Best Bicycle for Women 24 Inch

Women 14 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Kulana Cruiser Bicycle Wheels Purple

Kulana Cruiser Bicycle Wheels Purple

The frame and fork of a cruiser is classic. Simple riding and easy maintenance can be achieved with a single-speed drivetrain. The rear coaster brake is easy to use. The front and rear fender add style. A comfortable cruiser spring seat and a comfortable upright riding position are provided by the classic swept-back handlebars.

Brand: Kulana

👤The bike is amazing. It was easy to assemble. The pedals were all I had to do. I'm 4”7” and I have a size 13. I moved the seat all the way down. If you are a little taller, it might fit you in size 13 if you move the seat up a little more. The bike is very fun.

👤I usually look for a used bike to fix up for re-use in a Mexican orphanage, but this Kulana Girls Kiku Cruiser bike is brand new and almost entirely trouble-free. There is a The version that arrived in perfect condition was the one without the attachment nut and bolt. I have a drawer full of similar parts, so that's not a problem for me. Assembly was easy for me, a retired bike mechanic. There is a The finished bike is reliable. With only one speed and a coaster brake, there's very little to adjust, and none of it arrived needing any adjustment beyond attaching separately-packed parts. It will be a big hit at the orphanage, as it rode well for me in a test ride. I couldn't tell if the bike included a kick stand, but it did include one that works well. Definitely recommended.

👤I have a medium build with a purple bike. The color in person is beautiful, the pictures don't do it justice, but I like purple. I have never been so comfortable on a bike. I wanted a bike that I could sit on straight up. I wanted it to be simple. I am satisfied with my choice. I am 37 years old. My daughter and I rode together for the first time. There is a I rode over the hills with little effort. There is a I have no regrets, I think I could have managed a 26” but that adds more weight to the bike. There is a The assembly was more difficult because the instructions weren't for this specific bike, but I figured it out. I look forward to more bike rides.

👤Although these bikes are fun to ride, they should be replaced at your local bike shop over time. We bought 8 of these bikes within the last 3 months and have replaced 12 of them, all of the punctures occured at the same place.

👤For the same price I usually seek in a used bike to fix up for re-use in a Mexican orphanage, this Kulana Womens Cruiser bike is brand new and almost entirely trouble-free. There is a The version that arrived was in perfect condition. Assembly was easy for me, a retired bike mechanic. There is a The finished bike is reliable. With only one speed and a coaster brake, there's very little to adjust, and none of it arrived needing any adjustment beyond attaching separately-packed parts. It will be a big hit at the orphanage, where one of the house moms will use it. I couldn't tell if the bike included a kick stand, but it did include one that works well. Definitely recommended.

2. Schwinn Loop Folding Bike White

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike White

The cruiser riding position is upright. The folding frame with 20-inch wheels fit riders 56 to 74 inches tall. Smooth gear changes are provided by the 7-speed twist shifter. The front and rear linear pull brakes are secure. The bag for easy storage is included in the rear carrier. The smooth rolling street tires are perfect for commute.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I just finished my commute on a Schwinn folding bike, and I can say it was not bad. I decided to invest in a foldable bicycle for when I travel or if I ever make a quick trip downtown because I commute on a Retrospec Beaumont 7 speed. There are two parts to my review; my thoughts on the Schwinn loop and how it stacks up as a daily commuter. I have ridden a fair amount, work on my own bikes, and commute a fair amount, but I am not a bike expert. I used to commute on a big box mountain bike, but have recently upgraded to 200-400 dollar bicycles, which I would recommend to anyone putting more than 200-300 miles on their bike a year, or want a bike that lasts a long time. The old adage in biking is "pick two". This is a good rule of thumb. The bike is 33 pounds heavier than other folding bikes, but it is one of the cheapest in the world. The bike is fun to ride, but at this price point companies tend to have to take a few precautions. The tires seem to be of a cheaper compound, which is fine in good weather, but not as good in rain. I wish they had put on a softer compound tire that would grip better. I think they could have made a better choice on the tires. I did 10 miles in the morning and 10 in the afternoon, and the seat wasn't my favorite, but you definitely ride a 10 mile each way commute with no problems. Finding a seat to make everyone happy is hard because people have their own preferences. Schwinn went with a bike seat that was softer on the softer side. Soft seats are good for a mile or two, but can hurt your rear more quickly than a firm seat. I think this seat is for people who commute 3-7 miles. If I rode this every day, I would think about changing it out for a harder seat post. I just rode 20 miles, and would have no problem doubling that distance with no issues. The welded on rear rack of the bike makes it easier to carry your stuff, and you don't have to worry about the weight snapping or bending your rear rack. The setup of the bikes was very good. I was impressed that the components were in perfect working order and didn't need to be adjusted out of the box. If you are not familiar with brake adjustments or derailleurs, you should have a bike mechanic look over your bike. I had my bike ready to ride in 30 minutes. A quick lube. I was ready to go. The bike is a good looking bicycle for the money and could be reliable if taken care of properly. The rim brakes are easy to maintain, but you can get a better stopping power by using a brand like koolstops. There is a How does this foldable bike compare to other bikes? I prefer a full size bike over the foldable. You feel the bumps more on the 20 in tires. You won't find yourself wishing you had a lower gear most of the time because of the hearing on this. You won't be flying by anyone either. If you're climbing on a bike path or downhill, you might wish you had a higher gear or two. Most people will go with the factory setup if you change it out. Who is going to spend money on a Schwinn bike that is perfectly fine to ride? I didn't notice much difference on my commute, but there is a little bit of flex. The main issues between this and a regular hybrid are speed, but I don't think the average person will care that this bike is slower than a regular hybrid. The bike is fun to ride, but I will stick with my 700. I could see this being a great bike for someone who works in downtown or somewhere where leaving their bike locked outside is not an option, or for someone with limited space for a bike in their house or apartment. For me, it serves its purpose well for a short commute if I want a quick change up from my 700, to lend out to friends if they want to bike the greenway bike trails. If you don't see an update, you can assume the bikes have been going well since the date of this publication. I still prefer my Retrospec, but I think this could be a really fun commuter bike for someone, and it is a pretty good bike. Update 3/24/ 2020. I put a couple hundred miles on this, checked it on a flight, and think I can give better input. I found a seat on Amazon for ten bucks, and I changed it to one from Retrospec. I was able to bring a folding bike to the office because the clinic wouldn't let me bring a full size bike inside. I have a month to commute on this. The only changes I have made is to add a Retrospec seat and attach a plastic crate with zip ties and a towel to keep it from scratching the paint. If the stock saddle doesn't work for you, you can switch it out. I would recommend looking for a harder seat, as soft seats are more uncomfortable than hard seats on long journeys. The best way to commute is to use a semi-hard seat. I bought a plastic crate from Walmart for 7 bucks and put a black towel underneath to keep it from scratching the paint. I have five bungee cords in the middle and two zip ties that keep it from sliding back. This bike has a very rugged steel frame and is a good choice for a grocery store bicycle because it has low gear and is easy to pull a trailer with. The smaller tires are more resistant to abuse. The rear triangle is small for most of the panniers, so I tried to put them on. I was surprised by the Schwinn loop after a couple hundred miles. If you change out the seat, you will have a pretty rugged commuter than can fit in under a minute for the office. Don't fly if you don't have a hard shell suitcase. I tried to check it with the case it came with. I arrived at my location with a bent derailleur. If you want to fly with this, you can either buy a hardshell suitcase that will fit its dimensions or bring it as carry on. The case it comes with is useless for anything other than storage. I think it's still good, but I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a reliable and economical foldable bicycle. There is an update 9/3/2020. I am changing my review to 5 stars because I have 500-600 miles on this. This is my errand bike. I load this bike up with extra weight on the back and it does a great job. Is it the best folding bike? You can't beat it at its price point. I think it does better than any other bicycle for the same price. It is a conversation starter. People ask me about it, or give me praise. People think it might be an electric bicycle. It is really enjoyable to ride. The short frame and 20 inch tires make it responsive. You are going to have to fight off the smiles. I will have to service the hub and crank soon. The bike has taken a couple spills after the front brake noodle broke. I don't fault the company for that. The commuter and folding bike is on sale for $250. You will not find a better folding bicycle at this price point. I was worried that the cheap bikes would break quickly, but this bike has held up well. If you are looking for a do everything bike to get you around, I would not hesitate to pull the Trigger. Be prepared to swap the seat out and re-grease and service the hubs sooner than a folding bicycle. The stopping power on the brakes is perfect for me, at 180 pounds. When the stock pads run out. I will replace them with kool stop pads. I swapped to a bending brake noodle and it solved the problem of the brake noodles hitting the frame. You are getting a great bicycle, enjoy it.

3. Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed

Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed

Strict quality control. The bike seats cover is thoroughly tested before it is sold. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution. A bike seat cushion is intended to bring a different riding experience. The women's single-speed cruiser bike is easy to ride. The beach cruiser has a steel frame and aluminum wheels. White-wall balloon tires are easy to use. Wide handlebars with rubber grips and a seat with dual springs for added comfort. Women from 5 to 6 feet tall.

Brand: Firmstrong

👤Oh my gosh. I love it. As a woman who has not ridden a bike in almost 20 years, I can only say that this brings back all of the wonderful feelings of freedom, youth, fun, etc. I had to take it out for a short ride as soon as I had it assembled and adjusted, it only took about an hour and a half. I would have ridden forever if my legs started getting tired before I wanted to return. I suffer from neck and shoulder problems, and the handlebars are easy to mount and dismount. Thecoaster brakes are easy to use.

👤Great bike. It is easy to assemble. It was fun to ride. I haven't been on a bike in 35 years. I didn't realize how much I liked riding. The perfect bike is what you chose.

👤I am overweight and this bike was too tall for me. I read the reviews and another woman said it was perfect for her, but I was too tall. I was very happy. Will give to my granddaughter who is taller than me. It was also purple. The seat was comfortable.

👤This bike is wonderful. It's perfect. People stop me and ask about the bike. The ride is heavy duty and smooth. I have to get used to the brakes again.

👤My bike is purple and I love it! It was a nice ride. The seat post bolt broke when I adjusted the height of my seat. Firmstrong wanted me to take pictures. It would take several days to ship a replacement. Not what I wanted to hear. I went to Home Depot to find a replacement. The bike is metric.

👤It was easy to put together, but had to buy a new set. It was lost during the transit. Half of the hardware was required. Great bike.

4. Firmstrong Single Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch

Firmstrong Single Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch

The rear rack carries your belongings while keeping you clean and dry. The women's single-speed cruiser bike is easy to ride. The beach cruiser has a steel frame and aluminum wheels. White-wall balloon tires are good for a ride. Wide handlebars with foam grips and a seat with dual springs for added comfort. Sized for women from 5 to 6 feet tall.

Brand: Firmstrong

👤This bike is well worth the money light weight but strong built, wife absolutely loves it after having a Schwinn similar to it, the weight difference is night and day the comfort is no comparison, don't be fooled by the Schwinn name, this beach cruiser outshines it in every This beach cruiser is a great choice if you want a nice and comfortable bike.

👤The bike is not pink. The pink color of the car doesn't match the other accessories. So dissatisfied! The bike was easy to assemble. My daughter came out and said she thought my mom had a pink bike. You can tell the difference when I pull out the matching fender. This was supposed to be a surprise. I ordered a bike, koozie, and bell. The bike doesn't match anything.

👤The bike was easy to put together. I was very impressed with the company, they e-mailed me prior to shipping my bike, and gave me all the information I needed to contact them if I had any problems. A person was assigned to help with assembling my bike. There was no problem with assembly. Very easy. The company sent a follow-up e-mail to say they hoped I was enjoying my new ride. I enjoy every ride on my bike. This bike is very good. You will love it.

👤It is easy for a husband to put together.

👤The beach cruiser is beautiful. My 11 year old can carry it up to the 2nd floor apartment on her own. The bike is a perfect fit for her because she is 5'5" with long legs. It was easy to put together.

👤The bicycle is great. There was a small tear in the seat. I can't wait to go somewhere.

👤My daughter got the bike she wanted.

5. Schwinn Meridian Tricycle 24 Inch Wheels

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle 24 Inch Wheels

The bike is designed with 26 inch wheels and is comfortable for people of 5'4" to 6'2" in height. It is easy to use and maintain a single speed drivetrain. Both front and rear fender help keep clothing clean in damp weather. Wide upright handlebars provide a stable ride and the cruiser saddle absorbs bumps. Easy step-through access can be achieved with a super low, step-through aluminum frame. The bike has a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I bought this bike after reading a lot of reviews. I ordered the bike from Amazon's Warehouse Deals. I paid a good price. I am a 52 year old woman who does not have a lot of mechanical experience, but it was a beautiful day when the bike arrived. I got my iced tea and sat on my porch to figure it out. My husband and son helped me confirm that I did something right. I was able to put the bike together. I'm glad I did, because now adjustments make more sense to me. I know how the parts work. There is a If you're just hoping for a quick experience, you may want to pay a bike shop. I think the bike was a great value and I rate it 5 stars. It seems to be working. For those who read reviews, here are some notes that might help. There is a I read a lot of reviews that said they were hoping for a more blue bike. The bike is silvery blue, not a darker color like Slate, so it should be called "Ice Blue" or something like that. There is a I ordered from Amazon Warehouse Deals and they said the item would be re-packaged. The box was roughed up from shipping, but when I opened it, the inner box held all the bike parts and was frightening. There are dents in the cardboard. I wonder if shipping is really hard on dents. mine was double boxed I wonder if it was returned because of the condition of the box. The box did not seem to have been opened and sealed. I think this is a shipping issue and perhaps unavoidable when you have parts that are easily bent out of shape. There is a I had to look at the diagram, re-read it and think, but I figured them out. I saw a video on the internet of a guy who was mechanical and putting a bike together for his parents and he had the same issues I had. I used after searching. The grease for the handlebar stem is working great. When I adjusted the handlebars, I had to laugh at the smell of menthol. If you don't have a tube of grease they call for, you can use Vaseline. I told a mechanical friend that this will be fine, we're not dealing with high temperatures or huge amounts of friction. I had to bend them into shape to keep them from rubbing, and I had to make sure they were lined up with the bolts. If it is to you, you're warned. If you can't find the stem for the seat, look inside the frame and see if there's a hole that people think they don't have one. It might take a while to get the brakes adjusted. If this doesn't sound like something you want to mess with, then take it to a bike shop for assembly. I didn't mind the changes. This is not a two wheel bike. If you don't remember this, you may think something is wrong. If you learned to ride a two wheel bike, you lean to keep balance. Leaning on this bike will make you feel off balance. You might even want to lean out of a turn. I felt a bit weird on this trike at first, but I took a deep breath and remembered that this was different. As time goes on, it's much better. The road where I live is graded to allow rain to run off so if I'm on the road, it will feel off balance. I only take the road for a short time, then I ride the rails-to-trails near our home. I can work with it better there, as it is graded slightly more for the rain. If the trail is clear, I just take my spot up the middle and my fellow bikers let me know they are coming with a friendly call or ring of their bell and I move over. It's a good thing. Mount/dismount: I whacked the back of my legs with the back wheels. I need to remember that unlike a 2 wheel bike, I have to watch for them. There is a seat. I'm a middle aged woman with an ample middle aged figure. I don't feel bad about looking for a wider, more comfortable seat since I got a nice price on the bike. I only went about 3 miles at a time until I switched seats. There is a If you want a flawless, seamless experience to get up and running, look elsewhere or get professional help to assemble and fine tune. If you're willing to deal with a few small issues, you can get a great trike.

6. Schwinn Featuring Step Through Single Speed Drivetrain

Schwinn Featuring Step Through Single Speed Drivetrain

Blacked-out components for added style, includes rear rack for optional baskets. The Schwinn cruiser frame and fork is easy to ride on your back. Simple riding and easy maintenance can be achieved with a single-speed drivetrain. The 24 inch wheel works with the rear coaster brake. The Schwinn saddle is padded. The rear rack carries your belongings while keeping you clean and dry.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I tried to return the bike multiple times. It was too small. I decided to give it to my neighbor after a lot of negotiation with the seller. The handle doesn't fit in the sockets. Pick up was not provided during the Pandemic. The box is not large enough for an average car. No one would pick up a box of this size. The vendor is terrible.

👤The setup of the bike was different than the addition. I found a hole in one of the tires after setting it up. I contacted Amazon to get a replacement tube for fixing a flat. I was told that I had to disassemble the bike, package it and send it back to Amazon. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with them trying to convince them otherwise. I bought a tube for $10 and was able to fix it myself in 10 minutes. I will buy another bike on Amazon.

👤There are a lot of flaws in the bike. The front fender rubs against the tire. The handlebars won't stay in position no matter how tight they are. The seat won't stay straight or up. My daughter's seat would shift and dump her off when she hit a bump. I wouldn't recommend buying this bike.

👤My daughter loves this bike. Even though she was never around in the ‘80s, she still remembers. She is the cool kid in the neighborhood.

👤The bike is strong and rides well. I had to take it to a bike shop to have the front wheel true. My girlfriend loves it. She rides the bike every day.

👤The bike is stunning. The retro styling is what my 10 year old grand daughter loved. It is easy to assemble.

👤I like the bike, it fits me. Thank you so much, Schwinn makes the best bikes, I'm 4'10 and love the color and the bike, thank you!

👤We love this bike. My daughter thinks it's cool that we were able to put it together in less than an hour. We have an issue with the front fender and have not been able to figure out how to contact Amazon Customer Service. Please help!

7. Sixthreezero Around 3 Speed Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero Around 3 Speed Cruiser Bicycle

The women's beach cruiser bicycle has a 17-inch steel frame and is ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood. The upright riding style keeps your back and shoulders comfortable. 21-speed Tourney derailleurs and friction shifters are used for tackling uphill climbs and long distances. The large waffle tread tires on the aluminum wheels provide a smooth ride. Blacked-out components for added style, includes rear rack for optional baskets.

Brand: Sixthreezero

👤I did a lot of research when looking for a bike. I'm 5 feet tall, 60 cms and I'm an adult woman. I had to buy a bike that would fit my height because it was close to impossible for me to enjoy the Limebikes and other services outside in the Boston area. There is a The quality and sturdiness of the minty green is obvious, it is perfect for what I was expecting. The assembly was not standard for the Around the Block bikes and it was quite annoying. The manual was redundant. The saving grace was all the videos on the internet. It's a heavy bike and you may need two people to help. I bought a mint basket to match the bike, which will be helpful during my commute. There is a I bought the 24' because I read the reviews of other women who were struggling with the 26'. The website says it's 6-7ft for the 26'. It's a lie. It occurred to me that it wasn't necessarily about height, we are not all cookie cutter humans. It's about your length. I have a long torso and short legs, I'm happy I chose the 24' because it's the only choice I had, I have to be on my toes with it. I would have to wear platforms to ride the bike if I got the 26'. If you're short and have the same proportions, you may want to consider getting the 24'. One reviewer said she regretted keeping her 26' at 5'1 because she couldn't reach comfortable. So beware! If you're overweight and trying to use this bike to get fit, someone heavier than me sat and the bike did not move well, you should consider the weight limit for the 24' tires. I don't know how they say 300 lbs. The seat can be fixed if you get yourself a crescent wrench and turn it tightly. Their tools are not up to par. Use your own. Make sure you grease the seat lever as well. I built it on a carpet because it helped protect the bike from damage during my assembly. I will keep an eye on how it goes during my commute. I have high hopes.

👤I put it together a month ago and didn't realize it was winter. We had a nice day, so I decided to ride with my boys. It is too late to come back. I changed gear. The frame appears to have been damaged when the chain fell off. When my husband put it together, he thought something was wrong. I didn't change gears. I don't know the problem. It is too late to come back. I have an expensive, damaged bike. The repairman will have to fix it. There is an additional cost. I was disappointed in the purchase.

👤I like my new bike. I wanted a comfortable bike to ride around with my family where I sat upright, had a few gears, and was light enough for me to lift onto the bike rake. Total success! The chain rail cover and paint job are the best features. The handlebars and handbrakes were adjusted to my specifications, and I was very happy to find that. The seat fell off and I fell on my first ride when I tried to avoid a toddler. I was able to reassemble it myself after walking home.

8. Huffy Hardtail Mountain 21 Speed Lightweight

Huffy Hardtail Mountain 21 Speed Lightweight

? If you don't like their products, you can get a refund within 30 days. They will reply to your email as soon as possible if you come and ask. The Huffy Stone Mountain is ready for outdoor adventures, with a gloss purple hardtail frame and 21 speeds to conquer the trails, just follow the steps in the product manual. The frame is made of durable steel and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The TZ-31 rear derailleur has a micro-shift twist shifter and aremovable rear derailleur guard to ensure consistent gear operation. The knobby tires tear into the dirt bike paths with ease; linear pull hand brakes deliver consistent stopping action; the premium padded ATB saddle has stitched sides for lasting quality; and the alloy quick release provides easy seat height adjustment. The handlebars have a slight rise to minimize back and shoulder strain, and the pedals have a responsive feel.

Brand: Huffy

👤I don't like writing bad reviews, I have a business and I understand when people want to rant about nonsense to get money back. That is not the reason I am here. I am here to save others from what I went through. I usually read reviews before I buy, but I didn't because I trusted the "Amazon's Choice" label. I thought I could go wrong. If I knew that the price would lead to me saying "you get what you pay for", I would have bought a nicer bike, which is what I will do now. There is a The bike is junk, it is sitting in a dump. It is garbage. I have ridden it at least 4 times. The handle bar comes loose every time I ride it, even though I have been trying to ride for about an hour to get a decent work out. I couldn't believe it when it came so loose the first time. Maybe I didn't tighten it enough. There is a Every time I ride, I have to tighten it as much as possible and it will come loose at the end of the hour. On my last ride, the left pedal is falling off, not only was the handlebar loose, but it was also my last ride. I am not doing bike stunts or tricks, I am not mountain biking on crazy trails. I ride my bike around Boston on easy trails that are not strenuous. I am a novice rider who is barely pushing the limits of the bike yet this piece of trash is falling apart right from under me as I ride it gently around bike trails in the city. It is a kind of joke. Don't waste your money. Get a real bike if you spend a little more. I will have to eat the loss since the return policy doesn't allow me to return it anymore. You will never get another dollar from me again because you stole the money.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this bike because of all the negative reviews. I check reviews and photos when buying online. There is a I know a lot about bikes, so I think huffy is a good brand. I have never put together a bike before but it seemed straight forward without the manual, I just don't care to read a manual. I was able to put the bike together in 1 hours without reading the manual or knowing how to assemble it. There is a It didn't fall apart on my ride with it, it was a first timer. There is a When I first took this bike for a ride, I immediately started playing with the gears to figure out what level I wanted the gears set at. There is a The tires that came with the bike seamed really comfy when I rode it, compared to others I have ridden recently. They wear hard as rocks. The bike seat was rather uncomfortable but I have a better seat downstairs. I will swap them! There is no big deal. It is easy to adjust to this bike. There is a The post office refused to deliver the package because it was too big, and it was frustrating. There is a They need to have someone else ship the item to resolve the issue. There is a If the shipping issue was fixed, I would give this five stars, but I am rating it a solid.

9. Schwinn Timber Mountain Aluminum 24 Inch

Schwinn Timber Mountain Aluminum 24 Inch

The mountain bike is durable and can be used for neighborhood rides. The crank has less maintenance. Quick gear changes on the trail can be made with twist shifters and rear derailleurs. Light and durable alloy wheels add stability to all-terrain, knobby mountain tires. The seat post makes it easy to adjust the height.

Brand: Schwinn

👤The bycicle is easy to assemble, the breaks are nice, and the quality is good. I'm 5'3" and have a weight of around 153 lbs and an inseam of 30", this size is perfect for me. I had to go through a lot of comments to find out if this bike was the right height for me. I can lift it without much effort, even though it is heavier than I thought. I would like the seat to be more comfortable. I will be updating this review.

👤I had a bike shop make it for my 9 year old son. They commented on the poor parts. I thought a $200 bike was more than enough for my daughter's age. The bike shop can't get the derailleurs adjusted right because they don't shift properly and it's not safe for a kid's bike. The chain fell off the gear and onto the guard. The bike shop worked on it a second time after I test rode it. It was me on the bike that I went from pedaling normally with resistance to zero resistance on the pedals very abruptly which is a dangerous situation for a child. I regret buying this bike, I'm into it for almost $300, and I'll probably junk it and buy a better bike at a bike shop. I don't think it's right to sell it or leave it at the curb as some poor kid will eventually get it and potentially hurt themselves on it. There is a Oh yes. Schwinn offered to send parts which I could pay for to have a bike shop install. I'm done spending more money on this thing. The design of the bike is terrible, even if they get it set right, it won't last anyway, according to the guys at the bike shop. There is a If you want to spend more money on a bike, I would recommend you to go to a good shop. If you have to, buy a big one so they can keep it longer. This trash or anything like it should not be bought.

👤I have read many reviews about this bike. I bought it for my wife. It was easy to assemble. The handlebars are too low. The gears don't work. Good luck trying to get it to gear up or down if you are caught in mid-gear. I have never been so disappointed with a purchase. I will not buy a Schwinn again. I was going to get her a Trek and that is what I should have done. I hope the shop will give me a credit for only riding the bike once. The bike is not made to ride on the bike paths. The bike sucks, it's not rough terrain. I would be happy to get a refund.

👤When I was hit by a car, I started looking for a new bike. I was lucky to be alive after hitting the pavement, but my old Murray Redwing was not so lucky. I gave my son a 1972 Schwinn Collegiate, so it was time for a new bike. I was naive enough to think I could replace the Redwing with 100 clams. The best bikes in the under $200 range can be found online. Many bikes listed online by big box stores never make it to the store. Some are shipped from a different retailer than you are buying it from. There is a If you can't try it out, how do you find out which bike is right for you? You have to dig into the very limited specifications provided by the sellers. It's a small - medium - large choice to fit your body size. Many bikes have issues when you read bike reviews in this price range. Cheap parts, bad mechanisms, or shoddy factory assembly are mostly the things that happen. You need to read the customer reviews. It will be a problem for you if the same design flaws are repeated in the reviews. There is a If you are buying a bike for a long time, you should steer clear of Fad Designs and Trendy Paint finishes. Make your decision after you narrow it down to 3 bikes. If you are trying to get the lowest price, be patient as they fluctuate daily. There is a I chose the Schwinn High Timber 27.5 because I believed it would fit me and offer quality. I never found this bike in a store before buying it. Schwinn is not listed on the web site. It has a white 18-Inch Frame. The tires are 27 inches in diameter. There is not much you can do with the box. Only Handlebars, Seat, Pedals, and Front Tire can be added. There are 3 tools needed, an open end or a screwdriver, and a bike pump. I went over the nuts and bolts to make sure they were tight. The front brake has to be loosened in order to get the quick release tire on. The gears were in perfect condition. There is a The front shock seems to have a good amount of elasticity. I've tried some bikes where you sit on them and the suspension bottoms out. The seat is not comfortable or uncomfortable. The Knurled Seat Post with Quick Release can be replaced with a bolt. The front tire uses a small diameter threaded rod which doesn't seem like it could be replaced with a larger bolt. The paint job is rated an "A" overall. There are signs of paint on the cable holders. The front forks have a small Metal Flake. The 3 color graphics are silk screened and only a few stickers are added. There is a The spokes and hubs are black. The inner flat of the rim is painted black, but it's hard to tell by the pictures. The frame is solid and the welds could be better done by robot. The no name tires are so-so quality, not alot of nubs, and you can see the mold seams in the center. The Quality Kickstand with rubber tip is what comes with the Pedals. There are additional mounts for the water bottle. The average weight for a steel frame bike is 40 lbs. The Handlebar is on the short side at 24 inches and has room for a few add on's. The 21 speed Shifters have 7 Speeds on the right side and 3 on the left side. The rear derailleur is called "Shimano Tourney TX". There is a The bike is an 18-inch frame with 27.5 size tires. It's a little bigger than a standard 26 inch bike and a little smaller than the High Timber with 29 inch tires. The most important factor for me was my size and fit. The bike would be too tight for me if the handlebars were closer. I have raised the handlebars a bit. I have raised the seat to get a straight leg stroke. You are sitting on this bike. I am riding it on paved streets. The Schwinn High Timber is a good fit for me. It looks nice, rides well, and has a wide range of pedaling power. I think you are getting a quality build with dependability in this price range. The Schwinn brand name is what you would expect. I think this High Timber fills the bill for a long time. This review can help you with your decision.

10. Sixthreezero Around 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero Around 7 Speed Cruiser Bicycle

The women's beach cruiser bicycle has a 17-inch steel frame and is ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood. The upright riding style keeps your back and shoulders comfortable. The single-speed bike is great for cruising on flat terrain. The large waffle tread tires on the aluminum wheels provide a smooth ride. Blacked-out components for added style, includes rear rack for optional baskets.

Brand: Sixthreezero

👤The Firmstrong men's 26" single speed and the sixthreezero women's 26" single speed were purchased by us. The bikes are rated similarly so purchases were made based on availability. There is a Both bikes handled my frame and my wife's frame easily. Both are very comfortable to ride and the construction is the same. The pedals, seat post, and reflectors are the same parts. Both bikes arrived in excellent condition and were easy to assemble. There are differences in the two bikes. The carrier rack is pre-installed on the sixzero. This feature is something we really like. There is a The Firmstrong's seat is more firm than the sixthreezero. The sixthreezero seat is more comfortable for us. There is a The sixtthreezero had basic tools for assembling. The Firmstrong did not. There is a The small differences in the sixthreezero made it our favorite, even though it seems like you can't go wrong with either of these bikes.

👤I got this bike for my wife about 16 months ago and she has ridden it a total of 75 miles. My wife went down after the fork snapped. I sent an email to sixthreezero to get a replacement fork and headset, but they didn't reply. Will buy a Schwinn at Walmart. Will never buy sixthreezero again.

👤I was very excited to receive my new bike. I found a stripped screw while assembling it. The handlebars could not be adjusted properly and the bike was useless. I was not offered any support when I contacted Sixthreezero. I was sad to see that they wouldn't stand behind their product. I'm thankful that Amazon has a great return policy. I will not purchase anything from Sixthreezero anymore after the bike was returned. Too bad... The bike would have been great. I was turned from an enthusiastic customer to a frustrated one by poor customer service.

👤The bike arrived yesterday. I got the plum color and I don't regret it. I'm a single mom with basic handyman skills and I set it up myself in 45 minutes. I bought the basket separately, which fit just as I imagined. Everything seems to fit together very well. You can easily adjust the angle of the seat and handlebars to make it more comfortable. The seat is comfortable. She's not complete yet, I ordered a matching basket liner, seat cover, and cup holder. The built in bike rack is what made me go with this bike. It's built in and slender, not big and bulky looking, drawing attention away from the rest of the bike like some of the others I see. I think it's a great combo of an old-fashioned beach cruiser and a new-school chopper-style cruiser. My eight year old son loves it and is happy his mom finally has a bike, so I know it's cool.


What is the best product for bicycle for women 24 inch?

Bicycle for women 24 inch products from Kulana. In this article about bicycle for women 24 inch you can see why people choose the product. Schwinn and Firmstrong are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle for women 24 inch.

What are the best brands for bicycle for women 24 inch?

Kulana, Schwinn and Firmstrong are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle for women 24 inch. Find the detail in this article. Sixthreezero, Huffy and Sixthreezero are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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