Best Bicycle Glasses for Men Polarized Oakley

Men 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Oakley OO9343 Shield Sunglasses Polished

Oakley OO9343 Shield Sunglasses Polished

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 45 millimeters. The bridge is about 150 millimeters.

Brand: Oakley

👤The frames have a great field of view. There is a The lens are garbage. Every year you have to buy new ones because they will delaminate. My glasses have scratch resistant lens. If they charge him money for plastic, they would greatly improve their service on lenses.

👤I gave this pair to a Marine who was back from deployment and when he opened the box that was still sealed as when I received it, he was completely embarrassed because the side guards were loose and the glasses were pulled out of the bag. I have been a prime member for many years and only recently got this type of product and service. I'm not a happy customer. Thoroughly. HJP.

👤I've owned the same pair of sunglasses from both Oakley and these. You should have no issues if you take care of these sunglasses. I've never had an issue with the sunglasses from the company, except for the rubbing out of their logo on the front lens from excessive rubbing. I follow the care guide and keep them clean and dry for better vision. I have not had any issues with pealing or anything like that. Customers that complain must abuse their sunglasses to get them topeal or warp. The sunglasses are good. I offend because they are so comfortable. I have them on. I like the way they extend around the side of my face to give me more shade and eye protection. I think they're a good choice. They're rugged, but not impervious. I believe they should last a long time if you don't step on them. I'm happy with them.

👤My german shepherd chewed them down while I was gone, so my last pair of Oakleys didn't disappoint. I bought a new pair for deployment and they are so strong, they have caught a lot of things, the frame has been bent and a little scratch, but they are still very strong. They fit like a glove on my face and they don't get in my way when I press my cheek on the butt stock and I am sprinting, jumping, diving, or doing anything else. I forget I'm wearing it most of the time. I would recommend anyone who needs glasses to do so.

👤For a good price, you can get a authentic Oakley. I ride a bike around 150 miles a week. I have no less than 10 pairs of sunglasses from several brands. I spent the most on my sunglasses for a number of reasons. You get what you pay for. When I saw this pair with a great deal on Amazon, I jumped at it. Nothing beats a pair of Oakley for outdoor activities. The vision is very clear and the glare is very low. You don't have to clean your glasses because of the coating. There is a There is no vent holes in this pair, so they were designed for general activities. I have worn it on several rides and it is fine. It got fogged up when I stopped for a while, but cleared quickly when I started riding again. If that means anything, it would fit as "Asian fit" because it is a bit wide. There is a I love this pair of glasses. Excellent colors and a good price at Amazon!

2. Oakley OO9188 Rectangular Sunglasses Matte

Oakley OO9188 Rectangular Sunglasses Matte

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 59 millimeters. The lens height is 38 millimeters. The bridge is 12 millimeters.

Brand: Oakley

👤The transaction ended with a request for a refund and a trip to the store the same day it was delivered, because I paid so much for it. There is a The first sign that this was a different model of sunglasses was the dilapidated manufacturer's box. I got a replica of the Flak 2.0 XL that was housed in a crushed box labeled for Flak Draft sunglasses, but it was not the one I ordered. I was shocked that someone took the time to put this together. It gets better. The description for this unit said that the item shows minimal signs of wear, consistent with being tried on but not used. The inspector was either drunk or high because of the filthy sunglasses. There was dirt on the top half of the lens where they mount to the frame. It was nearly impossible to remove the film of dried sweat and hair product from the ear socks because they acted like glue, and if I wanted to swap the ear socks for a different color, I'd have to use a knife. The only genuine pieces in this package were the box that was for a different model, the ear socks, and the lens. I didn't want to accept a three figure loss for $12 ear socks and a $20 storage case, so I returned the order. There is a If this was a genuine pair of sunglasses, they will not be added to my collection. The sunglasses were cheap and fragile and had poorly painted logos on the temples. I suggest giving them a try and judging them for themselves. I didn't like how close they sat on my face. They fogged up because they didn't breathe well. It has been around 115F all week. I would have considered keeping them if they had better air quality and the logos at the temples weren't hand painted. There is a The Flak 2.0 XL have a great design concept that is offered in several colors to suit any occasion. I would leave a more thorough review, but I got poor replicas.

👤Product arrived today with some skepticism and anticipation. This purchase was made concerning by reading other reviews. The outer box had some small flaws, but I feel like I was sent in a soft shell box. We are unharmed. I did some research on the same product that had the same identification marks for most of the glasses. I was surprised that this model fit better than my last pair. Everything was expected. The extras included were a hard case, soft case, and spare pair of nose pieces. There was a small writing on the lower left eye piece. It was a plus that you can't see it. There is a I chose the mirrored version because it is more see through than my last pair. I was expecting more of that look. I am satisfied with paying under $200 for them, they look good and fit well, so I am happy.

3. Oakley Rectangular Sunglasses Polished Polarized

Oakley Rectangular Sunglasses Polished Polarized

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 62 millimeters. The lens height is 39.4 millimeters. The bridge is 15 millimeters.

Brand: Oakley

👤The oakleys that I bought at my store appear to be fake, with sharp edges on plastic and a thin card board box.

👤The glasses have good side-to-side coverage, but they could be wider. They are comfortable on my head and ears. The color representation is good and the distortion is minimal. I only tested against the weak early Fall sunlight. There is a If you have a wider face, you may feel like there's a little too much gap on the sides. I prefered the Ignitor glasses, which was a very similar cut and also had a slightly wider lens, and was cheaper. I went with those. I'm looking for the ideal sun-gigs, without having to spend a lot of money or effort to find them in stores. My review may have helped some people. These glasses are nice, but they could be cheaper and wider.

👤I bought two of these sunglasses from different vendors. The other pair was in perfect condition. The left side arm was curved and the right side was straight. It is as if they are pulled in tighter on the right side because of this flaw. The flaw is obvious when looking at them. I wore the other pair for a long time before I switched to these in the other vehicle. If that can be done to Oakleys, I will need to take them to a store for heating and shaping. I've never had this happen before in any pair of Oakleys. I just got a high-priced pair of sunglasses and it wasn't due to shipping.

👤I don't write reviews. I made an exception because of the quality of the product. I bought this for a trip to Italy. I needed a small pack to protect and carry my wallet, cell phone, passport, and other things while I was a tourist in Tuscany. It worked well for both of them. There is a I used it as a man-purse when I returned home. A never, ever purpose. I have used it for two years to move my Ipad, food, and documents. I am not easy on things. It is not showing any signs of wear. I am a convert. Unless the manufacturer has sold out to the devil and started making these in China in the last two years, I will give this thing my highest recommendation. Happy to have it, will use it and enjoy it. Russ Parker.



The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 60 millimeters. The bridge is 16 millimeters. The valve is a stress resistant frame that is lightweight and durable for all day wear.

Brand: Oakley

👤They look and feel great, and are priced modestly. They're not all in agreement. The manufacturer decided to print "polarized" on the lens. On. The lens. You can't tell how bad it is in the product pictures, but they don't try to hide it. It feels like there is a smudge in the left corner of your vision when you wear them. It is not small either.

👤6/8-20 was updated. I went from 5 stars to 2. The rubber part on the side became separated, meaning that you had to try and stick it on your face every time. The return window is no longer used for warranty information. When you pay $100 for sunglasses, they should last for at least 5 months. I thought the kids would break them. I was very disappointed in Oakley. The husband liked them. He hadn't had a pair of Oakley's in a long time. He has a bigger face.

👤My husband loves them. Not as narrow as the photo shows. They look good on him. The value is great.

👤I used to have a pair of $180 Oakleys that I bought at a dept store. I was thrilled to get a new pair for less than I had paid before. These are not well-ventilated and my eyes get sweaty so the lens smudges quickly. The rubber protectors on one of the arms came off and now don't stay in place for long. I don't think these are as good as my old pair that lasted 4 years and took a beating.

👤I used to pay between 150 and 200 bucks for the shoes. These were only 80 bucks, I can't believe it. Excellent optical clarity can be found in the simple frame design. I did everything I could to make sure that they're legit. The Hijix are close enough for the women I date.

👤These things are not bad for the price, even though I was planning on returning based on some of the reviews. The are a little larger than I'm used to, but they fit my face great. The frames are the same as every other type of plastic ones. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I was rough with them and they lasted about a year, but then the piece on the right side started coming off and was easy to snap back on. I ordered another pair.

👤These are not supposed to be 60mm. You should save yourself the hassle.

5. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Polished Sapphire

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Polished Sapphire

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 57 millimeters. The lens height is 43 millimeters. The bridge is 18 millimeters.

Brand: Oakley

👤I'm the best person in town.

👤Me tiene descontento con el producto. Despu├ęs de un tiempo correcto el lente se ha ido. Adjunto Fotos para el mal, pero se encuentra el producto. The producto is original.

👤My friends who like to take off with my sunglasses, never to be seen again, would be the reason for this. I've always bought the different colored lens. I picked the orange lens with the black frame. The smartest design I have ever seen was when I sat on them and the arms of the frame broke, saving the lens from total destruction. I was able to snap the pieces together despite my new eyewear being in three pieces. These sunglasses are the best.

👤The temples of the frame have an American Made sign on them. I initially thought I received the wrong size because I had ordered 55mm but received one with 57mm lense width printed, but I later discovered that the 55mm was actually 57mm. Holbrook is a very comfortable wearing sunglasses. I agree with all of the prior reviews that construction and material does not look expensive.

👤The Holbrook prizm will be returning. If I had spent 30 bucks less per other sellers for the same pair, I would have liked them more.

👤I used to swear by the sunglasses, but then got tired of the straight ear pieces when wearing a baseball hat. They either stuck under the hat or over. There is a These fit perfectly with a hat on. You can pick which you want, but I went with the non-polarized. The bright light is blocked by the lens. It's really good for driving.

👤They are in fact not divided.

👤The second set of sunglasses is the best I have ever owned. The glasses I wear for motorcycling are large and have good wind protection. The side arms of the glasses are not blocking your vision. You can ride directly into the sun without glare with the iridium lens. The blue tint is my favorite color. There is a Arm hidges are made of plastic. The hindges were loaded with metal.

👤This review is for the sunglasses by Holbrook. There is a I really like these sunglasses. The frames are simple and look great, but they can wear away after a year or two and make sunglasses unwearable. When you close the sunglasses, the arms sit on the rims at the bottom of the lens, so they are protected, and in the past I have had sunglasses where the ends of the arms sit against the insides of the lens when folded. This can't happen with these. I'm really impressed with the clarity of the lens. I can't speak for their longevity because I only received them today.

6. Oakley Crankshaft Rectangular Eyeglasses Iridium

Oakley Crankshaft Rectangular Eyeglasses Iridium

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 60 millimeters. The lens height is 37 millimeters. The bridge is 19 millimeters.

Brand: Oakley

👤These are not divided into two groups (ad states). 1. Arms don't state that they are polarized. 2. Do not take any at home tests. 3. I contacted the company directly and they confirmed the model is not polarized.

👤I agree with the previous review. These glasses are not real. These are made of cheap plastic. They look real. It is hard to believe that such a well-known company would use cheap materials. The edges of the glasses are sharp. Take them off with care.

👤I love my 3rd pair. You can't get replacement parts for discontinued cranckshaft from Oakley because they are 160 dollars, but you can get replacement parts from the end of 2019. I lost them on the highway on a motorcycle and they never broke, I can bend them straight. They don't know what to think about the negative reviews. They wouldn't come in a box with a code to verify on oakleys website if they were fake. I love my oakleys. You can get black and green for just over 250$ on oakleys website, but you have to custom make them. If you're worried they won't be real, then go to Oakley. These come with the same warrantee as the ones from the stores or website.

👤The lens are not what they are pictured. I was expecting something shiny. They are very dark looking. I wanted the reflective looking glasses.

👤Don't fall off your face if you wear sunglasses.

👤So disappointed. You couldn't spare a case after the box was crushed upon arrival. These glasses feel cheap and flimsy, waiting for them to break, and they could have been purchased at a gas station for $5.

👤The glasses felt weak from the beginning. They looked like sunglasses from the convenience store. They broke 2 months later while trying to put them on. It's disappointing to spend so much on a product and have it fail.

👤These are great sunglasses. The glasses have a nice fit. I bought some polarised lens from Revant Replacement Lenses for the Oakley Crankshaft which are a perfect fit. There is a I wanted some polarised ones for driving, however there is nothing wrong with the Oakley lens.

👤Compared to other places, it is genuine and well priced. After a few years of wear, the fit is still perfect.

👤Superb glasses, superb lens. I've had a couple of similar pairs of these in the past and nothing compares to the quality of the lens. My wife always borrows mine, so I bought these for her. They are a good size for anyone, some are massive, but the smaller version is perfect for men or women with a bigger head.

7. Oakley OO9406 Rectangular Sunglasses Polished

Oakley OO9406 Rectangular Sunglasses Polished

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 37 millimeters. The lens height is 56.7 millimeters. The bridge is 137 millimeters in length.

Brand: Oakley

👤It didn't fall like it would hold on to my nose. My head was big for them, but I didn't fear they would fall over. There is a Like they advertised.

👤The sunglasses were amazing. The road lens was the best I own. They were very comfortable on the face. The field of view was amazing. I returned them. I wore them one time and people looked at me in strange ways. I realized that I looked like the Macho Man when I got home. I couldn't get over it.

👤It's great for edc glasses.

👤The look of the sunglasses is not in the eye of the beholder, but I like the retro styling. These sunglasses are great. The Sutros would be great for the road and I wear them on the road. They have become my dedicated gravel glasses. They keep out the wind and dirt. They are lightweight and comfortable and I don't notice. I don't experience slippage while wearing them. The lens quality is great in multiple lighting conditions. I like the prizm technology.

👤I like them! They can adapt to wide faces. They are good for running or riding. It arrived perfect.

👤I love these glasses. It fit well with a lot of view. It works well in the helmet. Everyone loves them.

👤Estn uno de los colores, hay un engao en el color, dicen y mandan otro. El primero se muestra en el anuncio. Deben ser ms honestos y modificar el color en la presentacin.

👤I bought these because I was going to drive cross country and would be wearing the glasses for a long time. I thought I would try these glasses as they are very lightweight and they are not uncomfortable on the bridge of my nose. I drove a 12 hour stretch through Utah and Arizona where I needed to wear the glasses the entire time, they were not uncomfortable even after 12 hours. I prefer the Flight jacket and Jawbreaker models, but I also use them as my preferred glasses for cycling.

👤These sunglasses are very good. They keep the wind out of the eyes. The best thing about these is that they give you crystal clear vision, which is useful for picking out differences in the road surfaces.

👤Great sunglasses for cycling. The eyes are fully covered. The colour is very nice.

👤The brand name of the seller needs to be changed. The glasses are for cycling. Excellent eye protection and superb field of vision are what you will find. There are no blind spots!

8. Polarized Sunglasses Unbreakable Driving Cycling

Polarized Sunglasses Unbreakable Driving Cycling

The coating is scratch resistant. The lens width is 65 millimeters. The Arm is 5 1/2 inches and the Bridge is 0.8 inches. The lens width is 2 3/4" and the lens height is 1 1/2". The Polarized Lenses block 100% harmful UVA & UVB rays. It is easy to clean. RONSOU sunglasses frame use of advanced high-quality materials,aluminium-magnesium alloy, and it's hard, but they are scratch resistant. 1x sunglasses bag, 1x glasses screwdriver, 1x gift bag, 1x lens cloth, 1x paper box, and 1x testing sheet are included. Target User for Fishing, Golf, Cycling Bicycle, Running, Racing, Skiing and Climbing, Trekking, Driving Sunglasses and all Active outdoor lifestyles! It is a great gift idea for friends and family.

Brand: Ronsou

👤These glasses were great all summer long. They are playing baseball and fishing. They were left in my boat. I got them out the next day and the coating on the lens was discolored. I can see where the coating is worn off now that it is no longer clear. I was very happy with them if it wasn't for this. The springs on the arms made them comfortable. One of the screws that hold the lens on the frame was missing from the day I received them. This company replaced them for free. This was done after using them for a long time. No questions were asked. I would buy another pair. I like glasses that are tinted. It takes the strain off my eyes. Thanks Cunchi. Replacement pair lasted longer until they got wet. The coating is not badly spotted. I bought something different this time. I really liked the way the fit was.

👤Well-crafted glasses. It would make a pretty impressive gift. The gift bag was made of cardboard and contained a hard case for the glasses. 2 soft cases and cleaning cloths were included. The glasses tool is used to tighten screws. The packaging and presentation made me feel like opening a high-end pair of glasses. I can't overstate the feeling of opening these. I've had Ray Bans and Maui Jim's that didn't feel like they were opening at a premium. The glasses are pretty. The clarity and quality of the plastic lens is exceptional. The frames are snug, which is what I was looking for, although the "snugness" can be easily adjusted. The glasses are not cheap. I was very pleased with this purchase. I live in Hawaii, so I need to wear sunglasses with a certain amount of light in them. I haven't had a pair of regular glasses in over a decade. I would consider buying these again should I ever misplace or be damaged, and would also consider them for a gift.

👤I need a cheap pair of sunglasses to keep in my truck because I'm not afraid to set down and get scratched. I am more careful about these sunglasses than I am about my Oakleys because they are so comfortable and look so good. These are made of sturdy material and come with a nice case and a day to day bag for storing. I don't think I'll ever buy another pair of $250 sunglasses again because I have found the manufacturer.

9. Oakley FuelCell Polarized Sunglasses Matte

Oakley FuelCell Polarized Sunglasses Matte

The coating protects against UV rays. The lens width is 60 millimeters. The lens height is 40.5 millimeters. The bridge is 19 millimeters. All UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light can be mitigated by the use of Oakley Plutonite Lenses. The lightweight Plutonite lens material offers superior comfort, clarity and protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation.

Brand: Oakley

👤Nice pair of shoes. I feel that they were priced fairly. The comfort factor is my biggest gripe. They can hurt my ears if they wear them for 2 hours. I've worn them for 8 hours straight, and a slight adjustment every now and then makes it easier. When it's hot outside, I start to fog up the lens. I live in NC. I have two pairs of Valves that are more comfortable around the ears, but I only own one pair of Fuel Cells that are Prizm-approved. I like the way the colors contrast when viewed through Prizm. If I feel like my grass needs to be less polluted, I simply put on my Fuel Cells and feel better.

👤A lot of the price is for the name. They look amazing, the frames are incredibly durable, and the lens effectively block the sun without obscuring normal vision. My husband is a big fan of them. His eyes are sensitive to the sun, but he can still see at dusk even though they are dark. The only downside is the lenses scratch easily, so keep them in a case when not wearing them.

👤I haven't bought a pair of Oakley's in seven years. I don't know what has changed since then, but my previous pair felt flimsy and cheap, and if you bent them too hard they would break. I still have my original pair of Oakley's and they feel better than the old ones. The left lens touched my eye and was a dealbreaker. Are these real? I don't know. I will be visiting a store in the future to find out.

👤There are pros and cons. They do not look cheap. These are easy to clean and sporty, but I am already experiencing some wear and tear on my ears due to how tight they fit me. The frames feel cheap and fog up very quickly, which can become annoying throughout the day. I still find myself squinting. These are a 3 for me. I like the look but wish they were more comfortable and better quality.

👤I'm not a fan of Oakley's, I either love them or hate them. I bought these glasses on Amazon for a fair price. I was looking for a black pair to replace an older and somewhat worn pair of black Oakley's that I already owned. I saw these in a few shops but was not happy with the prices and customer service, so I went to the World Wide Web. I knew they would fit my larger than average head and provide eye coverage. I know they have the option of having a pair of polarized lens which I'm a huge fan of. I don't understand why most local shops would have ordered them for me, but I would have preferred to pay less and get what I wanted quicker. I did. There is a The invoice said it would take between 12 and 17 days to be delivered. They arrived early. I got my new Fuel Cells in black with black chrome logo's, grey tinted polarized lens, and brand new right out the package after only 9 days from the date of order. Excellent! There is a I noticed a small issue right off the bat, it's completely harmless and not a big deal. When I ordered them, I was able to choose what style of socks I wanted, but it was not what was included in my shipment. I received a plain jane root beer colored baggy. As they call it, O sock. I don't care about spilled milk or trivial things. These glasses are very similar to the Gascan's. The arms are the same thickness and have a separate grooves in them. On this frame, the lens are larger than on my Gascan's and sit higher on the bridge of your nose. They look nearly identical. I owned a pair of Gascan's, the frames by which all others are now judged when it comes to fit finish performance and everything else in my book. I really like those glasses. These are as good as those. My only complaint about the frames is that they sit on my nose bridge a bit higher than usual, which causes them to sit closer to my eyes, which causes them to hit my lashes. I've discussed this with a couple friends and other owners and they seem to have the same thoughts and comments. I would not give them up, send them back, or trade them out of them. This testifies as to how comfortable and satisfying they are. There is a These are exceptional shades that are available here at Amazon for pretty good deals too.

10. Oakley Gascan OO9014 Sunglasses Accessory

Oakley Gascan OO9014 Sunglasses Accessory

The coating is mirror. The lens width is 61 millimeters. The bundle of 2 items includes an authentic gascan sunglasses and accessory leash kit. The value is great. The cleaning kit is free. A spray bottle, mirror, screw driver, and microfiber cloth are included. Includes manufacturer warranty, cleaning cloth and case.

Brand: Oakley

👤I already have a pair of the exact same real ones, and I paid the real price for the second set, which is a definite difference. Do not buy them. You can get them from a dealer or on the website. There is a cheapness to the quality of the real ones. My original ones are made in the USA and have been stamped. I expect the same quality when I order this pair. Did not happen. I don't know if it's a store or a brand. I will find out.

👤The label on the box was halfway open when the package arrived. My other pair of gascan's feel on my head differently when I put on glasses. I knew something wasn't right when they wouldn't stay on top of my head. I looked at the inside of the frames and noticed they didn't say Made in the USA. I knew these weren't real. Returned them. Zero stars don't exist so I had to choose one.

👤I have been a fan of Oakley for a long time. These glasses are cheap. I don't expect high quality from them. It was pretty disappointing.

👤The gascan ismatte black with black iridium lens. The lanyard attachment and cleaning cloth were advertised. I was initially skeptical since there are a lot of fakes out there but after watching some testimonies and videos of how to determine its authenticity, I think it's an original. The "D" on the lense is slanted upwards, so I was curious to see if that was related to the videos. My doubt will diminish in time. This is the first time I've ever bought this out of a distributorship and not tried them on at the stores. Please let me know if you have any opinions on the authenticity of the pics, I will act accordingly.

👤lint was on the bag as this box was cut open. The towel was wet. Amazon sent me a replacement and found prints all over the lens. The replacement glasses were also used. Unless you have a $100 pair of used glasses, don't buy.

👤I wear prescription eye glasses, and I like to wear sunglasses. The first package I received was very small. I wore a designer who made it right. I thought I was robbed. I made sure that wasn't the case. I want to thank the designer. There is an update. I don't mind because designer iwear didn't help me with my empty package. They didn't return my calls or answer my additional messages after I thought they were the ones who fixed the problem designer I wear. If you're ordering sunglass frames from designer iwear, you should call them first or you might find an empty package in your mail box.


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