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1. Koxly Insulated Anti Slip Windproof Waterproof

Koxly Insulated Anti Slip Windproof Waterproof

Warm up in winter. Winter gloves are made of high-quality materials. The gloves have a lining of warm Cashmere and Breathable film to keep your hands warm. The gloves have an extra back waterproof zip, which is convenient to wear and take off, and the cuffs are slippery and comfortable, without restricting your outdoor sports and movement. The gloves are more suitable for most people's hands. The grip on the palm of the glove makes the connection between the steering wheel and the glove stronger. Provide security for your travels. The fingertips of winter gloves are made of high-quality conductive corrugated PU, which makes it possible for you to use smart phones and touch screen devices without taking off your gloves. The gloves are suitable for daily use and can be used for biking to work in cold weather, riding a motorcycle in snow, and driving. Windproof gloves are suitable for all genders. If you have a problem with your gloves, they will help you within 24 hours. They will provide you with a better shopping experience.

Brand: Koxly

👤I have been wearing the gloves for over an hour in the 32F weather, but I haven't seen if they are waterproof yet. It could be better, however, as they are very comfortable with it. They would suggest increasing the insulation during this hour. I was able to use them for a phone application. It's either hit or miss on pressing the functions. I had to remove a glove. I think they are not bad for the price. I gave them a 4 star rating because my hands were cold after only an hour in the weather. I agree that you could ride a motorcycle with these, but you would have a hard time gripping the steering wheel in the cold.

👤I was looking for gloves that were cost effective, fit well, were warm, not bulky, and allowed me to use my touch screen. I found these gloves on Amazon. They fit all my criteria and have a few extra perks, like the zip on top to help slide on and off and give an exceptional fit. Perfect gloves! I purchased 4 more pairs.

👤The gloves are not damaged. They're good for weather in the 30s and 40s. I'm not sure why anyone would expect that at the price, despite the company's claims. I'm mostly satisfied with them. Order up a size because they have large seams in the fingers. My comments about the gloves stand, but I've now received 4 emails from the company asking me to raise my star rating and offer compensation to buy a rating. This is completely inappropriate and annoying. I would not recommend this company to you.

👤I'm not sure what to think about these gloves' write-up and reviews. Maybe they are adequate for 45 degrees. I walked on a cold day and my hands got cold. I cut my walk short by putting my hands in the gloves. I thought they must be work gloves. I made a mistake ordering them, but when I looked at them, I found they were warm. They're not.

👤I bought them for winter cycling. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit and comfort when I tried them on. I'm about 200 lbs. I ordered a large based on the size recommendations in the product description. The gloves fit snug. The temperature was in the low 30s when I went out for a bike ride. The gloves kept my hands warm and nice, and they were not restrictive. The touch screen fingertips are a bonus, I won't spend a lot of time on my phone while riding, but it was nice to be able to dismiss notifications and get back to my cycling app. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on gloves. I expected to have to wear liners at this price point, but that was not the case. I expected comfort and warmth from these.

2. Running Touchscreen Thermal Windproof Waterproof

Running Touchscreen Thermal Windproof Waterproof

The loop and hook are closed. Premium compression soft fabrics provide performance for zero-pilling, super light and breathable, anti-static function. The fleece thermal lining is very soft and warm, elastic wrist design that prevents snow particles from entering the glove, it also enhances the warmth and wind resistance of the gloves. No one likes running in cold weather. A pair of running gloves are needed. The gloves are made to add insulation to keep your hands warm. They have a gripping feature that will keep your phone in your hand while you run, and they have a touch screen that will let you send and receive text messages. Water resistant and windproof gloves are made of high quality waterproof TPU which can keep hands warm and dry even in snow or light rain. Keep warm gloves close to the wind and cold water with the elastic wrist cuff. Don't soak the gloves in water. The design of the tape cuffs is comfortable. The cuffs of running gloves are made with a tape design that makes them easy to put on and off without being tight or uncomfortable. Men and women can use the winter running gloves. The Winter gloves are perfect for running, riding, biking, climbing, hiking, driving, skiing and other outdoor sports. If there is a problem with the running gloves, please contact them to change them.

Brand: Sunifier

👤I was cautious about my expectations, but I'm here to tell you that these gloves are worth it. I wanted gloves that were warm and comfortable. These are perfect. The order was delayed by one day but I am happy with it. They have fleece lining and waterproof outer material. A wrist strap. These are where it is! I was a bit hesitant at first. I'm very happy!

👤The gloves were particularly waterproof, and I had the chance to test them. I don't have to worry about getting my hands wet while working in a watery environment. They have the ability to respond to touch screen devices without having to take them off, which is nice.

👤I am warning you that these are not rain proof and you will have to return them. I was soaked in the rain after working for 2 hours. I wore them three days later when the rain stopped and they were wet.

👤I love this gloves. The fingers are sensitive. I don't have to take off my gloves or cut off one of the fingers to send a message. The gloves are lightweight and warm, which makes them great when it is only 9 degrees in the morning.

👤Glove reviews are difficult. All of us have different tolerances to the pain of cold fingers. There's the wind and the ambient temperature. The gloves are supposed to be strong. That may be true if you live in Texas. If you live in the upper Midwest like I do, it probably won't be much. If the ambient temperature is in the 40's F or above, these gloves will keep your hands warm in all but gale force winds. Even a moderate wind won't keep the coldness out if the temperature is in the 20's F. They work well all the way down to the low 20's with no wind. The front surface of the gloves is very nice when they are new. Accuracy is a problem with the touchscreen portions. If your phone screen is large, you can hit the play/pause button, but I wouldn't try typing with them on. There is a I wouldn't buy them for an Alaskan winter if they weren't impervious to cold.

👤I bought a pair for myself. I wanted waterproof snow gloves that were not bulky and I didn't care about the ability to use a touch screen phone with them on. These pass the test. They do their job well and are attractive. I have had a little trouble using my phone, but these gloves are still great!

3. MOREOK Thinsulate Windproof Thermal 020FPink

MOREOK Thinsulate Windproof Thermal 020FPink

200 G 3M Thinsulate +TPU waterproof membrance. Moreok thermal gloves are made with 200g 3M thinsulate insulation which traps body heat efficiently and provides twice the warmth of other type gloves. It's suitable for all winter conditions. The maximum temperature for cold resistance is -30F. The touch screen has an anti-skidding design. The rubber on the palm of the glove is anti-slip and helps you have a firm grip on the tools. It is light enough to ensure optimal mobility and dexterity, and it has a touch screen function on the middle and forefinger. Waterproof and bleach are available. The outer fabric is waterproof and protects against daily wear and tear. The double-waterproof effect was created by adding a TPU waterproof film in the middle of cotton. Moreok ski gloves have a warm velvet lining that keeps your hands dry. The Moreok gloves have an extended cuff and a wrist strap that is designed to keep them out of the snow and water. The nylon tower buckle and drawstring can be adjusted to fit your wrist. The cuffs on the gloves improved the wind resistance and prevented snow or cold air from creeping. Men and women have similar functions. It is designed with reflective materials to make it safer. MoreOK thermal gloves are great for outdoor activities. Their fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get.

Brand: Moreok

👤I wanted the gloves to be a good pair of gloves for Minnesota, and I have had them for about a month. They are not warm. All except for the top of the hand. The bottom side is cold. I missed the return date because I bought these early to make sure I had a pair when I needed them. The weather around here has been very cold this season with the temperature dipping to the single digits in October. I wore them out for about 10 minutes in the high 30 degree weather and I wouldn't recommend them. I don't think anyone can make a decent glove. I tried another pair of Amazon shoes that lasted a year but died out on me, which led to this purchase. I think reviews and descriptions are not everything. No way! There is an update 11-11-2020. My hands were warm the whole time I was shoveling snow. The only conclusion I can come to is that when the gloves are wet it stops the heat loss. I was going to throw them out if they didn't work. They did a great job. I went for a jog instead of walking. My hands are warm. They should be called "warm when active" gloves. Not five stars since they aren't usable all the time, but a solid three.

👤These gloves are not warmer than any other gloves you might buy. The insulation feels like it's doing nothing, as it flattens out to the point. There is a The material can be used outdoors for a long time. These gloves are not going to be used for real work. People in the south need to stop looking at winter clothing. Anything will keep your hands warm in the 30's and 40's.

👤These gloves are actually waterproof, not "water resistant", as was described online. There is a My hands never got wet. My hands were warm and dry while I was playing in snow and sledding in Colorado. The grips on the palms worked great, and you can definitely use a touchscreen phone, although the thickness of the gloves still makes it tough to accurately tap or maneuver your fingers, but I'd just slip the glove off if I needed to use my phone real quick. These are great for the price. These are a win for me.

👤I moved to Minnesota from Washington DC in the winter. I'm happy with the quality and price of these, they were recommended to me by my neighbor. They are soft and fit well. These xs fit like a small if you're a small in ladies gloves. Happy!

4. Tanluhu Mountain Anti Slip Shock Absorbing Gloves Road

Tanluhu Mountain Anti Slip Shock Absorbing Gloves Road

Highest quality and heavy duty material. The gloves are made of Microfiber that is Breathable and Anti-abrasive. The gloves are very comfortable to wear. Sensitive Touch Screen Fingersthumb and forefinger adopt screen recognition, so you can access your phone without taking off your mountain bike gloves to answer calls or respond to messages. The sweat could be wiped off with a thumb terry cloth. Special palm pads can absorb the shock and reduce numbness on the bumpy road. Reducing the probability of skipping willEASE your palm fatigue. They're perfect for outdoor actives such as cycling and running and deliver a snug and comfortable fit with an elasticated cuff which prevents cold, wind and rain from entering. It's suitable for casual biking or professional cycling, as well as a wide range of sports activities. They are able to handle long-distance riding. More adventures. The Tanluhu, meticulously stitched, cool bike gloves will serve you for a long time. Leave your concerns to them and enjoy the ride on your bike.

Brand: Tanluhu

👤It's really sad... I wanted to believe the positive reviews, but they were too good to be true. I wore these in 50 degree F weather and my fingers became too cold to continue. When it drops below 35F, they will be useless. They are fine for riding in 55 degrees. To the seller. Please stop contacting me through my email. There is a The ratings for this product are being distorted. Improve your product instead.

👤The gloves are easy to use. They are not suited for temperatures below average. They work at a temperature of about 40 degrees. I used to be below 30 degrees. I found my fingers cold. I wear gloves over them when the temperature is in the 30s or lower. The gloves fit well. If you want to wear one pair of gloves, you may want to try something else. I have owned them for two months and so far they are good.

👤These were a pleasant surprise. They keep my hands protected. The material is strong. The padding and over-sewn enforcement seem to be in the right places for comfort. I like wearing "finger out" gloves if it's just ridiculous cold. There is a The padding on the handlebars keeps them from being hit. I use gloves in the warm weather because of this. I would recommend these for their value.

👤I wanted a glove that was light and comfortable. These fit the bill nicely. Some gloves I've owned had too much padding, which made the grip on my bars with padded tape feel thick and strange. These feel great, fit well, and are inexpensive too. I'll have a hard time finding gloves I like better if they wear well, but I haven't put a lot of miles on them yet.

👤The glove is great for the price. I bought a driving glove because of my steering wheel. I bought a pair of these because the oils and sweat from bare hands would ruin the wheel. I own a Cannondale Caad 10 bicycle. Good grip and positive feel are provided by the gloves. They work with touch screens in vehicles and cell phones. I would recommend them to anyone considering buying.

👤In Arizona winters, these gloves work well. You can use the phone while wearing them. They are comfortable. I chose large because they fit like a glove, and I was trying to decide between large and X Large. For Arizona winters they are perfect, even though they won't be good for extreme cold weather like riding in Chicago. They should be ok up to about 35 to 40 degrees F. You might want to get something else.

5. Thermal Fingers Windproof Resistant Running

Thermal Fingers Windproof Resistant Running

Touch screen design and anti-sLIP allow you to easily click on a device with your thumb or forefinger. Silicone particles on the palm, thumb, index finger and middle finger increases the grip strength and abrasion resistance of the touch screen gloves. The tech gloves protect your hands from icy air and cold wind by lining them with soft and thermal TR insulation. With the FanVince touch screen gloves on, you can text, type, play games, and use the gps device on your car in the cold weather. The gloves have a waterproof membrane between the warm fleece and the shell to provide warmth and dry hands. FanVince winter gloves, five sizes, fit well for men's and women's hands, you can easily get a moderate size according to their size's chart. Please choose a smaller size for women to fit their hands better. It is the best gift for your loved ones. If you don't like it, contact them for a 100% money back guarantee. They will process a full refund or send you a replacement without any conditions. All issues will be solved in 48 hours.

Brand: Fanvince

👤I bought these gloves because they have information about finger length. I hate gloves with short fingers because I have long fingers. The glove is too large for the rest of my hand and the finger is too large. I think these were just given a woman's size without taking into account a more gracile hand. The fabric of the glove is stretchy, so it would work for someone with big hands. The inside seams are large and made bending my fingers difficult. My dog's treats had to be taken off when I opened them. I should have read the reviews before buying these gloves. Maybe I can take them apart and sew them back together to better fit my hands. I'm not happy about returning things. It was pretty comfortable to wear them inside. The thumb was hard to use because of the size issue, but the touchscreen worked well for me. They kept the wind off, but I wouldn't call them warm. It is an hour. The company has offered to pay me to remove my review multiple times. If we don't report this, there will be no reason to trust reviews.

👤Our tablets work on these. Most gloves don't. I've tried a lot of different brands and types of gloves. My fingers will get cold eventually, but that's normal for me. I don't feel cold through them, and my fingers don't freeze. That's the most important part. Other gloves failed there. I drive a fork lift, so there's wind chill, but it's right about freezing in the cooler where I work. I don't feel anything through these gloves. They keep me pain-free. My dexterity is unaffected by gloves or the cold. I haven't put them to the test with water, but I haven't had any problems with wet trailer doors in the rain. The grip is very good. I bought a few different sizes for a few of us at work, and we all love them.

👤My husband is in the military and has to go to the field a lot. We live in an area where it seems to rain all the time, so the gloves he has to use are usually soacked after the rain starts. I wanted to keep my husband's hands dry. We like that you can use your phone while wearing these gloves, so you don't have to take them off to text someone. If it's raining, the function won't work unless you're phone is waterproof. We put our hands under a running faucet and wore gloves. They passed the test after 3 minutes when they kept repelling water and our hands were dry. I think the rain will be fine if it can survive a nonstop stream from a faucet. I'll update this review once my husband is able to use them in the field under the right conditions. They were put to the test by an infantryman. These are pretty durable as well.

6. Windproof Waterproof Weather Running Cycling

Windproof Waterproof Weather Running Cycling

Premium compression soft fabrics provide performance for zero-pilling, super light and breathable, anti-static function. Fleece thermal lining is very soft and warm, elastic wrist design that prevents snow particles from entering the glove, it also enhances the warmth and wind resistance of the gloves. When using a smart phone in cold weather, keep your hands warm by wearing gloves. The thumb finger and index finger made of special premium conductive PU can offer the sensitive touch function for both hands. Silicone palm non-sLIP design, with silicone printing on the palm, middle finger, ring finger and little finger, skid-proof and wear-resistant,let you grip any items firmly, efficiently prevent the items slipping, offering better use experience The winter gloves are waterproof and can be used in the winter. Warm gloves are a must for winter. 100% money back. You are protected by their no hassle service. If you have a problem with the gloves, please contact them for help, they will offer the best service to every customer. To find the right fit, refer to the sizing chart. )

Brand: Wdzree

👤I ordered this set of gloves as a Christmas gift for my mom. She was really happy with them when she opened them, because we celebrated Christmas a little early this year. She said that they fit her well. When ordering gloves, I recommend that you size them up one size because gloves that are too tight are hard to get on and off. The large worked out well for her hands. My mom says that the gloves keep her hands warm when she walks outside because of the 30 degree weather. They work well in terms of resistance to wind and water. I think running and cycling can help with sweaty cold hands. They're going to get wet if you put them under running water. They are water and wind resistant, but with common sense and reasonable expectations, I would say yes. They're a nice set of gloves that would be great for both men and women. I would recommend them to others. I'm including a few photos to give you a closer look at what to expect.

👤Not waterproof. These gloves are for hiking. They are not very warm, not waterproof, and the touchscreen does not work well. I'm returning the gloves. Very disappointed.

👤I thought the gloves I bought were regular gloves. The gloves fit perfectly on my hands and they have a grip material on the palm and fingers so you can have good grip on things you need to hold. This feature was useful. You can use your phones with gloves as well. The clip that keeps the gloves together when not in use is an awesome idea. I recommend buying these gloves for the winter.

👤The order was based on the size chart, 2 smalls and a medium. The medium for my one daughter fit perfectly but the smalls didn't come down far enough on my and my other daughter's hand. I swapped one small for a medium and it seemed to fit my daughter better but on me, it still didn't come down far enough. I have long nails but I think they are interfering with the length. There is a They don't keep our hands warm. We were outside for 5 minutes. Total waste of money.

👤As pictured. Wow. I decided on these because I love them. It's like a glove. Great color, well made. I bought these for my husband. My husband is 6'2 and has big hands. The fit was perfect. I have small hands. It's a perfect size Small fit. The gloves have a touch screen on the index and thumb fingers. These are very comfortable. Not heavy at all. You can wear them out and do other things with them. I think these are good.

7. FIDESTE Waterproof Winter Thermal Gloves

FIDESTE Waterproof Winter Thermal Gloves

3M Thinsulate insulation lining. Both men and women will love the winter thermal screen-touchable cycling gloves. It's more stylish and has a covered anti slip Silicone gel that makes it more comfortable. Quality fabrics. 3M's 200g super-efficient insulation and waterproof TPU membrane are included in FIDESTE thermal winter gloves. The glove is light enough to ensure mobility and dexterity. Waterproof, snowproof, and roofing performance are outstanding. Water and snow are shed on the exterior surface. Winter snow gloves are high quality and keep your hands warm. It's ideal for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snow shoveling, riding motorcycle, climbing, biking, camping, hunting and many other outdoor winter activities. The technology is called Super Sense Touch. Warm and dry your hands while using your smart devices. The glove has a fabric on the thumb and index that allows you to use your smart device without removing it. IDE size selection The size is measured by the size of the body. If you prefer a looser fit, you may want to order a larger size than the average glove.

Brand: Fideste

👤I bought these for my boyfriend because he didn't have adequate winter gloves while he was a pen rider. We live in the Midwest and winter days can be very cold. He seems to like them a lot, but I don't use them. He can still feel his hands while riding and hasn't had any problems with them getting wet on the inside. The gloves are still holding up after 4-5 months of use, even though he doesn't use them in the summer. The product is great and you won't be upset with it.

👤I bought my husband a pair of gloves for riding his bike in the cold. These gloves are very good. They are warm. I was worried about flexibility gripping the brake handles, but they are thick, so no problems. Really like these.

👤I wore these gloves when I rode my road bike at 17mph and they kept me warm. They are thick and you can squeeze them. They were able to hold an ice cube without feeling cold or wet.

👤I am very pleased with the gloves. I expected them to be bulky and not the best glove for finger dexterity. They are compatible with touchscreens. I have not had a problem with them on the car, but the phone screens may be a bit more difficult. The palm and finger strips give good grip to the steering wheel. They are good for outdoor activity and satisfactory for car driving. The gloves are very good. The chart says that my hands are in the range of 8.25-9.5%. I got the XXL glove and it fits perfectly. If you want a real tight fit, you may want to consider one size up.

👤There is no way these are good for 40 below. These were well worth the $24 I spent because of the 200gm of 3M Thinsulate and snug wrist collar. I put them on my fingers after driving for 4 minutes after leaving them in my car. It is worth the risk for a few seasons of use, even though I am concerned about theDurability, as I will use them with my snowblower. They are strong. I did not test the water resistance or touch screen claim. I found these to be snug and not uncomfortable, because I use a large glove. I would probably have bought the extra large size if I'd tried them before.

👤I switch back and forth between these and Kinco Heatkeep Hydroflectors, and they are almost as warm without the bulk. We got our first good snow last night and will compare them after shoveling a bit. There is a The Kinco's were nearly as warm as these. The metal handled snow scoop did not insulate from the cold metal. Being a little leery of the -40 rating. These gloves are decent. There is a The cost to performance ratio is not worth the price of the gloves.

8. INBIKE Mountain Cycling Silicone Recognition

INBIKE Mountain Cycling Silicone Recognition

The loop and hook are closed. It is ultra thermal and windproof. Fleeced lining and wrist hook&loop fastening keep wind out and warmth inside. The gloves are padded. Three pieces of gel pads and a super fine palm fabric are used for biking. There is a ribbon on the back. The back of the gloves have reflective elements. Touch screen gloves. You can access your phone without taking gloves off with the help of the thumb and index fingertip. The fingers have aSilicon gripper that provides great anti-slip performance. The gloves are suitable for winter activities.

Brand: Inbike

👤I ordered the large one because it is the size I usually buy for regular gloves. Bike clothing is always small. These fit well. There is a I have used them three times. The temperature ranged from the upper teens to the mid 30s. My fingers seem to start out cold, but as I progress through my 15 mile ride, my hands get warm with the exception of the upper teens. My fingers did not warm up after I put on a pair of polypro glove liners. It's probably got a bit too snug. My hands were warm. There is a I use the padding on my palms to keep my Diamondback el oso fat tire bike warm. The gloves make the grips more tolerable. I have never experienced any liner issues. I assumed that the gloves wouldn't work in the cold. They keep my hands warm. I use my phone to track my workouts, and the touch sensitive finger tips help. There is a The liners get damp inside because of my sweaty hands and would take forever to dry on their own. I put a sheet of newspaper in the glove and change it out in 6 hours. It seems to be dry enough to wear on my next ride.

👤I got a replacement for my first order. It has been raining in LA. I haven't been riding my bike to work. The first week was good when I got back on the bike, but then the strap on the right hand came loose, and I am hanging on by a tread. I don't pull on the straps hard on the gloves and I'm not rough on them. The gloves keep my hands warm but this is ridiculous for the straps to come loose on two separate orders. I will not order from this company again. The first set of gloves and the last set of gloves have the same picture. There is a I received the gloves on 1/6/19 and everything seemed fine. They fit well and looked great. I used them for the first time on Tuesday for my bicycle commute to work. The ban on the right hand glove came loose when I put them on to go home. The gloves kept my hands warm. If the seller sends me a new pair, I will update my rating and reveiw.

👤I bought the gloves about a month ago and have become more and more happy with them. I bought them to fill a hole in my wardrobe for rides from 30-45*f and they fit that task perfectly. The first impression is great, there's a nice warm fabric for the lining and the size is dead on. The gauntlets are great because they keep the wind from blowing up my jacket sleeves, a problem with my last pair of gloves. They performed well in a variety of conditions, including fast paced club rides, mellow mtb rides, and cyclocross laps. I haven't tested them in heavy rain or snow. There is a The difficulty shifting my Rival and Ultegra shifters was a major complaint I had with my previous pair of heavy gloves, but they were great with the Rival and Ultegra. I never felt like my grip was compromised when sprinting or climbing.

9. KINGSBOM Waterproof Windproof Thermal Gloves

KINGSBOM Waterproof Windproof Thermal Gloves

3M Thinsulate insulation lining. Both men and women can use the KINGSBOM winter thermal screen-touchable gloves. It is more stylish and safe for night sport. QUALITY FABRICS 3M's 200g super-efficient Thinsulate insulation ensures maximum heat retention and is constructed with multiple layers. They are light enough to help with mobility and dexterity. The function is outstanding. There are water, snow, and WinDPROOFs. Water and snow are shed on the exterior surface. The gloves from Kingbm keep your hands warm in the cold. It's ideal for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snow shoveling, riding motorcycle, climbing, biking, camping, hunting and many other outdoor winter activities. There is a touch for smart screens. You should keep your fingers dry while using your smart devices. The gloves have a fabric on the thumb and index fingers that makes it easy to tap and use them. It works with all electronic products. You will be able to use your smart phone or device without having to take it off. There is a wide size selection. The size is measured by the size of the body.

Brand: Kingsbom

👤We bought a pair of gloves because we liked them so much. It's easy to use your phone with them. The cuff at the top of the wrist is something I like. It's soft on my skin and tucks right under my sleeve. This glove is great for cold days on the motorcycle. I've found them to be very comfortable. The price was reasonable.

👤I live in Chicago. I work with water. I wore these for the first time today at 26 degrees outside. My hands are cold. I haven't put my hands near water.

👤I live in Wyoming. I thought I'd give myself some gloves. They were rated at -40. I jumped on them. I noted how thin and light they were when they arrived. The alarm bells went off. I usually wear a medium size so I ordered large. A tight fit and a bear to put on. I wore them because it was +28 today. Forty-five minutes later, my fingers were almost completely dry. Very disappointed.

👤These gloves are very warm. I haven't tested out the waterproof yet, but I just got done with a 48 degree commute and didn't know it was wet or cold outside. The touch screen works well. Would buy again.

👤It was very well made. It works perfectly with my large hands. It works well with my phone. Would buy again.

👤These gloves are very good. I was a little hesitant to buy because they were new to Amazon, but I was very pleased with them. They're very warm and waterproof on the outside, and I was fine at the campsite. They don't have loops or clips to keep them together, which is the only complaint I have.

👤The gloves are not waterproof. The snow and ice on the gloves will melt and leak into the inside if you heat them up enough. These aren't any better than your average ski glove. It takes a lot of time to dry them out after they are wet. I don't recommend these gloves to people who need waterproof gloves.

👤Not as described. My hands were freezing when I got there.

👤Fit well. I use a 9-10 in my work gloves.

10. Souke Sports Resistant Windproof Anti Slip

Souke Sports Resistant Windproof Anti Slip

The Souke lightweight winter cycling gloves are made from a water-resistant and windproof outer shell and lined with thermal insulated fleece which help keep hands warm and dry in snowy or rain conditions. The knitted wrist cuffs give better coverage and warmth. There is a high-wear resistance and a superIOR GRIP. The gloves have anti-slip strips on the palm and middle finger. The soft microfiber palms of the road bike gloves give them better resistance to fall injuries and prevent you from losing your grip. There is a lack of absorption and increased density. Their unique 3-piece palm construction and ergonomics allow your hands to move naturally for enhanced control, while well positioned 5mm(0.3in) rebound foam pads help to absorb the road's impact on your hands, preventing them from going numb on longer training rides. The bicycle gloves have touch screen capabilities. You can take calls and manage your smart devices without gloves. These gloves are suitable for many other outdoor activities, including running, hiking, climbing or driving. There are humanIZE details and guarantees. The micro-fibre thumb can be used to wipe away sweat and ice from your glasses. Visibility is increased in low light conditions. Increased durability is provided by double-stitched seams. 100% guaranteed!

Brand: Souke Sports

👤These gloves are nice. They have a thin insulated liner inside and they cut the wind. It's not accurate to call them winter gloves. Maybe a west coast USA or North Carolina winter, but not a Pennsylvania winter. There is a They work for me down to about 40 degrees F, and 30 for shorter rides. Others have said they run small. If your hand measurement is close to the border, go up.

👤I got these gloves during a cold period in Colorado, and they are perfect for the current climate. They are thin enough to keep the cold out of your hands. You can use your phone with them. I ordered them small so you might want to size them up. There is no phone contact point on the thumb, so you have to use your pointer finger.

👤My hands are small. Not big, but small. These gloves have longer fingers than my normal-length fingers. Is it possible for long fingernails? Is that a bikey chick? There is a The temp out was close to 50oF and I wore gloves on my early morning ride. Not riding fast. I was next to a creek, so I was a bit more cautious. My fingers were cold. It was so uncomfortable. Next time I'm wearing gloves, I'll be wearing old school wool gloves. There is a I got gloves to keep my fingers warm. The gloves did not do that. I don't think there's enough padding in the palms. A deal breaker. The "touch screen" feature works well.

👤I bike 3 to 4 times a week and I am very tough on my gloves. The quality isn't bad for the price, my reason for 4 stars is I wish they would add touch for thumb and the color in between fingers of the gloves are fading away. They get the job done, I use gloves to protect my hands from grip blisters when mountain biking, and these do that well. They keep your hands warm when it's 38 degrees, but you will feel a draft here and there. If you want to keep your hands warm, put a pair of latex gloves on, the same ones the dentist or doctors use. Cheers.

👤When buying gloves, I think they will work for me. I have been looking for waterproof gloves for a long time and have been disappointed many times. The day I received these gloves, it was raining so I took them out. They did well in the rain and kept my hands warm. The grips work well in the wet and are a really good snug fit. I think they dry fast but the water never penetrated them. Would buy again.

11. HIKENTURE Winter Cycling Gloves Thermal

HIKENTURE Winter Cycling Gloves Thermal

Keep your hands warm. Imagine being outdoors in the cold weather. Wouldn't it be great to wear a pair of gloves that are warm and comfortable, but still compatible with your phone? These bike gloves have a fleece fabric inside to keep you warm. The bike gloves for men and women are a great gift. There is a jacket and a non-sLIP for rigging a boat. Hikenture winter cycling gloves have 4mm anti-slip full palm padding, which will help reduce the fatigue of your hands from long distance bike riding. The anti-slip gel on the palm of the gloves will make it easier to grip the handlebars in cold weather. WATER RESISTANT & 100% WINDPROOF: Their long cuff design makes the winter biking gloves much warmer than other mens bicycle gloves because of the high quality water-resistant fabric. The thermal cycling gloves have a waterproof zip on the back, so you can adjust them to fit your body type. They understand how inconvenient it is to take off your bike gloves in the cold air when trying to answer phones or navigate. Problem solved! Their winter riding gloves have a fabric on the thumb and index finger of both hands, which makes it easy to use touch screen products. Before ordering, find your size. Please choose size according to your palm length for their cold weather cycling gloves. Size S - Palm Width 4.13 - 4.33"; M - Palm Width 4.13 - 4.33"; L - Palm Width 4.33- 4.53"; and XL - Palm Width 4.53 - 4.72". For your 100% satisfaction. Hikenture makes a purchase risk-free. You can get a full money back guarantee for 90 days and a warranty for an entire year. If their mens bike gloves don't live up to your expectations, you can get your money back. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Hikenture

👤I bought these for when I drive a forklift. There is a The fit is perfect. There is a The palm side has a lot of grip, but it's where you'd use to touch your phone. There is a The touch screen aspect is accurate and works like a charm. There is a The gloves are very soft. I will use them at work to see how they do. All other gloves have failed in keeping my hands warm. There is a * I'm in love after wearing them for a couple of days. My hands stay warm even while driving between buildings or changing a propane tank on a forklift. The grip is amazing when it comes to changing the propane tank. I talked to my supervisors about how much I love these. They asked me to send the link because they were looking for winter gloves for all of the drivers. My hands are warm all day.

👤These are not for the winter. They're cheap. There is a The cons are: They are cheap in everything else. Don't be scared by the cold, wear a warm touchscreen gloves to ensure that your hands stay covered and comfortable, it will bring you a completely different and comfortable experience. There is a Yeah? I will take that advice and go and find a pair of those, because there's nothing "thermal" about them. I rode in the upper-mid 30s and there was no heat retention, which is what thermal is supposed to mean. The cold was actually conducted right in. My fingers were numb halfway through. If you can't even keep your fingers above-freezing temperature for less than an hour, then you have no business calling them "WINTER" or "THERMAL." They start to work. When it gets north of 40F, your hands are not exposed to wind chill. If you put your hands in the pockets of your jeans, they are not thermal. The padding is low density and not shock-proof. When I did a longer ride in the 40s, I ended up with a feeling of weakness in my hands. They're not good for biking in the winter. "You get what you pay for" isn't always true, but you bet it is this time. I should have known these are good for the price. It's usually less difficult to pay the price for something that is actually good if someone says that. There is a The power button graphic is dumb in person. The power switch has nothing to do with touch. "Hey, in case you forget that you can use your touchscreen, check the back of your finger." Come on.


What is the best product for bicycle gloves womens warm?

Bicycle gloves womens warm products from Koxly. In this article about bicycle gloves womens warm you can see why people choose the product. Sunifier and Moreok are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle gloves womens warm.

What are the best brands for bicycle gloves womens warm?

Koxly, Sunifier and Moreok are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle gloves womens warm. Find the detail in this article. Tanluhu, Fanvince and Wdzree are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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