic straps. The frame bag is firmly on your bike. It's very convenient to install and remove, you don't have to worry about your knees or legs. If you put your phone in the bag, please turn off the accidental touch protection in the phone settings to prevent it from malfunctioning. All-in-one design with 3D die-casting process make Whale Fall EVA frame bag waterproof and hard. This bike handlebar bag is non-forming, shake-proof, and pressure-proof.

Brand: Whale Fall

👤I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit my phone into this without it being removed from the otter box case. The fit and finish seems good and the waterproof zip is seal well. It looks like it was a good purchase, for now. I went 4 stars because I haven't time tested it, and if it's reading 5 stars it's because I've updated after the first few rides. After my first couple rides, I bumped up to 5. The touch screen works perfectly through the protective cover.

👤I ordered several of these to hold my phone and keys on my bike. None of the others had long straps for my bike. The whale fell. There is a I am able to use the Touch screen on my phone because it is well made and has a case on it. I need it to hold everything. I am very happy with the purchase. If you have an E- bike and you are having trouble fitting something around the battery, look no further. It is easy to install.

👤I ride a small bike. I was excited to have something to carry my stuff with. Since I'm vertically challenged, my handlebars are too close to the holder. I hit it often while riding. I almost lost control of my bike a few times. If your handlebars are on the lowest position possible, you may want to look for something else.

👤Will be using this for the first time this week. The design is nice, except for the zip up. It's difficult to open. I hope this will fix itself over time. Comes with a cute cover. The product was packaged well to avoid damage. Will update after using for a while.

👤This works great for my phone. There's a lot of space under the phone, so you can fit a tube, snack, battery brick, bike tool, etc. It takes a few seconds for it to be secured. When I stand to pump/pedal, I hit it with my legs.

👤I like the structure. All aspects of the Touchscreen worked as they should. The product was well built, functional, and exceeded my expectations, which made it a high rating. The heavy duty structure is easy to use, holds firm to the bike, and fits my phone perfectly.

👤It's a nice concept, but I was unable to record my Ride because the app paused so I couldn't see what I was doing. I believe the pouch wasn't allowing the gps to work correctly. I would have to return it. I don't know if there are other brands that work with Strava.

👤I bought a Trek e bike with a large frame. This case has a lot of storage.

👤The pully system is very secure, it's a great fit on the bike frame. I preferred the handle bar mount as I was worried someone could steal the phone from the bike. Thieves do that with this one. It is possible to control the phone through the cover. I own a s20 and it fits very well. It has a strap behind the phone compartment that you can adjust to fit your phone. There is a nice size storage compartment. It works for my glasses, keys, backup battery pack and wallet. It feels sturdy but also lightweight. Very happy.


What is the best product for bicycle handlebar bag camo?

Bicycle handlebar bag camo products from Ituansen. In this article about bicycle handlebar bag camo you can see why people choose the product. Lixada and Schwinn are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle handlebar bag camo.

What are the best brands for bicycle handlebar bag camo?

Ituansen, Lixada and Schwinn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle handlebar bag camo. Find the detail in this article. Rock Bros, Rockbros and Wild Man are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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