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Women 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. ANZOME Cushions Exercise Stationary Bicycles

ANZOME Cushions Exercise Stationary Bicycles

Safety is the top priority for Alway on Your Side. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. Safety is their priority. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. The gel bike seat cushion is made of stretchy lycra material and padded with transparent silica gel. There is no harm to health from the high quality memory foam and gel padding. Reduce pain by absorbing shock. Better protect your butt. Bring a more comfortable experience. Non-Slip design and easy installation are what it is. The bicycle seat cover can slide if there are too many straps. No tools are needed, just slip the bicycle seat cushion over the seat, tie the draw-string and straps, and keep the exercise bike seat cover in place. Water and dust resistant seat cover can protect your seats in rainy days and on the dusty road. The gel padded bicycle seat cushion is made of lycra fabric that is fast dry, comfortable, and can help reduce muggy feeling. The bike gel seat cover is wide and one size fits most. The seat is in the range of 11 x 10 x 5 inches. It's suitable for spin class, cruiser, stationary bikes, indoor exercise bikes, and also for outdoor bike seat. Measure before you buy. It won't fit oversIZE BIKE SEATS. Strict quality control. The bike seats cover is thoroughly tested before it is sold. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution. A bike seat cushion is intended to bring a different riding experience.

Brand: Anzome

👤This is the worst bike seat ever. Works well! It's larger than my regular seat size so it's great for long rides without having to wear shorts or padded bike bibs. Hope this helps you out!

👤We were surprised by the comfort, thickness, and ease of application. The value for our money was a top priority. I would recommend it.

👤The seat on my stationary bike was so uncomfortable that it was almost ridiculous. I can just get my exercise in, and enjoy the ride, now I don't even think about it. I was very happy with this purchase, it did not distract me at all.

👤The padded seat cover is nice. I have a larger seat on my bike but it was difficult to get the cover on because it didn't fit the shape of the seat. I am hoping that the fit will improve as it is used more. I ride 4 days a week, 5 miles minimum, so it is getting tested. It doesn't eliminate all the pain as a female bicyclist, but it's a big improvement for me.

👤The seat that came with my bike was very cruel. I couldn't use it until I found this product. If you own a Peloton... You need a seat cover. It will save your body.

👤This seat is great for my Proform spin bike because it has a lot of cushion. My behind really thanks this company. It has enough cushion that it doesn't break when you sit on it. It feels great on my bike and has a little bounce to it. I would buy again.

👤So far, it's been great. Have had it for a couple weeks. It makes a difference. Have had it for a few months now. Its holding up well. There are no signs of wear. It wants to leave the seat. I have to tighten it every day before I ride it.

👤Product fit perfectly on my bike. It was not as comfortable as I thought it would be. I wish I had gotten something that was a little bit more cushion because it helped with comfort on the bicycle seat. An excellent product.

👤Unfortunately it didn't fit my stationary bike, it was made and soft. I had to come back. I did not get the entire amount of the return.

👤This was bought for a stationary bike. It slides off the original seat and can't be kept in place. It was off-gassed for a day. It is gathering dust in a corner. I received it a week ago.

2. BV Bike Seat Cover Black Standard

BV Bike Seat Cover Black Standard

The side bag has enough space to hold your stuff when you ride your bike outside. It will absorb the shock during your ride, providing a better riding experience. The Anti Slip Bottom can adhere to your bike seat. It is easy to apply and take off. It can be used on standard bicycle seats, stationary bike seats, and indoor spinning class. Before ordering, please confirm that the bike seat cover can fit your original bike seat. The dimensions are: 10.6 in x 7.3 in x 1.3 in. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Bv

👤I do indoor spin classes regularly and they can affect your lower back and butt. Your lower body is never completely comfortable on an indoor bike. What should we do? There is a The bike seat cover makes indoor cycling more pleasant. Some cyclists said foam was better than gel. I bought a standard-size foam cushion and it fits perfectly on my indoor bikes. I put the cushion on top of the bike seat and use the drawstring on the cushion to secure it. It stays put for the entire class. It's easy to remove the seat when class is over. I'm more comfortable after class. I am happy to have a foam cushion.

👤I wish I'd bought this earlier. I have a large derriere and riding my bike was very uncomfortable, but this cushion makes it fun to ride again. There is a I need to be on my bike for several hours a day to be a bike messenger.

👤Get this. It's cheap and you don't need gel padding for your tail bone. It works with my Trek hybrid and Trek mountain bike seats.

👤I bought two for myself and one for my wife. We use them on our standard Trek saddles when training inside.

👤Not bad bike seat. It's better than the bike seat, but it doesn't provide a lot of cushion.

👤You move around too much during your workout. I bought biking shorts and have not had an issue.

👤It helped to relieve the pain I was in.

👤Not comfortable does not fit.

👤There was a buffer of several inches between the seat cover and the ordered size, despite a measuring of my bike seat before ordering. Well made, but the size is off. It's something to consider, that padding only covers the top and not the side of the seats.

👤It makes riding much easier. It's super comfortable. Going uphill is easy now. Great product!

👤It is very comfortable and barely fits on my indoor spin bike.

3. Schwinn Featuring Retro Styled Step Through Drivetrain

Schwinn Featuring Retro Styled Step Through Drivetrain

The Schwinn steel retro city frame and fork is comfortable. Quick gear changes are provided by the Schwinn 7 speed twist shifter. The front and rear linear pull brakes are made of alloy. The classic rear carrier provides convenient storage. The 700c size wheel is for adult riders. The bike has a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I would give this bike 0 stars. The bike was assembled according to instructions. We also bought a bike rack for our car for $70. The rear derailleur tore off the bike on my first ride. The bike came to a stop. I had a broken bike and was 5 miles from my car. The bike shop told me that it will cost the same to fix it as it did when I paid for it. I have a useless bike and bike rack. Very disappointed! I would like a reply from either Amazon or Schwinn.

👤I took the bike for a ride around the neighborhood after assembling it. This bike exceeded my expectations in many respects. I have owned dozens of bikes over the years and this is the ninth bicycle in my current stable and the least expensive. Two of my bikes cost over $3k. I have been a bike nerd my entire life and worked as a bike mechanic in younger years. I feel like I have a good perspective on bicycle quality. I was attracted to the bike's value and traditional styling, and I was not disappointed. There is a The bike is a steel frame, seven speed bicycle with an upright riding position. It has no name components. Cost-saving parts include an Ashtabula crank and chainring, a steel seatpost and seat clamp, and steel handlebars. The generic brake levers, rim, hubs, and linear- pull brakes are made of aluminum. I haven't confirmed, but the derailleur appears to be stamped steel. The included rack is chromed steel. The aluminum and steel brackets look like they are brushed. The bike does not feel heavy despite the heavy steel components. The frame is made of steel and welded with standard diameter tubing. It has a nice looking paint job and there is some pinstriping on the top tube. The front wheel has a quick release. There is a To me, the hybrid bicycle seems to be a classic English touring bike with a coil spring seat and swept-back handlebars. The seven speed gear is adequate for flat to moderately hilly terrain. Don't expect mountain bike gears. The freewheel is 14-28 teeth and is adequate for casual cycling on paved roads or trails. I did not count the chainring teeth. The frame's more modern origins are reflected in the slightly sloping top tube. The layout and ride is very similar to English touring bikes of the 1960's and 70's, with some alloy updates. There is a The bike was easy to assemble, but there were a few adjustments that might be difficult to understand for someone with no experience. The bearings on the bottom brackets were too tight, the headset was loose, and the front wheel needed some adjustments. The hubs and gears on my unit did not need to be adjusted out of the box. If you don't have experience assembling bikes, I recommend paying a professional to do it for you. The brakes are not as strong as they could be, but once adjusted they were easy to lock up the rear wheel and stop the bike. The brakes are above average in this price range. The grip-shift, seven-speed gear was quiet and crisp. The bike has a smooth, quiet ride once it is assembled. The riding position is very upright. If you are not expecting a racing position, there is not a lot of space between the seat and handlebars. The bike encourages one to take their time and look around. It feels efficient and secure, but notimble. I think this would make a great bike for a college campus, paved trails, and urban commute. I've seen people ride all kinds of bikes on all sorts of surfaces. I'm 6' 0 The person is tall and weighs 195 pounds. The bike was very comfortable for me, and I have it in the middle of its height adjustment range. I think the bike would be suitable for people with a height of between 5'9" and 6'2". The bike should last many years because of the reasonable protection from the weather and regular maintenance.

4. 247 Viz Reflective Running Vest

247 Viz Reflective Running Vest

Light explodes off of this reflective vest as you are seen from far away. Don't wait to be seen at the last minute. Cars give you room at night while you are walking, jogging, or biking. The neon colors are very visible in the daytime. It is lightweight and absorbent, and keeps your body cool and comfortable. The vest is not used to ride up while jogging, cycling, walking the dog, riding a motorcycle, bicycle or horse. If you wear over any shirt, hoodie, or jacket, you will be safe and visible. The waist band can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes over different clothing. Their small size is 21 inches long and is great for those under 5 feet. It works for men and women alike. There is a pocket for your phone or wallet. Please see the chart. The reflective hi vis bands increase your visible lighted surface area. If you want to be safe at the highest level, wear reflective ankle bands or armbands. You can see that cars give you more room as you can see them from every angle. Their vests are made from durable materials that will last for a long time. It's all-weather protection. Stay safe and visible.

Brand: 247 Viz

👤I ride my bike to work. I didn't like the way trucks and SUVs were driving past me. I didn't think drivers were seeing me even with lights and reflective strips on my clothing. I felt the difference when I wore this vest. About 10% of the cars in the lane next to me moved left. They came back to the lane after they passed me. It was close to 100% with the vest. I think it's because drivers are already familiar with the safety vest concept and don't have to think about it. They just move. Do I look like a dork? Yes. It's dark when I wear it and I want to stay alive. The small is a good fit for me, I'm 125 lbs. It sits in my hip area. The vest adds warmth to the torso area. It came with reflective straps that are great for binding the legs on my pants so they don't get caught in the gears.

👤It has a good size pocket on the inside that is big enough to hold my Iphone 8 and reading glasses, and it is easy to slip on. I ordered a small size because I wanted it to be streamlined. I didn't return the medium size that I received because I didn't think it was worth it, but I gave it away because it wasn't worth it. The person I gave it to liked it. The vendor reimbursed me for the one I gave away after I explained this to them. I usually don't return items because most are small vendors and they don't have much money, but in this case it worked out.

👤I live in a retirement community and walk on streets that don't have sidewalks. I'm safer if they see me because drivers here don't see as well as they used to. The vest helps them do that. It is up to the good points made on its page. I'm 5 foot 8, a size 6, and the medium fits over my winter clothes, and it doesn't seem like it will be too warm in the summer. My daughter was asked if she would like one. She didn't want to look like a dork, even while walking the dog at night, so as a walker I may be in a good age category for this vest.

👤I purchased the large but the wrist bands were too big. I put them around my legs. They are going to see me.

5. Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Step Through Drivetrain

Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Step Through Drivetrain

The front and rear disc brakes are made of alloy. This bike is suitable for riders of 64 to 74 inches tall, depending on leg length and reach distance. The alloy linear pull brakes mean you can stop when you need to. The bike has a quilted seat and matching handlebars. A quilted seat with springs and trim, soft grips, upright riding position, and a convenient rear rack. The seat has some height adjustment and the dimensions are 65-inches long, 31 inches wide and 37 inches high.

Brand: Schwinn

👤It's absolutely beautiful. The seat is great. The old lady has a bike that is perfect for her age. That's the goal. I like it.

👤Yesterday, my husband put this bike together for me. It took him about four hours. He said there wasn't an instruction manual. There was an operational manual. I tried it out and thought it was great. Schwin bicycles were supposed to be top of the line. It is very cheap. The parts are very thin and fragile. The bike is not for tall people. If you are taller than 5'7 you should not ride this bike. It is difficult for taller people to ride the seat and handlebars. The bike is good for 8-14 year olds. My foot hit the tire when I turned around. It happened again when I was taking a sharp turn onto a sidewalk, so I will have to adjust the placement of my foot on the peddle. I guess you get what you pay for. The bike is not good in terms of quality or performance. Do not recommend.

👤It looks nice. If you don't know how to assemble a bike, prepare for at least an hour. It would be easy to explain directions. It can be a challenge to adjust the brakes in the back after sliding the front tire. It was done, and works well, but it isn't a process of ripping the bike out of the box, adjusting the seat, and riding off into the sunset. It is more like something is rubbing on her brakes. As she bounces off the curb of the driveway and then forgets she is a preschooler, her brakes are at her fingers. Good times. It is great once it is done. The color is vibrant but not very bright. The seat is comfortable. There were no dents or scratches. The bell or lock doesn't come with it. The back of her lock is close to 12 inches, so you could put a small square basket in it. You can find a lot of the baskets at Target.

👤I love this bike. I get praise everywhere I go. I'm glad I got this one because I was not very comfortable biking. The wide tires are stable so I don't have to worry about it. The multiple gears are a requirement for riding in CA, and have worked well. I don't ride a lot of bikes so this could just be normal, but I have noticed that the gears don't shift as smoothly as I would expect, and sometimes it takes a long time before it actually shifts. I had a problem with the chain popping off the gear while I was trying to shift, but it was easy to get back on and keep riding. The seat is very comfortable. There is a I feel like the bike cannot be tightened as securely as it should be. I took it to a bike shop to make it tighter, and it's fine for riding, I ride about 3 miles to school every day. The seat is always crooked when I get off via the step through. The seat is a quick release, so it's easy to jiggle it back and forth, but it has to be done frequently. I have had similar issues with the handlebars. It took a lot of careful adjusting, but I think it's finally tight. There is a piece in the middle of the bar that holds it in place, but since it is a round piece, there is a risk of the handlebars rotating downwards. If this happens, I would recommend riding with a compact bike tool kit in your bag, so you can fix it on the road. This may be an effect of most cruisers, or maybe because it costs less than some of the nicer ones. I feel the same about most of the adjustments on the bike. I am glad I started with the bike. Spending a lot of money on bikes is not worth it because most people never ride them. It's perfect for beach or easy rides. If I commute by bike, I might consider a different one in the future, but I'm happy with this purchase so far.

6. Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Seven Speed Drivetrain

Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Seven Speed Drivetrain

The 700c size wheel is for adult riders. The bike has a limited lifetime warranty. This bike has a wide, dual-spring padded cruiser seat and classic cruiser handlebars, which make it an upright and comfortable riding position. It's ideal for riders between 5' 4” to 6' 2” tall. This cruiser is ready for light hills on your ride, with a 7-speed drivetrain, and twist shifters for quick and easy gear changes. The included retro fenders keep you clean and dry, while the intuitive rear coaster brake provides simple stopping power. The Schwinn Huron has a steel cruiser frame and fork that make for a smooth ride, as well as wide tires that provide added stability.

Brand: Schwinn

👤A bike ride along the beach with an excellent view is what people like to do. Along with biking at the beach, nothing is more classic than a cruiser. I got this for my wife so she could join me and my son on my mountain bike. There is a The PROS is easy to assemble, it has a classy, vintage look, and it has a twist gear shift to make it easier. I bent it back straight. There is no quick-release lever for the seat. There is a seat adjustment tip. Many people don't know how to adjust their seat height. They may be biking inefficiently. To find the correct seat height. The pedal should point straight down at the 6 o'clock position if you put one foot on it. 2. The ankle ball, the hip bone, and the bottom of the femur are located. 3. The hip, knee, and ankle should have an angle of 30 degrees. 4. The angle should be 30 degrees if you adjust the height of the saddle. The angle between the 3 bone points is determined by the 1mm height you adjust. Happy riding!

👤A friend of mine, Debo, asked to borrow my bike but took a long time to return it. Even though I was not conserned, my father drove me to retrieve my bike even though he was concerned. My friend didn't know which bike I was talking about. I told him that I let him use the beach cruiser a couple weeks ago and had made several attempts to get it back. My friend was unaware that I wanted my bike back. I let my friend know that my father and I shared ownership of the bike. I kept it in my home. My friend seemed to understand my situation but it ended in violence.

👤It was easy to put it together and ride on 4/2. The front brake lever snapped and I would have to ship it back. I will call Schwinn tomorrow to see if the vendor can help. It was beyond disappointing.

👤I just came from a bike ride and it was a smooth ride. The 3 gear is what I got. It was easy to Peddling. I rode it at 1st gear because of the hills. 2nd gear was acceptable on level ground. The bike is in black. I had a lot of head turns on it. I added a cheap front black headlight, tailight and spoke reflectors to make it easier to see at night. I did not rate any stars for assembly because I had a bike assembling expert do it for me. Purchase was sweet. Will ride it for a long time. Go for it and buy it.

👤I rode the bike 12 times. I am a 65 year old man. I was riding at a very leisurely pace and not jumping curbs. The sprocket fell apart after about a dozen rides and I am facing a repair charge. Not very happy.

👤The bike is really good. I was looking for simplicity and it was built to that standard. The package was in perfect shape. The assembly was simple. The right sized allen wrench helped speed things along since multiple sizes are required. The front fender was left off so that it wouldn't be a problem to ride it on wet road conditions, and the rea fender was removed so that it would be more minimalist. Went with the 1 speed and coaster brake model. The roads are easy to ride on. The water bottle holder and under seat bag were installed smoothly. I was surprised to see that it had a kickstand, but the picture looks like it doesn't. If you're looking for a simple cruiser bike for getting some exercise around the neighborhood, and you're happy with the bike, it's a great choice.

7. Zacro Excercise Comfortable Stationary Waterpoof

Zacro Excercise Comfortable Stationary Waterpoof

If you don't like your purchase, they will take it back. Return through Amazon. Improve your cycling. All bike seats cover are thoroughly tested before being sold. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution. The bike seat cushion hopes to change the way you ride. The gel bike seat cushion is made of stretchy spandex and has a transparent gel surface. There is no harm to health from the high quality memory foam and gel padding. Reduce pain by absorbing shock. Better protect your butt. Bring a more comfortable experience. The bike gel seat cover is wide. The cushion is in the range of 11 x 10 inches. It's suitable for spin class, cruiser, stationary bike seat cushions, indoor exercise bike seat cushion, and also for outdoor bike seat. Measure before you buy. Water and dust resistant seat cover can protect your seats in rainy days and on the dusty road. The gel padded bicycle seat cushion is made of lycra fabric that is fast dry, comfortable, and can help reduce muggy feeling. Non-Slip design and easy installation are what it is. The bicycle seat cover can slide if there are too many straps. No tools are needed, just slip the bicycle seat cushion over the seat, tie the draw-string and straps, and keep the exercise bike seat cover in place.

Brand: Zacro

👤I have a gel seat, but it wasn't enough to keep my tushy from getting sore. This cover is great. The seat has a dust cover so it stays clean when my husband uses the saw in the garage. There is a I have been using this for 3-4 weeks and love it. I don't wear padded bike shorts and I have not had any sore knees. It doesn't shift or slip and has not lost its cushion despite being on the road for 4 to 5 days a week. I've told my friends about it. I am finding that the fabric on my leggings is rougher. I wish they would have used a different method. I still love this seat cover.

👤The bike seat feels terrible for anyone that has bought a Yosuda. The seat cover is the right size to fit on the seat and makes riding more than 3 miles bearable. It is not as comfortable as I would like, but I don't think any seat for a riding bike is going to feel like a cloud for your butt. The stock seat the bike came with is a lot worse than this one. It was easy to install in the back, but the front part had straps that you had to tie. I had to tuck the straps into the bottom of the cover because they were hanging down so much.

👤I searched high and low, and bought various seats for my bikes. This one is the best so far. The installation is the same as the rest. It's soft, has give, and feels comfortable right out of the box. Some of the others I've bought have taken a while to get used to. This one doesn't slide. The last one I bought for my bike was tight, but I was able to slide it back and forth. There is a The best bike seat cover I've ever purchased.

👤I started riding my mountain bike again. I had some time off after having a baby. This product is a must for my butt to get sore when I don't ride. I am very impressed. I used to have a much more expensive seat cover, that I misplace, and it didn't work as well as this. My butt is not sore after riding all day on a rocky road. The seat cover was very comfortable. It didn't make my bike seat feel like a bike seat. It felt like sitting on a chair. If they hang down at all they can get caught in your spokes, so my only complaint is that the drawstrings are long. I used the other set to secure them after I wrapped them up. The product is great.

👤It was too big for me. It became my new best friend after adjusting it. This has been a lifesaver for me, I'm new to spinning. It's worth it!

👤I told the sales person that the seat was very firm. He said that most people find the seat breaks in after a couple weeks. After every ride, I was still having pain in my backside. I purchased a bike seat to try and remedy the situation. The Gel Bike Seat was a big improvement. After my rides, there was no more pain. It was very easy to put the cover over the seat and tighten the straps. The seat was in place while I was riding. No slipping at all. I decided that I needed a better seat. I went back to the bike store and bought a gel seat. I didn't have any pain with this seat, but I still wanted more. The big size bike cushion for bike saddle came out again. I installed this on top of my gel bike seat to get the most comfortable seat. This product is very nice. It has a rain cover.

8. Platt Handlebar Streamers Colorful Handgrip

Platt Handlebar Streamers Colorful Handgrip

Blacked-out components for added style, includes rear rack for optional baskets. The material is plastic and polyester. Good fortune. A simple and interesting way for kids to dress up their bikes. It's fun to ride a bike or scooter with the streamers flying and dancing in the wind. Kids bikes, tricycles and scooters are used. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like this product or have any problems with it, contact them first and they will replace or refund your purchase.

Brand: Platt

👤She wanted to bling the bike up. The streamers were the ticket. They fit tight and seem durable. A regular Tour de France cyclist with a red bell and a new kickstand, she is doing laps around the block. It's funny.

👤Great streamers. They are using them on our scooter. The pink was easy to put on.

👤I bought these for my daughter's bicycle, and they're great! The ribbons seem firmly attached, the colors are as shown in the image, it fit very snug into the end of the handle bar grips, and I think that they will hold up longer than the plastic streamers.

👤I was very pleased with the streamers. The ribbon seems to be very durable. We haven't had them in a while, but they've withstood the grasps of both the 2 and 4 year old. The Micro scooters look really cute!

👤My 3 1/2 year old loved these. The colors are the same on her bike. The plastic ones that she had were fading away. These will probably get dirty quickly, but at least they will last longer.

👤My daughter enjoys riding the blue bike and we added these to make it more fun. They're long and quality. The colors were the same.

👤Happy with the longevity of these. Good quality. Not flimsy plastic, but nice fabric. These are able to replace old ones. A kid's bike was hit.

👤My daughter's brand new bike had streamers that ripped off. These are made with fabric and will be difficult to tear.

👤The bike we bought second hand had plastic ribbons on it. They were both torn and missing. It was the perfect solution when I saw these silk fabric ribbons. My daughter loves them and they make her bike look brand new. They don't tare off easily.

👤Good quality. It is not easy to rip out. Dollar store quality is not as good. Buy!

👤These are made of great quality. I recommend these brands to everyone. I'll be buying the same brand of streamers when my other daughter gets a bike.

👤The cute will look great on the new scooter. No hassles with quick delivery.

9. OKBONN Mountain Comfortable Exercise Stationary

OKBONN Mountain Comfortable Exercise Stationary

Extra grip and stability are provided by the 2.25-inch wide knobby mountain tires. The bicycle seat cover is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly silicone material, which is comfortable and not easy to change. You will feel relief and comfort immediately, because it helps absorb the shock. Bring back the fun of cycling by consuming calories. The cushion cover will not slip because of the triple non-slip design. Don't use any other tools, install their exercise bike seat cushion with ease, it's more stable than a regular cushion cover. The reflective strip on the back of the bike seat cover was upgraded with a reflective strip. The surface of the bike seat cushion is made of Lycra fabric. The hollow design of the bicycle seat cover makes you feel less stressed while riding. The bike seat cover is designed for narrow bike seats, not for wide saddles. The bike seat cushion is suitable for most bikes. Please measure the size of your bicycle seat before purchasing and confirm that the cover fits your requirements.

Brand: Okbonn

👤I have no use for the seat without the cushion so I have to return it.

👤I wanted a softer seat on my new bike. This worked well for that and at a great price.

👤I think the fit was good because of the thread fit and not the velcro.

👤The back of my seat made it difficult to rise. Nice cushion!

10. JOYSTAR Training Children Cruiser Bicycle

JOYSTAR Training Children Cruiser Bicycle

Safety is the top priority for Alway on Your Side. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. Safety is their priority. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. JOYSTAR Cruiser Kids Bike is a bike for kids that is simple to use. With a light steel frame and rims, the children can cruise up to speed with ease, but be aware that when it's time to pull up fast the combined backpedal rear brake will be there. The kids bike is easy to pedal and fun to ride. The structure of the kids bike is inspired by the Beach Cruiser Bike. The Hi-Ten steel frame and fork have great impact resistance. A cute frame design with fires or flowers. They have a better fit for easy pedalling and have a low gearing. It's easy to provide stopping power when needed, so it's a great option for young riders. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It's easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel because of the singlespeed drivetrain and smaller grip design. The dual spring kid's cruiser seat has added comfort. The children can make their own bike with the help of decals on the frame or chain guard. The 12 inch toddler bike is suitable for boys and girls of all ages, while the 14 inch bike is 888-739-5110 Adult assembly is required. The kid bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤We loved the bike. Our daughter was in love as soon as my husband put it together. It is her 5th birthday present. It is perfect for her. The pedal was the problem. We contacted Amazon and were displeased because we told them we don't want to return but need the pedal as it's not working and they said they can't help unless I return. I was wondering if I could contact the seller. Within an hour, I responded to the message I had sent. My problem was solved. This is the problem. The left and right pedals should be screwed in the same way. The way we were doing it was the wrong way. Did they suggest how to do it? Done. It is easy to assemble with the tools provided, but a screw driver is needed to put the lights on the bike.

👤My son's 4th birthday is this bike. We got him a seat with training wheels that fits him perfectly. He is just shy of 41" tall. There is a The directions that came with the bike were confusing but assembly was easy. It took 45 minutes to assemble. Keeping the alignment with the front tire was the most difficult part of getting the handbags tightened down. That is a two person job. The rest can be done on their own. There is a The frame, seat, and tires are strong but the front reflectors are not. My son falls and the fender bends out of place. They are easy to push back into place, but I am not happy with how quickly they move. The first spill my son took, the front reflector snapped off, leaving a sharp piece of plastic. I need a new, stronger, reflector after removing it. There is a I think this is a great first bike and well worth the price.

👤We bought this for our 5 year old little girl. It was easy to put together, it was a really cute little bike. The instructions didn't explain everything, but I looked at the pictures and figured it out. The hub doesn't spin very long but she hopes it will help her when she rides it around. Great purchase!

👤We got a blue bike with a different design than the one we bought, but it was light blue. I can't find the bike color that I ordered. My daughter loves her bike, but she would probably love any bike. It's a heavy bike for a young child to hold up and maneuver, and it doesn't come with a kickstand, despite what I read online. I find it very heavy when I have to pick it up. The weight of the bike doesn't matter when my daughter is on it. The handlebars don't adjust up and down, but you can adjust it forward and back, and the pedals don't have any grip so her foot slips from them every now and then. The color I ordered was greenish. I got the blue one with flowers that look exactly like the photo I ordered, but I didn't get the color I ordered. We have already put the seat up as high as it can go, so maybe we should have ordered the next size up for her. When she transitioned from her balance bike to a big girl bike, we had it lower. We never put the training wheels on the bike because she only took 2 days to learn to balance. There is a I wouldn't recommend this bike because of its heavy weight, lack of kickstand, and lack of grip on the pedals.

11. Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike

Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike

The included rear carrying rack is perfect for your work bag and the folding bike has full-wrap fenders to keep you clean and dry while riding. Full suspension mountain bike frame. The 21 speed index derailleur has grip shifters. Front and rear brakes. The seat post is quick.

Brand: Dynacraft

👤This was a Prime item and it took a week to get to me. I have been having an issue with Amazon not fulfilling 2 day shipping. There is a This was a gift for my girlfriend. Who is 5'4. There is a The bike was packaged well and came in a large box. The box was most likely blown into it by transit. A lot of the vital parts of the bike were unboxed. I will get to that in the review, but I didn't have any protection on them like bubble wrap, which caused an issue after I assembled the bike. There is a The bike was easy to assemble with some basic tools. After inflating the front and back tires and bolting them on the forks, I noticed the front and rear wheel had a slight link in them. It's not a huge deal but still noticeable. The V-breaks became an issue because the slight warp on the wheel would catch on the brake pad even with adjusting the position on the brakes. The biggest problem was the derailleurs. The rear derailleur was in line with the big hole in the box. I don't know what pierced the box, but it caused the rear derailleur to bend, which made the chain noise while pedaling. I had to bend the limiter back in place after I adjusted the H and L screws to fix it. The front and rear derailleurs were out of whack because of this. I had to adjust to that as well. On top of adjusting the cable tension. It took about 3 to 4 hours to adjust the chain path. There is a I had to remove the rear derailleur guard because I couldn't shift on to the first 3 gears. The opinion of the bike is mixed. It's a complete bike with a nice finish. The bike works despite the front shocks being cosmetic. Most of the mechanical parts will be upgraded in the near future. The derailleurs are garbage quality. Don't plan on taking this thing on any jumps or crazy trails until you replace some of the stuff on this bike. There is an update! As of July 15th, the rating was moved to 1 star. The bike went into a pile. After making a weird sound for two days, the freewheel hub seized up and the bike wouldn't shift gears or pedal correctly. It would take too long to get the parts to fix because of covid19 and Amazon's bad shipping times. The parts and specialty tool for fixing a bike would be about $50, which is almost half the price of the bike itself. I bought a quality bike from a company. I suggest that you save yourself the headaches.

👤I was not happy. The bike was destroyed before it was opened. The spokes of the front tire were shoved down through the forks and there were scratches on the frame. After reading through the directions and trying to put it together step by step, I realized that the front tire was bent and that it would rub the break pad. I tried adjusting the breaks, but it didn't help. It's going to be difficult to return it. I guess the only other option is to buy another rim. The next person buying this bike should have the same experience. It would be nice to actually ride your bikes.


What is the best product for bicycle for women pink?

Bicycle for women pink products from Anzome. In this article about bicycle for women pink you can see why people choose the product. Bv and Schwinn are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle for women pink.

What are the best brands for bicycle for women pink?

Anzome, Bv and Schwinn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle for women pink. Find the detail in this article. 247 Viz, Zacro and Platt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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