Best Bicycle Grips for Kids

Grips 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. ARJudy Bike Grips Mountain Handlebar

ARJudy Bike Grips Mountain Handlebar

Don't put the bike grips on the handlebars directly because it's easy to break them. The high quality TPR rubber is durable, non-slip, soft and comfortable. It's perfect for a kid's bike. The Coolrunner mushroom grips are designed with a ridged surface which can help with shock absorption and anti-slipping when you are sweating or in the rain. The standard size grips are suitable for BMX bike, cruiser, electric bike, folding bike, road bike, mountain bike, Tricycle bike, Scooter bike or Kids low-rider bike handle bar with 20-22mm. To make it easy to install, spray a little soap water or detergent water on your handlebars. It's easy to be broken by the friction of the handlebars, so don't put the bike grips on the handlebars directly. It's easy to cut to size for bikes that have a shorter grip on one side. They were easy to cut. There was no tearing.

Brand: Arjudy

👤They are the same as described. They fit a standard handlebar grip. No frills. They require some force and manipulation to get over the handlebars, so don't be discouraged if they seem like they won't fit because they don't just slide on. Keep pushing. Think of it as giving birth.

👤They would have been a better fit for my use if they were a bit shorter. They stay in place and do not interfere with the "Thumb Throttle". If they ever slip forward, they could "Jamb" the throttle in the "ON" position, which would not be safe. They will slide on the handle bar much easier if you apply lightly soaped water to the inside of the grips.

👤The color is perfect. The grips were easy to install. They aren't comfortable, but if you wear bike gloves, they won't be a problem.

👤I wish I had spent more money on a better grip. The end of the grip ripped when put on.

👤I really like my new grips. It is easy to install. It was very comfortable.

👤The cheap kids bikes have handle grips that have fallen apart. They fit perfectly.

👤I used them for a stroller. The fit is great and the texture is good.

👤The grips are good. They are comfortable. They're easy to trim if you're dealing with a shift.

2. GD Division Protection Childrens Handlebars

GD Division Protection Childrens Handlebars

It is recommended that you brush soap water, detergent water or car wax on your handle. It will be installed quickly and easily if you put the grips on the bicycle handle bar lightly. It is easy to break the grips. The bumper protectors at the ends of the handlebars offer more safety, helping in the case of an impact, a fall, or even when storing the bike and leaning it against a wall. It is convenient and shabby. Their rubber compound has a soft feel and is non-abrasive. The production of their bicycle grips is free of harmful chemicals and they only use quality Kraton rubber. Kids who have less gripping power can benefit from the super grip. The perfect gun fit without SPINNING is due to manufacturing with a high degree of accuracy. The grips are universal on children's tricycles, scooters and push bikes.

Brand: Gd - Grip Division

👤Make my girl's bike more appealing to her. It would not have been possible if I had looked up how to get the originals off. Make space between bar and grip with a screwdriver. If you want to keep the new grip on, you should lubricate it with a bunch of hand sanitizer. You can pull it off if you work it around.

👤A great replacement for a specialized hot rock bike. My son tore up the original and specialized didn't have replacements. These are perfect! Thanks!

👤Very nice looking. A complete bear. I spent an hour using brute force to push them on and 2 good blisters later they were almost all the way on, so it's on me that I didn't do any research. I would recommend them based on their appearance and quality. If there is an easier way to get them on than the Neanderthal method, I would do it. If you have large hands, or are older. There has to be a way to make the installation different than my method.

👤The handle bar grips for my grandson's scooter worked well. There was nothing unique about them. I try to do a review of most items I receive. These were satisfactory.

👤The rubber handles on the Micro scooter were torn and moldy, so I bought replacements. They fit perfectly and make the scooter look brand new.

👤I replaced some sticky grips on a kids Specialized Hot Rock with these. I used the soap and water method to slide them on and it didn't take a lot of effort to get them all in place. I like the way the end cap is configured and the way it sits on the bar. There is a So yeah... I would definitely buy these again.

👤It was easy to install using a hair spray. Just have to wait for them to stick before using them. The side end bumpers hold up better than the factory grips.

👤My daughter loves her Trek bike, which is a used bike, and has great bones. The diameter and length were perfect for her bike. Went on with a shimmy.

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3. Helonge Handlebar Non Slip Rubber Bicycle

Helonge Handlebar Non Slip Rubber Bicycle

Soft material keeps the kid safe in case of an emergency. Soft and durable material. The grip is made of high-quality TPR rubber which is durable, non-slip, soft and comfortable for cycling. TheSTANDARD's length is 4.7"/ 120mm and the Inner Diameter is . It's suitable for BMX bike, cruiser, electric bike, folding bike, road bike, mountain bike, Tricycle bike, Scooter bike or kids low-rider bike handlebar with 20-22mm. Mushroom grips with a ridged surface are better at absorbing shock when you are sweating or in the rain. To make it easier to install, spray a little soapy water or detergent water on your handlebars.

Brand: Helonge

👤The handlebars on the older bike that our granddaughters use had totally deterioated and I bought these to replace them. There were no problems with the new grips. They are not so tight. I was not able to work them on. I didn't think they would rip easily. My granddaughter is happy with them.

👤The quality of the grips is good. The description said they were for a kid's bike, but the handlebars are too big for the trike, so I ordered them. They annoy him so he just pulls them off. I guess I could have saved my money.

👤I have been looking for white grips for a while. These were very cheap and worked out well for the bike. The handles on the old cruiser match those on the new bike.

👤The tool is sturdy and it is a nice size. I loosened nuts, bolts and pedals on my bikes after trying it out.

👤The price was cheap, but I didn't read the description. There were 2 sets. It was worth the purchase. Put a 5 year old on a scooter.

👤I got these for my adult bike and they work well. I didn't know it was a double pack. I now have an extra set.

👤These fit perfectly. The replacements for my little ones handles have beeing in sting for a year now.

👤I was unable to get these all the way to my son's bike handle bars.

4. Coolrunner Handlebar Non Slip Mushroom Tricycle

Coolrunner Handlebar Non Slip Mushroom Tricycle

The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets. Soft and durable material. The grip is made of high quality TPR rubber which is soft and durable. TheSTANDARD is a size GRIP that is 4.7"/ 120mm in diameter. 0.87" There are millimetres. The handle bar for the low-rider bike is 20-22mm. Coolrunner mushroom grips are designed with a ridged surface which can absorb shock when you are sweating or in the rain. Don't put the bike grips on the handlebars directly because it's easy to break them. If you have an issue with their bicycle handlebars, please feel free to contact them, they will solve them for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Coolrunner

👤I've used a lot of these grips on a lot of bikes. I put a metal washer in the base to make it harder for kids to cut the closed end of the bike. Push the washer down to the base with the back end of a toothbrush. I use a toothbrush to get alcohol out of the grip and onto the bar. After the alcohol is put on the bar, you have to cut the grip to get it back off. The O.D. is perfect every time. Use a blade to slice the grip. It's time to swap out old grips.

👤It's perfect for a kid's bike. They are not hard plastic like rubber. They are easy to cut with a box knife. It's perfect for bikes that have a shorter grip on one side. They were easy to cut. There was no tearing. There is a Before I put them on the bike, I dropped a thick washer into each one. It should help keep the ends of the bike from being ripped out when the bike leans on something. If the handlebars are dragged across the sidewalk, it won't help. The washer doesn't make them strong as carbon fiber, they are still rubber. You can put streamers into the end of the grip with the washer hole in the middle. I have the purple ones. There was a deep purple color. Not weak or faded. I couldn't be happier. It's perfect for a kid's bike. I wouldn't recommend them for an adult bike where you are going to spend a lot of time on it. For an adult bike, get something more comfortable. But a bike for kids? These are perfect.

👤I bought these for a 16' bike and they were easy to install and stay on after use. Handle bar grips are good. The handle bar should not be left out in the sun. The melted rubber is making ours discolored and sticky. The high quality rubber and shock absorbing design made this a 3 star. A bit of a stretch from my experience of having these for a while now.

👤We got them yesterday, so I can't speak to their durability. My kids are hard on bikes and scooters, so I just buy new grips every few months. My daughter liked the hot pink color. These fit perfectly on a 20 inch hot rock. My son installed them using an air compressor, and it took a couple seconds per side. Push the air compressor tip into the grip. The air will push the opposite way that you are sliding the grip, but it works, fast and easy.

👤The blue version of the grip was a lighter blue and a close match for our bike. It was not the same blue. If you want to match the color of your bike, it's best to order black or white. We ordered black after returning it.

👤I found a rusted trike. I will just buy a new one since it was free. These were not as big as the toddler tricycle. I couldn't use them so they are working. A tighter fit would only be needed for higher activity. I kept them and am happy with the price.

5. LERMX Bicycle Handlebar Mountain Downhill

LERMX Bicycle Handlebar Mountain Downhill

The trip was 3X6. The Twist Shifters are fast. The material is made of high quality non-slip rubber. TPR rubber and aluminum alloy rivet bolts are shock-resistance. The rubber is better than the other ones. Extra gel layer for soft touch and comfort with antislip design is the ergonomics designed. Will not get sticky in the sun. The large palm pad area will reduce the fatiguing of your hands. The aluminum lock ring is made of aluminum and is strong enough to keep the grips tight. The length is 8.6 inch. It is suitable for most of the handlebars like BMX, mountain, mountain bike, beach cruiser, scooter, folding, downhill, commuter bicycle etc.

Brand: Lx Lermx

👤These grips are not bad. They are not very soft. There is plastic under the rubber. Good price. If you're looking for soft bike grips, look elsewhere.

👤I have arthritis in my wrists and have been riding my bike more recently. I was looking for an upgrade that might be more comfortable. This is it! I had to cut the old grips off before I could install the new ones. You can tighten the clamps. I just went for a ride and felt great. The slightly more expensive Silicone version will last longer.

👤Don't make the mistake I made by buying these handlebars. The cheap metal and strips that make up the locking mechanism are very easy to use. If you buy this, you will be stripping the screw because they are so poorly made. The handlebars on my bike came off and caused me to wreck twice. I don't recommend this product. It's a bad design and it's made cheaply.

👤The grips have a screw so you can tighten them on the handlebars. They have an ergonomics design that allows you to position the grips for the best angle to fit your hands, they are shorter and fit bicyces with grip shifters.

👤I thought they would work better than my stock grips, but they are a little shorter. The farthest I have traveled with these was 10 miles. It feels safer to have a bigger grip on them. They are usable, but not necessarily more so. I don't wear gloves on my rides.

👤I find these groups to be very comfortable at first, but I have never dealt with a group having two separate pieces, and the one problem I have with it is the fact that there's a screw on the clasp.

👤These grips are a great deal and they are nice. The end caps are made of cheap plastic and useless. Since the 1st broke, I didn't try to install the 2nd. I think they should be made of rubber. They can slide into the end of the handle bar. I gave them a rating of 4.

👤I don't know if I'm qualified to review because I haven't bought many grips. They stay put. They feel good. They came out on top against a few trees that had no business being there in the first place.

👤J'ai acheté celle-ci pour remplacer mes. Celles d'origine, elles sont trs bien.

6. SAPLIZE Handlebar Shorter Scooters Streamers

SAPLIZE Handlebar Shorter Scooters Streamers

If you have an issue with their bicycle handlebars, please feel free to contact them, they will solve them for you within 24 hours. TPR material is soft and comfortable. No harm to kids. There is a bundle with Tassel Streamers. The length of this grip is 4.13" for most of the little kids bikes/scooter/tricycles with the outer-diameter being 0.84". SizeInner diameter is.822"

Brand: Saplize

👤I bought a toddler bike from a garage sale and wanted to clean it up for my daughter. I had to cut off the grips that were originally on the bike. The grips are perfect. I thought the grip was made of foam, but it is made of rubber and comfortable to hold onto. I bought the smaller ones so I could see them in person. Both sets of grips are great quality and both would fit, I posted a picture of the original grip that came with the bike. We kept the smaller ones because they were cuter. There is a The actual streamers are the only thing that's questionable. They are made of material like a mylar balloon and will be ragged and gross after a while. This would be a 5 star review if the streamers were made of plastic. The price for the bill was overall.

👤These were what we expected. The handles on the bike I bought for were made of metal and had been used by 3 kids. I was so worried my son would lose balance and hit the side of the parked car. I was very happy when these arrived. It was hard to get on the bike. I was unable to get on all the way and it is still sticking off the nadle abour. My sons balance a little off because of the way his hands are placed. I sqitched the handles and still couldn't get that one on the other side, so I think the size on that one might have been off.

👤I think our scooter is. The Razor Jr. is the son of the Razor. A kick. Our kids are given a hand-me-down for 3 years. Several kids love it and have used it. At some point the hand grips and handlebar cushion deteriorated. The hand grips were too big for us. The cushion at the end of each grip is very thick and will protect your walls if your kid falls against it. It's funny. We wrapped duct tape around the handle bars. The hand grips are snug and don't slide off easily. The handle bar grips are very durable and well made. It's great that price is also great. There is a The piece of foam pool noodle covered in duct tape was used for the center bar cushion.

👤I wanted to personalize my daughter's bicycle since it was so boyish when she received her older brother's bike. I didn't want to paint the frame, so I swapped out the seat and handlebars for a more girlish color, which was the easiest way to do it. I wasn't sure if the grips were rubber or foam, but I am happy to report that they are all soft rubber. There is a The grips were put on the handlebars. Rub alcohol on the inside and slide them on. The grips stay on after the alcohol is gone. They're soft and have good grip. My daughter was very happy with her new bike.

7. PRUNUS Handlebar Bicycle Scooter Mountain

PRUNUS Handlebar Bicycle Scooter Mountain

It works with any standard 22mm bike handlebar. The bike grips fit for most regular handlebars, like children mountain bike, scooter, mtb,bmx,balance bike, etc. The bike grips are made of soft rubber and have high strength, which can help minimize hand fatigue from both shock and vibration. The bike handle grips are waterproof and are good for protecting the handlebars. No parents like their kids face-planting in the mud as a result of a sudden hand slip from bicycle handlebars. They have improved their grips. The inner end of the cartoon texture protects your kid's hands from slipping off. The world of children is full of unknowns. The lovely patterns on the mountain bike grips will satisfy your girls, boys, child's desire to explore a new world on a ride. Fit these lovely scooter grips on, and enjoy a fun ride with your child. Measure your bike handlebars first before buying. The inside of the kids scooter handle grips should be sprayed with hair spray or soap before installation.

Brand: Prunus

👤They fit the bike perfectly. Excellent quality. It's easy to slide and glide with a little oil.

👤These are a good fit. It took a little effort to put them in but they won't come off. They have been very pleasant.

👤My grand daughters bike worked perfectly with these handlebar grips. The grips on the handlebars are a very good value and we sprayed them first with plicol.

👤I loved them for the tricycle handle bar. When the U.S. inch measurement is used.

👤Put this on a seat. I tried another brand and it was slipping. These went on tight, no twisting, even though my daughter put a lot of force on them.

👤These grips are great for bikes. My daughter likes the color of the grips and they feel good in her hand. These grips are great for other parents.

👤The measurements are correct. The perfect size for toddler scooter is pictured. My daughter was happy to have a new bike. :/ The Disney Princess 3 Wheel Kick Scooter had it. The metal bars should be clean with alcohol and water.

👤The grips were replacements for the boy's bike. They were easy to install and stay in place. There were no issues with them.

8. Pincute Handlebar Grips Mushroom Toddler

Pincute Handlebar Grips Mushroom Toddler

The grip is designed to fit most flat bar bikes with the outer diameter of 20-23mm. Will fit on standard bikes. The kids bicycle grips are about 90mm and 22.2mm. The handlebars on most standard bicycles are between 22-23mm. The bike handlebars are made of high quality rubber and are comfortable. Kids bike grips are shock absorbing. Don't worry, keep your grips tight. Classic style and lovely color with a ridged turbo shape. Is suitable for children's bikes. It's easy to install, just brush soap water, detergent water or car wax on your handle. It will be installed quickly.

Brand: Pincute

👤Garbage! We put it on the bike and the end ripped off. Save your money, or spend more for something that is not a waste of money.

👤They were easy to install on my son's bike. I bought these to fix the exposed metal edge of the handlebars, but one tore them.

👤It fits the kids bike perfectly. Before you place an order, check the handle size of your child's bike. Attach the dish soap and water to the handle. My kid liked it.

👤The material's thickness was the reason I got the quality award. There is nothing better than opening your present and receiving another present of quality inside. I tried them on and they were comfortable. There are three presents in one. There is a Thank you both. You've made my day.

👤We had to order new grips for my son's bike. It was difficult to find a pair of replacement grips. These worked out well.

👤They fit on a toddler bike well enough, never fully went on all the way, and already getting beat up the short amount of time we have had it.

👤I know that there are cheaper handle bar replacements, but the size isn't quit right and the color is off in the photo. The bike handle bar grips are great for kids bikes. The size and color are correct. They are not as nice as the factory is. They do the job well.

👤You had to use a little strength to fit our bike, but it worked out perfectly. Shipping was fast and the price was great.

9. U JOY Handlebar Non Slip Mushroom Tricycle

U JOY Handlebar Non Slip Mushroom Tricycle

You can contact them if you have any questions after you receive their products. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. Silicone is soft and comfortable for cycling. The package includes a pair of rubber grips. There are 10 colors for you to choose from. Blue, red, white, and orange. The inner diameter is 0.87" and the length is 120mm. The handle bar for the low-rider bike is 20-22mm. It is recommended that you brush soap water, detergent water or car wax on your handle. It will be installed quickly and easily if you put the grips on the bicycle handle bar lightly. It is easy to break the grips.

Brand: Beakuoo

👤The radio flyer tricycle is not compatible with the quality of the quality. Too big. It's more adequate for larger kids bikes.

👤These were used to refresh two of my children's scooters. I put a small piece of duck tape on the handle bars because they were a little loose. The grips don't move anymore because they slide over the tape.

👤These are a great bike handle replacement. I bought these for a metal tub, not a bicycle. The wooden handles on the tub rotted. I had a split in the center of the metal pieces. Carrying the tub was impossible because of this. These came up on a search and seemed to work. I think they would work well on a 5-gallon bucket. They are flexible and don't collapse when I hold them. I think that the lifespan will be based on the quality.

👤It was used to make the grip easier for arthritic hands. It works perfectly. I cut vertical slits along the ridge lines, alternated on the grip, and stretched it over the handle because it was hard to get on. Doesn't affect its usefulness in any way. A tip.

👤The foam handles on my kids' razor scooters were old and needed to be replaced. The handles on the scooters had become flaky. I replaced the old handles with new ones on my kids' scooters. They loved them! They said they felt better than the foam handles. The handles were easy to install. I am glad I bought them.

👤A good price. The replacement handler worked great and looked better than the original.

👤They don't fit on either set of handle bars. Will probably have to use something. I don't think they are going to be very comfortable on some rides.

👤After less than a year, they started releasing tiny sticky rubber particles to the point that my daughter doesn't want to ride her bike anymore.

👤The original grips of the TREK Mountain Bike were ripped. These fit but are about an inch longer than the handlebars.

👤My son was very happy when he got there. Fit him a bike.

👤It's a perfect replacement for razor scooter handles.

👤I used some soap and water.

👤They faded from the sun after a few days. We don't worry if you have a garage.

10. Coolrunner Bicycle Handle Mushroom Grips

Coolrunner Bicycle Handle Mushroom Grips

The non slip surface shape is not slippy. It is made of high quality soft rubber. The product is about 90mm in length and 22.2mm in diameter. Most standard bicycles have handlebars between 22-23mm. The design is shock absorbing. Keep your grips tight, no worry, or fall down. Classic style and lovely color. They will solve your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Coolrunner

👤It was as expected for a kids bike. If you don't know how to get grips like these on, hand sanitizer is the easiest way to do it. It takes about a minute for the sanitizer to evaporate.

👤I had to replace grips on a bike for a 4 year old. It was soft and fit like a glove.

👤Helped a bike to look new. I found where the handles were when I put these on my daughter's bike. The bike now looks great after it was replaced with new covers.

👤Shipping was great! They were too big to fit the bike. The return process was very easy. Thank you!

👤The bike needed tape to fit. They look good on the bike.

👤These were the perfect replacements for my girl's bike grips. The bars have a little dishsoap on them to help the grips slide on easier.

👤The child tricycle does not fit the diameter. Desciription is not accurate.

👤Thankfully these will keep one of my kids from scratching my car with the bike handles when they recklessly ride by!

👤We needed new grips for the bike. The fit was perfect and the look was great. It was easy to slide onto the handlebars.

11. SAPLIZE Handlebar Grips Ergonomic Design

SAPLIZE Handlebar Grips Ergonomic Design

No risk purchase and 100% satisfaction. These bike shorts for men with padding are ideal for a wide range of activities. They will give you a free replacement or full refund if you don't like the quality or size of their men's cycling shorts. Take it and ride! A Classical Anti-slip pattern with a hard plastic core and medium soft TPE Wrap. Don't tighten the SCREWS with too much strength. If the screws broke during installation, please contact them for a replacement. Good Wrist Support, Anti Slip and Shock Absorb are suitable for long time cycling. The rings are locked on both ends. It's suitable for most of the bike handlebars. There is a notice. If you have gadgets on your handlebars, they're too long. The warranty is for 12 months.

Brand: Saplize

👤These grips are pretty comfortable. I had a number of issues with numbness on long rides with the stock round grips. They have lock rings on both ends. I only used the one with the aluminum end-caps because I have a mirror on the left end. There is a The handlebars take up more space than the grips. I had to move the brake / shifter mounts inward to accommodate them and get my bar extensions back on the end of the handlebars. It took a couple of rides to get them in the right position, but now that they're set, I'm good. There is a It was difficult to remove the old grips. I used a tire tool to pull the end of the grip off the handlebars, then squirted some WD40 in there and twisted and pulled them off. The locking grips are an advantage because they don't need to be tight on the bar to stay in place. Be careful that you don't tighten them too much. A lot of people not used to working on bikes use too much Torque when tightening bolts. If you're too loose, you'll find that things work well with less Torque than you think. You can learn how little force is required to secure most things on the bike by using a Torque wrench.

👤I had to move my gear selector and brake handle in about 3 inches to get them to fit, then the anodized metal that you tighten with the allen head broke and left a very sharp point where your hand slides over to select a gear. It deserved 0 stars.

👤I bought these to try and improve the comfort on my 20 year old MTB. The rubber is not thick enough, so they are not a good value for money. The do not provide shock absorption which is the intended purpose, would suit a young person. There is a They are both the same. It's easier to make one stock item, sold in pairs. The palm of the hand needs a slight curl to fit it. That involves two sets of tooling and two separate items. It's worth it. There is a So... I'll probably give these to someone with young riders and buy myself a better pair.

👤The build quality of the bike handlebar grips is pretty good for this price point. Installation was quick and easy, and the colors add a fun accent to your bike. There is a The "cutout" feature makes the product look like a knife. The design looks cool, but I feel the area for resting your palm needs to be bigger for people with larger hands. If you have large hands, you should go with the more rounded ergo grips. Kids and people with smaller hands should like this product.


What is the best product for bicycle grips for kids?

Bicycle grips for kids products from Arjudy. In this article about bicycle grips for kids you can see why people choose the product. Gd - Grip Division and Helonge are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle grips for kids.

What are the best brands for bicycle grips for kids?

Arjudy, Gd - Grip Division and Helonge are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle grips for kids. Find the detail in this article. Coolrunner, Lx Lermx and Saplize are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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